The Rookie (2018) s06e07 Episode Script


Previously, on "The Rookie"
Who's this?
I'll be there in 20.
- What's going on?
- I got to go.
- Just wait.
- I can't.
I'll call you when I can.
What the hell are you into
that's making you so crazy?
- I can't tell you.
- Why?
Because even knowing
about it will put you
at risk with the department.
I have a group
of friends at school,
and they're getting
a place together.
And I was thinking
of joining them.
You're moving?
- Kinda.
You violated procedure and
roped in two other officers?
I'm required to notify
your Metro commander.
What she does with it
is up to her.
Lucy, I've been lying
to myself for a long time.
I can't just go back
to the way things were.
Are you breaking up with me?
I'm sorry.
What's happening?
I think we
should have a baby.
I haven't even had
a cup of coffee yet.
Maybe we table this
till later?
Having a kid has been
the greatest joy in my life,
so why would I want
to deny her that?
It's all about temperature.
That is the best indicator
about whether or not I'm ovulating
That, and cervical mucus.
I did not know that.
Thank you for that tidbit,
and for the ride.
Hey, time is not on our side.
We need to get serious
about maximizing our chances.
Oh, agreed, yeah.
You let me know when the
Cervical mucus.
Is optimal, and I will be there.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Hey, you got your coffee.
I was hoping we could stop at
Revolution after roll call.
Oh, we still can, I'm gonna
need four more shots, minimum.
Ooh, bad night of sleep?
No, just still
trying to get pregnant.
Oh, poor you.
Constant sex with
your gorgeous wife?
You should take a day
off to take a break.
Fair enough.
But turns out, it's
not quite as much fun
when she has you on
a tight schedule.
- Real tight.
- Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
I'm gonna win for you ♪
Like I know you want me to do ♪
What time are you
getting home at today?
[SIGHS] I couldn't say.
I'm so far behind.
Speaking of, I got to go.
And I'll be home
at my usual time.
So somewhere between
6:00 and midnight?
That's the one.
Bye, honey. I love you.
Take good care of your sister.
What the hell is a gun
doing in your purse?
It's for protection.
I have a permit.
Not in my house, you don't.
Hello, Mom.
Are you free today?
Because I just fired my nanny.
How did I end up
with so much stuff?
I used to live
out of a backpack.
Hey, listen.
If you are overwhelmed,
you could always delay,
by a few days, or a few weeks.
Do you need me to stay?
I mean, I know you've been going
through a lot with the breakup.
No, no, I
I wasn't saying
you should stay for me.
I I was just
you know, if you're not ready,
then you have options.
Thanks, but I am ready.
I made a reservation at
that fancy Thai restaurant
for your going-away dinner.
7:00 tonight.
I'm not going away.
I'm moving 3 miles.
Girl, I am going to shower you
with love at a fancy dinner,
and that is final.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, did Tim really get
kicked out of Metro?
- Yeah.
- It just goes to show,
it's all downhill after
the pinnacle of you.
First day back on patrol.
Yes, sir.
Happy to be back.
I know I have a lot
of work ahead of me.
And, rebuilding our trust
won't be easy,
but, I'm ready to do the work.
That's good to hear.
First step,
I need you to take
Dr. London on a ride-along.
I'm, I'm sorry.
You asked the department
shrink to babysit me?
Well, she's not there to babysit.
She's there to observe.
You mean evaluate.
Listen, Sarge,
with all due respect, I know you're
worried about me, but
Within the last week,
you've been bounced back
to patrol for reckless behavior,
and you broke up
with your girlfriend.
Both things make me
question your judgment.
Sir, breaking up with Lucy
has nothing to do
with the Ray situation.
Trust me.
Listen, Tim, if you really
want to regain my trust,
this is where it starts.
Now, I can make this an official thing,
and assign you mandated counseling,
which will go on your record,
or you can entertain
Dr. London for the day,
and we see where we end up.
I'll, I'll take the ride-along.
That's what I thought.
If you get into any trouble,
I'll be on patrol, too.
- I'm riding with Chen.
- Evaluating her?
No, just observing.
You still taking bets on the breakup?
You know it.
- 100 bucks says Tim cheated.
- You sure?
- It's running 5 to 1 against.
- Yeah.
Bigger risk, bigger reward.
- Oh.
- What are you doing?
Uh, nothing.
I was never even here.
Are you taking bets
on my breakup, Smitty?
No, I would nev
"Lucy found out about Tim's
secret child with Isabel"
5 to 1.
"Lucy is sleeping with Aaron,"
3 to 1.
How are the odds that
I'm cheating with Aaron,
but, you know what,
that's not the point.
This is inappropriate.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
You're right.
I'll shut it down.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
OK, wait, she brought
a gun into your house?
- I know.
- With your children there?
- I know.
- And you're a cop.
She knows.
Well, good luck
finding a replacement.
I scheduled three nanny
interviews last week.
Two of them were hired
by other families
before I could even
meet with them,
and then the third one flaked.
I thought you had
someone you liked.
She can't do full-time.
And, James is expanding
the community center,
so I need to find
childcare in two weeks,
or Leah comes
to crime scenes with me.
Any leads?
I have an interview later on today.
You want in?
Weeding through applicants together,
could be a lot less painful.
Send me her
background check,
and I'll start
brainstorming questions.
Dr. London?
What are you doing here?
- Ride-along.
- With who?
Dr. London.
I'm Sergeant Bradford.
You've signed all the waivers?
- I have.
- Great.
Officer Thorsen,
you're riding with us.
I mean, yes, sir.
Go get the war bags.
Yes, sir.
Interesting, bringing
Aaron along as a buffer.
Classic avoidant attachment style.
Avoidant what?
It means you prefer
surface-level relationships
to deep intimacy.
It's a defense mechanism
that can develop
when a person is raised
by an overly strict or
domineering parent.
My guess is father.
All right.
Just so we're clear,
I'm not a fan of this,
or therapy in general,
so don't expect me
to overshare.
Like I said, surface-level.
But it's not my intention
to make you feel uncomfortable.
In fact, I'm hoping
we can enjoy a nice,
boring day on patrol together.
No such thing.
I know you're worried about me,
but I-I really don't need babysitting.
- It's
- I'm not here to babysit.
You've been through a lot
Detective's exam, Tim.
I would be remiss if
I didn't check in with you.
And by check in,
you mean evaluate?
Aaron, I'm Uh, I'm
hosting a going-away dinner,
for Tamara tonight.
- Are you free?
- Oh, for sure.
- Count me in.
- Oh, great.
You're also invited, sir.
Thank you, me and
Luna have plans already.
Yeah, of course, um.
Are you ready?
- Yeah.
- OK.

