The Rookie (2018) s06e08 Episode Script

Punch Card

Previously on "The Rookie"
I think we should have a baby.
How do you feel about having sex
in the back of an ambulance?
I'm guessing she's in some
kind of contest with herself
to see how fast she can conceive.
You violated procedure and
roped in two other officers?
I can't just go back
to the way things were.
Are you breaking up with me?
I'm sorry.
I got stood up.
Who the hell
would stand you up?
- I mean, you are a catch.
Did Tim really get
kicked out of Metro?
- Yeah.
- First day back on patrol.
I need you to take
Dr. London on a ride-along.
You asked the department
shrink to, to babysit me?
I-I think you're right.
I am mad at myself.
Learn to use your voice ♪
Monica, you're not listening.
There's no way I can
get that deal approved.
Client has to do some time.
She's got a rap sheet
longer than "War and Peace."
Nobody reads anymore, Wesley.
And her rap sheet is irrelevant.
We'll never get this deal
negotiated with that attitude.
Then we can go to court.
Is that you want?
- I said
- Shut up.
- Excuse me?
I think there's
someone in my house.
The Ghost of Christmas Future?
I'm gonna check it out.
I'll call you back.
No, no.
Don't, don't check it out.
Lock yourself in your bedroom.
Call 911.
I'm pretty sure you forget
who you're talking to.
If you're scared, you call 911.

You better run!
Police are on their way!
Even worse,
half the guys in lockup
would scoop your eyeballs out
if I told them to.


You break in to rob the place,
or did someone send you to kill me?
That's a yes on coming to kill me.
Who was it?
To be continued.

Help me.
Mad Dog, Dr. London.
Hey, listen.
We didn't get a chance
to talk about me leaving Metro.
Water under the bridge, bro.
See ya, Doc.
Are you
No, I'm actually heading up
to five to drop off some paperwork,
just got on the wrong elevator.
Everything okay with Mad Dog?
Can't discuss a patient.
Technically shouldn't have
told you he's a patient.
How are you doing?
Did seeing a former
squad mate upset you?
Well, last I checked,
we're in an elevator
and not your office, so
Of course.
Still internalizing the
rules of engagement.
I'll see you Thursday.
Looking forward to it.
How's it working out
with your new roommate?
she's about to move in.
But wait, why are you asking?
We're thin today.
Got a bunch of sick calls,
and Nolan took a personal day.
So I need you
to ride with Celina.
Oh, uh, but I'm
I'm not a training officer.
In the name of the
Los Angeles Police Department,
I hereby, come here
appoint you as acting
training officer for the day.
Is that something
you can do, sir?
I'm all-powerful.
Oh, okay.
But is it gonna be a problem,
overseeing your roommate?
No, sir.
Officer Juarez and I
are both professionals.
Good answer.
Sorry, I-I can come back.
No, no, no, no.
Officer Chen needs to go
round up her boot.
Give her the all-powerful gag?
Have a good shift.
Yeah, you too.
That wasn't awkward at all.
Believe it or not, it's
it's better than it's been.
Well, you need to fix it.
Dysfunction kills team efficiency.
And I'm not going out like that.
So you need to work it out.
Otherwise, I'm gonna
have to choose who stays
and who transfers
to North Hollywood.
And trust me,
it won't be
Officer Chen who goes.
In the meantime,
I've got another fun
assignment for you
Helping your old Metro team.
They're looking for someone
who knows pre-raid surveillance
and dynamic entry SOPs.
I'd be happy to lead the team.
- You know the target?
- Barrio Rosa.
But, um, you're not
leading anything.
They want you on point to keep
watch on their clubhouse,
i.e. the target.
Babysitting the scene
before the op kicks off
Quarterback to water boy.
Sure, yeah, whatever you need.
Take Thorsen.
He can use improvement
on special ops knowledge.
Yes, sir.
We're here to see Dr. Bhatia.
You know, when I say
"fertility doctor,"
it sounds so weirdly
18th century, right?
Like he's gonna prescribe
a cocaine and morphine tincture
for my consumption.
Pretty sure you wouldn't
see a fertility doctor
for consumption,
even in the 1800s.
Oh, well, yes,
if we're gonna split hairs.
Oh, hey,
what are you doing here?
Monica got attacked in her home.
She shot the intruder.
- Disgruntled client?
- No idea.
Paramedics are bringing them both in.
Could you make the ride any rougher?
I have a head injury.
Wait, are you guys okay?
Yeah, no,
just a doctor appointment.
Go-go do your thing.
I'll let's start with patrol.
You okay?
I'm supposed to be in court.
- He say anything?
- No, ma'am.
And no ID on him.
- Keys?
- No.
Well, he didn't just walk
into that neighborhood.
He must have stashed
the keys somewhere.
Call in for a canvass.
Run every license plate
in a half-mile radius,
if you have to.
What's her story?
She's almost as
tight-lipped as our guy here.
Said he broke in,
assaulted her.
She got a couple of shots off.
And then we went
down the stairs.
And you managed to shoot him in
both feet before the tumble?
That's what I said.
- Do I need to talk slower?
- No.
It's just that TID told me
that they found
one shell casing upstairs
and the other one
down in the foyer.
You ask her about the shell casings?
- Doing it now.
- Look, it's not my job
to teach you the physics
of shell casing ejections
during a violent struggle.
And if your intention is to try
and take this opportunity
to paint me as the bad guy
in my own assault,
then I'll see you both
in court.
Slow your roll, Red.
We're just doing our job.
Well, go do it somewhere else
so the doctor can examine me
and stitch up my head.
No problem.
We will talk later.
- You think she's lying?
- With every breath she takes.

