The Rookie (2018) s04e21 Episode Script

Mother's Day

1 NOLAN: Previously on "The Rookie" How serious are you about becoming a training officer? Sir, I don't want to be a T.
I'm going to be a T.
This is Sabrina Fowler, the very talented new actress on "Hot Suspect.
" - It's a pleasure.
You know, my character, is having an affair with a police sergeant.
And his wife likes to watch.
Lieutenant Landon Briggs.
- I'm the Union - President.
Yes, I know.
You know what the best part about being union president is? Power.
The power to help the people I like and hurt the people I don't.
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ Hey.
What, uh what seems to be the problem? Nothing.
Everyone's overreacting.
Overreacting to what? [HISSING.]
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ Not it.
I'm gonna win for you ♪ Like I know you want me to do ♪ [JACK CRYING.]
Get up early in the morning ♪ [CLATTER.]
♪♪ I'm sorry.
Um, I'm sorry.
I-I meant to get up early and and make you breakfast.
And I had this whole Mother's Day thing planned with Jack Jack's been up for three hours.
I have been up for three hours.
Is that cereal in your hair? And applesauce.
And, somehow, banana under my boob.
Okay, so how can I fix this? - I need a shower.
- Mm-hmm.
And a nap.
Uh But we have Mother's Day brunch with your mom later.
- Mm.
- New plan.
- Mm-hmm? - Shower, blow-out, mani-pedi, and some mimosas with Patrice.
Okay, so you're gonna take Jack to the nail salon.
You're taking Jack.
I just I have that thing with a client for the restaurant, remember? Which [CHUCKLES.]
I'm gonna take Jack to.
I love you.
Happy Mother's Day.
Hold up.
I got some bad news.
I'm hearing rumors that the Union President is gonna make a move against you.
Not a surprise, given how I showed him up at the City Council.
Any idea what he's planning? Not yet, but I expect the worst.
There's no hard rule on the union delegate count.
He can shrink the number by one.
And because I was the last one in, I'd be the first one out.
- What do I do? - You focus on your T.
exam next week.
Don't let politics derail your career.
Oh, no, I've been studying my ass off.
I think I'm ready.
Don't think it.
Be it.
Clearly, you don't have time to waste.
Are you calling me old? - It was implied.
Hey, you know, why don't I ride with you today? I can teach you some things that are not in the study guide.
One-on-one time with a supervisor will strengthen your case for a promotion.
Sir, you don't have to do that for me.
Nolan, do you want to be a T.
? - Absolutely.
- Then don't do that small-town "I hate to be a bother" thing.
You're being offered an opportunity.
Take it.
Yes, sir.
And thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
And Luna's okay with you working Mother's Day? Yeah.
It's the first year Dominique's not at home.
Luna said she's fine keeping it super low-key.
What? Do you think she's just saying that? No.
♪♪ LUCY: Mm yeah, that's a hard pass.
Look, I'm boycotting Mother's Day, but even if I wasn't, I really don't think this is the right time to meet your parents.
I figured you'd say that.
But they've been hounding me about meeting you for weeks.
Are you really freezing your mom out? I mean, I bought her flowers.
I'm not an anarchist.
TIM: I'm thinking we just lock in the Hyatt.
They have a lazy river.
What else do you need? Great.
You handle that, I'll book the flights.
- On it.
- Are you guys planning a vacation? - Yeah.
- Oh, I love Hawaii.
Actually, I've never been, but I love the idea.
You'd think I'd be sick of beaches at this point, but it's gonna be awesome.
I've got to get to work.
Oh, me, too.
I'll walk out with you.
Call me if you change your mind.
I'm not going to.
Change your mind about what? He wants me to meet his parents.
So, uh, whose idea was Hawaii? Mine, I guess.
Why? I-I thought you had today off.
I did, but Donovan has custody this weekend, and he is punishing me by taking Lila to see his mom in Santa Barbara.
