The Silent Service (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Yamanami Crushes 

Excuse me, sir.
We're nearly there.
70% of the Earth is ocean.
Faced with such a vast ocean,
why do humans fight?
Currently at high speed.
Ahead slow.
-Ahead slow.
-Sorry to bother you, sir.
Unidentified vessel.
-Near Inubosaki, in the Yamanami's area.
Kaieda's area Nam, signature?
No acoustic signature collected.
Name unknown.
Los Angeles-class nuclear sub.
-The US
The Yamanami is approaching.
The Yamanami is nearing the nuclear sub.
It's not slowing down.
Are they not aware?
All hands, remain silent.
Captain's order. All hands, remain silent.
The Yamanami is sinking.
It's on a collision course.
The Yamanami is sinking
-Any distress signal?
-None, sir.
Contact Yokosuka Base.
They might not be able
to blow their tanks.
Yamanami, this is Tatsunami.
Confirm your condition, over.
Depth 500.
No reply, sir.
Approaching crush depth.
The Yamanami has been crushed.
JMSDF Yamanami sank
with 76 people on board.
What could be the cause?
Submarines dive deep into the ocean.
Radio and radar may not work,
so only sound is reliable.
Even the slightest error
can lead to serious accidents.
A nearby submarine's
audio analysis showed that
the Yamanami was diving straight down.
There may have been an anomaly
in the propulsion or ballast system,
and the vessel couldn't resurface.
And they collided
with an unidentified nuclear submarine?
There haven't been any announcements,
but if a diesel submarine
and a nuclear submarine collided,
significant damage would be expected.
There is speculation that this was
an engagement, not an accident.
Any thoughts on that?
Given current geopolitics,
it's natural for such concerns to arise.
But it seems unlikely
given the circumstances.
So, Japan is safe?
Yes. As for this incident,
it's safe to say that it was an accident.
I see. Thank you.
We offer condolences
for Yamanami Commander Shiro Kaieda,
and the 76 crew members
who lost their lives.
We lost a good man.
Watch your words.
Aren't you sad, Admiral?
What's your point?
I heard the US military
took care of the bodies.
Did you see them with your own eyes, sir?
Did Kaieda really die?
I understand your feelings towards Kaieda,
but that's nonsense.
The Ministry of Defense confirmed it.
Excuse me.
Begin rapid detection.
Starting flood control.
Captain Kaieda!
I said, "Close it."
I can hear it.
It's coming.
Sonar techs aren't much good on land.
It's coming.
Footsteps in a bad mood.
You have the audio data
of theYamanami's implosion, right?
Of course.
Call the Operations Officer.
I want you both inside.
I'll go ahead.
You're not helping me?
Nam, please.
Aye, sir.
This is the sound
of the nuclear sub's screw.
It's trying to avoid the Yamanami
as it descends.
It continues its descent
What an awful sound.
The ship had 76 crew members
Play that once more.
Anything odd?
There's no way Kaieda would ever bungle
and sink a ship.
But the ship and its crew were recovered.
Yeah, by the US.
What do submariners trust?
Their ears, experience, and gut?
My gut tells me Kaieda is still alive.
Escaping from a crushed submarine
at 700 meters is impossible.
I'll clean up the noise
and give it a thorough listen.
Just give me some time.
Right, thanks.
That's right.
Just sit on the chair, like you always do.
Yes, sir.
Yes, goodbye.
What did he say?
To confirm there are no changes
to the project.
It's his greatest wish.
A nuclear sub.
Are you getting cold feet again?
No, but
We must protect our own country.
This is a necessary action
for Japan to build that strength.
I know.
Pretty words won't protect a nation.
Excuse me.
Goodbye, sir.
Count me in on this.
I thought
it wouldn't be right to exclude
the Chief Cabinet Secretary, after all.
Does he know?
I told him.
He was very angry, though.
So we can share it with him?
So, what is this project about?
Begin rapid detection, 1MC.
Begin rapid detection.
Sonar, send me the image.
Seawater entering the engine room
from the starboard side.
The cause?
Unknown. It's flooding.
Roger. Flooding in the motor room.
Depth is 400 meters.
It's caused by depth pressure.
Start barrier protection.
Initiate flood control.
Starting flood control.
Can you go help out in the motor room?
Transporting wounded personnel now.
We will head to the motor room ASAP.
Close the motor room hatch.
But there's still
Motor room?
Irie. Irie, respond.
-We're going to help.
Sinking from the stern.
