The Sinner (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

Part I

Hey, Mr.
- Hey, Charlotte.
- Good morning, Mr.
Hi, Amy.
Really hate to ask you this.
Thing is, we are one head short on chaperones for the LGBTQIA alliance field trip, and you can say no because I know you did the event last weekend Sure.
It's fine.
I'll do it.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
You're the best.
Okay, so, let's not get bogged down with historical record.
I wanna hear some creative solutions to the Treaty of Versailles, okay? Yes, Carrie.
Why do you look so scared? Get here five minutes early if you can, please.
You're gonna do great.
So did you finally decide? It's gonna be Brown.
Well, I could've told you that about a month ago.
Saved you all those sleepless nights.
So I found out I need the recommendation letter by next week.
I was thinking you should write it yourself.
- Really? - Yeah.
I want you to write all sorts of amazing things about yourself, which are all true, and I'll look it over, and I'll sign it.
I think it'd be good for you.
Oh, come on.
It's not that bad.
We'll go over it together.
Just don't tell anyone, all right? It's between us.
- Okay.
Thanks, Mr.
- You're welcome.
You're gonna do great.
Come on down.
Well - Congratulations.
- Yeah.
I just wanted to tell you first.
I'll make an announcement tomorrow, not that anyone's gonna be too surprised.
Well, six months.
That's soon.
They gave me an 18-month option, but I figured, well, shit, you know? It's another year of the condo in Sarasota sitting empty.
I, um I mentioned your name when I was talking to HR.
Most guys your age, they're already drawing their pension.
Felicia said she'd be happy to discuss it all with you.
That's all I'm saying.
They're very supportive.
And I could use another golf partner.
With you leaving, the station needs continuity.
Oh, come on, Harry.
The new guys can handle it.
Soto, McCafferty.
They got the they got the energy, they got the attitude.
- That's why you hired them.
- So there's a problem with my attitude now? Please.
You're like some cranky old Labrador sighing in the corner, and look, now you're limping around like a goddamn zombie.
It's sciatica.
It comes and goes, - and it's getting better.
- Stress.
Ever since that case last summer with that kid.
Don't think I don't notice.
Ah, welcome to the northern territories.
- Hey, Dad.
- Look at this guy.
Hey, Grandpa.
What's that you got? - A book.
- Well, that's good, huh? - Hi.
- Hey.
Sorry we missed the earlier train.
Oh, it's okay, you know.
You made it here.
Off we go.
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho! Oh, I gotta say, it's so good to be out of that rental and in a house.
This place used to be an old army barracks.
- It's over a hundred years old.
- Mm.
You didn't tell me it was this isolated.
Oh, that's the good part, you know? You saw those woods back there.
That's all Maybrook State Park land, and it goes on for miles.
We got red-tailed hawks.
They come pretty close.
And there's heron up on the high ponds.
What if something happens and you need help? Hey, look what I bought.
It's your favorite, remember? Dad, seriously.
What do you do in an emergency? You have to think about these things as you get older.
You barely have any cell service.
I get two bars out by the maple tree.
Is he doing okay? I don't know anymore.
He's obsessed with this series.
He's read that last book, like, three times.
That's not so bad, huh? It's all he does.
He has no friends.
The therapist says that he's still depressed about the divorce, and Andy just makes things worse.
He barely checks in.
He keeps blaming the time difference with London.
It's like all of a sudden, Eli just doesn't have a dad anymore.
He could come up here more often.
I can keep him busy.
It's not about keeping him busy, Dad.
He's fragile.
I can still help.
I'm getting better about things.
You have to let me help.
So this woman came into the store today, and she actually started haggling with me.
She said, "Why should I pay $25 for a scented candle when I can get one for 6 at Cat's Cradle?" What's Cat's Cradle? It's that craft shop by the diner.
Smells like a cinnamon stick took a shit on a doily.
I don't know, it just threw me.
And maybe she's right.
Maybe I'm a total snob.
You're supposed to say, "No, honey.
You're not a snob.
You're just discerning.
" Yeah, a discerning snob.
Any commuter train news? Banker Bob was playing his video game again.
Full volume.
- The gall.
- Yeah.
- I'll get it.
- It's probably UPS.
Amazon delivery.
What the hell are you doing here? Or is it one of those meal kits? You have people chop your onions for you now? I told you not to come here.
Nick, I'm serious.
Get the hell out of here.
You don't get to tell me when to go.
You fucking hear me? Not this time.
- Hey.
- Uh, hey.
Hey, hon.
What is Nick, this is my wife.
- Leela, this is Nick.
- Hi.
- We went to college together.
- Hi.
- He just he just dropped by.
- Oh.
- How are you? - Wow.
Good, good, thanks.
It's good to meet you.
You didn't tell me about this.
Oh, yeah.
You're gonna be a father? He definitely didn't mention this.
You must be due soon.
- Yeah, was it, uh - We got a week.
- It's a week.
- A week to go.
- Thank you.
- Both of you.
That's amazing.
I'm sorry for the surprise drop-in.
I was in the area, I had some work stuff, and I thought I'd swing by and surprise this guy, maybe coax him out for a beer.
No, no, we're just making dinner, so - Making dinner? - Yeah.
Well, serves me right for stopping by without texting first.
You know what, do you wanna do you wanna join us for dinner? We have plenty of food.