So I am spending this Mother's Day without my baby.
That is cruel, even for him.
Yeah, I know.
And James is taking his boys to see his ex-wife, because unlike Donovan, he is an actual decent human being.
But at least I get paid time and a half to be here and plot my revenge.
I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Somebody should sell tickets.
Mm! Is it crazy I want to be a T.
with so little time on the job? No.
Your report writing is excellent.
You know policy, procedure, and the law well enough to teach others.
But your background could be a drawback.
Every other T.
knows what it's like to be a scared, 20-something rookie because they were one.
And that shared experience gives them the leg up - in teaching that kid.
- Exactly.
But your experiences being a dad could help bridge the gap.
Only my kid was never armed and dangerous.
So, you really think Luna's hoping that I do something big for Mother's Day this year? I think it's always a safe bet to go the extra mile.
You're right.
We should stop somewhere so I can get a better gift.
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah.
DISPATCH: 7-Adam-15.
415 in progress at Gower Studios.
Right after we take this call.
- Yes, sir.
- 7-Adam-15.
Show us responding.
I don't know how many times I need to say it.
Please clean it up, okay? I'm actually triggered by this, you guys.
I don't think you understand.
- They're here.
See? - [GASPS.]
Oh, Sergeant.
Thank God you're here.
Sabrina Fowler.
She's an actress on "Hot Suspect.
" I'm pretty sure he knows that.
It's nice to meet you.
Congratulations on the baby.
Unless it's just for the show.
Oh, it's both.
They made my character pregnant, so I got pregnant in real life.
Because she's a method actor.
How else am I gonna understand the experience? Wow.
So, what happened here, exactly? We got a call about an assault? That's right.
The girl from crafty assaulted me with a crouton.
She threw it at you? No.
She put it in my salad.
Do you know how many carbs are in a crouton? Right.
Um, well, what was the name of your, uh attacker? Mm, salad girl? I don't No.
I heard somebody call her Monica while she was destroying everything.
- So she made this mess.
- That's right.
She completely freaked out when I told her I was gonna have her fired.
For putting a crouton on your salad? Are you taking her side? - Of course not.
Excuse me.
I have to take this.
The D.
's office.
Tell them I'm okay.
I am okay.
I will still make it to court for the Sanchez trial.
I'm prosecuting a serial killer later.
On the show.
But that was actually the real You know what? Never mind.
Is there anything else you can tell me about the incident? Like six people recorded it on their phones.
We're trending on Cliptalk.
- Right.
- They're calling her a folk hero.
Can you believe it? As if I'm the bad guy.
We're needed elsewhere.
Fowler, I'm gonna have a unit reach out to studio security to get your attacker's information.
I want the book thrown at her.
Of course.
And happy Mother's Day.
Oh, thank you.
Nice fake phone call.
It wasn't fake.
The D.
's office has a witness to secure, and they asked for an advanced team to assess the site.
So I guess Luna's present will have to wait a while longer? [SIGHS.]
Yeah, but don't let me forget.
Are you proposing to Ashley? What? Of course not.
We we've only been dating a few months.
But if you take a girl to Hawaii, there's gonna be expectations.
You might not be aware of some of the signals that you're sending.
What kind of signals? The kind that makes her get a manicure because she's assuming she'll be sending pictures of her hand to all her friends.
DISPATCH: 7-Adam-100.
What's your status? Uh, 7-Adam-100.
Show us Code 6 on our 415.
- They lost her keys.
- Where are my keys? - Sir, please.
- You lost my Bentley.
No, sir, I just I just don't know where the keys are.
Okay, everyone, just calm down.
Back up a little bit, please.
Thank you.
- What's going on? - Jonah went crazy.
He punched that guy in the face, and he emptied the key cabinet and then stole a car.
Patrol, we need an R.
at our location for an assault victim.
Jonah is a valet? Yeah, yeah.
