The Sing-Off (2009) s03e10 Episode Script

America Votes: Group Mastermixes

Nick Lachey: The battle has been raging for weeks.
Tonight is the final push.
This is history in the making! Season three! It's crazy! Four groups have risen to the top.
I love you all.
But only three will lock down a coveted spot in the finale, a shot that changed their lives forever.
I have the judges' results in my hand.
For one group, it all ends tonight.
The $200,000 cash prize and the dream-making Sony Music recording contract are just heartbeats away.
Getting the recording contract, it would be a dream come true.
It would be amazing.
But to take one step closer, the top four will face our toughest challenges yet.
We're gonna have to work harder than we ever have.
First, they must combine two chart-topping hits from completely different artists into a single, show-stopping master mix.
It has to be great or else we won't be in the finals.
Then, they'll deliver a song chosen by our judges to put their group to the ultimate test.
Judges' choice, baby.
This time we got to chose the songs.
Yeah, us.
But remember, there's no room for mistakes.
And it all leads up to a fateful elimination as the top three are chosen.
We can't go home now.
We're too close.
Then we open the voting lines and turn this competition over to you.
The fight for the finale is on.
America will decide who takes the title.
Music like you've never heard.
A competition like nothing you've ever experienced.
And it all begins with a breathtaking opening number.
This is the Sing-Off.
( "Bittersweet symphony" ) do it all again T.
b-a-n-a-n-a-s I heard that you were talking and you didn't think that I would hear it people hear you talking like that getting everybody fired up so I'm ready to attack gonna lead the pack gonna get in touch now gonna take you out that's right, put your pom-poms down getting everybody fired up out here in the fields I fight for my meals I get my back into my living my living I don't need to fight hey, to prove I'm right prove I'm right I don't need to be forgiven, yeah there's a stranger in my bed there's a pounding in my head glitter all over the room pink flamingoes in the pool I smell like a minibar dj's passed out in the yard Barbies on the barbecue is this a hickey or a bruise? pictures of last night ended up online I'm screwed oh, well it's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled damn! Last Friday night it's a bittersweet symphony this life trying to make ends meet you're a slave to money then you die don't cry don't raise your eye it's only teenage wasteland last Friday night yeah, we took too many shots when we danced on tabletops I fight for my meals I get my back into my living I can change, I can change, I can change I can change, I can change do it all again it's a bittersweet symphony this life oh, yeah ( Applause ) ( Vocalizing ) ( Imitates record skipping ) bring it back oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah! oh oh oh oh oh oh bom-bom-bom bom-bom-bom ba-bom-bom bom-bom oh! Hey, everyone, I'm Nick Lachey, and welcome to the Sing-Off.
You just witnessed our top four groups singing a master mix medley of hits by Gwen Stefani, the Verve, Katie Perry, and the Who.
Our most epic season ever began with 16 vocal bands fighting for the $200,000 and the Sony Music recording contract, and after weeks of nonstop battle, the four best groups in America are left standing: The kings of charisma, the Dartmouth Aires.
The groundbreaking remixers, Pentatonix.
The exciting hip-hop daredevils, Urban Method.
And the maestros of a classic sound, Afro-Blue.
These groups delivered powerful performances and poured their hearts into every single note this season, but for a shot at the title, they'll have to win over our heavy-hitting trio of judges: The spectacular spectacled a capella champ, Ben Folds! The Grammy-nominated chart-topping songbird - Sara Bareilles.
- Thank you.
He's got a phd in R&B, Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman.
Tonight is double trouble for our top four.
First, they'll tackle an all-vocal master mix, blending two huge hits into a seamless performance.
Next, it's judges' choice, songs handpicked by our judges to put the groups to the ultimate test.
After both performances, the judges will make their final decision of the season.
Three groups will pick up their mics in the championship.
One will fall from glory tonight.
The pressure is on.
A single missed note could cost them a spot in the top three.
And, at the end of the show, we're going to open the voting lines across America.
Your votes will crown our winner on next week's action-packed live finale.
When we come back, the vocal prizefight begins with the remixing renegades, Pentatonix, smashing together Cee Lo and Kelly Clarkson.
The Sing-Off is counting down to the championship.
You know it's hard enough to perform any song with an all-vocal arrangement, but tonight our Sing-Off final four have gotta merge two songs with different tempos, keys, and styles, and somehow make them work together with just their voices.
Let's kick it off with a group of vocal dynamos who've stayed strong all season by giving every song a futuristic twist.
Now the daring members of Pentatonix are gonna combo two hits about breaking up to try and break in to the finals.
Baby, let me love you Pentatonix put on another stellar performance with Usher's "O.
" Yeah, I'm gonna get it on And then brought the house to its feet with their passionate rendition of Marvin Gaye's "Let's get it on.
" I can't express enough how incredible that was.
It's a scary feeling.
I'm always nervous and anxious, but after hearing things like that, it's just thrilling.
At first you ain't got This week, we're doing two songs.
We're doing a master mix of "Since u been gone" and "Forget you.
" I even fell for your stupid With our master mix, we're having trouble jumping from song to song.
Now I get oh, wait a minute.
I get what I want I think that knowing that this is the most important performance of the show is kind of freaking us out, and I think it's hurting our arrangement.
I'm so afraid people will be like, "they ruined 'forget you, '" or "they totally ruined 'since u been gone, '" because we're changing it up so much.
We're just not sure if people will say, "this is the group that needs to win.
" I don't know if we can do this, seriously.
I know all our voices are tired.
We're all mentally exhausted, as well, so all of us are struggling.
This is the last opportunity to show America "We want this.
We wanna be here.
" No.
never felt No, you were doing something wrong.
Yeah, did an extra line that time.
We really want to win so we can keep doing this and go on tour and record and live our dream together.
We don't want this to be the end.
( Applause ) Hoping to leave the judges with another unforgettable performance, with a master mix medley of Cee Lo green's "Forget you" and "Since u been gone" by Kelly Clarkson, here's Pentatonix! One, two.
One, two, three.
( "Forget you" ) Forget you Here's the thing we started out friends it was cool but it was all pretend yeah, yeah yeah, yeah since you been gone I see you driving round town with the girl I love I'm like, "forget you" whoo-ooh-ooh I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough I'm like, "forget you, and forget her, too" yeah, if I was richer I'd still be with ya ha! Well, ain't that some shh! whoo! ain't that some shh! and with the pain in my chest I still wish you the best with a "forget you" but since you been gone I can breathe for the first time I'm so moving on yeah, yeah thanks to you now I get I get what I want since you been gone ( Guttural record skip ) Oh, no.
