The Serpent (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Are you a dangerous man? The question first is whether I committed murder.
And did you? The courts, they have decided - no.
I have faced trials, I have faced allegations.
And the courts, they have decided.
That doesn't answer my question, does it? That's my answer.
There are those who would say you got away with it.
That's what Time magazine said.
Perhaps it's true.
After all, I cannot now face trial anywhere in the world.
Time to party, girls.
Come on.
Wait, wait, wait.
Alain! This is Alain, who I was telling you about.
Welcome to Kanit House.
Get them a drink, Ajay.
With pleasure.
Relax, we must take the fever down.
I want to go home.
you get me down you bring me down in the FBI six feet high Our home is in Bangkok, but next summer we will open offices in Paris and Zurich.
We have a network of couriers throughout Asia and Western Europe.
Which is how we're able to offer such attractive prices.
six feet high Sorry.
Oh, sorry.
Who are you buying for? Oh.
I'm not really buying.
You're Dutch? Yes.
But you are not entirely gweilo, are you? You are like me.
My father is from Indonesia.
Mine is Indian.
My mama is from Vietnam.
But listen to me and I am French.
It can be confusing sometimes.
I'm Alain.
My wife, Monique.
Oh, hi.
Don't you want to know the cost? OK, yeah.
That one.
Then you are buying for someone.
What is her name? Lena.
Lena? Wow, is he a professional? He is.
You are in very good hands.
If you'd like, I'm certain I can break him down to this.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I I should go.
My friend .
how long have you been gone from home? A year.
You have not run out of money yet? No, we've been, er, sensible.
But still, you want to tell Lena that you love her.
Yeah, of course.
If I told you I could have you made a sapphire set in diamonds on a platinum ring for half the price I just showed you, what would you say? Hello, again.
Mon dieu, you're so pretty.
There's no obligation.
Try it on.
Wow! Still a lot of money.
We understand.
You do not need to decide now, do they? Of course not.
We're going to see you in Bangkok, yes? Well, all right.
Are you sure it's OK for us to stay? Yes, of course it is.
Our home is always open to friends.
Let him buy you the ring, Lena.
Mr Knippenberg? Yes, Lawana.
Oh, I'd forgotten.
Ah, what time did the others leave? That long, huh? It's just this gentleman, Mr Hilgers, is asking for help in locating his sister-in-law, Helena Dekker, and Willem Bloem, her boyfriend.
To help us, he also enclosed an accompanying package of holiday photographs and letters home.
But that package has not arrived.
How can we help find them if we've lost their damn photographs? Perhaps if you left it with me? Of course.
What do they say, Yotin? They talk about communists, sir.
In Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia.
They ask if Thailand might also fall to revolution.
Well, it might improve the traffic.
Yotin, it started at four and it's already quarter past.
Surely it would be quicker to walk.
What? This is Athithaya Road.
The athletic club is only three or four blocks north.
But Mr Knippenberg I can't just sit here.
Oh, sorry.
Sh! Herman! Hi.
Are you all right? Ambassador.
This is Knippenberg.
My Third Secretary.
Knippenberg, this is Giles Easton, my opposite number with the British.
How do you do? How do you do? Good afternoon.
Good shot! Ambassador, may I speak with you briefly? That is Mrs Knippenberg.
I told Angela to play with De Jongh, as you were late.
You didn't tell me she was learning Thai.
Did I not? To add to the four or five other languages she already speaks.
If she wasn't German, I'd offer her a job.
Well, if you weren't Dutch, I might take it.
Ambassador, may I speak with you briefly on a consular matter? I thought the office was shut.
Yes, no, of course.
But I thought this was rather urgent.
Two young Dutch backpackers.
Their families haven't heard from them in over two months.
Knippenberg, when did you last speak to your mother? And does she write letters declaring you missing? It's not a diplomat's job to go chasing after longhaired bums.
If it's for anyone, it's for the Thai police.
Pass it on to them if you're so concerned.
Yes, sir.
Of course, Ambassador.
Oh! Good shot.
Once again, a Dutch triumph over you Brits.
Yes, please! Hey, Herman.
What was all that? It's, er Two missing Dutch.
Worried family.
But it's a police matter, apparently.
My mother warned me about this.
He takes his work too seriously.
He will never take the day off to make love to you on the 15th floor of the Siam Point.
Well, it only has eight floors, so, technically, she was correct.
Wim! Lena? Is it you? Yeah.
I'm Ajay.
