The Silent Service (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Tatsunami Sinks

Prepare weapons for defensive measures.
Are we going to fire?
Launch torpedoes three and five!
Conn, launch bay.
Torpedoes Three and Five, ready to fire.
Range 1,500.
Sonar, report bearing.
-Bearing 86 degrees.
Torpedo, passing astern.
Torpedo from starboard.
Range, 600.
I hate that sound
Commence departure.
Yes, sir.
Begin departure operations.
Rapid dive once the underside
of the Southern Cross opens.
Aye, sir.
Prepare for rapid dive.
All hands, prepare for rapid dive.
The Southern Cross is sinking.
Captain Kaieda.
The bottom hatch is set
to fully open in five minutes.
Five minutes is all we need.
My thanks to you, Captain Dobashi,
and the entire Southern Cross crew.
Flood front trim, down 10 degrees.
-Flood front trim.
-Flood front trim.
The Southern Cross is sinking faster,
at 0.15 meters per second.
One degree.
Increase our speed
to 0.2 meters per second.
Thirty seconds to seafloor.
Captain, possible torpedoes.
-Too much noise.
Southern Cross reaching the seabed.
Seven, six.
Four, three, two.
Full ahead.
-Full ahead.
-Full ahead.
Full up trim.
Escape before
the Southern Cross' bow sinks.
-Dive planes up full.
-Dive planes up full.
We made it out!
Mizoguchi, how about those torpedoes?
Looks like two, bearing 160.
Maintain depth.
Proceed at 30 knots.
Full ahead.
Full ahead.
Torpedoes one through eight,
prepare for combat.
Prepare torpedoes one through eight.
Escort Flotilla Two has reported
that Yamato has escaped.
Tatsunami has disabled a 7th Fleet
nuclear submarine.
This is bad.
It's like giving the US
a reason to attack.
Can we send reinforcements?
Bring back Escort Flotilla One
No, no. That would only fuel the fire.
It'll be war.
What have they gotten us into?
are putting their lives on the line, too!
Captain Fukamachi's decision
was appropriate.
They're in Japan's waters.
Article 95 of the SDF Law
allows the use of weapons
for the protection of assets.
We should have anticipated this
when we signed the treaty with Yamato.
That's true, but
The problem now is how to stop the battle.
We need to halt the US attack
and ensure the safe voyage
of Yamato to New York.
It might just work
Any good ideas?
There might be.
If we use nukes.
Sea Bat should be heading south,
covered by the noise from the explosions.
We'll pursue them.
We need to surface for a battery recharge.
-How much is left?
-Thirty minutes.
Should be enough. Give chase.
Sea Bat is blasting out classical music.
To reach the freedom of the seas,
we must climb the walls.
Launch torpedo one.
Maybe they're trying
to take the heat off of us.
Confirmed torpedo tube flooding sound.
Fire torpedo one.
Prepare to fire torpedo four.
Fire torpedo four.
Hard to starboard.
-Hard to starboard.
-Hard to starboard.
Instant kill.
One sub is fleeing.
It's obviously a decoy.
Sea Bat is giving chase.
We'll be on the line soon.
Here's the Chief Cabinet Secretary.
Hello, this is Unabara.
This is Ichiya. Thanks for earlier.
There's no time. Let's cut to the chase.
An emergency broadcast is coming up,
I want you to announce something on-air.
Kaieda wants to get to the Sagami Trough.
Once through,
they can head into the Pacific.
But how can they get past
the 7th Fleet's blockade?
Full reverse. Reverse the screws.
-Full reverse.
-Full reverse.
Use the old Tokyo riverbed to avoid a hit.
Missiles detected.
I don't intend to be used
for government propaganda.
I only report the truth.
It's true that Kaieda said "yes."
So the government has confirmed
that Yamato possesses nuclear weapons?
There's no proof.
The US doesn't know either.
Currently, Yamato is engaging
the 7th Fleet in Tokyo Bay.
Bennett said they'll bring it
to the UN General Assembly,
but he's actually trying to sink Yamato.
What are you after?
I'm just stating the facts.
I don't have my father's talent
for pulling strings.
Kaieda held a public meeting
because he dislikes closed-door diplomacy.
People have a right to know.
Democracy means people making
informed decisions based on facts.
Chief Cabinet Secretary,
what do you think of Shiro Kaieda?
Honestly, I'm skeptical.