( Guttural record skip ) How can put it you put me on forget you and your stupid love song yeah, yeah yeah, yeah since you been gone since you been gone and I pity the fool who falls in love with you I just wanna be with you why you, why you wanna hurt me so bad I guess you never felt that way I got some news for you I guess you never felt that way ain't that some shh! since you been gone I can breathe for the first time so I guess you're a gold-digger and you should know that the change in my pocket yeah, yeah wasn't enough thanks to you forget you now I get the girl I love you should know forget you I get you were never enough I get what I want ohh since you been gone ( Applause ) Nick: That was crazy! Pentatonix! Wow.
Let's go ahead and go right to our experts.
Ben, what'd you think? Nice work.
I mean, going from the Kelly Lo Green to the Cee Lo Clarkson was really seamless.
You knew you had a non sequitur after non sequitur to deal with, and you just made that entertaining.
Avi and Kevin, you guys are getting to be amazing rhythm section.
You guys ( Applause ) Watching the battle between Avi on bass and Kevin on the beatbox was bitchin'.
I mean, it's like you guys gave voices to the instruments.
You're getting like a really tight touring band that's been out doing this for years, and you always come up with some kind of trick that you don't expect.
I keep thinking, "they're gonna run out of stuff," and you didn't.
And you did something really cool, it was great.
I heard you guys out of tune for the first time of the series.
It wasn't serious, but I think it was in the second chorus of, God, which song? I don't know.
It was going back and forth so well, and you brought the whole thing together and made it entertaining, so yay, Pentatonix, nice work.
( Applause ) Sara? That was a great performance.
First of all our lead singers here, Kirstie and Scott.
( Applause ) What I loved in this performance is that you guys were telling a story with your motion and your choices on stage, as well.
And you ditched Scott for Avi in the end and then it worked out, so ( Laughing ) But it was really entertaining.
You guys were telling a story, and that was a lot of fun to watch.
I was smiling and grooving like a loser, so I think you've done your job.
Thank you.
( Applause ) Shawn? I'm so used to you guys actually doing like these like, real ill breakdowns and all this other stuff and ( Makes electronic sounds ) And transforming all that stuff, but, you know, you didn't do that and I still enjoyed it.
You seamlessly put together those two songs where it was almost like, "okay, they're singing Kelly No.
There's Cee okay, now they're singing that one.
Now they're singing that one.
" It was just so fluid how you guys did it.
You know, just creating something different that even the artists themselves might not have thought of.
Avi and Kevin, you guys are no longer named Avi and Kevin.
Okay? I officially name you meat and potatoes.
( Laughing ) Because You made the whole music mega-mix thing work because you stayed constant.
You're so intelligent when it comes time to arrange certain things 'cause you know how far to push the envelope, and that's why you guys are so enjoyable to listen to.
So, good job, man.
( Applause ) All right, thank you, Shawn.
And Pentatonix will be back again later for the judges' choice round.
Thanks, guys.
Don't forget, all the songs you hear tonight are available for download on iTunes.
After the break, Denver studio musicians Urban Method fire it up on a mix of songs made famous by Nelly and Madonna.
And at the end of the night, the voting lines open to America.
The Sing-Off is kicking into high gear.
We're back on the Sing-Off.
You know, one of the coolest things about master mix medleys is how the lyrics and message of totally different songs play off each other to create a brand-new musical experience.
Our next mixologists are a Colorado crew that brings a gritty hip-hop edge to every performance.
But for their master mix challenge, Urban Method is gonna turn up the heat and blend a sultry classic with a dance club hit.
I can tell you Last week, the ladies of Urban Method gave a powerhouse performance that propelled the group forward in the competition.
Do what you wanna do ( Applause ) That was awesome.
I feel like I keep getting surprised by you ladies.
You're stepping out and finding your voice.
Our master mix this week is Nelly's "Hot in here" with Peggy Lee's "Fever.
" ( Beatboxing ) ( Going off-key ) We had originally planned to have Katie on the "Fever" solo.
When you put your arms around me As it was going on, I didn't feel like it was right.
You guys, I need your help, and I need you to tell me what sound you like.
It gets pretty tense sometimes in rehearsal.
There have definitely been some emotional moments.
As soon as he said that, it all kind of made sense because she has that voice that fits that song.
I light up when you call my name The master mix has been really difficult.
You have sultry and sexy.
Then you'd have fun and carefree, and we've been having a difficult time fusing the two moods together.
What's the use I said No, no, no, wait.
- Then we go back - We go back to "Fever.
" We are hoping to just make a statement, just solidify ourselves in this competition and leave no doubt in anybody's mind that we should be going to the top three.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
( Applause ) Hoping to get the temperature rising, performing a master mix medley of "Hot in here" by Nelly and the Peggy Lee classic hit "Fever," here's Urban Method.
So hot in it's so hot in here uh uh, I want a little bit of uh uh girl, give me that, I said a little bit of uh uh just a little bit of uh uh okay, go Never know how much I love you never know how much I care when you put your arms around me I get a fever that's so hard to bear you give me fever it's getting hot in here when you kiss me fever when you hold me tight fever it's getting hot in here in the morning fever all through the night uh uh! I was like, "good gracious, ass is bodacious" flirtatious trying to show patience waiting on the right time to shoot my steam waiting on the right time to flash them keys, girl I'm leaving please believe it me and the rest of my heathens check it, got it locked at the top of the four seasons penthouse, rooftop, birds I'm feeding no deceiving nothing up my sleeve, eh no teasing I need you to get all up on the dance floor give that man what he's asking for I feel like busting loose and I feel like touching you, you, and you can't nobody stop the juice pretty lady, tell me what's the use I said it's getting hot in here so hot so take off all your clothes I am getting so hot I wanna take my clothes off it's getting hot in here so hot so take off all your clothes I am getting so hot you give me fever sun lights up the daytime moon lights up the night I light up when you call my name then you know I'm gonna treat you right you give me fever it's getting hot in here when you kiss me I am getting so hot fever when you hold me tight fever it's getting hot in here you give me fever I am getting so hot you give me fever ( Applause ) Urban Method! Very nice.
Sara, sweatin' a little bit? I mean, my God.
Nick: What'd you think? That was sexy, you guys.
That was amazing.