- Hey.
- Hey.
Is today gonna be
uncomfortable for you at all?
Oh, no, not at all.
Because on the face
of it, I realize that me
being your boss for the day
on the eve of you moving in,
could prove to be challenging.
My point of view is that
you have a wealth of knowledge,
that I'm excited to
spend the day absorbing.
Great. Okay.
Well, listen, I'm not gonna be
trying to trip you up
or make you jump
through any hoops.
I don't see why today
can't be about, you know,
investing in your success.
- Sounds good to me.
- Great.
Yeah, okay, let's get it.
Something always goes wrong.
All the tactical preparation
in the world becomes moot,
the second boots hit the ground.
Yeah, everybody's got a plan
- till they get punched in the face.
- Exactly.
The best team leaders
understand that
and can pivot in a heartbeat.
Got it.
Tell me why I have to be
in full uniform again?
In case we take enforcement action,
uniform verifies we're the police.
Got it.
I have to be the one
to wear it because
Tell me more about our target.
Barrio Rosa,
is a Mexican mafia offshoot,
heavy into Special K and meth.
CI told Metro,
that warehouse is a
base of operations.
Surveillance note-taking 101.
Because Metro is about to hit
that warehouse in a few hours,
we have to write down
everything that happens.
Start writing this.
"Sergeant Bradford,
Officer Thorsen"
"land at 0914 hours."
"0914 hours."
- Can I ask you a question?
- No.
Mail carrier
Number 11-46,
uh, arrives on target
at 0916 hours,
makes delivery,
and moves on.
And the answer
to your question is no.
I mean, you don't even know
what the question is.
Of course I do.
You want to know
if it bothers me
that I'm here doing grunt work
while my former squad's
about to take down
a major drug trafficker.
- I mean, it has to, right?
- Wrong.
My job is to do what's asked of me
to the best of my
abilities without complaint.
Although I would recommend you
switch to a stronger deodorant.
Male transient pushing
a shopping cart past target
at 0917 hours and moves on.
Why aren't you writing?
I was checking my deodorant.
I'm just saying, it feels
like they're showing off.
So, to your thinking,
these ladies don't actually
have appointments.
They're just hanging out
in a waiting room
to make you feel inadequate?
Well, when you put it
that way, I sound crazy.
But yes.
We don't even know
that there's a problem.
I just,
I feel it in my bones.
- Bailey.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- I heard you were here.
Thought I'd come check on you.
That's so sweet.
Thank you.
Doctor Bhatia is awesome.
She has helped hundreds of
patients with fertility issues,
not that we know that you have any.
- Right.
What's going on?
- I don't know.
All available
medical personnel
to the ER for Code Yellow.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
Do you think we should help?
I do.
They might need us.
Let's go.
Bailey Nune?
Bailey Nune?
Hey, hey, break it up.

