The Shannara Chronicles (2016) s02e02 Episode Script


Previously on The Shannara Chronicles Were you following me? Wherever you go, I go.
Eretria, you must let go of your old life.
Wherever Wil and Amberle are, I'm sure they're safe.
Eretria, a new darkness is coming.
- Do you know who I am? - General Riga.
That's right and I'm on the hunt for magic users.
His name is Wil Ohmsford.
You look really familiar.
What was your name? Around here, I'm just another Healer.
Why do you dedicate yourself to medicine? I'm not interested in saving the world anymore.
Just the people that I care about.
Wil did come looking for me, didn't he? - I was trying to protect you.
- I don't need protection.
I want the truth, for once.
We've got to keep moving.
So long we are alone.
Today you will be reborn As Mord Wraiths.
Resurrecting the Warlock Lord is madness.
Find the Shannara.
I'm right here.
We have to hurry before that thing comes back.
Not until you tell me what you want.
- Allanon.
- Why? Because he's my father.
Wil We've been running all night.
Let's stop and rest.
We haven't seen that thing in hours.
We need to get to Shady Vale and find my uncle.
Then we can rest.
We're almost there.
Okay? They've found us.
Looks like it brought a friend with it this time.
Faster! Come on! Come on! Hurry! It should be deep enough this time of year.
Should be? You okay? What is this place? I found it when I was a kid.
I used to skip school and sneak in here.
It was the only place I could escape.
Escape from what? Being different.
I didn't exactly fit in around here.
We need a plan.
I'm not far from Shady Vale.
I'll find my uncle, then head south to the Human Federation and seek sanctuary.
- Sanctuary? - Yeah.
Do you think those things give a damn about human laws? They're after you because you're magic.
Doesn't take a genius to figure out you won't last long if you run.
I was finding it hard to believe that Allanon could have a daughter, but you're sounding more like him by the minute.
If Allanon's your father, who's your mother? She was King Eventine's sister.
Hence the ears.
Pyria? I, uh, I met her once, with Allanon.
But he didn't mention a daughter.
I'm not surprised.
By the time she figured out she was pregnant, he had already disappeared.
I didn't even know he was a Druid until my magic started to manifest.
The more I pressed for information, the angrier she got.
So, I finally left.
That was the last time I saw her before she was I know what it's like to lose a mom.
But I haven't seen Allanon in months, and I don't plan to, so coming with me is a waste of time.
You're a Shannara, he's a Druid, which makes you my best shot at tracking him down.
I don't need to complicate things right now.
Let me make this really simple for you.
I saved your ass twice, you're welcome by the way, so now you owe me.
Sounds like they've given up.
This is the way out.
Keep close.
These guys are Rovers.
I know how they think.
Let me do the talking.
Shut up! Not another word.
This is your lucky day.
You boys wouldn't be looking for a fight now, would you? Because I might be able to help out with that.
Heads up.
Argh! Sorry to hog all the action.
No doubt you ladies could've handled these fools all on your own, but I couldn't risk them harming the merchandise.
What merchandise? Lyria here has been a very bad girl.
- You're a bounty hunter.
- Ooh.
And you're a quick study.
Well, I can't let you take her.
Jax, wait! You know who I am? Then you also know Garet Jax never waits.
She has nothing to do with this.
Let's say I leave her breathing, what's in it for me? What do you want? What I want Is for you to come along quietly.
I'm not getting paid enough to carry your spoiled ass all the way home.
Let's go.
You could have come to the palace.
It was safer to meet here.
The Crimson have eyes and ears all over Arborlon.
I'll go patrol the perimeter.
Bandon's alive? What happened at Skull Mountain? The boy's magic grows stronger, corrupted by the Warlock Blade.
It was guiding him to resurrect his master.
The Warlock Lord? No, I thought Wil's father killed him with the sword of Shannara.
The Warlock Lord took measures to ensure his death was not final.
His followers hid his heart, his head, his blade, hoping that he could be re-born.
Shea and I have recovered his blade and his head, but his followers got away with his heart.
