The Serpent (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 Gems in Bangkok, money in Paris.
More gems.
More money.
If it's a fake, it's a damn good one.
Redland has found the real David Alan Gore.
It's everything we need.
You two can go home.
Thank you so much.
Alain Nothing.
We saw the map that you drew.
For your new Dutch friend? Someone just left the doors open and they walked out.
That's where it belongs.
Here comes the future.
My report has gone to every embassy in the city.
Your damn report isn't going to help you now, Herman.
But this might.
Jesus Christ, Paul.
Just in case - understand? Are you crazy?! Are you? We knew exactly where Gautier was.
Now he could be anywhere.
Not anywhere.
To see his mother, Nadine thinks.
His mother?! Jesus Christ.
What about Ajay? He's still here.
And we know he knows all about you.
I'm not taking it.
I'm not like you.
You're right.
You're not like me.
I know how to stay alive.
What have they done? Long gone, Ajay said.
But to France.
Yes? Angela, the pond? He can just vanish.
The pond is empty.
Where have the water lilies gone? Angela, what the hell has happened to the pond? I-I asked the gardener to I thought I asked him to tidy the plants, but it turns out my Thai isn't He thought I wanted it cleared.
I Herman Is that gardener mad? What have they done? Who would do that to water lilies? I'm worried.
Where do we sleep? I know a place.
How long? A few days.
Once I've confirmed the most suitable client for the gems.
And we need to wait for Ajay.
Ajay .
how could I forget? He's our friend.
Doesn't mean we want him living with us for the rest of our lives.
It's here.
You go up there, check in.
I need to make some calls.
Alain Gautier.
Hello again, Monsieur Gautier.
I believe you may be interested in certain merchandise.
You know, we've already told you, we are well served for T4Xs.
This was one month ago, Madame Boeder.
Before Max Ayga was arrested in Colombia for embezzlement.
It is true, Max is indisposed, but Gautier, listen to me.
We worked with Ayga for 15 years, and now you expect us to replace him with someone we've never met and whose goods are uncertified? Well, I intend to remedy both those things.
My associates and I will be in Paris.
Associates? My secretary and my fiance.
And the rest, the goods? Did you not receive a package? Has there been a delivery? John, has a parcel arrived this morning? Yes.
I thought I might trust you with a sample.
Quite a trick, Monsieur Gautier.
Is there somewhere we can reach you? My hotel in Karachi.
42262 .
Excellent, Madame Boeder.
Hey, you.
Sit here.
If the phone rings, you answer it.
You do it well .
I'll give you another.
You know you are allowed to congratulate me, Mama.
What would you like me to congratulate you for? Your wedding or your release from prison? You know what the greatest joy of this day is for me? I will have a real family.
My family.
A different future.
Different how, Charles? Herman! What the hell are you doing sneaking up on me, you stupid woman?! .
today they were double-booked with a different kind of narcotics liaison along the Cambodian border.
Thank you, Mr Redland.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Jesus, Knippenberg, I didn't think I was that dull.
You've got a hell of a nerve, Knippenberg.
Shoving this garbage through the mailbox of every embassy in the city, bawling about a Canadian citizen being in some goddamn Bangkok murder gang! Well, she is.
She's an accomplice.
Whether you like it or not, she's Quebecois and you're a Canadian attache.
I thought you might want to do something about that, not come blundering in here as though it's none of your business.
My God, Knippenberg, what is the matter with you? Have you actually even read this? Ah, Ambassador, your, er, Third Secretary has jungle fever.
My Third Secretary has been my First Lieutenant in our investigation into the violent crimes committed against two nationals of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
A young couple, both now lying on mortuary slabs.
Nasty and upsetting business, Mr Bastien.
Yotin, stop the car.
Mr Knippenberg? Stop! STOP! Sir, what are you? They've got plenty and we've got none.
Can I help you, sir? Yes.
Suspended?! It isn't a suspension.
What kind of euphemism would you prefer for compulsory leave? I thought I could rely on you to To what, Herman? To be your typist, then your chauffeur? And now to tolerate this lunacy? To believe in me.
When you got your internship in the Foreign Service, I put bread on the table while you took classes.
I believed in you enough for that, and enough to follow you to the other side of the world so you could build your career.
Your career.
So forgive me if I take exception in watching you fling that career in the dustbin one with one hand while you wilfully put my life in danger with the other.
Van Dongen's right.
You need a holiday.
Or at least I do.
Get out of this pond, for God's sake.
Where's MY glass? And I'm starving.
We're pleased to see you, aren't we, Monique? Not a thing.
