The Rookie (2018) s04e20 Episode Script


1 Previously on "The Rookie" - And he had an accent.
- He was Russian.
We've been hearing rumors about a potential terror attack for weeks.
- Who are you? - Simone Clark.
You're the only one in that room who actually knows our Mr.
- Miss Clark, is that you? - Yes, honey.
Give me a real reason why you're doing this.
Daddy, Black women make up less than 1% of the FBI.
We need a voice on the inside.
Suspect says he'll only talk to you.
- I'm in real trouble, huh? - I'm afraid you are.
He paid you to build a bomb for him? Just the detonators.
What did he steal from my armory? 200 kilos of C-4 explosives.
Quickest way to cripple this city, take out the freeways.
It's vital that you follow your driving route exactly.
I need a chopper at my location in two minutes.
Harper and Lopez have something.
Uh, so, we did a deep dive on the Trevor Gurin alias.
He rented five box trucks yesterday.
So he made five truck bombs, with GPS triggers and stolen C-4? Yeah, according to the rental place, the trucks are each decorated with a different state Alaska, Florida, Kentucky, Idaho, and Utah.
We gotta shut the city down.
Shut down all the traffic in Los Angeles? She's right.
Better to overreact than under.
You know, car rental places put GPS trackers in a lot of their rental vehicles.
Yeah, we asked about that.
The manager said that all the trucks are wired but the data is collected in a central hub out of state, so we're gonna need a federal warrant to access it.
- I'm on it.
- In the meantime, get out county-wide BOLOs on the trucks, and mobilize the bomb squad.
Alright, everybody with a pulse, get in your car and hit the streets.
Find those trucks.
Tell units to proceed with extreme caution, okay? We don't know who's driving these things, or whether they're part of a terror cell.
There's my ride.
- I'm going up to provide overwatch.
- I'll come with you.
- Wanna ride with me? - I thought you'd never ask.
How the hell are we gonna find them? Manpower.
And prayer.
Oh, no! Control, we got an explosion downtown south of the Staples Center.
Mobilize fire and rescue.
Sirs, do you want us to divert - to the scene? - That's a negative.
We need to find the other trucks, - now! - Roger that.
7-Adam-13 arriving on scene.
Freeway has partially collapsed at West 12.
There are multiple vehicles crushed in the wreckage.
- I need help here.
- What happened? He just blew up a section of the 110.
Okay, we need to focus.
If we are assuming that he is targeting all the major freeways, we need units on the 10, the 405, and the 101.
But at which spots? L.
has 500 miles of freeway.
How is this real? Two days ago, I was being lectured on the proper way to do paperwork in the FBI.
That's the way this job works.
The daily swing between tedium and tragedy will give you whiplash.
Well, don't get me wrong.
Being a guidance counselor was the same way.
One minute, you're helping a kid do a college essay.
And the next, you're talking someone off a ledge Literally.
It's like I said.
That's the experience that'll give you a leg up over your fellow trainees.
We may not have the speed, or, endurance those kids have, but, we have a hell of a lot more life experience.
I wish we could use that experience to stop a bomb.
We can try.
You want me to think like a terrorist? No.
Like a commuter.
Where in the city is traffic the biggest pain in the ass? The bottlenecks, the choke points.
The - You got something? - Yep.
Head north.
There's Florida.
7-Adam-100 in pursuit of Truck Florida.
Heading south on Crenshaw.
- Get your hands outside the vehicle! - Whoa, whoa! I want you to open the door from the outside - and get out of the truck! - Okay! - Let's go! - Whoa! - Put your hands on the hood! - What the hell's happening?! - Where are the trucks headed? - What? I don't know.
Is there a manual trigger for your bomb? What bomb? - What the hell's going on here? - We don't have time for this.
Where are the three other trucks heading? I don't know.
The guy said it was a traffic study, okay? He paid us each 100 bucks to drive a precise route! Control, 7-Adam-100.
We stopped the Florida truck, one in custody.
He seems to have no clue there's a bomb on his truck.
Does he know anything about - the other targets? - Negative.