Bandon recovered it.
So he's one piece away from bringing back another Dark Druid.
Why didn't you just destroy the head? I said the Warlock Lord took measures to ensure that wasn't possible.
You do not understand magic, Your Highness.
The whole thing plays right into the Crimson's hands.
It confirms everything General Riga has been saying about the danger of magic.
At least tell me you hid that head in a place where Bandon can't find it.
Of course, I did.
But do not underestimate the boy.
We must be ready for him that your kingdom does not fall apart at the seams.
It's easier said than done.
My people are still in camps.
They're tired and, and afraid and And I'm the king they're left with.
Which many don't find encouraging and right now I I can hardly blame them.
Then what you need is support.
In their quest to eradicate magic, the Crimson will stop at nothing.
No race will be spared.
Queen Tamlin has reached out to me.
She's offered an alliance between the Elves and the humans.
Then you must speak with her.
But the truth is you cannot face the Crimson or the Warlock Lord alone.
Hey, you gotta keep moving.
And stay under the tree canopy.
We can't risk those things finding us again.
Anybody ever tell you you're a pain in the ass? Who taught you how to do that? No one taught me, I was born this way.
Allanon didn't have innate magic.
You aren't taught to learning Yeah.
One of the many mysteries of my life.
I don't know what you're expecting from him, but I wouldn't get your hopes too high.
It's not like I've got a lot of options.
He's the last Druid and the only one that can train me.
Magic is overrated.
Trust me.
Except when it benefits you, right? I watched you heal yourself.
Why do you keep avoiding who you really are? You have no idea who I am.
I'm an ordinary guy who wants an ordinary life.
If you want to be ordinary, then throw away the Elfstones.
You can't, can you? You have this amazing gift, but you just abuse it.
I see the marks on your arm.
I know what they mean, so don't try to give me some line about the burden of magic.
You're certainly as judgmental as your father.
Well, when I learn how to use my magic, you won't see me running and hiding.
Behold, the Kingdom of Leah.
When we were boys, I doubt our fathers ever thought the future of the Elves would be on our shoulders.
But history is made by those who survive.
I hope I'm making the right decision.
You have no other choice.
But be careful.
Queen Tamlin always has a hidden agenda.
King Ander.
Last time I saw you was at your seventeenth birthday.
You were passed out drunk.
Clearly times have changed.
For some of us.
Your beauty remains timeless.
A charmer just like your father.
Let's hope that you are wiser.
You must all be exhausted after your travels.
Rest now.
I've arranged a feast in your honor.
Uncle Flick! Uncle Flick! Uncle Flick! Uncle Flick! Wil I thought I'd lost you.
You can't get rid of me that easy.
All right.
I'll fix you up.
Your Majesty.
I've recovered your daughter.
She's safe and sound and back in her gilded cage.
You haven't disappointed me yet.
My offer of a permanent position is still open.
How sweet.
But I'm not looking to be anybody's lapdog.
I'm strictly freelance.
You're welcome to join us at the banquet tonight.
But the royal bordello is more my style.
As you wish.
Always a pleasure, Jax.
General Riga, the Shannara has been spotted near Storlock.
Take a patrol.
Retrieve him immediately.
We have word that the Druid is in Leah.
You and I will handle the Druid.
We need to head south to Arishaig.
We can seek asylum with the Federation until this is over.
Asylum? If we don't stand up against these men, who will? It's not just the Crimson.
Tell him about the Demons, Wil.
Demons? They chased us out of Storlock.
Red and black smoke trails in the sky.
Mord Wraiths.
Servants of the Warlock Lord.
That's impossible.
Allanon and my father defeated the Warlock Lord 30 years ago.
That's not the whole story.
How do you know? Because I was there, Wil.
You know, you can dress me up, Mother, but you can't force me to change.
Just smile and nod.
Conversation isn't your strong suit.
She's so beautiful! She's gorgeous.
King Ander, please allow me to introduce my daughter, Lyria, Princess of Leah.
The pleasure is mine.
When the Demons came, we refused Arborlon's call.
