The Serial Killer's Wife (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter 2

KIRAN: She's really fitting
in to our little community
Tom Fairchild, I am arresting you
on the suspicion of the
murder of Katy Asquith.
- CLOVER: Hi, Bethy.
Haven't you got a hug for your mother?
Did I ruin the surprise? Thank you.
So you were aware that
she was suing your husband?
Of course. There are
no secrets between us.
TOM: Katy is recording.
- TOM: Beth!
KATY: Tom, where's
the doctor been hiding?
TOM: Beth!
- Beth?
- Shit.
How's it going? You okay?
Yeah. Just, um
just going out for a fag.
you know I hate that.
Well, I couldn't sleep.
And it's been a stressful few days.
Yeah, I know.
And you've been amazing.
So maybe
maybe I can allow you just one.
Don't be long.
I won't.
TOM: It's all right.
I get it. Of course.
You know, it's natural to be concerned,
but it is important that you know
that the police did
release me without charge.
I I did my best to help
them with their inquiries.
I'll continue to do so.
And I hope they find the person
who did this as much as you do.
You know, Katy was a
a valued and much loved colleague.
And we'll miss her hugely.
I know I will.
Oh, and, uh, we're gonna be
yeah, just to show our
appreciation for her family,
we're gonna be doing a collection.
- Hey.
- Hey. How are you guys?
I, uh, brought you some cake
to help cheer you up.
TOM: donating whatever you can.
BETH: I mean, it was a huge shock.
It must have been so
hard for all of you.
It's been a lot to deal with.
It wasn't so long ago she was
sitting right where you are.
She had her issues,
but I just can't picture
anyone wanting to hurt her.
Was she seeing anyone?
She liked to date.
Think there was only
one she really liked.
I mean, she was so private.
My guess is he was married.
Beth, what's the latest?
Well, everything's good.
Tom was released last
night without charge.
That's a relief.
All a big mistake.
Bye, then.
Everything okay there?
He's not right.
I I know the cost of the wedding
has been stressing him, but
that murder sent him
even more inside his head.
He knew Katy from school.
Just hit him in a funny way.
It's hit all of us.
Hey, come in.
- Hi.
- Come in.
Oh, sorry about the mess.
- Work's crazy, and
trying to sort out
Jess' birthday party.
Ah, yes. Poppy's so excited.
Yeah. First one since Marnie,
so just want to make
sure it's really special.
- What did you want to
- Yeah.
This has got all the
photos of Poppy on it.
I wanted to print them off
for my mum before she leaves.
The place in town can't do it for ages,
and you're the I.T. supremo.
Yeah, no, I can probably do it.
Yeah. Leave it with me.
But, like, a day or two?
Uh, probably be next week.
Thanks, Adam. I appreciate it.
- Want a cup of tea, coffee?
- Yeah, a coffee,
- yeah, would be great.
- Come through.
Who knew planning a kid's
party could be so complicated?
In my day, you were lucky
if you got a goody bag.
Now it's all cupcake
towers and deejays and
I really appreciate you
letting us do Jess' birthday at yours.
He's told me everything, Adam.
About how he's been
unfaithful with Katy.
There's no point in denying it.
I'm so sorry.
I kept telling him it was wrong.
But he wouldn't listen.
There were other women,
too, not just Katy.
He said they were meaningless.
He loves you, Beth.
PEARSON: I've been calling and texting.
Well, I needed lunch and a real coffee.
Big news. Just had a call
from Lancashire Police.
Alison Mayhew has been
found alive and well.
You serious?
She, uh, ran off to the
Pennines with a new lover.
Decided to experiment
living off the grid.
Well, I mean, obviously it's good news,
but it means moving forward,
we've got to treat Katy's
murder as an isolated incident.
Can you get the team moving, all right?
We need to find out where
Katy got her drugs from.
Right, let's get back to the station.
I've got a persistent
caller to deal with.
Let's see what he wants.
Hi. Mr. Alderton, this is
Detective Inspector Edgeworth
- returning your call.
- Ah.
I gather that you are
keen to speak to me
about the Katy Asquith case.
Your messages mention your daughter.
Yes. Yes, yes, my daughter Phoebe.
well, look, after I saw
you'd arrested him
I had to speak to someone.