- Good luck.
- You, too.
I think you're right.
This definitely won't be boring.
Why is rent so high?
Oh, I'd say it's a complicated
patchwork of NIMBYism,
building restrictions,
wage stagnation.
Not helpful?
You could just wait till you
graduate from the FTO program.
You'll be making
a lot more money.
[SIGHS] I just I barely
got any sleep last night.
My roommate and her
boyfriend are very
vocal, about their feelings.
You know,
with Tamara moving out,
Lucy might need a new roommate.
- Ooh.
- No?
No, nothing. It's just,
I'd be Lucy's rebound roommate
after being dumped
by Tamara and Tim.
I'm pretty sure that
apartment's gonna be
an emotional minefield.
- Ah.
- 7-Adam-200.
2-73-5, your beat.
Male versus female in
a verbal, possible physical.
- Details to your box.
- You are psycho!
- You left.
I thought you loved me!
- You just disappeared!
- I didn't have a choice.
- What does that even mean?
- What do you mean?
- I didn't have a
- What's going on?
Oh, good, you're here.
Arrest him.
No, what?
No, ghosting is not a crime.
You didn't ghost me.
You faked your own death.
Your mom called me in tears.
Who even was that?
- My new girlfriend.
- God, I hate you!
- Hey, whoa, whoa, OK, OK.
- Whoa, that's assault.
Listen, take a breath.
As truly awful as what he did is
And it is absolutely psychotic
He is not worth
whatever revenge fantasy
you've got going on
in your head, OK?
So just breathe.
I thought we were happy.
I thought he was the one,
and then it just ended.
And at least when he was dead,
it made sense.
I was sad, but it made sense.
And now I
Well, that was fun.
- Thanks for the assist.
- Excuse me?
OK, all right, all right.
He's not worth it.
Good day, sir.
was that a setup just now?
Excuse me?
Tim just bailed on me,
and our first call
involves a woman who's
literally being ghosted?
- I mean, it's
- You watch too much reality TV.
Now, I promise you,
I do not care enough
about your personal drama
to hire actors
to put on a little show for you.
I'm sorry, I do watch a
little bit too much reality TV.
It's my bad.
Missing a runaway teenager,
has been reported
at 2923 Malden
in Atwater Village.
Please respond.
- She's gone.
- Who's gone?
Emma, my babysitter.
Come on in.
I got home from work, and
my daughter was all alone,
screaming her head off.
You're sure she's not
somewhere in the house?
Yes, I looked.
She's not here,
and her car's gone.
Well, did you check
the nanny cam?
This is all it showed.
OK, Chloe.
We're gonna put you in here.
OK. I'll be back.