We need to clear everyone out
for incoming patients.
My suspect's waiting for surgery.
Okay, we'll move him into the hallway.
He can stand outside the OR.
You can go with him.
I cleared your paperwork,
so you can go home.
Um, you know,
I started feeling really dizzy
a few minutes ago.
Okay, we'll get you admitted.
I don't want you going home
with a concussion.
But in the meantime,
we're gonna need to put you
in the hallway
while we wait for a room.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Not at all.
I understand.

What happened?
Eastern Front and Russian mob
threw down in a big way.
The Eastern Front boss
got shot in the chest.
I'm not sure how it kicked off,
but we got north
of 30 casualties inbound.
From both sides?
You couldn't separate the gangs
to different hospitals?
I left my sorting hat at the station.
I have additional units coming
from Rampart and Hollywood to assist.
But if boss man dies,
all hell is gonna break loose.

Hey, uh, where should
we put this guy?
He's Russian?
Eastern Front.
To the left.
Let's set him down
right here by this one.
All right, the doctor's
are gonna check you out.
Then we'll get you down
to Mid-Wilshire for processing.
So just, uh, sit tight
and don't cause any trouble.
Uh, one thing, when you
When you're letting the cuffed
wrist switch up, use the hold.
- Oh, I didn't even think about that.
- Yeah, yeah.
Got a guy here.
Not sure if he's gang or citizen
Because I don't speak Russian.
No, Smitty, please, no!
Hands. Great.
Thanks for the assist.
I thought you had the day off.
I do.
Had a doctor's appointment.
Thank you.
Oh, jeez.
Okay, come on.
- Are you okay?
- I'm great.
Just completed my
"wounded in the line of duty"
punch card.
Pension will be firing
on all cylinders now.
Okay, well,
I'm happy for you.
- Whew!
- All right.
I'll be right back.
Well, you finish up
your appointment?
Uh, no.
I was going to,
but we got pulled into that.
Maybe we can squeeze
it in later on today.
What do you need from us?
I got a stack of field
interview cards in my trunk.
Grab those and start
passing them out.
We need to start collecting
witness statements
so we can try to make sense
of this mess.
But aren't they all gonna lie?
Some of them will,
but hopefully we'll get enough
of the truth to figure out
what the hell happened.
Was anybody
seriously injured?
A couple of Russians
got cut up pretty bad.
One is critical.
The leader of the
Eastern Front, Armen Azarian,
just went into surgery,
shot twice in the chest.
Right now we've got
a ton of mutual combat
with a half dozen assault
with a deadly weapon.
But if Azarian dies,
that all changes.
We are looking
at a murder charge
and a full-out gang war.
- You get the
- Cyclist?
Yep, already noted.
Thought I'd turned this alert off.
Yeah, you must have set
that a few different times.
I can take a look at it if you want.
No. It's fine.
Are you gonna get her anything?
Pretty sure it's bad form
to buy a present
for the girl you broke up with.
Or a girl you kissed at a wedding.
Never mind.
Metro needs us back
at the station for a pre-brief.
Relief detail arriving in five.
Now I can change
into a dry uniform
and up my deodorant game.
Did you buy her a present?
Yeah, spa day
at the Four Seasons.
Celina's idea.
- Nice.
- Yeah.
Can I ask why y'all split up?
You haven't heard anything?
Well, have you shaken
all the trusted trees?
No. No, no, stop asking.
I don't want the wrong people
to hear that I'm on the hunt.
I'll get back to you.
How you feeling?
Did you come all the way
down here just to check on me?
I did.
I'm touched.
- I thought that was you.
- Hey.
Detective Lopez.
How does it feel
to have your husband rush down
to check on the former
love of his life?
As the true love of his life,
I feel great that
he's such a good person
he can show compassion
for someone as unworthy as you.
Are you ready to finish our interview?
Okay, but the fact
that you're not all over me
to press charges against this guy
is setting off alarms in my brain.
I'll try and control my concern.
We still have a plea
deal to negotiate,
and I've got some free time.
Yeah, I'm not falling for that.
You'll turn around and tell
the judge I took advantage
while you were suffering
from a head injury.
I would never.
Yeah, right.
I'm glad you're okay.
Sorry you came down.
Not at all.
I got to see you.
Quickie in the janitor's closet?
Do you have time?
Not at all.
- But a girl can fantasize.
- Aw.
Hey, did you hear?
Armen died on the table.
Damn it.
Azarian's dead,
there's gonna be hell to pay.
Yeah, we should
reach out to Grey,
see if he can send us
some more support,
and maybe set up
some metal detectors.
Did you manage to reschedule?
Yeah, they're gonna
squeeze us in
- in the next 30 minutes.
- Great.
Did it settle down out there?
Uh, yes and no.
I mean, most of the combatants
have been squared away,
but now their family members
are starting to arrive,
most of whom are probably
also gang members.
Well, if you wanna go
back out there and help,
there's no reason both of us
need to sit here and wait.
No, I'm not gonna leave you now.
My anxiety level is low.
The magazine selection is solid.
So go make yourself useful,
and I'll text you when
you need to come back.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
You are the best.
- I know.
Where's my brother?
What's your brother's name?
He was shot.
I-I heard he was in surgery.
Why don't you come
over here with me,
and I can help you
find out his status.

