The Rookie (2018) s06e09 Episode Script

The Squeeze

Previously on "The Rookie"
I think there's someone in my house.
I'm only gonna ask
you once. Who sent you?
- Go to hell.
- I'll meet you there.
Charlie's starting today.
He's the private security guy I hired.
Mr. Evers, Charlie Bristow
from X Ring Security.
- Are you breaking up with me?
- I'm sorry.
Nolan mentioned that you might
be looking for a new roommate.
My current living
situation, it really sucks.
And I totally understand
if it's too soon.
Just thought I'd throw
it out there just in case.
I actually think that's
a really great idea.

The hell are you doing up here?
It wasn't supposed to go down like this.
Did you compromise the op?
- Who did you tell?
- I can't.
Why not?
Because she knows all my secrets.
Who does?
I'm sorry.

- What happened?
Mad Dog was in a bad
way when I got here.
Amped up on guilt,
confessed to being dirty.
Said he flipped because
she knew his secrets.
- Then he jumped.
- Who's she?
- Blair London.
- He used her name?
No, it's clear who he was talking about.
Clear to you maybe, but
you got to be very careful
making accusations
before you have proof.
Hell of a thing, huh?
I heard you were with
him when he went over.
- You assigned to this?
- Yeah.
Thought I was gonna
have a quiet evening,
but the universe hates me.
You're saying Mad Dog jumped?
I'm not saying anything.
That's what happened.
Okay, look, I'm not trying
to jam you up here, Bradford,
but this needs to be handled correctly.
Your buddy just led an
operation that resulted
in his entire team being blown up.
- There's a lot of eyes on this.
- Understood.
And Sergeant Bradford
will be forthcoming
answering your questions.
But first, you're required to tell me
if your line of questioning
will lead to discipline.
I mean, I can't rule
that out at this point,
but that's not where my head is at,
unless it should be.
Asking the question isn't prejudicial.
It's something we would all do.
And since you can't rule out discipline,
Sergeant Bradford is required to have
an attorney and union rep
present before being questioned.
All right, you want to play it that way,
I'll meet you back at
the station when you have
all your ducks in a row.
But first, you need to
answer this question now.
Did you touch him? Did he touch you?
Am I gonna find your
DNA on him or his on you?
Never got closer than a few feet.
Great. Thank you.
I'd watch my back with him.
If he thinks he can make a career
move climbing over you, he will.

Hey, I was starting to think
I should have left
some stuff in storage.
We can go through it all after shift.
Uh, I'm pretty sure I have some
space in my basement locker.
Knock, knock.
- Hey.
- Hey! What are you doing here?
Oh, I just thought I would come by,
support my rookie as she transitions
to a new, more stable home environment.
You came to make sure
I'm not late for shift.
Yes, because that would
be a poor reflection on me,
and my performance review is coming up.
And you, how you doing?
I'm good, mostly, I guess.
There's just so much change, you know?
But maybe big change is a good thing.
I'm clearly going through
a big upheaval right now,
which is hard on the psyche.
But, you know, ultimately, hopefully,
um, it will be a necessary
and positive period
of emotional growth, so
yeah, I'm good.
- Great.
Lopez is calling me.
- Hi.
- Hey, something happened
to Tim last night. He's not hurt,
but it looks like he was there
when Mad Dog jumped off
the roof of the hospital.
Oh, my God.
- BOTH: What happened?
- Uh, where
- where is Tim now?
- On his way to the station.
You know the drill. He's gonna
have to answer a lot of questions,
and they won't let us
near him till he's done.
But I thought you'd want
to know, despite everything.
Yeah, no. Thank you
so much for telling me.
Um, please let me know
if you hear anything else.
- Will do.
- What happened?
- Mad Dog killed himself in front of Tim.
- Why?
- It's Tim.
Hey, we just heard what
happened. You all right?
I'm fine, but I need my union rep.
Yeah, I'll be there in 20 minutes.
He needs his union rep.
Wait, John. Uh, how did he sound?