Has she ever done
anything like this before?
She's a really good kid.
She's been babysitting for us
since Chloe was a newborn.
She wouldn't just
leave her here all alone.
Something must have happened.
- Does Emma have a record?
- No.
She's been with the family
over two years.
No drama.
Always on time.
Early admission to Stanford.
A lot more squared away
than I was at her age.
So we're thinking kidnapping?
It's possible,
but her car is gone.
She might have left
of her own volition.
Let's hope.
We have a warrant in
process for her phone.
More units are en route.
We need you to canvass
the neighborhood.
Statements, doorbell cameras,
you know the drill.
Copy that.
Can you imagine coming home
to find your kids alone?
It makes my nanny seem
downright responsible.
Nolan just uploaded a video
from the house doorbell cam.
- OK.
That's her arriving.
What about her leaving?
That's weird.
Why wouldn't she just use
the front door?
To avoid being seen
on camera.
Suggesting she didn't want
anyone to know she was leaving.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I mean, she wouldn't want the Olsens
knowing she left their kid alone.
Which also means she
thought she'd be back
before anyone noticed.
Suggesting she knew the
person she was about to meet.
Stranger abductions
are incredibly rare.
I mean, it's always
the boyfriend, right?
Boyfriend, ex,
classmate with an unrequited crush.
Look, check with dispatch
to see if they have a list
of Emma's family and friends yet.
Breakups are a trigger
for many men,
especially since
stereotypical gender roles
prevent them
from seeking out help
for fear of appearing weak.
You know, I was trained
that making an assumption
about an individual
based on stereotypes
is how you end up arresting
the wrong suspect.
So it looks like
Bradford and Thorsen
are checking out Emma's ex.
It's a good call.
You and Tim speak since the breakup?
I thought you didn't care
about my personal life.
I mean, you don't have to
I care if it impacts the job.
Tim was a subject of an IA inquiry.
Did you two break up
around the same time?
I can't help but to wonder
if there's a connection.
Nope, it's just a bad week.
- Chen.
- Yeah?
If Tim puts you in
an unethical position,
and you feel like you
have to cover for him
- No, no.
- I mean, I just
Sir, it's nothing like that, I
I know that
the timing is weird,
but, I think it's
pretty simple, you know?
He's just emotionally unavailable.
The most upset I ever saw him
was when the Diamondbacks
swept the Dodgers during
the division playoffs,
so, that's a huge red flag,
I mean,
that was hard to watch.
You know, I
I don't know why you brought that up.
All right, Emma was
babysitting to save up for college.
$30 an hour.
Not bad.
- 30?
- Mm-hmm.
- You're kidding.
- Kids are expensive.
- Get ready.
- That's
OK, we would need her 50 hours a week.
- That would be
- That's $78,000 a year.
I can't afford that.
That is just crazy.
In my day, it was simple.
All you had to do was give
a neighborhood kid 20 bucks
and all the pizza
she could eat.
OK, no one does that anymore.
Even then, I think that
was a labor violation.
23-31, go to
a backup channel.
We're 10-3 to channel 9.
How much do you
pay your nanny?
With all the overtime last year,
she probably pulled down 80.
- Childcare is more than my mortgage.
- Ooh.
I was a nanny for a few
years after college,
and I made way more than I do now.
The thing is, we used
to be happy with sitters
who just kept a kid alive.
Now we want them to basically
have a master's degree
in childhood development
with a minor in musical theater.

