The Simpsons s17e06 Episode Script

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1 This season should be joyous Mid-June? The children, the night holiest of the year Tomorrow is Father's Day, which makes the vigil tonight for Father's Day.
Joy to the world, a father was born.
Give me great gifts Papa, there is no vigil for Father's Day.
No vigil Father's Day? This means that there no Paternal Christmas? Very well, there are Is there a Rabbit the SuperBowl? Of course, why not? Bart, Lisa.
We must go to the center commercial before it closes.
Oh, I can come with you? I know I can not Hey, Mom, I might have a little money to buy Dad a gift? If I give you the money, what The gift comes from you? Where you get your money? That is 10.
Make your own card.
Ralph, let me explain again.
I give you $ 5, and you buy a gift for Dad.
Hey, hey, give me that.
It is a ticket of 50.
This kid finally refund.
Very well, Ralph, look at what you can do with a 100 bill.
Go, Ralph.
A big ticket.
A big ticket, Ralph.
A big ticket Cool.
That is what I am.
And you? I am afraid that the best thing I could find was that.
You know, produced the saloperies mass do not what I feel for Dad.
I'll give her a gift that comes from the heart.
I'm looking for something to clean the pipes, foldable, covered with a light duvet.
This just arrived from Zanzibar.
What Father's day super! And now, Dad.
I hope you will love.
I forgot what it was.
A friend of leather.
There is no limit to what I can do with that.
Do not fear me, milady, Captain Superstud Dash is here with his small tool.
It is the worst Father's day Captain, you are so strong.
Bart is the best gift I've never received.
Open another gift now would be like to go to a concert Jessica Simpson after going to the opera.
What you, Lisa? Fuck what is it? Unicorns is you and me, Dad.
I've designed myself.
What do you think? A slight twinge in the heart? It is moving.
We can not deny it.
Thank you, baby.
You have not loved, is not it? No, no, no, it's great.
I can turn the page now.
Lisa, honey, I think your father would put the book on the fridge where everyone can see how beautiful it is.
Oh, is it cabbage? Oh, Dad How could you? Well, it's not my fault.
Magnet rotten! Oh, no, no What is "Happy birthday, Dad! Signed Lisa" I still do not understand I saw how the injury.
This is my day.
It will not forget it quickly.
I know women.
Yeah, but I know how returning women.
I brought you back even after losing our wedding album in a bet.
You what? I mean, I'll return.
And voila Moe with a pretty girl because it is something that happens in real life.
Hey, Moe, one might have to drink? Shut up and pass me to other heads of Moe.
Cool, I'm a street.
Hey, Simpson, are you going to steal the sign? Seems that if your name is on a panel, you can take, and the cops can do nothing against that.
On the 6th amendment.
Well, the panel would look cool hidden under my bed.
We should just stop to manipulate kids, right? Hey, Milhouse! The cool kids go cycling eyes closed.
I am cool! I am going.
I Hebrew school.
Baruch Atah Adonai eloheem.
Melech h'olom I am sorry to have you made sad, darling But I'll show you how m'importent point your feelings.
An adult and a baby, please.
I am not a baby.
A baby is 0 to 2 years.
His first words.
Play the game That is 50 cents less for babies.
I prefer not to go rather than lying.
How are you? Uh It's your jacket on back of your chair? Look, I stole the panel.
Look, it was stolen "Le cri" Cache it.
Il me fait peur.
Stupid father who cares my feelings.
Oh, Lisa, then I t'emprunter one your crayons? Of course, is what all men do, take, take and take without attention to feelings and unicorns.
Here, take my meal too.
Even while taking my backpack! Which of the boys initiated the bag Lisa back through my window? Oh, it must be a boy, is not it? You do not think a girl can not blow a cable? Well, you're wrong! My plaster.
Lisa I wish in my hand a spine with a sad face on it.
Do me not to paste it on your record.
Do me not to paste it on your record.
J'enlθve back Do not get me that God forgive me Willie, rats were again mβchouillι cables.
Leave me in peace.
I am pasta ramen.
Mr and Mrs Simpson, I am afraid that is a real problem with Lisa.
Your daughter broke a window, overturned wastebasket, and launched a thermos in the street! It can still keep drinks hot and cold? I'm afraid it keeps more no drink now.
I asked the psychologist School enlighten us on the sudden explosion inconveniences of your daughter.
I fear that rabies Lisa comes from an extraordinary disillusionment due to a parent figure.
In this case, his father.
Ho, of course, it is easy to Blame me.
It's harder to close.
As shown in testing your daughter, this is not a new trend.
"The Thanksgiving with Dad in the cabbage" "Left in the grand canyon" "The day is a policeman come to my football tournament.
" Mr Simpson, Lisa is at a junction cruel.
If she does not see his father as a positive model, it could hate men all his life.
Oh, I know! But how can I fix eight years crιtinerie After two singles and not cost me anything? Can I make a suggestion? The school seeks a new "Safe-Salamander.
" When Lisa you will teach children to avoid power lines fallen, it will make regain faith in you and the masculine gender.
I do not know.
What happened in the last Securi-Salamander? He is asleep in the costume and suffocated.
I can do it! Ok, Lisa is the time the big surprise Dad! Sometimes it's scary when your dreams come true, is not it honey? I suppose.
I am responsible for bringing Security in primary school Springfield and regain your love! What there was treasure? I do not thee well.
Salamander out! Sorry Bart! The first rule in the bus Security is always put your belt.
The school bus never belts.
So what protects you if we have an accident? A metal bar at the teeth.
Stop that bus! My teeth! Look Lisa, I showed security.
Council 99: Always lock your easel twice.