I'm so glad you guys figured out a really smart, cool way to meld those two songs because "Fever" is really restrained, and it's seductive, but it's not over the top, and "Hot in here" is the exact opposite.
So, you guys made a really successful master mix of those two songs.
( Applause ) And miss Liz! You are so hot up there.
That was awesome.
I'm so glad.
You're right in your sweet spot.
That is where your voice just shines.
I loved the Breakdown where you guys brought it back to the jazzy feel of "Fever.
" I came away a little A little hot in here.
"Hot in herr!" "Hot in herr!" ( Laughing ) It was good.
- Nick: Shawn, what did you think? - I loved it.
Liz, that was such a sexy lead, how you brought that out.
You have such a beautiful raspy alto.
It was perfect for that.
The cool thing about this particular performance was that there was so much going on, in a good way.
There was eye candy, ear candy.
I honestly believe that was the best arrangement you guys have done because it showed so many characteristics of the groups and the way that you blended them all.
I guess you needed to do a master mix to actually show that off, but you guys pulled it off great.
Good job.
Ben? That was really good.
It was a really engaging arrangement, and not so much that it wore you out.
Like, it was still dynamically right and it was all really great.
Richard, was that a saxophone? Right on.
Not many drummers play saxophone, too.
That's very good.
That's very cool.
And the last transition when you went actually into the old-style version of "Fever" was really effective.
You got stars in the group, and you all share it really, really well.
You guys are just great.
Nice work.
Very well said.
All right, we'll see Urban Method back in a bit for their judges' choice performance.
Thank you, guys.
Coming up, the vintage voices of Afro-Blue blast us into the stratosphere with a duo of hits by R.
Kelly and Nicki Minaj.
And we're just one week away from our biggest finale ever, with the momentous return of this season's top ten groups plus performances by superstar guests.
The Sing-Off is amping up.
Week after week on the Sing-Off, these groups have given us stunning vocal versions of the greatest songs in history, but tonight they're delivering hit master mixes, combining multiple tracks into one spectacular performance.
Next up, a group that's impressed the judges with intelligent arrangements that tap deep emotions.
Now just one step from the finale, the members of Afro-Blue need to push their passion to new heights on two high-flying hits.
It's still so hard to believe Last week, Afro-Blue delivered a strong and emotional performance with "We belong together.
" We belong together So beautiful to watch you lose yourself in the music.
You got the best of my love But there wasn't enough momentum with "The best of my love" to keep them out of the bottom two for the second week in a row.
The group that still has a chance: Afro-Blue! So, Afro-Blue, we've been in the bottom two quite a few times, and we definitely can't be there this week.
And we won't be there this week.
One, two.
To fly Afro-Blue's master mix this week is "I believe I can fly" by R.
Kelly and "Fly" by Nicki Minaj.
I came to win to fight The lyrics fit Afro-Blue so well, and we so connected to the message that "we came to win, we came to conquer.
" I believe I can fly The R.
Kelly song is the easy part for us.
But the "Fly" by Nicki Minaj is a little more difficult.
Everybody wanna try and box me in something every time it locks me in I am doing one of the rap verses.
It's scary.
I'm not a rapper at all.
We really want the Sony contract.
It would mean so much for our careers.
This week, one mistake means elimination.
We're really gonna just work to being perfect.
( Applause ) Hoping to soar into the top three with a master mix medley of "I believe I can fly" by R.
Kelly, and "Fly" by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, here's Afro-Blue.
One, two, three.
I came to win to fight to conquer to thrive I came to win to survive to prosper to rise to fly to fly I used to think that I could not go on and life was nothing but an awful song but now I know the meaning of true love I'm leaning on the everlasting arms if I can see it then I can do it if I just believe it there's nothing to it I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky think about it every night and day spread my wings and fly away yeah, yeah everybody wanna try to box me in suffocating every time it locks me in paint they own picture, they crop me in but I will remain where the top begins 'cause I'm not a word I'm not a line I'm not a girl that can ever be defined I'm not fly, I'm levitation I represent my entire generation survive to conquer I came to win ( Overlapping lyrics ) To fly yeah I came to fly I believe I can fly ( Applause ) Nick: Afro-Blue! Very, very nice.
Shawn, what'd you think? Nice blend of that Afro-Blue style along with a gospel feel to it.
It had a soul, a sprit to it.
It lifted everybody up.
Mariah, um, I know you don't rap, but you fooled me tonight.
( Applause ) Mariah Minaj.
That was all right.
I hope you understand how much you've grown in the midst of this competition.
I've enjoyed watching you guys, you know, take the rides.
You went high and you had your share of lows and things of that nature, but I think that in the midst of it you learned a lot about yourselves and you guys are a lot deeper than when you first came here.
You showed some beauty tonight.
That was great.
( Applause ) Ben? Yeah.
It was cool, you blended the two songs together.
You used the complex harmonies in your arrangement which allowed the two distinct melodies to flow seamlessly back and forth.
Mariah, that was really good.
What you did was good.
And you don't hear many rappers that end it with the way you sang that.
Yeah, right, right.
That ( Applause ) That had a lot of attitude.
I would've liked for the accompaniment behind Mariah's rapping part to have held onto it a little bit more, not quite been as much of a transition, maybe even drop out.
It could've just used some space there.
The thing is is Mariah was so powerful that no one's ear is gonna go towards that.
I thought it was good.
You know, I haven't heard a master mix that was moving like that.
That was a nice job, y'all.
( Applause ) All right, Sara? I love you guys in this competition because I feel like you show so much heart and so much humility, and then so much courage on top of that.
You're such powerhouses.
I mean, Christie and Trent, I really love your voices.
( Applause ) Great performances from both of you on this.
I loved the theme that came out of this combination.
It was about empowerment and believing in yourself.
It think it's only gonna get deeper and more profound as you grow as a group, and you're so talented.
So, thanks for being here.
Thanks, Sara.
And Afro-Blue will be back one more time with their judges' choice song.
Thanks, Afro-Blue.
When we return, the Dartmouth Aires try to catch lightning in a bottle, using Lady Gaga with the rolling stones.
And later, an all-important elimination.
Four groups began tonight, but only three will land in the epic finale one week from today.
The Sing-Off! Keep it tuned.
The top four are breaking down the barriers in music tonight with master mix medleys.
They're fighting for a spot in next Monday's explosive live season finale, where one of these groups will be named the best vocal band in America.
These next guys have risen to the top of the class with nonstop energy and powerhouse performances.