I just got Emma's
phone records.
This is interesting.
Her last text was from
Olivia and just says, "Help."
The number is registered
to Olivia Lane, 18,
lives with her parents.
Scratch that.
Dad's in prison,
has been for seven years.
Nolan, you're closer.
I'm sending you the address.
All right, we're on it.
What did Emma's ex
have to say?
They held hands a couple times
at a roller rink
in seventh grade.
Not exactly Romeo and Juliet.
No sign of any obvious
romances on her ClipTalk,
- mostly photos of her and Olivia.
- Maybe they're the couple.
I mean, that would explain why Emma
would drop everything for Olivia.
Could be, female friendships
are really intense at that age,
and a lot of romantic feelings
start out as platonic love.
You and Lucy were
friends first, right?
[SIGHS] I was her TO.
OK, you know what?
I forgot to give
that kid my card.
Go run it up to him.
Yes, sir.
Hey, listen.
I know what you're doing.
It's not a secret,
and I meant what I said before.
Breakups do trigger feelings of
depression and anxiety in men.
I'm not depressed.
I broke up with her.
And from what I can tell,
you're experiencing
a lot of guilt about that.
Internalizing guilt and shame
leads to self-directed anger,
even self-harm and suicide.
So you can keep
stonewalling me if you want,
but if I can't tell
if you're headed down
a self-destructive path
by the end of this ride-along,
I'll have no choice
but to have you sidelined
until I can perform a proper
psychiatric evaluation.
- Everything OK?
- No.
No, the next time I send you
to do something, you run.
You just wasted
valuable minutes,
which could have been
the difference between
life and death for Emma.

Good afternoon.
That bitch make another
noise complaint?
No, we're looking for
your daughter, Olivia.
- Is she here?
- No.
What'd she do?
Her friend Emma is missing.
We think
she might be in danger.
They're always at
the Olsen house, babysitting.
Right, well,
they're not there,
and both their phones are offline.
Oh, I told Olivia that phone
is her responsibility.
If she doesn't pay her bill,
not my problem.
Well, do you have any idea where
the girls might have gone?
My daughter's 18.
I don't keep track of her every move.
I'm sure she'll turn up.
I'm starting to see why Olivia
spent so much time at the Olsens'.
Nolan, we were able to get
into Olivia's Uber account.
Lucy and Grey are checking out
the last location she was dropped.
The house is a rental
overseen by a management company.
Matthew Olsen works for that company.
- The dad Emma babysits for?
- Yeah.
Why was Olivia coming
to his rental property?
Is this Emma's car?
All right.
Let's go up there.

LAPD. We're coming in.


- Clear.
- Clear.

Hey, Sarge, I got something.
So do I.

