The Silent Service (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Yamato vs. Japan, Alliance Negotiations

Currently, the Yamato is entering
the Southern Cross floating dock,
near the Uraga Channel, for repairs.
Maintenance and resupply
will commence shortly.
If I were a US commander,
I'd sink it, and the Southern Cross.
That's why Tatsunami is providing escort.
Japan has decided to protect Yamato.
So, this is the Yamato.
We'll start work as soon
as the dock finishes draining.
Don't waste a single second.
Is this man Kaieda trustworthy?
His words are admirable.
His navigation skills are extraordinary.
But is he a man we can entrust Japan to?
We must protect our own country.
That's my duty as an SDF officer.
Depending on the situation,
I'll open fire.
Two hundred and fifty years ago,
a multi-ethnic nation gained independence
from British colonial rule,
after shedding much blood.
It eventually became a military power
and tried to wield its military might
as the world's police,
for the sake of global peace.
That attempt, however, failed.
It couldn't stop the conflicts
around the world,
and under the pretext
of nuclear deterrence,
there are now over 10,000
nuclear warheads on Earth.
Do you intend to change this situation?
For that, our country and Japan
must first establish an alliance.
I'd like to hear
the details of this alliance.
The creation of a global-scale
supranational military.
Is the concept of a supranational military
about using force
to dominate and subdue the world?
It's about rejecting
hypocritical aggression by superpowers
and seeking enduring peace
for Japan and all humanity.
Is one nuclear submarine enough for that?
You should already know
of our vessel's capabilities.
As demonstrated,
no future attack will sink the Yamato.
The submarine's capabilities aside,
you'll need supplies.
That's the only requirement
we ask of Japan.
Including replenishing nuclear fuel
and torpedoes?
We ask for the support to fully exert
the Yamato's military capabilities.
And what will your country
provide to Japan?
A friendship treaty between our nations
will serve as a testament
to Japan's desire for a world without war.
He knows his politics.
The world is brimming with sorrow.
Helplessness and despair
continue to eat away at us.
Someone must put an end to it.
Mr. Kaieda.
We'd like to have a little time
for an internal discussion.
Would that be okay?
I don't like closed-door diplomacy.
I'd prefer it to be done here.
Thank you.
This alliance is like swapping partners,
from America to Yamato.
It's not a wise move.
From a defense standpoint,
a global military is worth considering.
But with just one nuclear submarine
We could apprehend Kaieda here.
The Sea Bat is docked
at the Southern Cross.
It feels cowardly,
but with the TOC convention
we could declare him a terrorist,
which would help us save face.
What are your thoughts?
I stand by your decision.
Prime Minister, an alliance
requires risking your life.
Thank you for your patience.
We have made our decision.
Japan wishes
to form a friendship treaty
with the Independent Nation
of Yamato.
Aren't you cold?
I'll never forget
how I failed to save Irie.
I keep thinking
about what I could have done.
I can't move on otherwise.
I shouldn't move on.
I'm filled with anger
when I look at Kaieda.
He acts like he's forgotten everything.
He hasn't forgotten.
He couldn't have.
It's cold.
numerous friendship treaties have been
unilaterally abandoned.
The crucial aspect of a treaty
lies not in the signing,
but in upholding its content
once ratified.
I want the international press here
to be the witnesses of our alliance.
There's something I want to clarify.
Leader Kaieda
Japan intends
to maintain its friendship
with the United States.
That's fine.
When Yamato undertakes military action,
we would like to request
that you first convene with us,
and cooperate with the SDF as needed.
Our nation's military actions
are strictly defensive.
We will not engage in combat
unless we are attacked.
In such a situation,
considering the size
of the fleet involved,
we would retain command.
This is the sole condition
that Japan requests
for the treaty negotiation.
Prime Minister,
that would look like Japan
exploiting their military power.
Very well.
Prime Minister.
I'd like to take this opportunity
to make an announcement.
we request an urgent session
of the UN General Assembly
to deliberate on the events
involving Yamato.
until deliberations finish,
the command of the SDF
will be entrusted to the United Nations.
