The Sing-Off (2009) s03e09 Episode Script

Top 5 Groups: The Rhythm & Blues Revue

Nick: So far on the Sing-Off.
16 groups journeyed to L.
for our biggest season ever.
Oh wake up! One by one, they fell out of the game until only six groups remain.
Last week, the top six vocal groups in America smashed the stage with classic rock anthems Born to be wild And then got down to today's hottest country hits.
Save a horse, ride a cowboy And in a heartbreaking elimination The group that still has a chance is Afro-Blue.
Delilah didn't survive the night.
Tonight, the top five groups remain.
Only one will win the ultimate grand prize: $200,000 and the coveted Sony Music recording contract.
$200,000 and a recording contract is worth fighting for.
Tonight our contenders will have to bring it twice.
We just have less time and more things to do.
First, they'll get their groove on, performing today's hottest R&B hits.
There's just a lot of pressure to go out there and dominate.
Then they'll kick it old-school with some of the greatest R&B classics of all time.
We're kind of freaking out.
We really want it now.
And when the music stops, one more group will leave our stage forever.
We can't go home now.
It kicks off with an incredible opening performance.
The Sing-Off is on! ( Beatboxing ) Ladies and gentlemen! The hardest-working singing groups in show business! Please welcome to the stage the Sing-Off rhythm and soul review! I feel good, yeah I knew that I would now come on! and I feel good ooh, you knew that I would now, hey so good so good so good so good when I hold you in my arms know you can't do no wrong when I hold you in my arms my love can't do you no harm and I feel buh-ba-bup-bup buh-ba buh-ba-bup-bup buh-ba you went to school to learn, girl what you never, never knew before like "I" before "E" except after "C" and why two plus two makes four now, now, now I'm gonna teach you teach you, teach you all about love, girl all about love just set yourself down and take a seat all you gotta do is repeat after me A, B, C it's easy as one, two, three as simple as do re mi A, B, C one, two, three baby, you and me, girl teacher's gonna teach you how to sing it out come on, come on, come on let me tell you what it's all about A, B, C is easy it's like counting one to three sing a simple melody one, two, three you and me Yes! This is history in the making.
Season three! Come on! I look and stare so deep in your eyes I touch on you more and more every time when you leave I'm beggin' you not to go call your name two, three times in a row such a funny thing for me to try to explain how I'm feeling and my pride is the one to blame yeah, 'cause I know I don't understand just how your love can do what no on else can got me lookin' so crazy right now your love got me lookin' so crazy right now your love got me lookin' so crazy right now your touch has got me lookin' so crazy right now your touch got my hoping you'll page me right now your kiss has got me hoping you'll save me right now lookin' so crazy in love got me lookin' lookin' so crazy in love yes, sir, I'm cut from a different cloth my texture is the best fur, chinchilla fall back, young ever since I made the change over to platinum the game's been a wrap one! your love's got the best of me making you're making a fool of me you got me sprung and I don't care who sees baby, you got me you got me got me lookin' so crazy right now your love got me lookin' so crazy right now you got me lookin' so crazy right now your touch got me lookin' so crazy right now your touch got my hoping you'll page me right now your kiss has got me hoping you'll save me right now lookin' so crazy in love got me lookin' got me lookin' so crazy in love ( Harmonizing "I feel good" ) Yeah ( Applause ) ( Vocalizing ) ( Imitates record skipping ) bring it back oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah! oh oh oh oh oh oh bom-bom-bom bom-bom-bom ba-bom-bom bom-bom oh! Hey, everybody, I'm Nick Lachey, and welcome to another incredible episode of the Sing-Off.
The nation's best singing groups just shook our souls with a dazzling trip through R&B history, and that's the kind of stunning all-vocal experience you can only hear on this show.
The season began with 16 superstar vocal bands going for the $200,000 grand prize and the Sony Music recording contract.
Now it's down to the best of the best.
Here are the top five groups! Charming college courtsmiths the Dartmouth Aires! Texas vocal pioneers Pentatonix! Masters of that classic sound, Afro-Blue! Hitting the hip-hop harmonies, Urban Method! Crowd-pleasing Utah boys, Vocal Point! These groups are just two shows away from the live season finale, where America will decide the champion.
But, if they want to make it all the way, they'll have to get past our respected trio of judges.
On the left, our prolific professor of a capella, Ben Folds! Thank you.
In the middle, the enchanting Grammy-nominated hit-maker Sara Bareilles.
Yay! And holding down the right, Boyz II Men superstar tenor, Shawn Stockman.
Tonight, the top five are gonna pay tribute to a genre that's brought us some of the most memorable hits ever, rhythm & blues.
It's a two-part challenge.
First, they'll tackle hits from contemporary megastars like Mariah Carey and Usher, then rewind on some ofof the greatest R&B classics of all time.
When the dust settles, the judges will weigh both performances and make their call, cutting the top five down to the top four.
These groups need to nail the groove and lock the harmony, or it could mean the end of their quest.
Okay, let's kick off the modern R&B with a bunch of guys known for rocking the quad of their Ivy-league campus.
But for a sexy R&B hit, the Dartmouth Aires are getting ready to take it to the club.
We're not gonna take it Last week, the Dartmouth Aires brought their trademark high energy to an '80s rock anthem and an outrageous country hit.
That was a Broadway ending, and you knew what you were doing.
Nice work.
I think we did what we needed to do out there, and we're proud of it.
Wah-ooh! Remix to ignition hot and fresh out the kitchen Our contemporary R&B song is remix to Ignition.
Remix to Ignition is challenging for us.
We're so used to running around the stage, but with this one, we have to dial it back.
We don't really do sexy.
We usually do high energy.
( Wailing noise ) Ugh, yeah! Right now our harmonies are not clicking, so there's something that has to be changed.
After the show it's the afterparty Rehearsals this week have been pretty stressful.
We just have less time and more things to do.
Everybody say, "'round about four you gon'.
" Four you got? Like, what is that? One of the problems is there can be too many cooks in the kitchen.
Could we try and make it just like a little less pretty? Nick is the musical director, and it's a very hard job because he's managing 15 people and how we as a group harmonize.
So, he gets heated from time to time.
There were too many ideas on the table.
It was a mess.
Well, I can put a triplet beat on it.
It got really out of hand.
Honestly, the only thing I could do was step out of rehearsal.
We're in the top five now.
We all have to be on the same page, emotionally and mentally.
( Applause ) Hoping to race ahead of the competition, performing "Ignition remix" by R.
Kelly, here's the Dartmouth Aires! One, two.
And one and two.
Now, uh, usually the aires don't do this, but, uh, go ahead and break 'em off a preview of the remix.