Got her.
I got her.
[MUFFLED] Are you okay?
You have some acoustic trauma.
[LOUDLY] What?
I'm kidding, but you can't
set me up like that.
No, but seriously, it's deafening.
The tinnitus, the ringing, is
Hey, I heard what happened.
Are you okay?
Yeah, you just might want
to talk into this ear for now.
Will his hearing come back?
Time will tell.
The trauma caused inflammation,
and we can't assess the full
damage until that subsides.
You were very lucky.
A few more inches to the right,
and you wouldn't be here anymore.
She is exaggerating.
It was not that close.
Anything near you is too close.
Fair enough.
Did you get to see
the fertility doctor?
No, I heard you were in trouble,
and I ran out of there.
Bailey Nune?
Bailey Nune?
Thanks for helping
with the pre-raid on this one.
That's burn after reading.
Well, technically we shred it.
Make sure this information
never leaves the room.
So memorize it, destroy it.
- Shredder's in the back.
- Yes, sir.
Sorry you got put on point.
Grey was short-staffed.
I just needed somebody
who knew which way was up.
No problem.
Happy to help wherever needed.
Hey, I I do have
some questions, though.
What's up with the stacking order?
Where's the secondary
entry point and the chase car?
Hey, whoa.
I appreciate your help,
but it's my operation.
It's my team.
Try not to go
picking it apart, right?
No, I'm not.
Just, it's Barrio Rosa.
They come strapped at all times.
- And I don't see certain things
- Are you serious?
These guys feel like
you let them down.
You quit on us
when we welcomed you,
and now you got the nerve
to come back
and give me notes
on my ops plan?
Okay, this isn't
about me giving notes.
- I'm just trying to be helpful.
- Yeah, well, don't.
Nobody wants to hear from the
guy who got bounced for cause.
All right, this is my ops plan,
and you're gonna fall in line
or I'm gonna kick your ass
all over the parking lot
when this is done.
All right, folks.
Briefing time.
Listen up.
Well, you've been
very unhelpful.
Do you have any more of those cards?
Just be careful
with your gun on that side.
Oh, yeah. Sorry.
there's suspects everywhere.
Yeah, it becomes
second nature at some point,
like breathing.
Okay, what's your name?
Bite me.
That's catchy.
Have your parents been notified
that you're here?
I don't need them.
Well, yeah,
technically you still do.
What are you, 15?
I'm 18.
It has been a very long day,
and you are clearly closer
to being a child
than you are a man,
so just
Bitch, I'm more of a man
than you've ever had.
What did you say to me?
Say it again.
Get up.
Wait, what are you doing?
Taking him somewhere else
to talk.
Let's try this again,
without your friends around.
- Name.
- I told you.
Bite me.
Can you head back out
to the waiting room
and see if anybody knows
the name of the kid
who's spilling
Eastern Front secrets?
- You wouldn't do that.
- Hm?
She's not gonna do that.
I'll do whatever
she tells me to.
I'm a rookie, and she's my TO.
But we're gonna find out
your name no matter what.
So why are you sweating us?
I'm Slak.
Thank you.
All right, and you are
an Eastern Front wannabe.
Nothing wannabe about me.
I'm all in, and they know it.
No doubt.
I think you should want
to help us figure out
who killed your boss.
- Armen's dead?
- Yeah.
He died about an hour ago
on the operating table.
Did you happen to see
who pulled the trigger?
- No.
- No?
The blood splatter on your face
and your clothes
says otherwise.
I'd say you were standing right
next to him when it went down.
Listen, Slak,
if you have a name,
just give it to us, okay?
There's no reason anyone needs
to know that it came from you.
But it just points us
in the right direction
so we can go and make a case.
Forget it.
I mean, even if I did know
who killed him,
that's for us to handle.
Do you really have that in you
after what you just went through,
watching your friends
get shot and stabbed
right in front of you?
You have barely got a foot
in the life right now.
You can still walk away.
But you go all in on a murder,
and your fate is sealed.
You understand?
You don't have to do that.