He just started last week.
At first, he was amused by all the rich guests.
You know how petty and demanding they are.
No offense.
But when that dude told him to move his ass, he snapped.
Knocked the guy out, jumped into his Porsche, and took off with all the car keys.
And what color is the Porsche? WESLEY: So all you did was reach inside of an open car window and take a bag of chips from the passenger seat.
I was super hungry, and it was right there.
- Are you allowed to bring a baby in here? Oh, he's my intern.
So, why is the District Attorney adding these extra charges? Burglary and vehicle tampering.
You're looking at the one who didn't go to law school.
I have no idea.
The ADA in charge of your case is Philip Harmon.
He's notorious for up-charging defendants.
Is there anything you can do about it? [SIGHS.]
Uh not much.
He does it to force you to take a plea deal while he looks tough on crime.
That doesn't seem fair.
It's not.
I'll get right into this.
Hang tight.
- Come on, buddy.
- Thanks.
If you want, I could watch the baby while you work.
Not sure how my wife would feel about that, but thank you.
Come on, buddy.
No breakfast in bed, but Wesley did get me this bracelet.
That's lovely.
It's no diamond tennis bracelet, but I don't need him to show me his love with extravagant gifts.
Well, no one needs it, but wouldn't it be nice? [CELLPHONE CHIMES.]
Wesley's running even later.
- Oh.
- We should order.
It's probably for the best.
Rich-people stuff isn't as fun when he's around.
No, he does tend to dampen the mood.
How about you and I spend the afternoon shopping? I'll hire a driver, and we'll do your first Mother's Day right.
I love you.
Cheers to that.
JONAH: Good morning, and happy Mother's Day.
Now, I hate to interrupt your little manufactured family gathering, but this is a robbery.
- Let's go.
- Everyone stay calm, and you won't get hurt.
Just put all your belongings in the bag.
What are you gonna do? Stay calm.
Do as they say.
We don't want to make the situation worse.
Come on, cough it up, ladies.
That's beautiful.
Thank you.
- Give me the pearls.
My late husband gave me I don't care.
Put it in the bag before I rip it off your neck.
Patrice, we'll get it back, okay? If you tryna keep up, better run, I guess ♪ You know, you really shouldn't lie to your elders.
I'm not lying when I tell her that.
Or when I tell you you're under arrest.
You know, I love the confidence.
But, uh we're the only ones with guns here.
Oh, I don't mean now.
But soon enough, we'll be putting a different kind of bracelet on you.
It's mine for the taking, it's mine for the taking ♪ - Thank you! - Whoo! I'll take that.
- Yeah, baby! - I am the greatest ♪ Thanks, everybody! We love you! - Hey.
You okay? - Yeah.
Did Wesley find you? He's been frantic.
I know.
Patrice and I had to scrape him off the ceiling.
I sent him and Jack away so I could go to work.
Did you get an I.
on the stick-up team? Yep.
Jonah Cahill, Monica Ditmar.
That's our valet.
He beat up a guest this morning and stole a Porsche.
Oh, and that's the woman that Nolan and Grey put out a BOLO for.
She pitched a fit at one of the stars on "Hot Suspect" and then quit.
Which suggests the robbery was a spur-of-the-moment thing.
They might have snapped after a bad morning at work and decided that crime paid better.
I'm assuming they have criminal records? Yeah.
Minor offenses stretching back into their teens.
They're both living at a halfway house in Koreatown.
I got uniforms parked outside in case they come back.
They stole your Mother's Day's present? I'm going to get it back.
Damn right you are.
And I am gonna help you.
Nobody messes with Mother's Day and gets away with it.
For the war, for the war ♪ Donovan took Lila out of town.
- What? - Mm-hmm.
I knew he was an ass, but I didn't think he was evil.
My abuela taught me the perfect curse to put on him.
Ooh! Does it involve boils? No, but parts of him will definitely fall off.
