The Serpent (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 Knippenberg has lost a couple of longhairs and it's troubling him.
I work for the Dutch embassy.
Here on the landing cards it says "Santa Cruz Hotel".
They arrived in Bangkok but never made it to the hotel.
Where DID they go? Lena Welcome to Kanit House.
Thank you very much.
I want to help you.
Please, Lena, just buy the gems.
How can we help find them if we've lost their damn photographs? Nobody has ever caught me, Ajay.
Peace and love, right, Ker-nippenberg? They are someone's children and they're missing.
My God.
It's them.
We must take the fever down.
Sh, sh.
The man was strangled.
The woman was hit over the head with a hard object.
There's smoke in both their lungs.
So the conclusion is made that they were still breathing when they were set on fire, sir.
Monique? Please.
Help us.
Alain, this place is far out.
And the price you beat him down to.
Cool, man! Lucky to have found you all.
Thank you, Alain.
He was a war photographer.
No! Yeah.
He was in Vietnam.
He's here to shoot a spread for Paris Match.
How long have you guys been on the road for? We're not really on the road, it's just a two-week holiday.
Mr Knippenberg.
Yes, Lawana? What is this? The missing enclosure containing the photographs and letters from Willem Bloem and Helena Dekker arrived this morning.
I thought you'd like to see it .
before it went to the police.
Thank you, Lawana.
This region suffers complex problems, Mr Knippenberg, and communist insurgents don't stop at national borders.
I know I don't need to tell a diplomat of your experience the fragility of our democracy here.
Forgive me, Major General.
These people were not revolutionaries.
They came here as guests and were killed in your country.
And we grieve for them.
Pardon me.
AreAre you saying that you won't open a case? No.
The case is open but our resources here are not limitless.
Then you can't investigate? Major General .
these people were set on fire while they were still alive.
You must investigate this! It is not for you to give me my orders, Mr Knippenberg.
Forgive me.
I meant no insult.
The impact such terrible atrocities would have on all those in Western Europe who wish to visit your beautiful country, if this killer is not found.
Please understand, Mr Knippenberg, it is not that we do not want these crimes addressed.
Of course, sir.
Put perhaps, with our consent, you can continue your own inquiries.
You have made admirable progress so far.
But I-I'm not a policeman.
Heroin laboratories in Marseille and elsewhere in the South of France have been shut down.
The end of the war in Vietnam .
leading to the increase you're seeing in heroin trafficking from this continent to mine and yours.
Thank you, Mr Redland.
Not for the first time, Mr Knippenberg must apologise for his late arrival.
In this case so late as to be almost entirely pointless.
My appointment with the police ran over time.
And then the traffic, of course.
Police, Knippenberg? Unfortunate business.
Two of our young, bodies found in the city morgue.
But one for the Thai authorities now.
Although, they, erm, they did suggest that I continue with my inquiries.
Which is, erm, quite preposterous, of course.
And not your work.
Moving on.
Herman? Well, it's incredibly loud! How was your party? Oh.
It was magical.
There was dancing.
Alain Delon was there.
He refused to dance with anyone else and invited me to his suite tonight.
Well, don't let me stop you.
This is them? Yeah.
Good God.
Look, here.
They both wrote letters from Hong Kong just days before they left for Bangkok.
They talk about the sights they saw, how terrible their hotel was.
And then they mention this French gem dealer based out of Bangkok.
He helped Bloem with a ring for Miss Dekker and then invited them to come and stay at his home with his wife.
Well, do they name this French gem dealer? No.
Kannika? Did you read the Post today? The Washington Post? Yes, Herman, the Washington Post.
Kannika, outside, erm Oh, That Post! Everyone was talking about it.
A diplomat and a bar girl.
"Count Michel-Andre Jurion of the Belgian Embassy is to make himself "known to the lawyers of Monsieur Alain Chartier" I-I'm sorry, Angela, I don't This man, Chartier, is a gem dealer.
A French gem dealer.
What? Based here? Yes! Here in Bangkok.
We will shortly be landing in Bangkok.
Please return to your seats # Ecoute les orgues # Elles jouent pour toi # Il est terrible # Cet air la # J'espere que tu aimes # C'est assez beau non # C'est le requiem # Pour en con # Je l'ai compose specialement pour toi # A ta memoire de # Scelerat # C'est un joli theme # Tu ne trouves pas # Semblable a toi meme # Pauvre con # Voici les orgues # Qui remettent ca # Faut qu't'apprennes par coeur # Cet air la # Que tu n'aies pas meme une hesitation# What is it, do you think, they say? Eh? I'll tell you.
They ask themselves what a beautiful woman like you .
is doing with a half-breed like me.
How do you know? Because people have been saying this all my life.
Why not go over and say hello? But you don't call yourself Marie-Andree.
Say you're Monique.
Tell them you're a fashion model and I'm your photographer husband.
We'll make them love us.
It's a game.
Erm, hello.
What is your name? Hi.
I'm Viola, nice to meet you.
