The Royals (2015) s04e04 Episode Script

Black as His Purpose Did the Night Resemble

1 Previously on The Royals - I have cancer.
- [GASPING] And it appears to be winning.
I can't be on the list.
I hoped for something more.
I wish the same for you.
I will find you the perfect queen.
And you're absolutely sure about this? Without a doubt? Greta has true greatness inside her.
Not just as an artist, but as a person.
Did you mean those things you said? Of course I did.
I just feel bad about Greta.
Which is exactly what King Robert is counting on.
My father was a small-time con man from Las Vegas.
He taught me how to work an angle, any time, any place, anywhere.
I spoke to your surgeon and you're coming back to the palace to recuperate tonight.
Who’s there? ROBERT: Three, two, one.
NORTHERN FACES: Dark Days I found my home Down the dark hole [RADIO] The city of London is experiencing an unprecedented and complete and total blackout.
To repeat: London's power grid has collapsed, enveloping the city in turmoil and darkness.
' I won't stand to die Cos right now I'm going out easy Fires, rioting and looting have broken out south of the Thames.
[SIRENS WAIL] Dark days [SHOUTING AND CLAMORING] Citizens are advised to stay inside and stay safe until power can be restored.
Dark days A-comin' over me Dark days - Dark days - Hey! Ain't a light in the street light blinded - In the light in me - Hey! Ain't a light in the back of the basement - Where I used to sing - Hey! Stay safe, keep calm and carry on, London.
[OFFICER] Halt! Dark days God save the King.
[RADIO STATIC] Several hours without power in the middle of a heatwave! I want to speak to the Prime Minister.
I'm told we've been unable to reach him, Your Majesty.
Keep trying.
I want updates every 20 minutes.
How's it going in South London? - The violence is escalating.
- That doesn't surprise me.
Anything else I should know about? Um As yet, we've been unable to locate the Queen.
I suppose it's not as easy as calling her cellphone.
Cellphones are worthless right now.
[SIGHS] There's a possibility she's with Colin Yorke.
Perhaps check her regular haunts.
Of course, Your Majesty.
I'll keep you informed.
And James My mother is a resilient woman.
I'm sure she'll be okay.
Help! [GROANS] Anyone! Help! - CYRUS: It's locked.
- [GASPS] Damn it, Cyrus! You're creepy enough in the light of day! What are you doing down here? Same as you, I assume.
I came to get drunk.
And I was doing a fine job before you started pounding on that damn door.
- Well, help me open it.
- Impossible.
The power's out and the lock on that door's electric.
And without electricity, even a team of Catherine the Great's favorite horses couldn't open that door.
- So we're trapped? - Holy shit! And you thought I was creepy.
Mother! What are you doing here? This is always my first stop whenever I visit the palace.
I need a little bracer before I visit my disappointing daughter.
I ment: what are you doing here at all? - I banished you! -Well, I unbanished myself.
- You've run out of money.
- Shut up, Scar.
And open that door! This whole thing is becoming incredibly boring.
- I can't.
- Just like I said.
Guess you're stuck with both of us.
Help! Greta? It's me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Your door's open.
Are you okay? Yes.
I'm great.
How are you? Are you drunk? [CHUCKLES] Yes.
Yes, I am.
You must be.
It's possibly the only justification for this decision.
A decision, I may add, that you didn't have the courtesy or respect to run by me.
Possibly not for long.
Prime Minister? Reminding me that I'm nothing more than a ceremonial figurehead and that she's in charge.
To which you replied, "Possibly not for long.
" Well played, Robby.
Will that get the power back on? I'm afraid not.
The city's in turmoil.
And our prestigious government has decided to shut the bridges.
What why? They're rioting in South London.
They're trying to contain it.
Robby, Jasper is in South London.
He was coming home tonight What if he's caught in the middle of it all? If anyone can handle themselves out there, it's Jasper.
Yeah, normally.
But he's injured.
We have to find him! Absolutely not! It's not safe.
- Robby, we have to! - [KNOCK ON DOOR] - Your Majesty? - Willow.
I need you to stay here with Len.
Keep an eye on things.
Locate Rosie, make sure no one gets in or out of the palace.
- Can you do that for me? - Of course, Your Majesty, but may I ask where you're going? To find Jasper Frost.