When you say, "him,"
I take it you're
referring to Tom Fairchild.
Phoebe and he were together
for a time,
up until she died.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
A mugging they said, you know,
gone wrong. [LAUGHS]
I never bought it.
And what sort of
mugger strangles some
strangles someone?
Her Majesty insisted on
three stories this evening.
[CHUCKLES] When I skipped bits,
she pulled me up on it. [CHUCKLES]
Kids don't miss a thing.
You okay?
I know. About Katy and the others.
Your receptionist seems to think Katy
was fucking someone
married, presumably you.
And Adam was good enough
to confirm the others.
How many have you had?
I bluffed, Tom
pretended that you confessed.
And then Adam spilled everything.
You've been lying to me,
cheating on our family.
Mm, what about you, Beth?
Tricking information out of people,
out of our friends? Is
that normal behavior?
Define normal, Tom.
Because I don't think it's normal
to fuck someone with your
hands around their neck.
I found your phone.
Texts, photos,
extreme, violent porn,
including a video of you
strangling Katy Asquith.
I wasn't strangling her.
Imagine if the police had found that.
Yeah, I'm not stupid.
Did you kill her?
Beth, come on.
Fucking like that does
not make me a murderer.
And you know that.
Where is it, the phone?
I got rid of it.
- How? Where is it now?
- I said I got rid of it.
I can't bear to be near you right now.
You know
people don't come back
from accusations like this.
Not without their spouses beside them.
Now, remember it's me who provides
for this charmed life you lead.
It'd just be a pity to lose everything.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You okay?
You coming in?
There's no milk.
Any news on the repairs?
Yeah, just waiting on the spare part.
Soon as it comes, I'll be moving along.
Don't worry.
So why didn't you tell me
about this when I first arrived?
About what's going on with Tom?
You and he aren't exactly friendly.
It's not like you need
any extra ammunition.
But you can't just pretend
he hasn't been arrested for murder.
He's been released without charge.
Oh, okay. And the police
are gonna question
him again, aren't they?
How the fuck do I know? Hopefully not,
because he's innocent.
And you know that for a fact, do you?
Yes! I do.
Because I know Tom.
You can never really know anyone, Beth.
I would never put Poppy in danger, ever.
If you don't trust my judgment
when it comes to my kid,
then maybe I should just go.
I didn't ask you to come here.
I just
I just want you to be safe.
And I want you to be happy.
I am safe.
I am happy.
I found it hard as a kid
growing up in this thing.
Moving all the time.
Well, anything was better
than staying with your father.
- And he was not a good man,
and he was not a good role model.
Can we not talk about him, please?
- Yeah, fine.
- Oh, this tap.
- Look
why don't you and Poppy
come and stay here for a bit?
Just Just take a break
from all the madness.
What, cooped up here?
- Well, we always managed
- No, we didn't.
We were poor.
You were stoned most of the time.
People took the piss out
of me. I hated every minute.
Well, it wasn't always easy,
you know, being a single mum.
In fact, it was really
difficult at times.
I hope
it was worth it.
CLOVER: 'Cause you'll be
the judge of that. [SIGHS]
Oh, come on, Beth.
For the tap.
That dripping would drive me mad.
Where you stayin', Ollie?
What's in the back? Yeah.
Ollie, Ollie, Ollie,
Ollie, what have you got?
This is
[FADING] Ollie, Ollie
- Two and sugar?
Thank you.
Thank you. Bye.
BETH: Sorry.
Look nice today.
New earrings?
[CHUCKLES] It's a present from Ollie.
Nice surprise given what an
arsehole he's been lately.
Is he at work today?
Where else would he be?
This is Phoebe Alderton.
She died six years ago.
She was dating Tom
Fairchild at the time.
Now, City Police investigated,
but they reckoned it was just
a mugging that went wrong,
and they never got anyone for it.
Her phone and her
purse were both missing,
never recovered.
The exact same M.O. as Katy Asquith.
- Yeah.
- Whose handbag's missing, too.
And both were close to
the good Dr. Fairchild.
Mike, is there any progress on
where Katy got the cocaine from?
Uh, nothing concrete yet, but I've
I've got more people to talk to, so
Okay, what about Katy's handbag?
