The Serial Killer's Wife (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Chapter 1

He's here. Everyone be quiet.
- Poppy.
- Ready? Daddy's coming.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh!
- Ready?
- TOM: Sorry I'm late, darling.
There'd been an emergency call-out.
I had to get this poor old guy
- Surprise!
- Surprise!
- Surprise, Daddy!
- Oh, my God!
You've taken it all over.
You're playing tricks on Daddy.
Oh, my God.
- You are
- Ta-da. Surprise.
- Yeah.
Remember to act surprised.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- You really
ADAM: Guys, guys, one for the album.
- Yeah!
- Happy birthday.
- Ehh.
All-out ridiculous.
Hello. How are you?
- Hard work.
- Thank you.
[LAUGHS] A drink?
- A drink.
- Yes.
As much fun as I'm having,
can't wait for everyone to leave.
There he is, the birthday boy.
- We got you, didn't we?
- Tell me you had no idea.
No idea.
I didn't know my wife was so
good at keeping secrets from me.
KIRAN: Really fitting into our
little community, isn't she?
And so good of you to pass
down your mother's cafe to her.
Tell me you're standing
for school governor.
Now you're finally back in
the village, it makes sense.
Hmm? We need you. I mean,
it's a family tradition.
Your mother was on the board
practically until she died.
What did she say?
"Education, the one thing
that can never be taken away from you."
- Precisely.
I don't know.
Make sure this goes smoothly.
'Cause the last thing I need
with the bosses on my back
is to not cross our Ts and dot our Is.
No, there's a reason you
want me on the team, remember?
Yeah. Well, don't make
me regret it, okay?
- We can do that next week
- if you can be free.
- Really? That's good.
- Oh?
- Yeah.
Wow. I mean
yeah, I'm hoping for
- Hi.
Like a drink?
- Yeah.
- Yes. I'll take a red.
Thank you.
Beth, do you play tennis?
Eh, well, I'm no Serena, but, uh
Why don't you join us this Saturday?
We're looking for a doubles partner.
Uh, I'd love to.
Just have to bring the
kids, you know, afterwards,
- so it's kind of
- Well, of course she's plastered
- all over the press.
- Oh, look who it is.
Found four days ago, her face
hasn't been off the front page.
JULES: Did I tell you I
heard at court yesterday
- apparently Katy was strangled?
- Oh.
And Alison Mayhew has been
missing for four weeks now.
She was last seen on
the exact same beach.
Hah. Darling, you're not
suggesting it's a serial killer?
I'm only telling you what I heard.
Well, I wouldn't jump
to any conclusions.
Well, the word from some
of the parents I know
is that Katy had many boyfriends,
so take from that what you will.
Uh, "many boyfriends"?
Always falling out in the
pub with some man or other.
I mean, if you put yourself
in risky situations
- Ah.
- Exactly.
- Yes.
[CHUCKLES] More wine?
- No, thank you.
- Thank you.
And didn't Katy work at Tom's surgery?
Uh, she left a while ago.
She left?
Yeah, Tom said she'd had
enough running around,
trying to organize chaotic doctors.
- Well
- Excuse me.
What does that mean?
I feel a bit nervous, to be honest.
I don't know. I think
Beth's the one who's nervous.
- Ooh.
I remember it. I remember it.
Boys shouldn't be outhitting me.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Hmm. Oh, well.
Oh, my God.
Jules, look at the state of you.
Oh, man. What about the trim on that?
- Really?
- Yes.
I remember that.
I cannot believe your
mother let you out like that.
My dad, actually.
I can't quite believe it, either.
Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
I-I shouldn't I
shouldn't have put that in.
No, i-it's fine.
There's bound to be
some of her in there.
[GIRL LAUGHING] Sticky. Hee!
Sticky hands. Sticky hands.
- You okay?
- Sticky hands.
- Oh.
- Oh!
- Yes, come on!
- Sticky hands. Sticky hands.
I think somebody's been eating cake.
- Is that cake?
Wash your hands
Wash those hands.
Honestly, your cake
decorating skills are
Look at it. It's a work of art.
You know the cafe would
go under without you.
That's not true.