- Ooh! - Okay, we should leave before - we become accessories.
- Mm-hmm.
Those robbers don't stand a chance.
Here we are.
The Royal Arms apartments.
's office is gonna secure their witness here for a week while they get a more permanent situation put in place.
That must be tough going into WITSEC.
I mean, I changed my whole life to come out here, but I didn't have to cut ties with my family.
This poor guy's gonna have to give up everything he's ever known.
This "poor guy" is a runner for a street gang.
He stood by and watched people get murdered.
He's lucky his testimony is valuable enough to get him immunity.
So, what do we have to do to get the site prepped for witness protection? First, the C.
needs to be given clear boundaries, the landmarks that he cannot cross, to keep him isolated.
Okay, how about Sixth Street to the north, that grocery store to the south? That way, there's lots of cameras and witnesses in case anything happens.
That's perfect.
Let's go check out this apartment.
Looks like nobody's been here in a while.
Still have to clear it anyway.
Search for cameras and listening devices.
- [BEEP.]
- Hold the button down, wave it over anything that may hide a bug.
What was your FTO like? [CHUCKLES.]
He was one of those guys who thought he could motivate me with threats.
One night, he drove me behind the grocery store, took off his belt and vest, and wanted to fight.
What did you do? I put him in the hospital.
He tread a lot more carefully after that.
I bet he did.
Check the bedroom.
There's four types of training officers Kings, Coaches, Teachers, and Slugs.
Well, I already know the Slug one.
That one's just doing it for the pay bump.
Kings are the - "my way or the highway" type.
Coaches offer motivation, and Teachers always want to explain everything.
Which of the categories do I fit under? None.
That's why you got the potential to make a great T.
Take the best qualities of all the leaders and trainers who shaped who you are as a cop, and you'll make your own category.
- Del Monte.
Site's secure.
So, you need us to hang around? 'Cause I got a Mother's Day present to buy.
Oh, it's a little late for that, isn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, actually, I would appreciate you hanging out.
Uh, my guy is super twitchy.
Having you there play the heavy will definitely help him play by the rules, you know? No problem.
♪♪ [SIGHS.]
- Hey, Sean.
- Got a minute? - Uh, yeah, one.
Cute kid.
Oh, hey, you're working on Lopez's first Mother's Day.
Brave man.
Yeah, in my defense, she's working, too.
She and my mom were robbed at brunch.
Yeah, I heard about that.
Everybody okay? Yeah.
Thank God.
I should have been there, but I was dealing with yet another case of prosecutorial overreach.
Well, if that's your way of buttering me up for a favor, you might want to rethink it.
Gemma Ramp stole a bag of potato chips, you guys are charging her with a felony? Oh, yeah, no, that's not mine.
That's Harmon's.
I know.
Hoping you'd talk to him.
Yeah, I mean, I can, but it's not gonna matter.
That's just his way of doing business.
Come on, Wes.
None of this is new.
I know.
It just seems like things are only getting worse.
Look, you're not wrong.
But to be honest, I'm surrounded by lawyers who think that being tough on crime is gonna get them the top job.
Hell, I've been vetting candidates for Kelly's open spot, and each one is - more gung ho than the last.
I get it.
My client is steps away from the street.
She needs a break, - not the book thrown at her.
I get it.
I do.
I just There's nothing I can do about it.
My hands are tied.
I'm sorry.
I gotta run.
♪♪ I already know what you're gonna say.
My mother's just trying to do what's best for me.
Oh, no.
Your mom sounds like a real piece of work.
It's not your job to make amends.
It's hers.
Thank you so much.
- I - Yeah.
Okay, when did hotels get so expensive? - Hi.
- Hi, Tim.
- Oh, that's pretty good.
- Seriously? Yeah.
I mean, it's a nice hotel.
If you want to do better than that, you're gonna have to take Ashley to Honolulu Motel 6.