It was
It was the big Russian
Nave shot

Ms. Stevens,
how are you feeling?
Not terrible,
all things considered.
Have you gotten an ID
on my attacker yet?
No, his prints aren't
in the system,
and he's still not talking.
Hasn't even asked for a lawyer.
Well, as a lawyer,
I think he's being an idiot.
But as his victim,
I hope he waives his rights
and confesses.
I hear you.
But you can rest easy for now.
I'll be outside his room
until shift change,
and then another
officer will replace me.
You'll be safe here.
Thank you, Officer.
I so appreciate that.
So that's Armen's killer?
You trust the ID?
I mean, kid was shaken up,
but he seemed genuine.
Yeah, it also makes sense in
why the shooter targeted him.
All right, well,
if they tried once,
they might make
another run at him.
Post up here, and we'll
try to get more evidence.
Yeah, you got it.
Lucy Chen, Celina Juarez,
Liz Diamond, Hollywood.
You pulled in on the gang war?
No, home invasion.
Guy in there attacked some lawyer.
Oh, yeah, I heard about that.
- Monica.
- You know her?
Yeah, I mean,
she's a real piece of work.
Any idea who the guy is?
None. He hasn't said a word.
So he's either disciplined, or scared.
Are we still taking
surveillance notes?
Okay, so what should
we be doing then?
Making sure no one sneaks up
on our people once they're inside.
We cover their twelve.
Rear point covers their six.
Copy that.
Front point clear?
- Rear point clear?
- Clear.
Then we're green and go.

Move, move, move, move.
Patrol, 7-Adam-100.
Officers down.
Repeat, officers down!
Yeah, sorry about all
the missed appointments.
Not at all.
It's been a crazy day.
How are you both?
Not great.
In the middle.
Well, I'm glad we're
getting a chance to talk.
Because there's a problem?
I wouldn't call it a problem.
I'd call it an obstacle.
- But obstacles can be overcome.
- I knew it.
Okay, please tell me
that I am the obstacle.
I mean,
I've already had a child,
but it was a long,
long time ago.
Maybe something's changed.
No, your sperm density is adequate.
But my ovaries aren't.
It's not your ovaries,
which is good.
But there's some damage
to your fallopian tubes,
which is making it difficult
for your eggs
to move from the ovaries
to the uterus.
The good news is, we can
get around that with IVF.
- In vitro?
- Yes.
Now, obviously, at your age,
you're considered
a geriatric pregnancy
a technical term no one loves.
But after 35, there are
increased risk factors.
That said,
I see no reason that, in time,
you can't get pregnant.
That's great, right?
How much time?
The IVF process takes
six to eight weeks,
but the odds of it working
on the first try
are on the lower side.
And it's expensive.
But we don't care
about the money.
A single IVF cycle normally
costs 15,000 to 20,000.
Whatever it takes.
I think you two should take
a little time to digest this.
Let's have a follow-up meeting
next week to discuss further.
- Right.
- Thanks.