- No sign of the girls?
- No.
It feels like someone spends
a lot of time here, though.
There's takeout containers
in the garbage,
shampoo bottles in the bathroom.
Olivia Ubers here twice a week.
A hook-up house.
According to
the management company,
the unit is listed under repairs.
They haven't been showing it
for the last two months.
So Matthew knew he could
come and go as he pleased.
OK, so
Matthew and Olivia
are having an affair.
She tells him
that she's pregnant.
They get into a fight.
She gets scared.
She texts Emma, "Help."
Emma bails on babysitting
and then gets here
and interrupts
whatever was going on.
Matthew realizes if
he wants to keep his life,
he has to silence both girls.
Intimate partner violence
is the number one
cause of death of pregnant women.
And there's a gun
registered in Matthew's name.
Tracks with the blood you found.
All right.
We know someone's hurt.
But, until otherwise confirmed,
we have to assume
both girls are alive
and counting on us
to rescue them.
We need to put a BOLO out
for Matthew Olsen
and bring his wife in.
Air 3's in search
of suspect's car,
a 2008 silver Ford SUV,
license number 3 John
Robert, Queen 1-5-8.
Your husband has been
using a vacant house,
to conduct an affair
with Olivia Lane.
Emma's friend?
She's a child. [LAUGHS]
You're wrong.
Olivia helps out with Chloe.
She's like part of the family.
OK, Regina,
I need you to think back
on Matthew and Olivia's interactions.
You said she sometimes
helps with Chloe?
Yeah, but Matt's usually at work.
So am I.
But not always?
Sometimes, Matt works from home
while Emma and Olivia watch the baby,
but, he'd ask Emma to bring Olivia
to make it less boring,
like he was doing Emma a favor,
letting her friend come over.
He'd always turn the nanny cam off.
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Right now,
like Detective Harper said,
we need to focus on
finding your husband.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I thought he was at work.

He preyed on her,
in our house
For years.
Here you go.
I'm so sorry.
- That poor woman.
Oh, crap.
I forgot about
the nanny interview.
She's already at the café.
See if she minds
doing it on the road.
All right.
Oh, absolutely.
Infant CPR certified.
I actually got super
into first aid last year.
Um, yeah, I completed
the Red Cross
Wilderness Training Program.
So, if you need someone
to treat snow blindness,
I'm your girl.
That's impressive.
And you have a bachelor of science?
Yes, my undergraduate degree
is in child psychology.
I was working on my master's,
but, life got in the way.
Hablas español?
Why are you leaving
your current employer?
Well, I'm, I'm
Bound by an NDA,
so I can't really talk
about my last family,
Uh, but let's just say
it wasn't a good fit.
And you can't tell us who it was for?
- Sorry.
- Blink once,
if it was a Kardashian.
Mm-mm. [LAUGHS]
This all started
because of babysitting.
I mean, is there anywhere
in this city that is safe?
I know you're worried about
Tamara being out there on her own,
but you should
be proud of showing that girl
that kind of unconditional love,
that gave her the courage to leave.
You're right.
I guess you just
have to let people go,
even the ones you care the most about.
Are we still talking
about Tamara?
I just
I don't
I don't know
Why this happened, you know?
And no matter how hard I try,
I can't stop thinking about it.
How did he let go so easily?
I really, really thought that
our relationship was worth
more than just some cheap,
cliché nonsense
about how I deserve better.
I mean, shouldn't I be the one
that decides what I deserve
and if I even want better?
Even if I wanted
total self-destruction,
that is for me to decide.
It's my life.
I know what you're thinking,
that I was too hard on the kid,
but that's my style.
And he needs to understand
that every minute that goes by
makes it less likely
we'll find these girls alive.
You're under a lot of stress,
and not just from the case.
Whatever went down
with you and your Army buddy
must have been bad for you
to be bounced back to patrol.
Yeah, I own my mistakes,
and I move on.
Except you haven't.
I mean, how could you
when your whole identity
is wrapped up
in acting honorably?
My guess is that's had
a devastating effect
on your self-esteem, which is
why you've been punishing yourself.
OK, what
What are you talking about?
Depriving yourself
of something you love
that brings you joy
Or more accurately, someone.
So, the secretary said
that Matthew
never came back
from his "lunch meeting."
Of course.
His poor wife.
Hey, Bailey.
What's up?
Hey, how do you feel
about having sex
in the back of an ambulance?
Uh, I feel like I should
maybe pull over first
and then take you
off of speakerphone.
Hang on one second.