I'm not tryin' to be rude but, hey, pretty girl, I'm feelin' you the way you do the things you do reminds me of my lexus coupe that's why I'm all up in your grill tryin' to get you to a hotel must be a football coach the way you got me playing the field sweetie, give me that toot, too oh, can you give me that beep, beep runnin' her hands through my 'fro bouncin' on 24s that's why they say on the radio is the remix to ignition hot and fresh out the kitchen mama rollin' that body got every man in here wishin' sippin' on coke and rum I'm like, "so what? I'm drunk" it's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce bounce, bounce, bounce bounce, bounce, bounce yeah 'cause after the show it's the afterparty and after the party is the hotel lobby round about 4:00 we'll go clear the lobby then you'll take her to your room and bah-bah-bah oh! can a get a toot, toot oh, can I get a beep, beep runnin' her hands through my 'fro bouncin' on 24s that's why they say on the radio remix to ignition hot and fresh out the kitchen mama rollin' that body got every man in here wishin' sippin' on coke and rum I'm like, "so what? I'm drunk" it's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun it's the remix hey yeah mama rollin' that body, that body, that ooh sippin' on coke and rum I'm like, "so what?" it's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun beep, beep beep, beep yeah ( Applause ) All right, aires! Having a little fun with the "Ignition remix.
" Very nice.
Let's go and hear from our judges.
Sara, what'd you think? ( Laughing ) I think that's a good thing.
Oh, my God.
I don't even know what just happened.
That was, like, so insane.
That was just so charming and entertaining.
Xavier, you are You're so fantastic on stage.
( Applause ) It was so nice to see you come out and then just rub your ass on national television.
That was awesome.
Clark, after the show Yeah.
That was awesome.
Overall, I really enjoyed that performance.
That was awesome.
You guys have me all flustered.
I gotta get out of here.
Shawn? I tell you what, like, there were so many uncomfortable moments.
Like, it was just like, I was sitting there like, oh! Whoa! Whoa-oh-oh! I never seen you guys like that ( Laughter ) Before, and I thought I knew you.
See? Um, Clark, you mentioned normally you guys You guys normally don't do the sexy thing? So, you did it in a way where it was playful and, again, very strategic on how you did it.
That's what I like about it the most, not necessarily the arrangement.
I could've used more bounce in the drums.
Now, as things go along we wanna be able to see if you have dimensions and levels and layers and things of that nature.
So, I would like to see more of that, but that was fun.
Good job.
( Applause ) Ben? Always entertaining.
The group as a whole was grooving.
It just, uh, Shawn's right, the bottom end, the bass and the drums isn't and hasn't been really your forte.
You're singers.
And so, uh, you know, you get the feeling sometimes you're like, well, we gotta do this beatbox and bass thing, so let's throw it in.
As a group you held your own.
And, I mean, I'd like to see you do like all ten of them, all of R.
Kelly's "Trapped in the closet" series.
( Cheering ) You're giving us you each time.
Like, that was R.
Kelly and you found a way to make it sort of funny, make it entertaining.
And you always could look at each one of you and know that you're being yourselves, and that's really refreshing.
Nice work.
( Applause ) Thanks, judges.
We'll see the Dartmouth Aires again for their classic R&B number.
Thank you, gentlemen.
When we return, the street kings of Urban Method try to knock out their opponents with some Keri Hilson and Kanye West.
And at the end of the night, one group will be singing their swan song and exiting the competition.
We're just getting started.
It's the Sing-Off.
We feel really good.
We were a bit nervous with this song, but we knew we had to lock in on that R&B feel and I think we did a good job.
The pressure is building on the Sing-Off as the top five have to pick up their mics twice tonight to escape elimination.
Right now, they're banging out some of the hottest contemporary R&B on the planet.
Next, an all-vocal crew that brings a hip-hop flavor every time they take the stage.
Even though Urban Method's R&B song seems tailor-made to their style, their star soloists Myke and Katie have to live up to high expectations.
Here we go again Last week, Urban Method delivered two incredible performances, led by Katie's breakthrough powerhouse vocals.
Before he cheats No! Katie, the way you sang that song, I feel like I'm meeting you for the first time tonight, and it's awesome.
I've never had to really sing like that in my life.
My group had to pull a lot out of me to get to that point.
It just gave me the confidence to go out there and do great.
For our contemporary R&B song, we're doing "Knock you down" by Keri Hilson.
ton it up or reebokin' At this point, I've gotten to rap Eminem, Dre, Jay-Z, and now I get to rap Kanye West.
I'm feeling pumped.
Just get back up when it knocks you down This song we can relate to.
This competition has knocked us down.
We've been in the bottom two, and we got right back up because it's what we love.
Hold up.
Hold up.
We fell apart.
We fell apart.
This week, I'm really feeling the pressure.
My voice is really tired.
And I feel like the spotlight's on me.
I have to do well.
I cannot let my group down.
We're trying to do something huge, something that is going to show our versatility to the Max and show the judges that we're meant to go to the finals.
( Applause ) Hoping to knock it out of the park with "Knock you down" by Keri Hilson featuring Kanye West, here's Urban Method.
Sometimes love comes around it knocks you down just get back up when it knocks you down keep rockin' and keep knockin' whether you Louis Vuittonin' it up or reebokin' you see the hate that they serving on a platter so what we gon' have dessert or disaster? I never thought I'd hear myself say y'all go ahead I think I'm gonna to kick it with my man today I used to be Commander in chief for my pimp ship flying high till I met this pretty little missile who shot me out the sky sometimes love comes around it knocks you down just get back up when it knocks you down tell me now, can you make it past your caspers 'cause I don't wanna make the same mistakes I did so we can finally fly off into NASA I don't wanna fall back on my face again you was always the cheerleader of my dreams that seem to only date the head of football teams I was the class clown, always kept it real we were never meant to be, baby, we just sometimes love comes around it knocks you down just get back up when it knocks you down it knocks you down sometimes love comes around you'd better get right back up when it knocks you down ( Applause ) Nick: Urban Method! Pumping it up! Shawn, what'd you think? First of all, I would like to say how proud I am of you guys.
We've watched you grow and develop and had your rises and some falls and things of that nature, but you guys kept fighting and you're here today.
And, Katie, man! I'm so happy.
( Applause ) I'm happy for you because of this experience on this show that you found out some things about yourself.
Out of everybody on that stage tonight, you've grown the most and I'm so proud of you, okay? ( Applause ) And I also wanted to say, Myke You said that, you know, you had a chance to, a little bit of Jay and em, and now Kanye and things of that nature, but the cool thing about what you do is that you still give those raps your own flare and your own style where it's like you don't, like ( Applause ) Where even though everybody knows those raps, you never, ever not deliver, and that's what I like about you, man.
You know what I'm saying? Great performance.
I love seeing you guys do your thing.
Ben? You always know you're in good hands with you guys from the first beat.
It's always really, really solid.
Richard, you're one of the best beatboxers on the show.
( Applause ) You've got a lot of low end, and you never question the groove ever with you.
There were some interesting arrangement things in there.
I would look up and see Liz going ta-ta tick-tick-tick-tick.
I like that kind of stuff out of you guys, when the arrangements are just slightly bizarre like that.
I think you run into trouble a little more with just straight ahhs.
There were a couple of swells where I heard three different dynamics at once, and they unlocked for that period of time.
So, I'd love to see you guys just grab some of that simple singing stuff together.
Other than that, a lot of heart.
You're stars.
Sounded great.