But for this challenge, the Dartmouth Aires have to match the stagecraft of two of the biggest live acts in music history.
The remix to ignition hot and fresh out the kitchen With both of their R&B performances, the Dartmouth Aires provided enough style and refinement to stay in the competition for another week.
On that midnight train to Georgia That was a wonderful performance, thank you.
This is gonna be a hard week, but I think we all really, really want to be in the finale.
This week we're doing a master mix challenge where we have to take two songs and combine them into one.
The two songs we're doing are "Born this way" by Lady Gaga and "Sympathy for the devil" by the Rolling Stones.
Of wealth and taste I'll be singing the Stones, trying to pull of Mick.
Bringing these songs together has been difficult just because they're from such different genres and styles.
Listen to me when I say We originally gave "Born this way" to Ethan.
Stop, stop.
You were a little sharp.
( Tuning ) All right, guys, come on, we've gotta get this.
Listen to me when I say We then decided that since it's so late in the competition, we should just stick with the safe choice, which was Michael, since he's done a solo before.
( Humming ) There's no other person that we are more comfortable singing behind than Michael.
Winning the Sing-Off and getting that recording contract would mean the world to me.
There has been no all-male collegiate to win the Sing-Off so we want to be that group that holds that title up.
There is no room for error.
There can be no pitch problems, no choreography slip-ups, no solo lead slip-ups.
We want to make top three so badly.
To go home at this point of the competition would be devastating.
( Applause ) Trying to roll all the way to victory, performing a master mix medley of Lady Gaga's "Born this way" and "Sympathy for the devil" by the Rolling Stones, here are the Dartmouth Aires.
One, two, three, four.
- Just put your paws up.
- Whoa! - 'Cause you were born this way, baby.
- Whoa! Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year stole many men's soul and faith and I was there when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain made damn sure that pilate washed his hands and sealed his fate pleased to meet you hope you guess my name but what's puzzling is the nature of my game my mama told me when I was young we were all born superstars she rolled her hair and put her lipstick on in the glass of her boudoir "there's nothing wrong with loving who you are" she said, "'cause he made you perfect, babe" "so hold your head up, boy, and you'll go far "listen to me when I say" ooh, pleased to meet you I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way is the nature of my game I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way ( Overlapping lyrics ) I was born this way I was born this way I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way I was born this way-eh I was born this way-eh I'm on the right track, baby, I was born this way-eh ( Applause ) Nick: Yes! The Aires.
Ben, what'd you think? Wow, that's a lot to take in.
Where do I start, man? There's, like, 100 dudes on stage.
They split up into two parts.
Have two different theaters going on at once, and it was a really great concept how at the end you had the devil versus The devil, or what ( Laughing ) I'm not sure who was the devil.
You both gave it hell.
It was good.
The bass was going out of tune a little bit.
Dan, you got a tough job because you're the only bass there in the middle of a lot of other people, so I totally understand why that is.
Good news is that those are the parts where you're the most entertaining and it's probably the most engaging to the audience.
The Jagger lead, in that it wasn't overly Jagger, Brendan, was really cool.
That was a good interpretation.
( Applause ) I like that you're always great, so Ethan, every musician has been in a band and has had to go through that moment where you're doing a part and it's not the best for the group for that moment, and it takes a lot of humility to back off and say that that's okay.
I applaud you for that.
( Applause ) Nice job, the whole group, for hanging together on that one, and, Ethan, I salute you.
Nice work, guys.
Nick: Sara? Sara: I'm with Ben.
That was a lot to take in.
There was so much happening, and that is sometimes where you guys shine the most.
For me, this one fell off a little bit.
But, that being said, you guys chose the perfect leads for these songs.
Brendan and Michael, you guys deliver with so much passion and so much conviction.
It is really a joy to watch you onstage.
You sing your asses off so consistently.
There's so much love between you guys on stage.
You're so much fun to watch.
So, yeah, thank you for that.
That was great.
( Applause ) Shawn? You guys definitely have a flair for the dramatic in a good way.
I mean, it's theatrical every time you guys go on stage, and it's always enjoyable.
Not my favorite performance of you guys because I'm so spoiled because of how good you guys really are, but it's a feat in itself to mix an ultra-modern pop song with classic rock royalty.
I loved the battle waging between good and evil and that whole thing, and that was good.
You guys are always entertaining, so thanks.
Nick: Thanks, Shawn.
We'll see the Dartmouth Aires sing again in the second half of the show.
Thanks, fellows.
All four contenders flexed their muscles with master mix medleys, but when we come back, the experts take over.
The judges' choice round leads off with the mind-bending voices of Pentatonix.
Next week's live finale is just within reach on the Sing-Off.
( Cheers and applause ) I'm Nick Lachey, and our Sing-Off groups are stepping up to the plate for the judges' choice challenge.
The experts chose the playlist, and the top four have got to deliver because $200,000 and a recording contract are up for grabs.
First up is our Texas team that's always pushing the limits of a cappella.
We checked in with the judges to get their thoughts on the inventive vocalists of Pentatonix.
Love locked Shawn: Pentatonix are freakish.
These guys are making it hot with five.
That's hard to do.
Oh, my God Sara: Every one of those kids packs a punch in a big way.
For you, I'd risk it all Sara: I think Pentatonix could be competitive in the music world.
They're really innovative, and they fuse pop and a cappella and make it into this really cool thing.
( All vocalizing ) Ben: You're doing things that are ( Susurrating ) The future.
( Laughter ) Their arrangements are very risky, and they work.
They did some real ill stuff with "Video killed the radio star.
" They made themselves skip.
V-v-video k-killed the radio star Who would think of that, you know what I'm saying? Ben: Pentatonix's challenge is gonna be are they gonna do anything new? How much more new stuff can come out of them? Shawn: The whole trick is don't become too ambitious with their arrangements, where they lose sight of the feeling of the original record.
That could be the difference in them staying or leaving.
( Cheers and applause ) All right, let's see what the judges have in store for Pentatonix.
Sara, which song did you guys choose? Well, Pentatonix has a style all their own, and they are always so innovative in their arrangements and pushing the boundaries, so we wanted to challenge them to reimagine a song that has a lot going on: A super-powerful lead vocal and some pretty serious drums and percussion, so we choice Florence and the Machine's "Dog days are over.
" Thank you, Sara.
( Cheers and applause ) Hoping this day ends with a spot in the finale, performing this year's megahit, "dog days are over" by Florence and the Machine, here is Pentatonix.