You're clearly in danger.
I'm not asking you to hide in a closet.
I'm just saying security needs
to be more of a primary concern.
It is. That's why I hired you.
But I lead a busy life, and
I will not live it in fear.
So your job is to keep me
safe while I do my thing.
Yes, ma'am. Who should I
coordinate with at the LAPD?
- Who's investigating the case on you?
- Forget about the LAPD.
I have zero confidence
that they have my
best interest at heart.
Makes my job harder.
But that's a me problem.
All right, well, we're gonna
start on our site survey
and do a bug sweep of your offices.
I'll coordinate with your
assistant on scheduling.

This phone is only for emergencies.
Did you see the news? Mad
Dog killed himself last night.
- It's one less thread to tie up.
- That's horrible and also wrong.
Tim Bradford was with him
the night that he jumped,
which means we need to be worried
that Mad Dog might have
said something about us.
He doesn't know about us, only you
- unless you betrayed me.
- No, I never told him
where the information he
was giving me was going.
But I am exposed here,
and you told me that
I would be protected.
And you will be.
But I have problems of my own.
I still don't know who tried to kill me.
And Harper and Lopez
are going to try to pin
my hit man's death on me.
So you need to get to work.
Jack up the cops we
have under our thumb.
We need real-time intel
on where the LAPD is
with these investigations.
Okay, I can do that.
Promise me that this will work out.
I promise.
Hold it together.

Yeah, I need you to
come in for a session.
- Yes, now.
- Monica's the killer.
Can you put her in John Doe's room?
- No.
- And the autopsy?
Preliminary cause of death is stroke.
But that's what it would look like
if she put an air bubble in his IV.
Oh, so you have
fingerprints on the syringe?
No. Look, I know we have work to do.
But I don't buy for a second
that he just happened to code
during the chaos at the hospital.
She used that opportunity
to take him out.
You do not have to convince me.
You have to convince the
DA's office and a jury.
So any progress on the other case,
the one where Monica's
a victim, not a suspect?
You mean do we know
who tried to kill her?
We do not. We don't even
know if it was a hit attempt
- or just a home invasion.
- It was a hit attempt.
Monica wouldn't kill the guy
if it was a simple robbery gone wrong.
It's hard to establish
motive without a clear ID,
- and we don't have him in any database.
- Keep looking.
When we figure out who attacked Monica,
it'll help us understand
her motive for murder.
How is Tim doing?
He's being Tim about the whole thing.
All right, union rep reporting for duty.
Bring me up to speed. Who
is the investigating officer?
- Pearson.
- Not the best, but not the worst.
He's gonna try to hang
this around my neck.
Department needs a scapegoat
for what went down yesterday,
and now their primary candidate is dead.
At best, I'll be sidelined,
which is why I need you to
take over the investigation.
- Investigation into what?
- Not what, who.
- Okay.
- Blair London
rookie police psychiatrist. I've
been seeing her. So has Aaron.
I believe she had leverage on Mad Dog,
and that's why he betrayed the Metro op,
and that's why he jumped.
Close the door.
- I can't stay. I have a case.
- I know.
Mad Dog's suicide.
I need you to scrub the apartment
and make sure there is nothing
incriminating about me in there.
Mad Dog was reporting to
you? What'd you have on him?
It doesn't matter now.
I need to make sure he didn't
say my name before he jumped.
Bradford lawyered up.
It could mean that he knows something
and doesn't know who to trust.
So we need to isolate
and neutralize him,
because if he gives me up,
the recordings from your
sessions go straight to IA.
You're making a big leap.
I gotta go where the evidence takes me.
People heard arguing on the roof.
Mad Dog showed none of the
classic suicide precursors,
and Tim was forced out of Metro
enough to make anybody
angry and jealous.
You're guessing as to his state of mind.