But the reality is, we wouldn't be alive if it weren't for the bravery of the Elves.
I'd like to toast King Ander, for his courage in forging this alliance.
Hear, hear! I should've put you in the ground when I had the chance.
How'd you get in the palace? I'm very resourceful.
Where's Lyria? You like to play dirty.
I like that.
I'm not playing.
Where is she? Safe.
That's all you need to know.
Which ear would you like me to slice off first? My advice? Take your bag of Rover tricks and go home.
Ooh! I'm not leaving until you tell me where the hell she is.
You're in love with her, aren't you? Okay.
You're lucky.
I have a soft spot for hopeless romantics.
I know you and my father didn't always see eye to eye, but I'd like to change that.
His policies did nothing but isolate the Elves.
Nobody understands that more than me.
Then act like it.
The Crimson grow more brazen by the day.
The other races have dismissed the threat as an Elven issue.
The Crimson attack human and Elf alike.
Left unchallenged, they will bring the Four Lands to its knees.
I agree.
We must find a way to persuade the other races that this is their fight too.
What do you suggest? A true alliance.
One that sets aside years of prejudice and brings our races together.
One that's bound by blood.
You want me to marry your daughter? I want Lyria on the throne in Arborlon.
The sooner the marriage is official, the sooner you can secure your people's future.
Eretria? How did you You don't get to ask the questions.
Why did you lie to me? I didn't.
I told you that I hated the person that I used to be.
You were a little light on the details.
A princess.
Was what we had even real? The person I was with you? That's the real me.
I thought I had finally escaped this place, that I was free to live my own life.
But my mother had another idea.
She brought me back to marry some Elven king.
She wants me on the throne in Arborlon.
You're marrying Ander? Look, this isn't what I want, okay? My mother hates the Elves.
This alliance is some kind of maneuver.
How dare you burst in here! Leave her alone.
We're under strict orders from the Queen.
If you really care about me, tell King Ander I'm here! My daughter has a weakness for feisty brunettes.
When she ran away the last time, it was with a scullery maid.
Before that, an innkeeper's son.
I suppose she forgot to mention them to you.
She forgot to mention a lot of things.
Did she feed you the line that she only felt real when she was with you? Nothing holds Lyria's attention for long.
It's not your fault.
She goes through lovers like she goes through outfits.
I don't believe you.
Leave my kingdom, forget you ever knew my daughter, and the diamonds are yours to keep.
What if I can't be bought? Then you'll face the wrong end of a blade.
Last chance, old man.
Where is the Shannara? We know he was here.
You want to die for some half-breed magic user? Suit yourself.
Sorry to interrupt.
Who the hell are you? What are you? Something you'll never comprehend.
Wil has an uncle in Shady Vale.
You got what you wanted.
Now you can finish what they started.
My fight isn't with you.
But prepare yourself for the war to come because once the Warlock Lord returns, no one will be safe.
Shea and I were loyal brothers.
When he was called by Allanon to face the Warlock Lord I couldn't let him go alone.
Why didn't you tell me this before? When Shea left, after the war, he asked me to watch over you.
To raise you as my own.
And he made me promise to tell you nothing of magic.
He wanted to keep you safe.
But I can't protect you anymore, Wil.
Whether your father accepted it or not, you share his calling.
Do you still have the Elfstones? I know you told me to get rid of them, but I was wrong.
You said they drove my father mad.
It wasn't the stones that drove Shea mad.
Denying his purpose, wallowing in regret, that's what killed your father.
You've been quiet since we got back.
Did something happen with the Queen? Let's just say, Tamlin lived up to her reputation as a tough negotiator.
Out on the balcony, when we were talking terms She said she wouldn't agree to the alliance unless you married her daughter.
- How did you - I spent my life in the Palace as a handmaiden to your family.
I got a front row seat to royal politics.
I won't spend the rest of my life in a loveless marriage.
Not for anything.
This is about the survival of the Elves.
Your father, your brother, Amberle They all gave their lives so that we could build a better world.
It's time we start doing that.
