The Silent Service (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Combat Begins

Two torpedoes. Range 3,500.
Commence battle.
Hitting a target with torpedoes
is extremely hard.
The area is full of shadow zones,
if you ask me.
We're passing by an enemy vessel.
One submarine pursuing.
Increase speed to 30 knots.
Full ahead.
The chase is on, guys.
Increase to 35 knots.
-Full ahead.
-Full ahead.
Up trim to maximum in five seconds.
Dive planes up full.
Dive planes up full.
Whoa. Did they go too fast and crash?
No. The Sea Bat must have baited them.
How can he move so freely in this area?
Maybe he's got a topographical map
of the world's oceans, all in his head?
-But nobody
-It's possible.
Engine room, what is it?
Our screw has stopped.
It's tangled up in something.
Enemy at depth 400.
Seems like we're being pulled.
Try reversing.
Unable to reverse.
The propeller has stopped.
Unable to maintain depth, sir.
They extended a floating antenna
and tangled it in our screw.
Sea Bat has been captured.
Fishing for our sub. Interesting idea.
Flood the forward trim tanks.
Dive when they reach mass.
-Front trim tank. Water injected.
-Front trim tank. Water injected.
Depth 300.
Depth 400.
Let's show them just how good
our diving capability is.
Enemy vessel's hull is creaking.
They'll give up soon.
No normal submarine
can withstand this depth.
Confirmed rupture sound.
She's starting to implode.
Get us to depth 300.
-Full ahead.
-Full ahead.
They seem unable to ascend.
Hard to starboard.
Let's finish off the last one.
-Full starboard rudder.
-Full starboard rudder.
Oklahoma City is too close to her.
Damn it!
They've entered the shadow zone again.
They're coming.
Let's demonstrate our intent.
Full ahead. Up, trim 20.
-Full ahead.
-Full ahead.
Halt screw.
Dive planes down, full dive.
Hard to starboard.
My God.
Three nuclear subs
in less than 10 minutes
And without firing a single torpedo.
Captain, a call from the Sea Bat.
-Open the line.
-Aye, sir.
Captain Fukamachi.
Did you witness the power
and will of our nation, Yamato?
Are you trying to call yourself a pacifist
because you didn't use weapons?
What you're doing is
a full-fledged act of combat.
We were attacked,
so we exercised our right to self-defense.
For all your ideals
about making the earth a single nation,
you just want to wage war.
This is an inevitable battle.
Don't glorify this.
Peace can't be achieved
by flashing nuclear weapons around.
We're not the only ones.
You need power
to make your ideals a reality.
You can never create a world without war.
Someday, you too will understand.
Speaking for myself
If I feel you're wrong,
I'll stop you, even if I have to sink you.
Fukamachi, we're headed north to establish
an alliance with a certain country.
A certain country?
To move the world, Japan must move first.
What do you mean?
They've closed the channel.
Range 300.
Depth 600.
They're diving.
-Our batteries won't last long in a chase.
Surface and recharge. Let everyone eat.
Aye, sir.
So, who's hungry?
Suddenly, I'm starving!
Let's eat now, come on.
The follow-up on the Yamanami's collision.
Were you told by higher-ups to kill it?
Well, partly yes.
But it's also unlikely to attract
many viewers. It won't get numbers.
It's not just about the numbers.
There could be something more
behind this incident.
"Could be," right?
"Could be" won't satisfy the viewers.
Then I'll pursue it
until they're satisfied.
What a complete media blackout.
Can't even find the "sea" in Sea Bat.
They haven't a clue what incredible things
are happening behind the scenes.
If it's hidden, there's no way of knowing.
Do you think citizens are all fools
manipulated by the media?
Not at all.
Can't you walk quietly?
Under the umbrella of the US,
we were to gradually build our power
until we could achieve independence.
That has been the framework
for a century, since the end of the war.
Project Sea Bat was meant to mark
the turning point
Until that man Kaieda showed up.
That idiot.
Japan will withdraw from Project Sea Bat.
We'll cooperate with the US Navy
to sink that damned submarine.
I've given orders to Takegami.
The summit with Bennett will proceed
as a concession to the US
so they'll be indebted to us.
They won't see it as a debt.
This will just confirm
that Japan is a faithful lapdog.
We'll establish a new system
for the next century.
Your generation will take that over.
I'm not as afraid of the US
as you, Father.
Do you even have a plan?
I'll talk with Kaieda.
Negotiations won't work.
I'll talk with Kaieda,
the leader of Yamato.
Are you willing to go down with him?
The Sea Bat is a sinking ship.
I'll save her.
What good will that do?
It's about time you step down
from the stage.
You need to understand Kaieda
to handle this crisis.
Don't be so hasty.
This situation is
beyond your capabilities.
But, if you want more attention,
I'll find you some kind of role.
Excuse me.
A direct hit would have sunk us.
It's a bit late for an apology.
No doubt they were following orders too.
Thanks for the food.
I'm done, too.
Thanks for the food.
Compliments to the chef.
It was delicious.
We're heading back.
Cheer up.
-Hiranuma, can I borrow your game?
Tatsunami Curry again?
I'm getting tired of it.
You don't want it?
It's good, though.
Then quit complaining.
Our comfort food, Tatsunami Curry.
I love it.
Hey, that's too much.
I'm making a pickled-vegetable rice curry.
Give me a break.
