The Serpent (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 You made it.
Welcome to Kanit House.
Thank you very much.
I want to find out what happened to them.
The same thing that happened to all of them.
All? It's more than two Dutch.
This is important information.
And we must take it, take them to the police station today.
Oh, no, no, no, we don't.
It is not for you to give me my orders, Mr Knippenberg.
I don't know what to do.
Write a report, Herman.
Lena, just buy the gems.
Help me! When they left before Christmas, Monique looked scared.
Where is he now? We don't know.
Gautier must have flown as Willem, and the girl as Lena.
You're going to a party? Yeah.
A silly embassy thing.
Where's Nadine? She went to check her mailbox.
She should have been home an hour ago.
Sorry, excuse me.
Excuse me, I'm looking for my wife, Nadine Gires.
Have you seen her? He saw her leave.
Remi, I think it was them.
OK, we go now.
Kanit House.
I don't think we can take you.
Why? Because of your fucking body? No, not because of the body, because if we go rushing in there, they will know that she knows, and that not only that she knows, but she has told other people.
It's not safe for Nadine, Remi.
You get home, you find her, call us at the embassy.
She'd better be OK.
Nadine? Nadine? Nadine Nadine? I told him I would call him, but I completely forgot.
Hey, Ajay.
How are you guys? Never better.
Oh, la, la.
Err We can't stay.
We're very, very late.
So, have a beautiful evening, and see you tomorrow.
Before you go, I have something for you.
We picked up a story at the Bangkok Post about one of your people, Ambassador.
One of mine? No.
Using his diplomatic credentials to enquire after some Dutch murder victims.
Quite adamantly, so the story goes.
Every embassy in town.
Hello, yes.
Jesus Christ.
You tell us to call you and then you can't even answer the fucking phone? Yes, I know Remi, Listen, I'm sorry.
You're OK? Yes? Well, she ate dinner with them, and she's not dead yet so But they are just two Westerners, why not cover the hundreds of Vietnamese refugees that are preyed on pirates? Perhaps it's the scarcity that makes it a good story, Mrs van Dongen.
You have to get out now! What are they saying? That you're a mad fucking Dutchman.
Herman? Yes.
Nadine? What do you need? What do you mean? As evidence.
No, no.
I don't know where they have been for the last three months, but Monique is like a different woman.
They have so much more money.
And, listen, they have new belongings everywhere, which must belong to the victims.
I can bring it to you as evidence.
You mustn't take anything, Nadine.
Yes, Nadine, Angela is right.
Everything must seem normal.
Remi must go to work.
OK? But if there is anything you can find out, where they went, who Actually, Nadine, do either of you own a camera? Herman, you can't just Nadine, if you think it's too dangerous Of course, it's fucking too dangerous! Yes, we have a camera, I can take it.
So, Nadine, take the camera and you get photographs of him, Gautier, and the rest of them, OK? You get photographs of him and the belongings that you mentioned.
Before the end of the day tomorrow, no later.
If you are not back nightfall, we will come and get you ourselves.
You understand? Yes.
Goodnight, Angela.
Goodnight, Herman.
I think we are doing the right thing.
With evidence like that I can go back to the police.
Royal Nepal Airlines Flight 51 to Kathmandu is now ready to board at Gate 25.
Ajay? Have a nice flight, Miss Dekker.
Come on, Lena.
They think they're bloody Australian.
Thank you, Mr Bloem.
Welcome, Miss Dekker.
This place is not for you.
Find somewhere cheaper and meet us in the morning.
So, what do you do in Bangkok, Miss Dekker? Gemstones.
And you're in Kathmandu? There is barely even a garnet to be mined here in Nepal.
We're on vacation.
Not on business.
All in.
A good thing you are not here on business.
It's vulgar to put so much value on money.
You shouldn't worry so much.
Should she, Ajay? Yes, Monique.
You really shouldn't worry so much.
Mr Bloem.
I wondering if perhaps you could settle your account for the suite, and however long you hope to stay.
I'll have it arranged.
Money comes, money goes.
But as you see, in this life, you just need to know where to look.
Stop the car.
Stop the car! Didn't you hear me? Stop.
What is it you think I ask of you? Don't! You lose all our money after .
after everything you made me do! And now I'm here pretending to be that sweet Dutch girl.
You think I don't understand what you did to her? You and your fucking dog.
You're disgusting! Stop this, Alain.
Do you want me to deal with her? No.
Take this.
I'll find you later.
I will not be your accomplice any more.
Ajay, will you take one of us? Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
You look so beautiful.
What happened when you were gone? He made me feel like a goddess.
And so you are, Monique All the English language newspapers.
From September through to January.
Thank you, Lawana.
Now, you.
No, I don't think so, Nadine.
I promise I will do a good one.
I said no, Nadine.
Shall I say it in French so you understand? If he doesn't want his picture taken, you shouldn't force him.
She thinks you are shy.
But I don't either.
Besides, why the sudden interest? Because we are friends.
Right, Monique? Mr Knippenberg.
Lawana, one moment please But, Mr Knippenberg Lawana, not now.