Erm, Monique.
My husband, Alain.
Alain! Hello.
Aw, cute dog.
Nah, nah, nah, nah.
You've got to understand, Alain, the price of oil quadrupled in under a year! Imagine what the war was costing the Yanks with oil at $12 a barrel.
There's no way they were staying in Vietnam.
No, the ferocity of the Vietcong meant far more.
I'll show you a souvenir.
From the time I photographed the United States Army retreat from Huwei.
That was a slice of aluminium, the size of your glass.
The day he gave up military campaigns for fashion campaigns was a great relief.
I'm telling you, you know? Viola? Are you all right? Oh.
Excuse me.
Guys, will you give me a minute? Is she OK? I'll go and see now.
Viola, sweetheart? Can I help at all? I'm sure she'll be fine.
Monique! They're only rich assholes.
And when they wake up in the morning, they will still be rich assholes.
They don't merit your concern.
Oil Politics.
What does he know? All he does is recite what he's read in a fucking book.
You will be handling this problem, correct? Tell me what this is.
Tell me why I should, Cloggy.
Two murdered Dutch? I have letters they wrote home in which they both describe meeting a French gem dealer based out of Bangkok.
He invited them to come and stay at his home, here.
So if this Chartier is the same gem dealer, he might know what happened to them.
You've taken the cops up on their offer, then? Does your ambassador know? H-He's been nothing but encouraging.
I'll bet! Pay for my lunch, Herman.
Excuse me? I can't take you to meet this gem dealer, but if I'm taking you to meet Jurion, you're paying for my lunch.
I have my driver.
He can take us.
Send him away.
Why? Because you don't you want him seeing where I'm taking you.
Come on, Cloggy.
The gem dealer is suing Jurion, one of our Belgian attaches.
It was just a stupid fight over a bar girl.
So we go looking for dirt on him, to make him back down.
Understand? Anyway, Jurion hears this crazy story.
'ippenberg from the Dutch.
You say it K I know how you say it, Herman.
It's just easier that way.
He shares an interest in your gem dealer.
Alain Chartier.
Do you want girl? No.
Thank you.
Go on.
Two murdered Dutch, they wrote of meeting a French gem dealer here in Bangkok.
He invited them to his house.
Well, then it is true! Just like I told you, Siemons! What is true? Tell him.
A French woman, two months back in December, very frightened, is doing the rounds of the embassies, looking for help, making accusations, wild accusations, against a French gem dealer with an apartment near here in Patpong.
What? What were these accusations? Drugging and robbery.
And murder? Yes.
Of who? Of some young longhairs who'd been persuaded back to the gem dealer's apartment.
And you didn't think it fit to tell me? My two Dutch were burnt alive, for Christ's sake.
You know how it works, Herman.
Belgium's interests have to be confidential.
No, you mean this lecher's reputation was at stake.
Hey! Hey! I'm not a lecher.
So .
what happened? Nothing.
Nothing? No-one did anything? I suppose you find this story encouraging? This man Chartier, this enemy you've made.
Yeah, he won't be able to slander you if the Thais prosecute him for murder.
Well, he won't.
And you think to yourself - well, how many French gem dealers can there be in Bangkok? Precisely.
Well, I'll tell you.
There are at least two of them.
If this man Chartier was the killer, he'd have to be some kind of fool to openly publish his name over a row with a degenerate Belgian! Hey Which makes you fools as well.
Eh, Cloggy.
Herman? Look, wait.
Where are you going? Where you should have gone immediately.
To find that woman.
I just hope no harm has come to her.
I have been a photographer, just as you have been a fashion model.
I am Charles.
You know atDal Lake? He was not even my boyfriend.
Jules, I mean.
We were engaged before.
But I broke it off.
There was nobody else who wanted to go on holiday with me.
Nobody wanted to do anything with me.
All you needed to do was .
Me, I mean.
Ask? From the age of 15, there was no-one and nothing that wanted me.
I was denied everything.
Not even allowed to be a member of the country.
No passport, no papers.
All my life.
So if I'd waited for the world to come to me, I'd be waiting still.
Everything I ever wanted, I had to take it.
Er Erm Salut! Il c'est qui? Sh.
Why is he here? I thought you only robbed people.
I don't want you doing housework, Marie.
Keep him a little sick and he will do anything for you.
Hey, hey, hey.
We are rescuing him.
Hm? That's what people will say.
That nice couple rescued that poor boy.
All right? Hello, my name is Knippenberg.
I'm looking for a French woman.
She came to you making very specific claims.
Claims of drugging, robbery, murder even.
Of course.
Erm, thank you for your time.
Hello? Hello.
My name is Herman Knippenberg.
I'm calling in regard to a French woman.
She would've visited you in December, just walked in off the street.
I'm sorry, sir, I can't She was making very specific claims, about drugging, robbery, murder.
Phone back another time.
Erm, could you check your records to see if she came in to see you? They're all at lunch.
I'll leave a message.
No problem.
Thank you so much.
Hello, yes.
