The Shannara Chronicles (2016) s02e01 Episode Script


1 ALLANON: Previously on The Shannara Chronicles EVENTINE: As king, I welcome you to the Order of the Chosen.
Thousands of years ago our Elven ancestors fought a war against an army of Demons.
WIL: The Ellcrys is dying.
And you are the only one who can save it.
ALLANON: Each leaf represents a single Demon.
Once they begin to fall, the creatures of darkness will be released from the Forbidding, one by one.
EVENTINE: This is Allanon.
The last Druid of Paranor.
ALLANON: You are a Shannara, Will.
Never forget that.
When you learn how to unlock the power of the Elfstones, the Demons won't stand a chance.
The world outside is dangerous, Wil.
FLICK: It's full of Gnomes, Trolls and Rovers.
(GRUNTS) (ROARS) I know how it feels to be trapped by your own life.
I didn't exactly choose to be a Rover.
You need to start trusting the Ellcrys, otherwise the three of you will not make it to Safehold.
Don't touch me! Something happen when people touch you? He's a seer.
ALLANON: Your power may be growing, but be careful how you use it.
Only a king knows the weight of a crown.
And if we die tonight, let us fall so the Ellcrys may rise again! SOLDIERS: All hail king Ander! AMBERLE: I love you, Wil Ohmsford.
WIL: I love you, too.
I always have.
AMBERLE: We all have a sacrifice to make.
This is mine.
WIL: Amberle, wait! You made me believe she could be saved.
Instead, I lost another person that I loved.
ALLANON: I told you that magic comes with a price.
WIL: You didn't say it was Amberle's life.
Don't you get it? We all have a part to play.
(GRUNTS) Go! WIL: I promised Eretria I'd go back and find her.
I'm not gonna lose her too.
(PANTING) (GROWLS) It's you.
COGLINE: Welcome back, Eretria.
I've been waiting a very long time for you.
Forgive the disguise.
Helps us blend in with the real trolls.
I thought you were dead, Cogline.
I spent 20 years wondering what became of you.
Now I see you here, alive.
I promised your mother that I would always protect you.
But I knew that your destiny would bring you back to me.
Join us.
Make a home here.
My friends are gonna come looking for me.
Well, stay until they do.
Choice is yours.
(GRUNTS) Were you following me? I thought you might get lonely down here all by yourself.
Check this out.
The old man doesn't want us risking our life for this stuff.
He'd freak out if anything happened to you.
I can take care of myself, Lyria.
That's not the point.
Wherever you go, I go.
Remember? (GRUNTS) - Looks like we're late.
- Let's go.
MALE SCAVENGER: What took you so long? FEMALE SCAVENGER: What'd ya find? This one's for Cogline.
MALE SCAVENGER: Oh, sweet! Here.
(GASPS) Trolls! Get everyone out of here.
You must find Wil.
The fate of the world depends on it.
- How did I - Survive? I have no idea.
But when I found you all you kept saying was "Amberle.
" Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You shouldn't be out of bed.
I need to see Cogline.
Up to your old Druid tricks? This isn't magic, it's science.
I know.
It's electricity.
You're full of surprises.
(CHUCKLES) I'm glad you're feeling better.
Lyria told me what happened today, it's a miracle you didn't drown.
I would have, if it wasn't for Amberle.
I know.
I know it sounds crazy, but she was down there.
I saw her.
When a person is drowning, their brain loses oxygen causing their mind to play all sorts of tricks.
But this was real.
She reached out to me, and she said Wil needs me.
Maybe deep down that's what you want to believe.
Your way of dealing with the fact that he never came looking for you.
Eretria, you must let go of your old life.
Wherever Wil and Amberle are, I'm sure they're safe.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Yeah, I guess you're right.
No doubt they're in Arborlon, living happily ever after.
You're not a gnome.
Clearly nothing wrong with your eyes.
I just thought all Stor Healers were gnomes.
They made an exception.
What makes you so special? Nothing.
Says here you burned yourself.
I wish it came with a better story, but the truth is I tripped and fell into my own campfire.
The good news is, you'll live.
Apply this twice a day.
It should minimize the scarring.
You look really familiar.