I'm afraid not.
Tell him what you told me.
I'd rather not.
People say things in sessions
that they would never act on.
Emotions are elevated and
You work for the city.
You have an ethical and legal obligation
to report anything that
could be seen as dangerous.
I know.
I've been seeing Sergeant
Bradford for a couple weeks.
He came to me with anger issues.
He had a lot of resentment
about leaving Metro.
- Doesn't mean he's a killer.
- No, of course not.
But I witnessed a heightened interaction
between Sergeant Bradford
and Mad Dog Matt
in the parking garage yesterday morning.
I feel if I wasn't there
that it would have escalated.
Did you see evidence that
Mad Dog was depressed?
Bradford needs to be put
on admin leave immediately,
pending further investigation.
- He has important cases
- He's dangerous.
But you've always looked
the other way, haven't you?
Just last month, he was
under IA investigation
and drummed out of Metro,
and you welcomed him back
like nothing happened.
It is a failure to supervise and
a failure to put your city's needs
ahead of your friendship.
Keep this up, and you'll
be facing discipline.

Detective Pearson. John Nolan.
- I'm sure you're aware, I am
- Union rep. Got it.
You planning on staying
for Bradford's interview?
Well, then before we get started,
I want to be up-front about this.
I've been on the case for three hours,
and I'm already deeply troubled
by what I've discovered.
I want to hear what you have to say,
but no matter how you
answer these questions,
you're on leave, effective immediately.
Hey, did you hear Tim
got put on admin leave?
- No, who told you that?
- Smitty.
- What's that?
Oh, hold on.
- Hey.
- If you're filing charges against him,
you need to give me a heads-up.
If I was filing charges,
the last thing I would do
is compromise the case with
any hint of impropriety.
- I'm standing by him 1,000%.
- I know.
Look, I haven't even
made it into the office.
- Can we talk later?
- He's family.
I know. I'll call you later, okay?
Drama at work?
- Something like that.
- Hey. Can I help you?
- I'm looking for Sidney.
Yo, what the hell are you doing?
Can't be ignoring his calls.
Hey, hold on. Back up.
I didn't invite you in.
- I work for her boss.
- I'm her boss.
You're just in my way.
Now, he wants you
back. Grab your things.
She's not going anywhere.
- This is none of your business, man.
- Hmm.
So what's your plan, genius?
You gonna shoot your way in,
kidnap her in broad daylight?
All recorded in HD from
our home security system
that's linked right into the cloud.
How far do you think
you're gonna make it?
A mile, two, maybe.
Is that worth a life sentence to you?

Boss ain't gonna like this.

What the hell was that?
- I am so sorry.
- Sorry doesn't come close.
An armed man was at my house.
You need to tell me why.
- I I can't. I signed an NDA.
- Screw your NDA!
Okay, let me explain to
you how this looks, okay?
Your last employer was
obviously a criminal.
You left him and sought out
a job working for two cops,
a job where you might come
in contact with our computers,
a job where you might
overhear conversations
- about the DA's office.
- That is not it at all.
I swear. I didn't even know
who he was when I took the job.
I mean, not not really.
I-I still don't.
Look, he does something in finance.
Christian Batista.
They call the guy at the door Head Shot.
You thought a guy in finance
had a bodyguard named Head Shot?
Los Angeles is weird.
I'm from Ohio. I
[SIGHS] I was naive. I get that now.
But the kids were sweet, and I
didn't want to abandon them, so
I stuck it out, even after
I realized he was a bad guy.
Christian Batista isn't just a bad guy.
He's a professional money launderer.
Half the criminal organizations
in the city use his services.
He has been one step
ahead ever since he moved
into the number one
position two years ago.
Would you be willing
to work for him again?
What, like, as a spy?
You wouldn't have to
do anything dangerous,
just pay attention
to who comes and goes,
- see what you overhear.
- No way.
I-I can't go back there.
He's awful, cruel, and creepy. I mean,
it got to a point where
I was having panic attacks
on my way into work. I'm
I'm really sorry, but I-I
can't I can't do that.
All right, then you are gonna
have to sell him on a new nanny.
What are you doing?
To be clear, I'm still mad at you, okay?
This doesn't change anything.
What doesn't?
Are you okay?
I am now.

