The Simpsons s19e20 Episode Script

All About Lisa

The Simpsons S19E20 (KABF13) --- Season Finale --- All About Lisa Welcome to the 38th annual Springfield Showbiz Awards.
There are more stars here tonight than you can see in the sky, thanks to light pollution.
Here comes the magnificently-mammaried, mistress of midnight movie mayhem, Booberella.
The twins look happy tonight.
And what have we here? It's ventriloquist Arthur Crandall and his walnut wingman, Gabbo.
- Gabbo! - Gabbo, over here! Get a job, parasites.
We now come to our final award, "Entertainer of the Year.
" An award so prestigious, that it recently won the "Award of the Year" award at the 2007 Awardy Awards.
This year's nominees are an eclectic group.
This distinguished-looking gentleman is a highly-respected actor.
It's not important what he says, or who he's a parody of.
Only one person here really matters the recipient of this award.
No, it is not me.
I am but your humble narrator in this tale of fame, betrayal and coin collecting.
But more about that later.
Nor is it him.
Nor him.
Nor ham.
No, tonight is about her.
This year's award goes to Lisa Simpson.
Surprised? Let me start at the beginning, and tell you a little bit about Lisa.
In fact, All About Lisa.
And now, in honor of Krusty's 4,000th episode, put your hands together for Drew Carey.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Wow, 4,000 episodes.
It seems like just yesterday Krusty stole his first joke from me.
Seriously, though, I remember watching him as a kid, and I thought, "I could do that, and I'm a kid.
" What I love about Krusty is, he's always on but to find out what, you've gotta test his pee.
Pee! Seriously, test his pee.
He's a danger to the community.
And now I give you a man whose act will never grow old, because it started out that way: Krusty the Clown.
Thank you.
I never thought I'd make it past 400 episodes, what with the drinking and the smoking and the fact that I'm just not that good.
It seems like just yesterday that we started the show, with the original Krusketeers.
Who's our favorite TV clown who likes to clown around? K-R-U S-T-Y Hey! Quit steppin' on my solo, ya creepy little show monkeys! And here they are today.
Come on out, Krusketeers.
I'm Jesse.
You owe me money, Krusty.
I did time for you, clown.
Hard time.
Isn't that great.
They all came back to see me.
That's right.
All except the successful ones.
Now guess what, kids? The Krusty Show is searching for a new Krusketeer.
It could be any of you.
As long you're willing to sign a 20 year personal services contract where I get 99% of all your earnings.
I am so gonna try out for that.
Me, too.
But I hope you get it.
No, I hope you get it.
Well, I really hope you get it.
Yeah, I hope I get it, too.
For a second there, he hoped I got it.
A great man once observed: "90% of success is showing up on time.
" Sorry I'm four hours late.
Now let's pick a Krusketeer! For my first impression I'm a lantern fish.
Now I'm a jack-o'-lantern.
Yay, Bart! My son's a good-for-somethin'! Uh, yeah, okay.
You kids were all terrific.
I wish I could make each of you a Krusketeer, but we only have enough money for one.
Plus, I don't really want to.
So after much consideration of all your talents, my new Krusketeer is What's your kid's name again? Nelson Muntz.
Wilbur Mudd.
That's me.
- Here's Mudd in your eye.
- Ow! I can't believe I lost.
That's not fair Bart was great.
Hey, Krusty, you're making a huge mistake not hiring my brother.
Why don't you hire them both? It won't cost you anything you could call Bart an intern.
In fact, the intern thing could open up a whole new world of free labor for you.
Did you know the Discovery Channel doesn't have a single paid employee? Hm.
Okay, kid, you've convinced me.
To make Bart a Krusketeer? Hell, no.
To make you my new intern.
You're a real go-getter.
Now go get me my dry-cleaning, which is my code word for scotch.
And get me a scotch, which is my code word for my bookie.
Also, go get my dry-cleaning.
- Wha but - Wha, but, wha, wha, wha, but.
What are you standing around for? I wish I was paying you, so I could dock your salary.
Lisa didn't know it then, but she had just dipped her toe into the business of show.
And it is a business, as you shall find out in about three seconds.
Two one Over the years, show business has been home to scoundrels and saints, thespians and harlequins, Abbots and Costelli.
And they all had one thing in common an underpaid assistant.
Cancel my 1:00.
Move my 2:00 to 1:00 and cancel that.
Oh, and go to my joke file and make all the"Sophia Lorens" into "Lindsay Lohans.
" So do a global change? What am I, Al Gore? Just do it.
What are you lookin' at? I'm just trying to hit my marks.
And I don't? Is that what you're saying? No, no.
I think you're a consummate pro.
Oh, so now you're judging me.