Unfortunately everyone is
too hammered to appreciate it.
Eh, I wonder what's happening.
- Oh!
- Oh!
- Happy birthday, Tom.
Give us a speech, Tom.
- Speech.
- Ahh.
- Speech!
- Speech!
No fucking way. I'm not making a speech.
- Go on, mate. You can take this.
- Speech!
- You can take this one.
- I'm gonna
it's my birthday. it's my birthday.
- Go on!
Uh, ladies and gents,
on this fine evening,
please raise your glasses
to the best husband
- Right, Beth?
- Mm-hmm.
And not forgetting best dad
- With the best wife!
- and best friend that I know
and I've known him for, shit, 32 years.
ADAM: Haven't even the
decency to age a day.
Mind you, he has been using
moisturizer since he was 16.
- Good job!
We need to speak to Mr. Fairchild.
Can I come in?
Um, yes, of course.
Um, sorry. Do you mean Dr. Fairchild?
Is there an emergency with a patient?
Is he Is he through there?
Well, he is, but
Sorry, you can't just
walk in there. Excuse me.
Here's to you, Tom.
40 is the new 40.
Oh, mate. Lovely, lovely, lovely.
Oh, on a personal note,
I just want to say thank
you for the last year.
- You've really
- can't just walk in there.
I've I don't know what's going on.
- Sorry, what's this?
- Excuse me.
Tom Fairchild, I am
arresting you on suspicion
of the murder of Katy Asquith.
- What?
You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense
if you do not mention,
when questioned
- Sorry, is this a joke?
- rely on in court.
- You can't do this.
- Any evidence you give,
anything you say may be
used in evidence against you.
Can't you do something, Maxwell?
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Maxwell Collins, Dr. Fairchild's lawyer.
He's in no fit state to
be questioned right now.
Okay, then we'll let him sleep it off,
and we'll proceed in the morning.
- Please
- Not without his lawyer.
- You can't just take him away!
- Thank you.
- Tom!
- Okay, okay.
Okay, I'm walking with you.
Excuse me. Can't you do this tomorrow?
We have got a warrant
to search the house,
so we are gonna ask everybody here
to provide your
information to the officers
and then vacate immediately.
Sorry, right now?
Simms, do you mind going
to stand upstairs, please.
No, excuse me. Can
you just wait, please?
Kirk, can you start in the kitchen
Is this really necessary?
A young woman has been murdered,
so anything that helps
me find the killer
is very necessary, don't you think?
Okay, if everyone can start
getting your things together.
Put your glasses down.
The party's finished.
You and Poppy are
staying at mine tonight,
- okay?
- Okay. Yeah.
Straightaway, please!
Make sure you get that one.
I got a list here
I want Daddy.
Oh, darling.
He's just gone to have a chat
to help that nice police lady,
but we'll all be back
home tomorrow, I promise.
You know Daddy.
He likes to help people.
That's why he's a doctor.
Yeah, exactly.
Come on. You look tired.
Let's go to bed.
ADAM: The girls are asleep.
Thank you.
It's got to be some mistake.
Why would Tom be arrested?
I mean, it's Tom.
Why him?
He worked with Katy,
but he didn't even really know her.
He hardly mentioned her.
It's got to be a mix-up.
Um, mistaken identity or
Why did they have to take
him away in front of everyone?
All those people have known
Tom since he was a kid.
They know he's not a murderer.
It will all be sorted by tomorrow.
You'll see.
[SIGHS] Happy birthday, Tom.
- My turn! My turn!
- Come in.
- Room service.
POPPY: You're dead! You're dead!
It's a ray gun.
Oh, um, I-I thought it was okay.
Maybe I shouldn't have.
No, it's fine.
I told you to help yourself
to anything of hers.
Always loved this cardigan.
Have you tried calling the station?
Yes, and they can't tell me anything.
POPPY: Mom, come on!
- Daddy!
- Oh.
Better get your skates on.
- Unless you want me to take her.
- No.
I've got to face the
music at some stage.
[NORMAL] Hey, wait.
Hey, slow it down.
[DISTORTED] There she is.
[NORMAL] Come here.