Both the SDF and our ally Yamato
will come under the command of the UN
and await the world's judgment.
Any objections?
I support
Prime Minister Takegami's decision.
Prime Minister.
When did you come up with such a plan?
It just came to me suddenly,
thanks to you.
Now, Yamato is in the hands
of the United Nations.
Does this mean we won't engage in combat?
As long as the US doesn't attack.
Leader Kaieda.
US President Bennett is on the hotline.
He wishes to talk with you.
Certainly. Connect me, please.
We will not comply with disarmament.
Yamato's only reason for being
is as an armed force outside of the state,
not to harbor territorial ambitions.
For a supranational military,
it is crucial to separate
politics from the military.
Ideals may sound superficial at first,
but history becomes their witness.
Do you mean aggressors
hiding behind a façade of democracy?
A truly international society isn't one
in which only nuclear states wield power.
Humans have wielded weapons
since before nations existed.
They used these weapons
to secure safety and freedom,
but at the same time,
they also brought
domination and inequality.
Does the US intend to abandon
its nuclear weapons,
like it asks our nation to do?
President Bennett.
Japan requests
an emergency session
of the UN General Assembly.
to discuss the issue of world peace
with the world's nations.
I will attend as well.
I wish to discuss peace with you
at the UN General Assembly.
Prime Minister Takegami.
Your decision
will leave a mark on human history.
I do not wish for that.
All I seek is
One month of fresh food,
six months of non-perishables.
Fifty cases of soft drinks.
Four hundred servings of emergency food.
MK 48
Fifty conventional torpedoes.
Orders from above.
Transfer complete.
Understood. Proceed to the next task.
Thank you.
But, please refrain
from entering the launch bay.
We'll move them ourselves.
Southern Cross was built
to take care of Yamato.
That's our only job.
All right, lower it!
Begin unloading.
How long will the hull scan take?
About an hour.
Do it in 30 minutes.
You can skip the final check.
-You heard him.
-Yes, sir.
Begin loading supplies after scanning.
Secure loading path.
Understood! Prepare loading!
As an island nation,
maybe Japan can only change
with external pressure from overseas.
Don't sink before getting to New York.
No need to worry.
-Let me through, I'm a journalist.
-Step back!
Leader Kaieda. I have a question.
I want to know the truth!
-Stay back!
-Stay back.
-I'm a journalist. Please.
-Stay back!
Let her through.
I'll answer one question.
And I'll answer
with a simple "yes" or "no."
Does Yamato
possess nuclear weapons?
Yamato is now
"Sea Bat" is fine.
Sea Bat is now in Tokyo Bay,
getting supplies from Southern Cross.
Once it finishes,
she'll head for New York,
but the US 7th Fleet is deployed
at the Uraga Channel, blocking her route.
Escort Flotilla Two,
led by Commander Numata's Ashigara
is guarding Southern Cross,
but they've likely been instructed
to avoid combat.
Nuclear subs have probably entered
the Uraga Channel already.
It'll be up to us.
our mission is to buy time
until the Sea Bat departs, correct?
Those are the orders from above,
but we must avoid combat in Tokyo Bay.
-Komura, today's data.
-Aye, sir.
-Hello, sir.
-Hello, sir.
Hello, sir.
Set sail.
-Aye, sir.
-Aye, sir.
All stations, prepare to set sail.
The helicopter with Kaieda on board
is arriving at Southern Cross.
It's starting.
Are we just on standby?
We can't even be a wall this time.
The 7th Fleet is raising
-Gear up.
-Yes, sir. Gear up.
Gear up.
Here, sir.
Nam, anything?
One to starboard, range 4,000.
Nothing else.
Considering Southern Cross' size,
she won't sink unless the engine
and electric control at the stern are hit.
Does that mean
the US will target the stern?
Ahead slow, hard rudder.
Close in to 15 meters off
the Southern Cross' stern.
Ahead slow, hard rudder.
