The Rookie (2018) s04e22 Episode Script

Day in the Hole

Come on.
We gotta get to work.
She'll be here.
We gotta go.
She'll be here.
Hey! Watch it! Oh.
Isn't she pretty? My first car.
Uh, my car was your first car.
I mean, if we're including cars I've stolen, this is probably, like, my fifth.
- What? - Joke.
The seized car auction was definitely the way to go.
I got such a good deal.
You are gonna take it to the mechanic, though, right? You never know what these cars have been through.
Yeah, Tim set me up with this guy.
- What? He did? - Yeah.
Oh, you have a heart after all.
Oh, relax, okay? It was purely self-interest.
You would be a total drag to ride with, if she died in a fireball of mangled metal, on the 405.
What's going on? I am not getting my new car back, am I? Why exactly do they call it "Day in the Hole"? Because any day on the job, there are "holes" in staffing but, typically, it's only for a day, and, it's always within the county of Los Angeles.
But you pissed off your union president so badly, he catapulted you all the way to the border.
What can I say? I'm a bit of an overachiever.
But we are making a vacation out of it with Ellroy and Nell, because we're "roll with it" kind of people.
Damn right we are.
Hey! Hey.
Welcome to this little oasis.
Uh, where, I might add, uh it seems like no one is minding the store.
Oh, I think they get like three visitors a year.
So, check-in's on the honor system, and housekeeping will be by in the morning to tidy up.
Oh, that's a shame.
I was really looking forward to ringing that little bell.
Oh, yay, you're here! - Hi! - Hi! So good to see you again! - Hello.
- Hello.
Well, you said this place was quaint, but, I think it feels more in the "abandoned" category.
And haunted.
Or am I? Do not tease me like that.
Nell would kill to stay in a haunted motel.
I mean, my listeners would love it.
I've got that murder podcast.
What? How do I not know about that? I've mentioned it, like, a bunch of times.
- Sorry.
- You really should listen.
It's super fun.
Ellroy does all the forensic analysis.
Yeah, absolutely, I bet Uh, which ones are we? Oh, you're in the corner suite "Suite" is Uh, I don't know.
Y-You'll see.
Well, this isn't too bad.
It's surprisingly clean.
I wouldn't be too sure about that.
You want me to grab the black light, from my trunk? - Check for fluids? - Uh, no.
We're good.
We're good, we're Thank you, yeah.
- Officer Nolan.
- Yes.
And, uh, this is Bailey.
- That's Nell.
- Hey.
- And over there is Ellroy.
- Nice to meet you all.
I'm Gabrielle.
Uh, I know you've had a long ride, but, I was told you were gonna be working with me, while my boss is on vacation.
Uh, great.
Let me just change my clothes, and, uh, we can hit the road.
You can give me the lay of the land.
Um this motel wouldn't happen to be haunted, would it? Uh no, ma'am.
That's too bad.
Any murders take place here? Big or small.
Ooh! How about, like, just a hostage situation? Really giving me hostage vibes.
Uh, no.
How about aliens? No.
I don't understand.
Somebody packed the car with half a million in heroin, and then lost it? How does that happen? You don't just forget where you parked your drug car.
You might if you're high on the drugs that you're transporting.
Okay, here we go.
Previous owner of your car is Jake Butler.
Multiple arrests for drugs and violence.
Let's take a look at his mugshot.
What? - What? - Um Oh.
What the what? What's going on? It's even more uncanny in real life.
What the hell? Yo.
Why you looking like me? Cuff him.
So, how long have you been on the job? Two months.
I joined after getting my degree in criminology, from UC Riverside.
So far, I haven't really had a chance, to use what I've learned.
Quiet town? Imagine the vacuum of space, and then, make it 10% quieter.
You know, I looked you up.
You've been involved in some really cool cases.
"Cool" is not the term I would use.
How would you describe them? Intense.
I thought you were taking me to the police station.
Oh, this is the station Offices and holding cells are in back.
Oh, is it a diner/police station? Or, is it a police station/diner? Depends on whether you're here to file a report, or get some pie.
Hey, Gabby.
Is this him? Yes, John Nolan.
I'm Martina Sanchez.
Gabby says you're a big-deal LA cop.
She's really hoping you'll teach her some things.
- Ay.
- What? We both know you're too shy to ask him yourself.