In South London, where you were recently nearly killed? Where Jasper Frost was recently nearly killed.
I owe him my life.
Besides, he's kind of important to my sister.
Robby [WHISPERING] just be careful.
Oh, I don't like this.
Can you see anyone? Hey, guys, what's happening? I do now.
[SHOUTING] Oh, they don't pay me enough for this shit.
I'm getting out of here.
[SHOUTING INTENSIFIES] Wait for me! [MAN] Get out of the bloody van! [HAMMERING AND THUDDING] I don't like the dark.
[WILLOW] There's nothing to be afraid of.
Yes, there is.
And witches.
There's no such thing as monsters, honey.
She does have a point about the ghosts, though.
[CHUCKLES] Do you think that's funny? Hm? Well, just for that, I hope a horde of zombies comes to eat your brain.
Yeah, off you go.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm just worried about Jasper.
Now I'm also worried about Robby.
- They're here.
- Who? Robby and Jasper? No.
The zombies.
[DISTANT SHOUTING] They must have seen the lights from the generators.
Or smelled our brains.
[ELEANOR] No, they're here because we're their family.
We have to help them.
I'm coming with you.
Butwe said no one in or out.
- I found candles.
- Wonderful.
Now all you have to do is make fire.
What would you do without me? Ooh, let's see.
Have more self-confidence, sleep better, not worry about being accessory to murder.
Not become Queen.
I am so hungry.
[HELENA] We'll probably starve to death down here.
Or rather, I'll starve and you two jackals will eat me.
For that, I won't be sharing my feast with you.
What feast? This worm.
I plan to drink this entire bottle of mezcal and then eat the worm.
- Duchie? - I'm in.
- Go to Hell-ena? - No, thank you.
More for me.
What is this? [INHALES] Mm, jackpot! Figgy pudding.
Didn't the Queen get a black eye from a figgy pudding while having sex with the help down here? That doesn't surprise me.
She's always had hospitable loins.
On second thoughts, I'll have some of that tequila.
Maybe I can get drunk and pass out.
[SHOUTING AND BANGING] [GUNSHOT] [SCREAMING] [GUNSHOT] You're wasting your time! There's no drugs in here! - [GLASS SMASHES] - [GASPS] [GROANS AND GRUNTS] You look like shit, son.
We should go.
Argh! No, forget it.
Forget it.
Just leave me here.
It's good to see you too, kid.
I've prepared us a feast.
I used your barbecue to make the steaks you had thawing, I found potatoes in your pantry, and some green beans.
But what we really need to eat are these ice cream bars before they melt.
NICK CAVE: Push The Sky Away I'll have two, and you can have the other three.
Come on.
You need some food in that stomach.
You might want to slow down there, Cyrus.
- To your hangover tomorrow.
- To us.
I got a feeling I just can't shake I got a feeling that just won't go away I wish it could stay like this.
I wish there was nothing else out there and it was just you and me and we could stay in here for the rest of time.
Push the sky away Hey.
Take me to bed.
You've had too much wine.
Is that it? Or is it because you were just using me to get to my father's computer? Gotta just keep on pushing Keep on pushing Push the sky away What kind of cowards run for their lives and take the keys? - Well, can you hot-wire it? - Not this, I can't.
Looks like we're on foot.
- Where are we headed? - I'm headed to the palace.
I don't know where you're going.
What are you even doing here? Maybe I just wanted to see you.
Which means there's a job.
Or maybe I just wanted to see you.
Look, you got shot.
I was worried about you.
- How's the chest? - It feels like I got shot.
Ah, it's good for you.
Every man should get shot at least once.
You'll be okay.
Don't pretend like you care.
Son, I've always cared.
Do you know what bothers me the most about that? More than anything, is that even after ruining my life and selling my story to the press, you actually think that's true.
It is true.
You can't tell a man what he does or doesn't care about or what he does or doesn't love.
It's arrogant.
And you've been a lot of things, son, but you've never been arrogant.
You don't know what I've been or who I am.
You just know who I used to be.
Well, maybe that's why I'm here.
- Let's go to the palace.
- I'm not taking you there.
Then let's just get you to the palace and then I'll go.
I can get there myself.
Argh! [GROANS] [WINCES AND EXHALES] No, kid, I don't think you can.