- Hey.
- Hey.
- We need you for a case.
- Of course.
Just say the word, and I'll
have you on a private plane
to a non-extradition country.
It's not gonna come to that.
There is zero evidence of
wrongdoing because there wasn't any.
- If I can do anything
- I appreciate that.
You had my back on the last thing.
I put different forces into play.
Different's not me.
I'll see you later.
Bradford was clearly being cagey.
Your questioning was aggressive.
- Tim was being measured.
- Of course you would say that.
Well, he certainly has it in for Tim.
We ask everyone else
to trust our process.
- We should too.
- Sir, before you came in,
Tim asked me to look
into something delicate.
- He thinks
- I know what he thinks.
- Are you sure? Because what he said was
- Insane?
And, if true, a disaster
of epic proportions?
I'm sure.
With your permission, I'd
like to sit out patrol today,
- conduct an investigation.
- No.
You and Officer Juarez would like
a professional development day.
And I'm granting that request.
But don't come back until
you have something concrete.
We don't know who we can trust.
And if I'm questioned,
I'll be compelled to answer.
So the less I know, the better.
Remember, you're responsible for her.
Don't compromise her
career before it starts.
Yes, sir.
That's crazy. How
could they suspect Tim?
Let's talk in private.
- What's professional development?
- It's just BS.
I need to look into
something on the down-low.
You don't have to help me.
This is gonna be a sticky situation,
and I will understand if
you want to sit this one out.
And you can't tell me
what it is before I decide?
I cannot.
This is so cool. Okay,
I'm in. What's going on?
Tim believes Dr. London
blackmailed Mad Dog.
That's why he betrayed the Metro op.
Aaron's shrink? No, that can't
be. Aaron raves about her.
Oh, I know. But Tim is convinced.
And if she's blackmailed
one cop, there may be more.
- You don't think Aaron
- I don't know.
I don't think he would betray us,
but we can't rule it out either.
Anyone she sees could be a problem.
- Okay, so we need a list of her patients.
- No. Confidential.
It's impossible to get a
judge to sign off on that
without clear evidence
of a criminal conspiracy.
Wait, Smitty's gonna solve our problem.
I'm sorry, it sounds like you said
Smitty was gonna help solve our problem.
What's up, homeys?
Aaron says you hang
out in the waiting room
of the Department of Psychiatry office.
Hey, where I spend my
breaks is my business.
No, agreed, but you do see who comes in
- for therapy sessions.
- Sure.
- How often are you there?
- Ah, let's see.
Vending machines get restocked
on Mondays and Thursdays.
Uh, Dr. Mendelson brings
in cupcakes on Tuesdays.
Red velvet, yum.
Uh, shrinks cater an
interoffice meeting on Wednesday,
and there's always leftovers.
You're there from
Monday through Thursday?
And Friday. The
Personnel office next door
holds a mixer with
passed hors d'oeuvres.
Smitty, that's every
single never mind.
Don't I just
how would you like to take
an extra-long break today?
All you have to do is tell us
everyone who sees Dr. London.
Sure thing.
But I gotta tell you right
now, it's a long list.
It's cops from all over the city.
We'll need every name you can remember,
plus anyone who sees her today.
[GROANS] That sounds like a lot of work.
What is this, anyway?
All you need to know is, it'll help Tim,
- and he's counting on you.
- He told us Smitty is the man,
and he's the only one
we can trust with this.
Say no more.
Dr. London's been talking to cops
from all over the city for six months.
There's no telling how many
cases she's compromised.
Yeah, but someone would
have noticed by now.
Ah, here she is. Hey, you.
Oh, hi.
Any idea how old this yogurt is?
Oh, I'm guessing Reagan administration.
We need your help.
Ooh, do I get to kick in a door?
Is it hard? It's hard, right?
It's not easy, but that's
not where this is going.
Look, as a dispatcher, you are at
the nexus of all police activity.
Have you noticed any uptick in
failed police actions lately?
Anything like, um, attempts
to locate that came up null?
Like someone warned a target.
Right, or a warrant where
the disposition was N-Nora?
Yes. I thought I was imagining it,
but the fail rate is
up all over the city.
- How much?
- It's subtle.
Most people wouldn't
notice it, but I did.
Of course you did.
Could you pull a list for me
of everything that's gone
sideways in the last six months
and the officers who were attached
to those failed actions?
Absolutely. I'll get right on it.
Oh, is there any chance I could
record all this for my podcast?
Oh, um
- Get back to me.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- She has a podcast?
- It's good.
- Lopez, you have a minute?
- Barely.
Look, I know you're close with Bradford,
and I just wanted to say
none of this is personal.
- It's just a job.
- Is that it? I gotta get in there.
Something break on your John Doe murder?
No, we're juggling a lot today.
Have you ever worked on anything
connected to Christian Batista?