- And go.
- I'm just saying,
the gurneys are not as
uncomfortable as they look.
Yes, I am thinking there
may be more than one
communicable disease back there.
Yes, but, my temperature is elevated.
- So this is a perfect window.
- Right, right.
Not a great time for me, though.
We're looking for
two missing girls.
We'll still be good
tonight, though, right?
Of course.
I'll see you tonight.
Thank you.
I will see you then.
So sorry about that.
I mean, you've only been
trying for two weeks,
and she's ready for
an ambulance hookup?
Bailey does not know
how to do anything halfway.
I'm guessing she's in some
kind of contest with herself
to see how fast she can conceive.
Yeah, well, I mean,
she probably knows
that the more time that goes
by, the less likely it is.
Do you know what
a geriatric pregnancy is?
If it's not ending with
a Benjamin Button baby,
then probably not.
Well, it's, uh, any pregnancy
- after 35.
- Ouch.
All units, they flagged
an incoming 911 call
from Emma Lautner.
can you patch that through?
I'm so scared.
- Where are you?
I don't know.
I got away, but
Dispatch, do you have
a location on that?
Working on it.
Do you think Olivia got away, too?
I don't know.
All right.
You take left.
I'll take right.
You here?
It's safe to come out.
It's Emma.
We'll have a patrol officer
drive you home.
Oh, cool, I've never
ridden a police car before.
That's exactly what we want to hear.
Jan, can you drive Sidney
wherever she needs to go?
VIP service.
I could get used to that.
[LAUGHS] Thanks.
- Dibs.
- Dibs.
No, I found her.
My mom is at my house.
I need someone now.
Detectives, I discovered
the body back there.
Cleared the scene,
- set up a command post.
- How'd she die?
It looks like a gunshot
wound to the chest.
So she got away,
but Matthew tracked her down.
And what about Olivia?
After you've killed once,
the second time's not as hard.
If her friend Olivia is still alive,
then my guess is
she won't have much time.
See, this is a cute area.
Walking distance
to lots of restaurants.
Possibly concealing the whereabouts
of a dangerous kidnapper?
How much is a one-bedroom?
Way out of my price range.
How much did you say
Lucy pays for her place again?
That I don't know, but I do
know it's rent-controlled.
I'm not saying that moving
in with Lucy after a breakup
is the perfect situation, but
But, her moon is in Taurus,
which means she puts value
onto a stable home life,
even if her emotional world
is feeling out of control.
You took the words
right out of my mouth.
Sarge, I'm really sorry for dumping
all my personal
business on you earlier.
I'm glad you got it all out,
but, I think there's someone else
you really want to say all that to.
All units, be advised.
Suspect's silver Ford SUV has
been identified on traffic cam
heading north on Riverside
Drive towards Griffith Park
approximately 15 minutes ago.
Calling all units
in the area to respond.
We're right around the corner.
Control, 7-Adam-100 responding,
and entering the park
at Crystal Springs Drive.
We're entering on Zoo Drive.
Control, 7-Adam-15 responding
via Griffith Park Drive.

Adam-3 responding, heading
west over the old zoo.
We have additional units
inbound from the observatory.

Please stop!
- What's that?
- That's Olivia.
Please stop!
He killed Emma!
- Oh, my God.
- Olivia.
Olivia, I need you to calm down.
- Calm down.
- Oh, my God.
Where's Matthew?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I jumped out.
He was gonna kill me.
He was gonna kill me.
It's OK.
Control, this is 7-Adam-100.
We found Olivia.
Send RA.
Repeat, Olivia is safe.
She's alive.
Thank God.
I don't think I could have
handled another dead girl today.
I was so scared.
I tried to end things with him,
but he wouldn't let me,
so, I texted Emma for help.
And the next thing I know,
he had us tied up.
And he said for us to be together,
We had to run away and
OK, we don't have to talk
about this right now.
All these officers need to know
is if you have any idea
where Matthew might be going.
Oh, I don't know.
But then Emma escaped,
and so he
- Ohw
- [SOBS]
but after she was gone,
it got worse.
He was driving like a maniac,
and he had a gun.
And I thought
I thought he was gonna kill us both,
so, I jumped out.
- And I ran.
- OK.
You're doing great, Olivia.
You're very brave.
But do you know which way he went?
There's, like, a lookout
up the hill, on the fire road.
We used to go there to
you know, to be alone.
Air-3, suspect may be
headed to a lookout point
on northeast fire road.
Be advised, he is armed.
Copy. Heading that way.
7-Adam-15 also responding.