Well, I'm happy to impart any knowledge I can.
Thank you.
Anything going on? Mrs.
Gonzales stopped by again.
Her cactus is growing weird.
- Weird, you say? - Wrong angle.
- We'll get right on that.
- Please do.
Ooh, this is exciting.
Phone only rings about twice a week here.
Frontera Police Department.
We'll be right there.
- Trouble? - Bar fight.
Well, big cities and small towns You can always count on someone, to be drunk by 9:00 a.
Your first hour on the job, and you're already getting all the exciting stuff.
You must be good luck.
Or bad.
Maybe you were separated at birth.
He's a year older than me.
And he was born in Florida.
Plus Ah, he really doesn't look that much like me.
The hell he doesn't.
Not the brightest bulb, though.
Oh, my God.
It's It's Tim and Dim.
Come on.
Let's get this over with.
That's good.
Yo, this is blowing my mind! It's like we're looking in a fun-house mirror of handsome.
Sit down, Dim Jake.
You need to focus.
Have we met before? No.
That, I'd remember.
Oh, you would.
We found your car.
Dude, you found it? Yo, thank you, thank you, man.
I mean, some asshat stole it from me last week.
Your car wasn't stolen, it was towed.
You parked in front of a hydrant.
My bad.
- So, where's the car now? - In evidence.
We found four kilos of black tar heroin inside of it.
What? Yo, that's crazy.
I mean, it ain't mine.
Your fingerprints are all over the bags.
Which means this is decision time for you, Jake.
You help us, we help you.
Otherwise, it's back to prison.
Bruh, I thought that we had a bond.
Where are the drugs from? Mexico.
I was hired to drive them across the border, but, you know, I hit up my girl's place when I got back in town You know what I'm saying? Anyway, I went back out, the car wasn't there.
I've been freaking out ever since.
Who are you supposed to deliver the drugs to? Roy Hajek.
Got the job through a slinger we both know.
Have you ever met Hajek or, any of his crew? No.
Why? You know, they've never met.
So, Tim, could go undercover as Dim, and-and, and we would arrest a major trafficker.
- Forget it.
- What? Come on, you totally pulled off playing the hitman.
I agree.
It's too good of an opportunity to pass up.
You just want to see me pretend to be Dim.
- Duh.
- Fine.
- I'll do it.
- Yes! Oh, okay, okay.
So, uh, we got to dirty you up, and then And then we have to slick back your hair, 'cause, you know, that guy was, like, kind of greasy.
You are enjoying this way too much.
Ooh! And tattoos We got to get tattoos.
When we get to the bar, don't park right out front.
Oh, but it's just the Benedict brothers.
They fight every other day.
Doesn't matter.
Always do things the right way.
That way, when the danger is real, the moves are automatic.
Got it.
- You got this? - Yes, sir.
Doug, Will, come on, knock it off.
I said knock it off, now! Doug! Okay, okay, okay.
Doug, are you okay? Yeah.
Uh, but my neck kinda hurts.
No, no, don't touch that.
I'm so sorry, man.
Oh, please don't die.
Hey, you know what? Shouldn't we just pull this thing out? No, don't touch it.
Thank you for coming.
Nearest hospital is an hour away.
Of course.
Good morning, two margaritas, if you are able.
What? We're on vacation.
- Yeah, you want anything? - No.
I'm gonna need some tape to secure the glass, so, we can take him to the hospital.
I've got some in the shop.
But you don't have to take him.
Yes, I do.
He's my patient now.
I got you, dude.
How much have you had to drink? Not a drop.
- We just got here.
- Okay.
You're gonna take your brother and Bailey to the hospital.
And then you're gonna pay Walt for all the damages you've done here.
Yes, ma'am.
Come on.
Got you.
This is a dump.
Uh, Bailey made it to the hospital.
Doug is in surgery.
Thank God.
Those two are idiots, but They're not bad guys.
They never plan for the heat.
- Pete? - Whoa! It's gonna blow! Pete, get back here.
It's just overheating.
Save yourself! God.
- Hey.
- John? Oh, my gosh, the answer to my prayers.
Um The car broke down.
Yeah, I can see that.
He's still running.