The money launderer?
No. You got a way in?
Too soon to tell. Thanks.
All right, how are you with kids?
- I nannied for two years.
- Perfect.
Uh, Batista needs child
care, and his former nanny
- Our current nanny.
- Is willing to sing your praises.
Wow. Okay, that's a lot. Um,
I still need to land
the job, though, right?
We can create fake references.
You should start setting
up social media now,
- establish a life.
- No need.
I've actually got eight
undercover identities
that I regularly feed.
It takes, like, 12
off-duty hours to grow,
but, you know, I thought I
was gonna make detective, so
Any of them have nanny experience?
Uh, no, but there's one
that might work, actually.
She has no criminal
history, college graduate,
a little lost in life,
but on paper, she'll look good to them.
- Hey, am I interrupting?
- A little. What do you need?
Well, we processed the
last of the license plates
for cars parked in the four-block
radius around Monica's house.
All are registered to neighbors
or employees of neighbors.
So we can assume Monica's
attacker didn't drive there.
Mm-hmm, and Ubering to a
crime scene seems not smart.
So you're thinking there was a partner?
Yeah, and he took off when
he heard sirens coming.
What is Monica doing here?
Keep prepping. We'll circle back.
Jumpy. I've got it.
Angela, how's baby Jack?
Not a baby anymore.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry. How do you
two know each other?
Oh, I worked for Angela
and Wesley about a year ago.
That'll teach me to do a
deeper dive on references.
You're working for Monica now?
- Just started.
- You know, call me crazy,
but hiring private security indicates
a worry about impending danger.
Which would imply that Monica thinks
she was attacked deliberately
rather than the victim
of a random burglary.
There you go again, trying
to make my trauma my fault.
But I'm the victim here.
And as such, I'm entitled to know
about the investigation into my attack.
Per the crime victims' bill of rights,
you have to share the
details of my case.
So share.
Okay, on paper,
Blair is totally clean
modest apartment, modest car.
If she's doing this for the money,
it's hard to see where it's going.
Any criminal history?
Ah, just a grad school DUI
and no family with ties to Barrio Rosa.
If we want to get more insight,
we need to talk to people who know her.
Yeah, but we don't want
to risk tipping her off.
You know, there is one known associate
we haven't investigated yet Mad Dog.
A séance. I like it.
Or we could just search his apartment.
Right, yeah, yeah, probably easier.
But one of these days,
you're gonna say yes to a séance.
I got a problem.
Monica's here, and she wants to exercise
her rights as a victim.
What exactly are we
required to tell her?
I can't answer that.
Just by you calling me about this,
Monica could assert collusion.
I am hanging up, but I love you. Bye.
- We're on our own.
- Hmm, what else is new?
Have you identified my attacker?
- No.
- Why not?
He's not in the system.
Do you have any idea why he targeted me?
- We do not.
- Was he working alone?
We don't believe so.
We're not at liberty
to say at this point.
We have to protect sources and means.
I'll file a complaint
with the department.
Go ahead I'm sure they
will get to it by next year.
Am I under investigation?
That information is
not within the bounds
of the Victims' Rights Act.
- That is a yes.
- That's none of your business.
Sorry, when can I expect payment
from the state victims' fund?
We'll get started on that
paperwork as soon as possible.
Great. I expect to be apprised
of all future developments.
Of course.
We need to find John Doe's
accomplice before she does.
It's a toxic household.
They went through eight nannies
in the 12 months before they hired me.
I would have stayed with
my last family forever,
but the kids grew up.
So here I am.
I mean, Mr. Batista is casually cruel,
and Mrs. Batista drinks
a lot to manage it.
But, I mean, she does love the kids.
I understand how stressful
parenthood can be,
and I see my role as
helping to alleviate that
as much as possible.
I have a perfect driving record.
I'm great with homework.
I speak Cantonese,
as well as a little bit of Spanish.
And while I understand
that discipline is important,
a certain amount of play is healthy
for childhood development.
Joshua, Esther, come over here.
What have I told you about spying?
What do you say?
BOTH: Sorry.
Bums are sorry.
A man apologizes when
he makes a mistake.
Yes, sir.
- We apologize for spying.
- I'm sorry.
- Go start your homework.
- BOTH: Yes, Father.
Okay, you seem fine, and
we need someone now,
but you are on a short leash.
See the house manager on your way out.
Yes, sir. I'm looking forward
to getting started.
Thank you.
Well, we got Pearson's property receipt.
What did he take?
Just a few firearms,
laptop, and not much else.
What exactly are we looking for?
"Dear diary, today Blair
started blackmailing me"?
[SCOFFS] We should be so lucky.
All right, let's tear this place apart.