I love you.
I love you too.
Wanna go find
a quiet place to cry?
Hey. Hey.
- What happened?
- It was a booby trap.
They clearly knew
the raid was coming.
Left an IED behind.
Are you two okay?
Yeah, nothing
Nothing critical,
a little banged up.
We were, um
we were pulling out
Mad Dog and Nash
when half the ceiling
came down on us.
How bad are they wounded?
Nash is bad.
Shrapnel wounds
to the head and torso.
Garcia was behind him,
leg got all torn up.
Mad Dog got lucky.
The first two took
the brunt of the blast.
He's a pincushion,
but according to the medic,
it's mostly superficial.
Look, it's clear that
they knew we were coming.
It seems like they knew
what door we would be using.
You think there's a leak?
It's the only thing
that makes sense.
The mission was last-minute.
It was close to the vest.
I mean, other than Metro
and the two observation units,
only the judge who signed
the warrant was in the loop.
All right.
You two get patched up.
Uh, sir.
I wanna help figure out
what happened.
Yeah, me too.
As long as you get
cleared by the doctor.
I'll coordinate with their lieutenant.
But let's keep this quiet.
Last thing we need is word
of a mole hunt getting around.
Yes, sir.
Maybe it's just not meant to be.
Millions of people go through this.
That's what science is for.
I know, but
But what?
It's just
It's a lot to process,
- you know?
- Yes.
And we will process it together.
That's Armen's brother,
the dead leader of
the Eastern Front gang.
You think something's up?
I think his dead brother's
already downstairs in the morgue,
so what's he doing on a patient floor?
- You wanna follow him?
- You up for that?
Yes, I'm dying
for something else to focus on.
Let's go.
Don't look at me like that.
Nah, the only way I'm looking
at you is with empathy.
I've been in that bed,
worrying about my guys,
wondering if there's anything
I could have done differently.
Sometimes things just go wrong.
I'm not buying it.
I think you're standing there
thinking I should
have listened to you.
No, no, no.
This wasn't about
quality of mission plan.
This was a trap.
Nah, the question is, how did
they know you were coming?
I don't know.
I mean, we played it as close
to the vest as we could.
Dr. London.
I heard what happened.
Ran over to make sure
everyone was okay.
Thanks, Doc.
Yeah, I think we're all
pretty far from okay.
Of course.
That was stupid of me.
Do you need anything?
Is there someone I should call?
We're all squared away.
Hey, I'm curious,
how did you hear about the ambush?
Are you kidding? It's all
everybody can talk about.
That and the gang war.
Half my patients today canceled
because they got called into work.
I'm so sorry that this happened
to you and your guys.
I'll say a prayer.

She seemed like the last
person you wanted to see.
No, I just
I'm in no mood to talk
about my feelings.
Look, man, I'm a wreck,
and they shot me full of painkillers,
so, I'm shutting down for a while.
Yeah, I get it.
I'll check back with you
after Nash's surgery.
Nothing suspicious
about him having to pee.
Do me a favor.
Go find Celina and Lucy.
Tell them I think trouble's brewing.
Where are you going?
To tinkle.
No worries.
I can wait.
John wanted me to tell you
- Shots fired.
South building,
second floor, east hallway.
Move, come on.
We gotta go.
Take her.
Okay, go, go.
Liz, I need you.
Lock yourself in my guy's room.
Protect him at all costs.
These shooters are probably
here to kill him.

- Got me?
- Yeah, yeah.

Told you we weren't done.

Let's talk.
Drop your weapon!
You got nowhere to go, Aram!
And a hospital full of cops,
who are heading this way.
So give up now,
or get buried next to your brother.