Sara, what'd you think? You know, Urban Method, you are like the little engine that could.
You know what I mean? Like, I have been blown away every week by your depth and complexity and how much you guys are evolving on this show.
I thought that was a really strong performance, and I loved seeing you guys play with the arrangement.
I loved that you were making the choice to let people sit out for a second.
And I think there was a part where Troy and Richard Or Tony and it was the bassist and the beatboxer, um, but you guys had a moment and everybody else laid out for a second.
That was really cool.
You're finding ways to create suspense in your arrangements.
That's a really smart way to be an a cappella group.
You guys are rad.
I love you.
Thanks, judges.
And Urban Method will be back in a bit for their second R&B performance.
Thanks, guys.
Don't forget, all of the fantastic songs you hear tonight are available for download on iTunes.
Coming up, the reserved men of Vocal Point break out the running man and the Roger rabbit on a Bobby brown dance hit, and later, all five groups pick up their mics again on some of the most unforgettable R&B ever recorded.
The Sing-Off sings on.
Tonight, we've turned the Sing-Off stage into an R&B nightclub as the top five groups in America go face to face for $200,000 and a Sony Music recording contract.
Next up, nine tight-knit friends from Provo, Utah, with an upbeat, polished style.
But to tap into a dance club favorite, the guys of Vocal Point have gotta unleash some R&B swagger and shake their moneymaker.
Girl, you really got me goin' Last week, Vocal Point let loose to the kinks' classic hit, "You really got me.
" Shawn: That was awesome.
You actually showed another side to the boys from provo.
And continued to impress the judges with a dynamic rendition of a country hit.
Life is a Highway But how will they handle R&B week? R&B music, to me, it's all about getting into the groove, and, like, how you get into it, right? Can we all just do this for a second? We need to bring someone in to teach me how to groove naturally.
When you think of Vocal Point, the first word that pops into your brain probably isn't soulful, but I have soul; Even in this little white body of mine, I wanna just show America that I have some soul.
Every little step I take This week, we're going to be singing Bobby Brown's "Every little step.
" Well, I can't sleep at night I don't think we're gonna try to be Bobby Brown.
We're just gonna take Vocal Point's interpretation of his song.
Bobby brown, back in the day, used to dance his face off, and one struggle that we've had with "Every little step" is putting the choreography and the music together.
Going down or something? We're struggling with the choreography.
It's more intense than we had bargained for.
It's jumping the tempo.
We're at the top five, and that's brought on a lot of stress.
We're sacrificing sleep and schoolwork because at this point in the competition there's no room to not bring it.
We have to bring it every week, or you don't know what will happen.
( Applause ) Showing they can get down and dirty, performing "Every little step" by Bobby Brown, here's Vocal Point.
One, two, three, four.
( Beatboxing ) Oh, yes.
Every little step step I can't sleep at night I toss and turn listenin' for the telephone and when I get your call I'm all choked up can't believe you called my home and as a matter of fact it blows my mind that you would even talk to me because a girl like you is like a dream come true a real life fantasy no matter what your friends try to tell you we were made to fall in love and we can be together any kind of weather it's like that, it's like that every little step I take you will be there every little step I make we'll be together every little step I take you will be there every little step I make we'll be together Girl, I've been taking you for granted.
But when you look at me, it makes me want to show my dance moves.
Every little step I take every little step one, two ( Remixing ) Oh you will be there every little step I make we'll be together every little step step strep-ep-ep you will be there every little step we'll be together every little step step ( Applause ) Nick: Wow.
Vocal Point! Seeing that performance kind of took me back to my parachute pant days, you know? And I used to rock 'em.
Ben, I know you used to rock a pair, too, didn't you? I'm wearing them under the desk.
You can't see.
What'd you think of the performance? Oh, that was really good.
( Cheering ) That was a lot of fun, and, uh, wow.
Uh, Tanner, were you doing ( Cheering ) That was all you for a second, right? Singing and dancing and then doing the beatbox all at the same time, and everyone else shut up, right? ( Applause ) Choreography's not normally my thing, but wow, that you did that and sang all that stuff at the same time, guys, is really impressive.
That's really amazing.
( Applause ) I really like Keith's voice a lot.
The timbre of your voice cuts really nicely.
And everything else was killer.
Thumbs aloft, gentlemen.
Sara? My jaw was on the floor with the fact that you guys just tackled that enormous bout of choreography in addition to really delivering really well a super cool arrangement of that song.
I can't believe that you The breath control that that takes and just like the mental capacity.
You guys just kicked butt on that.
McKay, you do have soul in your little white body.
( Applause ) For me, there were a couple of moments where I thought that I was hearing some tuning issues on the chorus, but, um, it was fleeting.
It was really entertaining.
Um, you guys are just a riot.
That was hilarious.
Great job.
Thanks, guys.
Shawn? Man, that was impressive.
( Applause ) Like, y'all had the whole, you know, new edition, coordinating the steps here and there and every Walking and going that way and what not.
Robert ( Applause ) Now see, now see, you know I see how that goes.
You know what I'm saying? The whole low-voice-talking thing.
I had a guy in a group that did the same thing.
I couldn't stand it because I'm singing my head off, and all he had to do is say, "yeah.
" You know what I'm saying? Nah, but I gotta give you props, man.
That was a great breakdown.
I love the ways you guys Again, you made it your own.
That was impressive, guys.
Truly, truly impressive.
That I was Good job.
All right, judges.
And Vocal Point will be back in a bit with their R&B classic.
Thanks, guys.
Good work.
When we come back, the music majors of Afro-Blue add their throwback style to a Mariah Carey hit that was the biggest song of the decade.
And later, a game-changing elimination.
One group's dream will be cut short on the Sing-Off.
All the work we put in, it's super rewarding to get comments like that from the judges.
I have soul! Sara Bareilles said so! I'm so happy! Today's R&B singers seduce us with their evocative style, and tonight the top five vocal bands in America are bringing that signature sound to our Sing-Off stage.
This next group's classic vibe seems well suited to capture R&B's deep heart and spirit.
And after narrowly escaping elimination last week, the savvy musicians of Afro-Blue are hoping an emotional performance will keep them safe tonight.
She was an American girl Afro-Blue's heady interpretation of "American girl" missed the mark Land of the free the national anthem bit, I don't think it had anything to do with the song.
I just need you now But their emotionally charged rendition of "Need you now" struck a chord with the judges and saved them from elimination.
Afro-Blue! We only get opportunities like this once, and we're just happy that we all get to share them together.
And I just can't pull myself away We're just two steps away from the finale, and pressure is deep.
Nights of endless pain We're rehearsing the neyo song "closer.
" I just can't stop whoa, wait! It's just not working for us.
We're not executing it well enough as I think we could do another song.
Three I didn't mean it when I said "We belong together" by Mariah Carey just sounds so much more like us.
We can be more emotional, and we can give a lot more of ourselves.
I'm excited about singing lead, but I'm very nervous about remembering all the words.
Never imagined I'd be sittin' Uh Aw! Come on, girl! The way that the lyrics move is, like, really hard to catch.