Pete! Stop! - Come back! - Is it safe?! Yes! I promise! - Really?! - Yeah, you're safe! You sure?! I told him this was gonna happen, but, he isn't happy, unless the AC is blasting at 60.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
Hi, I'm Chastity.
Sorry, where are my manners? This is Officer Navar.
Officer Navar, this is Chastity.
She's dating my brother Pete.
Right, my half-brother Pete.
Whew! I see this all the time.
I got some coolant in the back, - should get you going shortly.
- Thank you.
Why do people run, dude? It sucks.
What are you doing here? What do you mean? You invited me.
I absolutely did not.
Well, it was certainly implied.
I mean, why do you think I got this Airstream, dude? It's so we didn't have to pay for a room.
I didn't even know you owned an Airstream.
I don't.
Oh, my I feel like I'm gonna die.
Did you bring my inhaler? Yeah, of course I did.
Do you need it right now? - Yeah, I do.
- You need it right now.
I do.
Friendly is on site.
I got a piece on my left.
I want it back.
Let's go see the boss.
Trojan horse is away, and we are on the move.
Copy that.
All vehicles, stand by.
Rescue one, status? Rescue one, we're ready in 60 seconds.
Here we go.
UC in sight.
Rescue one, stand by.
Boss, he's here.
You're a brave man.
Disappearing with my dope, then showing up here like nothing happened.
I was worried I caught a tail.
I went to ground till I knew it was safe.
Didn't want to jam you up.
Hear that, Wisco? He's looking out for me.
Come here.
What do you think of my view? It's dope.
So, when do I get paid? Once you convince me, not to have Wisco throw you over the balcony.
Get ready to breach.
Anyone lays a hand on our UC, you put them down.
Yo, you trying to scare me, it ain't working.
We both know you're too smart to murder me where you live.
Plus, I gots people who wouldn't take it too well.
Safer for you to keep me on the payroll.
Smarter, too.
You know I heard you were a bit of a dumbass.
Well Helps people underestimate me.
Wisco will give you your cash on the way out.
Or You could do another job for me, and triple it.
What kind of job? Can't tell you that yet.
But it's heavy.
And wet.
And tomorrow.
Oh, and we'll need a driver, so Bring your old lady.
I hear she's fast.
Yeah, sometimes, too fast.
No such thing.
We'll be in touch.
Arrest team, stand down.
We need to see how this new job plays out.
Thorsen, what's the status of the package? Still on the move.
- Want us to intercept them? - Negative.
Keep eyes on, until the Drug Unit takes over surveillance.
Copy that.
Nice felony stop.
Good distance, nice angle.
A wise man told me to do things the right way, every time.
So when the danger's real, the moves are automatic.
Good evening, sir.
Do you know why we pulled you over? Well, I'm assuming it's because I was driving like a bat out of hell.
I do apologize.
License and registration, please.
Um, unfortunately, I don't have any of that.
I was mugged a few hours ago, and, well, my car keys are the only thing that I got away with.
Where did this happen? It was at a gas station about 40 miles back? Yeah, I'm-I'm Look.
I'm still shaking.
Did you file a police report? No, no.
I was - I was too scared.
- Gun! Back out! Back out! Back out! Drop your gun! Drop it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey! Hey! Look, I think there's just been a misunderstanding, alright? I thought you were connected with the guys - that just robbed me.
- What were you thinking? - Me? - Yes.
You nearly got yourself killed.
You didn't do a proper threat assessment, and then you put yourself in the line of fire.
Mine and his.
I'm really, really sorry.
I wasn't thinking.
It's not about thinking.
it's just about training.
And, clearly, you haven't had enough.
Well, you can't blame her, can you? Look at this place.
Run those prints.
I want to know who he is, and whether he's got any outstanding warrants.
I can't.
It's past 7:00.
The station only allows us access to the CJIS database during business hours.
Budget cuts.
Looks like you're spending the night.
Oh, come on.
Like I was telling you, I was afraid for my life.
Yeah, you also told me your name was John Smith.
So save it for the judge.
- Do you want me to take first shift? - No.
You've got friends here.
I can handle it.
- And I owe you for the screw-up.
- Alright.
Call me if you need anything.
And, don't let him out of there for any reason.
What if I need to pee? Hold it.
So, I had Dim's girlfriend picked up.
Why are you being weird? It's easier to show you.
Oh, um That is disturbing.
Guess we know who's going undercover with Dim.