What was your name? Uh Around here, I'm just another Healer.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) It's been a year since the demon attack.
We need to get these people back to their homes and farms.
The Elven treasury is empty.
We don't have the resources or manpower to rebuild their villages.
Any word on help from the other races? They're still waiting for approval from their counsels.
Most of them would rather see the elves choked off than help.
King Ander! Thanks for coming.
There's something you need to see.
The Crimson did this? I warned you that their influence is growing.
We need to find Riga and put him on trial for these crimes.
EDAIN: General may be the head of the snake, but he's only voicing what many people are feeling.
General Riga and his men are on the rampage.
Killing anyone who refuses to report a magic user.
Giving the people an enemy and turning them away from you.
He's rewarding hate.
(SIGHS) When the Warlock Lord's blade called, you answered.
So that together, we can take the first step in resurrecting our master.
Today you will be reborn As Mord Wraiths.
Step forward.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) You will lead your brothers and you will bear the mark of the snake.
The heart of our dark master.
I sensed you tracking me for months now.
But it's too late.
Resurrecting the Warlock Lord is madness.
But, sacrificing me to the Dagda Mor? Oh, that was perfectly acceptable.
I regret what happened to you and my part in it.
But I was trying to save the Ellcrys.
Is that what you told Amberle when she sacrificed her life? Or Wil? You turned Catania against me.
You brought that upon yourself.
You allowed yourself to be manipulated by the Dagda Mor.
And now that sword is controlling you.
It's guiding me, Allanon, to my true potential.
I'm gonna learn from the Druid who understood the true power of magic.
Power is a curse for those who seek it.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) (SCREAMING) (GRUNTING) You're gonna die forgotten and alone, Allanon.
And the world won't even care.
That is my burden to bear, not yours.
(GRUNTS) Your master needs you.
Now! Drink! (SCREAMING) (SCREAMING) You know who I am? General Riga.
That's right and I'm on the hunt for magic users.
You won't find any in there.
I'm just a simple farmer.
I'm looking for someone.
His name is Wil Ohmsford.
He's a Shannara.
One of those responsible for unleashing the Dagda Mor and his demon army.
I never heard of Wil Ohmsford.
But There's a Flick Ohmsford down in Shady Vale.
A gift from the Crimson.
Send them safely on their way.
Dispatch a unit to Shady Vale.
Find this Flick Ohmsford.
And what if the locals don't co-operate? Well, then you burn the village to the ground until you they do.
Now, as you all know, Elven anatomy differs from other races.
Their hearts are no exception.
Can someone please tell me where I should make the next incision? Across the wall of the right inferior atrium.
Correct, Mr.
Please, take over.
Step outside.
Ohmsford Your compassion for the patients and dedication to your studies are impressive.
Why do I sense there's a "but" coming? Takes more than that to be a good healer.
I don't think this is your calling.
Slanter went out on a limb to get me in here.
Why do you dedicate yourself to medicine when you possess a far greater gift? Because magic has a price.
A price that's too high.
At least for me.
You saved the world.
As much as we help, a Stor can never do that.
I'm not interested in saving the world anymore.
Just the people that I care about.
Please give me one more chance.
One more, but that's it, Mr.
You should know.
It wasn't Slanter who secured your position here.
It was Allanon.
(GRUNTS) (SCREAMS) BANDON: The skull of the Warlock Lord.
The blade has told me who will know.
Find the Shannara.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) I'm lost without you.
Good talk.
Cogline said I need to let go of my old life.
I thought you already had? I guess, not talking about it is different from letting go.
We agreed.
All that's important is who we are now.
Whatever we were before doesn't matter.
What does matter is that the only time I feel real, is when I'm with you.
Now you tell me something.
Who's Amberle? She's probably the bravest person I've ever met.
Were you two ever together? No.
Not like that.
But I feel this connection to her that I can't explain.
And Wil? How does he fit into the picture? You talk in your sleep, so I kinda pieced it together.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) Wil was the first person to ever look at me and see someone good.
I never thought I could be anything more than a Rover, but he knew it all along.
Are you still in love with him? His heart was always Amberle's.
You didn't answer the question.
Not anymore.
I met a new person.
She's kind of mysterious Doesn't really like talking about herself.