With this last-second switch, I hope we can, like, get everything together as we truly need.
We've just put so much work, time, energy, effort into winning this.
Going home would completely crush me at this point.
( Applause ) Trying to move one step closer to the title, performing "We belong together" by Mariah Carey, here is Afro-Blue.
One, two, three.
( Vocalizing ) I didn't mean it when I said I didn't love you so I should've held on tight, I never should've let you go 'cause I didn't know nothing, I was stupid, I was foolish I was lying to myself I couldn't fathom I would ever be without your love never imagined I'd be sitting here beside myself but I didn't know you, but I didn't know me but I thought I knew everything I never felt the feeling that I'm feeling now that I don't hear your voice or have your touch and kiss your lips 'cause I don't have a choice oh, what I wouldn't give to have you right here by my side right here, 'cause, baby we belong together when you left I lost a part of me it's still so hard to believe come back, baby, please 'cause we belong together wait a minute, this is too deep hey-eh-eh yeah oh hey I turn the dial trying to catch a break and then I hear babyface I only think of you and it's breaking my heart I'm trying to keep it together but I'm falling apart falling apart falling apart falling apart we belong together when you left when you left I lost a part of me it's still so hard to believe come back, baby, please 'cause we belong we belong we belong we belong ( Vocalizing ) Come back, come back we belong together ( Applause ) Afro-Blue! Afro-Blue doin' it! Sara, what'd you think? Oh, I love you! I love you! First of all, coming off of last week's performance and really feeling like we all had a breakthrough with you, I'm really glad to see that your emotional connection to the song is becoming a part of the reason you gravitate in one direction or another.
Christy, great job.
Just great job on the lead.
( Applause ) That is a really tough lead to sing.
And I felt, initially, you might have been thinking You were up in your head a little bit, and by the end of the song you were soaring.
( Applause ) And I can't not give a shoutout to Brian on vocal percussion.
There you are.
( Applause ) And Reggie, good Lord, man.
You are just you are in-sane, you're insane.
Um, anyway, great performance, guys.
Thank you.
( Applause ) Ben? Yeah, I feel like we're really getting somewhere now 'cause you're using, uh, the things that you know how to do, and you just pull them out of your back pocket when you want to.
Like the bell tones coming down on seconds That's not easy for a group to do.
And you guys just do that It just shimmers when you do that.
You're not just a jazz group when you do this.
You're, you're a group that has jazz at your disposal.
When the song is coming out that clearly now, you can now afford to put back some of the stuff that you might feel is signature to you.
I completely believed it the whole time.
Great work, guys.
( Applause ) Shawn? I think you guys are starting to understand the, the method behind arranging.
Sometimes you don't have to do a lot to be affective.
A lot of times it's just locking in and letting everybody in the room enjoy the ride.
This is what this thing is all about, not letting the song own you, but you owning the song.
And you guys did that.
Good job.
( Applause ) Very well said, judges.
And Afro-Blue will sing again in the second half of the show.
Thanks, guys.
Good job.
( Applause ) After the break, Pentatonix puts their cutting-edge groove on an Usher radio mega-hit.
We're taking one step closer to the season finale where America will cast its vote.
Stay tuned to the Sing-Off.
( Applause ) It was nice seeing what they said, especially coming off of last week, and kind of being down.
We're trying to figure out where exactly to place what we feel is our sound.
It was nice to hear them have such positive comments.
Welcome back to the Sing-Off.
So many kinds of music we love to listen to have been influenced by R&B.
You can find those steady grooves and soulful hooks in everything from hip-hop to techno.
And these next contenders are masters of a genre that's borrowed heavily from R&B modern pop.
Now the five singers of Pentatonix are gonna have to create a massive sound to take on a hit known for a big vocal chorus.
Born to be wild Nick: Last week, Pentatonix delivered stirring performances of both rock and country numbers.
There ain't no makin' my heart beat again heart beat again ( Applause ) You made great choices in keeping it simple and singing the song the way it is.
Really well done.
We took genres that weren't our typical type of music, and we made it work, and then now, we're going to have to keep up with that Pentatonix strength.
Oh, my gosh so in love This week we're performing "OMG" by Usher.
It's a really good song for us because it kind of has that electronic, clubby vibe with it.
Shorty got a booty like wow, oh, wow I'm sorry.
It's just you guys know my beliefs, and the hard thing with this song is the lyrics.
It's difficult for me to do this song because the lyrics are pretty explicit, but I don't want to create conflict in my group because we really don't have time.
With Kevin's religious beliefs, he's having trouble because it's so provocative.
We're kind of freaking out because we need everyone to connect to the song and believe in it in order for us to succeed.
Without one person, we'll just fall apart.
We should take out the booty line.
We just are kind of changing up lyrics, but we haven't really thought of something that would work with Kevin's religion.
Oh, my gosh I don't know.
If I'm not feeling a song, I can't give a hundred percent to the performance.
I would be devastated if this journey ended this week.
I don't know what I would do.
( Applause ) Showing the judges they want it all, performing "OMG" by Usher, featuring Will.
Am, here's Pentatonix.
( Applause ) Oh my gosh I did it again, so I'm-a ( Deep voice ) let the beat drop baby, let me love you down there's so many ways to love ya baby, I can break you down there's so many ways to love ya got me like oh, my gosh I'm so in love found you finally make me wanna say oh oh oh oh-oh-oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, my gosh fell in love with shorty when I seen her on the dance floor she was looking sexy, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop drop it down honey's lookin' wonderful my, oh, my shorty, how you do that make a grown man cry? whoa Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho she got it all she got it all oh whoa sexy from her head to toes head to toes and I want it all it all, it all so, baby, let me love you down listen, there is so many ways to love ya baby, I can break you down there is so many ways to love ya got me like oh, my gosh I'm so in love found you finally make me wanna say oh oh oh oh-oh-oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh-oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh drop it! whoa oh oh whoa oh whoa oh oh whoa oh whoa oh oh whoa oh whoa oh oh what, what, what, whoa oh oh whoa oh whoa oh oh whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, my gosh ( Applause ) Nick: Pentatonix! Droppin' it like it's hot.
( Laughing ) Shawn, how'd they do? I'm tired of saying that you're good.
( Shouting, cheering ) Avi did something with his voice that will.
Am actually needed eqs and outboard gear in the studio to do and the, the let the ( Deep voice ) let the beat I can't I don't have it.
Um It's about dynamics with this particular song, so I liked the fact that you kinda laid it in all the way up, darn near till the end.
It was just a nice smooth ride even down to the chorus and Oh, my God I'm so in love Like the way, the way, the way you The way you kinda like rolled with it, like a smooth house-type record.
You know what I'm saying? How you arrange everything is just so smart.
And you always tend to accent your strengths, which, again, I love the three of you guys in the middle.
Y'all hold it down vocally, but those two dudes on the end ( Applause ) Kevin and Avi are freaks of nature.
You guys, to me, are the meat and potatoes of Pentatonix.
Like, you guys are, uh, just amazing.
I ha I can't say anything bad.
I can't say anything bad.
( Applause ) Sara, anything bad? Oh, yeah.