Knippenberg? Mr Ambassador.
Miss Lawana - why were you bringing Mr Knippenberg all these newspapers? Oh, it's for the Narcotics Committee.
Deaths attributed to, erm, smuggler conflict.
Triads and so forth.
Do you think your lies convince anyone? I know what you are doing, and it is an insult to me and to the country you represent.
I don't have the ability to terminate his employment, he knows that.
Ambassador, please.
I can recommend he is recalled, however.
Back to the Hague.
That is an uncomfortable city, Miss Lawana.
And cold like you can't imagine.
Would you agree, Knippenberg? He agrees.
Have you heard anything? No, have you? Ajay? Alain wants some more whiskey for his guests.
Let me help you with that.
I can help you.
Fuck, Nadine! I'm so sorry.
That's all the ice we've got! Ajay, there is plenty in our apartment.
Help yourself, the door is open.
I can clean this.
Nadine? Oui.
I just needed a light.
I'm sorry.
Herman, please.
We told them to be here nightfall.
What, what have I done? I'm calling Siemons.
He has a gun.
Wait! What? Thank God.
You bloody did it! Well done.
Hey, you want a toke? He doesn't, so I won't.
What can I say? I'm a freak for clean.
Look at them, ba.
states it's been great late going to Hey, man, could you move to the left a little? Sure, my brother.
Thanks, man.
They're his trip.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Can I cash these traveller's cheques? Thank you.
You're wound kind of tight.
You should take some tea.
What's in there? All the love you never had.
Every friend you've never made.
Hey, man.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Take a breath.
I can't fucking see straight.
It's the first plunge.
It'll even out.
I've got you.
Who is that? Who is that? Lord Shiva.
The Destroyer.
And what are you? His apostle.
His slave.
You're safe.
Don't leave me.
I won't.
Come with me.
Our skin - it has no colour.
I'm not a girl.
You're not a boy.
We are only love.
We are only love.
I have been looking for you all night.
And so? She doesn't have anything.
Then why have you been with her all night, Ajay? I like her.
Are you a slave? No.
To her you are a slave.
She may not say it .
not even consciously think it .
but you are.
Why do you think these white children deny the comfort and wealth of the life they were given to come to a place like this? Worship the same Gods.
Wear the same rags.
Please, don't hurt her Live in the same filth.
Each 'experience' is only then taken home to wear like - a piece of fake, tribal jewellery.
They travel only to acquire.
It's another form of imperialism .
and she has just colonised you.
I thought we were brothers.
We are.
No brother of mine is a slave.
Hey, hey.
What's wrong? It's all right, you are loved.
Just go.
These are birth-control pills.
The writing's in Dutch.
Helena Dekker's, huh? This is Monique.
And where is Gautier? He is Gautier.
I drew a map of the apartment.
So, master bedroom.
Here is the spare bedroom with all the belongings from the visitors.
And most important, the safe, with all the money and passports.
This safe? Exactly.
This one.
She's an excellent spy, my Nadine.
It's enough - for your policeman? Because we're not going back.
I can go back.
If you need anything, I can go.
Nadine, thank you.
Let's talk a bit about the victims.
This man, the Turk.
These are the same beads that he's wearing, but you don't know his name? I found these stories in the regional newspapers.
Do you know anything about these people? Dominique showed us these.
She is American.
Alain took her to Patpong, I think.
And she's the one whose exit visa Dominique used to get out.
Stephanie? Stephanie? Stephanie.
This? Thank you.
Nadine, where did you get these? I think at Gautier's.
They were in Nepal.
That's the Kumari Devi.
The Living Goddess.
Reincarnated as a little girl.
They select her, bring her here to live, and worship her.
Check this - the first day she gets the crimson, she's out of here.
She's not considered pure any more.
So they kick her out and find another one.
Then what happens to her? It gets peachier.
She can't ever find herself an old man.
She's bad luck for dudes, so the story goes.
You get with an ex-goddess, look out! Then the rest of her life she's alone? I mean, it sure as hell beats the hell out of living the rest of your life in fucking Saratoga, married to some piece of shit who works in a bank and picks his toes in front of the game every night.
I mean, who do you know who gets to say, "Once, I was a goddess"? So, where are you headed next? I'm not sure.
My husband is deciding.
You don't sound too happy about that.
Does he smack you around? No.
He's He's very good to me.
Before Laurent, I only got with dark men.
You dig? Men who made me feel powerless.
And then three months ago, the bus stops in Varanasi and that fucking lumberjack gets on and he looks at me, and I knew, right then and there, love ain't being powerless.
It's power.
So, if you want to split, sister, then you split.
Pick a bus and get on it.
You can get on ours if you want.
Where are you going? Does it matter? I was actually thinking that I ought to go home, because I have, like, no money.
But Laurent has these stones.
He says he'll sell them so we can stay together.
What do you mean, stones? Rubies.
Two of them.
Like cough-candies.
Hey, what did you say your name was, again? Lena.
Mr Bloem? I'm expecting a telex from the Nepal Bank here.