But I'm hoping she'll open up to me.
What's wrong? There's something that I need to tell you.
I should have told you before, it's about Cogline.
He's been lying to you.
LYRIA: A week after you got here, Cogline called in all the scouts.
Said some people would be looking for you.
Dangerous people.
We had to prevent them from ever finding you.
Couple months later, I saw the scouts in his lab.
LYRIA: They said the Eretria problem had been taken care of and gave him something as proof.
After that, all the patrols stopped.
Do you know what the scouts gave him? I have no idea.
But he's a pack rat so I'm sure it's somewhere in his lab.
Then tonight we're finding it.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I'm not looking for company.
You know, gotta be honest, Wil.
This whole brooding, tortured loner routine isn't really working for you.
I'm surprised that the guy who helped save the Four Lands from demons doesn't have people lining up to buy him rounds.
Or, uh, collect the bounty on his head.
You're full of surprises.
Not the first time a woman has tried to take advantage of me.
You come into the clinic with a story about how you burned yourself.
Then I spot you sitting across the bar eyeing me for the last hour.
See, if I stab an Elf right here above the abdomen and twist the blade, you'll bleed out in less than a minute.
That's really fascinating, but I think you're gonna need my help getting away from the real bounty hunters sitting two tables down.
That man and that woman.
They had a third guy outside ready to bag you, but I slit his throat before I came in.
Which is how I got this card.
Someone just sobered up real fast.
I hope you know how to use that knife.
Why are you helping me? I'll explain after we get out of here.
(CHUCKLES) You just picked me up, we're drunk and you're taking me back to your place.
Try and keep up.
Come on.
Excuse me.
I'm about to get lucky here.
So are we.
We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.
Hard way works for me.
(GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (PANTING) You seriously had no idea you were being hunted? I had heard rumors about some extremist elves going after magic users, but Storlock is a neutral zone.
Might want to tell that to the Crimson.
Let me help you.
(GROANING) Thanks for your help.
I didn't do it for thanks.
I plan on collecting that favor.
Look, I'm no healer but that thing needs stitches.
I'm gonna go get one of your Stor friends.
Ah! I was drunk and in a bar fight.
I'm already on thin ice around here.
(GROANS) They'd kick me out.
So you're gonna stay here and bleed out? Great plan.
Hand me my jacket.
Enjoy the show.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) (GRUNTING) (SCOFFS) How did this guy ever save the world? LYRIA: Cogline won't be long.
Dinner is almost over.
Look at all this stuff.
Go check his desk.
(SIGHS) (GRUNTING) Hurry up.
- COGLINE: Can I help you? - (GASPS) Wil did come looking for me, didn't he? This is his pendant.
Lyria, I need to speak with Eretria alone.
Knew I should've thrown that damn thing away.
He searched for months, but I prevented him from finding you.
Why? Why would you do that? Because he's a Shannara.
When they come knocking, that means people are gonna get hurt, - maybe die.
- So you lied! I was trying to protect you.
I don't need protection.
I want the truth, for once.
I promised your mother that I would guard you with my life.
And for 20 years, I thought I failed her.
I couldn't live with myself.
I didn't want to lose you again.
I know you loved her, but that wasn't your choice to make.
Don't go.
Please ignore the vision of Amberle, I beg you.
You know I can't do that.
Sometimes the truth doesn't set you free.
It brings you more pain.
That'll be for me to discover.
We're setting up triage stations.
It's gonna be a long night.
Which village? Shady Vale.
Shady WIL: Uncle Flick! Uncle Flick! Wil! Wil Ohmsford, is that you? Dax.
The Crimson, they were looking for you.
You can't stay here.
What about my uncle? I told Flick to hide.
I hope they didn't find him.
Let's get him to surgery.
You sure about this, Eretria? We're in Rover territory.
We've got to keep moving.
It's a long way to Arborlon.
Stay close.
(GRUNTS) Lyria! Bad move if you wanna live.
I'm right here.
Hey, that's not gonna buy us much time.
We have to hurry before that thing comes back.
You have magic? Not much gets by you.
Let's go.
(GASPS) Not until you tell me what you want.
The Druid.
I need your help to find him.
Why? Because he's my father.