I analyzed the audio data.
I slowed it down and removed
the noise, such as the water current.
Then, I focused on the internal
and external rupture sounds,
and it was quite surprising.
This is the Yamanami's screw noise,
before it approaches the US nuclear sub.
It ascended
and surfaced.
It's the sound of hatches opening.
Does this mean the whole crew escaped?
So they dropped the unmanned Yamanami
onto a nuclear sub.
Is that even possible?
What if the US was in on this?
What in the world for?
Project Sea Bat?
The Sea Bat is a new nuclear submarine
belonging to the US 7th Fleet.
Shiro Kaieda
was selected to be its captain.
The crew are also from the Yamanami.
So the collision was a staged incident
to transfer the crew to the Sea Bat?
But in secret,
without going through the Diet.
-I assume Japan funded its construction?
What's so important about a submarine?
I mean, it's just a submarine.
It's a nuclear submarine.
Conventional submarines
use diesel-electric power,
so they need to surface regularly.
But nuclear subs can navigate deep waters
without resurfacing.
By the time they're detected,
they're already behind the enemy.
Oh! You scared me.
The Sea Bat is no ordinary nuclear sub.
Its performance is the best in the world.
From now on,
it's too late to wish
you didn't know this.
-XO, conduct a final check on the Sea Bat.
-Yes, sir.
Captain Kaieda.
It's finally happening.
I wish we could hold
a national farewell ceremony.
I understand.
The Japanese government
is practically on your ship.
Take care.
I'll be going, then.
There is no military band playing
or crowds waving as this ship departs.
It's the most unfortunate submarine,
setting off without anyone knowing.
But it will eventually become
known worldwide.
What will people think then?
Captain, closed. We're diving.
Depth 20.
Aye, sir. Open vent.
-Open vent.
-Open vent.
-Vent fully open.
-Vent fully open.
-No left-right tilt. Depth 20.
-Depth 20.
-Front and rear level.
-Depth 20. Front and rear level.
Down 10 degrees.
Loosen up. It'll be a long voyage.
Yes, sir.
Departure order?
Not yet.
I see.
I wonder what it feels like
to see off a sinking ship.
An emergency at depth 400.
Flooding to the engine room.
What would you do?
Close the hatch,
blow all tanks and ascend.
Then I'd order an evacuation.
Even if there's crew in the flooded area?
Well, I'm not sure
if I could give the order.
Kaieda didn't hesitate.
Unable to maintain buoyancy.
-Evacuation from the engine room?
-Evacuation complete.
Close the hatch.
Irie's still in there.
Message from the motor room.
Motor room. Procedure completed.
Motor room watertight. Irie evacuating.
Motor room, no response.
Hatch closure not confirmed.
Keep calling. I'll go.
Abandon the motor room.
Close the engine room hatch.
Captain Kaieda!
I said, "Close it"!
Engine room hatch closed.
Blow the main tanks.
All hands prepare to abandon ship.
Blow the main tank!
Blow main tank.
In the end, Kaieda was correct.
But I don't approve of submariners
who abandon ship without hesitation.
If Kaieda is plotting something,
I'll stop him.
I'm sending you the summary
of the performance comparisons
between other subs and the JMSDF.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
-Aren't you going to eat?
I forgot.
May I ask you a question?
What is it?
Why is this nuclear submarine so important
that they hide it from the public
and even stage an accident?
Besides, it belongs to the US Navy.
Sonar, maintain 30. Check baffle.
Sonar, maintain 30.
It's not just Key West
that's waiting for us, is it?
There should be others lurking around
to capture our acoustic signature.
No sound within the baffles. All clear.
Aye. Baffle check completed.
Baffle check completed. Sonar, copy.
Captain. Screws off port bow.
Distance 4,000.
Approaching at 15 knots.
Analyze signature.
It's a Los Angeles-class submarine,
Key West.
Fire active sonar.
Firing active sonar.
Multiple signals detected.
Two subs other than Key West.
Oklahoma City and Asheville.
-Make ready torpedo Number Eight.
-Make ready torpedo Number Eight.
Torpedo Number Eight ready.
-Number Eight, commence firing.
-Number Eight, commence firing.
-Number Eight, front door open.
-Ship's ready.
-Weapons ready.
-Solution ready.
-All ready.
Send a direction.
-Two degrees.
-Hold fire.
Torpedo launched.
Three thousand meters to target.
Torpedo normal.
Estimated time of hit 1504.
