The Simpsons s18e02 Episode Script

Jazzy and the Pussycats

So, how did Malt Liquor Mommy die? Stop calling her that.
I'll tell you how she died.
You know that sign that says "Do not stand up on the roller coaster"? Yeah.
She overdosed right in front of it.
Class all the way.
Marge, could you let it go? You won.
She's dead.
We are here to mourn the tragic loss of Amber Pai Gow Simpson, a gifted cocktail waitress who hoped one day to learn computers.
Amber said she wouldn't let her eighth-grade education stop her from achieving her dreams And yet, it did.
Bart! Do you want to leave the funeral early?! Do you?! Yes.
Of course.
"You were Homer's wife "for a two-day spurt Your name was Amber, just like the alert" Bart, put that away! Thanks a lot.
I lost my place Um Ah, here it is.
"The end.
" Uh-oh.
Everyone relax, huh? I know the Heimlich.
I learned it a few years ago.
It was 1997, and Titanic was proving unsinkable at the box office Somebody do me! Whew! Your son is out of control! You've raised a savage beast! Yeah! Put a leash on him, lady! Oh First, let me assure you that Bart's antics are perfectly normal for a seven-year-old.
Actually, he's ten.
Oh, dear.
Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear.
Spare us your medical mumbo jumbo.
Just give us the pills.
Clear-cut his brain down to the nub Mr.
Simpson, it would be easy for me to pour drugs Thank you, Doctor.
Marge? But for Bart, I'm ing to prescribe a more unorthodox treatment.
Cymbals snare high hat tom-tom sticks, mallet and brushes.
This is a drum kit! Drumming demands energy and concentration, one of which Bart has, Homie, look.
He's enjoying it.
Whoa! Trippy! We started living in an old house My ma gave birth, and we were checking it out It was a baby boy so we bought him a toy Hey, kid, why don't you watch where you're drumming?! Sorry, White Stripes.
No hard feelings? Let's kick his ass! Oh! Why couldn't he give up this like he gives up everything else? I know! I'll use that white-noise machine I got you when your father died.
Transport yourself to the shores of Nova Scotia where cod and halibut frolic in! He's just drumming louder! So it's a noise war he wants, huh?! Then I'll throw in some rush-hour traffic! And a circus fire! Sleep tight, my angel! Oh What ?! Oh ! Oh! Let me know when and if you want sex, honey! Oh, he's gotta fall asleep sometime, doesn't he? You guys need a break Why don't I take Bart with me to the children's bebop brunch at Jazzy Goodtime's? Is it in a safe neighborhood? Just make it happen! Boy, get dressed! You're going to a jazz brunch as punishment for all the racket you're making! I thought you wanted me to drum.
I'm sending you mixed messages.
Now, get the hell outta here.
I love you so much.
Damn you! What it is, hepcats? You want me to scat-sing the menu? Absolutely not.
Oh, God bless you, sir.
Hey, Bart, you want to jam with me? Okay.
If you give me your omelet.
Whoo-hoo! I'm a professional musician! Not bad for a newbie, Bart! You just may be the second-best In case you're wondering who the best one it's me.
Ah! Crazy man, crazy! Oh, yeah! They're looking at me! All right, Lisa, time to show these jazz legends how we swing in the suburbs.
That's a wrap, kids.
Now go have some Jazzy Bread.
That's bread that fell on the floor.
Excuse me.
Are you Lisa Simpson? Yes, I am.
I'm, uh, Defonzo "Skinny" Palmer This is Marcus "Marbles" Le Marquez.
Pleased to meet you.
We were about to play a quick set, Yes ? Lisa Simpson Yes? would do us the honor Yes? of sitting in that chair in the audience.
We wanna jam with your brother.
Look! Bart's onstage.
And he's contributing to the entertainment! Yeah! I was jamming with Skinny Turner And they want me to join their trio! Woo-hoo! What's next? A contract with Groove-tone Records? Take the G-train, baby.
Groove-tone! Oh, I can't believe it.
Stupid brother 'Cause I've wanted to jam with jazz musicians all my life.
How would Bart like it if I just hopped on his skateboard and instantly became great? Ah whoa Mild! Mild! Mild! Mild! Mild! Lisa, you've got to be more careful.
I need you to teach me all about the world of juzz.
It's jazz! Jazz! You don't even know the name of the thing Bart, you're so steady on those skins, we're Oh-- I always wanted a jazz nickname.
Fine We'll call you, uh Downbeat.
'Cause you're bringin' us down.
That is the most unfair Downbeat, Downbeat, please.
We're shootin' the breeze with Tic Tock.
Oh, man, I am so juzzed.
Bart, a rising star like you needs a manager, and Gil's your guy! Oh, I'm a jazz daddy from way back.
With the skit-skat skittily boom-de-boom, and the ding-dong daddy Is that jazz? That's jazz, right? Cha-cha-cha with the curly fries.
Hey! Oh, son.
I like you more, now that other people like you.
It's mergatronic, Daddy-Ho.
Bart, does that even mean anything? Xavier Cugat! Bossie, the music business would chew you up and spit you out.
