The Serial Killer's Wife (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter 3

You've been lying to me.
I found your phone
and you're the I.T. supremo.
ADAM: trying to
sort out Jess' party.
First one since we lost Marnie.
EDGEWORTH: This is Phoebe Alderton.
Phoebe and he were
together until she died.
EDGEWORTH: And what kind of
club night we talking about?
Why did you give me a
dead woman's earrings, Ol?
BETH: Their new prime suspect is Ollie.
OLLIE: I saw him the night Katy died.
- Who?
- Your fucking husband!
- Taser! Taser!
- Beth.
- Sorry. What?
Have you read the statement?
Okay, could you, uh,
just sign it for me here?
Sorry for keeping you so late.
It's just better to do these things
when it's fresh in your mind.
So you say here that Ollie
screamed at you for reporting him.
Did he say anything else before he died?
No, nothing.
You okay?
I can get someone to come and
speak to you confidentially
I'm fine, thanks.
Mrs. Fairchild, one more thing.
Do you know a Phoebe Alderton?
No. I-I don't think so.
Are you sure?
GARLAND: Thank you for your time.
You've been very accommodating
this time of the evening.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
- I was just ask
- The case is closed.
Ollie Turner had motive,
means, and opportunity.
All the evidence proves
that he was with Katy the
night she died, all right?
He admitted it. So
whatever you're thinking,
let it go.
REPORTER: Police have
announced the death of a suspect
in the murder of Katy Asquith.
REPORTER 2: hostage at
knifepoint yesterday evening
has died. Ollie Turner
REPORTER 3: has died.
Oliver Turner led South Kent Police
on a search for two days,
which ended at Folkestone Harbor.
Did you get any sleep?
Not really.
Keep seeing Ollie's face.
I haven't seen a dead person before.
Yeah. Well
I mean, he brought it
on himself, didn't he?
He He killed someone.
No. No, no, no, no.
He said he just took her handbag.
- He said
- Okay, well, I wouldn't
trust a word that comes out
of that drug dealer's mouth.
Was he lying when he said he
saw you out running that night?
- Beth
- Don't.
I was with Poppy upstairs.
You could have been anywhere.
Yeah, I was in my office.
You are lying. I know it.
This is your one chance
to tell me the truth,
or I'm going to the police.
Jesus. Okay. [CHUCKLES]
- I went for a run.
- Oh, God.
You lied to the police.
Yes, Beth, I did. Wouldn't you?
We were having an
affair! Katy was suing me!
Of course they were gonna pin it on me!
- But I swear to you on Poppy's life
- Ugh.
I have nothing
to do with her murder.
Well, if Ollie saw
you, anybody could have.
You've got to tell them the truth.
No, okay? No.
I swear to you no one knows, just you.
You said no more secrets.
You have got to be honest with them.
- You have got to tell them.
- If I'm honest, Beth,
if I'm honest with them
then I have to tell them that
you were complicit in the lie.
My alibi.
And then what?
I mean, I would hate for Poppy
to end up with us both in prison.
Daddy! Daddy!
I'm going to wacky club!
Yes, you are going to wacky club.
Yes, you are!
- What?
- Parent-teacher meeting tonight.
Daddy's gonna be voted
in as school governor.
Now, who loves you the most?
- Daddy.
- Yes.
And, you know, I will never
ever leave your side, okay?
[GROANS] Let's go.
- We're gonna be late.
TOM: Okay, coats and bags.
Coats and bags. Come on.
- Bye, darling.
- Hey, give me that.
Let's go.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run!
Run, run, run, run,
run! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Run!
Come on! Come on!
Do you go clubbing much?
Hmm? What?
Do you go clubbing much?
Yeah, a fair bit. Why?
Do you know any deejays?
Dated a few.
I'm finding it hard to get
anything concrete on this club.
If you know some deejays, maybe
they might have played there.
I need to know where this
club is held and when.
It's worth a try.
You want my coffee?
Don't smoke in the car.
Yeah, sorry.
Do you
mind if I
No, go ahead.
How are you doing?