Alain sent me.
I work for him.
How did you know it was us? Well, there's the orange.
But really .
that, of course.
Let me help you with your bags.
We're all expecting you! No, no.
We were planning on going to the Santa Cruz first? The Santa Cruz? No.
Alain wouldn't allow it.
Not for his friends.
That place gets worse by the week.
The bathwater comes straight out of the Klong.
People get robbed.
We don't want to No.
Welcome to Bangkok.
Come on, then.
Look who I found! Hey! Lena! Welcome.
Hey, Monique.
You made it! Nice to see you.
You too.
Welcome to Kanit House.
Thank you very much.
How was the trip? Yeah, it was good.
This is Frankie.
Our friend Dominique.
This is for you.
Thank you.
For you.
Fresh towel.
Well, thank you very much.
No problem.
Oh, it's really good.
Here, I will take your bag for you.
Come on.
We'll wash your dirty things for you.
Oh, but it's all dirty.
Then we will wash it all.
Won't we, Dominique? Yes, Alain.
Now, wash, rest, make yourself at home.
Oh, wow.
I am very sorry, Mr Knippenberg.
But the police ask us to call back after the holiday.
But that's three days.
OK, Lawana.
You can go.
Um Mr Siemons? It's Herman Knippenberg.
I sit on the Intergovernmental Narcotics Liaison with you.
Which one are you? Excuse me? Nation! Oh, er Dutch.
Huh! I believe the Belgian embassy also asks you to manage its more irregular problems.
And what can I do for you, my clog-wearing friend? You know they're not technically your problem? Yes.
The Ambassador says it's for the police.
But they are on holiday.
Yeah, I'll bet they are.
No soup.
They expect great things of you, I imagine.
Pardon me? You have a Master's degree? Yes.
Advanced International Studies.
Taken at Johns Hopkins, Bologna and Washington.
You did well? Yes.
A distinction.
And now you want to fuck it all up.
Good for you! Now you want to find them? Well, yes.
Then pay attention.
First, did they even get here? If they did, there will be documentation.
Landing cards.
They definitely arrived here, sir.
Check all the major Poste Restantes.
These young travellers rely on them for news from home.
So, check if they pick up any letters.
I thought the Ambassador told you to pass it on to the police? It's just one phone call.
What do you think? Why, I think it's disobedient.
I don't speak the language, Angela.
Yes, there are letters.
And he never collected them? Did you ever hear of this place? Santa Cruz Hotel.
It's one of those traveller hostels.
It's where I go to buy your pot.
I don't smoke pot.
Who are you, man? I wonder if you might help me.
I work for the Dutch embassy.
I'm looking for two people.
Miss Helena Dekker and Mr Willem Bloem.
Here on the landing cards it says Santa Cruz Hotel.
I wonder if you could look to see if they checked in? It should be December 11th or 12th.
They were never here, man.
See for yourself.
Hey, company man! Are you done? Or do you need a Xerox? Thank you.
So, they arrived in Bangkok but never made it to the hotel.
So where did they go? Perhaps they didn't stick to their schedule, company man.
I just got in.
Bad jet-lag.
No hassle, man.
How long are you staying? I'm heading to Nepal.
Oh, that's cool.
Erm .
do you want to split a room, maybe? Might be cheaper.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah? All right.
Hey, what's your name? Teresa.
on the free # Teresa? Oh, no.
No, thanks.
Hey! You are not a Jesus freak, are you? No.
Why Nepal if you don't smoke hash? Kathmandu is still freak nirvana.
I'm not going to Kathmandu.
You sure you don't want to get high? Why get high, Celia? I mean, isn't all this a little bit of a trip already? This is Maybe you should keep it.
You want it? Yes.
Yes, I do.
Seriously, maybe you are like my spirit guide or something.
Your spirit guide? Yeah! Well, your spirit guide needs a fucking drink.
So you drink, then? Follow your spirit guide.
Follow me.
I'm Ajay.
Celia? Ah! What are you doing tonight? Thanks.
You two are friends? Yeah.
Hey, there's a party, you guys should both come.
I dunno.
Really, it'll be a cool scene.
Hip, you know.
Not like the tourists here.
Why don't you save it for the next two girls you pick up? The next two girls won't be you two, though, will they? There's a pool.
Bring your bikinis and we can have a swim.
Or don't bring your bikinis, and we can have a swim.
Let's drop him.
He's a creep.
Celia Yeah? Let me tell you where I'm headed.