Hi, Olivia.
I'm Bailey.
I'm here to help.
Where are you hurt?
Um, my, my eye
and my leg and my arm.
OK, I see that.
We're gonna have
to get you to a hospital
to make sure there's
no internal injuries.
Yeah. Need anything else?
No. She did great.
We're gonna find him.

Control, I see a car
that matches the suspect's.
It looks like a silver SUV parked off
the road near Water Tank 76.
Copy that.
We are en route.
We're five minutes away.

Hands in the air.

- Is that
- That's brain matter,
and he's got a gunshot wound,
and what looks to be
a blunt force trauma wound
on the head as well.
He's in rigor.
He was just seen on a traffic cam
less than 30 minutes ago.
Well, at least his car was.
Do you notice anything unusual
about that head wound?
Oh, his exit wound's too big.
It looks more like
he cracked open his skull,
and there's hardly
any blood in the car.
There's no way
this is where he died.
- Suicide?
- I doubt that.
I think he's been dead
about two hours.
Which means
Olivia's been lying.
She's en route to the
hospital with Bailey.
We need to warn her.
Olivia's a suspect.
RA-213, this is 7-Adam-15.
Do you copy?
Copy, Adam-15.
John, what's up?
Be advised, when you get to
the hospital, we got a 10-15.
Copy that.
Thanks for letting me know.
What does that mean, 10-15?
The police are gonna meet us
in the ambulance bay.
- It's for your safety.
- Oh.

Look out!
Look out!
- What happened?
- She heard Nolan on the radio,
realized something was up,
and ran into the neighborhood.
She has my knife.
Control, 7-Adam-100.
In pursuit of a Caucasian
female, Olivia Lane.
The suspect is headed
through the neighborhood
south of Los Feliz in
blue jeans and a pink hoodie.
Suspect is armed with a knife.
Send backup in airship.
Copy that, 7-Adam-100.
Air-3 is searching for suspect.
Airship-2 joining the search.
Heading west on Lowry.
No sign of suspect.
Now we're on Avocado Street.
It changed names
when we crossed Rowena.

Heading west on Avocado.

Copy that.
We're headed east on Price,
which just turned into, uh,
No, wait.
Los Nietos.
I hate this part of Los Feliz.
The street names change every block.

Adam-200 on Talmage,
crossing Ben Lomond Place.
Didn't we just cross Ben Lomond Drive?

Parked car up ahead.
Control, 7-Adam-15.
We have a possible
contact with the suspect
on the 400 block of Los Nietos.
Appears to be hiding
behind a blue Honda.
- Oh!
- Come on.
Suspect is heading east on Los Nietos.
Easy. Easy, easy.
- Stay back!
- Easy.
- OK.
- Stay back!
We're not coming any closer.
Just put the knife down.
Olivia, there's nowhere to go.
I don't think
you want to die tonight.
Come on.
Matt was the only person who cared.
I thought he loved me.
No, Olivia,
he was manipulating you.
when I found out
I was pregnant,
I freaked out, but then
Then I thought,
maybe this could be
a good thing,
if I finally have someone
who loves me,
But he said I was the worst
mistake he'd ever made.
Then he hit me.
I wasn't trying to kill him.
I don't even remember
what I hit him with.
It was just in my hand.
I texted Emma,
and we were gonna bury him.
But then Emma freaked out,
and she was gonna call the cops.
And you killed her?
I panicked.
She was my best friend.
- It's OK.
- I'm sorry.
- It's OK.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.

Control, 7-Adam-15.
Suspect in custody.
We're Code 4.

