The Silent Service (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Kaieda VS Fukamachi

We declare our independence.
We hereby declare
the establishment
of the Independent Nation of Yamato.
No movement from Ronald Reagan.
Tatsunami is approaching.
Emergency surface.
Don't whack any hulls.
Copy. Emergency surface.
Blow the main tanks.
Emergency surface!
-Full rudder, full rise.
-Full rudder, full rise.
-Blow main tank.
-Blow main tank.
Twenty seven.
To Captain Kaieda of
the 7th Fleet Sea Bat.
This is JMSDF Second Submarine Flotilla
Tatsunami CO,
Commander Fukamachi.
Requesting permission
to board the Sea Bat.
To the CO of the Tatsunami,
Commander Fukamachi.
This ship has already
declared independence
and is the Independent Nation of Yamato.
We do not belong to the 7th Fleet Sea Bat.
No movement from the 7th Fleet.
It's a bluff.
They can't just attack an allied ship.
To Leader Kaieda
of the Independent Nation of Yamato.
We request that you allow one person
from Japan to enter your nation.
Permission granted.
Minister, the Tatsunami's captain
will board Yamato.
Shortly, the Tatsunami's captain
will make contact with Kaieda,
so he will handle the negotiations.
Firstly, we'll ask Kaieda what he wants
in exchange for the Sea Bat.
Use of force.
If we can somehow deal with Captain Kaieda
the remaining crew will comply.
What's the purpose
of declaring independence?
The name "Yamato" is troublesome.
It suggests association with Japan.
There's also the issue
of nuclear warheads.
Kaieda has to be bluffing, though.
If the Sea Bat has nukes,
then we'll kill two birds with one stone.
It was always supposed to have them.
So, you admit that Project Sea Bat
is the first step to acquiring nukes?
Acquiring nukes?
-Captain, the boat is ready.
-What did Command say?
-Persuade him to hand over the Sea Bat.
-That's all?
Wait, sir.
Just to be safe.
The 7th Fleet might attack.
If that happens, launch the ship
without me. Do not hesitate.
Yes, sir.
-I'll escort you, sir.
Release the boat.
Nuclear armament?
Japan is an NPT signatory.
Ms. Sonezaki.
This is not set in stone yet.
But showing that we're prepared for this
serves as a deterrent to other countries.
It's part of national security.
And America gets to offload military costs
onto Japan while increasing its influence.
Mr. Kageyama, what would happen
if we accepted Yamato's independence?
What would happen if the world accepted
Yamato's independence?
Come on! Acknowledging a single submarine
as a state is ridiculous.
But I get the feeling
that Kaieda's up to something.
Up to something?
Well, I don't know exactly yet,
but I don't think that Kaieda
is just some madman.
There must be some logic behind this.
The Sea Bat will be ours.
That won't change.
Let's take a brief break.
It's been a long time, Captain Kaieda.
I'm now the head of state.
Welcome to our country.
Our country?
I've never been to such a musty,
all-male country before.
I can't imagine your true goal here
is to play king.
What the hell are you thinking?
Is that what you came here
to ask, Fukamachi?
I can't imagine someone as good as you
doing this for no reason.
We have a great mission to accomplish.
A mission?
This is a militant state
that doesn't belong to any country.
We will fight other nations
as a military state,
which the UN forces, controlled by
powerful nations' agendas, cannot do.
Are you trying to start a world war?
We will unify the world
as a single nation.
Unify the world?
I heard the sound of the Yamanami
being crushed.
It sounded like she was crying,
having been abandoned by you.
I can't trust a crew
that abandons ship as a cover-up.
Shouldering great responsibility
takes courage.
now that you're the CO,
you should see that too.
Why should I?
Back then, you didn't even hesitate.
You can't even save one person,
yet you dream of unifying the world?
What a joke.
It's the only way
to rid this world of war.
That's impossible!
It is not.
With this submarine, and this crew,
it's possible.
You're insane.
Commander Fukamachi.
It's time to leave.
Movement from the Shiloh off port.
They're preparing to attack.
It's time. This ship will rapid dive
in one minute.
Ready to submerge.
Ready to submerge.
Ready to submerge.
Steering ready. Steering ready.
Pull the CO up. You can abandon the boat.
Impact aft, 200 meters!
Tatsunami's CO has returned.
Ready to dive.
Understood. Alert bridge.
Captain is here.
I told you not to hesitate.
I waited for the captain
without hesitation.
Shall we pursue the Sea Bat?
Let's do it.
We're ready.
Take her down!
Aye, sir.
The Tatsunami is pursuing, sir.
Monitor the 7th Fleet's movements.
Aye, sir.
Make ready torpedo tubes one and two.
Make ready torpedo tubes one and two!
-Are we firing?
-Target their screw without a payload.
The same way they immobilized
the Key West?
We'll stop her.
P-3 is approaching.
They're shooting ahead of us.
Halt the screw.
The Sea Bat has stopped.
Sonar, report bearing.
Mark, 90 degrees.
The Tatsunami's flooding her launch tubes.
Torpedo room. Torpedoes one and two ready.