Just strolled through.
These things are gold, Alain.
And the Dutch man, Knippenberg? What word? Oh, my brother, you can sleep easy.
It's all over Bangkok, he's been sent away.
You got a buyer set up? Yes, they are Tier 3 buyers.
Boutiques in Bern, Zurich and Paris.
I only need to agree terms with them and, erm And then we can leave.
I'm going to need some new threads, man.
New clothes, Ajay? A new character, too.
Fucking hell.
Nice to see you, too, Monique.
What chopped her onions? The sight of you, mon frere.
You remember when we came through here in '71? Of course.
I made more in those four days than my father made in all his life.
Thanks to you.
What's in your bag? Well Couldn't leave her behind, could you? And who could blame you? Juliette, man, she was like Monique, not even in the same class.
What? Delhi's most celebrated hotel, the Ashoka, has been robbed in the most daring and spectacular fashion.
From the suite above, a thief drilled into the jewellery concession, then escaped with a haul worth over a million rupees.
New Delhi Crime Branch, under the authority of Police Sergeant Narandra Nath Tuli, have reassured the media that they have the suspect's identity and will leave no stone unturned until he is apprehended.
Hello? Please disconnect the phone, sir.
Turn around slowly.
I said turn around.
You're under arrest.
Yes? Telephone for you, sir.
Yeah? I'm sorry to disturb you, Herman.
Tell me what? Nadine, what's happened? Herman? Nadine just phoned.
It's Gautier's apartment.
The landlady wants to rent it out again, so she's clearing it.
When? Any day now.
Call the airline.
I'll pack.
This bed must be very uncomfortable to make love on.
Has Alain made love to you on it yet? Ajay, did you bring what I asked? Yeah, sure.
And the other thing? Oh, there wasn't time.
It was important! I told you! I was worried about police, and Nadine found me I'm sorry I forgot your notebook, Monique.
Why are you even coming to Paris? Huh? The disgusting things he keeps you around to do for him.
There'll be no more of that, do you understand? That's history.
Paris is our future - mine and Alain's.
You seem very upset about your notebook, Monique.
Makes me wonder what was in it.
It's personal.
It's personal? Personal makes it sound more like a diary to me.
Have you been writing down your and Alain's little sex secrets? You want to forget the past? That Dutch girl screamed for you, and here you are still wearing the ring that you sold her.
Vile! You're vile! You're a fucking monster.
Then what does that make you? We're just the same.
We both know his name isn't Alain, but we still call him what he wants to be called.
You play a role for him, just like I do.
Why do you think he keeps you around, Monique? You were only ever here for one reason.
To take the place of Juliette.
His wife from Paris.
Didn't he ever tell you? I was always taught love is a gift from God.
Whoever lives in love, lives in God.
I love this man.
I do.
But I am afraid.
What do you fear? Sometimes I dream that I have his child inside me.
But then I feel his hands around my throat .
and I wake up.
I do not recognise myself any more, Father.
Then it is not love that you feel.
If it is not, I What is it? I do not know what it is.
Will you make your confession? Open your heart and unburden yourself.
She kept a diary, everything written down, and now this.
Alain, they even call it a confession.
You need a white girl for the white clients, I get that.
But we're going to Europe, they grow on trees, and Monique is We can't trust her.
You have to get rid of her.
I've brought Bloem and Dekker's photographs to help identify anything that's theirs.
We need to collect everything of interest - get it out of here, look through it piece by piece.
Dutch! Yeah? This was loose.
Jesus Christ.
Sedatives, disassociates.
Christ knows what else.
I've seen drug stores with less.
Hell of a narcotics raid.
Hey, what's that? Kaopectate.
I know this drug.
You get a bad stomach, it blocks you up.
Whatever's in here is not kaopectate.
He poisons the kids, makes them believe they're sick.
Says, "Take this, makes you all better.
" But it doesn't.
It makes you sicker than you already were.
Fuck knows what he gives them to keep them under.
What? Christ, how many more are there? Herman.
My God! Herman! Yeah? The woman.
I think this is her diary.
Can you translate it? Of course.
But I noticed something already.
What? There's no mention of the name Alain, but on every page she talks about Char.
Char? Maybe for Charles? So his name isn't even Alain.
Is it even Gautier? It's all just fucking smoke.
No, no.
Paul, no, it isn't just smoke.
All of this, it's his life.
We look hard enough, we'll find him in it.
Everything we are doing, everything, it will help us to shackle him.