Aye, sir.
Torpedoes incoming.
Bearing 182, four torpedoes.
Full ahead. Hard to starboard.
They'll hit us head-on.
-We'll let them bounce off the hull.
-And if they have magnetic triggers?
Their target is the Southern Cross.
They'll use delayed-fuse charges
for large ships.
Range 3,000.
Range 1,000!
All hands, brace for impact.
One missed.
It'll hit Southern Cross.
Hard to starboard, get more distance.
Hard to starboard!
What happened?
Fire in the mess hall!
Conn room, fire in the mess hall.
Sparks from the ceiling.
Fire in the mess hall!
It's a Class C fire!
Commence emergency operation.
Seal the flooded area!
Control flooding. Remove flammables.
That's a delayed-fuse torpedo.
The propulsion and electrical systems
should be fine.
How's the repair going?
Damage found in the hull.
Tile repair is behind schedule.
This ship is multi-layered,
but how many hits can it endure?
Three or four at the most.
This is Kaieda. All hands,
the US has initiated an attack.
Stay calm and carry out your duties.
Don't forget your pride as a submariner.
All hands, take up positions!
I leave the rest to you.
Where are you going?
There's a man I need to talk to.
Fire on the starboard side!
Gas expulsion complete.
-Another wave is coming. Don't miss it.
-Of course.
Captain, underwater call from Sea Bat.
-Turn up the speaker volume.
-Aye, sir.
Captain Fukamachi.
I appreciate your escorting our ship.
I was just following orders.
Your ship is stuck in the port.
Don't stay stuck.
Swim out into the vast ocean.
Where are you headed?
Even if we encounter storms,
I choose the freedom of the sea.
Freedom to wage war?
Freedom from war.
You're fueling conflict
by declaring independence!
"Yamato" literally means "great peace."
Our ship will attain true freedom.
Mr. Kaieda.
You're right.
You've always been right.
But some people
get addicted to righteousness.
I'm a human, too.
Another torpedo sound
at range 4,000.
It's from the same one.
Engine room leak repairs complete.
Leak repairs complete.
Shall we block again?
No, this will have magnetic triggers.
There's debris a kilometer ahead.
The wreckage of a sunken ship
If we use it to stir up the seabed
The magnetic sensors will go haywire.
-Launch torpedoes one and two!
-Launch torpedoes one and two!
Torpedoes one and two, ready to fire.
Torpedoes one and two, ready to fire.
I'm the CO of the Tatsunami.
I won't board your ship.
-Mark 205.
All torpedoes down.
There's more coming.
There's another one hiding.
Torpedo sound detected. Range 3,800.
Four torpedoes.
Target is Southern Cross.
Delayed fuses.
Move around and defend again.
-Full rudder!
-Full rudder!
Full rudder!
Torpedo, range 1,000, collision course!
Range 200.
All tasks complete.
We'll leave right away.
Begin flooding the dock in 10 minutes.
Those who can,
evacuate by helicopter
on the upper deck now.
Someone, report!
Southern Cross,
flooding from the starboard stern.
The sub is unstable.
US submarine showing movement
to Teruzuki.
Ahead slow to act as a breakwater.
Southern Cross is trapped.
They're firing from both sides.
What's her evacuation status?
Unclear. Not yet, I believe.
Captain. Cavitation detection at 185.
Intensity 3.
There's more.
This is endless.
They're confident
we won't initiate an attack.
Tatsunami isn't serving as a deterrent.
This is Tokyo Bay.
Let's pull back deeper into Tokyo Bay.
At this rate,
we'll pull Yamato down with us.
I know the pain of losing a ship.
Prepare to set sail.
Yes, sir.
No way
Are you trying to escape
while Southern Cross sinks?
The water here isn't even 50 meters deep.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
They're coming!
Four torpedoes
to each side of Southern Cross.
Starboard torpedoes, range 3,000.
Portside torpedoes, range 2,500.
Prepare weapons for defensive measures.
Are we going to fire?
Launch torpedoes three and five!
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