The Serpent (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 These people were set on fire while they were still alive! You must investigate this.
A young woman very frightened.
Looking for help.
Making accusations.
Wild accusations.
What were these accusations? Drugging and robbery.
Keep him a little sick and he will do anything for you.
And murder? Yes.
I am searching for a woman who has been looking for help.
j'ai des tourments # Hey, Papa! Excuse me.
Do you have a light? Yes.
Erm Please.
Thank you.
So, I was given this diary at the British Embassy.
Alongside a note with your address on it, which is how we came to find you.
I believe this diary belongs to .
belonged to this man .
Willem Bloem, or Wim.
You do know this man? No.
Not really, Monsieur Knippenberg.
You did see .
you did see this couple at the same apartment as Gautier.
I didn't.
But I believe they were there.
Madame Gires.
Did you ever actually see them? Sorry, but no.
Then why take did you take this? Madam Gires, please.
This man.
Yes? This man He now looks like this.
What do you think you're doing!? You brought us here? Remember? You're supposed to be helping us.
I Nadine I am sorry.
He didn't mean to be so insensitive.
But he found the bodies of these two Dutch, do you see? And he identified them.
It was awful for him.
We very much want to find out what happened to them.
What happened to them? The same thing that happened to all of them.
What do you mean that? All? All is more than two Dutch.
How many? A number? How many people are we talking about here? I don't know.
What? The radio here, Alain gave it to me.
He gave it to me as a gift.
As a reward, you mean.
I brought clients to him.
To Gautier? Yes.
Clients for his gem business? Yes.
You see, I used to take him to parties at the Alliance Francaise and introduce him to people there.
Alain is very good at going to parties.
They all were.
Party, party, party.
You marry a chef, get used to your own loneliness.
So, yes, I was lonely.
I think that is what he saw.
That he looked for it in the people he met.
So, if you were lonely or sad or lost, whatever you may have needed, even if you didn't know it yourself, you see, he saw it.
And he fixed it.
It was like the sun shone on you.
You call me Alain.
Ready to go to work? Yeah.
Let me introduce you to Ajay.
Time to party, girls.
Hey, look who I found.
You have a girlfriend? trouble brewin' # You both look very handsome.
You live with these guys? Yeah, they're cool.
As soon as it starts ringing, I've got to go.
Coco? You ought to be more careful, Dominique! It's medication for a grown man.
He was only a tiny little monkey.
What do you think is going on here, Dominique? You think we like having you shitting yourself four times a day? That we want to spend all of this money on toilet paper? No.
Of course not.
Dominique is asking that I return his passport.
I feel I feel much better.
And I cannot stay with you for ever, after all.
I went to Australia to, erm .
try working on the boats.
I was travelling back to France when you found me.
I don't buy gems, I have no money.
I want to finish my journey .
and I want to go home.
Of course, I will change it back for you.
As you can see, I am very good at it.
But your tourist visa has expired because you were too sick to renew it.
And they will not let you travel without it.
But don't worry, my friends at the French Embassy owe me a few favours.
Stay close to the apartment.
If the police stop you, you will go to jail for this.
Any more information you could give us would be very helpful, and information about the people you mentioned coming and going Never mind about them for now, Cloggy.
Tell me about him.
That's his real name? That's the only name I heard him use, yes.
The same for Monique.
Or Ajay.
He had the initials CS on his shirts.
But maybe he stole them.
Ajay who is Indian.
Monique who is French-Canadian.
But what is Gautier? French, yes? I thought so, yes.
He speaks like a Frenchman.
He said he went to school in France.
But he's also Yes.
He talked about growing up in Saigon.
And that he and Ajay met in India.
And that's it - perhaps he lived in Saigon, perhaps he's from India, but he's French.
And he might be called Gautier.
Where is he now? We don't know.
We haven't seen him since Christmas.
But every night we are scared they'll walk through the door.
That's over two months ago.
Herman, this is a waste of time, it's No, it is not.
He could be out there killing people right now.
And we must take them to the police station today.
No, we don't.
Why not? Major General Janthasin of the Bangkok Central Division has encouraged Herman to report back.
The one who said he was welcome to keep on investigating? Yes.
You have a very German faith in authority, but none of this is evidence, woman! OK Well, over to you, then, Mr Siemons, sir.
What is it you suggest we do? You come with me to my car where I will collect my pistol.
Then we find this might-be-yellow, might-be-brown, whoever he is, and I shoot him through the mouth.
We are not going to shoot him.
Then what are you going to do? I can and I will find a way to corroborate the details she has given us elsewhere, I Like a report, then.
Like a report.
The kind you take to your ambassador? Assemble statistics and costs? Cross-reference your sources.
A case I can present to Janthasin that will force him to make the arrests.
You're a functionary.
A functionary whose efforts have meant the parents of Wim Bloem and Lena Dekker will now be able to bury their children.
A functionary who at each turn was told to leave it and forget them, and who you now insult in his own home! Angela.
No! I won't stand for it.
My apologies, Mrs Knippenberg.
What? What? You don't think we need him? Paul.
Paul, wait, please! Paul.
We need to protect these witnesses.
I already told you how I'd do that.
Let me know if you change your mind.
I'm sorry if I upset your new friend.
They think I've saved them now.
But what if Gautier returns and finds them gone? He'd be suspicious and he would target them next.
We've a big house.
They don't have to go back.
They can stay here until we've worked out what to do.
I don't know what to do.
I mean, Paul is right.
I am just a functionary.
That's not true.
You have valuable and important qualities.
That fat Belgian mocked you for it, but so what? We'll do exactly as he said.