Is he a genuine idealist seeking peace,
or a terrorist spouting rhetoric?
But Japan
Well, I shook his hand.
I decided to board that man's ship.
I see.
That's the truth.
You're free to put into words
whatever you think and feel.
-Airing in five minutes!
-It's real.
It's Tokyo Bay, right?
-Another flash!
-Just now?
-Let me see.
Range 800 astern.
Tatsunami approaching.
Now's the time.
If we sink Sea Bat now,
we can end all the fighting.
there'll be no more casualties.
Captain, our duty is to protect Yamato
Our duty is to protect Japan.
Not Sea Bat.
Japan chose an alliance with Yamato.
If we leave Kaieda be,
Japan and then the world will be affected.
We don't have the right to fire on Yamato.
If you insist on firing,
I'm duty-bound as XO to stop you.
Please tell me,
if we fire now,
will everything really be over?
Shall we get underway?
Maintain position.
Do you want to be on Kaieda's ship?
I'm the XO of the Tatsunami.
And you're the captain.
Torpedoes one and two,
prepare to fire!
Why aren't you retreating, Kaieda?
Why are you making me choose?
Captain, enemy ship astern.
Range 2,500.
The one that sank the Southern Cross.
Full rudder to port!
From now on,
we're protecting Yamato.
Yes, sir.
-Full rudder.
-Full rudder!
Tatsunami is turning.
She's intercepting the enemy vessel.
They're trying to shield us.
This is JMSDF Escort Flotilla Two,
Rear Admiral Numata,
to the commander of the 7th Fleet.
These are Japanese waters.
Combat in this area will not be tolerated.
Leave immediately.
I've been waiting for this, Numata.
Enemy ship has launched two torpedoes!
We're in their path!
Fire torpedoes into the seabed!
Countdown. Ten eight, seven, six
Five, four, three
All hands, brace for impact!
All stations, slow ahead
to push the wall out.
Set speed at six knots.
Speed set at six knots.
Slow ahead.
Slow ahead.
Slow ahead.
Steady rotation.
Escort Flotilla Two is moving.
Now's the time to enter the Sagami Trough.
The Tatsunami was hit and is sinking.
All stations, report damages.
All stations, report damages.
Sonar monitors all down.
Captain, the batteries
Shut down the engine. Turn off the lights
and switch to emergency power.
-Aye, sir.
-The motor room seems to be flooding.
Someone, perform flood control.
Flooding in the fifth
and the sixth compartments, too.
Damage control, now!
Hashitani, performing flood control.
The communications room
and living quarters are flooding.
Requesting assistance
from Escort Flotilla Two.
Nuclear sub approaching from astern.
Range 2,700.
And the Tatsunami?
Stuck on the seabed.
Reverse course, 180 degrees.
We'll rescue the Tatsunami.
Full ahead.
Turn 180.
-Full ahead.
-Full ahead.
Hard to starboard.
Hard to starboard.
Today, we present an emergency broadcast
on the signing of a treaty a few hours ago
between Prime Minister Takegami
and Shiro Kaieda,
who proclaims himself "Head of State"
of the "Independent Nation of Yamato".
Tell him to say something.
At noon today,
the treaty signing took place
at the Press Club Center
After the meeting,
I had the opportunity
to question Kaieda.
I asked him the following.
"Does Yamato possess nuclear warheads?"
And he answered,
She said it.
Here it comes. The hotline.
Is Japan trying to start a nuclear war?
No, absolutely not.
I'll let you talk
to someone who was there.
Aloha, President Bennett.
Backup power on.
What about a rescue ship?
No dice. There's no response yet.
-Launch the distress beacon.
-Aye, sir.
Oxygen level is getting dangerously low.
What is it, Hiranuma?
Sorry, sir.
No need to apologize.
-Bring the first aid kit.
-Yes, sir.
Is it broken?
Captain, the launch port won't open
and I can't fire the distress beacon.
Watase, how much oxygen do we have left?
About 50 minutes, including the surplus.
What if we include the main tank?
All hands, listen up.
We're about to blow the main tank
and attempt to surface.
Weapons Officer.
We'll hit the seabed
and raise the Tatsunami.
Two or three meters off
and we lose the entire Tatsunami crew.
Follow my instructions--
Water sound in enemy's launch tube.
Blow main tank.
-Blow main tank.
-Blow main tank.