Oh, you're going to Hawaii.
Congratulations on your engagement.
Ah! Told you.
I'm not getting engaged.
Does your girlfriend know that? Yes.
It's not an issue.
Is he really this clueless? Yes, trust me.
It is a daily struggle.
Let's go.
LOPEZ: You've reached the cellphone of Detective Angela Lopez.
Leave a message.
- [BEEP.]
- Any luck? [SIGHS.]
I called half the phones they stole, including mine.
Straight to voicemail.
I've got plainclothes officers stationed at all of the pawnshops this side of the 405.
If they show up, we will be waiting.
Tell them I want to be the one who puts on the cuffs.
- I made a promise.
- I love it so much.
New phone, who dis? [BOTH LAUGH.]
Detective Lopez.
We met this morning.
It's the cop from the restaurant.
What's up, Detective? You, uh, calling to arrest us? 'Cause I don't think you can do that over the phone.
No, I'm calling to tell you to turn yourselves in.
You committed armed robbery.
Half the LAPD is looking for you.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
See, we've got this whole crime spree planned out.
- Isn't that right, baby? - That's right.
Listen, I know you two have gone through a lot.
If you think reading a file gives you any idea who we are, you are a terrible cop.
Trust me, I've read enough files to understand that you and Jonah never caught a single break.
- Yet, when you got out of prison, you tried to go straight, even got yourselves real jobs.
And you know what? We were still treated like scum.
Not even worth an ounce of respect.
Angela, they are live-streaming your conversation.
You can save the false empathy, Detective.
Today is for every worker who's ever been mistreated - Mm.
- for anyone who's ever wanted to walk off the job.
Yeah, for anybody that believed the lie that if you just tried to work harder, you could achieve your dreams.
We are done begging for scraps.
Today, we are taking what's ours.
Let's take it all, baby.
We are taking it.
Let's take it all.
Any point that you made ♪ - I love you.
- I love you.
Man, I don't like this place.
It's claustrophobic.
Tran Is it just me, or is it dusty up in here? I feel like I can't breathe.
Daniel, sit down.
If you want to stay alive, you need to listen to what Mr.
Del Monte has to say.
NOLAN: Thank you.
As an informant in our protection program, there are a number of rules that you will follow.
You will not disclose this location to anybody.
Do you understand? Good.
This is your new phone.
Do not share this number with anybody.
Officer Nolan and Sergeant Grey have established a strict perimeter in the area.
This is a boundary that you will not cross under any circumstances.
Is that clear? But I can visit my mom, right? No.
Daniel you are not to contact any friends or family, period.
But it's Mother's Day.
We're going horseback riding later.
Son, you're clearly not understanding the severity of the situation.
You will not contact anyone, family included.
But I have to.
I can't let her down again.
Look, this is for her safety, too.
Okay, if you really want to see your mom, I'm sure we can arrange to have you both meet in a secure location.
You can say your goodbyes.
Goodbyes? No.
Daniel, this is your reality now.
I know it's not pretty, but it's the only way we can keep you alive.
DEL MONTE: All right, thanks, guys.
We'll take it from here.
Appreciate it.
- Present time? - Yeah.
Only I have absolutely no idea what to get her.
Well, lucky enough, we got four hours to figure something out.
LOPEZ: I got an update on Monica and Jonah.
They just robbed a bridal store.
That's an odd choice.
They assaulted the owner and held her at gunpoint while Monica tried on dresses.
Oh, well, I guess you won't be the only one getting married.
What? Nothing.
Ignore her.
We need to catch these two before they kill somebody.
Well, given the fact that they made off with a dress and tux, odds are they're about to get hitched.
All right.
We'll alert the local venues and check out the obvious locations.
Okay, I'm starting to panic a little.
Luna and I have been married 25 years.
At this point, I've given her every kind of present there is.
So how do I make this one special? Well, maybe don't make it about the present.
Make it about the evening.