It seems the other trucks are being driven by innocents, so even if we stop them, we won't be able to stop the bomber.
There! All units, I have eyes on Truck Idaho, heading west on Olympic, two blocks east of the 405.
That's west on Olympic, two blocks east of the 405.
- They got him.
- Thank God.
Hey, Sarge, it's Smitty.
We just stopped a truck, too.
Truck Utah, driver in custody.
Smitty! I take back every negative thing I've ever said about you.
What? You've said negative things about me? We might just pull this off.
All units, the fourth truck has safely been stopped.
That leaves Truck Kentucky in play.
Given the previous targets, our best guess is that he's headed for the 101.
Sir, I got the GPS feed.
The final truck is heading north on Tujunga.
They're only a block away from the freeway.
We're on intercept course, approaching the freeway now.
You realize if this guy doesn't stop, we're gonna have to ram him.
You want to ram a truck full of explosives? C-4 requires a detonator to explode.
But fuel only needs a spark.
If you have a better idea, I'm all ears.
There he is! Point 'em out point 'em out ♪ Don't move.
You okay? I think so.
That was so stupid.
She's pretty judgy for a first responder.
Oh, it's because she actually lives with me.
- Cute, you did good.
- Oh, trust me, I know.
Did either of you lose consciousness in the crash? - No.
- Nuh-uh.
- What about pain? - Oh, yeah.
But closer to a tequila hangover - than natural childbirth.
- Thank God.
Sir, Nolan and Clark are conscious and ambulatory.
Good, get them out of there, and fall back to a safe distance.
That bomb could still go off.
We need to shut down the 101, from the 170 to Laurel.
Coordinate with CHP, Sheriff's Department.
Hell, mobilize the postal police if you have to.
Just get that roadway cleared.
As awful as it is, it could've been a lot worse.
Still could be.
Who knows what this guy is planning next? I think I'm gonna pay the CIA a visit.
You want me to drop you off? Hell no.
Let's go jack 'em up.
The death toll is estimated at 17 with at least two dozen injured, and that number is expected to rise as rescue crews dig through the wreckage of that fallen overpass.
Hey, Tim sent me back to help.
What can I do? We just got a photo of our guy from the rental place.
Harper is running it now through VICAP, and we just sent it to Fox to run through the federal databases.
Are they gonna release that to the public? That was my recommendation, but the feds want to study the issue first.
In the meantime, we're sending every available officer to roust their C.
s and show them the picture.
I need you running our Command Center.
All intel, all leads, all data filters through you.
CC the FBI on everything, but don't give out anything to patrol, without my say so.
- Cool? - Yep.
You've got it.
Um, where's Grey? Paying a visit to the CIA.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Bill August.
Matthew Garza.
This is Wade Grey.
You're the station chief? Why don't we save the specifics until we get into the SCIF? Follow me.
Fair enough.
We can talk freely in here.
How can I help? We think our terror suspect might have ties to the CIA.
Why? When we ran his fingerprints, they came back as classified Out of Groom Lake.
That's unsettling.
I mean, there's a million reasons why something gets classified inside the agency.
Honestly, it's kind of a default action.
You recognize this man? No.
- Is that your suspect? - Mm-hmm.
And according to witnesses, very Russian.
Well, again, unsettling, but, I'm not sure how I can help you.
I'm sure being a station chief seems like a big deal, and it is in Moscow, or Seoul, but in L.
, it's a sign of a senior officer on the margins, so That's very humble of you.
Oh, I'm anything but humble, Sergeant.
Just trying to set expectations.
So that when you're not helpful, we won't hold it against you? Hold on, Matt.
Let's give the guy a chance to be a team player.
What do you know about Enervo? Nothing.
- What is it? - Well, current thinking is it's an Agency Black Op.
Based on what evidence? Suspect had it written down in his house.
Look, gentlemen, I know you're trying to get this guy.
And I respect that.
He committed a heinous terrorist act on your watch.
But I resent you coming down here, and trying to hang it on the Agency.
We're not looking to assign blame.
We need to catch this guy, before he kills anyone else.
We're hoping you can help us.
Of course.
I'll look into the fingerprint classification.