OK, I know I shouldn't,
but I feel bad for Olivia.
Matthew started grooming her
when she was still a minor.
This girl's got no one in
her life looking out for her.
And then this older guy starts
promising to take care of her.
And the minute she actually
needs him to,
he turns on her.
I mean, that would mess anyone up.
I sympathize with her to a point, but,
she did murder her
best friend in cold blood.
I feel bad for the wife.
Imagine finding out your partner
has been lying to
you about everything.
That would turn your
whole world upside down.
Now she has to pick up the pieces
for both her and for her baby.
Hey, I've been thinking.
No, look,
I know you and Wesley
can afford to pay Sidney
double what I can, so
I wouldn't do that, to you.
If it was anyone else,
I would have hired her already.
But I have a solution that will work
For both of us: nanny share.
We each pay half of her salary,
and she watches all
three kids together.
I already called Sidney.
She was totally fine with it.
That is actually
a great idea.
Thank you.
But, uh, since you have two young
kids, shouldn't you pay more?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, uh, hey.
I've never been a fighter ♪

Clocking out?
You really want to pretend like
nothing is going on right now?
Have you ever thought that maybe I
have something I want to say to you?
You were so concerned
about what I deserve.
How about a real,
adult conversation, Tim?

I can't give you
what you're looking for.
Then you clearly have more
to figure out than I realized.
And you need somebody else besides me
to help you with that,
so good luck.

Hey, Lucy, can I
- Oh, no, it can wait.
- No, what's up?
No-no, I wanted to ask you
something, but now it's
It's fine, it's fine,
just walk with me.
- What's going on?
- Oh, well, I, uh
I don't want to overstep,
but Nolan mentioned
that, uh, Tamara
might be moving out
and you might be looking
for a new roommate?
Anyway, uh, my current living
situation is, uh
Well, it, uh
It really sucks.
And I totally understand
if it's too soon.
Just thought I'd throw it
out there, just in case.

Actually, I think
that's a really great idea.
You know, tonight I'm throwing
a going-away dinner for Tamara.
If you can come, you should.
And, and we can talk logistics.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- OK.
You let me down ♪
You wanted to see me, sir?
I did.
I just got off the phone
with Dr. London.
And she failed me?
No, she found you to be
incredibly insightful.
So whatever's going on with you,
she doesn't seem to think that it's
going to have a negative
impact on your work.
You sound surprised.
Yeah, I-I guess
I was expecting her
to say that I have a lot
of work to do on myself.
Do you?
I think so.
What would you say
if I started seeing her,
as a patient?
I'd say, it takes a lot
of courage to ask for help.
Fighting, fighting myself ♪
Look, I know you are
competitive about everything.
And it's one of the things,
I-I love about you.
I'm just starting to think maybe
putting that kind of
energy on baby-making
is putting too much pressure on you
to get pregnant immediately.
Just give it some time.
It'll happen.
Even if it does, I'm
I'm worried something's
gonna go wrong.
I know so many women
who have had complications
who got pregnant at my age.
And, just the number
of women I've taken
- to the hospital is
- Oh, OK,
let's not start worrying
until we have some facts,
all right?
Let's start with a visit
to the doctor next week.
- OK.
- OK.
And I know this feels like
you're all on your own,
I'm here, and we are in this together.
But make no mistake,
once you are pregnant,
- you are all on your own.
- Well, that's true.

It is so weird seeing it like this.
But think of all the possibilities.
I mean, you could
turn this into an office,
a meditation room,
a yoga studio.
Actually, I think
Celina is gonna move in.
Who knew I'd be so easy to replace?
No one could replace you.
Stop it.
Look, if you ever need anything,
or if you end up hating it,
um, you just let me know,
and I will kick Celina to the curb,
like, in a heartbeat.
In a heartbeat.
I'll call you, promise.
OK. Good.
Forgive you, but I miss you ♪
I hope you know that
you always have a home with me.
I know.
Thank you.
I'll never forgive you ♪
I miss you, I miss you ♪
Stealing your car
was probably the best
decision I've ever made.
Please don't tell
that story at dinner.
OK? Please?
- Fine.
I'll always forgive you ♪
I didn't expect to see
you again so soon.
Yeah, I know.
Um, I have been thinking a lot
about the things
you were saying today, and
I-I think you're right.
I am mad at myself.
I can see you tomorrow
morning before your shift starts,
unless this is an emergency.
Uh, yeah, tomorrow's
Tomorrow's fine.
Um, actually, wait.
Maybe it is.
Come on.
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