( Cheers and applause ) Happiness hit her like a train on a track ( Vocalizing ) ( Percussive vocalization ) Coming towards her stuck still, no turning back ( Vocalizing ) She hid around corners and she hid under beds she killed it with kisses and from it she fled the dog days are over the dog days are done the horses are coming so you better run run fast for your mother, fast for your father run for your children for your sisters and brothers leave all your love and your longing behind you can't carry it with you if you wanna survive the dog days are over the dog days are gone can you hear the horses 'cause here they come I ( Cheers and applause ) Never wanted anything from you except everything you had and what was left after that too ( Percussive vocalization ) run fast for your mother and fast for your father run for your children for your sisters and your brothers leave all your love and your longing behind you can't carry it with if you wanna survive the dog days are over the dog days are gone if you wanna survive can you hear the horses? 'cause here they come yeah the dog days are over happiness the dog days are gone hit her like a train on a track can you hear the horses? train 'cause here they come train ( Cheers and applause ) Nick: Pentatonix! ( Cheers and applause ) Ending it on a high note.
All right, all right.
All right.
Shawn? Pentatonix, man.
You guys are ri-dic-ulouman.
( Cheers and applause ) Like ( Chuckles ) That was like audio drama.
We're coming down to the wire of this record contract, so you want to have something that you know you can play, and everybody is like, "yo, that is crazy!" That's what, you know, this whole thing is about.
Um, Mitch Woman: Go, Mitch! Whoo! ( Cheers and applause ) I'm gonna tell you, man You have one of the prettiest voices I have ever heard in my life.
( Cheers and applause ) It was so many elements that was just ear candy, from Kevin and the horse hooves and the choo-choo trains that you were doing, to, you know, the breakdown to Mitch And and that was so ingenious, like, the way that you guys were able to just give Mitch his moment.
And you were aaahhh! That was ( Laughter and applause ) Man It was a wonderful performance.
That was awesome.
( Cheers and applause ) Sara.
You guys are just You're riveting onstage.
You know how to use your instrument, and it's a God-given gift, and you guys all have it, so really, really fantastic performance.
I learned today that three of you are 19 years old.
( Audience reacts ) Mr.
Scott, singing the lead on that Is 19.
Am I correct? ( Cheers and applause ) Miss Kirstie is 19 years old, and Mr.
Mitch is 19 years old as well.
So, what we have here is a young group of people that show so much promise and potential to become even that much more great over time.
I love hearing you sing.
Well done, you guys.
It was fantastic.
( Cheers and applause ) Ben? A surprise is a rare gift in a musical arrangement.
They're hard to come by, and you guys always give us one or two of those in every performance, and that one was where Mitch popped in this time.
It's not just about the fact that he has a beautiful voice, which he does.
It was partially the way you guys set that up.
And then you get a surprise.
You guys were so focused, and Avi didn't even want to let go of the focus after the song was done.
- He was just like - Shawn: My God! That.
( Shawn laughing ) Avi! ( Cheers and applause ) That's that's really in the moment and amazing.
Thanks for the surprises, guys.
Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Nice work.
( Cheers and applause ) All right, judges We'll find out in moments if Pentatonix will be standing tall in the season finale.
Thank you, guys.
( Cheers and applause ) Coming up, we'll find out what epic hip-hop jam the judges picked for Urban Method.
We're gearing up for next Monday's star-studded finale, where we'll not only crown the new champ, but our top three will share the stage with our very own judges.
The Sing-Off Stick around.
( Cheers and applause ) This has always been my dream, and now that I can do my dream and, like, to be recognized like I have been all season is a dream for me.
And I feel so blessed to share it with these people.
They're my family now, and I want to do this for the rest of my life, and I want to do it with them.
We're moments away from opening the voting lines, but right now The Sing-Off top four are trying to survive their hardest challenge yet.
For the first time this season, the songs have been chosen by our trio of judges.
Next up, a Denver street posse with a wild rap-apella style.
We asked our experts how Urban Method has been keeping the beat every week.
Just can't get enough Shawn: Urban Method has brought such a distinct style to the show because of the hip-hop rhythm.
That was so good! Kiss her, love her Ben: Urban Method's really interesting.
They're taking a lot of the things they know about the studio and they're applying it to live performance, and it's very effective.
Nobody missed the band in that one.
That was great.
Myke has that swag that you'll go pay and see, but Urban Method had to show that they're not just a group based around Myke.
Now it's raining more than ever They had a couple of weeks of really harsh criticism because the females in the group weren't really stepping up.
Liz and Katie, you guys did the lead.
I wish it was stronger.
We're glad that they actually took our advice because we've seen some things come out of Katie that we never knew existed.
And they're back.
They're back better than they started.
We really want to see Urban Method super solid.
They vacillate between being amazing and being really good, and to be on par with the rest of the groups on the show, they have to be just stellar.
( Applause ) Okay, Shawn, what do you guys have in store for Urban Method? Well, Nick, Urban Method has got that hip-hop-apella thing on lock.
When you hear Myke rap, his delivery is always intense.
He's such a showman, and Katie has become this season's, actually, breakthrough performer, so we wanted them to combine the strengths in hopes that they do they thing and shine, so we chose Kanye West's "All of the lights" featuring Rihanna.
Nick: Ah, all right.
Thank you, Shawn.
Aiming to blaze a rap-apella path to the championship, performing "All of the lights" by Kanye West, here is Urban Method.
All of the lights, all of the lights turn up the lights in here, baby extra bright, I want y'all to see this something's wrong I hold my head mj gone, our king is dead! I slapped my girl, she called the feds I did that time I spent that bread I'm heading home I'm almost there I'm on my way heading up the stairs to my surprise someone replacing me I had to take 'em to that ghetto university all of the lights cop lights, flash lights, spot lights strobe lights, street lights all I can say is oh fast life, drug life thug life, rock life every night all of the lights turn up the lights in here, baby extra bright, I want y'all to see this turn up the lights in here, baby you know what I need want you to see everything want you to see all of the lights restraining order can't see my daughter her mother, brother, grandmother hate me in that order public visitation we met at borders told her she take me back I'll be more supportive I made mistakes I bump my head the courts suck me dry I spent that bread all I can say is oh but she need a daddy baby, please, don't let her grow up in that ghetto university all I can say is oh oh unemployment line, credit card declined did I not mention I was about to lose my mind? mind, mind and also was about to do that line okay, okay, you know we going all the way this time ( Whooshing reverb ) Going all the way this time turn up the lights in here, baby extra bright, I want y'all to see this turn up the lights in here, baby you know what I need want you to see everything I tried to tell you but all I can say is oh tried to tell you but all I can say is oh ( Applause ) Nick: Urban Method! Shawn, did they rise to the challenge? Shawn: That was exciting! You guys do that the best.