You give me a copy of that photo, I'll kick it to D.
, see if it rings any bells.
- Thank you.
- You bet.
Problem? Maybe.
Get the band warmed up.
Why aren't you in a hospital bed? Because I'm fine, Daddy.
John, Bailey, this is Cutty.
It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.
You're palling around with the LAPD now? Forgive him.
He's mad at me, not you.
We're in the middle of a thing because he's unhappy, with my career choice.
But deep down inside, he's just afraid that something is gonna happen to me.
But he should stop being mad, and give me a hug, because I was really scared I was gonna die today and leave my babies all alone with a, grumpy old grandpa who doesn't know how to read the emotional room.
Come here.
Ah, I gotta get down to the truck.
We're headed to the freeway collapse.
But listen, I need you to stop almost dying.
I'll stop taking risks when you do.
- You don't fight fair.
- Later.
Doc released you already? Yeah, ready to go back to work.
- Ooh, me too.
- No, no, no.
Wait a minute.
You're a trainee.
They shouldn't be putting you in harm's way.
- Daddy.
- Actually, sir, your daughter has been vital to the progress we've made on the case so far.
If you're up for it, I was about to head into the office, to start crunching data, combing through the tip-line records.
Sounds safe.
I-I approve.
Of course you do.
Come on.
Thank you for that.
No problem.
I've been there with my parents.
I picked you up some fresh clothes.
Just, guessed at your sizes.
Looking out for me and checking me out? Okay.
Alright, what's the next step? Grey struck out with the station chief.
Asked me to make contact with one of my old pals in Operations.
You think he'll know something about Enervo? She.
Kate Hill.
She ran Operations for the CIA in Northern Iraq when I was there.
Let's see what she has to say.
It's starting to sink in, isn't it? It's just low blood sugar.
Probably need to get something to eat.
Don't do that.
Trust me.
The harder you push it down, the harder it comes back up.
You almost died.
No one walks away from that unchanged.
I thought I was gonna be blown into a million little pieces.
Nothing even left for my twins to bury.
You got kids? Ha! I have cats.
Who'd miss me for, what, 10, 20 seconds, tops? You gotta have somebody outside this job.
I mean, other than your judgy parents.
There was a girl I picked up at a bar last week.
Okay! Now we talking.
What's her name? I don't remember.
One-night stands are kind of my specialty.
Keeps me focused on the job.
Well, was it good at least? Ooh! Damn, okay! My last boyfriend broke up with me, when he found out that I sometimes have girlfriends.
And my last girlfriend broke up with me when I joined the FBI, so - She was smart.
- What? This job's a straight-up serial killer when it comes to relationships.
Maybe for you.
But I know how to balance my work and personal life.
Oh, really? Yeah, you were, when you were a high-school guidance counselor.
Hours were, what, 8:00 to 4:00? And you had summers off.
The FBI has no set schedule, no agent development days, where the criminals stay home.
Once you clock in, you never really clock out.
- Thank you for meeting us.
- I almost didn't.
Can't be a coincidence, that the first time I hear from you in years, is today.
No, we think our suspect, might be connected to the Agency.
That's above my pay grade.
Go talk to a GS-14.
My boss did, he's getting the runaround.
And you expect me to stick my neck out for you 'cause we hooked up once under the rockets' red glare? No.
Because innocent people are dead.
What do you know about Enervo? Nothing.
What does it mean? It means you just nuked me.
That's a little dramatic, don't you think? No.
He called me at work.
And I would bet money that somebody used the "E" name, on an unsecured cellphone, where it was captured by an NSA keyword program, that triggered an immediate tactical response.
Hell, there's probably a predator drone up there right now.
It Damn it! Yeah, don't do that.
You lose a shooting war 10 times out of 10.
- Hi, Kate.
- Colin, I didn't say anything.
Yeah, I'm sure you didn't, but, we still need to go talk about it.
- Who are you? - Kate's ride to work.
Well, she doesn't want to go with you.
Yeah, no one ever does, but, this is a national security matter, so, go ahead and step back, and allow her to get in the vehicle.
I know you think you're protecting her, but, you're only making it worse.