Turn around.
Hands on your head.
Interlace your fingers.
I'm only gonna ask you once.
Failure to answer or lie to me,
and I will detonate your heart
with an air bubble.
Who sent you?
Go to hell.
I'll meet you there.
What are you doing here?
Barrio Rosa blew up my cops.
You said no one
was gonna get hurt.
Did you just kill that guy?
You don't want me to answer that.
Now get the hell out of here.
I will call you when I am released.
Liz, we're Code 4.
You can unlock the door.
How bad?
Two Eastern Front shooters
are down.
A couple of citizens with GSWs.
I mean, it's a mess.
- Thanks for having our back.
- Of course.
No. No, no.
I need a Code Blue unit now!
- What happened?
- I-I don't know.
I went to protect the Russian shooter.
- I didn't think
- So he was alone?
I'm sorry.

What the hell is going on
out there?
You've been here the whole time?
Are you kidding?
The second I heard gunfire,
I hid in the corner.
What kind of half-assed
policing are you guys practicing?
Shut up.
The guy who attacked you
just coded.
I'm having a hard time thinking
it was just an accident.
You need to tread
very carefully, Angela.
I warned you what would happen
if you tried to make me the bad guy
when it was my home that was invaded
and me who was viciously assaulted.
If we find the slightest bit
of evidence
that you lied to us
at any point
Things are gonna get
real serious between us.

Have I mentioned
how much I hate her recently?
That goes without saying,
but she is not wrong.
Unless we find rock-solid
evidence that she was involved,
we keep our suspicions
to ourselves,
because she will destroy us.
Okay, are you sure it's okay
I stay here tonight?
Technically, I'm not
paying rent until tomorrow.
Girl, stop.
Of course.
Look, your stuff is in boxes.
You can sleep on the couch
and meet the movers in the morning.
I think we handled today really well.
I agree.
I really tried to be respectful
with the-the corrections.
And I tried to be receptive,
although I gotta say,
you're my fourth TO so far,
and you all do things
a little differently.
You will too,
once you graduate.
You just have to take the best
of what's offered
and make the job your own.
So, um, I've actually saved
two very special bath bombs,
and one has your name on it
- if you want, of course.
Oh, my God.
Best roommate ever.
When the sun won't shine ♪
And the words don't rhyme ♪
And there's mountains you can't move ♪
Something's on your mind ♪
- Aww.
Hey, baby.
- Aww.
How are you?
I miss you.
Wherever you go ♪
You know what to do ♪
Oh, child, lift up your head ♪
Oh, child, lift up your head ♪
All this trouble's only ♪
Gonna last for a while ♪
Yeah, we're gonna ♪
Be all right, oh, child ♪
Lift up your head ♪
And the light's gonna find you ♪
Yeah, the light, ♪
Yeah, the light's gonna find you ♪
When you feel like ♪
You ain't got a friend ♪
And you're wondering ♪
If you ever gon' smile again ♪
Every little thing gon' be okay ♪
I know that you gon' see better days ♪
So whenever you don't know ♪
How to get through ♪
Oh, child, lift ♪
- Wine?
- Yes.
Red or white?
Shall I just mix them
together in a glass?
Just pour the white.
Oh, this trouble's only ♪
Gonna last for a while ♪

- What a day.
- Yeah.
So you don't have to make
any decisions tonight.
I know.
But you already have.
I don't think I can go
down the rabbit hole of IVF,
week after week,
month after month of
trying, hoping,
and failing.
Not to mention the cost of it.
- I
- I get it.
No, I get it.
I understand.
But if you change your mind,
I'm in.
Yeah, we're gonna be all right ♪
Oh, child, lift up your head ♪
And the light's gonna find you ♪
The hell are you doing up here?
Nash is paralyzed.
I heard.
They think it might be temporary.
It wasn't supposed
to go down like this.
What do you mean?
Did you compromise the op?
They were just supposed to
clear out before we got there.
No one was supposed to get hurt.
Who did you tell?
I can't.
Why not?
Because she knows all my secrets.
Who does?
I'm sorry.
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