I didn't care for that at all.
( Laughter ) You know it was good when we all laughed, like, "yeah, that was joke, you know.
" ( Laughter ) "Oh, I didn't like it.
Ha ha ha.
" ( Laughter ) You know what you've done early in this competition, you set the bar really high for yourselves.
So our expectations have really been through the roof the whole ride, and you don't disappoint.
You keep finding ways to inject your personality into these arrangements, and that is really exciting.
You lose any piece of this puzzle, and it falls apart, but it's so locked in, just as a group and as an ensemble.
You guys are great.
( Applause ) Ben, what'd you think? Shawn hit the right word, "smart," smart arranging, 'cause you've got your drum and bass thing going on and then a vocal.
And then Mitch and Kirstie are accenting those points, and that just gives it another dynamic.
You hit some really interesting chords together, too.
So then, suddenly you're singing, you know, it's, it's choral thing just for a moment.
Then, again, you think you're done with your bag of tricks, we think you're finished, wrong.
You came back in and, and took it up one notch.
Kevin you're, you're an insanely talented young man.
That's just so good.
( Applause ) The original groove, with the delays, like you had delays in your, uh, in your, in your percussion track, you had backwards cymbals, all this stuff, and there was space for it all.
It was really, truly amazing.
Yeah, that was brilliant.
Nice work.
( Applause ) Thanks, panel.
An Pentatonix will be back later for their second song of the night.
Thank you, guys.
( Applause ) All right, the top five got it going with current radio jams, and now it's time to kick it old school with epic hits from the past.
When we return, the Dartmouth Aires hitch a ride on the classic "Midnight train to Georgia.
" The Sing-Off Can you dig it? I'm feeling great.
We just went out there and had fun.
We knew it was a fun song, we just wanted to show that.
It was awesome.
I'm Nick Lachey, and tonight the Sing-Off is the hottest R&B club in town.
Our top five groups already cranked up the beat on modern radio hits, and now they'll try to get a witness on classic tracks from the golden age rhythm and blues.
First up, a group that's avoided the bottom two all season with full-tilt energy and a big rockin' sound.
Let's take a look at how the Dartmouth Aires went from Ivy league favorites to The Sing-Off top five.
Here we go, 1, 2, 3, 4 The Sing-Off has been the most amazing experience.
From the very beginning, we just wanted to sing and have fun.
( Singing ) ( Applause ) You guys had me from the beginning to the end.
I couldn't stop moving my feet.
Doing the show has given us a lot of confidence about what songs we can do as a group.
Whoa oh I want some more We have learned that we can do a lot of different genres.
See the horse ride the cowboy We have put so much of our hearts and soul into every song that we've done.
Someday I'm gonna be free, Lord That was my favorite performance of this entire competition.
Original we wanted to do it for the fun of singing.
Now that we're in the top five, our goal is to win this competition.
We're not gonna take it We wanna win the Sing-Off so badly.
With so few groups left and having gone through so many weeks, the end is kind of in sight.
We've had to work really hard to get here, but since we're so close, I think it's just gonna motivate us to give that last push and make it to the finale.
There has been no all-male collegiate group to win the Sing-Off, so we want to be that group that holds that title up.
Welcome to "earned a ticket to the next round" with 'Midnight train to Georgia' "by Gladys Knight and the Pips," here's the Dartmouth Aires.
1, 2, 3 Leavin' ba ba leavin' ba ba leavin' ba ba leavin' ooh ooh ooh L.
proved too much for the girl too much for the girl ooh oh so she's leavin' the life, yeah she's come to know she said she's goin' said she's goin' back to find find what's left of this world what's left of the world ooh ooh from the world she left behind not so long ago she's leavin' on that midnight train to Georgia leavin' on the midnight train ba ba, ba ba she says comin' back to goin' back to find oh, a simpler place and time oh, yes, she is and I'll be with her on the midnight train to Georgia leavin' on the midnight train to Georgia hoo hoo I'd rather live in her world I'd rather live in her world than live without her in mine want to, ohh her love, full of love want to board the midnight train and our love want to board got to board the midnight train to now I got to go, I got to go the midnight train ooh ooh ooh ( Applause ) Dartmouth Aires.
Gettin' deep on that one.
Let's go ahead and go straight to the experts.
Nice work, guys.
That was really nice.
You're all working together really well to support Michael.
And, you just got such a timeless style, Michael.
You're like you don't think it's this year or that year.
It's just you.
Dan, nice work on the low end.
( Applause ) I know we've been beating you up about your low end sometimes, and that was good.
It was tasteful.
Really nice, really nice work.
There were times, I think, where Michael was really belting that I felt the pitch was coming a little unglued some of that time.
Emotionally we were still there.
The lead vocal and the bass held on relative to the song.
It was all good.
So, well done.
( Applause ) Nick: Shawn? Michael, sometimes emotion overrides perfection, if you know what I'm saying.
And that performance was what mattered.
I believed it.
Somehow you locked into the actual song.
And you had a moment where you sang the song, you kept it close to you, and then there were moments where you shared it with everybody else.
And that's what makes people stand up and clap and say, "wow.
" You understand what I'm saying? You guys did what y'all needed to do with that record.
( Applause ) Sara, what'd you think? That was beautiful.
That was just really beautiful.
Um, from the restraint you chose to show in terms of the arrangement I think you guys really paid attention to that song.
Michael you're, you're just a delight.
I really appreciate what you give to each performance.
And all of you boys, my goodness, you backed him up so earnestly and, and just so whole heartedly.
You were committed to your position in that performance each and every one of you was, so that was really.
I think, uh, for me, I could've used a, a few more dynamics in that song.
I think especially in the beginning, to give it somewhere to go.
But the blend was great.
You showed refinement in, in a really classic, timeless way.
So, that was a wonderful performance.
Thank you.
( Applause ) All right, thanks, judges.
And we'll see if the aires will advance in just a few moments.
Thanks, fellas.
Remember, if you love the songs you're hearing tonight you can download all of them from iTunes.
After the break, Urban Method puts their hip-hop stamp on an Isley Brothers classic.
And when the R&B stops, we'll find out which groups struck a chord with the judges, and which group will be striking out.
The Sing-Off is on.
One of the reasons R&B became so popular is the way its funky drum breaks and catchy lyrics set the mood for any party.
Right now, we're watching the Sing-Off groups get super bad on classic night club anthems.
Next up, a group of studio musicians from Colorado on a mission to bring a whole new style of music the Sing-Off.
Let's check out how the streetwise singers of Urban Method introduced America to rap-apella.
We're here, ready to bring it.
Representing Denver, baby, what's up? Urban Method! ( Vocalizing ) We got ( Singing ) This has definitely been a journey for Urban Method.
I look at it like a marathon.
( Applause ) Shawn, what's your take on rap-apella.
You guys bring it every time, you own it.
This is who you guys are, and y'all show it with each performance so far.
The Sing-Off right now is like my defining moment in hip-hop.
( Cheering ) This competition has knocked us down.
We've been in the bottom two, and earlier I didn't realize what I was capable of.
