The Silent Service (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Seabat Surfaces

Looks delicious.
Thanks as always, XO.
It's our ship's policy to help out
whenever possible.
I appreciate it.
-All right.
Thank you.
Hashitani, you seem a little pale.
I'm all right.
He's just nervous
because we might see combat.
What's scarier,
being shot at or doing the shooting?
I'm scared.
But when I get anxious,
I try to recall my training.
We've trained hard to be able to handle
any situation appropriately.
Yes, ma'am.
Make sure to eat well and get enough rest
to stay alert.
Yes, ma'am. Thank you.
There's fruits as well.
There's more than usual.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You want some?
May I? Thank you.
Considering the Sea Bat's speed,
she might be at the Mariana by now.
Yes, most likely.
The Sea Bat has been located.
Patrol craft is approaching.
Rapid dive, depth 1,000.
Rapid dive. Rapid dive.
-Explosion off port.
-Begin rapid detection.
Begin rapid detection.
Anti-sub bomb, around 350 pounds.
Substantial for a warning.
Coming again from aft starboard.
Full forward. Reach 1,000 in five minutes.
Full forward!
This ship can do it.
Full rudder.
Depth 1,000. Full rudder.
She was further ahead than expected.
-But why did she surface?
-It seems she signaled the patrol craft.
"Good morning, USA.
Underway on nuclear power."
Mr. Kaieda, the prankster.
Is he trying to provoke them or something?
He really wants to take on the US?
I can't let the public know about this.
The media shouldn't be a problem for now.
The US is mobilizing the 7th Fleet.
They seem determined to sink the Sea Bat.
If it were to sink, there could be
a risk of radiation leak.
Submarine's nuclear reactors are robust.
They're protected by multiple layers
of containment vessels,
withstanding over ten times
the seismic load of a nuclear power plant.
Ms. Sonezaki.
Have you ever been on a submarine?
I was at the Sea Bat's departure,
but I haven't been inside.
I wonder what it's like
to be on a submarine.
They're stuck in a confined sub
surrounded by the sea,
and need to stay quiet
to avoid detection by enemies.
They can't even contact their families.
They live like that for months.
It's suffocating just to think about it.
Perhaps, before considering the Sea Bat,
we should be thinking about Kaieda
and his crew's feelings.
We need to know their intentions
and how motivated they are
before taking appropriate measures.
A submarine fundamentally exists
for covert action,
They're here.
Target detected.
Key West ahead, Oklahoma City
and Asheville at 2,000 astern.
Captain's room. Target detected.
Bearing 122, range 5,000 yards.
Three screw sounds. They're here.
Allegro Vivace.
Irie, I'll leave this to you.
Confirmed water sound
in Key West's torpedo tube.
Switch to battery propulsion.
Engine room, switch to battery propulsion.
Switch to battery propulsion.
Slow ahead, dive planes up full.
Surface 3 meters per second.
-Slow ahead.
-Slow ahead.
Second movement, Andante Cantabile.
Depth 500.
Key West appears to be ready for launch.
Continue ascent.
Stop ascent. Maintain position.
Hovering at current depth.
Ballast assist.
Key West started moving.
Target altering course to starboard.
Third movement, Menuetto Allegretto.
Full ahead flank, full rudder.
Full ahead flank, full rudder.
Full ahead flank, full rudder.
Stay on her.
Going up at 35 knots.
Full forward, dive planes up full.
-Full forward.
-Full forward.
-Dive planes up full.
-Dive planes up full.
Moving on to final movement,
Allegro Molto.
Gradually reduce speed from 40 knots
to 10 knots in one minute.
Full ahead.
Decelerate to 10 knots in one minute.
Full ahead.
Torpedo officer, ready torpedoes
number six, number eight.
Launch control room, ready torpedoes
number six, number eight.
Number six, number eight, prepare to fire.
Six and eight ready to fire.