All right, Jada, can you pull together
all of the locations Fairchild
trained, where he lived,
and then cross-match them with
the Missing Person database.
- Yeah.
- All right, uh,
- thank you, everyone.
- Yeah.
It's risky
going after Fairchild again.
No, Garland is not gonna like it.
We just go where the evidence takes us.
[SIGHS] Two possible victims.
You think it possibly could be
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Takes three.
For a serial killer, it's three.
I arranged for Poppy to
go to Adam's for the night.
With whom I've cleared
the air, by the way.
I'm ashamed, Beth.
And I am truly
The thought of losing
you and Poppy is
is just unthinkable.
And look here, I know
this is just flowers
and fucking cooking, but
I think I wanted to just
to show you what I felt.
You know, the start of the
effort that I want to make.
The food smells good.
It's risotto.
I swear the rice will be soft this time.
Why don't we have sex like we used to?
Sex with you used to feel
unexpected, urgent.
Now it just
Got boring.
And then you
I mean, I
I guess it was Poppy.
You know? I mean, she arrived and was
just so, so beautiful.
And you were so focused on her.
So the moment I pushed
a baby out of my vagina,
- I became unattractive.
- No.
That is not what I'm
I think you just
you know, you became the
mother of my child, and it
it didn't feel right to do that anymore.
Did it ever occur to you
that I might have missed it?
I mean, we we still
have plenty of sex, I think.
Yeah, but it's not as good.
No, it's not.
Yeah, and I guess that's
[SIGHS] when I started watching,
I mean, just loads
of fucking porn and
We had an agreement.
Why didn't you include me?
What? So I never let you put
your hands around my neck,
so you found someone else to do it with?
And I will get help, okay?
I'm gonna get help, counseling.
Whatever it takes.
But I can't do it on my own.
Kate, I need you.
I need you beside me
my wife.
TOM: All right, mate. Fucking hell.
Slow down.
I apologized already, didn't I?
You made me look like a dick.
I like Beth. Put me
in an awful position.
Yeah. This will not happen
again, all right? Believe me.
Extracurricular activities are over.
Now come on, mate. Keep up.
Come on, mate!
Hoo hoo!
Eh, fuck.
Come on, then. Let's go.
All right, then. Go mad.
Here they come!
TOM: Watch this, mate. Watch this.
Watch this. Watch this.
Ah, for fuck's sake.
- Hoo hoo hoo hoo!
- Alpha dog strikes again.
- Daddy! Daddy!
Well, you had a head start, but
TOM: Hey, lookit.
- Daddy! Daddy!
- Hey, little one.
How are you?
- Well done, Daddy.
- Did you quit, mate?
Yeah, tell me we're racing next time.
Great. Great. Daddy's useless, isn't he?
- Daddy's useless.
- Hey, mate.
Can I have another one?
- Here.
- Yes.
Have we got the other ones?
That it?
This isn't far from where
they found Katy's body.
Oh, for God's
Why would you bring that up?
Have you heard if the police
have made any progress?
Not yet.
But I would be prepared.
Very likely the police
will keep digging.
You, Tom, 'til they find something.
Or until something
more exciting turns up.
I just want to move on,
get on with our lives.
You know, Katy had drugs in her system.
If I were the police,
I'd be working that angle.
Not to mention all the men
she was sleeping with
Is there a big drug scene around here?
[CHUCKLES] We live on the coast.
That's how the drugs come in.
It is a nasty business.
Okay, that's right, girls.
Put your hands in the air.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
- 1, 2, 3, 4.
Okay, that's right, girls.
Put your hands in the air.
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2
Oh, hi.
Hi, Libby. Can I come in?
Just burning those calories.
Got to fit into that bloody dress.
Is Ollie around?
He's at work.
This is gonna sound a bit weird.
Um, I was out the other day,
and I saw Ollie with some men.
It looked like he was dealing drugs.
I felt I had to mention it.
He was into all that years ago.
He went right to the edge,
but I got him back.
At least, I thought I had.
Well, you said he hasn't
been himself lately.
And he, um
knew Katy.
Her earrings.
What's going on?
LIBBY: Called your work phone.
It's been cut off.
They're issuing new ones next week.