Confirmation of a wire transfer from my own bank in Zurich.
It's quite a lot of money.
You'll let me know when you receive it? The moment it arrives, sir.
Hi! I'm with Lena.
There you are, darling.
This is Willem.
Great to meet you, Willem.
Laurent was heading up the mountain today.
But the weather closed early, so we hit the temple instead.
Where we all met.
Did you show them yet? Not yet.
I said Connie-Jo should have a shower.
I haven't had hot water on my body since Istanbul.
I am glad.
Show me what? Laurent has a pair of rubies, darling.
I think he said we could get a thousand for them.
I'll have a look at it.
Uh .
I cannot give you what you want for them.
Those are not what you think they are.
Then what are they? Glass, mostly.
I'm sorry, someone has cheated you.
They what?! These men are skilled and their work is impressive.
There's no shame in you trusting them.
I feel dreadful.
I'm so sorry, Connie.
I shouldn't have raised your hopes like that.
It's OK.
But you must let us buy you dinner.
And tomorrow, when the skies have cleared, if you like, we can drive you up the mountain.
You've been so kind.
It's OK.
They're here.
Bye, Iris.
See you.
Lena, hi.
Ajay, my secretary.
Hey, man! Didn't we meet before? Yes, we did, with Iris.
She is one freaky kid, I'll tell you that.
Sure! I remember.
Are you not coming, Lena? She needs to rest.
We're expecting our first child in July.
No way, guys! Congratulations.
Hey, that is going to be some kid! Well, my brother? See you later, Lena.
Bye! Thank you.
Let's stop here for a moment and have some tea.
Mr Bloem! I must now insist you settle your account immediately.
I assume you will take payment in American dollars? Ma'am? Sir? Could we have a word? You look terrible.
I've not slept.
Then eat.
Paul? Herman.
It's contingent.
Contingent? On what? Me reading whatever that is.
Jesus Christ! Wait till you shit it out later.
I've eaten.
Now you can read.
The accomplice, Ajay.
And, er Here, the wife or girlfriend, Monique.
Various items belonging to their victims.
How did you get these? Nadine Gires.
You sent her to do this? No.
It's complicated.
My God, Cloggy.
I turn my back for a day, you get ruthless.
Is it enough? Enough for what? For the police.
If it is enough, then I can tell her to get out.
She went back there?! Herman! I'm terrified for her, Paul.
She's very brave.
And you're entirely reckless.
Says the man who wanted to shoot Gautier.
Paul, here Murdered travellers in Thailand and elsewhere.
Their bodies burned so badly they could not be identified.
And here! Nadine took these from the Gautier apartments.
I called this hotel and a Lena Dekker, and Willem Bloem stayed for three days in December.
And here, I believe this is Gautier and Leclerc travelling on the passports of my two Dutch.
Just days before these murders took place in Nepal.
See this is what he does, Paul.
Forges victims' passports.
Moves through borders.
Lays false trails across the entire fucking continent.
All right, Herman, all right.
Close your eyes and count to ten.
What else? I have calls in at every foreign embassy and every foreign ministry of every Western country.
Missing persons enquiries, stolen passports, complaints about robberies or assaults of any kind.
Well, that explains it.
Explains what? Hey, Laver! Laver says he's been leaving messages for you at the embassy all day.
What are you two? Batman and fucking Robin? What's this? You tell me, son.
It's you sending out dispatches for druggings and robberies and whatnot.
A crime report.
Two Australian citizens - Greg and Viola Raynott.
Both got cleaned out on their holidays in Hua Hin last September.
Whatever they gave the man, he almost died.
He was hospitalised for two weeks.
The last people they saw? A couple they met on the beach.
She was French Canadian.
He was of Asian appearance but spoke French? What is this, Ker-nippenberg? It says here the Raynotts described them as having a dog.
A little white dog.
There! Now tell me we don't have enough.
Helena Dekker.
Lena, please.
She's famous in the Netherlands.
From the television.
Is that right, Miss Dekker? Perhaps not famous.
She's modest.
And what about you, Mr Bloem? What is your work? I am a professor of sociology.
At the University of Amsterdam.
And you both say you have never met Miss Bronzich or Mr Carriere? No.
Follow me, please.
Was she your friend? I'm so sorry.
It's a terrible thing.
Miss May.
Have you seen this lady and this gentleman before? Miss Dekker, please step back from the witness.
Miss May, please.
Are these the people you saw Miss Bronzich and Mr Carriere leave with? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
I just want to go home.
Please? Officer Thapa.
You know just how many drugs these young people take in your city.
They don't stop from the moment they arrive, and their minds Please don't leave Kathmandu until this matter is resolved.
Of course not.
Come in.
I believe you have my pen.
Thank you.
Time to hit the road? Passports, sir.
Either the night of the 15th or the 16th.
you can swim the sea # .
when investigating the whereabouts B-L-O-E-M.
I know how to spell that, Herman.
Good luck! you can swim the sea no Well? We've done it, Angela.
They're going to raid Gautier's this afternoon.
Let's call Nadine and get her out.

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