- Stay with the car.
- I can't do that.
Well, you can't come in.
I need to have a
privileged conversation.
Then I'll walk you to the door.
It's nonnegotiable.
Gundo is expecting me.
I'm the lawyer.
- All right.

Thank you for seeing me.
You kept my nephew out of prison.
It's the least I could do.
What do you think?
You want the truth?
The truth is that, uh
it's good for my blood pressure.
I'll make this quick.
A hit man came after me.
Cops can't ID him, and neither can I,
which means he must be from out of town.
I need to know who sent him.
Risky move coming here.
You got a price on your head,
maybe I should collect.
I promise I'm worth more to you alive.
[CHUCKLES] I heard a
lot of talk about you.
You got some secret
pipeline into the LAPD,
selling information to
the highest bidder.
You're acting like you own this city.
Oh, no, no, no.
I have no illusions
about who really runs these streets.
I'm simply an information broker.
Nothing more.
I just need a name.
And I'm willing to pay
you to track it down.
Let's go.
- Everything okay?
- Not yet.
Ah, we struck out.
Pearson didn't take much
because there wasn't much.
Ooh, what's that?
Extensive notes on his
fantasy football draft.
Okay, so the search
is officially a bust.
Maybe not.
Here to relieve me?
Thank God. I'm way over-caffeinated.
No, I'm here to see Dr. Blair.
- Is she in with a patient?
- Yeah, with Cooper from Vice.
Session should be over in a few.
It's over now.
- Um, I'm with a patient.
- Yeah.
Don, hey, I'm so sorry.
I need to talk to the
doc. I'm in crisis.
Thanks so much for understanding.
Say hi to Helen for me.
What the hell do you think you're doing?
Mad Dog didn't give the ops
plans to Barrio Rosa directly.
There was an intermediary you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Nash will never walk again.
Mad Dog is dead.
I don't think you wanted for
either of those things to happen.
I think you want to do the right thing,
but you're scared.
Make a deal with us. We can protect you.
I don't know where you're getting this.
Found this in Mad Dog's apartment.
It lays out everything.
Whatever is in that notebook is a lie.
Matt was a deeply troubled man,
and I only wish I knew how
deeply before his death.
Now, I have another patient
coming. You need to leave.
I don't think you're running
this alone, Blair.
You only started this
job six months ago.
There's no way you hatched
a plan to criminalize cops
and then developed contacts with gangs
and cartels all on your own,
which means you're
a potential weak link.
Weak links get fixed permanently.
I'm not the one you
need to be afraid of.
I'm your best shot at
getting out of this alive.
- How did she take it?
- We're about to find out.
Hey, TSA came through
with a fingerprint match
and ID'd the John Doe who
attacked Monica Samuel Desta.
He came in on a Portuguese passport
traveling with one Andrei Gwarzo.
I pulled footage of them
in their rental car
driving away from the airport.
New car. Probably has
satellite radio we can track.
Technically, we owe Monica a call
now that we have found her
attacker and his partner.
Technically, that call should come
from the community liaison.
Who has gone home already.
Is it weird that I'm nervous
walking through the bullpen,
waiting to see which cop reacts
to your conversation with Blair?
No, I'm a little on edge too.
Okay, what if nothing happens?
What the hell were you doing
in Mad Dog's apartment?
That's my scene.
- It's my case.
- I had a warrant.
If you so much as removed
a speck of dust,
- you're going down for obstruction.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Why are you yelling at my guys?
- They interfered with my case!
- Then you come talk to me!
If anyone needs discipline,
I'll handle it.
Stay in your lane.