It's okay.
Alright? Have a nice day, Officers.
And you're sure they were CIA? Yes, sir.
There were eight of them, plain clothes, no credentials.
Kate knew them.
Clearly, they're afraid we'll get her to talk, which means whatever she knows is bad for the Agency.
We need to get her back, now.
Sir, I slipped my mobile into her jacket pocket.
- We can use that to track her.
- Great work, Nolan.
Alright, stand by while we get a trace going.
Elena, six things.
Ready? One, call Senator "Smith.
" Tell him "The Postman walked the dog.
" Two, notify the state's attorney's office.
I need Dr.
Reaser here now.
Three, track and activate, a cell, for LAPD officer John Nolan, badge - 25253.
- That.
Four, I need an AWAX above 20,000 feet.
Tell them Senator Smith authorized it.
Five, move Polaris 11, to longitude 34.
052 degrees north and 118.
24 degrees west.
Finally, mobilize HRT for a hostage rescue.
Get all that? Good.
Love you.
What? You say "love you" when ending calls with your assistant? All that cool stuff I just said, and that's what you're interested in? My assistant happens to be my niece.
Oh, come on, like there's no nepotism in the LAPD.
I'm not saying anything.
I'm just driving.
Damn it.
Turn around.
Come out of the car! Hands where I can see them.
Because you lose this shooting war 10 times out of 10.
Kate, you can come out, too.
You're interfering with a national security operation.
Is that right? Maybe you could come down to the station, tell us all about it? That's what I thought.
You really screwed me.
That wasn't my intention.
But you can yell at me, all the way back to the station.
Have a nice day, citizens.
After we're gone, wait five minutes, then let them go.
I'm Simone Clark.
- Friendly.
- They're busy.
Pull up a terminal.
We need any tips relating to a man with a Russian accent.
There's no telling how long he's been planning this, so go back at least a year.
Yes, ma'am.
Whoa! That's a lot.
The key is to keep organized.
I assign a system of letters and numbers, to separate the tips based on the details of the call, then I apply a color scale, rating to each tip as it's corroborated, or challenged, by other tips, of similar reliability.
That's really how your brain works? You'll get it.
Just takes a minute.
And that's what all these people are doing? Running searches on various databases? They didn't cover this in Quantico? It's different when you actually see it on its feet.
Your system is impressive, and useful, I'm sure.
Maybe not the best for my skills.
I'm more of a people person.
You were a people person.
Now you're an FBI agent.
And this is how we solve cases.
But that doesn't make any sense.
Shouldn't they encourage us, to use our innate interests, and abilities, instead of trying to force everybody into the same mold? The Bureau doesn't think like that.
Well, they should.
Hell, if I could change my life at this age, the Bureau could change some things, too.
- You sound like Garza.
- Really? The boss wants to shake things up? I shouldn't have said anything.
- Spill it.
- He's talking about trying to launch a new unit, one that spends more time on the street, and less in here.
- Ding, ding.
- Okay.
- Sign me up.
- Slow your roll, trainee.
Let's focus on the task at hand.
But I need to go to the bathroom.
Unless, I need to get approval for that in triplicate.
Only for number two.
Down the hall on the right.
Excuse me.
Is there a Lost and Found here? Thank you.
Miss Clark.
Hey, Zeke.
How they treating you? Better than I deserve.
You talk to that lawyer my daddy got for you? Yeah.
She seems nice.
I got you something.
I know how the headphones help with your sensory issues.
Now, it's not the unlimited playlist you're used to, but, hopefully it'll do the trick, until I can get you something better.
Thank you.
We a long way from Claybourne High School, huh? I heard the agents talking.
They said there was an explosion.
With the detonators I made? Mm-hmm.
How many people were killed? - 17.
- Ugh.
And twice that in the hospital.
Oh, God.
I just want to die.
But you're gonna live.
Pick your head up.
Even incarcerated, you can still do some good.
You got a big debt on you now, one you'll never be able to pay back, but you can spend the rest of your life trying.
Did they catch that Russian yet? No.
And that's what I need your help with.
I already told you all I know.