You're lying through your
teeth. I e-mailed you.
I got a bounce back saying
you'd left the company.
- Okay, okay. They fired me.
I don't want to worry you with
the wedding and everything.
I'll just get another job. It's fine.
You've been spotted, Ollie.
I know you're dealing again.
Is this her?
Hmm? Your rich fucking bitch
boss spreading lies about me.
Why did you get me a
dead woman's earrings, Ol?
It doesn't look good, Ollie.
How else would you have got them?
- Ollie!
- Fuck this, man!
Libby! Oh, God.
You okay? It's okay.
Here's the stuff I couldn't part with.
I just want justice for her.
I'll go and make the tea.
Have a look through them.
She was the same age as me.
Yeah, can you bag that up?
Find out from I.T. what it is.
- Mike.
- Two things.
Tell Jada her MISPER files have arrived.
Looks like they should
keep her busy for a bit.
And, boss
you got some visitors.
[SIGHS] You carry on.
All right, when you say visitors
I'm not sure I can do this.
You've been walking around,
wearing a murder victim's earrings.
I don't think you've got a choice.
What if we got it wrong?
I mean, it could all be
some kind of mix-up, right?
Well, then it will all work out, okay?
But this is the right thing to do.
Maybe Ollie knows something
that can help them find the real killer.
So it begs the question.
What's the sprinter's reward
for surviving the mountains?
Well, easily answered.
As you can see here, having
the best seats in the house
to watch this breakaway.
Well, looking to take a surprise
[DOOR OPENS] here at this stage,
Asgreen at the ending.
Quick Step Team for a
victory at the 2021 Tour
after proving the quickest
from a break quartet of escapees.
And, well, a win today would leave him
just three stages away
from a second overall
I was at the police
station with Libby earlier.
Turns out their new
prime suspect is Ollie.
Oh, my God.
That cocky little prick.
Wh-Why were you at the police station?
He gave a pair of earrings
to Libby as a present,
but they were Katy's.
Plus he's into drugs, behaving oddly.
So I persuaded her to go to the police.
He acted so guilty, Tom.
So you
helped find the real killer.
I wouldn't go that far.
They still have to find him,
talk to him.
But you did it for me.
I did it for us.
No more secrets.
No more lies.
And he has got a record for dealing,
weed, coke, assault.
He was never charged.
He ended up in rehab.
Yeah, no, absolutely.
We will keep you posted.
Okay. Okay, thanks.
Okay, go.
Uh, by all accounts,
Ollie Turner's been on a
downward slide for a while.
About week or so ago, he lost his job.
They, uh, found bundles of white powder
hidden in his desk drawer.
Okay, so not exactly a pro, then.
These were in the toilet cistern.
Okay. See if we can match this
with the stuff that we found
in Katy Asquith's bloodstream.
We'll try, but this is
what you really need to see.
Just came in from a sales property
that Turner had access to.
It's remnants of a handbag
matching the description
of Katy Asquith's.
her driver's license.
That makes two of us.
Well done. Well done.
Say, "Cheese."
That is a good token for Tom
now he's running for School Governor.
Here we are.
We were just talking
about the new suspect.
Hmm. I heard his fiancée
was the one who gave him up.
Beth, I'm surprised you'd
let her be here today.
Especially with the kids and everything.
What do you mean?
I just think we need to be careful
about who we let into the fold.
I couldn't agree more.
Can I take that for you?
Thank you.
No sign of Ollie?
Police are tearing the house apart,
just like they did here.
Don't worry. I've got your back.
Thanks, Beth.
ADAM: There you go.
I'll go and get some.
Jess is loving this. Thank you so much.
- It's my pleasure.
- It's amazing.
- Oh, no. Uh-oh.
- It's a bike! It's a bike!
- What's all this?
What do you think it is,
mate? It's not for me, is it?
- Thank you, Uncle Tom.
- She's already got a bike.
Yeah, but this is a nice one.
Way too generous, as usual.
No, it's not.
Yeah, it's good, isn't it?
Mmm. Be right back.
- Eh?
- She loves it.
- She does.
Right, Jess?
OLLIE: Please. Please, you can't
stay here with these people.
- No, please, man. Libs, Libs
- Please don't. Please don't.
