The Silent Service (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Seabat Enters Tokyo Bay

What's the move when we get back to Japan?
I don't think even the United States
would suddenly take the reckless step
of abrogating
the Japan-US Security Treaty.
We have to speak to Kaieda.
It's frustrating that we can't reach him.
Excuse me.
There's a call from your father.
I'll take it once we arrive.
It's from your father's doctor.
Mr. Kageyama.
Yes, sir.
Could our relationship with Yamato
potentially trigger a war?
It's a tough call.
Depending on Kaieda's intentions,
Japan's position could become
quite precarious.
Captain Fukamachi on deck.
Tatsunami completed refueling at 0630.
It's been a while, Fukamachi.
It's quite a dire situation, Numata.
Yes. We lost Harusame.
And the US lost a carrier.
The Pentagon must be in uproar.
Shiro Kaieda is a terrifying man.
What he's doing is provoking a war.
This might escalate
into a global conflict.
Kaieda must have something bigger in mind.
Something bigger?
I'm not sure what,
but he's more than a mere warmonger.
I won't excuse him.
I don't think his crusade
merits the sacrifice.
Is that your sense of justice?
Yes, it is.
Kaieda has his own ideas.
I wonder.
Admiral Numata,
Tatsunami will return to Yokosuka.
Excuse me, sir.
Attention all hands.
We wouldn't have made it through this
without efforts from each of you.
As your CO, I thank you again.
The path ahead will see
even more perilous fighting.
Keep this in mind.
Yes, sir.
Blow main ballast tank.
Surface the vessel.
Kaieda has contacted us.
Off Ogasawara.
That's close.
Connecting now.
This is Takegami, Prime Minister of Japan.
This is Kaieda
of the Independent Nation of Yamato.
A pleasure to speak with you.
I'll get straight to the point.
Our nation would like to negotiate
an alliance with yours.
We also wanted to talk with you.
I'm glad.
As for the time and place,
we would like to dictate them.
I hear that the Sea Bat is heading north
off Ogasawara.
Do you wish to enter Tokyo Bay?
That's the plan.
There's one thing I'd like to confirm.
If it's about the nukes,
we don't have any.
Japan has three non-nuclear principles:
no possession, no production, no imports.
If that's your concern,
please rest assured.
Our nation does not possess
nuclear warheads.
How can we
trust those words?
I ask that you trust me.
All right.
Well then, we'll inform you of the time
for our meeting later.
He hung up.
If he has nukes,
Tokyo will be inside the blast range.
It could also become a battlefield
if they meet the US forces.
above all,
we need to explain this to our citizens.
The Prime Minister's presser
is at four o'clock.
Excuse me.
It's you. I didn't hear your footsteps.
Good to see you in better spirits
than I expected.
Sea Bat is coming.
I heard it from Ms. Sonezaki.
Japan will negotiate an alliance
with Yamato.
The Prime Minister will hold
a press conference
to announce Project Sea Bat to the nation.
There's something I need to give you.
This is the new 100-year plan.
From now on, you and Takegami
will have to carry Japan.
Don't worry.
Just follow what's written there.
That's how we've been
protecting Japan.
I'm going.
Prime Minister, it's about to start.
Are you ready?
How is Mr. Unabara?
He's fine.
We'll start soon.
All right. Send a message.
Now, we'd like to begin
Prime Minister Takegami's
press conference.
Thank you for waiting.
I would like to explain
the construction
of the joint Japan-US
nuclear-powered submarine
Sea Bat, which was undertaken
without obtaining consent
from our citizens.
Nuclear-powered sub?
Japan has been building
nuclear-powered subs?
That's violating the constitution!
Does the US know?
An urgent message
from Defense Minister Sonezaki.
It's heading
north off Ogasawara.
They specified the time of the meeting.
When is it?
Sea Bat's captain, Shiro Kaieda
-has defected and declared himself
the leader of the Independent Nation
of Yamato
and is now isolated.
The Japanese government
has decided to engage
in negotiations with Yamato
for a peaceful resolution.
A submarine is declaring itself a nation?
Quiet, please.
Prime Minister.
Is Shiro Kaieda the captain who died
in the Yamanami incident?
Please save your questions for the end.
That's correct.
What does that mean?
-Is it related to Yamanami?
-Didn't the crew die?
-Prime Minister!
-Is Kaieda alive?
-Please explain.
-Prime Minister!
-Prime Minister!
-Please answer!
-Prime Minister.
Just now,
we received a request
for treaty negotiations from Mr. Kaieda.
The time is tomorrow at noon,
at the Press Club Center.
What is Mr. Kaieda's purpose?
Any preliminary negotiations?
No preliminary negotiations.
The leaders will engage
in verbal discussions,
and the proceedings will be in public.
You've said that Sea Bat
is a nuclear-powered submarine.
Nuclear submarines
can be equipped with nukes
and utilized as strategic weapons.
Is it possible that Sea Bat may possess
nuclear warheads?
That's right.
In regards to nuclear weapons,
Mr. Kaieda stated officially
that they do not possess
any nuclear warheads.
This is Sea Bat's current location.
If the meeting takes place
at the Press Club Center,
she'll enter Tokyo Bay.
Can we assume that they don't have nukes?
I doubt America or Japan
know the actual answer.
Japan has been turning a blind eye
to US nuclear subs,
so if he says there are no nukes,
Japan has to accept it.
Kaieda exploited that.
Can you say for sure
there's no possibility?