Reports indicate that the jewel thief faked the symptoms of appendicitis so perfectly that he even convinced the surgeons who removed the organ at the prison infirmary, from where, only days later, he drugged his guards, jumped over the wall and fled into the city.
It is thought even the army have now been brought in to aid the police in their pursuit.
We will have more updates on the hour.
But here now, a round-up of Charles.
Putain! Police! Police! What did you tell the priest? Ajay thinks we should leave you behind.
All I said to the priest was all I wrote in the diary.
That it tortures me .
but I love you.
It's true.
I do.
Even though I know you have not been honest with me.
You had a wife before and you never told me.
Ajay told me.
I was I was angry.
Come on, man, you've known her for what, a couple of months? I left my family behind for you.
And so? Haven't I done the same? I never needed diaries or priests, did I? Everything that I have done for you, everything that I have done, I have never questioned it, and I have done it with a fucking song in my heart, because we're brothers.
You cannot trust him to be what you need.
Not now.
Maybe then, not now.
Charles, not in Paris.
You want to stand beside him as you walk into the restaurant, to the George V, and you go shopping at Cartier.
What will people think of you when they see you beside a little brown thug? A little brown thug? Then what am I, Marie? Alain, please.
Mr Alain, Mr Alain! For you.
You are nothing like him.
You know that is not what I meant.
Monsieur Gautier? We were wondering - might you, and your associates, of course, see your way to joining us here is Paris? You, your associates and the merchandise? Madame Boeder, we haven't agreed either purchase price or fee.
We'll have a little dance I'm sure.
But we're in the same ballroom, Gautier.
How many of you ought we to expect? Just the two of us.
"I know he made love again with Suda.
" Suda? Who is Suda? His Thai girlfriend I told you about.
"Char tells me if I become Monique, I will understand.
"These people are just drug traffickers.
"Should Monique care about the things she fears he does? "Marie is terrified, but Monique has to stay calm.
" Go on, Angela.
"Can I play this role forever, knowing all that I know? "'Don't live as Marie-Andree Leclerc,' Char says, "'that girl was lost and alone'".
We've got her name.
"If only Char keeps his promise, takes me to meet his mother, "takes me out of this ditch.
"Live instead as Monique, and be free.
" Wait, yes, yes, the mother.
Err, she must say where, no? No, Herman, she she doesn't.
What? This woman, she barely knows any more than we do.
He seduces, he betrays, he destroys, and yet she yearns for him.
Paul, help me with this.
These must be his parents.
Then who's that? Did she re-marry? Upgraded to a French Naval Officer.
From the war-torn streets of Saigon .
to a comfortable home in France.
Hello? It's me, Mama.
Charles where are you? It doesn't matter where I am, but where I will be soon.
I haven't been home for a while.
There are reasons for that, Charles.
Nonetheless, I wanted to give you some warning.
Warning of? I'd like to see you.
I wondered if you might help me with something.
I want to see my child again.
I don't know why you imagine I can help you with that.
Her family hate me.
Tell them how you long to see her and to know her.
And what if I don't? What if I regret her birth when I think of all the damage you've done? You're not that heartless.
You're not that sentimental.
Nonetheless, I will see my child whether you help me or not.
We're coming.
Make room on the table .
14 days, Karachi to Paris.
Monique? You will never need to speak to Monique again.
I promise you this.
You and me, Alain.
Right? You and me.
Why are we stopping here? We need to have a conversation, Ajay.
I've come to understand something.
I can't rely on you any more.
Because this is all you're good for.
Pocket change.
Gutter work.
You're not my partner, Ajay.
You were my errand boy, and now .
you are nothing.
Alain .
this isn't fucking funny.
You are worthless, little man.
Monique was right.
Paris is no place for a little brown thug.
So now I want you gone.
mon ami .
it's time for you to make your own way in the world.
Juliette! Herman.
Come to bed.
You can't keep looking at it.
But it's in here somewhere.
Gautier's mother, Paris, Leclerc's parents in Quebec.
She calls her parents every week, she says.
Stop it.
Stop this.
How the hell do you expect me just to stop it? Angela, please.
Bastien, it's Knippenberg.
Knippenberg, you don't know how to give up, do you? Did you read the report yet? I might have.
I have the woman's full name, and the town in Quebec where her family still live.
Do you, now? Excuse me, Master.
Yes? Hello, Bastien.
I didn't think Well, that's gratitude, for you.
No, I Of course, it's just I had the Mounties pay a visit on your behalf.
What is it? A forwarding address for Leclerc.
The address of Gautier's mother.
We know where they're heading.
Bastien, thank you.

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