Let me help you get back and that's it, okay? Okay.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
I'm sorry.
Those words you said to my father .
when you were defending me.
Were any of them true? Of course they were true.
So we can be together, then? For real, without any secrets? He was so pleased to tell me.
[SNIFFLES] And show me.
My father.
He has motion detectors in his office.
Security cameras.
He feigned sympathy, pretended to be protecting me, but I could tell.
[SIGHS] He was thrilled that, once again, I was the fool.
The simple, stupid girl who will never be good enough.
- Greta.
- He's not wrong.
[SNIFFLES] I don't know why, I just I've never been interesting to boys in the way that most girls are.
I know it's true.
I'm aware of it, I just I just thought maybe this time you actually liked me.
What I said about you is true.
And I meant it.
Your father's wrong.
And so was I.
HELENA: We're a family of liars.
We lie about everything.
All of it.
[SCOFFS] What have I ever lied about? Umkilling someone? I never lied about it.
I told the truth.
And what did it get me? My own daughter abandoned me.
You're lucky all I did was abandon you.
And you are a liar.
You lied about it for 20 years.
You can talk.
You lied to your own children about their father.
We're all liars.
We have to be.
The people can't handle the truth.
Truth or dare? Truth or truth? Len! Princess Eleanor, I think we should speak with someone.
Mum, Robby and Liam are missing.
So who does that leave in charge? You're right.
Honey, where's your daddy? Me.
It's me.
I'm number four.
I'm in charge.
And I say we let those people in and give them comfort and shelter.
Now, who here thinks that we should leave them out there? They're not zombies.
I am Princes Eleanor Matilda Henstridge and at this moment I am the ruling monarch in residence.
Those people, my people, are scared, tired and hungry.
Now, Rosie, shoot the lock off.
I just think we should wait until we [GUNSHOT] Always wanted to do that.
Can anyone else hear right now? Nice going.
You deafened the kid.
So, Alice, do you want to have a sleepover? - Sure.
- See? She's fine.
Let's go help someone, shall we? [CHAINS CLANG] Come on! [ENGINE RUMBLES] [ENGINE STOPS] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] I assume they're standing between you and your palace.
Yeah, I guess so.
FROST: Looks like we're gonna need a plan B.
Come on.
That's it.
Follow me.
Welcome to my home.
All right, now, just follow the little munchkin.
She's up the front.
No photos! Or I will cast you back into the darkness.
You hear me? That's right, keep going.
Hi, hi.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
Let's pick up the pace.
- Still concerned? - Yup.
Rosie? Slightly concerned, Your Highness.
Well, get over it, okay? Because we are three badass bitches.
Four, if you count Sara Alice.
Without the bitch part.
And we can do this.
Come on.
Willow, you take everyone to the red state room.
Rosie, if anyone steps out of line, just shoot to kill.
I'm just kidding.
But Rosie, seriously, we do need some food and some drinks.
My mother was hosting some who-gives-a-shit luncheon, so just take whatever the chef prepared for that.
That menu was caviar and champagne.
Yeah, and cake.
Do you not think that's enough? - Sounds good to me.
- What kind of cake? Wait.
Willow, when my father was stabbed, we were all very scared and confused.
But I'll never forget what my mother said to me.
She said that the purpose of the monarchy was to lead in times of trouble.
To stand before a confused, worried and grieving people and, in the face of profound tragedy, inspire them with our strength, nobility and grace.
So most of these people, they're scared and confused and also likely never been to the palace before.
So, we're going to help them.
And we're gonna do it in a royal fashion.
If my father was here, he'd say the same thing.
Okay? Come on, then.
Lots to do.
[CLINKS] Truth it up, Duchie.
This should be good.
[SIGHS] I didn't mean to kill Dominique.
You poisoned the woman's horse so your daughter could be Queen.
But I didn't mean to kill her.
It was an accident gone wrong.
Anyway, it's all water under the bridge now.
Which is exactly where I dumped her brother.
It's reprehensible how easily you say that.
[SIGHS] Leadership requires cruelty, Helena.
Like poisoning a horse? If you want me to apologize for the person you've become, I won't.
If you want me to apologize for the person you've become, I won't.
THE SLOW SHOW: Strangers Now I will, however, accept a thank you for this ingenious maneuver.
[CHUCKLES] Who's breaking your heart tonight? MR.