Yeah Juicy.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
It's Juicy.
I don't like that.
Hello! Hey! There he is! - Hey.
- Come join us! Uh Maybe in a minute.
Hey, you okay? Yeah.
Just a bit of a scary moment during a traffic stop.
Gabrielle has some definite holes in her training.
Well, then, it's a good thing you came to town.
It's fate, bro.
The universe is putting you exactly where you need to be.
Yeah, I don't know that I believe in all that stuff.
Oh, I do.
If fate hadn't put us together, then I never would've had the courage to ask Nell out.
And I never would've met the love of my life.
And I would've never met Pete.
You're like the Hook-up Whisperer.
I don't know that that analogy tracks Yeah, dude.
You're like Tinder, dude.
- Oh! - Something to be proud of.
Embrace your special gift.
You bring people sexual gratification.
- That's awesome.
- Amen to that.
Thank you.
Is it weird to suggest that we all go into our rooms and, maybe do a little making out? - Yep.
- Alright.
But I am feeling a little bit tired.
Oh, me too.
- Come on, let's go, baby.
- Oh.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Oh, there's a cat in there now, but i-it's fine.
He's our friend.
Shall we? It's either that, or watch the Airstream start a-rockin'.
Here you go.
Carry me.
Oh, thought you'd never ask.
Come here.
If we're gonna make this work, our back story's got to be air-tight.
Okay, so, um, how did Dim and Juicy meet? At a barbecue.
- That's lame.
- Really? You think you can do better? Watch me.
Okay, so, um You were on the run from the cops, a bank robbery gone wrong.
You ended up in my building Frantic, looking for a place to hide, and And, I opened the door for you.
I lied to the cops for you.
And Ooh.
And, it got me so hot, that we hooked up, while they were still searching the building.
That-That That's pretty good, actually.
Thank you.
So, look, we-we should, we should probably, you know, - talk about the elephant in the room.
- Mm.
You know, 'cause, i-if we're gonna sell, that we are, you know, actually, boyfriend and girlfriend, then we might have to, uh You know.
Have to Have to what? We might have to Do you Okay, okay.
We might have to PDA? - You know what? Forget it.
- No.
You're right, you Yeah, you're right.
I mean, if we're gonna if we're gonna have to kiss, it probably shouldn't be for the first time, right? - That's what I'm saying.
- Right.
Should we maybe, uh, should we stand? - Yeah, I think we should stand.
- Yeah, that's good.
This is - Good.
- Um, sure.
- No.
- Oh, you know what? We're professionals.
Let's just get this done with.
Whoa! Well, that's romantic.
I'm not trying to be romantic.
Well, you're succeeding.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
Okay, okay.
Hold on.
Just, yes.
- Good.
- Take your time.
I'm, I'm Mm-hmm.
I Yes, I'm ready.
I'm s I'm sorry.
Is that it? You know what? If If you're gonna criticize me - Oh.
- Oh.
- I - I should probably go.
This is work.
- This is work.
- Yeah, yeah.
W-We're We're going undercover, - and it's Yeah, it's - I mean, hey, hey.
It's cool, I mean, you don't have to explain yourself.
- I should probably go.
- No.
- No, no.
- I was just about to leave.
You know what? I don't have anything.
Um - I'll see you tomorrow.
- G-Good work tonight.
- Bye.
- Great work, as well.
- Mm-hmm.
- Bye.
- Mm.
- I'm gonna go to my room.
Yeah, me too.
What's wrong? Nothing.
I'm just gonna go, relieve my rookie.
Go back to sleep.
You're getting good.
Almost dying, is a real motivator, for learning how to defend yourself.
Where are you going? Ah, just down to the office to check on Gabrielle.
Can I come? - Sure.
- Alright, let me finish real quick.
That was it.
That was it.
Let's go.
Uh, any contact from Hajek? No.
Not yet.
- Listen, about - We should prob - Oh, the Sorry, no.
- Sorry, go ahead.
- You go first.
- You s You sure? - Mm-hmm.
- Oh.
I-I just wanted to say We need more work on our back story.
Give it more depth.
Key moments, you know? Yeah, we, uh, we could take the morning You know, while we're waiting for Hajek to call.
That's great.
- Uh, you got a minute? - Sure.
- Everything okay? - Yes, yes.