Yes, erm, my name is Knippenberg, I'm calling from the Dutch Embassy.
Might I speak with someone in your consulate department? I'm calling in regard to a French woman.
Yes, a Donna Franchese, yes.
She would've visited you in December.
Sorry, yes, it's Knippenberg from the Dutch Embassy.
Mr Knippenberg.
Oh, sorry, I will call you back.
Ja All the invitations? Perfect.
Meneer Ambassadeur.
Consular department.
Mr Knippenberg? Yes.
One moment, please.
The British Embassy, sir.
Thank you, Lawana.
Hello? Cartwright.
Am I speaking to Knippenberg? Yes.
Herman Knippenberg.
Yes, I called you earlier.
I was calling regarding a French woman who came to visit you in December.
Yes, that's right.
She? You have a record of someone visiting you, yes? Yep.
I saw her myself.
Excuse me.
Monkey! Oh, my God! Who is your guest, Ajay? Hey, I'm Teresa.
It's her place.
Oh, erm, you're the gem dealer? I am not.
He is the gem dealer.
My husband, Alain.
Where've you been? You've been gone all night.
The girl wanted to swim.
She and Ajay swam.
Will you see these cashed? The American girl's traveller's cheques.
Don't worry.
I'll fix the photograph.
But she's been here.
She can tell the police where we are.
No, she can't.
You don't need to worry about this.
About any of it.
Take a photograph.
For my mother.
So she can see you.
See how well we're doing together.
Did she not give you her name, Mr Cartwright? No, she wouldn't.
She was highly agitated.
What did she tell you? Just as you described.
Allegations against this gem dealer.
Drugging, theft Murder? Yes! And you didn't believe her? It's irrelevant whether I believed her or not.
It's not within our gift to help.
It's far better gone to the police.
And? She said that was impossible.
This Frenchman had connections with the police.
Actually, she left something with me.
I imagine you'd like to see it.
I don't suppose she left a contact address with you, somewhere that she might be found? Oh, yes.
Yes, she did.
There's a slip in the back leaf.
But no name? Oh, no, no.
Far too frightened.
Oh, keep it.
Keep it.
No use to me.
This is the man whose diary this was.
Willem Bloem.
He was burnt alive.
What? Oh, no.
There's no need for that, Knippenberg.
And laying next to him is his girlfriend.
Helena Dekker.
They were very much in love, I believe.
What is it you think we're here for? Hm? I don't mean our work, I mean as human beings.
If it is not to have a care for one another, then what is it? I-I'm sorry.
I-I Belgique.
Paul, it's Herman.
I thought you weren't talking to me, Cloggy.
Paul, I've found her, I think.
I helped him choose this.
You're Monique.
I'm Suda.
Have you missed me? Alain told me the monkey died.
How did you get in? I'm just explaining to my father that you are Alain's secretary, right? Oh, you're here already.
Colonel Romyen.
If we go now, we will make the reservation.
Oh, hang on, I want to show you something.
That's my woman, Stephie, and little Cleo.
She's like a life raft for me.
She's beautiful.
So are you.
Hey, don't get too close.
Oh! Monique.
What's wrong with me, man? You've got to take me to hospital, man.
It's OK, my friend, you're safe.
I know how you suffer, but relax.
I'm just really scared, man.
Monique has made you some warm condensed milk.
It relieves stomach cramps.
Call Stephie.
I will call.
Call her.
Look who I found.
Lena! You've been very unwell.
We've been looking after you for almost two days now.
Wim? Sh.
Hey, he's sleeping.
You love him, don't you? And he loves you.
It's like a natural instinct for him.
He doesn't have to tell you.
You just feel it.
Like the sun on your face.
Help us.
Why didn't you just do what he wanted? You should've bought the gems, like I told you.
Don't you touch her.
What the fuck have you done to us? No.
Don't, please.
That was your medicine.
Your medicine makes us sick.
What's happening here? Monique.
Why haven't they drunk their medicine? Fuck you, man! Hey, Wim.
Relax, man.
Back to bed.
Wim, that hurt! No! Monique.
Monique, help me! Monique, please! Monique! Help me! Open the glove compartment.
Paul, be serious.
I'm intensely serious.
Your Dutch Reformist faith in progress has no place here.
Men are beasts.
It might not be the scared French woman that answers the door but the murdering French man.
It's been months.
She might not even be here.
If she is in there .
what then? Have you thought about that? You've got a good career waiting for you, Herman.
Doing sober, diligent work for your foreign ministry.
Going in there with a gun is none of those things.
I'm not going to take the gun.
I ought to tell you, Wim Bloem's diary confirms the man's name is not Chartier.
It's Gautier.
Alain Gautier.
So, erm, I don't think Belgium's interests will be served.
You can go home, if you like.
Fuck Belgium's interests, Cloggy.
Keep the engine running? Mm-hm.
My name is Herman Knippenberg.
I am the Third Secretary at The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Thailand.
I am searching for a woman.
A woman who has been looking for help.

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