No, you didn't.
You told me what you thought was important.
Let me be the judge of that.
Close your eyes.
Come on.
Now I need you to think.
Think about every moment you spent with this man, from the first time you saw him, to the last.
Is there anything that stands out? A-A behavior, actions? No.
But? He reminded me a little of Coach Taylor.
300 pounds with with a Boston accent, so thick, you could smell the chowder? Nah, do you remember those energy bars Coach was eating all the time? Ooh, always smacking, with his mouth open, like he ain't had no damn home training.
Yeah, well, the Russian guy ate the same way.
- Same bar? - No.
The label was in Russian, and had a weird design on it.
And it smelled bad.
Fox is looking for me.
I gotta go, baby, but, if I can get them to bring you some paper, you think you could draw me a picture of it? Find somewhere else to be.
- What? - Things are about to get hot.
I just saw the bomber from the news.
Parked a red car off an alley on 7th.
Walked away.
Okay, detectives, so, Becky here was able to sweep every part of the vehicle for explosives, except the inside.
That honor is mine.
No trip wires visible.
I'm lifting the driver's side door now.
We're clear! Hey, ladies.
My favorite detectives, fighting crime, and looking good doing it.
Bomb squad just cleared the car.
- No explosives.
- I'm jealous.
You guys are watching "Hurt Locker", and I'm reading about paranoid shut-ins, who think Russian spies are their neighbors.
What? It's not up to us which aspect of our investigation we share with local law.
What did I share? It's not classified intel.
We're working a tip line.
Why wouldn't I share that? Because it's FBI policy.
Hey, guys, you need to hear this.
The 911 call of the guy who called in the car.
I just saw the bomber from the news.
Parked a red car off an alley on 7th.
Walked away.
That's got to be him.
He wanted us to find the car.
Which would make sense if he booby-trapped the car to blow us up, but w-why call it in if he wasn't doing that? Detectives.
Our suspect left you a little something on the steering column.
That's weird.
- That's weird, right? - Yeah, very.
Here, get this into the office.
I'll call the lab and get them to put a rush on it.
Look, I'm sorry how today went down.
Oh, which helps me not at all.
And you are crazy, if you think I'm gonna reveal classified intel, in a police station, where the whole world is listening.
Okay, you are in this mess, because your Agency would rather guard their precious little secrets, than help us bring a terrorist to justice.
So if you know something, that might help us catch this guy, and you refuse to share it, I'll arrest you, for accessory after the fact, to terrorism.
Your friend sucks.
Oh, I'm just getting warmed up.
The CIA isn't taking you back.
Not what you want to hear, I know, but it's the reality.
So, you have got a choice to make the right one Or the wrong one.
Look, dozens are dead, but the goal was hundreds, thousands.
Now, I know you joined the Agency to protect this country, so, it's time to step up and do it.
What's Enervo? - It's an answer.
- To what question? How can the CIA destabilize a foreign city, without ever firing a shot? Enervo was a black op, where foreign assets were recruited, and trained, to create chaos, in their home countries.
So, the CIA could keep their fingerprints off of it all.
Who authorized this operation? - I don't know.
- You're lying! Why would I at this point? I have no idea who ran the program.
Rumor is, it was never officially sanctioned.
You recognize him? Yes.
Ilya Sokurov.
He was a foreign asset.
I heard he was recruited for Enervo.
But the Russians captured him in 2018, accused him of being a spy, and sent him to a penal colony.
Where the CIA abandoned him.
It's SOP.
Sokurov knew the risks.
But apparently, he escaped.
And now he's using what we taught him, against us.
Hey, any update? Not yet.
Same as when you last asked Five minutes ago.
You would think that someone would come up with a faster way to get DNA results.
Well, maybe you can go do that.
There you are.
Prisoner in holding wanted me to give you this.
Good man, Zeke.
Anyone in this building a Russia expert? I mean, not like Russia Russia, but, where somebody might go, to buy a weird energy bar? Mm, I doubt it.
But, you can take it to CID.
They can source the manufacturer, chase down the distributor network, come up with a list of stores.
Probably get an answer in a couple days.