But, um, my doctor, wants me to start my maternity leave this week, so You know, get off my feet, take it easy for the baby.
Of course.
Whatever you need.
Thank you.
Is there something else? No, uh Yes.
I need to talk to you about, what comes after.
That sounds ominous.
No, it - it's not at all.
I just I-I-I've been thinking, and, once this baby is born, I would like to stay with the detectives.
I figured as much.
Nyla, you're an exemplary T.
, but at heart, you're a hunter.
I assume you'd like to stay paired with Lopez? Yes, we work great together.
I'll tell Caradine, and find a new T.
for Thorsen.
Thank you For everything.
I'm gonna make some coffee.
You want some? Yes, please.
Hey, I was just about to call you.
I ran our suspect's prints the minute the system came online.
He's seriously a bad guy.
Blair Darvill.
Great name.
I see why you'd want to keep it secret, though.
Number one on the ATF's most wanted list.
Weapons trafficking, attempted murder.
They're gonna be pretty psyched when I call, and tell them you're here.
Here's the thing.
When I didn't show up last night, my guys started looking for me.
You should really let me go before they get here.
Nice try.
Hey, John, could you come out here, uh, for a minute? Too late.
Keep an eye on him.
You're a long way from home.
How can I help you? Let's just say we can help each other.
You have a friend of mine in custody.
I am here, to pay his bail.
- Oh, score.
- Ellroy.
That's not how bail works.
He has to go in front of a judge first.
But you already know that.
I do.
But sometimes cops play hard to get, before they take a bribe.
Well, I don't take bribes.
Your friend's going away for a long time.
And I'd bet that much money, that there's an outstanding warrant or two, for your arrest, so, why don't you show me some ID? Are you sure you really want to play it like that? And there's more on the way Arrival, imminent.
Maybe And I'm just talking here we take the money.
Or, just forget the money.
Or, we just let him have the guy.
They're not the only ones with guns.
I do not have a gun.
Last chance.
Right back at you.
We're going to war.
Take it down.
Hey, Nell and Chastity are going antiquing, so I'm coming to have breakfast with you.
Don't come here.
Where's Pete? Sleeping, why? What's wrong? Ah, lots of guys, lots of guns.
I need you to grab Pete, and I need you to get out of town.
John, they're cutting down the cell tower.
John, are you there? Bailey? Bailey? What happened? We're cut off.
What the hell is happening? You need to open that gun safe.
I-I can't.
The sheriff has the key.
That would've been good to know, before you decided to take a stand.
Okay, okay.
New plan.
Go get the prisoner.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- You're giving him up.
- No.
We're gonna use him as a shield.
I like my idea better.
Get down! Oh! Oh, oh! Oh, oh! Pete! Pete, wake up! Pete! Oh! Oh! He's a feisty one.
Come on.
You know, you should probably just let me go.
If you do it now, I can probably talk them into letting you live.
Forgive me if I don't trust you.
Hey! You shoot at us again, you kill your boss! You think that's gonna stop us? We'll just come in and get him.
And we'll make it hurt.
You come in here, you won't walk back out.
All they have are handguns and limited ammo.
Okay, come on, come on.
Enough talking.
Stick him in the kitchen.
Hold him in there.
And you plant yourself right next to him.
It's the safest spot for you and Ellroy.
I'll cover left.
You cover right.
Ellroy, you're spotter you call out trouble when you see it.
Sounds like a, a lot of pressure.
Right! Left, left, left! It's so loud! Right! The left! Get to the right! Left! Okay.
Let's do this, big boy.
Aw, come on! Ah! Ah! Oh.
- Holy - What? Nothing.
What's going on? Is there, uh Is there any coffee? This trip is gonna make one hell of a podcast.
Oh, my God.
Are you okay? - I'm okay.
- You're okay? - I'm okay.
- Oh, okay.
What happened to you guys? Wait.
Where's Captain Money Bag? Thanks.
Now we're even.
You should've seen me I kicked his ass.
I was a little preoccupied, saving Nolan.
Uh, well, I think we all saved each other.
- It's not a contest.
- Oh, it is a little bit of a contest, and I'm clearly the winner.
Alright, Bailey is clearly the winner, but, I-I'm a close runner-up.
Looks like a war zone in here.
You should see the other guys.
Where are the other guys?
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