Katie, I wish it was just a bit stronger.
I wanted more from you, too.
Being in the bottom two, feeling the desperation of wanting to stay in this competition really brought the best out of our group.
He don't know, whoa and I dug my key into the side The whole process of the Sing-Off has taught me a lot about myself, that really I can do anything I put my mind to.
I'm so glad all three of you girls have shed those insecurities that I felt like I was seeing before.
We really want to win the Sing-Off, not only for our benefit, but to show that if you have a dream that it is possible.
This is only the beginning.
If we win the Sony contract, that's just another chance for us to fulfill our dreams at a bigger level.
We're fighters and we're fighting to win this thing.
Puttin' their fresh spin on a classic groove, performing "It's your thing" by the Isley Brothers, here's Urban Method.
( Applause ) 1, 2 ( Beatboxing ) ( Vocalizing ) Yeah yo yo yo check it whoa come on bada ba ba ba bada it's your thing do what you wanna do it's your thing I can't tell you who to sock it to it's your thing do what you wanna do now it's your thing I can't tell you who to sock it to if you want me to love you maybe I will believe me, darling it ain't no big deal oh, you need love now just the same as I do makes no difference who you give your thing to yeah whoo all right one time ( Imitates scratching ) Two times ( Imitates percussion ) Three times ( Imitates bass ) Yeah, yeah, yeah it's your thing do what you wanna do yeah I can't tell ya who to sock it to sing it with me now it's your thing do what you wanna do I can't tell ya who to sock it to hit me! yeah! ( Applause ) Urban Method doin' what they wanna do.
I like it.
Shawn? I wanted it to keep going.
( Applause ) Honestly.
I thought it was gonna, you know, thought Myke was about to break into something crazy and there was about to be a party in this mug, but, um ( Chuckles ) It felt good.
Myke, you said this is a defining moment in hip-hop, and you're right because it can only go but so many places unless someone like you guys take it to that next level, you know, a level that a lot of people ( Applause ) Yeah.
I think you're ahead of your time because of the fact you that you guys figured out that hip-hop can be even done this way.
You guys taking it to the next step and you become pioneers in the process.
So, with that, I applaud you.
( Applause ) You guys have always shown passion and heart and you guys show something that people can connect to.
So, good job on that one.
( Applause ) Ben? Well, you recognized the challenge of the song 'cause it only has two chords in it the whole time.
One, four, one, four, one, four the whole time, and it makes it all about the vocal delivery.
You were smart in what you did, which is you re-harmonized some of it to, to move it along.
That was good stuff.
And you featured your bass and your vocal percussion and then you just made it insane at the end with everything going.
Kim, I thought you came the closest to capturing, uh, the feeling of the song.
You made it your own, no, no doubt.
Like Shawn said, it could've gone on longer.
You just were getting warmed up, and, that's, uh, it's always good to leave people wanting more.
Um, I think that was a really great job.
Nice job.
( Applause ) Sara? I thought that was a really strong showing for you guys.
I, I loved when you showcased Tony on your, your bongo break down.
( Laughs ) Um, and Troy, your upright bass was amazing.
And, yeah, Richard on your vocal percussion, that was just really, really special.
And ladies, you're stepping out and finding your voice.
And it's really, really cool.
Kim, that was awesome.
That was awesome.
( Applause ) Good job, you guys.
Thank you, judges.
We'll see if Urban Method will move on to next week's show.
Thanks, guys.
( Applause ) When we return, the Utah charmers of Vocal Point make their case with a Temptations classic.
It's all countin' down to the live finale on November 28th where your votes will crown the champion.
The music does not stop on the Sing-Off.
( Applause ) That was so much fun.
Seeing the people's faces in the front row just You know? Light up, and it gave us the energy, and it was a ton of fun.
The Sing-Off is truly a marathon for these exceptional groups.
With multiple new songs, arrangements, and tough choreography week after week, it's a grueling fight to stay energized and deliver phenomenal performances every night.
Next up in the classic R&B round is a group known for their tight harmonies and even tighter friendship.
Let's see how the men of Vocal Point overcame every obstacle to make it within striking distance of the championship.
A woman is a woman and a man ain't nothin' but a man When we arrived in California to begin the whole Sing-Off experience, we came here from Provo, Utah, small town.
We had no idea what to expect.
( Singing ) The Sing-Off is such an awesome opportunity to uplift as many people as possible through the music we sing.
I feel like I just got to know you guys, and it was awesome.
We're all thinking of Ben, and I know you made him so proud.
At the very beginning, Ben had to leave when he lost his father, and that brought us closer together, it was also a moment of crisis.
I'm happy with the decision to come back to the Sing-Off.
You know, my dad probably was my biggest fan, and he enjoyed so much listening to me si, and being a part of this is something he really wanted.
You We're glad we have Ben back 'cause that's really adding a lot.
We want to win this competition so bad, we're sacrificing sleep, we're sacrificing family, we're sacrificing schoolwork so that we can give our message of happiness and the joy in music to America.
And making it to the finale and winning this competition is the only way that we see that we can do that for people.
I love the way that you look Now 're in the top five.
We need to switch our mentality from We need to stay in the competition to we have to be the best.
It was entertaining from beginning to end.
Great job.
( Applause ) Making their plea for a spot in the next episode, performing the Temptations classic "Ain't too proud to beg," here is Vocal Point.
( Applause ) 2, 3, 4 I know you wanna leave me but I refuse to let you go if I have to beg and plead for your sympathy I don't mind 'cause you mean that much to me ain't too proud to beg, sweet darlin' please don't leave me, girl ain't to proud to plead, baby, baby please don't leave me, girl don't you go I heard a cryin' man is half a man with no sense of pride but if I have to cry to keep you I'll keep on weepin' if you will keep me by my side ain't to proud to beg, sweet darlin' please don't leave me, girl ain't to proud to plead, baby, baby please don't leave me girl don't you go ohh sing it, brother I've got love so deep in the pit of my heart each day it grows more and more I'm not ashamed to come and plead with you, baby if pleadin' keeps you from walkin' out that door ( Vocalizing ) Don't you go ain't too proud to beg, baby don't you leave me, girl don't you go girl, don't you go ( Applause ) Vocal Point.
Takin' us all the way back to Motown.
Sara, what'd you think? Oh, that was sweet.
That was really sweet.
You know, Ben, that was a great lead vocal.
That was a such a great lead vocal and ( Applause ) It was really nice to hear your song.
You know, we've heard you in a more emotional context and this was, um, I was worried about this song for you, but I thought that was a really great showing.
It did feel like you were trying a little bit.
It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I couldn't quite just lose myself in the performance with you.
You were delivering all the notes and I really appreciated that you were just going for it.
Overall, this arrangement and this performance felt a little disjointed, in a way, for some reason, but you guys always put a smile on my face.
I just I love you to pieces.
I love you and your purple ties.
( Applause ) Shawn? Let me shout out, Tanner and Robert, for keeping the groove.
( Applause ) Tanner, I think you are also one of the baddest beatboxers in this compe Like you, you're crazy.