Do you think Tom's a good liar?
Uh, where's this come from?
The night that Katy was killed,
I thought that he was
in his office all night.
[SIGHS] He let me think that, too.
Turns out he was out running
on the beach right where she died.
- Jesus.
- I know.
What That doesn't mean he
Doesn't it?
I gave him his alibi.
He probably totally forgot.
I mean, it's it's hard
to remember what you do
one week to the next.
The policewoman made me sign a statement
swearing that he was home all night.
And last night, she asks
about Phoebe Alderton.
- Why would she bring her up?
- No idea.
But all of a sudden,
they're asking about her.
So what did you tell the police?
Big, fat lie.
Whenever people ask, I always tell them
I met Tom in a bar.
Which is true.
it was a bar in a sex club.
That's where I met Phoebe.
When Edgeworth asked me about her,
I just panicked. I
I lied, pretended I didn't know her.
So you were friends?
Mm, not friends.
More like
Oh, you don't have to
I met her when she was dating Tom.
The three of us had fun together.
But after a month or
two, she stopped coming.
Tom and I started seeing
each other exclusively.
Well, the police aren't
going to know about that.
How could they? Uh
That phone I gave you
to fix, is it ready?
Mate from work is on it.
It should be done by now.
Could you check?
Is that okay? I-I just
Yeah. Yeah, no, I'll give him a bell.
- Thank you.
- Hmm.
EDGEWORTH: Jada, any leads on The Vault?
Could your deejay
friend tell us anything?
JADA: He was a bit cagey,
but he came up with a name,
Anneka Kovalenko.
She ran a bar
where he thinks The Vault
took place a few times.
Her studio's in the city.
Might be worth paying a visit.
Anneka Kovalenko?
Depends. Who's asking?
D.I. Edgeworth.
What do you know about this?
Have you heard of The Vault?
It's like an urban legend, right?
Why? You want to join?
It's meant to be one hell of a party.
For the right kind of people.
I need the membership list.
Do you know where I can get that?
Are you good at keeping secrets?
Two women are dead
maybe more, so don't fuck me about.
Why don't you get me
the membership list,
tell me what I need to know
before some other
poor girl ends up dead?
[SIGHS] It's held once a month,
different locations.
We send out the details by text.
I've got the list of members
in my studio upstairs.
PEARSON: Jesus. You're
gonna get us both suspended.
EDGEWORTH: Listen. Tom
Fairchild's been a member
of an illegal sex club, the
same one as Phoebe Alderton.
Imagine who might come forward
if the press got hold
of a story like that.
PEARSON: Yeah. The
Fairchilds won't like that.
Hey, did you get any sleep?
WOMAN: Oh, that's her.
And I'm just glad you're okay.
It's been hectic in here today.
That's the one good thing
that's come out of Tom's arrest.
Business is booming.
[SCOFFS] Wondered why it was so busy.
- Haven't sat down once.
- Well, Mum, you don't need to do this.
Don't be daft. I'm just up the road.
And I owe you for the
camper van repairs anyway.
You know I've never
asked you for that money.
I know. I'm
Look, babe, I'm here. I'm happy to help.
Oh, um
you have a visitor.
And she insisted on waiting.
What's she doing here?
Shouldn't you be at home?
You look exhausted.
I didn't sleep a wink.
I kept playing everything
over and over in my mind.
I'm so sorry for yo
Are you?
Of course I am.
You made me go to the police.
You convinced me.
But I know [LAUGHS]
I knew Ollie.
He wasn't capable of murder.
And I kept on thinking why would
why would someone want
Ollie to take the blame?
I don't understand what you mean.
So everyone looks the other way
and all the time,
the real killer gets away with it.
I think you've got the wrong idea.
Have I?
Guess we have to live
with the choices we made.
Oh, and, Beth
I quit.
What the fuck do you
think you're doing?!
- Just leave it. Leave it, Mum.
- Hey!
- No.
- Leave it!
Can't let them get away
with it, the bastards!
Stop it. Just stop it.
What the hell are you looking at?
Get inside. You're making a scene
- embarrassing yourself.