Approaching 500.
Full forward, hard rudder,
full starboard helm. Depth 700.
-Full forward.
-Full forward.
Thank you for coming all the way.
What's the situation?
The US is moving south from Ogasawara
in their search.
They will likely sink the Sea Bat
once it's found.
How big is the fleet?
Chief of Staff.
The 7th Fleet were holding a drill
so their subs are in pursuit.
-Any requests for JMSDF assistance?
They haven't contacted
the Foreign Ministry.
Are they going
to clean this up internally?
Assuming they locate the Sea Bat first.
We should use the Emergency Situation Act
and actively provide support.
-No. Sea Bat comes first.
-They'll suspect Japan's involvement.
-We should at least show some gesture.
-Can we send any ships?
The Tatsunami is currently docked
at Yokosuka.
The issue is Kaieda's intentions.
Defection or terrorism, perhaps?
If we know his motives, we can negotiate.
Did you notice anything
during the ceremony?
You met him in person, right?
Your thoughts, Prime Minister?
It's a tough question.
How should we act
We'll acquire the Sea Bat.
That won't change.
"Acquire" it?
Why are you so obsessed with the Sea Bat?
The documents only mentioned
military strengthening.
We must protect our own country.
That requires power. That's all.
Nuclear subs with stealth capabilities
are the most effective when
carrying nuclear missiles.
I take it that the Sea Bat project
is just the beginning.
Being under US control could blur
the Three Non-Nuclear Principles.
You're overthinking it.
Dialogue should be prioritized.
I believe that's the role of politics.
Human nature hasn't changed
throughout history.
The powerful suppress and control
the weak, exerting dominance.
There are no truly equal conversations.
power is what is needed in a discussion.
The Tatsunami will do.
Capture the Sea Bat before the US.
It's unrealistic for a diesel-powered sub
to pursue a nuclear one.
The Tatsunami belongs
to Kaieda's Second Submarine Fleet, yes?
That's correct.
Captain Fukamachi is known for having
JMSDF's best ship-handling skills.
Yes, he's very skilled.
He might be suitable
for negotiating with Kaieda.
Understood. I will have him do it.
So he's alive after all.
There's no way
I could've told you, though.
But you sharing this with me means
Kaieda fled.
I'm not sure what he's up to,
but during the 7th Fleet's drill,
he fired a sonar torpedo and disappeared.
So, my orders
are to sink the Sea Bat, sir?
Capture it.
Capture? We're not dealing with fish.
How can we capture
a state-of-the-art nuclear sub?
If those are our orders, we will.
This is where the Sea Bat disappeared.
If he's defecting, he might head
to the south Indian Ocean.
Kaieda's objective must be different.
Think like a submariner.
The ship can dive over 1,000 meters
and travel 200,000 kilometers submerged.
head south along the Ogasawara Islands.
The Mariana Trench.
They'll ambush the pursuing 7th Fleet.
Are you suggesting a battle?
I wouldn't put it past Kaieda.
That sounds more like a conviction
than a hunch.
-So our course is settled.
-All right.
-Let's sail.
Air released.
Close the lower bridge hatch.
Aye, sir.
Seal airlock.
Airlock sealed.
Pressure sealed. Closure secured.
Aye, sir.
Captain, trim is good.
Open vent.
Open vent.
Water is coming in.
Aye, sir.
Periscope, no lateral tilt.
Depth, 1,200 meters.
1 degree.
Vent closing.
Aye. Fuel tank vent complete. 1MC.
Fuel tank vent complete.
Fuel tank vent complete.
Noise audit complete. Sonar is clear.
Sonar, any audio sources?
No audio detected.
All right.
Approaching 12 N, 135 E.
Up trim 20.
Main ballast tank blow. Up trim 20.
Forward rudder, full up. Up 20.
Forward rudder, full up.
Beginning to ascend.
The sea is vast.
There is an infinite expanse.
Faced with such a vast ocean,
why do humans fight?
Perhaps it's human nature that
we cannot avoid conflict.
Contact patrol aircraft.
Ready for message.
Irie, do you understand
the meaning of these words?
No, sir.
Response from aircraft.
"To Sea Bat.
"Proceed to Sasebo port immediately.
"Fail to comply
and we'll be forced to attack.
"We'll be forced to attack."
The patrol craft is approaching.
Rapid dive, depth 1,000.
Rapid dive, rapid dive.
-Open vent.
-Open vent.
Vent fully opened.
Starting descent.
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