Son of Questions or comments? Are you a girl? Because I do not see any employees sausage Do I hear "Where are the fireworks?" Because this is! Every man for himself! Crush if you must! Security! Security! Die for Security! So, dear, I am again your hero? Janey's father took him just at the zoo once a month.
You could not be what kind of father? Honey, you know that Dad is longer allowed to enter the zoo.
Oh, yeah.
But I will always I buy your eyes.
How did you do that? I do not know.
I said, turn left at Boulevard Bart! I tell you that there is no Boulevard Bart! Forget it.
The baby is already out.
Sort just your hunting knife and cut the cord "ombrilical.
" Yes Ma'am.
Warning! Kent Brockman here, live from the grave accident in the history of Springfield.
But no need to worry, emergency services in the city are road.
Can we all agree not to involve our insurance? Come on, be nice.
Springfield needs a hero and they need it now! It looks like a job for a father trying to regain the love of his girl! I will have a debt forever and my many creditors.
We were common car and that's all! My mother is still in the car! No, it's not there.
Three encouragement for our new hero! Only three? Ok, six! It's better like that! Hip-hip hurray! Hip-hip hurray! Oh, please, you m'embarrassez.
I submit the highest mark Honorary Springfield: The key to the city! Other problems? Mr Mayor, your administration has been following a fiasco! Who the hell are you? Your responsible press.
I knew I had to hire my nephew.
I am your nephew.
Ok, then it stinks.
Read the charter, gentlemen: I can not be transferred to the office.
Except election by a simple reminder Err, forget the last part.
A new vote! A new vote! A new vote! Mayor Joe 'Diamond' has Quimby survived to 12 re-election campaigns, countless accusations of infidelity, Corruption, extortion, and this bizarre attempted hijacking of a 747.
Ask the plane anywhere, girls become truly wild.
But the mayor might be more difficult through the re-election test next week.
More than 200 people filed their candidacies, your servant, Kent Brockman.
Other news: a classic tool device for the household can kill you.
You can learn more when you voted for Kent Brockman.
My God, all the idiots of the city, more Disco Stu will arise against me.
Just imagine: I think the Mayor.
So no one made fun of my song! I am proud to be American.
I have done.
Luigi Vote! A good government, just as you like, is my priority Vote for me, who abuse steroids, who smokes grass, chasing women, son of Nazi innocent, and Movie Star Has Been.
And I think it would be good to have a open mind on the issue of cloning.
A monster could win! If you are twisted enough, vote for me.
Jimbo: drive with the poor standard even harder with the cons.
Dad, something must be done.
What can I do.
I am only a man.
Licoln was also a man.
Are you sure there was no a miniature in his hat? I read an email about this.
Listen, as a salamander of security, you are loved by all.
And if you were the mayor, to be sure we pourrins only those goods, like me, tell you what to do.
I will apply for the post of Mayor! And I will be the manager of your electoral campaign! And I will discover what a mayor! Dilate my brain, oh juice knowledge! I hate the press conference.
Homer is an opportunity to score points, so on, you removed your costume salamander.
You look like the mascot one of these horrible University of the South.
Margin, without this costume, I am only Homer Simpson, Multi criminal recidivist.
With, I am a hero in costume, as George Washington, or Mrs.
Today is the dawn of a new era for Springfield.
The salamander is sitting on eggshells labeled 'Care for the 3rd age', 'flexible' and 'commercial center in downtown pedestrian.
And these eggs are ready to hatch.
Now, I will answer your questions.
What special powers would a salamander in the office of mayor? Well, I have a vision similar to X-rays, a breath of fire, and I can do laugh with tennis balls.
Wow, I did not know that salamanders could do the same things.
And to think that during all these years I was a 'gecko man.
Tire fool you.
M Simpson, a reaction on this picture of where you strangle your son.
Why should we let an election be influenced by a photo from several hours? Now, here candy restaurant for everyone.
Homer, you're out very well.
You are far ahead of the polls.
Even those negative ads have no effect on you.
Simpson has virtually no more work.
It pays for homeless it does its work for him.
I do not feel very well.
People may not like Homer Simpson, but he loves this costume.
In the same way they love this stupid American flag.
What is that smell? It is the smell of imminent victory.
You vomit in this suit? A little.
Did you at least cleaned this suit since you have? No, but I swam it.
I'd better clean this thing.
It's hard to find the limit between man and the costume.
But what you do not have fun in the attempt? It's weird.
At the beginning it was an egg.
Our next question goes to Eleanor Abernathy, also known for Women crazy cats.
Female cats, how would you increase income tax Trade in this city? Encourage small businesses.
Corporate responsibility.
Cats in the pants of everybody.
Very well, thank you Women cats.
It is in the debriefing room.
Okay, okeydokey yeah.
Our next question is for Salamander of security.
Sir, how to fix you the crumbling infrastructure of this city.
This is a very good question Kent.
First What is ? It has certainly narrowed to washing.
Without his costume, this is nothing other than a man.
Ok, dropped.
I will not let a man tell me what to do.
It is true, I am a man.
A man dressed as a salamander for regain the love of his daughter.
I will present.
Well, my son is also there.
I will present it.
Here Bart! What's new? Boring.
It was sick of you and your outbreaks! Please stop giving fruit! The vote shows that none of the candidates has managed to achieve the 5% needed for victory.
And Mayor Joe Quinmby will keep his post in any case I did not want.
You are finished Nazes band.
Dad, you tried to Springfield better city, and in any case, it makes you my hero.
Thank you.
What do you say a dance with your father? I can not believe I lost with all the commercials that Ben Affleck has made.
Yes, I t'avais warned about this.
Take care of my tail.
You no longer tail now.
I know I sense yet.
That so high!
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