Assemble the information? Research the facts? Cross-reference our sources? Write a report, Herman.
Nadine and Remi know more than they realise.
Keep them talking.
Thank you.
Dominique, let's go to the Santa Cruz.
You know what kind of girls there are? Japanese girls.
German girls.
Any kind of girl you want, I'll help you get one.
I think I am just going to stay here, Ajay.
You know you don't always have to be a little pussy.
Do not call him that.
Huh? He's a nice person, not a fucking pig like you.
Take it easy, Monique.
Please don't get sand in your vagina.
Oh, Jesus! Shit.
Hello? Oh, hi, Dominique.
I am going to get dressed.
While the cats are away, right? Alain said that he was taking Monique to Pattaya for the weekend.
Said she deserved a break.
Which is weird, because it's not like she ever does anything.
But I'm here.
If you need anything, you let me know, OK? OK.
Maybe tonight we can go out.
You want to join? No.
No, man.
Nadine! Ajay! Hey! How are you doing? And you had never been suspicious of Gautier before this point, Nadine? You said you liked him, you worked with him, went to parties.
What changed your mind? It's not what changed it.
Who is Dominique? My friend.
And where is he now? We don't know.
I would like to make a call to France, please.
Telephone number? Dominique? Wakey-wakey.
Open the door.
I'm not going to say it again.
One second.
Open the fucking door! Why did you lock the door? Er What happened to the lights? Damn power cuts.
Alain wants to see you.
Now? Mm-hm.
Alain? Have Wim and Lina taken their medicine? Yes, Alain.
Did you meet Stephane? You would've liked her.
It's a good life that I provide here.
I have been good to you.
Of course.
Then you understand why it's hard for me to accept that you just want to leave.
I just haven't seen my parents in so long, you know? Ajay, do you miss your parents and want to go home? No, Alain.
I like it here.
You see, Ajay understands what you do not.
What is it that I don't understand? That the man you have become is not the boy your papa and mama waved goode to.
Your family.
Your home.
You can never go back now.
You have been away too long .
and seen too much.
Now, I know I said that I would help you, that I would fix your passport and your visa.
But the truth is, I don't want to help you leave.
You are not my friend, Dominique.
You are my brother.
And this is where you belong.
Hurry up! Did Dominique say if Monique was directly involved in the murders? She drugged Dominique.
But murder? No.
When they left, before Christmas, she looked scared.
Yeah, scared of going to jail.
No, scared of Alain.
Scared of what he may do to her.
I haven't heard from her since.
Ajay, has he told you what we're going to do with her? You can't take dogs on airplanes.
No, Monique, he hasn't.
Maybe we should drop her in a canal! Monique needs a holiday.
Doesn't she, Ajay? All these guests she has to care for.
How long are you going? I may return for a day or two, here and there.
Don't worry, I have asked Colonel Romyen to pass from time to time to check in on you.
Merry Christmas, Dominique.
Ciao! Dominique? Dominique! Shh! Oui.
I think my neighbour is a murderer.
I tried to get help from the embassies.
But nobody wanted to help me.
You are my only option.
The worst part is that we don't know if Dominique made it.
He was so scared of running into Alain coming back from Hong Kong.
So we said write to us from France.
Let us know.
Where? Of course, not at the apartments, because .
in case it was intercepted Of course.
but care of Poste Restante.
She goes every week.
But, erm Nothing.
I'll go and check my mailbox again today.
Well, we know how to check whether he left the country, don't we? Angela I'm coming.
Do you remember me? Mr Knippenberg.
This is my wife Angela.
She will translate.
I am looking for an exit stamp of a French citizen.
Rennelleau Dominique.
Someone left under his name using his passport.
It might just as well have been Gautier.
He forged it once.
He could have done it again.
You mean to actually travel on, not just use his victim's passports to cash their stolen traveller's cheques? Hold on Sorry.
You remember a Dutch couple last time? A Miss Helena Dekker and a Willem Bloem.
Erm, no.
Herman, eat it.
Yes, that is them.
Both flew out on the same day, 18th December.
When we know they were both burned alive in a roadside ditch on 16th December.
Gautier must have flown as Willem, and the girl as Lena.
I think he's killing people and using their passports to travel on to confuse the police.
Then what about Dominique? Is he dead on a roadside and the other one, Ajay, now using his passport? Air France flight 37 to Paris is delayed.
Please wait for more information.
Attention, please.
Air France flight 37 to Paris is now ready to board at gate 12.
Have a great trip.
This is your seat.
So how was the trip? It was beautiful.
And good for business, too.
Good news? Yeah, it's just my father.
He thinks Remi doesn't make money so he sends me cash! And you've had nothing from Dominique? No.
Why would I? It's only we, erm .
we just got back and he's clearly been gone for quite some time.
We were getting worried.
Did you see him? No.
Is Remi with you? No.
He's working.
We have the car outside.
We can take you home if you like? Yes, with pleasure.
I just need to, you know OK.
Nadine? Remi? Godver Scheisse We can't possibly go.
It's the Ambassador's birthday, it will be remarked upon if we're not there.
And God forbid we might be remarked upon.
Hey Remi.
You're going to a party? Yeah.
A silly embassy thing.
There is documentation that says Dominique left the country.
Actually, we don't know that it was him that left.
We also have evidence that suggests that Gautier and Monique travelled on the passports of my two Dutch.
Well, who knows where they've ended up and how many people they have murdered? Herman! Yes.
Sorry, Remi.
Where is Nadine? She went to check her mailbox again, to see if Dominique has written .
and she should have been home an hour ago.

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