MAN: Have a great day.
- Bye, darling.
- Love you.
- Have a good day, okay?
- Bye. Have a good one.
See you later. Off you go.
How are all your heads this morning?
Great party, eh?
Um, certainly one to remember.
You okay?
I mean, is there anything we can do?
Oh, it's all just a
big misunderstanding.
No one would ever think Tom's
capable of anything like that.
Maxwell's with him.
I'm sure he'll have him
out of there any minute now.
Has Maxwell said anything?
'Cause I haven't heard
from him. Has he
No. No, no, I haven't spoken to him.
I'm sure he'll be in touch
with you as soon as he can.
Can you let me know
- if you hear anything first?
- Of course.
I just want to get back
and see the mess the police have made.
Have you got anyone to help you
with the clear-up? Your mum or
No. No, no, no.
She, um, lives in Ibiza. She's
She's very busy with work.
Um, so I'm fine, thanks.
Yeah, I'm gonna get in touch with you.
Oh! Um, tennis.
Oh, my dad asked me to
help him with the gardens.
Done his back in again.
Can we, um, rain check?
Sure, sure. Next Saturday?
Absolutely. I've gotta go.
Oh, there she is.
Who's that?
- OLLIE: That's the, um
they let me book him, and that's all.
And how was the party, by the way?
LIBBY: Was okay.
I don't know how you stand those people.
They're so, like, up
their own arses, eh?
Better head.
He's He's got three
big sales on the go.
Thanks so much for opening.
Don't know how I'd run
this place without you.
I'm a bit behind on the baking now.
Had to clean out the food processor
and the trays after making up muffins.
Did you make sure
They're all clearly labeled, yeah.
See for yourself.
No, no, sorry.
I've just been paranoid
ever since Marnie.
You can never be too
careful with nut allergies.
It means I haven't finished
the Victoria sponges.
They're in the oven. I feel awful.
Tom's mum would have a fit
if we ever ran out of those.
Thank God she's no longer here to care.
Sorry. Sorry.
I'm just shattered.
Do whatever you think.
- Uh, what table?
- Uh, eight.
I know. Ah, thank you.
- A man has been arrested
in connection with the
murder of Katy Asquith.
There's been speculation the
murder may have been linked
to the disappearance of Alison Mayhew
- Maxwell, what's happening?
- Beth.
Why do the police still have him?
We have no idea what
the police have on him.
They're not being very forthcoming.
But Tom is being incredibly cooperative,
giving them DNA, so that should
DNA? Why would he need to do that?
Be grateful, Beth.
Hopefully the results'll
put an end to all this.
Anyway, the house search is finished,
so best you go home, tidy
up, get the dinner on.
I will have him out of there in no time.
The police will want to
talk to you, so be ready.
Okay, you haven't answered my question.
- Maxwell?
Why don't you go home, get some sleep?
Oh, I wish.
The stares I've had today.
Makes me want to scream.
I just don't get how everybody knows.
It's being shared all
over the news sites.
JULES: We're gonna sue you.
We're gonna sue you!
Stay strong, Tom. I'll call you.
Oh, for fuck's sa
Oh, that's her there.
Thanks for your
understanding. We're all
[SIGHS] done.
Just wanted to cheer you up.
You shouldn't have, really.
God, was it the police who left
it in this state, or was it us?
You tell me.
You're the one who videoed it
and then put it online
for everyone to see.
I had to, Beth.
People need to know how
brutal the police were.
Man with a totally clean record,
and they cart him off like that.
Shouldn't be allowed.
Do you need a hand with all this?
Honestly, I-I'm fine,
but I have got a lot to
do, so if I could just
Of course. I'll go.
Well, I'll walk you out.
So if you need anything
at all, call me, okay?
Thank you. Bye.
Looks like you've got a visitor.
It's probably just someone
collecting for something
- or other.
- Hi, Bethy.
Haven't you got a hug for your mother?
Have you driven all the
way from Ibiza just to help?
So kind of you.
Ibiza? What?
Oh, I-I thought that you, um
Oh, never mind.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Can I come in?
- Just please just get inside.
So did my, um
invite get lost in the post?