Torpedoes one and two ready.
Incoming from the Tatsunami.
Two torpedoes.
Distance 2,000.
Missiles from the P-3 splashing down!
Can you hear them?
Nothing, sir.
Rapid dive. Full rudder, full dive planes.
-Full ahead.
-Full ahead.
Full rudder, full dive planes.
The Sea Bat's status?
Come on! I can't hear a thing
over the bubbles from the explosions.
Nam, you're the only one
who can hear through it.
Oh yeah?
Leave it to me.
I've got the Sea Bat.
Where is it?
Five meters directly below us.
We almost collided.
Incoming anti-sub missiles.
It's directly above us.
Approximately 20 seconds to collision.
Incoming anti-sub missiles.
We're gonna get hit!
Thirty meters directly above us.
Full forward, full rudder.
-Full forward, full rudder.
-Full forward, full rudder.
-Full forward, full rudder.
-Get us out of there!
Ten seconds to impact.
If the Tatsunami gets hit,
we'll be damaged too.
Fukamachi will dodge it.
Five seconds!
All hands, brace for impact!
Torpedo explosion. Shockwave coming.
All torpedoes detonated at depth 400.
They didn't really intend
to take us down, did they?
Rapid dive to depth 1,000.
-Rapid dive, depth 1,000.
-Rapid dive, depth 1,000.
All right?
Everyone all right?
Yes, sir.
You okay?
All stations, commence rapid assessment.
Report damage status.
All stations, commence rapid assessment.
Report damage status.
Engine room flooding.
Stay calm, don't panic.
Aye sir.
Flooding located in engine room.
-Flooding located in engine room.
-Seal breach.
Emergency commanding officer
Restore backup power ASAP.
On-Site Commander, Engineer.
Drain pumps operating normally.
Power is back.
Captain. The Sea Bat is diving.
Seal the breached sections ASAP.
I guess it's time to say goodbye
to the Tatsunami.
Fukamachi isn't one to give up easily.
The Tatsunami's been hit,
Sea Bat's on the loose.
Where's Mr. Unabara?
Probably in his usual place.
Understood, sir.
Honestly, this is hard for me.
Prime Minister.
I know
how I'm perceived by the public.
Diplomatically weak,
just a stopgap until the next guy.
I won't deny any of it.
I know I'm just a figurehead.
It's not that great politicians
make excellent decisions.
They're great only after making
an excellent decision.
What matters is how we act from now.
The Cabinet
is like the crew of a submarine.
A submarine?
When we sink, we sink together.
Excuse me, sir.
Everyone is waiting for you.
How's Wataru?
What do you think of him as a politician?
He is an admirable man
with a flexible mindset.
He's a greenhorn.
He's swayed by short-term concerns
and lacks the ability to see things
from a broader perspective.
But, he's willing to listen
to people's opinions.
With genuine sincerity.
The sun is setting.
It takes force to defend a country.
No matter how much you talk about ideals,
once you get shot at,
those go out the window.
Our citizens believe that
we'll never be hit by missiles.
They can live peacefully only because
are working hard to protect the country.
I agree with you, sir.
All right.
I see no serious injuries,
but you should get it checked
when we're back on land.
Okay, thank you.
Keep it cool.
-Thanks for the help.
All those good looks going to waste.
What are you here for?
Here you go.
Where's Hashitani?
Maybe the bathroom again.
-I'll go check.
Hull patching
in the engine room completed.
Great. Let's chase down the Sea Bat.
What's the course?
Molucca Strait?
That's a ship graveyard
from the Pacific War.
Sonar would be useless
due to all the soundwaves.
Many underwater volcanoes, too.
It's a perfect place
for a submarine battle.
Is the Sea Bat planning
to engage the 7th Fleet?
There must be some underlying intention.
What can one nuclear sub achieve?
We must consider measures
to stabilize Japan-US relations.
We need to capture the Sea Bat
before the US.
Fighting the 7th Fleet
with one nuclear sub
They won't stand a chance.
But if we don't step out
of America's shadow,
our project will have been for nothing!
Selecting Kaieda was the mistake.
We need to reevaluate
and approach this anew.
Mr. Kageyama, Ms. Sonezaki.
Setting aside the US,
we need to consider what Japan should do.
Our course is not yet set.
The direction we should head in is clear.
We need the power
to defend our country ourselves.
That's what Project Sea Bat was for.
The tides are already turning.
We need to set aside our positions
and think flexibly.
With everyone facing different ways,
the ship won't move.
The crew of the Sea Bat is united.
But they're terrorists.
Still, they're Japanese.
They call themselves Yamato.
They could be acting out of concern
for the country.
What if we were to defend them?
Are you suggesting sending the SDF
to protect the Sea Bat?
Well, it's just a suggestion.
That could lead to war with the US!
The Tatsunami has already been attacked.
Prime Minister.
-It's from the US.
It's a summit request
from the US President.
A submarine is approaching.
We'll counterattack.
Two torpedoes. Range 3,500.
Yamanaka, what is battle?
it's the use of force to compel the enemy
to execute our will.
Commence battle.
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