I don't have a couple of days.
I'm gonna call my father.
He used to play jazz with some Russians, and And, I bet you he still keeps in touch.
This is Cutty.
Leave a message.
Ugh! Why do I even bother?! This man never answers his phone.
What's the good in having a cellphone, if he never answers? This really sounds like a conversation you should have with him.
I'm going to.
Call Fox with the results.
Will do.
Uh, Mrs.
Yes, this is Cutty.
I have some good news.
I've tracked down Jace.
Ah, he's fine.
His work evacuated after the explosion.
He left his phone behind.
It's my pleasure.
Let me know if I can do anything for you.
So this is why you're not returning my calls.
I'm kind of busy.
We're helping the families that lost people today.
Wilkins is on board.
He's going to get food donations from all the local restaurants.
Simone Clark.
James Murray.
Met your new bride over at the station.
You work fast.
Hey, when you know, you know.
Wesley, this is Cutty's daughter Simone, my first crush.
She was a few grades ahead of me at school, and I was heartbroken, when she went away to college.
That's me, a trail of broken hearts in my wake.
Well, it's good to meet you.
I heard you're working the bombing case.
I am, which is the reason why I stopped by.
Daddy, do you still play chess, with your Russian jazz buddies, in the park? - The Redfellas? - Uh-huh.
I haven't missed a game in 10 years.
Do you think, one of them could translate this for me? It's some sort of a, Russian energy bar, but, I've been looking it up online, and can't find it anywhere.
That's 'cause you spelled it wrong.
- You speak Russian? - Know a little.
But, I've seen a bunch of these candy wrappers.
My buddy Pavel, well, he loves these.
And it's not an energy bar.
It's a Soviet-era candy bar, made with cow's blood.
- Okay, that's nasty.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, but where would one buy this Soviet blood candy? Only place I can think is Over by the Aquarium.
There's a Russian deli there.
Boom! Found it.
- Thank you.
- Wait, wait, wait, hold up.
You promised me, that you would stay inside, where it's safe.
I did no such thing.
But, if it'll make you feel better, I'll call backup.
Hey, what's up? See how he answers his phone when I call? John, you ever had a pierogi? - I've never had them.
- Me either.
But, why don't you meet me, over at the Russian deli near the Aquarium? We're gonna follow up on a lead.
- What kind of lead? - It's a long shot, but, the good news is, you can buy me dinner.
- I'm three minutes away.
- He's here.
I'm in the car outside the deli, and he's walking towards me.
Okay, stay in your car.
We'll lose him.
You're still a trainee.
You don't have a weapon.
Stay in your car.
I can't.
Simone! Excuse me.
My boyfriend Okay, that's a lie.
He's not my boyfriend Just this cute guy named John, that I've been seeing Asked me to meet him at the Aquarium, and then I got turned around, 'cause I dropped my phone, and now everything's in German.
And I don't speak German, so Hell, you looking at me like I don't speak English.
Is that how you talk to a lady? I know your mama raised you better than that.
All I'm asking you to do, is tell me which way the Aquarium is.
Hey! You okay? No.
Embarrassed he got on top of me so fast.
- See which way he went? - That way.
Bombing suspect last seen heading south on Chestnut, towards the Aquarium.
Go, go, go! Oh, shoot.
I think I'm in trouble.
Hey, I was just getting ready to call you.
Where the hell are you? You were supposed to hang with the DNA.
Anders said you ran out of there talking about Russian candy bars.
What had happened was, I went back down to see Zeke earlier, when I told you I was going to the bathroom, and he remembered something.
Long story short, I found Ilya and I lost him.
But, I'm with Nolan now, and we're on the hunt.
We're gonna have a long conversation about this when this is over.
Looking forward to it, but right now, we gotta run down a terrorist.
Tell me.
Cops have a possible location on Ilya.
Near the Aquarium.
We're heading there now.
What do you want us to do? Get there first and put him down.
It could get messy.
Messy I can clean.
If Ilya isn't dead before the cops get there, we're all going to prison.
I expect you're here to apologize.
- For what? - For what? Interfering with company business, abducting a case officer.
