The Serpent (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 Nadine, take the camera and you'll get photographs of him, Gautier, and the rest of them.
Nadine? I drew a map of the apartment.
Most important - the safe - with all the money and passports.
She went back there? Herman! Your family, your home, you can never go back.
You have been away too long and seen too much.
You're Monique? I'm Suda.
They're going to raid Gautier's this afternoon.
Let's call Nadine and get her out.
Nadine, the police are coming.
When? This afternoon.
Er Nadine, did you hear what I said? Er, yes, Angela.
That's very kind of you but .
I don't think I can make it tonight.
Nadine? Another time.
What is it? She just hung up.
I think he was with her.
Knippenberg! I got your message.
What the hell's going on? Janthasin has agreed to send police into Kanit House, but under the pretext of a narcotics raid, so Gautier won't suspect Nadine.
You did it! Yes, Paul, but listen, we were on the phone to her and I believe Gautier overheard.
But you said the cops are going in.
In two hours.
I'm trying to get through to Janthasin, to get him to move right away.
Christ, Herman.
We didn't think she'd get trapped there.
Paul, listen, I need you to go there right away.
All right.
Just until the police arrive.
All right, my friend.
Finally, we do it my way.
Paul, as soon as I've squared things with Janthasin, I'll be right behind you.
I found her in here yesterday, snooping around.
Then she and Remi left as soon as it got dark, and then she comes back this morning alone.
You know how close she and Dominique were.
I know, Ajay.
I see those things.
Mai Tais! This one's for you.
Thank you.
But, er, it's a bit early for me.
They're good, Nadine.
And Ajay went to the trouble.
Yes, Nadine, I went to the trouble.
You should try.
To friends.
Hello? Angela, she still won't pick up the damn phone.
Oh, Remi's here.
He's going out of his mind.
Well, he's not the only one.
But what are you going to do? Major General Janthasin! I have to go.
Major General, thank you.
Knippenberg, a man in your position ought to understand - limited resources stretched to breaking.
I cannot spare the men yet.
Major General, with all respect, I do.
But a woman's life is in danger.
Please, you have to act now.
You sure, man? Whoa! Shit, brother.
See, everything is in the mind.
Yeah Yeah, whatever you say, man.
That's strong magic.
Alain, no.
She does not want to.
And do not force her.
Hey, Monique.
We should go.
Where are you going? Monique has a new dress being made she wants to try on, and I want Ajay to collect something for me.
Come on! Chupong.
Oh, no.
What are you doing? You can't leave your car there! Nadine? Nadine? Paul! Nadine? Join us, Paul? No, thanks.
I can't stand this heat.
Mr Knippenberg! Mr Knippenberg! Yotin, get in the car.
Wait! Lawana, I cannot wait.
I need to get to Kanit House now.
Mr Siemons.
Very urgent.
She said what? Don't make me say it again.
Is she out of her damn mind? No, Herman, she's terrified.
And she still wants us to wait.
Besides, you want them all, don't you? All right, Paul.
I'll do it.
Get me Janthasin on the phone now.
Knippenberg, you'll forgive my confusion.
First, you want my men to go in as soon as possible, and now you want them to wait? Major General, I will explain everything in due course.
Only, look, I'm begging you.
You have to make them wait.
Nadine? Nadine? Nadine? Knippenberg.
Something's about to happen.
You must listen to me.
As long as you do everything I say, there's nothing to fear.
Marie, all of your jewellery.
Put it on.
Put it on.
As much as you can find.
Take this.
Do it.
Trust me.
Flight NL652 from Hong Kong has now landed.
Dominique, where the fuck are you? Dominique? Alain.
All Dominique's things are gone.
Did he take anything from the safe? Only his passport.
But it'll be of no use to him.
It has your photograph in it.
Unless he changed it.
Dominique, no.
He wouldn't know how.
Perhaps he had help.
Nadine? Mm-hm.
Should we leave now? Get out? No, nothing changes.
I wonder if his parents still write to him.
We are worried about a friend.
Can we check if he has collected his mail? Dominique Renelleau.
Good news? Heard anything from Dominique? No.
Why would I? It's only we, er, just got back and he's clearly been gone for quite some time.
We're getting worried.
Did you see him? No.
Remi! I told him I'd call him but I completely forgot.
Did I not call you, Miss Suda, every week I was gone? And each time you said you would be home the following week.
It was three months.
I didn't stay away from you for so long because I was enjoying myself.
I was working.
These are both for you.
How much is this? I want you to spend it all.
I trust you.
This is it, Suda - the moment we've been waiting for that will set us up forever.
Now, I want you to ask for the largest single consignment we've ever ordered.
We want only the very best.
So much money could raise suspicion.
And from Bangkok, you could never sell it.
From Bangkok, yes.
But not from Paris.
So you're leaving again? But I will return.
Open the box.
Um Try it on.
B-But my father should be here.
I don't want to marry your father.