What's her favorite restaurant? Do you think I can get a reservation anywhere at this point? Ooh.
No, not a chance in hell.
Sean, what's up? No, we're on it.
Daniel Tran took off.
- That was fast.
- Yeah.
Lucky for us, we know exactly where he's heading.
Oh! According to this travel website, Siberia is the least romantic place to vacation.
I am not rerouting our trip to the arctic tundra because you think Hawaii sends the wrong message.
No, it is not just me, okay? TouristPlanet says that Hawaii is number one for proposals in 2021.
Ashley can't possibly think I'm proposing.
Why not? I mean, you're of a certain age.
She's in her prime.
I mean, on paper, it's it's like a no-brainer.
Okay, be honest.
Can you see yourself married to her? Yeah.
I can.
DISPATCH: 7-Adam-100.
I have a 415 unknown in progress at Church of the Chimes.
That's gotta be Jonah and Monica.
- Show us responding.
Send backup, metro, and alert Detective Lopez.
JONAH: Hey, hey! Hey, everyone.
Be cool.
You can get back to your wedding in a few minutes.
We wrote our own vows, so if anybody ruins them, they catch a bullet, understand? H-hey, hey, hey.
And you and if you screw up this video, it'll mean a world of pain, all right? [MUSIC CONTINUES.]
Baby, you are the love of my life.
Before I met you, I hated the world.
But now Now we can hate the world together forever.
Jonah you're my ride or die, the only person who has ever really seen me.
No matter what happens next, you've made me the happiest girl Jonah! Jonah, we gotta go.
Hey, are we officially married? Yes! ♪♪ Ah! 7-Adam-100.
Shots fired at our location.
Pursuing armed suspects on foot.
We need backup at all exits.
TIM: Go, go.
Go to the back.
Move, move.
Hold on to your genre ♪ Your genre's got a hold on you ♪ Hold on to your hairdo ♪ It's the only thing to hold on to ♪ [DOOR OPENS.]
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
You gotta leave me.
If you leave right now, you could save yourself.
- No.
- You could just just break me out of jail.
It'll be epic.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Drop the gun.
♪♪ - Show me your hands.
There's a promise in the back room ♪ [GRUNTS.]
You tell a little lie and then you ♪ [TIRES SCREECH.]
Suspect Monica Ditmar's on the loose.
She is armed and dangerous, wearing a wedding dress and combat boots.
You go north.
♪♪ ♪♪ What's the damage? GSW through-and-through to the upper back.
They're prepping the E.
You should have turned yourselves in.
I am unrepentant.
I'll be sure to let the judge know that.
The question is, are you going to help me save Monica's life? [GROANS.]
Let me guess.
You want me to tell her to give up? You're damn right I do.
You think what you're doing is noble? You think this has a happy ending? Grow up.
You shot at cops.
A thousand police officers are hunting for your wife as we speak, and when they catch her and she tries to shoot her way to freedom, she's not gonna survive.
So you're gonna record a message telling her to surrender.
Or wake up from surgery to the news that you're a widower.
Forget it.
Our entire lives, we've been ordered around.
I'm not just gonna be another person telling her what to do.
The O.
's ready.
Go ahead.
I'm done with him.
Let's move.
♪♪ I can't tell you how much your advice means to me.
Thank you.
Of course, Quigley.
And, remember, whenever you're feeling low, just tell yourself those three words.
I'm worth it.
Can I call you "Mom"? I think it's better if you didn't.
Thanks again.
I'm worth it.
- Ready to go? - Yes.
Thank you.
You've had quite a day, haven't you? Are you gonna be a lawyer like your daddy, huh? Jackson, are you gonna help the less fortunate? Mm.
Not sure how much I'm helping these days.
Why? What happened? I'm just tired of the uphill battle.
Prosecutors have all the power.
Well, if you can't beat them Join them? No.