I'm making a scene?
Wh-What planet are you on?
What are you doing? Just stop!
You can't just make
everything nice and pretty,
and then life goes back
to being perfect, Beth.
That's not how it works.
That's better than living in poverty
and pretending to enjoy it.
Moving from town to
town, barely getting by,
do you call that a life?
I did that for you.
I did that to protect you,
so that he could never find us.
Ah, bullshit!
You could have gone to the police.
Are you joking? They were his mates.
- I had no choice.
- Um, so you say,
but I never did get to
hear Dad's side, so
[SCOFFS] Okay.
No, I'm
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Mum, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry.
- TOM: Beth.
Did you speak to a journalist?
Or did someone phone you?
- [SIGHS] No.
- It's on the fucking Internet, Beth.
"Arrested doctor and his
sordid sex club past."
Oh, my God.
Wha I didn't say anything.
So how the fuck do they
know about it, then?!
The Vault, Phoebe,
everything we used to do.
Does it say that you used to
strangle her? Is that in there, too?
- Get off your fucking horse.
- No!
We all wanted those things!
We didn't. I thought Phoebe did,
but it was you. It was always you!
Okay, okay. All right, Beth.
Whatever helps you sleep.
Well, there's no point
blaming each other, is there?
It's done.
So what we need to do now is keep face,
or we're both fucking ruined.
What do you mean? How
What are you doing?
I'm getting ready for
the PTA meeting, Beth.
- So are you.
- Oh, my God.
I can't. Don't make me.
The whole village will be there.
If you don't, we'll look like
we've got something to hide, right?
You've benefitted from being
a Fairchild long enough.
I think you need to
start acting like one.
So we're gonna go out there,
and we're gonna show
everyone that this is nothing,
lies, a mistake.
I'm gonna be awarded school governor,
and you're gonna be right beside me.
Or would you rather stay
here and hide away
and have everyone
gossip behind your back?
Yeah, thought not.
- Nah, I don't know.
Thanks for your time.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, you don't know nothing.
- JADA: Boss.
- Jada, Hey.
Do you find any missing persons
on The Vault membership
list that I sent you?
There's one woman who died,
drowned in Thailand last summer,
and another who is missing,
Ella Jones, originally from Glasgow.
She disappeared back in 2011
while studying at Durham.
But apart from her and
our friend Dr. Fairchild
being members of this club,
there's no connection between them.
He never worked in Durham,
never lived there or in Scotland.
So just one woman unaccounted for
on that whole list?
I've been looking, but half
the names are fake, boss.
My guess, most of them
don't want to be traced.
Oh, it's him.
there she is.
Is that her?
- Hey.
- Hi.
I didn't expect to see you here.
Are you okay?
- I can't believe
- Tom's idea.
United front and all that.
I'm counting the seconds.
Just tell me they've stopped gawping.
Yeah. You're fine.
They'll forget about it all soon.
Want a bit of good news?
I got your phone. Mate fixed the screen.
No charge. I owe you one.
Thank you.
TOM: Why they don't serve booze
at these things, I don't know.
KIRAN: Good evening, everybody.
Welcome to tonight's annual PTA meeting.
We've got school business,
fundraising and targets,
followed by a short break.
Then we'll announce
the new school governor,
who'll be joining our dedicated team.
I mean, to be honest with you,
you've got to hand it to
her coming here tonight.
I wouldn't be surprised
if she's been shagging
anything with a pulse
in that filthy club.
WOMAN 2: Maybe she was
even a member herself.
WOMAN 1: Don't know
what you'd catch, though.
[WOMAN 2 LAUGHS] I know.
WOMAN 1: I don't know who
would go to those places.
- They're just so base.
- Yeah.
- Jules.
Ladies, you really
should give it a whirl.
Never know.
Might like it.
What's that, juice?
- Sounds good, yeah.
- All right.
After you.
- Come on. It's starting.
KIRAN: So the big moment has arrived.
I'd like to announce the
new governor of our school.
He's a real pillar of our community
and a thoroughly decent chap, to boot.