Well, what do ya think of this: you're fired.
Yeah, well, my mom says you're a selfish lover.
I know what I want and I get it.
I'll trash you in my memoirs! Pay attention you'll be writing my memoirs.
I'll never last here.
Chin up, little gofer.
You can succeed with Krusty.
A few hints: Always carry a cigar in case he asks.
Never meet his gaze.
And if he mentions Mitzi Gaynor, and he will, for God's sake act like you know who she is.
I got pastrami stuck in my teeth, and that's everybody's problem.
Who's got floss? Here you go, Krusty.
Nicely done, kid.
You're the best thing that's happened to this business since Mitzi Gaynor? I was gonna say "cheap Korean animation," but sure.
I can't believe you're working for Krusty and I'm not.
I know everything about that clown.
Favorite blintz: blueberry.
Favorite horse in the 2004 Belmont: Smarty Jones.
Krusty lost a bundle and had to endorse baby wipes in Norway.
Which I have a case of.
Krusty klovnen baby visker! Stupid KrustyI hate this Bart's having girl trouble.
You better go talk to him.
It's clown trouble.
That's your responsibility.
I thought I was in charge of bedtime stories and pets dying.
Yeah, well, we're adding clowns.
Oh! Fine.
But you just bought yourself "ear piercing" and "strange new feelings.
" Fine.
Lisa's got school, career, posture.
Why did she have to steal Krusty from me? Son, the healthy thing is to get rid of everything that reminds you of Krusty which appears to be everything.
Hey, maybe we should give Lisa this room.
You know she works for Krusty now.
Okay, here's my offer: All this prim Krusty merchandise for that copy of "Radioactive Man vs.
Muhammad Ali.
" My counter offer: "Radioactive Man Meets the Kansas City Royals.
" How about "Radioactive Man vs.
Restless Leg Syndrome"? Let us try a different tack.
Are you interested in coin collecting? - Am I?! No.
- Hmm.
Wait, wait, wait.
I will start you off with this bicentennial quarter and I will throw in my man scrunchie.
Uh, we'll stick with the coins.
Whoa, nice.
Everything in its place, nothin' festering inside of nothin'.
You've alphabetized my book collection.
I've never had such a great assistant.
I'm gonna call you "The Goy Wonder.
" Because I don't remember your name.
All right, time to fill these slots with coins.
Specific coins? This hobby sucks.
Son, all hobbies suck.
But if you keep at it, you might find at the end that you've managed to kill some precious time.
Wow, I never thought of it like that.
Do you want to collect coins with your old man? You bet I do! To your mother's purse.
Take A penny Leave a penny Toll Booth Luck O' The Irish Wishing well What's you're doin' here ? That's just my well ! You don't like swearing prayers around my well! Oh, yeah? Well, what do you think of them apples? I'll take all of ya.
No, don't put that Oh, no, I'll never gets out ! Slide in the 1863 Confederate half dime and every slot is full.
This is the first book I've ever finished reading or pushing things into.
What the? We missed one! "The Inverted Double-struck Penny" or "Kissing Lincolns' was mistakenly minted in December of 1917, when a brief glimpse of a woman's ankle caused three days of rioting at the Philadelphia Mint.
" The one on the left looks into it, but the one on the right is just experimenting.
Son, we are getting that coin.
Here I am, walking the plank.
I wish this mean pirate wasn't poking me with his sword! - Where's the chimp? - Mr.
Teeny's not here.
- He's stuck in traffic.
- Oh, what do I do? I can't ad lib to save my life.
Oh, boy, oh, boy.
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of fun.
- What are you doing, kid? - My job: making you look good.
Oh, yeah, right.
So, what be your name, matey? Long John Seltzer! The laughter swept over her like a wave, enveloping her in its intoxicating embrace.
The next week, Krusty went to his Lake Tahoe retreat for some R and R.
But he was about to get an unexpected visit from a third and fourth R, Ron Rabinowitz.
Krusty, I've been your agent for 45 years.
I am telling you, watch out for this Lisa Simpson character.
She has got a taste for Lady Laughter, and she will step right over a certain clown to get it.
Which clown? Chuckles? Professor Nitwit? No, you! No Yu, the Chinese Clown? Oh, great one, Krusty.
But seriously, you're in real trouble here.
Yeah? What do you mean? If there was a rehearsal for the network, I would've been told by my assistant! Well, where is he? I don't know, I guess he forgot.
But people seemed to like me last week.
You stood in for Mr.
How'd you like to stand in for Krusty? Oh, well, it's one thing to fill in for a monkey.
But a comedy legend? I wouldn't dream of it.
I respect that.
Cancel the run-through.
Okay, I'll do the monologue.