Yeah? I am going to a Buddhist monastery.
I was there a year ago and I'm going back, but to live.
What? Like, a nun? Not like.
Actually a nun.
There's a whole bunch of things that I won't ever get to do again, and I want to do them now.
What? With that guy? If you're sure, OK.
Hey, you're amazing.
Oh, so are you.
So are you, honey.
Um, OK.
Well, have fun.
I'll see you Yeah.
Welcome back! What's your name? Oh, just some shit.
Some shit.
I did everything you said, Paul.
Wim Bloem and Lena Dekker landed in Bangkok but never checked into their Oi! Siemons.
Who's your girlfriend? It's Laver.
Laver, like the tennis player, right? Nothing like, mate.
More's the fucking pity.
Knippenberg from the Dutch.
That's Ker-nippenberg.
How long you got left, Ker-nippenberg? Left? Before you go home? Oh, er quite some time.
We only arrived six months ago.
We? My wife and I.
Good luck with that.
Knippenberg has lost a couple of longhairs and it's troubling him.
Peace and love, right, Ker-nippenberg? Well, they're someone's children and they're missing.
They're workshy hobos, mate.
I disagree.
What they do is hard work.
There's no five-star hotels, no air conditioning, no drivers.
Well, let's get them all a fucking medal, shall we? The Living in Squalor Medal.
My apologies.
If you'll excuse me for one moment.
Your friends are not welcome here.
Just move over there I'll tell you a story about longhairs.
It's a good story, once you get to the end.
Had a pair of murder victims on a Thai cop mortuary slab.
Aussie hippy kids, Ker-nippenberg.
On their fucking hippy trip.
They'd been killed, set on fire, their faces disfigured.
They found them in a ditch 58k south of the old city at Ayutthaya.
I thought you said this was a good story? Yeah, you've got to wait to the end, don't ya? THEY SPEAK FRENCH You ever go to bed with two women at the same time? The travellers, what happened to the travellers? Forgive me, the Belgian attache is a constant embarrassment.
Asshole! Time to go, mate.
My advice? Don't waste your time with longhairs.
Night, gents.
Where's he going? He's worried about the curfew.
Aren't you? I'm staying right here till morning.
See it through with me, Cloggy.
I'm sorry, Paul.
Mr Laver.
Your story about the two Australian travellers.
Johnson and Rosanna Watson.
That was their names? That's who the cops thought they were.
But they weren't? Told you it was a good story! So your bodies.
You still have no names for them? No! No! No! Not mine.
Not my bodies.
Not any more, mate.
That's someone else's problem.
Whose? Whose what? Whose problem are the two unidentified bodies? Whose bloody murder case is it? Hey, hey! All right.
Hey! Keep your hair on, you little fucking mouse with clogs on.
It's the Western District Division.
Wait, wait, wait.
Eastern Division, you're sure? Sure as eggs, mate.
And the Australian couple, where are they now? What I've been trying to tell you, mate.
They just showed up.
They'd been on some island, living on coconuts and fish heads.
Stupid fucking hippies.
Let's go for this one.
Excellent choice.
Excuse me, Alain.
Have you seen Lena? Pool, I think.
All right, thank you.
I brought you a beer.
Thank you.
So you're French? Quebecoise, Canada.
The French part.
It's amazing, right, the friends you make when you're far from away home.
It's the best thing about it, I think.
So, can I ask how you guys ended up here together? I came for a holiday.
But you didn't go home? I did not.
He made it impossible for me.
Hello, Wim.
Sleep well? Yeah, like a child.
And you two? We were just friends.
You two are going to get married, yes? Well, she's not marrying anyone else, that's for sure.
Well, you're adorable together.
Nothing as romantic as you and Alain.
I want to help you.
Those two stones you just saw me sell? Two of those you could sell in Amsterdam for 15,000 guilders.
Lena says she doesn't care about money.
Of course she does.
She's young.
And she's a little bit of a hippy.
But she doesn't face the same challenges you do.
I know what it's like, Wim, back in Europe, when you're like us.
There's two men applying for the same position, they take the whitest one.
It happened to my father all the time.
I think every man must one day make a home.
Say to himself, "This is my life, "this is my love "and this is who I am.
" But to get there, for men like you and me, we must take our opportunities when they come.
15,000? Are they still out there? Down in the pool.
How much they got? More than he told me they had.
Ah, don't you just hate a lie? You know we only want to help.
I know.