Just trust me. Please, baby.
I just need five minutes
with you outside, man.
You can't trust these people, man.
- Libby.
- You okay?
- She's fine.
We were both fine until you
stuck your oar into our life!
Why don't we just all sit down and chat?
And you can explain everything
that you need to to the police.
Fuck that! They'll
never listen to me, man.
Please, Ollie, you've got
to hand yourself in.
This has gone way too
I just wanted to make extra cash.
I wanted you to have
the best wedding ever.
You fucked it, 'cause there
isn't gonna be a wedding now.
- I will never marry you.
- No, no. You don't mean that.
- Yeah, I do. I do.
- Oh, babe.
'Cause I'm not gonna marry
a killer, not now. Not ever.
- No, man, I wasn't
- Hey, hey, hey!
You need to get the
fuck out of my house.
Don't fucking touch me, prick!
- OLLIE: Move, man!
- You okay? Yeah?
- Ollie!
- He's gonna do something stupid
- to himself. Please.
- I'll make sure he's okay.
- Call the police.
- Sure.
That card of Phoebe Alderton's
you asked me to look at,
it was some sort of membership card
for an underground club
night called The Vault.
Yeah, I've never heard of it.
Well, we've only got the name and logo.
There's not actually much else online,
bar a couple of mentions in forums.
Looks like it moves
to different locations,
so it's hard to know where and when
the night is gonna take place next.
And what kind of club
night we talking about?
Kink, BDSM, swinging.
Looks like an illegal sex club.
Boss, we got a hit on Ollie Turner.
All right, Jada, can
we pick this up later?
No problem. I'll keep digging.
Okay. Thank you.
- Ollie!
- Ollie!
- Ollie!
- Come on, Beth.
What are the chances
of actually finding him?
I promised Libby. She
said he might come here.
- It's where he proposed.
- Oh, my God.
Tom, please. He's in a vulnerable state.
Yeah, he's off his fucking
face on God knows what.
I can't help feel that
this is all my fault.
Beth, Beth, Beth, Beth. Come on.
You helped the police get
information. That is all.
And he's guilty, isn't he?
Why else is he running?
I'll look along the harbor
arm. You carry on here.
BETH: Ollie!
DISPATCHER: Suspect Oliver Turner
last seen at Folkestone Harbor.
All units in the vicinity to
make their way to the area.
- Ollie!
Ollie! Tom, he's here!
- Beth!
Ollie, please. Please don't hurt me.
Please. All this can get sorted.
- Sorted, how? Hmm?
Sorted, how?
- Fucking let
- I didn't do anything!
Hey, you get the fuck away from me!
You turned Libby against me, man.
- PEARSON: Ollie!
- You made up lies about me!
- No, no. I just
I just did what I thought was right.
No, fuck your bullshit!
You did it to save him!
- Tom.
- You're gonna tell the police
so that I can get Libby back.
- Ollie!
- Ollie!
Ollie. Ollie, I am Detective
Inspector Edgeworth.
I'm investigating the
murder of Katy Asquith.
You're wasting your time with me!
I-I barely fucking knew
her, like hardly at all, man!
Okay, why don't you just
let Beth go, and we can
- we can talk about this calmly.
- No, no, no, no. She stays.
Look, I didn't kill Katy, all right?
I didn't touch her. I
just sold her drugs, okay?
Coke, weed sometimes,
that's all. Nothing crazy.
She was dead when I
got there, I swear down.
I-I took her stuff to sell.
No, I-I know I'm a prick,
stealing from a dead woman,
but she was
I've never seen a dead person before.
Hey, don't fucking move.
Hey, what the fuck is he doing?
Get back! I told you the truth!
No, it's because you've
got a knife, all right?
There is a life in danger.
To make you fucking listen!
No, they don't fucking believe me.
- You need to tell them.
- Ollie, it's gonna be okay.
- Tell them what? Tell them what?
I saw him near the beach
the night Katy died,
running near her body.
- Who?
- Your fucking husband, man!
PEARSON: Put the knife down!
- I said put down the knife!
Armed police! Taser! Taser! Taser!
[DISTORTED] Over here!
PEARSON: It's broken, isn't it?
Stay with me, Ollie, yeah?
Come on.
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