Evening, Mr.
- Great show last - Sorry, I can't act like you matter! Have no fear, the star is here! Shh! We're working! Huh? So the centipede says: "I'm goin'! I'm goin'! I'm just putting on my shoes!" Now, that's well-performed comedy! Oh, my God.
Everything you said came true, Ron.
Uh, Ron? So you'll come to the agency tomorrow and I'll introduce you to the whole team, okay? You like egg white omelets? I'll be waiting.
You're a good girl.
I've been replaced by an eight-year-old.
I can be eight! La, la, la, la.
I'm eight years old.
Krusty, you've learned that fame, that fickle beauty, can leave you when you need it most.
And Lisa had a lesson to learn as well.
A lesson about You, there! - Cut that out! - Sorry, sorry.
Thank you, folks.
You've been a great audience.
I'm gonna keep this forever! All of Springfield fell head over heels for Lisa.
Here she comes.
Quick, switch from internal monologue to external dialogue! Shall we visit the commissary to toast your success? Yeah, sure, Mel.
Let me just wave one more good-bye to my fans.
While applause rained down on Lisa, poor Krusty found himself parched.
It's 3:32 a.
, which means it's time for Last Gasp with Krusty the Clown! Brought to you by Nappien, Nok-em-Out and Nok-em-Out Jr.
for kids.
Tonight's guest is local bully, Jimbo Jones? This is the lowest I've ever sunk and I once made out with a blow-up doll Sorry you broke up with me now Cindy? One of these has got to be that smooching Lincoln penny.
- Pepperoni slice.
- Wait! This is a classic Mmm terrible.
Son, coin collecting's a lot like life.
It stopped being fun a long time ago.
But unlike life, I have a solution for this.
Gavelby's Auction house.
Going once, going twice sold to Mr.
Burns! I've won every coin.
But I feel strangely empty.
Ooh, there's another coin.
That should do it.
Our last item up for bid is a mint condition 1917 "Kissing Lincoln" penny.
Okay, boy, this is it.
Five dollars! - $500.
- Five dollars cash! Sir, the promise of cash is not an enticement.
The current bid is $500.
Do I hear a counter bid? Going once, going twiceDad? - $501! - $10 million.
- Objection, your honor.
- Sir, I am not a judge.
But, um, overruled.
Sold to Mr.
Burns for $10 million! I paid a pretty penny for this pretty penny, but it was worth it.
Burns, my son and I have been collecting coins.
It's really brought us closer together.
That penny you bought tonight would mean the world to him.
Yes, but the problem is, if you had it, I wouldn't.
You see difficulty.
I'll tell you what, at least help me buy the boy a gumball.
- Do you have change for a nickel? - Oh, of course.
Smithers, step on it! I only gave him four cents for that nickel.
Monty Burns wins a And done.
Now, let's put it on a shelf and never look at it again.
You got it, boy.
And so, bonded by love and larceny, father and son got dressed, had a minor disagreement You little patched things up Sorry, Dad.
and went downtown, where they watched proudly, as Lisa accepted her award.
Lisa, before you walk away from this venerable hall and into the arms of your adoring fans, may I have a moment? Well, I do owe you everything.
Make it quick.
Behold your fellow winners of the Entertainer of the Year Award.
I don't recognize any of them.
And why should you? He appears nightly on Broadway, selling combs and mints in the men's room.
She was fired after a bad rehearsal from Homeboys In Outer Space.
And perhaps the saddest one of all, he graced stages from London to Los Angeles.
When he played Biff in Death Of A Salesman, every woman in the audience wished they were Hap.
But that was before he "took the bone.
" Melvin Van Horne.
Sideshow Mel?! It's you! How could this happen to you, to all these wonderful performers? Applause is an addiction, like heroin or checking your e-mail.
Once you have a taste, you'll do anything to get more.
Don't end up like these people.
Don't end up like me.
I need to get out while I still can.
Thank you, Mel.
Everyone, wait! Um, there's someone I forgot to thank, and he's here tonight.
Krusty, will you come up on stage, please? What do you want? You've already taken everything I care about.
Really? So what else is in the news? This just in: I don't give a crap.
I'm trying to set you up for laughs.
Trying to set me up with a giraffe? Oh, right.
You guys know about giraffes long legs, big neck.
Here comes the zinger.
Speaking of necks, my girlfriend is a real pain in mine.
She crashed her car in to mine and said, "Look, honey, we have a hybrid.
" Timely.
By giving everything away, she was able to keep the only thing that mattered: her dignity.
God, how I envy her.
Ooh, I think I'm in love! Krusty, please.
My wife is giving birth as we speak! Just four more takes.
Come on.
No! Oh, Krusty, have a heart.

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