Thank you for that.
- Do I want to know?
- Not yet.
Okay, so you rattled Blair,
and she called Pearson.
And he's in charge of Mad Dog's case,
which explains why he's
gunning so hard for Tim.
Okay, so what's our next move?
We need to see how deep this rot goes.
Did Smitty give you
Blair's patient list?
- Yeah.
- Let's put the fear of God into them.
Oh, hey, Mike, really quick
as your union rep, I just wanted
to give you a heads-up
about the department psychiatrist.
I'm just hearing that Dr.
London's getting investigated.
I wouldn't want you
to get pulled into that.
I got a great therapist if you
need to make a change.
I'm not worried at this point.
It's probably nothing
more than a witch hunt.
But as your union rep,
I just wanted you to know
I'm looking out for you.
Oh, and vote for Nolan 2025.
- You think it worked?
I think Blair's getting a
lot of frantic phone calls.
Hopefully it'll rattle her
enough to reach out.
Impeccable, as always.
You did something different.
New lipstick?
New enemy.
Someone is trying to kill me,
and I need to know who.
And you're in a unique position,
being surrounded by members
of every criminal
organization in California.
Well, if you're here for
the hot prison goss,
it's gonna cost you.
What do you know? I'm feeling generous.
I like the sound of that.
Give me the 411.
Two men came after me.
One attacked me in my home.
The other is in the wind.
What happened to the
guy who attacked you?
Dead, under mysterious circumstances.
What else can you tell me?
They were professionals, not local.
Follow the money.
I don't have access to their accounts.
Yes, but you know whoever
hired them was a criminal
who had dirty money that he needed clean
to make the payment.
One man controls 80% of
the laundering in this city
Christian Batista.
Okay, these answers are correct,
but is this your best handwriting?
No eraser.
You're not getting out
of redoing it that easily.
I'll go get you another
one. Stay here, okay?
Can I help you?
I'm here to see Christian Batista.
I have an appointment.

Satellite radio still got you on hold?
She told me to call back when
I had the court order number.
I told her it took 15 minutes
just to get a live person
Yes, I'm still here.
My partner is on the phone
right now with the court clerk.
No, it's not in my email.
We'll have the number
literally in two seconds.
He's still reading it? Can you tell him
that this is an in-progress
life-threatening event?
- Maybe five.
- Yes, exigent circumstance
- yes, I will hold.
- These are exigent circumstances.
Can't you override it?
No, don't call corporate
and get back to me.
It's coming right now
literally five more seconds.
Yes, Judge Walter Gonzalez,
today's date, uh, uh,
court authorization number 122-4-69.
Okay, got it Judge Walter Gonzalez,
today's date, court
authorization number 122-4-69.
GPS tracking via satellite radio
for suspect vehicle, rental car stock
Number LA-592B-boy.
BOTH: Thank you.
Whew, yes.
I'll pull up the location
for Gwarzo's vehicle.
And I'll call dispatch and have them
make an attempt to locate event,
10-36, not for broadcast.
You're building quite a
reputation for yourself.
I hear you're selling police
reports and information
to half the criminal
organizations in town.
Intel is the currency of the future.
I also hear you had a recent
near-death experience.
My guess is, you're here to see
if I can tell you who sent them.
Your guess is correct.
I don't know what to
tell you. It wasn't me.
You're a money launderer.
Everyone uses your services.
The only person with better
connections in this town is me.
Ask around. I'll make
it worth your while.
- I'll see what I can do.
- It was a pleasure meeting you.
Vera will see you out.
This old man, he played one ♪
He played knick-knack on my thumb ♪
With a knick-knack paddywhack ♪
Give a dog a bone ♪
This old man came rolling home ♪
This old man, he played two ♪
- He played knick-knack on my shoe ♪
7769 Windsor Court, room
216. King's Court Motel.
You better hurry.
They're on the move now.
You have 15 minutes tops.
Hey. Thanks for helping out.
Of course. What do you need?
We're looking for this
guy, Andrei Gwarzo.
Recent photo. Unknown criminal history.
- Is he armed?
- Yeah, almost certainly.
You need to leave!
Hey, you need to get out of here now!
Detain that punk.