Where's Tom?
Oh. That explains it.
Why you let me in.
[SIGHS] So how long are you in town?
A couple of days.
And obviously you
won't want to stay here.
So how much do you want this time?
That's why you're here, isn't it?
Let's cut to the chase.
I just wanted to see you.
After what, almost a year, is it?
And I was desperate to
see my granddaughter.
- She must be so big.
Okay, you're right.
There is something I need.
The identity of the man arrested
for the murder of Katy
Asquith has been released.
Dr. Thomas Fairchild was taken
into custody last night
- by South Kent Police.
They have been
That shower is amazing.
It's like having a massage.
Have you still got that ancient laptop?
I don't have mine here.
Yeah. it's on the front seat of the van.
That's all I could
find around the house.
When Tom gets back, I
can ask for some more.
I'll pay you back.
I can help you tidy the rest
of the house if you want.
No, it's quicker if I do it.
It's okay to ask for help, Beth.
It's not a sign of weakness, you know.
Mm, you certainly managed it.
You lived your whole life on handouts.
Well, isn't that what you're doing?
Living on your husband's handouts?
Hang on.
Washing's ready.
It's Tom.
He's at the police station.
My God, are you are you all right?
- What's happening?
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Um, apparently the house search is over.
What did they take?
Um, just the laptops, tablets.
A letter arrived about court judgment,
- and, uh, I found
- Okay, Beth,
we're not gonna talk
about that now, are we?
Um, he he said also they're gonna
they're gonna want to talk to you.
Just, uh, confirm where I was Monday,
the night Katy was killed.
Monday. Um, Monday.
Uh, I went to the dentist.
Uh, shit.
Shit, I-I can't think.
It's okay. You'll remember.
Um, I was at home.
We were together the whole night
Uh, but you were in
your office, weren't you?
- I
- I gotta go.
- Bye-bye.
- Tom.
So Tom's not at work, then.
Bet you're loving this.
No, Beth, I'm not loving it.
I'm worried about you.
Well, there's no need.
It'll all get sorted
as soon as I go down
to the police station.
There's your washing.
We all done here?
You know where I am
if you need me, Bethy.
Toxicology's in.
Katy had cocaine and
Diazepam in her system.
Was there any foreign DNA?
Absolutely none.
Okay, is there an
update on Alison Mayhew?
Any kind of connection there?
Uh, nothing concrete yet.
I can't believe I've
been hauled in here.
Well, I'm happy to represent
you if you need my guidance.
The way you guided Tom with
his unfair dismissal case?
That's between you and Tom.
Now listen. This is how
we should approach this.
Where do you want me?
Uh, if you want to come
through, Mrs. Fairchild.
You need me in there with you.
Fuck off, Maxwell.
Interview with Beth Fairchild
on the 19th of May, 2023.
The time now is 16:32.
Officers in attendance, D.I.
Edgeworth and D.S. Pearson.
Right. We'll try and keep this brief.
Can I see Tom?
In good time.
Is he still under arrest?
Second interviews tend
to last a little longer.
I'm sure you understand.
EDGEWORTH: So can you tell me
how you and Dr. Fairchild met?
Why on earth do you need to know that?
EDGEWORTH: Just answer the questions.
We will get through this much quicker.
At a bar in London.
He, um He tripped over my foot.
Uh, apologized, poured me a drink.
That was that.
It's been six years now.
EDGEWORTH: And would you say
that you're happily married?
EDGEWORTH: In every way?
What does that mean?
Well, is it a healthy
marriage, would you say?
[CHUCKLES] How is this relevant?
If you're asking if we still fuck,
then the answer is yes.
Sorry, I don't understand how
Has Dr. Fairchild, your husband,
ever been violent in any way?
What do you mean? No.
To anyone?
Do you recognize this ring?
You can pick it up.
You'll notice the initials T.J.F.
What are your husband's initials?
Yeah, this is Tom's.
Do you have any idea
why this would be found
on Katy Asquith's body?
Uh, well, Tom lost this a while ago.
- That's convenient.
- It was his dad's.
They've got the same initials.
Um, he thought he'd left it at work.
She must have stolen it.