Ben, you have a very beautiful voice, but with that being said, David ruffin, who originally sang this record, his voice wasn't beautiful.
As a matter of fact, when he sang it, it was like a sermon.
You know what I'm saying.
I know you wanna leave you know what I'm saying? Like, it was like church.
You have a beautiful voice, but that's what I wanted to feel.
I wanted to feel that like Down on my knees begging you please type of situation.
You understand what I'm saying? Like that's what I was missing out of the performance.
It's about taking on the character of the record.
You guys always sound good, but now, it's about those other things now that you gotta pull out in order to stay in this competition.
That's it.
( Applause ) Okay.
Ben, your thoughts.
Well said, Shawn.
I, I, I agree with everything Shawn just said.
You guys are, are always on it.
And you're still in it because we love what you do.
You started out with some promise that I keep wanting to see come back, which was a little bit of risk-taking, musically, a little bit of dynamics, musically.
I feel like you've been playing it safe for a little while.
You're a great group, and next time I'd like to see you step up the dynamics and where over the course of the show it's kinda been going along like this.
I'd love to see something out of you where you just, like it was your last day, just, just kill it.
So, I hope to see that.
Thanks, guys.
( Applause ) Well said, guys.
And Vocal Point will learn their fate in just a bit.
Thanks, gentlemen.
( Applause ) I you want to check out behind-the-scenes videos, blogs and tweets from all your favorite groups, go to nbc.
After the break, the sophisticated singers of Afro-Blue boogie down on the "Best of my love.
" We're closing in on tonight's do-or-die elimination.
Four groups will be tuning up for next week's show.
One group will be tuned out.
The Sing-Off It's on.
( Applause ) The Sing-Off is getting down to the best R&B songs in music history as the nation's top five vocal groups try to outsing each other for $200,000 and a Sony Music recording contract.
Next, a group that honed their signature vintage sound at Washington, D.
's Howard University.
For the singers of Afro-Blue, the journey from their hometown to Hollywood has been truly unforgettable.
Class Style Smooth And fun.
Here is Afro-Blue.
Girl, put your red dress on whoa whoa It's so amazing that Afro-Blue has come this far in the competition.
Just watching you perform feels like warm butter on grits.
( Laughter ) ( Vocalizing ) We have a very, very humble beginning.
We're a class at Howard University.
We never imagined we'd make it to the Sing-Off, and now we're in the top five that's crazy.
I heard he sang a good song This journey has been so amazing.
Just opening doors for Afro-Blue on many levels Musically, career-wise.
I'm excited to see how far we can get.
If we were to win the Sing-Off, it could just really change everything for Afro-Blue.
Take me on a trip I'd like to go someday Music is my life.
It's what I love to do.
It's so amazing that I get to share this with the world.
To win the show, that would be You know, that would just be so amazing.
And I wonder Last week was the first time that we ever really truly connected emotionally onstage as a group.
Quarter after one I am emotional right now, watching you guys get emotional.
now Because we've worked so hard and come so far, because we've come so close as a group, we can't go home now.
I just need you now ( Applause ) Aiming to be the best of the best, performing "Best of my love" by the Emotions, here's Afro-Blue.
( Vocalizing ) 1, 2, 3 and ( Vocalizing ) Doesn't take much to make me happy and make me smile quickly never will I feel discouraged 'cause our love's no mystery demonstrating love and affection that we feel so openly I like the way ya make me feel about you, baby want the whole wide world to see oh whoa you've got the best of my love oh whoa you've got the best of my love whoa whoa you've got the best of my love whoa whoa you've got the best of my love goin' in and out of changes the kind that come around each day my life has a better meaning love has kissed me in a beautiful way oh yeah, hey whoa whoa, my love, my love ( Vocalizing ) My love, my love ooh ooh, my love ( Vocalizing ) Ohh ( Vocalizing ) Ohh ohh ohh ohh oh oh my love best of my love ohh and I'm giving you the best of my love you've got the best of my love ( Applause ) Nick: Ha ha ha.
Nicely done, guys.
Ben, what do you think? Nice work, y'all.
Danielle you're a great singer, such a great singer.
( Applause ) Total star.
You guys had a lot of fun on that one.
There were some holes in the chorus for me.
Uh, I think it's just a matter of, uh, maybe not being so staccato with it.
It wasn't exactly percolating like I know that you can do, but it was a lot of fun.
And you grabbed on to the groove.
You never let it go.
You guys are upholding an American tradition.
And it's really one of the great American art forms, which is, which is jazz music.
( Applause ) We so easily wanna let that go and throw it away for something else, but all that other something else wouldn't be here if it wasn't for what you guys embrace.
I think now you have a license to come back a little bit more, uh, to, to Afro-Blue, and I think you'll have cracked the code then.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
Nice work.
( Applause ) Sara? You are a group full of, of total powerhouses.
I mean, each one of you is such a strong singer, and we've been really lucky to get to know Danielle and Christie as lead vocalists.
And, and, Danielle, when I think about you I think about personality.
You're a little bright, shiny star on stage.
It's really, really fun to see you up there.
( Applause ) Overall, that was a really solid performance, but I was missing a little bit of what, what Ben was talking about, too.
So, I think you got that leeway to sort of come back to the party a little bit.
( Applause ) All right, Shawn? To think that you guys started out as a class at Howard.
Now look at you.
You're in L.
On the Sing-Off, national television, displaying just a wonderful gift that all of you have.
And, uh, you should be proud of yourselves just for that.
As far as just the overall performance, I love the performance.
I felt like in certain spots, it kinda came undone.
But overall it still felt good.
Um, you guys know how to deliver a record overall.
You guys still know how to have fun.
And I just wanna give props to my boy Reggie Reg.
( Applause ) Afro-Blue, I love you.
Thank you.
All right, thanks, panel.
In just moments, we'll see if Afro-Blue will make it into the next show.
Thanks, guys.
( Applause ) When we come back, techno wizards Pentatonix get us hot and bothered with a sexy Marvin Gaye slow jam, and we're moments away from elimination.
Only four contenders have what it takes to keep their dream alive.
One group's quest will end tonight.
The Sing-Off is heatin' up.
( Applause ) Welcome back, everyone.
Now, when I think R&B, I think love songs.
You feel me, ladies? Love songs.
And tonight, our singing groups are getting romantic, making our hearts beat to vocal versions of R&B's sultry sound.
For our next contenders, the quest for the title started with three small-town friends.
Now, their shared passion and the added talents of an innovative rhythm section have taken Pentatonix all the way to the national stage.
You're an alien your touch so foreign It's pretty insane that just a year ago we were putting up a little YouTube video, and now we're kind of succeeding on a national television show.
V-v-video k-killed the radio star ( Cheers and applause ) I think you guys were sent back from the future to save a cappella, and do it in a futuristic way.
For them to say that, we realized, "Oh, wait, this might be something big.
" ( Vocalizing ) My job One of the things that we're known for is the bag of tricks that we have.
( Vocalizing ) ( Indistinct lyric ) Shh! We always try to take big risks each week.
We've been lucky because they have paid off well.