Yes, I'm going to Paris.
But only for a very short time.
Because my home and my heart is .
where I want my love to live.
And all our little babies.
That will be here, in Bangkok, with you.
You guys, congratulations.
Oh, cherie, I hate to ask it, but if I don't take back Frankie to Monique, my world will end.
And will you take care of this for me? Don't you need it? Not for a few days.
It's a small thing, but important to me.
I'll see you.
See you.
So, what are you going to do with Monique, then? That's not for you to worry about.
You and I will move backwards and forwards as we please.
Gems in Bangkok, money in Paris.
More gems, more money.
More than you could ever spend.
Suda, it's me.
All set for tonight? Dinner will be ready at eight.
But guests will start arriving around seven.
They are all desperate to meet you.
My cousin says he's preparing already.
The family loves engagement parties.
Well, it will be a wonderful occasion.
Suda, do you have it? Yes.
And? There's a lot of stones.
And I think you'll be happy.
Are you? Mm-hm.
Then that's all that matters.
I'll see you later.
I'll see you tonight.
All set, then? All set.
Step forwards.
Er I do not have any Jewellery.
Nadine! Cheers.
Cheers! So, this is what wine tastes like.
That's a good choice, Remi.
Thank you.
I think it is time we went home.
Oh, no, not now.
Not before I taste this Armagnac.
You spotted it earlier? Paul? Oh, yeah.
Excuse me! Oh, the police are calling.
The police? What? Yes, Knippenberg.
What? Nobody denies it is Mr Gautier's apartment.
But there was no Mr Gautier there.
Captain Chupong, if I may, so I know that we are talking about the same person .
this man.
You didn't find this man at the apartments? He is an American citizen.
David Gore.
As you see.
Jesus Christ.
Captain, I'm not sure you This man is Alain Gautier.
This man's name is Mr Gore.
And like his two friends, he's a foreign tourist staying at Mr Gautier's residence in his absence.
I've no basis to hold any of them.
Please, Captain he's just using Gore's name.
I follow evidence.
Maybe if I could speak with Major General Janthasin The Major General has placed me in charge of this investigation.
Then please understand, the passport is a forgery.
Just look at the last few places that Gore has been, contact the police there and you will see that the real David Alan Gore has been robbed, or worse.
Mr Knippenberg, where would you suggest I begin that little hunt? He's been to every country on the planet.
Oh, shit.
This This man is Alain Gautier.
And this is what he does.
He robs, kills, he changes his identity in the same way that you and I would change our underwear.
Have you checked the contents of his safe? It's where he keeps the passports of his victims.
We do not know what is in the safe.
We cannot open it without the presence of its owner, Mr Gautier.
Er, I'd like to speak to a policeman.
Paul, please.
A real policeman.
Is there a real policeman in this stinking squatpot? PAUL! WHAT? Get out.
Let me handle this.
That always works.
The hell with these conner! My apologies, Captain Chupong.
Thank you.
How long will you hold them for? Their release papers are already being prepared.
No, please.
Look, the Major General himself ordered the arrest of these suspects.
For you to release them barely within two hours would reflect poorly on his judgment, don't you think? Captain, you are an ambitious man.
And I admire that.
So I ask you, imagine if I am right.
Imagine Janthasin's embarrassment, particularly when I describe to him the conversation that you and I are having now.
And the offer that I am making to you, to please hold them.
They're keeping him until 12 noon.
Noon?! How the hell are you going to prove he's Gautier by noon? It's as long as I could force Chupong to agree to.
We have to do something.
We?! I'm done.
No, I have an idea.
Yeah? You've also got an asshole you can shove it up.
Paul, please, I We may not be able to prove that he is Gautier by 12pm, but we can prove that he's lying about who he is.
David Alan Gore's passport has been tampered with, the Americans will see that.
And when they do, he won't be walking out of here.
Don't you get it yet? Nadine said Gautier knew people in the police - a Colonel, for Christ's sake.
I don't give a shit how many Colonels You stamped your righteous little clogs at dealing with Gautier my way, and for God only knows what reasons I rolled over like a milkmaid.
And now they're going to let him go.
Listen to me, please.
You don't get a gold star, you get top of the bill as Bangkok's latest clown show.
Paul, will you fucking listen to me?! I'll go to the Americans, get them to find the real David Gore.
You're going to need a car.
Alain? Shh.
Hmm? Hmm? Oh, Jesus, Knippenberg.
You sure know how to make a man lose his appetite.
Yeah, yeah, look.
I didn't know who else to call.
You're my only contact at the US embassy.
Yeah, well, good, because anybody else would think you'd lost your goddamn mind, but .
this little situation of yours .
I got a weird little wonder that maybe it's connected to something that landed on my desk and won't get the hell off of it.
The lot behind Soi nine.
30 minutes.
All right.
That's him.
This is Teresa Knowlton.
Aged 21, out of California.
Whereabouts unknown for five months, and counting.