Alain thinks you don't understand.
I do understand.
He wants us to buy the gems and sell them for twice what we paid for when we get home.
You don't think that's a good idea? The money will give you a good start.
A nice life.
In any case, we we really can't afford it.
I don't believe you.
Please, Lena .
just buy the gems.
Taxi for Knippenberg! You took your bloody time.
It's almost curfew.
Scheisse, Herman! You know, any time you want to learn to drive, I'll entirely support that decision.
You can call Yotin if you want someone to bark at.
I can't call Yotin.
No-one at the embassy can know what we're about to do.
What if we're caught? If you're caught? What? Stern rebuke? Or the chop? It's very cold in Holland right now, Herman.
Have you thought about that? Yeah.
Have you? Where to? The police station.
Eastern Division.
A monkey! Oh, my God! Who is your guest, Ajay? Hey, I'm Teresa.
It's her place.
Oh, you're the gem dealer.
I am not.
He is the gem dealer.
My husband, Alain.
You live with these guys? Yeah, they are cool.
You want to dance? No, I I don't dance OK 7am.
As soon as it starts ringing, I've got to go.
I'm sorry.
It's OK.
How do I say I'm sorry in French? Je suis desole.
Je suis desole.
Perfect? Mm-hm.
You know, it's crazy but I've never slept with a Frenchman before.
So, you are Teresa? I am.
And you are American? Where are you heading? Nepal, to a monastery.
If you're going to be a nun, why do you have all those traveller's cheques.
Oh, they're not for me.
They're for the monastery.
The cost of pursuing nirvana goes up and up.
So, you want to renounce the world entirely? No, I don't renounce the world, just the people who run it.
On my heart, you are too young to lock yourself away.
Too young, too beautiful.
Your life too full of opportunity.
With you, you mean? Did Ajay tell you what I do? Yes.
It's gems, right? I buy.
I sell.
And from time to time, others sell for me.
I'm not going to smuggle gemstones for you.
I'm taking vows.
And yet I found you here openly offering yourself to my friend, Dominique.
I'm not a nun yet.
In which case may I ask, have you been to, what shall we call them, nightclubs here? Oh, you mean the sex shows? Well? I have not.
Then on this last night .
before you retreat from the world, perhaps you should.
Je suis desole.
Oh, my God.
Heart-warming! I'm going to go.
Whoa! Take it easy, Teresa.
Fuck! Fucking idiot.
You think I don't know how a fucking downer comes on? Don't touch me! Help! That's guy's Alain, this is Ajay.
They fucking drugged me! Get her in the car.
Yeah! You draw attention to yourself, Teresa.
It's not prudent.
Kap khun krap.
Drank too much.
Help! Please take it all.
Please take it.
Won't the monastery miss it? You fucking asshole.
You are vulgar.
You throw yourself at men the way you throw yourself at religion.
You cannot buy your way off the wheel, Teresa.
It is very American of you to think otherwise.
And as you may know, Americans do not prosper in this part of the world.
Fuck you! Hey, where are we going? Aren't we leaving her at the Santa Cruz? Where shall we leave her? She's seen too much.
And you saw, she's not afraid to complain.
She will only be another reckless Westerner who took drugs and went swimming.
Once, I stole a taxi in Peshawar.
I had to take it to Tehran, you see.
The driver refused so I had to dose him.
I put him in the trunk and after some time, he awoke and began to moan and thump.
It was upsetting the other passengers.
So, I stopped at a river to check on him.
But he had suffocated.
So, I took him out and helped him into the water.
I expected to feel great guilt but I did not.
I felt free.
Free from judgment.
It was all entirely .
without tragedy.
Did they come looking for you? Did they catch you? Nobody has ever caught me, Ajay.
We can do it together.
Are you going to hurt me? No.
Better than that.
Oh, compassionate ones.
This person is going from this world to the other shore.
She is leaving this world.
She is dying without choice.
She has no friends, she is suffering greatly.
She has no refuge.
She has no protector.
She has no allies.
The light of this life has set.
She is embarking on a great battle.
She is seized by the great evil spirit.
She is terrified by the messengers of the Lord of Death.
She is entering existence after existence.
Because of her karma, she is helpless.
The time has come when she must go alone without a friend.
Are those dead bodies? Yes.
Burned, I think.
What's wrong with us? Monique? Please.
And the remains of their clothing.
My God.
It's them.
Alain, please help us.
Why has no-one done anything? Shh.

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