The hull is buried in sediment,
she won't float.
We'll straighten things out,
and make one more attempt to surface.
Until then,
close all waterproof hatches
and prevent further flooding at all cost.
-Aye, sir.
-Aye, sir.
Hashitani, can you hear me?
We're closing the hatches.
Get out of there.
Check the oxygen levels again.
Hashitani, come in! Hashitani!
Keep calling, Komura.
Hashitani, do you copy?
Come in, Hashitani!
I'll get Hashitani out
and close the hatch.
Three minutes. Don't wait any longer.
Keep calling.
Aye, aye.
Torpedoes incoming.
Hard to port, evasive maneuvers.
-Hard to port.
-Hard to port.
When asked if he had nuclear warheads,
Kaieda answered, "Yes."
He's just stating the facts.
For peace.
Then wouldn't it have been better
to maintain a friendly relationship
with the US?
President Bennett,
I assume you're watching the broadcast.
Currently, in Tokyo Bay,
the US military is launching
an attack against Yamato.
The US has publicly agreed to host
a conference on world peace in New York,
and yet is initiating
an unprovoked military attack.
Excuse me.
If this is true,
such an act is unacceptable
as it could fundamentally disrupt
the course of global politics.
-Excuse me.
-I said stop!
Can we allow a minority to hide the truth
and run the world as they see fit?
We, the media, also bear
a heavy responsibility.
Our mission is to report facts correctly
and convey accurate information.
However, there is so much information
buried in the media
that it's very challenging
to determine what is true.
Hey, open up!
I have decided to provide what I believe
to be truthful information.
As an individual living in today's world,
I want to fulfill my responsibilities.
President Bennett.
There's no right or wrong in combat.
If the US continues to attack,
Kaieda may fire a nuclear warhead.
Are you looking for a nuclear war?
Then call off the attack. Please.
Only you can make this call.
Unable Can't stop
Escort Flotilla Two,
requesting assistance.
I repeat. Escort Flotilla Two,
requesting assistance.
Oxygen, danger level.
-Sorry, sir.
Don't apologize.
Breathe slowly. It's all right.
You're a long way from dying.
Breathe in,
breathe out.
Breathe in,
breathe out. Together.
Weapons Officer, correct the data.
Two torpedoes again,
headed to our port side.
We don't have time. Fire the next one.
Prepare the masker.
Escape as soon as torpedoes are fired.
Aye, sir.
That's three minutes.
XO, you decide.
-Deploy the masker.
-Deploy the masker.
Incoming torpedo.
Brace for impact.
Torpedo arrival in five seconds.
Status on Tatsunami?
Torpedoes are about to hit.
The motor room hatch has been closed.
I said three minutes.
Blow main tank!
Blow main tank!
Blow main tank!
We did it.
We're floating.
We're floating!
We're really floating!
Once we reach land,
I'll treat you to a barbecue.
-Mr. Nam's treat?
-All of us?
Of course.
All right!
Actually, let's split the bill.
Too many people.
Way too many people.
Tatsunami has surfaced.
Continue heading for the Sagami Trough.
Full ahead.
Full ahead.
Full ahead.
Why do humans fight?
Faced with such a vast ocean,
people realize their own insignificance.
To swim like a whale
is to know freedom.
But the fight goes on.
The 7th Fleet is moving to evade.
Ahead, USS Ronald Reagan turning around.
Rapid dive. Dive planes down full.
Exit the Sagami Trough into the Pacific.
-Dive planes down full.
-Dive planes down full.
Mayday! Mayday!
This is Tatsunami
surfacing at 45 degrees, four miles
from Kannonzaki Lighthouse.
We're unable to navigate
under our own power and we require rescue.
I repeat.
This is Tatsunami
surfacing at 45 degrees, four miles
from Kannonzaki Lighthouse.
We're unable to navigate
Now comes the hard part.
First, we need to align public opinion.
A snap general election.
Still, Japan has made its move.
I will continue to seek my own truth.
You look like him.
Like your father.
You have his eyes.
I got a bite!
I really got one.
It's huge!
He's here.
You two, fetch the Operations Officer
and come inside.
-Aye, aye.
-Aye, aye.
-I'll go ahead.
I'll go after I've caught this guy.
Excuse me, sir.
We'll enter the Pacific shortly.
Let's go.
A storm awaits us.
Set a course for New York.
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