You shine when you blend the hip-hop with the harmonies and all of that.
And it's so good now that we have, you know, a stand-out in Katie, who just came outta nowhere and just knocking everybody out the box right now! You've become stronger, and with each episode you guys became better and better.
I loved seeing you guys evolve in this competition.
It was awesome.
Myke, as always, dude.
You know what you do, big bro.
You go in, man.
It's coming down to the wire, guys.
This is what it's all about, and you are showing that you are in it to win it.
So, great job, man.
( Applause ) Ben? That was great build of arrangement.
It kept the tension building and building and you had a really mature way of hanging onto that but keeping it exciting.
The middle harmonies were shimmering, and that's ozzy, whose name I haven't uttered the whole time.
Nice work, ozzy.
( Applause ) Ozzy, Kim, and Liz.
Like, you guys were really locking there.
Obviously then Katie breaks out and then just takes it to another level.
Myke's lead I really like that you sang in a way that just was very comfortable.
And then you came back into rap and you went back into singing.
The way you did that was really honest.
That might've been my favorite performance of you guys.
Nice work.
( Applause ) Sara? It seems like you guys have just blossomed into this whole other entity.
I mean, you show so much confidence on stage now, and it's really, really exciting to watch from here.
I also wanted to mention that the mic trick, I haven't seen anybody do that, and I thought that was really, really cool.
And I liked that it lingered for a minute.
It shows that you guys are really thinking about how to make your arrangement stretch and how to make the amount of instruments you have on stage really stretch and speak for you.
That was awesome.
I loved it.
Nick: All right.
Thank you, Sara.
And we'll learn soon if Urban Method will float into the final round.
Thank you, guys.
If you want to keep the music rolling through the holidays, pick up the new album the Sing-Off: Songs of the season, available now, featuring beloved holiday songs recorded by your favorite groups from this year.
Coming up, the judges' soulful pick for the smooth operators of Afro-Blue.
Three groups will explode into the championship, but one will fizzle out.
The Sing-Off is on.
That was incredible to hear Ben say that this was his favorite performance of ours of the whole season.
It was just like, "thank you!" We're just a week away from our electrifying finale, where this season's top contenders, plus superstar artists, will take the Sing-Off stage.
Right now, our esteemed judges are running the show, putting the top four to the test in the judges' choice challenge.
Next up, a D.
group with deep roots in classic American music.
Let's see why the judges have been swept away by Afro-Blue's perfect blend.
Three little birds sat on my window Sara: Afro-Blue are the cool kids in jazz.
They take this really high-brow version of the music and find a way to make that accessible for the everyday Joe.
I loved Afro-Blue from the second they took the stage.
They've got chops, they've got loads of personality, and I relate to them because they're students of music.
Doesn't take much to make me happy My favorite performance was "American boy.
" Take me to New York I'd love to see L.
I loved the way that they did that.
It sounded good, it looked good, it was good.
You'll be my American boy They have so much potential.
What stops them is themselves.
You guys are so good, you might overthink parts of the arrangement.
You lost me a little bit.
Picture-perfect memories Sara: We've had some ups and downs with Afro-Blue being so complicated, but they really seemed to crack the code when they were singing "Need you now" by Lady Antebellum.
It's a quarter after one I'm all alone and I need you now Everybody got goosebumps.
I get goosebumps when I think about it right now.
You now yes! Shawn: To win this whole thing, Afro-Blue have to understand that every song doesn't need a jazz chord; it just needs some heart.
Well, Ben, what song did you guys pick for Afro-Blue? Well, Afro-Blue have such a classic sound and they're just masters of the traditional chords and traditional jazz sounds, and they're at their best when they're combining that with some emotion and some heart, so we chose Sam Cooke's "A change is gonna come.
" All right, thank you, Ben.
Trying to show America why they deserve to land in the championship, performing "A change is gonna come" by Sam Cooke, here's Afro-Blue.
I was born by the river in a little tent and just like that river I've been running ever since it's been a long long time coming but I know a change is gonna come oh, yes, it will I go to the movies and I go downtown but they keep on telling me don't you hang around it's been a long long time coming but I know my change is gonna come yeah I went I went to my brother, yeah and I said, "brother, help me please" but he winded up knocking me, oh back down, back down oh my, on my knees there were times that I thought I couldn't last for long but right now I think I'm able to carry on it's been a long, long, long, long time coming but I know, oh a change is gonna come oh, yes, it will a change is gonna come boy, I know, I know I know, I know I know, I know I know hey, whoa hey, yeah my change is gonna come one day oh, whoa, yeah ohhh come ( Applause ) Nick: Afro-Blue! Leaving it all up on the stage tonight.
Ben, they do you proud on that one? Oh, yeah, I'm really happy for you guys.
How good was that? ( Applause ) Christie, that was just, you just killed it.
( Cheering ) You know, you'd figure this song was in your sweet spot, but that really, that just really pulled out something from you guys.
I mean, you guys just made a record there.
That was a record.
I'll buy that.
I'll buy that.
It's like you guys were born 50 years ago.
That was completely in the zone.
I thought that was really good.
( Chuckles ) Nice work, guys.
Sara? I got really emotional watching that performance, and I'm even getting a little choked up right now.
My eyes were just filling with tears because I feel like we just saw you guys Return to where you were supposed to be this whole time.
You know, I feel like we maybe confused you along the way, and, my God, that vocal.
Oh, my God.
( Apause ) Whoo! That is, uh, that is otherworldly, my friend.
Christie, you are an angel.
And all of the rest of you, you sounded like one voice behind her.
That is so incredibly hard to do.
I'm so proud of you guys.
That was just phenomenal.
That was amazing.
Shawn? Man ( Laughing ) My God, man.
That was absolutely soul-stirring.
Y'all straight took us to church on that.
That has such a spirit and such a strong, soulful, just wailing.
It was honest.
It was melancholy.
It was everything that Sam Cooke song originally was, but how you guys made it a capella I could hear this on the radio.
I could hear this live.
I could see the video.
It was so beautiful, guys.
That was the best performance y'all did.