FROST: The Thames tunnel.
Finished in 1843.
First tunnel in the world built beneath a river.
Well, some would argue the Babylonians may have built the Euphrates Tunnel about 4,000 years earlier.
That one led to a palace.
How's that for full circle? They envisioned this as a gathering place for the community, for families.
Quickly turned into a shady place for thieves, whores and drug dealers.
Way of the world, my son.
Way of the world.
You know, it's a tragedy, actually.
- What's that? - You.
The fact that you couldn't take any of that knowledge and apply it to something real, something legitimate.
Like rob a palace and then give it all back? So you've been talking to Mandy.
- More than talking.
- [SCOFFS] Great.
Enjoy that.
You two were made for each other.
Oh, come on, son.
It was just a thing.
Hey, I got a new girl now.
Come on.
Hey, son! Two strangers now I thought my brother had done something horrible.
I thought I could make it right - by - Using me.
And did you make things right? No.
[SIGHS] - I'm sorry, Greta.
- You should go.
Don't say anything.
Just go.
Who are we now? Are we now? Are we By order of your government, this bridge is closed until further notice! Please disperse in an orderly fashion.
I repeat: this bridge is closed.
[SHOUTS OF DISSENT] May I? [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] As Sovereign of the Commonwealth .
and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, I instruct my military to stand down.
[CHEERING] This bridge will be a symbol, not only symbolizing the unification of this city, but the very moment we came together as people to rise above troubled waters together! [CHEERING] [WHISTLING AND CHEERING] You're good men and a credit to our country.
Let us pass.
By order of the King.
[CHEERING] Who needs one of these? Enjoy.
[GASPS] Doesn't it feel nice to do something good? Unless they rob the place blind.
Not to mention the whole "nobody in or out" thing.
You two worry too much.
They're drinking champagne, they're happy.
It's all good.
We're running low on fuzzy water.
Yes, well, we do have more in the wine cellar.
- The wine cellar.
- In the dark.
With the ghosts.
Fine, I'll go.
Oh, actually, I have more in my room.
Excuse me.
[CHUCKLES] - Princess.
- Yes.
- Where is the King? - The King? I saw the King.
He was just over there, actually.
He went to see if Jasper's OK.
Does anyone have any regard for the security of this family? Um I'm not sure it could get any worse around here.
[CHAMPAGNE CORK POPS, LAUGHTER] And it just got worse.
I need a drink.
Maybe you could tell my daughter to bring that bottle she's pouring.
[POPS] [CORK FALLS ON FLOOR] I found out I was going to live today.
My cancer's in remission.
You believe that shit? I lose the crown, and I lose Violet .
and now I'm going to live forever.
Duchie, did you kill Violet? No! - Did you have her killed? - Absolutely not.
Did you have anything to do with her disappearance? Well, I may have politely threatened her a little bit.
Did you? No.
Maybe she just left you.
Woke up one day and came to her senses.
Saw what you really are.
[BOTTLE RATTLES] The truth is, part of me was relieved when she disappeared.
It's easier this way.
Getting close to someone, needing their love, is .
Being on your own is far easier.
What about your children? Who knows if they're even mine? Trust me, those inbreds are definitely yours.
[SCOFFS] You can talk.
Your first-born son is an arsehole.
Your daughter is a slut.
And Liam is a complete and utter moron.
Liam trusted you.
And for what? So you could lead him down some dead-end path and humiliate him in front of his whole family? I thought I could work with him.
I was wrong.
His DNA's simply too defective.
Just like your two other brats.
No, you're wrong.
They're glorious, my children.
But any goodness they have, any greatness .
is in spite of me .
not because of me.
You want some truth? There it is.
Well, it looks like I'm the only one who got it right.
Oh, of course.
We bare our souls and you just traipse through the fallout all innocent and unscathed.
What are you doing on your phone, Duchie? We haven't even got a signal down here.
Well, if you must know, I'm writing a letter to my lover.
What lover? I've taken a lover.
An Italian count.
I'm writing erotica.
You're writing porn.
I've invited him here to stay with me.
Here? That's why you've come here! You've run out of money and you don't want your porn count to find out.
So, you invited your Italian stallion here.
Well, you can forget it.
I've converted your room into a closet for my shoes.
Oh, darling, your room is far too small and the walls are too thin.