The Japanese government
will trust Mr. Kaieda's words
and grant permission for entry
into Tokyo Bay.
Has the government officially confirmed
that Sea Bat doesn't possess nukes?
-Are you sure?
-This isn't just a problem for Japan.
How are you going to protect the citizens?
We're the victims of nuclear bombs!
let us pretend that Yamato
does have nuclear weapons.
If Japan were to refuse an alliance,
Yamato would remain adrift
in the oceans, nuclear weapons intact.
The entire crew are Japanese, too.
Yamato is in need of supplies,
including food.
I believe
it is Japan's responsibility to avoid
further dangerous isolation,
as the only country to have experienced
the horror of nuclear weapons
in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Above all else,
we must, absolutely,
prevent nuclear war.
This is an emergency situation.
to protect our citizens,
we will negotiate to our utmost ability.
We ask for your understanding.
That is all.
-Hold on!
-We're not done!
-Prime Minister!
-What about the Japan-US Security Treaty?
-Prime Minister!
Prime Minister!
Prime Minister!
-Prime Minister!
-Prime Minister!
The problem is the 7th Fleet.
They'll sink her before the negotiations.
There will be a battle.
But civilian ships
constantly pass through Tokyo Bay.
That's why we have to stop him.
The 7th Fleet is picking up speed.
The 7th Fleet is deploying.
They're coming to attack.
Contact Ronald Reagan
using a standard communication channel.
Even if we know they won't attack,
it doesn't feel good to be surrounded.
I'm going to take my leave.
Have a good rest.
Please confirm, sir.
Sometimes I don't understand
what Yamato is trying to do.
Are you worried?
not exactly worried.
There are nights like that.
We're in the middle of a long journey.
So, is this the calm before the storm?
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Pork belly, anyone?
I'll have it.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-You don't want it?
Your stomach again?
It's not that.
How about boiled eggs?
I'm fine.
Thanks for the food.
Eat up.
There's more.
I'll eat it for you.
It's mine.
Captain, I have a question.
You asked me this before.
"There's a hull incident at depth 400,
"flooding the motor room
to the engine room.
"If crew members are left behind,
what would you do?"
The correct answer would be,
"Close the hatches
and blow the main tanks."
What would you do?
What would Captain Fukamachi do?
I'd save everyone.
I don't know yet.
Sorry. That's just what your CO is like.
It's nothing to be sorry about.
Southern Cross is ready for departure.
This is the dock.
How long will maintenance take?
About two hours, depending on the damage.
Prime Minister.
We're all set.
Escort Flotilla Two
will guide her to Tokyo Bay, correct?
Yes, the Port Authority is blocking
all other vessels in the bay.
All that's left is for Kaieda to arrive.
-Staff Officer Seki.
-Yes, sir.
Contact Yamato.
"We will lead you into Tokyo Bay."
Numata always draws the short straw,
doesn't he?
Contact Escort Flotilla Two.
Tell him we'll follow his lead.
Yamato doesn't have an embassy.
You take care of it.
This treaty won't affect
each contracting state's
relationship with
third-party nations
Escort Flotilla Two
passed the Uraga Channel into Tokyo Bay.
The 7th Fleet wants to trap us
in Tokyo Bay.
Article Five. This treaty
Prime Minister!
We are meeting with Kaieda
to continue dialogue.
The international community is not only
about meeting the needs of superpowers.
"Consider this your final warning."
Does that mean
the US is planning to attack Japan?
He hung up.
We're about to arrive
at the departure point.
It should be around here.
They're requesting we stop here.
There's a helicopter
to take you to the Press Club Center.
Tell them we appreciate it.
Yes, sir.
Until our treaty is concluded,
the US won't intervene.
But the moment it's signed,
they'll make their move.
Yes, sir.
Even if I fall,
as long as this ship is safe,
Yamato will exist.
Duly noted.
The helicopter is here to take you.
The helicopter just took off a while ago.
Coming in.
Second Submarine Group,
Tatsunami CO Fukamachi.
We've returned to port.
It's been a tough journey.
But there's no time
to lounge around on land.
Don't be so tense.
Is our next mission to escort Sea Bat?
It's Yamato.
The treaty hasn't been signed yet,
but the resupply was planned beforehand.
So, this is Yamato.
Docking is complete.
We'll start work as soon
as the dock drainage is complete.
Don't waste a single second.
Yes, sir.
I'm Chief Cabinet Secretary Unabara.
I'm Kaieda, leader
of the Independent Nation of Yamato.
He is shaking hands
with Chief Cabinet Secretary Unabara.
A helicopter believed to be carrying
Shiro Kaieda, claiming
to be the head of Yamato,
has just landed on the rooftop
of the Press Club Center.
After exchanging a few words,
he is now walking towards the venue.
I'm Kaieda,
head of the Independent Nation of Yamato.
I came to Japan to sign
a friendship treaty with your country.
I'm Takegami, Prime Minister of Japan.
I'd like to negotiate a treaty
with your country.
If I were a US commander,
I'd sink it, and the Southern Cross.
That's why Tatsunami is providing escort.
As an SDF officer,
we expect you to act responsibly.
Japan has decided to protect Yamato.
Is this man Kaieda trustworthy?
His words are admirable.
His navigation skills are extraordinary.
But is he a man we can entrust Japan to?
Nobody asked him for world peace.
We must protect our own country.
That's my duty as an SDF officer.
Depending on the situation,
I'll open fire.
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