I want Kate Hill back, by the way.
Kate Hill? She's the least of your problems.
We found a hairbrush in Ilya Sokurov's car The car he directed us to by calling 911.
We ran the hair for DNA.
And it was yours.
Only question is why was it yours? What's your relationship with Ilya? Look, I don't know what you're talking about.
I think you do.
In fact, I think, you're Ilya's real target.
I mean, why else would he plant your DNA in his car? To hang himself around your neck because he blames you, for something.
Which means you lied to us earlier.
You know exactly who he is, 'cause he used to work for you.
You ran Enervo as an unsanctioned operation, 'cause why else would you be so desperate to hide it? We're done.
I'm late for dinner.
You're missing dinner.
Suspect's going into the Aquarium.
We're in foot pursuit.
Game faces on, gentlemen.
We're one minute out.
I assume you're handgun-qualified.
This place is creepy at night.
Feels like these fish got something against me.
Like they know something they're not telling me.
It's not the fish I'm worried about.
Is it the mass-murdering terrorist? Yep.
Show me your hands.
It's over.
That's right, it is.
So show me your damn hands.
I need you to hear my story, so that when they kill me, it won't die with me.
And I need to put cuffs on you.
So, put your hands on your head, nice and slow.
Does your story include why you planted a man's hairbrush in your car? He's not a man.
He's a monster.
And he promised he would take care of them, if anything happened to me.
Take care of who? My wife.
My li My little girls.
But when I was arrested, Bill August walked away.
He shut down the Enervo program, and he left them.
To be rounded up and killed.
I feel for you.
But that doesn't make what you did right.
All those people you killed They have families, too.
It was necessary.
After what he did to me The innocents he destroyed? I had to tear him down.
Burn everything he built.
Killing him wouldn't have done that.
We need to move, now.
Get down! We are seriously outgunned! Simone.
Over there, over there.
Hands up! Drop the gun! - Do it now! - Get up! Drop it! Get up! Hands in the air! Turn around! I'm gonna need those cuffs back.
Let me guess.
Don't tell me I need to do some more exercise.
That's just basic science, but, what do you say, uh, maybe we get drunk first? Now you're talkin'.
You are the worst new Agent trainee, in the history of the Bureau.
Yes, sir.
You're unconventional, you're stubborn, and you-you-you You possess a, an almost pathological inability to follow protocol.
Yes, sir.
But, I did help catch a terrorist, a rogue CIA agent, and his evil-ass hit squad, so it, should kind of balance itself out.
- Right? - This time.
Thank you, sir.
And it was an honor to work for you.
I'll be keeping tabs on you.
I mean, I'm not gonna put my thumb on the scale with the Academy, but, if you do manage to make it through, who knows? Maybe you'll come work for me again, hmm? In your new unit? My Loose lips, Agent Fox? Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
You can't really blame her.
I'm kind of hard to resist.
See you in a couple months.
Agent Fox.
Trainee Clark.
Hey, what are you doing here? When have I ever not driven you to the airport after a visit.
- Hmm? - True.
Ah, seeing you wear that seal is Just never gonna feel right.
Well, get used to it, Daddy, 'cause this is who I am now.
Come on.
I make this uniform look cute.
Thought you might need a ride to the airport.
That's sweet of you, but, my daddy's gonna take me.
Nice to see you again, sir.
My daughter said, you saved her life.
And she saved mine.
I'll pull the car around.
So We know the real reason you stopped by.
You wanted to get one last look, before I go.
I'd be a fool not to.
Excited to get back to the Academy? I'm kind of scared, actually.
I mean, I've wanted this my whole life, and now that I got a taste of it working a case, making a difference It's addictive, isn't it? Like nothing I've ever felt before.
I want to let you in on a little secret.
That feeling never goes away.
That's what scares me.
What if I don't survive Quantico? - You will.
- But if I don't.
Come on.
If you don't survive Quantico? I think you mean, if Quantico can survive you.
Simone Clark, you are a force of nature.
Words of affirmation.
How'd you know that's my love language? Lucky guess.
See you around, handsome.
I hope so.
Let's ride.

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