An Italian count getting feely-touchy with the Duchie.
Darling, let me tell you, these new hips are fabulous.
- [CHUCKLES] - Oh, enough.
For the love of God, let me out of here! [WHIMPERS] North London.
Better homes, better cars.
And better suits.
That looks to be about my size.
[SIRENS WAIL IN DISTANCE] Really? It's blackout etiquette, son.
Power goes out and things are free for a night.
Besides, if I'm going to the palace, I need to look presentable.
I'm not taking you to the palace.
That was the deal.
Not that you've ever kept your word.
I helped you get here.
Would you really leave me behind like that? I left you behind a long time ago.
Son, come on, we're family.
No, you're not my family.
Neither are they.
And they never will be.
Do you realize you're about to throw a brick through a shop window to steal a suit? I told you, a little social breakdown isn't a bad thing once in a while.
What are you talking about? People spend their lives trying to make something better for themselves.
So their neighbors could steal from them, burn those lives to the ground.
People are opportunistic and self-interested.
They always will be.
You'll forgive me for wanting to make sure my son was in a position to take advantage of that.
No, I won't forgive you.
Whatever you're up to, I don't want any part of it.
I hope the suit fits.
Cradle to grave Goodbye, Dad.
Hey, you know why we need lights, son? Because the world is a dark place.
I'll see you in the shadows.
sink into the breadth Of all you regret All you regret Keep running Son of a bitch.
Keep running Keep running There ain't no stopping it now [SIREN WAILS] .
in what the earth possessed In faded steps Faded steps Climbing the top of the mountain Profess your worth in flesh To fade and dance Fade and dance Keep running Robby.
Cos there ain't no stopping it now I found the ambulance, but there was no sign of him.
I'm sorry.
Cos there ain't no stopping it now This way, everyone! Keep running Our home's your home.
You're all welcome.
Keep running I'm glad you're okay.
I'm fine.
Keep running Keep running Keep running Cos there ain't no stopping it now This bridge will be a symbol, not only signifying the unification of this city, but the very moment we were united as people and we rose above the troubled waters together! RUELLE: Find You I can hear the sound Of your barely beating heart - Hi.
- Hi.
Robby on the bridge? Yeah.
- No word on Jasper? - No.
Word of advice? Judging from that look on your face, don't wait.
Just tell him.
I'd tell Jasper if I could.
[APPLAUSE] Just hold on It won't be long I will find you Here inside the dark Yes! I will break through No matter where you are I will find you Are you okay? I've never been better.
Welcome home.
I will find you Darling? - Mum, where have you been? - It's a long story.
Is this my luncheon? They needed help.
I had to do something.
It's okay, sweetheart.
You made the right choice.
- I'm proud of you.
- Aw.
FREYA RIDINGS: Blackout I owe you an apology.
For Kathryn.
Not for seeing her, not for having feelings for her .
but for not telling you about it.
I should have.
And I'm sorry.
Why now? I've always known who I am.
And what I stand for.
I'm not so sure anymore.
Maybe this helps me find my way back.
Do you still have feelings for her? Yes.
Well, at least you didn't lie about it.
If you would have just let me in Who knows what Could have been Your Majesty, apparently a Count Bellagio has arrived.
Who? Your grandmother's boyfriend.
I suppose we'd better look presentable.
can I black out you? Ah, bellissimo! Bellissimo! Ciao.
Salute, hm? F-M-L.
[SIGHS] Long night.
- Join me? - No, thank you.
I just, um I'd like to be on the list.
What took you so long? The videos and stories of who you were tonight are inspiring, but it wasn't that.
I I was worried about you.
When you left, when you were out there, I I just wanted you to come back.
To the palace, to your family, andto me.
No anesthetic could Make me numb to you - How can I black out you? - [KNOCK ON DOOR] I'm sorry, Your Majesty.
The Prime Minster's on the line.
I'll leave you to it.
Also, you might want to look outside your window.
You You Prime Minister.
Yes, I understand that power has been restored to certain areas in the city.
Yes, it certainly is good news.
Speaking of power, let me ask you a question.
[CHEERING] Prime Minister, does this sound ceremonial to you? [CROWD CHANTS] Long live the King! Long live the King! Long live the King! Long live the King! Long live the King! Long live the King!