But there are only five groups in the competition now, and we're taking bigger and bigger risks, and that makes me really worried.
Oh, love locked down your love locked down People are kind of expecting an atomic twist on the song, and it's getting harder every week 'cause we want to think of new stuff and try to improve and improve and improve and impress the audience more and more.
Your love locked down, you lose It's, like, really heartbreaking to think about this all ending.
For one thing, we wouldn't be together anymore because we all live in different places.
But getting the recording contract would be so amazing.
To be doing this and be together, it would mean the world to all of us.
We didn't even know we would make it this far, and we're kind of freaking out.
We really want it now, and we really feel like we can win.
( Bass vocalization ) ( Cheers and applause ) Hopin' to get some lovin' from the judges, performing "Let's get it on" by Marvin Gaye, here is Pentatonix.
( Cheers and applause ) ( Imitating harmonica ) ( Vocalizing ) I've been really tryin', baby to hold back this feeling for so long and if you feel like I feel, baby then come on ohh come on let's get it on let's get it on ahh baby let's get it on let's get it on, oh let's get it on now there's ( Vocalizing ) Nothing wrong with me loving you baby oh, oh, oh and giving yourself to me should never be wrong if the love is truuuuue hey true I don't wanna worry no I don't wanna push, baby whoa, no so come on, come on, come on, come on come on, baby stop beating round the bush yeah, yeah, yeah I wanna get it on no, no, no, no, no, no let's get it on let's get it on ooh let's get it on oooooohhhhh ( Rising applause ) Eeyyyyy ( Cheers and applause ) Nick Lachey: Pentatonix! Man! Very smooth! I have a feeling I don't even need to ask this question, but, Shawn, were you feeling it? ( Screams and shouts from audience ) It was a'ight.
( Laughter ) Man um ( Laughter ) I can't express enough how incredible that was.
Like ( Cheers and applause ) That was a an incredible rendition of one of my most favorite singers of all time.
Like, he is my dude.
Like, Marvin's my guy.
And and the way that you guys did that, man Like, you make it your own, and I really can't talk.
Thank you very much.
Good night.
( Cheers and applause ) Nick Lachey: Ben? I love it when Shawn gets that way.
That's always good.
Um, I think that, you know, there's gonna be a suspicious bump in the birthrate in nine months.
( Laughter ) They'll be named Scott and Kirstie and We'll know why.
I mean, that song pretty much sums up what R&B is about.
It's brilliant.
And, Mitch, what a better way to start the song.
That was that was killer.
The "wah-wah" was awesome.
( Cheers and applause ) That was beautifully in the pocket.
And, uh, it was great.
I-I can't do it justice with words either, but we'll look after that statistic in nine months, and we'll see if my theory holds up.
( Laughter and applause ) Sara, what'd you think? Oh, good Lord.
That was un-believable.
Um ( Cheers and applause ) You guys are incredibly professional and incredibly polished at what you do, and it is a joy to hear you perform every single week.
You are so bad-ass.
And when I am at a loss for words, um, I usually break out a swear word or two, and that was just Awesome.
( Laughter and applause ) Nick Lachey: Yes! Thank you, judges.
And we'll find out soon if Pentatonix will move ahead to the next round.
Thank you, guys.
Great work.
Okay, our top five just put it all on the line with today's R&B hits and timeless classics.
Now each group's fate lies with the judges.
They can only save four contenders to continue on the hunt for the cash prize and the recording contract.
For one group, their hopes will fade forever.
The Sing-Off Hold that note.
( Cheers and applause ) We're back on the Sing-Off.
Our top five contenders just delivered two incredible R&B performances, proving once again why they are the best vocal bands in America.
Let's hear it one more time for the Dartmouth Aires ( Applause ) Urban Method ( Applause ) Vocal Point ( Applause ) Afro-Blue ( Applause ) And Pentatonix! ( Applause ) They left it all on the stage, but for one of these groups, the music is about to end.
I have the judges' results in my hand.
( Performers vocalizing ) Four of these contenders will sing again in the next episode, but one is a heartbeat away from singing their swan song.
The first two groups definitely moving ahead in the competition are Pentatonix! ( Cheers and applause ) And Urban Method! ( Cheers and applause ) Congratulations! You're safe, and you can head back to your boxes.
( Cheers and applause ) Three talented vocal bands stand before you, but only two will survive the night.
The next group that is definitely coming back for another week is ( Performers vocalizing ) Dartmouth Aires! ( Cheers and applause ) You made it through.
Good work! That leaves Vocal Point and Afro-Blue.
Vocal Point All season, you've delivered unmatched showmanship and jaw-dropping performances.
Tonight started strong, with the panel calling your first R&B number "totally tight" and "truly impressive," though Sara did notice some tuning issues.
But the judges thought you played it too safe on your classic hit, and it lacked the grittiness of the original.
Afro-Blue All season, you've delivered sophisticated and captivating vocals.
Your first performance tonight was an emotional ride that proved to the judges you're not just a jazz group anymore.
On your second song, the judges called Danielle's lead "stellar," but felt the song's chorus had holes and was missing the Afro-Blue signature style.
One of these groups will keep the rhythm going into the next episode, the other group is gonna be singing the blues.
The group that still has a chance to make it to the Sing-Off finale is ( Performers vocalizing ) Afro-Blue! ( Cheers and applause ) Congratulations.
You're still in the competition.
Go ahead and head to your box.
( Subdued cheers and applause ) Vocal Point Come on down, guys.
You guys were amazing entertainers on our stage every week, and we will truly miss your energy and your positivity.
You guys are great.
Before you leave our stage, do you have any final thoughts you'd like to share with everyone? We are so grateful for the chance we had to be on the Sing-Off.
We feel like we've grown immensely as a group, and to be able to share our music and our talents has been a dream come true.
And thank you to the judges for this opportunity, for all of the fans in America It's been a blessing.
Well, we were honored to have you all here.
Thank you guys so much.
Now I'll ask you to raise your Mikes one last time.
Leaving the Sing-Off stage with their swan song, here's Vocal Point.
One, two, three.
( Vocalizing ) Another summer day has come and gone away in Paris and Rome but I wanna go home home let me go home ( Vocalizing ) May be surrounded by a million people I still feel all alone just wanna go home home oh, I miss you, you know let me go hoooome I've had my run baby, I'm done and I wanna go home let me go hooome it'll all be all right I'll be home tonight I'm coming back home ( Cheers and applause ) ( Cheers and applause ) That was Vocal Point singing "Home" by Michael Bublé.
And don't forget, you can go on iTunes to download any of the Sing-Off songs you heard in tonight's show.
In one week, our top four groups pick up the Mikes for the fight of their lives.
First, they'll push the limits of a cappella with hit song "mastermixes," combining multiple chart-toppers into one seamless performance.
Then they'll tackle the all-or-nothing judges' choice, a track chosen specifically for each group by our panel of experts.
And at the end of the show the voting lines open and you can cast your vote to push your favorite group to the top.
It's all leading up to our live finale in two weeks, on November 28th, when the new champion will be crowned.
Until next time, I'm Nick Lachey, signing off from the Sing-Off.