Why not? Are you telling me that you wouldn't make a bigger impact if you had that power? [HORSES NEIGHS.]
If Daniel told us about his Mother's Day plans, how many others did he tell? SGT.
GREY: It only takes one to give him up to his gang.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
You're lucky I'm not putting you in cuffs right now.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Go say goodbye to your mother.
We need to get you back to the apartment.
Come on.
Can't I just spend the rest of the day with my mom? No! You're an informant in a gang murder trial.
There are people trying to kill you.
By being here, you're putting you and your mother in danger.
You're right.
I'll go with you.
But, please, you can't tell her why you're here.
Excuse me? My mom doesn't know about the gang, about witness protection, any of it.
Okay, she's going to find out.
I know, but I just don't want to ruin her day.
- Please.
- Fine, fine.
What's going on? Don't worry, Mom.
This is just about, uh my car.
It got stolen.
Oh, no, Daniel.
That's terrible.
- You just bought it.
- I know.
But I didn't want to worry you today.
You know who did it? Uh yes, ma'am.
That's why we need your son to come with us so he can view the lineup.
I didn't know you really did that.
Oh, yeah, all the time.
Vital part of police work.
♪♪ - Okay, charade's over.
- What's going on? Who are they? They're here to kill your son.
- What? - We need to find cover.
Take mom, watch your backstop.
- Daniel.
- Make sure the horses don't get hit in the cross fire.
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ [GRUNTS.]
Thank you for the assist.
You're welcome.
On your knees.
Where's Daniel? He took off.
Sarge, I think we got one more guy to worry about.
I'll stay with the suspect.
You go find Daniel.
- Yes, sir.
- I'm going with you.
Uh, Mrs.
Tran, thank you.
I-I-I've got this.
He got it.
He got it.
♪♪ I know you came in here, Daniel.
The longer you make me hunt for you the more times I'm gonna shoot you.
It's a shame.
I thought you were a stand-up guy.
But you flipped the second you felt the handcuffs go on.
♪♪ [COUGHS.]
Give me your hands.
Give me your hands.
- Come on.
Get up.
Daniel, it's safe to come out.
Come on.
Hey, hon.
Yeah, I'm on duty at the hospital.
♪♪ ♪♪ Come on, baby.
We gotta go.
Don't move.
W-where's Jonah? He's in the ICU.
They think he'll pull through.
Now get your hands up.
I promised I'd put some bracelets on you, and I keep my promises.
But, first, this is mine.
Turn around.
♪♪ Come on.
- That was a crazy day.
- Yeah.
I can't believe Daniel's mom is going into witness protection with him.
She loves him, and he clearly still needs her.
Thank you for the one-on-one time today.
I really did learn a lot.
You're welcome.
And for what it's worth, I think you're a really good candidate for FTO.
And I'll tell them that after you pass your exam.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Ooh! You still didn't get anything for Luna.
Actually, I did.
You just didn't notice.
Which means it's a good thing you're not trying to be a detective.
Well, what'd you get her? ♪♪ It is time to go home.
I have Indian food on the way.
Where's Jack? Uh, my mom took him to Fred Segal.
She's gonna meet us at home.
That kid has a better wardrobe than I do.
I'm thinking of changing jobs.
To what? [CHUCKLES.]
There's an open spot in the D.
's office.
I am literally without words.
You call them the enemy like four times a week.
I know.
Because they are.
And I love advocating for people that are caught in the system, but I lose more battles than I win.
Do you think the D.
can look past your suspension? Considering I helped put away a major drug lord in the process, I think so.
If there is even a 10% chance that I can change the system from within, I have to do it.
Don't I? I can't answer that for you.
But we can talk about it over Indian food.
Thank you.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Hey, I'm about to head out.
You good? Uh, yeah.
I'm just finishing up.
I'm I'm right behind you.
See you tomorrow.
♪♪ I believe in silence ♪ There's something in the quiet ♪ But you were always talking ♪ LILA: Mommy! Hi, baby girl.