Why would you assume that?
Well, he takes it off
while he's seeing patients,
so Katy could easily have swiped it.
Tom would never have
given this to anyone.
And why would Katy want a ring
with your husband's
initials on it? Surely she
Well, she obviously wanted
it enough to take it.
Maybe she did out of revenge.
Why would she need revenge?
Well, Tom fired her.
That's why she was suing him.
Okay, so you were aware that
she was suing your husband.
Of course.
There are no secrets between us.
And how did he feel about that?
I mean, no doubt troubled.
No. No, he was confident.
I mean, he didn't think
that she had a case.
- Really?
- Well, she was upset.
Obviously about being fired.
And that's why she
How well do you know Katy Asquith?
not very. I
If I went to the surgery,
then I'd say hello,
but that was about it.
Your husband's already given
us his version of events
of the night of the 15th of May.
I wonder if you can give us yours,
just see if they tally.
Well, that's easy. I
was in all night with Tom
and Poppy, our daughter.
He got back from work about five-ish.
I made an early dinner,
and then he worked in
his office all night.
EDGEWORTH: And what were you
doing while he was working?
I put Poppy to bed,
and then I watched TV.
And he never left the office?
No, never.
Okay, so if you were
upstairs and then watching TV,
how how do you
know what he was doing?
He could have left.
Because he was there before
and after I put Poppy down,
and that only took ten minutes.
And I went past his office
to get to the kitchen,
where I watch TV.
He never left.
And you're absolutely
positive about that?
And you're aware that it's an offense
to make a false statement and
that you could be charged
Okay, I don't think
you should be worried
about me making false statements.
Maybe getting out there
and finding the real
killer is more important.
Am I free to go now?
Actually, no. There's
just just one more thing.
Um, do you know an Alison Mayhew?
No. Why?
Does your husband?
No. Unless maybe she
was a patient of his.
You sure about that?
Of course you are.
Don't have any secrets, do you?
Interview terminated at 16:37.
What do we do now?
We got nothing.
What you doing, baby?
No, show me.
- No. [LAUGHS]
- Show me. Show me.
Show me. Show me.
Did I ruin the surprise?
Didn't even give me
a chance to wrap them,
- did you?
- I love them. [LAUGHS]
Thank you.
and that's what we need to find out.
corroborate the witness statement
You didn't think to mention
that Katy was suing you.
Yeah, well, I didn't want
you to worry about it.
And they'd interviewed you before,
but you didn't want to
tell me that, either.
I knew you'd react
like this, Beth, so
Oh, I found your new porn stash.
A lot rougher than you usually like.
Jesus. Really? You want to do
this here, do you, right now?
I'm thinking, how many secrets
are you keeping from me?
Katy was an addict, okay?
We gave her every chance at the surgery,
and then we had to let her go.
Why would she think she
had a case against you?
I have no idea. Maxwell told
me it would never go to court.
I swear to you, all I
did was try to help her.
I booked her into rehab.
I persuaded the doctors
to give her another chance.
She fucking threw it all back at me.
I just wish you'd told me.
I could have helped.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
Dr. Fairchild, you're free to go.
B, I'm soaking.
Don't you want your birthday present?
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- What?
- Wait.
- What?
What's wrong?
Come here. Come here. Come here.
Hey. Hey, hey.
Yeah. Grab my hair.
I don't want to, Beth.
- Yeah, that's him.
- I don't need your excuses.
You went in all guns blazing
and came out with nothing.
All of the evidence pointed
towards him, Mayhew, Asquith.
Are you a rookie?
With all due respect, sir, I
You're free to go.
Uh, that's the wrong file.
Have a look at this digital copy.
Tom, where's the doctor been hiding?
TOM: Katy's recording.
- [KISS]
- TOM: Beth!
I hope they find the person
who did this as much as you do.
can't just pretend he
hasn't been arrested for murder.
You've been lying to me.
There's no point in denying it.
It'd just be a pity to lose everything.
Phoebe and he were together
up until she died.
Ollie Turner's been on a
downward slide for a while.
OLLIE: You can't trust
these people, man! No!
TOM: You helped find
the real killer.
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