Two vessels aft are ready for launch.
They'll fire.
Distance to Key West, 500.
-Sonar, provide bearing.
-Mark 15.3 degrees.
-Torpedo launched.
-Torpedo on course.
Target guided.
Rapid dive.
Transition to evasion, leaving this area.
-Rapid dive. Full dive planes down.
-Rapid dive. Full dive planes down.
Estimated time of hit, 1443.
What's Captain Kaieda like?
He's amazing.
In the belly of a whale.
He pilots like he's swimming.
With him, you forget
how small the submarine is
and you sort of melt into the ocean.
What do you mean?
He takes you to a world
that you've never seen before.
I don't get it.
Hey. Rock, paper, scissors.
Captain speaking.
We performed a magnificent symphony.
I thank each one of you for your efforts.
He disrupted discipline,
so we imposed temporary restraint.
-Release him.
-Aye, sir.
Irie, are you unharmed?
No problems.
Let's review Sea Bat's movements
up to now.
She surfaced here at Yap Island
and contacted the patrol craft.
"Good morning, Vietnam!" Like that?
Aye, aye.
Then, she hid in the Mindanao Trench,
ambushing and disabling a sub
from the 7th Fleet which was chasing her.
They escaped the two other subs
and vanished into the depths.
So, the unexploded torpedoes
were intentional.
A provocation to show he could've sunk it
if he wanted to.
The trench to the Indian Ocean
is likely blocked by the 7th Fleet.
So, where next?
It's a dead end.
He probably didn't expect
the fleet to make such big moves.
No, Kaieda would have anticipated that.
He intentionally provoked
and gathered the 7th Fleet.
For battle
-Yes, sir.
-Give me the ETA to the Philippine Sea.
-Yes, sir.
-Hayami. Inform the crew.
-Yes, sir.
All right, I suppose I should also
attend to my duties.
I'm counting on you.
Yes, yes.
Hey, Komura.
Are you still with your girlfriend?
Yeah. You?
Don't ask.
Should I ask my girlfriend
to help you find someone?
Shut up.
Hashitani, are you okay?
How many times now?
Should I get some medicine?
No, I'm fine.
No girlfriend yet?
-Shut up!
-Ow! That's a sock.
It definitely stinks. Hey!
Bearing 210, distance 5,000,
Ronald Reagan.
Slow to five knots.
-Slow ahead.
-Slow ahead!
Slow ahead.
Cruiser approaching from starboard bow.
Fifteen knots.
Distance 3,500.
It's Shiloh.
We will be greeted by a splendid sunset
on the open sea.
Ascending now.
1009.5, resurfacing.
Rudder amidships.
Open the lines.
Yes, sir.
To all ships in the 7th Fleet
We have a Tomahawk anti-ship missile
loaded and ready.
Its warhead is not conventional.
I repeat:
Its warhead is not conventional.
All ships, stop immediately.
-Reduce forward speed.
-Reduce forward speed!
Reduce forward speed.
If they do not stop,
all ships will suffer significant damage.
No change in Ronald Reagan's course
and speed.
Ronald Reagan has increased speed.
They intend to crush us.
Maintain course.
Distance 300 before collision.
He's trying to pull a kamikaze, sir.
Full rudder. Follow Ronald Reagan's stern.
-Full rudder.
-Full rudder!
While we possess nuclear weapons
that can destroy ourselves and more,
we glare at each other,
unable to fire them.
America has said that nuclear powers
will restrain each other and prevent war.
Here, in this mere 5-kilometer radius,
I have squeezed in the realities
of the world.
You all
must confront this reality.
We declare our independence.
We hereby declare
the establishment
of the independent nation of Yamato.
No movement from Ronald Reagan.
Screw noise on bearing 47.
Depth 300, 20 knots.
Diesel sub approaching.
Arriving shortly.
It's been a long time
since you've seen him.
I've been waiting, Fukamachi.
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