( Applause ) All right.
Thank you, Shawn.
We'll find out in a bit if Afro-Blue will be elevated into the top three.
Thank you, Afro-Blue.
After the break, we'll see if the Ivy leaguers of the aires can ace their final exam with a college-party classic that gets everybody shouting.
When the music ends tonight, the voting begins on the Sing-Off.
I'm just so incredibly proud of every single member of this group, and I love them all so, so dearly.
I'm just grateful, so grateful.
Everything is on the line tonight as our top four try to take that final step toward Sing-Off victory.
Only three of them will stand tall in next week's life-changing finale, but first they gotta survive the judges' choice challenge.
The final group is a charismatic force that steered clear of elimination with crowd-pleasing performances.
We asked the judges what makes them smile about the fun-loving guys of the Dartmouth Aires.
People, you keep on learning The Dartmouth Aires are rooted in university a capella tradition.
Where they stick out is that they have that theatrical edge to them.
We're not going to take it Shawn: Out of all the guys in the competition, I think they're the most explosive.
We're not gonna to take it no, we ain't gonna take it They blend humor Save a horse, ride a cowboy And high-energy performances and an emotional sensibility that is unique to them.
On the midnight train to Georgia The queen performance, to me, was the most memorable.
Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the fandango They were smart to close it with Michael, and he just took it on home.
I'm gonna be free, Lord ( Indistinct ) I remember I didn't write a single thing down at judges' table.
I was just in awe.
That was my favorite performance of this entire competition.
For the Dartmouth Aires to win this competition, it's gonna take for them to show us that they're more than just entertainers on stage, but that can be Sony recording artists.
We are down to the final four, and any little mistake can send you home.
They're gonna have to just really nail it.
All right, Sara, what track did you guys choose for the aires? Well, the aires are so theatrical and have so much heart and are a ton of fun to watch onstage, so we wanted to give them a song that would let them bring a party to the stage with them.
So, we chose the Isley Brothers and "Shout.
" Very nice.
Thank you, Sara.
All right, trying to get the judges and America singing along, performing "Shout" by the Isley Brothers, here are the Dartmouth Aires! Sing-Off! Well ( Cheering ) You know you make me wanna shout kick my heels up and shout throw my hands up and shout throw my hands up and shout come on, now, don't forget to say you will don't forget to say yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah say you will say it right now, baby say you will come on, come on say you will you gotta say you will I want you to know want you to know I really want you to know right now say you'll be good to me, baby oh, better than I been to myself been to myself if you ever leave me I don't want nobody else no, I don't I really want you to know right now ( Scatting ) Say you know you make me wanna shout yeah shout take it easy shout take it easy shout take it easy shout now wait a minute ooh I feel all right now that I got my wo-wo-woman I feel all right, baby yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah been so good to me been so good to me you know you make me wanna shout take it easy shout a little bit softer now shout a little bit softer now shout a little bit softer now shout a little bit softer now shout a little bit softer now shout a little bit softer now shout a little bit louder now shout a little bit louder now shout a little bit louder now shout a little bit louder now shout a little bit softer now shout a little bit louder now shout hey-eh hey hey-eh hey hey-eh hey hey-eh hey hey-eh hey hey-eh hey hey-eh hey hey-eh hey get up and shout now get up and shout now get up and shout now get up and shout now get up get up Finish! ( Applause ) Whoa yeah ( Applause ) Nick: The Dartmouth Aires! All right.
Sara, how did they handle your choice? Hey-eh yeah You worked the room.
Michael, Michael, Michael.
( Applause ) You perform like you've been doing this for, like, 35 years, and you walk around as if you were born on this very stage and we have come to your home and it's your birthday or something.
I mean, this is It's ridiculous! And the boys, I just love you so much.
You have so much heart, and you guys are working your butts off.
And it's so much fun to see and to be a part of.
There were some pitch problems because I think you were jumping for the rafters.
By the end, I was clearly singing and clapping along.
So, you guys are such a special, special group, and I'm so glad you're here.
Shawn? If the Dartmouth Aires were, like, sold in, like, a supermarket, the instructions would say, "instant party.
" Just add water.
" Mike, you are a frickin' superstar, boy.
( Applause ) This song actually, you know, exemplifies who you guys are.
It was Dartmouth Aires at its best.
It was great.
Good job.
Um, there was a little, like, you know, flarp, and I think it was just because of the fact that y'all were doing a lot of jumping and backflips and somersaults, so, again, I pardon that.
But overall, you guys showed what Dartmouth Aires is all about.
So, good job.
Ben? I grew up on exactly these kind of records.
Like, all I listened to when I was a kid and all I knew that exist were, like, Sam & Dave and the Isley Brothers and Otis Redding and James brown and all this stuff.
Michael, you're a classic singer.
I haven't really heard a singer do what you're doing really convincingly for me that moves me in that way since I was a kid listening to those records ( Applause ) You're a total star.
The rest of the group, you're all working together towards the same things.
It's still causing some pitch train wrecks which are just when you've got a group that big, you've got a tighter margin for error, and sometimes it does show.
But, Dan, you were nailing it on the swing parts.
When you had longer notes to work with, then it was sounding really, really great.
It was a load of fun.
Thanks, guys.
( Applause ) All right, well said, judges.
And the aires are just moments away from learning their fate.
Thanks, gentlemen.
Remember, for behind-the-scenes videos, blogs, and tweets from all your favorite contenders, go to nbc.
Over two ferocious rounds, the top four gave us every ounce of vocal strength they had.
The judges are conferring, and when we come back we'll hear the results.
Only three groups can move on to next week's live finale, where your votes will crown the winner.
The Sing-Off! Hold that note.
This whole process has been such a phenomenal experience.
We all have grown as people, as musicians, and we're all so blessed to be in this position.
So, we're really happy with both our performances, and now we'll see what happens.
We're back on the Sing-Off, and it's judgment time.
America's top four groups just put it all on the line through two high-adrenaline rounds of competition.
They are Pentatonix.
Urban Method.
And the Dartmouth Aires.
Three of these groups will be singing their hearts out in next week's live finale.
But one group's journey will end right now in heartbreak.
I have the results here in my hand.
All of these groups came here with a dream, and they've pushed themselves to the limit.
They've put their hopes and their voices on the line, but only three can contend for the title.
The first contender that will definitely advance the Sing-Off championship is Audience member: Afro-Blue! ( Cheering ) Urban Method! Congratulations.