Please all give a huge cheer
for Tim Holden.
- Congrats, and welcome.
- Thanks.
- Absolutely.
- Thank you so much.
I just want to say thank
you so much for the honor.
I'm so honored, and, um, I
just wanted to let you know
that I will not let you down. Thank you.
KIRAN: Thank you, all,
again, and good night.
I need to go with you.
Poppy left her P.E.
kit at yours earlier,
and, um, I need to get it.
Beth, you don't need to do that now.
Adam can bring it tomorrow.
- It's okay, isn't it?
- Yeah, sure.
No, she needs to wear it
in the morning, so it
It's late. I want to go home, okay?
Let's get Poppy.
- Are you okay?
- Mm-hmm.
BOY: You're lying.
Adam. Adam.
Adam. Adam.
- Adam.
- Beth.
- [CRYING] I-I'm so sorry.
- What?
All this time, I've been so stupid.
- I should have known.
- Slow down.
Slow down. What are you talking about?
I-I have protected him for too long.
- Protected who, Tom?
- I saw how he was with Phoebe.
He went too far, and I just ignored it.
I-I should have known it would escalate.
He fucking loves the power.
It is sick. He's He's sick.
What, y-you think he killed Phoebe?
I-I lied to you.
This phone, it's not mine.
It's Tom's. He used
it for all his affairs,
filming himself choking
those women, and then I
- and then I saw
- What?
Beth, y-you're scaring me.
I shouldn't have I
shouldn't have lied for him.
I should have told the police,
but I was just afraid
that I'd lose everything.
It's pathetic.
[CRYING] And then I saw
What? What is it?
The No. He
- Well, show me.
- No.
- Show me. Show me. Why
- I can't.
Why not? Show me.
Show me.
I-It's Marnie.
It's Marnie.
- She
This is here. Why Why is he here?
- ADAM: No.
No. What the fuck?
- It's
- What?
No. Why
What the Why?
Why was he film
He filmed Marnie dying.
Why wouldn't he help her?
Why wouldn't he help her?
Why would he have been filming her?
He let my wife die.
He let Marnie die.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
Were they having an affair?
We've got We've
got to call the police.
No. No, no. Not 'til I've
got Poppy away from him.
No, you're not going
back there. You can't.
We have to pretend all is fine,
just until he's out of the house.
I'll get Poppy, and then we
Where will I go?
Uh, there's only my mum's, and he'll
he'll go straight there.
Uh, my my boss has a
holiday place in Sussex.
- You'll be safe there. I can take you.
- Okay. Okay.
You drop Jess, and then you come to mine
after he's gone to work in the morning,
about 10:00, okay?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay?
Adam, I'm I'm so sorry.
PEARSON: What we doing here, boss?
Much as I love a dander.
EDGEWORTH: I visited here
once when I was a kid.
Loved it.
The smell of the sea.
Nothing changes.
But now all I can think about
is this is the last thing
that Katy Asquith ever saw.
Not this again. [SCOFFS]
What if it wasn't Ollie?
I went to the caravan park yesterday,
and he was there the
day that she was killed.
The guys that I spoke to
were too wasted to to
remember what time he left,
but what if he didn't
come up here until late
- took the money, but didn't
- Ah, no, the case is closed.
I don't know why you'd do this.
Okay, hear me out. Look.
this is Ella.
22, third year at Durham University.
So? He doesn't have any
connection to Durham.
No. No, but he was a houseman
at the Charlotte Wyre Hospital in Oxford
the same time that she went missing.
Here she is doing a
charity bike ride in Oxford
and then a picture of her
in a cast on the same day.
So I'm guessing that
she came off the bike
and she ended up in A&E.
And that is where she met Fairchild.
Two months later, she was last seen
boarding a bus to Oxford.
I know it's a long shot,
but I've managed to
get ahold of the address
where he lived when he was there.
All right, how are you gonna
search the house without a warrant?
Same guy owns it as when Tom left.
I think if I just butter him up
He'll let us do an unofficial search.
Fuckin' hell.
You don't give up, do you?
Come on!