Can I help you, Princess? Eretria! This woman is a hero in the War of the Forbidding.
Inform Queen Tamlin that she's under my protection.
Is Wil with you? I have a message from Amberle.
You don't know? Know what? Sir If you'll excuse me.
Whatever you need.
You're family now.
Amberle The Ellcrys spoke to me.
In what way? I had a vision.
She said Wil was in danger.
That's why I came back.
I'd hoped to spare Wil from further conflict, but if the Ellcrys has sent warning, I can wait no more.
If the Warlock Lord returns, Wil is the only one who can stop him.
Which means Bandon will be looking for him.
Bandon? What does he have to do with this? I will explain on the way to Shady Vale.
Wil is there.
I have sensed the Elfstones' presence.
I sense you two have things to discuss.
Make sure she's not too long.
I'll be in the hall.
Look, I'm sorry that I lied.
And I'm sorry I hurt you But it doesn't have to end like this.
Is that what you told the innkeeper's son or the scullery maid? My mother is just trying to drive us apart.
Was she lying about them? No.
But it's different with you.
What we have is special.
Then prove it.
Leave with me tonight.
You don't know Tamlin.
My mother would hunt us down and kill you.
Let's go, there's nothing left for me here.
The last Druid of Paranor.
Since I was a boy, I dreamed of meeting a Druid.
I've read your histories, studied your texts.
General Riga.
The madman behind the Crimson.
I will give you one chance.
Surrender willingly.
Oh, there's no need for that.
Your magic won't affect me.
Wil! Wil, we have to get out of here now! That collar is never to come off.
It blocks his magic.
Get him back to Graymark.
- Where's Graymark? - No idea.
But those are definitely members of the Crimson.
Tell Ander that Allanon's been taken.
He must send a patrol.
What about you? I have to find Wil before Bandon does.
Where's King Ander? Meeting with Queen Tamlin to accept her terms.
- Why? What's going on? - Allanon was taken by the Crimson.
Someone set him up.
They were waiting for him at the stables.
We need to tell the King immediately.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you sure? Yes! I saw it myself.
Who else knows this? No one.
I came straight here.
What You did the right thing, Catania.
What? No, save your magic.
You'll just be sending up a signal of where we are.
Can those things be killed? Not in smoke form.
Trust me on this.
Well, we can't just stay out here in the open.
We can take cover in the barn.
Let's go.
What are you doing? Buying you some more time.
Get your uncle out of here.
Bring it on, bitches! Shannara.
Stay back.
- We need to run.
- Okay.
Someone's a little rusty.
What the hell are you doing here, Bandon? Embracing my destiny.
That thing belong to you? They belong to the Warlock Lord.
It helped me find you.
Why? What do you want? I want justice.
For magic users like us, Wil, hunted by people who don't understand.
Abused by men like Allanon.
I'm sorry about what happened to you, but Allanon was trying to help.
Is that what you tell yourself every time you dream of Amberle? When you think about the friends and family that you lost? He lied to us.
Don't listen to him, Wil.
No, he doesn't have to say anything.
I can hear his thoughts.
You blame the Druid for Amberle's death.
Stay out of my head.
The Warlock Lord can teach us, Wil.
He can help us reach our full potential.
He could even bring Amberle back for you.
Don't you want that? I like you, Wil.
You were kind to me when no one else was.
But you have something that belongs to the Warlock Lord.
Tell me where to find it.
The skull! He told me you knew where they hid it.
Well, then you got some bad information.
I don't understand.
Argh! You're hiding something.
Tell me! Please! Wait! I know what you're looking for.
Just let the boy go.
I was with Allanon when the Warlock Lord fell.
I helped him hide the skull.
Of course.
The Shannara wasn't Wil.
It was his father.
The skull is in Paranor.
Locked in a magical safe which I can't open.
No, but a Druid and a Shannara can.
Find Allanon and bring him to Druids' Keep.
Why would I do that? You know that all of this is his fault And because you love your uncle.
Argh! Whoa! You let him go! You have three days, Wil.
Bring me the Druid Or your uncle dies.