You made it.
You're in the live finale next Monday.
Three groups remain, but only two will earn a spot in the final show.
The next group that's still in the chase for the title is Audience member: Pentatonix! ( Audience shouting ) Pentatonix! You're safe.
We'll see you at next week's live finale.
Afro-Blue and the Dartmouth Aires.
Only one of you can advance to the final round.
After a tough deliberation, the judges have not yet reached a final verdict.
To help them make their ultimate decision, each of you must reprise what you feel was your most impactful song of the season.
When it's over, the judges will consider this encore, as well as every performance from this season, and choose one of these groups to join Urban Method and Pentatonix in the finale.
First up, with their do-or-die Sing-Off encore, here is Afro-Blue.
( Applause ) One, a-two.
A-one, two, three.
( Scatting ) Can we get away this weekend take me to Broadway let's go shopping maybe then we'll go to a cafe let's go on a subway take me to your 'hood I've never been to Brooklyn and I'd like to see what's good dressed in all your fancy clothes sneakers looking fresh to death I'm lovin' those shell toes walking that walk talking that slick talk you'll be my American boy boy boy American boy take me on a trip I'd like to go someday take me to New York I'd love to see L.
I really want to come kick it with you you'll be my American boy American boy ( Applause ) That was Afro-Blue with their song from week three, "American boy" by Estelle featuring Kanye West.
They just made their plea for the judges to push them into the championship.
Now, their rivals have to get the judges on their side.
Hoping to keep the Sing-Off dream alive, here are the Dartmouth Aires! Can anybody find me somebody to love got no feel, got no rhythm I just keep losing the beat you just keep losing and losing I'm all right, I'm ok I'm all right, I'm okay but I ain't gonna face no defeat I just gotta get out of this prison cell someday I'm gonna be free, Lord! ( Continues ) Find me somebody to love find me somebody to love somebody, somebody somebody, somebody somebody find me somebody to love can anybody find me somebody to love love ( Applause ) That was the Dartmouth Aires with their song from week seven, "Somebody to love" by Queen.
Both groups have given their last-chance encores.
Now they gotta hold tight while our experts make their most important decision of the season.
One group will advance to the live finale a week from tonight.
The other is about to face the music.
The Sing-Off sings on.
Afro-Blue and the Dartmouth Aires are just a breath away from the Sing-Off finale, but there's only one spot left.
Each group just gave an encore performance to make one last impression.
The judges have considered that song, along with all their other performances from this season, to come to a final decision.
Only one of these groups will be singing on this stage a week from tonight in the live finale.
Let's go to the judges.
Sara, who did you chose to move ahead to the championship? Whew.
Well, I, uh I can't express to you how difficult this is for us, but ultimately we have to think of the entire season, as Nick said, and I chose the group that, for me, um, I always was moved to an emotional place and had a wonderful reaction from it.
And they're really consistent, and I chose the Dartmouth Aires.
( Applause ) All right, Shawn, which group won your vote? Uh, well, it's hard because, you know, I guess you could say I'm emotionally involved with both of them, you know, and I think they're both great.
Although they may not have been as consistent throughout the season, I felt like this group has the potential of actually having a longstanding career in music and making albums and records and That's why I chose Afro-Blue.
( Applause ) Ben, looks like you're the tie-breaker.
Who's it gonna be? Well, this sucks, Nick.
Um I have to go with with who was connecting the most consistently over the season, and, um, that's the Dartmouth Aires.
( Applause ) Dartmouth Aires.
You did it.
You made it to next week's live finale.
Afro-Blue, come on down, guys.
All season, you guys elevated the music tradition you hold so dear, and we were so honored to have you grace our stage each and every episode.
You guys are incredible, incredible singers.
( Applause ) Danielle, do you have any final thoughts as you guys say good-bye tonight? You know, this has been such an amazing, incredible, stupendous, spectacular, uh It's just been quite the journey for Afro-Blue.
We're just a class at Howard university.
( Cheering ) And, you know Here we are at the Sing-Off in the top four.
So, you know, we've learned so much.
We're gonna take this with us wherever we go, and I'm sure we're gonna go lots of amazing places from here.
I just want to say, personally, thank you guys so much.
You made it so fun to come to work each and every day and be a part of this.
Thank you guys so much and best of luck to you.
All right, now I'll ask you to raise your mics one last time.
Leaving the Sing-Off with their swan song, here's Afro-Blue.
We've only just begun to live white lace and promises a kiss for luck and we're on our way before the rising sun we fly so many roads to choose we start out walking and learn to run and, yes, we've just begun ( Scatting ) ( Imitating bass ) ( Applause ) That was Afro-Blue singing "We've only just begun" by the Carpenters.
Don't forget, all the great songs you heard tonight are available on iTunes.
Okay, America, it's your turn to cast your votes and chose the champion.
Which group will take The Sing-Off title? Will it be Pentatonix Urban Method Or the Dartmouth Aires? As we give you the voting info, let's look back at some highlights from this season's performances.
Star Star Pentatonix raised the bar all season long.
If you want these masters of the remix to take the title, vote by calling 1-877-6-sing-01, or text "1" to the number 97979.
Love locked down, you lose sunk in your bedrock Urban Method brought a hip-hop style that changed the game for good.
To help these musical mavericks win the crown, vote by calling 1-877-6-sing-02, or text "2" to the number 97979.
Aaahhh you'll be sorry I'm so darn glad he let me try it again The Dartmouth Aires unleashed their big sound to rule the school.
To push these high-octane undergrads Sing-Off glory, vote by calling 1-877-6-sing-03, or text "3" to the number 97979.
I'm gonna be free ( Vocalizing ) Voting opens at the end of the show and closes November 27th at 9:00 A.
You can vote up to ten times per method.
Calls are toll-free from land lines; text message and data rates may apply.
For more info and to vote online, go to nbc.
We started off with America's 16 best vocal groups, and now just three contenders remain.
Only one will earn enough votes to win the recording contract, the cash, and the Sing-Off title.
We'll announce the winner on the Sing-Off live finale one week from tonight, Monday, November 28th, at 8 P.
It's gonna be a night packed with awe-inspiring musical numbers.
We'll have special guests, our very own judges will perform, plus our three finalists, and all your favorite groups from this season will be back to sing and celebrate as we crown the champion.
It's gonna be a night to remember.
Until then, I'm Nick Lachey, signing off from the Sing-Off.
Good night.
( Vocalizing theme song )