[GASPS] You, um, scared me.
No kiss?
You look tired.
I didn't sleep very well.
I woke up, and you weren't there.
Well, I came down to make some hot milk.
don't you have clinic this morning?
Sounds like you want to get rid of me.
No, it's, um
it's quiet, so I
thought I'd go in late
spend a bit more time with my girls.
In that case, can you take
those to the cafe for me?
And face the vulture press,
determined to ruin an
innocent man's life.
At least I've still got you, haven't I?
Of course.
[SIGHS] Mum says, um, she
needs these right away.
Uh, I'll
I'll take Poppy en route.
Uh, no, she's shattered.
I'll I'll take her in later.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You know best.
Thank you.
PEARSON: It's been very useful to me.
So he confirms what we already
knew from the council website.
There's been no construction
work of any kind,
bar a new kitchen.
And did he say anything
about the previous tenants?
Mm. Said he only met the lads
that lived here before him once
briefly when he viewed the place.
Boss, we're
we're flogging a dead horse here.
Come on. Let's head back.
What, nothing else?
Man seemed more keen
to talk about gardening
and his bloody shed.
EDGEWORTH: What about the shed?
Oh, the renters left a
great new shed apparently.
Thought he was gonna have to buy one,
and then he moved in, and
suddenly it was just there.
Why would a renter put up a new shed
when they're about to move out?
you're not gonna like this.
We need an excavation team.
- BETH: Hi.
- There you are.
Thank you.
ADAM: Uh, I'm bit up to my
eyes in work at the moment.
Yeah, sorry, mate. Just take a sec.
Uh, is is this what you
Can you tell me why Beth was here?
- Go on.
Need a few more over here.
Hi. This is Adam.
Please leave a message.
Get Get the
Get the
BETH: Darling
you okay with all of that?
Can you help me?
Darling, we need to hurry up.
- Let me.
- It has to go in.
You have to go in.
Let me help you. All ready.
- Let's go.
- Uncle Adam's here.
You going somewhere?
Daddy, you've got a sore.
Oh, sweetheart, I know I do.
It's okay, though.
It's just a little cut.
Um, Pops, why don't you go upstairs,
and I'll help Daddy bandage his hand.
- But you said
- Um, uh
Oh, what did Mummy say?
What did Mummy
You know, I meant it when
I said I'd never leave you.
Could you put her down, please?
You're gonna get blood on her.
put her down.
BETH: Okay.
Darling, why don't you go
next door to Mrs. Bennett's,
okay, and wait for me there.
Yeah? I won't be a minute.
- Good girl.
- Bye, Daddy.
Bye, sweetheart.
Got this back.
Ma'am, we've got something.
Phone the team back at the office.
Get Fairchild back in.
Nice one.
TOM: You thought I just
wouldn't find out, did you,
that you've been plotting
with Adam all this time?
It wasn't like that.
I saw you, Beth, last night!
Well, I-I needed some advice.
What, so you turned to him?
No, I-I needed someone to talk to.
- Huh? What?
That's why you gave him
that's why you gave him
my phone, is it? Huh?
I gave I did it to protect you.
You did it to incriminate me, Beth.
You told me you got rid of it.
Huh? You lied to me.
I lied foryou! I gave you an alibi!
And all the time, you killed Marnie.
How could you do that?
- Ma-Marnie?
- How could you do
What the fuck are you talking about?
Is that what he told you? Huh?
Fed you lies while he fucked you, huh?
If you'd just trusted me
What happened?
- We need Poppy.
- I've called the police!
BETH: What the No!
Get off him!
Tom, get off him!
BETH: They're gonna put you away.
They're gonna put you away
for the rest of your life.
No. No.
- Are you okay?
- He's got the phone.
We need to get it to give to the police.
- Yeah.
Adam, wait!
Adam, slow down.
Slow down. Slow down.
Can't let him get away with it.
- Please.
- Shut up, Beth!
- Come on.
- Leave it to the police!
You're gonna get us killed!
Slow down. Slow down.
MAN: Lower it down. Lower it down.
No one inside.
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