You just keep your eyes on the prize, girl.
Mom, I'm gonna lose it.
Bart's on the cover of both local jazz magazines: "Blowin'" and "The Sugar Sheet".
Here's the only thing I've been on the cover of.
Mm, look, uh, how 'bout we go to the pound, and get puppy just for you? That might work.
Oh, they're all so cute.
Yeah, you know what's even cuter? Picking one without talking to me.
Well, I kind of like this guy.
Oh, but this one is precious! Okay, this little guy's coming home with me.
Who's gonna get neutered tomorrow? You are! Oh, yes you are.
Lisa Simpson you doomed me.
I did? How? By choosing the cuter puppy.
You picked looks over personality, youth over experience, no history of rabies over unknown rabies status.
And now I'm going to die.
I never wanted that to happen! You suuuuuck! You suuuuuck! Ah, thanks, sweetie.
You suuuuuck! Well, if you want him, you can have him.
And if you get tired of him I won't get tired of him.
It's just too bad you can't take ol' Smiley here.
Yeah, he'll be in God's Dumpster tomorrow I'll take him, too.
And I'm gonna put ol' Henry here to sleep because he knows my darkest secret: I like putting animals to sleep.
I'll take him, too.
Yeah Lookin' back on the track for a little green bag Got to find just the kind or losin' my mind Out of sight in the night, out of sight in the day Lookin' back on the track, gonna do it my way Okay, guys.
No one knows you're here, so be quiet.
And if you get hungry, there are rats living in the Christmas decorations.
And then today at lunch, Lenny and I went to the park and rented a rowboat.
Carl sketched us from the bank.
Summer days What are those noises? They sounded zoological.
Shut up! I just said "shut up.
" I'll punish myself by going upstairs.
Bart! What are you doing here? Uh not smoking reefer.
Uh, that's right.
We all not smoking reefer.
No, Buttercup! No! My arm! It hurts where Bart, that was a nasty bite you got.
You'll recover but you'll never drum again.
Says you.
I was a great drummer, and now I'm nothing, just like Phil Collins.
I feel so terrible.
I just wanted to save those animals while Bart became a drummer, but I never thought the two stories would intersect.
And what about my new job as a Mexican wrestler? Beware of Taco Belly.
Whoo! Eat your heart No mas! No mas! Uh, yes, I would like a bird because I'm often Birds help.
See, Lisa.
We're making progress.
Drop the marsupial! If those animals aren't gone by midnight tomorrow, Animal Control is gonna round 'em all up.
And kill 'em.
Can I, uh, can I borrow that ostrich? Sure.
How cool is this? I guess that's it.
These animals are all gonna die.
Not if I can help it, Lisa.
Do you have an idea? Uh, no.
Sorry if it sounded like I did.
Hey, guys, great news.
I can drum again.
Sorry, Tic Tock.
Your tick is on but your tock is gone.
Well, I've got a confession to make.
This right arm it's not mine.
Whose is it? I don't know.
Tic Tock, maybe you could get yourself some of that sweet, sweet what do you call it? Arthroscopic micro-surgery Yeah, that's the jingle.
The doctor did say surgery might help, but it costs $78,000.
Well, I bet we could raise it Huh? Huh? Outta sight! In the pocket! Groovay, groovay! Now, you boys know you don't have to put something like that together.
Somethin' like what together? A benefit concert! Benefit concert!? Outta sight! In the pocket! Groovay, groovay! Oh, this benefit concert is gonna be Scooby Dooby.
I'm very happy for you, Bart.
Why are you sad? Thinking about your marriage? If we can't find a home for those animals, they'll be put to sleep.
Your sister's very upset.
Oh I feel weird.
It's like a potato chip full of shame, going down my throat sideways.
Honey, what you're feeling is called "empathy.
" Oh now I'm gonna learn a new word.
"Empathy" means you're looking at Lisa and feeling what she feels.
Your sister poured her heart into rescuing those animals to forget the pain of being upstaged in jazz, and now How can I end this torture?! You could do something nice for Lisa.
You're my mother.
How can you say that? superstars on the way, folks! Hey, hey! We got more jazz Gooey Martin, Willie Mimms, Drop Jaws Turner, Sketch Friendly, Tootsie Childs, Sammy Biltmore, No-Talent Jones, Anwar Benitez, Bossy Marmalade, Bad-Check Mazursky, Ray-Ray Takamura, Shaky Premise, Bootsy Croutonne, Richard Sakai, The Pre-Marital Sextet, C.
Miami, D.
Jitters The Chubb Group, Cantaloupe St.
Pierre and many, many, more funny names! And it's all to fix this very talented arm.
Ow! Oh, right, the nerve damage.
Here's the benefit money, Now I'm gonna go vomit to keep my weight down.
That's right.
That's how Krusty does it.
I wanna thank everyone for this special night.
Jazz folk may have the smallest apartments, but they also have the biggest hearts.
But the biggest heart I know is in my sister Lisa.
What about me Tootsie Childs? Lis, you pou
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