What are you doing here? Nana brought me.
Maris, w-w-what's going on? Is Donovan okay? Oh, he's fine.
Except for this really weird rash that just showed up.
That and the fact that I clearly didn't raise him right.
Keeping a mother from her child on Mother's Day? I mean, what is wrong with him? Thank you.
You don't know how much that means to me.
Yeah, I do.
Listen, I-I know I haven't done a good job of keeping in touch.
No, t-that is not a problem.
I know this whole thing is complicated.
Yeah, maybe so, but it doesn't matter what happened between you and Donovan.
You will always be the daughter I never had.
- So I'm looking ahead ♪ - Thank you.
I could see you moving ♪ To a building on Logan ♪ - Hi.
- Hi! Good day? Yeah, it was okay.
Lucy was particularly annoying, but I don't believe that for a second.
Hey, I know we said Hyatt, but I just found this super-cute Sharebnb in Ko Olina.
Cozier, right? Just the two of us? That's romantic.
And hold your head ♪ Is Is that, uh Is that a new nail color? Yeah.
I just had them done.
They're they're pretty.
Yeah? Uh, I'm sorry.
Ashley, look.
I-I need to I need to clear the air about something here.
The reason Lucy was so annoying today is that she is convinced that you think I'm taking you to Hawaii to propose.
But, I mean, you don't you don't think that, right? 'C-Cause I'm not.
I mean, I-I think we are magic together, but I Shh! It's okay.
You turn me red ♪ [LAUGHS.]
I am not expecting a proposal.
- Okay.
- I would say "no" if you asked.
Uh, don't get me wrong.
I think we're magic, too.
But I just have no interest in ever being married or having kids.
I'm just not wired that way.
Uh, great.
- It's a vacation.
Look, we're gonna have a great time.
Yes, we will.
Will you do me a favor? - Hey.
- Oh, hi.
So, it's a good thing you didn't come to meet my mom, because she drove me absolutely crazy.
What's wrong? - Nothing.
Could you just wait here? I need to go find Lopez and figure out how to put a curse on someone.
Yeah, right.
Oh, you're serious.
LUNA: Where are you taking me? SGT.
GREY: Still a surprise.
- All right.
- My lady.
I didn't cheat.
I'm not peeking.
- Yeah, okay.
All right.
- I'm here.
I'm ready.
- I believe you.
- Oh, honey.
I know it's been hard not having Dominique here.
First Mother's Day without her.
So I wanted to do something special for you.
Oh, really? 'Cause I thought those flowers you sent earlier was just gonna be it.
That was all an elaborate ruse, my dear.
Are you ready? - [LAUGHS.]
- You ready? I'm ready, I'm ready, yes.
- You ready? - Yes.
All right, here we go.
And voilà.
- You bought me a horse.
Riding lessons.
- Oh! - Plus, a romantic Mother's Day night ride around the property with me.
- Sound good? - Yes.
I love it.
Oh, thank you.
All right, go.
- Go play.
I'm gonna get you to buy her for me.
Hey! What a surprise.
Come in.
Let me get you a drink.
So how was horseback riding? Beautiful.
Wade said that you helped him find it.
NOLAN: Something like that.
But you guys didn't come all this way just to thank me for that.
I just received a formal request to temporarily assign you to another station.
My first day in the hole.
Not cool? No.
This request is for the whole week.
That means I'll miss my T.
And before you start plotting how to sneak back and take it on your lunch hour, the station you're going to is four hours away, on the border.
This is my punishment for pissing off the Union President.
He knows I want to be a T.
Isn't there anything you can do? I would if I could, but my hands are tied.
If you try to reject the assignment, they will consider it disobeying a direct order.
So even if you pass the test, they wouldn't make you a T.
if you're facing disciplinary action.
Well, then you are just gonna have to take the next test.
When is it? In two years.
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