Well, she may be the American girl that my witness mentioned, but .
I haven't come across her.
I don't know if she ever met Alain Gautier, but I can tell you she's precisely the sort of person he destroys .
as is, I suspect, the American whose passport he's currently using.
What gives, Knippenberg? You're the last man in Bangkok who I'd expect to be running around playing gumshoe, unless of course it was The Case Of The Missing Pencil.
You are missing an American.
We were missing two Dutch until Herman found them.
Yes, all right, Angela.
They were set alight while they were still in each other's arms, Mr Redland.
And you think it's this man? I don't think.
I know it is.
If it's a fake, it's a damn good one.
I want to talk to him.
You are to sit in on this.
He's in there.
Redland, wait.
Look, I think you should do it alone.
No, no, no.
Listen, my ambassador would never allow this.
I think it's best I stay in the shadows.
If he ever finds a connection between me and Nadine .
plus, I'm no interrogator.
What the hell am I - Columbo? It's a hell of a mix-up, huh? Let's hope they catch up with the real Gautier, put this thing to bed, right? Oh, I find it hard to believe he's done anything wrong, either.
Well, you met him.
He didn't strike you as, you know, a drug dealer? Like I said to the Captain out there, he seemed to me a fine man.
Generous, charming.
We should all hope to be such a man of the world.
From Iowa, huh? Yes.
It's just, your accent doesn't exactly sound Mid-Western.
I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in Puerto Rico.
Well, er, before I head back to the embassy, maybe you could help on something? We've had a missing person report.
A young woman, over here on vacation, name of Teresa Teresa Knowlton.
You haven't crossed paths by any chance? I thought maybe Americans far from home might find each other.
I'm afraid not.
He's lying, isn't he? I don't know.
Hey, at least I went in the goddamn room, OK? Try the woman.
Why don't you try her? Fine, OK.
ID an American? The American embassy? Yes, ma'am.
You see your friend in the next cell, Mr Gore? Well, he's entitled to consular advice during this little mix-up.
But while I'm here, I wanted to ask about a missing person.
You see, we're a little worried.
As her grandmother tells it, she'd been through the wringer in California, came east to join a monastery, of all things.
But in five months, nobody's heard a whisper from her.
And I can't tell a weeping old lady where her beloved grand-daughter is because all I know is she never made it to any monastery.
You are going to get burned.
Your fingers.
I've never seen her before in my life.
Something here isn't right.
I know, we have to make Chupong hold them.
We don't have the authority.
And even if we did, we don't have the grounds.
Not until I get this checked out.
Well, we have until midday.
I'll do what I can.
Alain, what happened? Are you? Shh.
It's just a misunderstanding.
I'm told there is a Dutch diplomat spreading insane rumours about me.
But, Suda, I need to ask you something.
What is it? Do you still have my briefcase? Yes, it's here with me.
I think someone here has taken pity on me.
You will see me before you know it.
Alain? Alain? Redland on one.
Thank you.
I'm heading to Central Division to take Gautier.
I put out a wire to every US embassy on the continent, and guess what? Mr David Alan Gore was drugged and robbed in Hong Kong.
He's alive, thank Christ, and gave a full description of his assailants to the embassy there.
You did good, Herman.
You did real good.
Redland has found the real David Alan Gore.
It's everything we need.
You two can go home.
Thank you so much, Herman.
I thought you'd be more jubilant.
I I am.
I can't stop thinking about Gautier in that interview room, and, er Why you didn't go in? Oh, I mean, I had to be respectful of protocol, and Van Dongen would never have permitted me to.
You think I was afraid? No.
Not that.
I think you What? I think a part of you wanted very much to go in there.
To see the man that you have been hunting - the man capable of such darkness.
But there is another part of you, a braver part .
which refused to allow his darkness to touch you any further.
I wasn't afraid.
Hello? Knippenberg, it's Redland.
You're not going to believe this.
Redland? They've gone.
Someone just left the doors open, and they walked out.
What I find hard to understand, Major General, is what Chupong here is calling an administrative error.
I will discover who was responsible.
Wait, the safe.
We still have the safe, where he keep all the documentation that he robs from people.
You have it? We have it, but we cannot legally open it without the permission of its owner.
We do have the safe, and we will open it now.
I thought you were Thought we were what? In jail? You don't know Alain at all, do you? We saw the map that you drew .
for your new Dutch friend.
But if you think a nasty little government man can touch Alain .
think again.
How could you two-time us like that? Huh? Oh, we won't forget it.
Suda, please.
I don't take offence.
Your father is right to feel the way he does.
Let me see.
One of the claws has bent.
I can't see it.
I can.
Slip it off, I'll fix it.
I want it to be perfect.
No passports? Nothing.
Fuck! We'll be watching you, Nadine.
was just fine night-time even trying isn't it? That's where it belongs.
Here comes the future.
too far behind even trying feel another way on the wall #
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