You just ruined it.
Show some love to the old man.
you've got such a negative aura.
You got debts or something?
No, not at all.
It's just that the sound of torpedoes
got to me.
I get it. Being in the torpedo room
bursts your eardrums.
It's not that. It's just
they're weapons, you know?
It's a miserable business.
Nothing wrong with that.
It's not something
you just mindlessly fire away.
They're torpedoes you're firing.
You're a normal person.
You have to be that kind of person
to do this job.
I'm craving some barbecued meat!
That sounds good.
Me, too.
Good evening.
This is JBN Report Nine.
Tonight, we're revisiting the collision
involving the Yamanami.
Why did
Wasn't it Ms. Ichiya that
pushed for this feature?
She directly appealed
to the Editor-in-Chief.
For real?
Is it really that much of a story
to obsess over?
I wonder.
Get back in position.
Much of this incident remains shrouded
in mystery.
Could the government be hiding
a major secret from us?
Compensation is painful,
but Japan-US relations can be maintained.
Thanks to Mr. Unabara
for giving up on Sea Bat.
It was a tough decision for him.
Prime Minister, is there anything
that concerns you?
Is it the nuclear weapons?
It's not about there being a possibility.
Nuclear weapons are an absolute no-go.
Prime Minister.
To protect Sea Bat, let's deploy
the Maritime Self-Defense Force.
It was your idea.
What are you saying?
If they think Japan is tied to Kaieda,
there'll be a major backlash!
The world will turn against us,
thinking we've regressed to pre-war times.
It's also important not to isolate Kaieda.
If we corner him and something happens,
there will be no turning back.
That is, if he does have nuclear weapons.
If the US hasn't abandoned the possibility
that Sea Bat has nuclear weapons,
we could use that as justification
for protecting the Sea Bat.
That makes sense.
You too, Ms. Sonezaki?
It's a significant risk.
Impossible. This is too big
for tightrope diplomacy.
Japan has been bowing its head
for some time now.
Are we going to continue to kowtow,
groveling for another 100 years?
That would mean
that this country will never change.
All of us here care
about the national interest.
We all feel the same.
What we need is
The courage to sail into rough seas.
Without that,
we won't make it through this.
I'm behind you, Prime Minister.
Make your decision.
I request the deployment of the JMSDF.
-Prime Minister
-I know.
And I've decided.
As the Prime Minister,
I've made the call now.
I'm in favor of protecting the Sea Bat.
I won't drink.
My doctor's sworn me off alcohol.
I'll head back to the Foreign Ministry
and revise the scenario.
A message to Escort Flotilla Two
from the Commander in Chief.
Will there be combat?
We can't allow that. No matter what.
Nonaggressive defense, huh?
Captain, we've almost
We're about to reach our destination.
I see.
Excuse me.
Yes, sir.
Are you worried
about where this ship is headed?
No, I'm not worried at all.
Watch me closely. With your own eyes.
Let's follow Sun Tzu's The Art of War.
Sun Tzu's The Art of War?
"The desperate are taken captive"
If you try to survive, you'll be captured.
To win, you must be prepared
to face death.
Ready to die, huh?
Seems a bit exaggerated.
Kaieda is risking his life.
Well, that's true.
The Escort Flotilla might not
come out of this unscathed, either.
Prime Minister, let's leave that
to Ms. Sonezaki.
All right.
Continuous information gathering.
Enhance warning and surveillance systems.
-Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
As a nation, we're so afraid of death
that we've stopped asserting ourselves.
We must believe in ourselves again
and persevere.
But we must avoid war.
Yes. It must be avoided, without fail.
The 3rd Fleet is ahead at distance 10,000.
It's like a parallel sweep search.
If the 7th Fleet follows,
we'll be caught between them.
The MSDF fleet will arrive before that.
You mean Escort Flotilla Two from Sasebo?
The only one capable of fighting
against the 3rd and 7th Fleets
is Admiral Numata.
His skill was proven
in the RIMPAC exercises.
Do you know him?
Right where sonar was useless,
Kaieda surfaced, using intuition alone
to find gaps in the fleet.
It was a godlike feat of sheer genius.
What do you suppose his real motive is?
I don't know,
but I remember thinking this was a man
who wouldn't fit in with the MSDF.
That someday, he might take on
the world's navies.
To think the President himself
would greet us in person
Pearl Harbor is unforgettable
for both Japan and the US.
In order to avoid repeating that tragedy,
we hope for a sincere discussion.
The 3rd Fleet is forming a wall.
Contact USS Abraham Lincoln for me.
Aye, sir.
Good grief.
What should we do?
Well, they can't just fire at us
out of the blue.
-Gear up.
-Gear up. Gear up.
They forced their way through.
That's the kind of man Numata is.
Escort Flotilla Two
is forming an enclosure.
So, you want a demonstration of my skills,
do you, Numata?
All ships in position.
Will the Sea Bat really
get through this tiny gap?
That man can, without fail.
The real challenge comes after that.
Depth to 50. Then, surface her.
Up trim 20. Depth 50.
2815, North. 13130, East.
Sonar detected.
Bearing 230, 800 yards.
Seems to be a submarine.
It's here. The Sea Bat.
No, not the Sea Bat.
It's Yamato.
Signal from Ashigara.
Read it.
"Escort Flotilla Two will escort Yamato."
It's nice to hear them
refer to us as Yamato.
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