Go after the shooter! We got the room!

Police! Open up!

Control, 2331.
Andrei Gwarzo is GOA.

My guys held up their end.
Yeah, I never go back on my word.
Free representation starts today
with those two kids that got arrested.
What do you have in mind for him?
He's gonna tell me who sent him.
You are swimming in deep water.
No one keeps their hands clean here.
You want the name, you get it.

Not a problem.
But I'm gonna need something
a lot sharper in a few minutes.

Gosh, this must be awkward for you.
I'm the target, and yet you're the one
that's about to be dismembered.
- Wait.
- No.
It's not question-and-answer time.
Not yet.
I need you to know that I mean
business when I'm talking to you,
and I need to be sure that
you're telling the truth.

- Take off his shoes.
- No, no!
It was Monica. Has to be.
- She got to him before we did.
- Yeah, but how?
- Hey, how was your day?
- Long.
- Kids are a lot.
- No, the kids were a breeze.
Monica stopping by the house
was what the issue was.
What? Is Batista a client?
It seems like they just met.
Sounds like she's got someone after her,
and she wants him to ask around.
That's why she didn't have
Andrei killed on the spot.
She needed to torture
the name out of him.
- You working tomorrow?
- I don't know.
But with Monica visiting the house,
my cover's not gonna last very long.
We will get you extra backup.
We need to know what Monica is up to.
"Three cops came in for
emergency sessions.
"Beach umbrella emoji. Sorry, wrong key.
"Floppy disk emoji.
Barber pole emoji. What
is wrong with this phone?"
Okay, I'm not that great with texting,
but I'm better than this.
You've been here all
day spying on me.
No, I just like a quality snack.
The line is very fine ♪
Nolan, we need to talk.
- Detective, you got a minute?
- Kind of busy.
It's important.
And I'm riding it all the time ♪
Take a seat.
- What is this?
- Take a seat.
My breath is my life ♪
Do you want to tell us why you accessed
the ATL for Andrei Gwarzo?
I don't answer to you.
No, you don't.
You answer to Blair London.
That's why you laid into Nolan
when he started looking into Mad Dog,
to protect Blair.
Same reason you went so hard after Tim.
Will this line of questioning
lead to discipline?
Then I'm not saying another
word without my lawyer.
In that case, you're on
administrative leave,
effective immediately.
I am one step away ♪
I would have come to your office.
There's a hidden camera.
That's how you blackmailed Mad Dog
with recordings of his therapy sessions.
I didn't think anyone would get hurt.
You compromised investigations.
I know, but one more drug
dealer on the street
what difference does that make?
I never wanted Mad Dog to die
or Nash to end up paralyzed.
They said no one would get hurt.
- Who said that?
- I can't go to prison.
I'll tell you everything,
but I want immunity and a new life.
If you promise full cooperation,
we can make that happen,
but you're gonna have to
tell us who you report to.
I will when I have a deal.
I am one bend away ♪
Eric Ramsey is the man after me.
- Former client?
- No.
I don't know why he wants me dead.
Well, you are getting
more powerful by the day.
It was just a matter of time
before somebody was
gonna take their shot.
You need to take him out
before he tries again.
That's where you come in.
Ramsey is untouchable,
heavily protected.
His home is a fortress,
and I need a way in.
Kelso. He's a dangerous man.
He was also Ramsey's right hand
until he got convicted on drug charges.
You think he'll have insight
into Ramsey's vulnerability,
and you want me to
torture it out of him.
What's in it for me?
Name your price.
To see what I'm made of ♪
I want you to help me
break out of prison.
To see what I'm made of ♪

Damn it.
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