The Silent Service (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Japan-U.S. Summit Meeting

This is
the Japanese government's position:
"It is a clear fact
"that Project Sea Bat was initiated
through bilateral agreements
"between our two nations.
"Japan has also suffered damages,
"therefore, we do not believe
we are liable to pay compensation."
"Furthermore, the Sea Bat crew
are Japanese citizens
"and should be tried under Japanese law."
In addition,
if the lives of Japanese citizens,
including those on Sea Bat,
are threatened,
we are prepared to take action
against the US government.
We have not stolen anything.
We desire a cooperative relationship
with you.
Then why is the SDF out there
protecting Sea Bat?
Mr. President.
We seek a peaceful resolution.
Let me explain.
No submarines detected underwater.
If they attack, it'll be from above.
Telegraph Yamato.
Telegram to Yamato.
CIC Bridge, telegram to Yamato.
This is from the Ashigara.
They've indicated an eastward course.
"Join Escort Flotilla Two at 20 knots
and depart this area."
No assistance needed.
We can depart on our own.
Respond that we want to know
Japan's intentions.
What do they mean by "Japan's intentions"?
They're asking us to show our resolve.
Distance 8,000, closing in.
The 7th Fleet is approaching
from the south.
Dispatching the SDF
is solely a measure
to prevent Sea Bat being isolated
so that a peaceful resolution
can be reached.
Japan has no intention
of engaging in combat whatsoever.
Our commitment to cooperation
remains unchanged.
Mr. President.
Japan is concerned
about Sea Bat's potential nuclear arms.
As the sole nation
to endure atomic bombings,
Japan cannot overlook
even the slightest possibility.
Depending on the circumstances,
Japan may also recognize
the Sea Bat's independence.
This is for peaceful talks with Kaieda.
Is the American approach
to sink people before hearing them out?
No, Mr. President.
Mobile Bay and Princeton
are shifting to attack the fleet.
The 3rd Fleet will come first.
In accordance with the Security Treaty,
we will cooperate with the US
Honeymoon phase, my foot.
We're past the age of big-stick
superpower dominance.
Japan will never engage in war again!
Mr. President.
We will withdraw the escort fleet.
Prime Minister.
please withdraw your fleets as well.
Let's alleviate the tension around Okinawa
and engage in discussions
with Sea Bat, together.
So, you're saying that the US
would abandon one of its own?
There's a captain from the 7th Fleet
on board the Sea Bat as an advisor.
Captain David Ryan.
Does the US intend to abandon him?
I'll agree to a break.
Prime Minister, please have a seat.
Captain, something is coming
from our direction.
Rapidly closing in at 20 knots.
Could it be a submarine?
That whale looks riled up.
With all the commotion around here,
I'm not surprised.
It's heading our way.
Let them pass through.
Bearing 028.
Mobile Bay has launched eight ASROCs.
-Harusame within impact range.
-They're targeting us.
Harusame to defend herself.
Others to intercept.
Understood. Anti-air combat.
Anti-air combat.
CIC instruction of target.
Anti-air combat.
CIC instruction of target.
-Commence attack.
-Commence attack!
Eighth shot, failed to intercept.
Impact on water!
Explosion on ship eight Harusame.
Damage to the hull.
Casualties unknown.
Harusame seems to be damaged.
Incoming whale.
Range 70.
It's as if they're grieving.
Admiral, Harusame is
The longstanding Japan-US alliance
has come to an end.
Please, sir.
A call from your father, sir.
We cannot have a war.
No matter what happens,
we must never repeat our mistakes.
It's begun.
The 3rd Fleet has commenced its attack.
Asahi is heading to Harusame's rescue.
Send Teruzuki too.
Other ships prepare for anti-air.
Admiral, give us the order to attack.
In this situation, it'd be self-defense.
Didn't you hear me?
Prepare for the next attack.
But if we don't
the determination of the JMSDF.
As expected, Japan will bear weapons
but cannot use them.
A good country.
I'd love to form an alliance with them.
He wants to know Japan's intentions.
And this is the message Kaieda
sent to Ashigara.
Japan's intentions
We're due to reconvene.
These situations can be anticipated.
The attack disrupted the sound.
Give me a moment.
-It's clear that combat has begun.
-It's war.
Kaieda has ignited a war
between Japan and the US.
It's inexcusable.
Sea Bat is at the root of all this.
If we can drive her out of this area,
there'll be no reason to shoot.
That's the only way to stop this.
Captain, I see it now.
The 3rd Fleet has shifted to attack.
The previous missile attack by the US
is seen as a clear violation
against our nation.
Commence attack
with Tomahawk missiles one and two.
-Prepare missiles one and two.
-Prepare missiles one and two.
Full ahead. Down trim 20.
We're rescuing the Harusame's crew.
It will be done shortly.
We might go down too.
Non-aggressive defense.
We only resort to using defensive force
when subjected to an armed attack.
if we start out damaged,
then we've already lost.
Can't we at least sink a destroyer
to avenge the Harusame?
No, we won't open fire.
It might seem foolish,
but it serves a purpose.
First, let's withdraw both fleets,
confirm the facts, and seek
a peaceful resolution through dialogue.
Japan will not militarize.
We simply wish to negotiate
with our fellow Japanese
The US won't change its stance.
They're trying to make us yield.
Kaieda declared independence as Yamato.
He risked his life.
And now, he's waiting for our decision.
Irie, send a message.
Let the US, Japan, and the world know
that our nation is unafraid
of armed conflict
to achieve true independence and dignity.
Open front hatches
to torpedo tubes one and two.
Sonar, report bearing.
-Mark, 8.3 degrees.
Don't miss a single shot.
Failed to intercept three missiles!
Torpedo on normal course.
Multiple anti-sub missiles.
-Hard to starboard.
-Hard to starboard.
Descend to depth 500.
-Dive planes down full, depth 500.
-Dive planes down full, depth 500.
Mr. President.
Do you want Sea Bat
to use nuclear weapons?
As the only country
that has ever used nuclear weapons,
do you intend to erase your stigma
by having your former victims use one too?
This meeting isn't a dialogue.
You're just trying to impose your agenda.
You need to recognize that peace
won't be achieved through sacrifices.
We will now sink the aircraft carrier
Abraham Lincoln.
Prepare torpedoes three, four, five
and six for combat.
Captain, approaching contact
at 600 meters astern.
It's Tatsunami.
Flood sound from Sea Bat's launch tubes.
They intend to fight?
Full speed.
Steer towards collision course.
-Full speed.
-Full speed.
Tatsunami is coming straight at us.
Captain, we'll collide!
If they're serious,
we have to risk our lives, too.
Tatsunami, range 200.
It seems they're serious.
Twenty five to starboard.
Sea Bat has turned.
Maintain speed, stay on them.
-Twenty five to starboard!
-Twenty five to starboard!
-All ready.
Launch three, four, five, six.
Tatsunami, range 100.
Discharge the Masker
to absorb the shock.
Understood. Discharging the Masker.
They're releasing the Masker!
Brace for impact.
Smoke from Lincoln.
Gradually tilting.
Just like RIMPAC.
But he actually sank it.
Sea Bat, depth 600.
Seven hundred.
Eight hundred.
We've lost her.
Rapid detection results
show no abnormalities.
Is Shiro Kaieda
really someone we can trust?
I believe so.
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