- No, no.
- You can just We can catch up anytime, and you need a break.
- I don't, I'm good.
- Babe, you've been going hard Honestly, it'd be great, if it's not too much trouble.
No, it's fine.
It's not a problem.
- Not at all.
- You sure? Yeah, no, come on in.
The chicken's almost ready.
She's lovely.
I started creating these essential oil blends, custom scents, and those did very well online.
- Mm-hmm.
- Now I'm developing the brand, and I opened a store a couple of months ago, right after we moved here, and then yeah.
Yeah, it's kind of an experiment.
- Sounds promising.
- Yeah, well.
I'm not quite sure I am what Dorchester's looking for.
Oh, come on, babe.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Your stuff is amazing.
We'll see how it goes.
So it was your idea to move here.
Hmm? What? It was, wasn't it? - She wanted to stay in Brooklyn.
- No.
No, that's not I mean, we both thought that it was time to - branch out a little bit, right? - Yeah.
We needed more space with the baby coming, so.
But you didn't want the baby just yet.
Am I right? I mean, you had the business.
Things you wanted to do.
It was Jamie who wanted the baby.
The house.
And the picket fence.
Poor little Jamie Burns.
Grasping at straws.
Shut up, man.
Just shut the fuck up.
Okay? What about you? What's work been for you? Private equity.
It's a game.
First you learn the system, then you learn the system was designed to be cheated.
I think of it all as adversity.
A challenge by which I can know myself.
And are there big private equity deals going down in Dorchester? Is that why you're here? No, not really.
Yeah? Hey.
Hey, Mel.
I gotta go.
Nothing ever happens, but of course tonight there was an accident off of Route 9.
You're on call tonight? I didn't think I That's the way it worked out.
Tell Eli I'm sorry I missed breakfast.
I'm sorry.
Sorry to pull you out of bed, Harry.
No, that's okay.
- Whoa.
- Pretty rough, huh? Passenger called it in.
He's at St.
Emilia's right now getting checked out.
Found a open container in the car.
I can show it to you.
Had to have been going pretty fast to wreck like that.
Yeah, I'm guessing at least 80? It's kind of crazy on a road like this.
What were they even doing heading down this road? It's just one residence.
Owner wasn't expecting anybody.
It's all private land out here.
And the driver? We're gonna need hydraulics to get him out.
Idiot wasn't wearing a seatbelt.
Jamie? - Hey.
- Hi.
It's not bad.
It's just a couple stitches.
I'm fine.
They told me about Nick.
I'm so sorry.
What happened? We lost control.
He was driving too fast.
- Okay.
- Come here.
They wouldn't tell me if you were okay or not.
The hospital, when they called, they the whole way here, I just thought you were It's okay.
I'm okay.
Hi, this is Stephanie Carver at the Jefferson Veteran's Home in Park Mills.
I was just calling because we still have some of your father's personal items here.
Would you like to come by and pick them up? Oh.
Uh No, thanks.
Are you sure? I'm in New York State.
I'm not in Michigan.
Well, we could ship them to you.
You never know; there might be some items of sentimental value.
No, I don't Okay, fine.
My office is 433 Sycamore Street, Dorchester, New York, 11332.
Got it.
We'll ship that right out to you, sir.
Hey, I heard about your late night.
You know I would have been more than happy to take that call for you, right? I know you had family in town.
Well, that's my shift.
Yeah, I'm just saying.
I could always fill in when personal stuff comes up.
You know, I got you, you do the same for me.
Uh, detective, we have someone here to see you.
James Burns? Mr.
Detective Lieutenant Ambrose.
Thanks for coming in.
Sorry about what happened.
You've gone through a lot.
When there's an open alcohol container found in a car accident, we have to file a report.
It's just a formality for the insurance companies.
Well, for the record, I was the only one drinking last night.
Nick was sober.
And Nick Haas was your friend? Yeah, we're friends from college.
He came over for dinner with me and my wife.
I hadn't seen him in a while, so after that, you know, we went to have a nightcap at the bar at his hotel.
And where was that? Uh the Haven Residence Inn in Irvington.
And after the hotel? Well, Nick was driving, and Sorry, where were you going? He was driving me home.
But you ended up on private property.
That's pretty far out of your way.
Yeah, yeah, 'cause Nick, he wanted to see the lookout point on Mattasackett, and we got lost.
You didn't have your cell phone? Cell phone service was spotty out there.
I wasn't exactly sober at that point, so it's not super clear, okay, but he was driving too fast, I know that.
- How fast? Do you remember? - Too fast.
- He wouldn't slow down.
- Why not? You can't really tell Nick what to do.
And then what? I don't know, it's it's like we lost traction, and the next thing I knew, we were just thrown, you know, upside down, every direction, like a big hand was just shaking the car, and and then it stopped.
And when I realized what happened, I crawled out of the car, and I called 911.
Nick was he he he was barely alive.
He couldn't move, he he was trapped, you know.
The car had It's okay.
I saw the wreck.
I know.
You saw Nick? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Take your time.
It's weird, you know.
It's like Everything looks different now.
Like my house, I know it's my house, but it's not quite My hands.
They don't seem like my hands.
You're probably in shock still, so you might wanna see somebody to help you process all that.
Have you ever seen someone die in front of you? Someone you care about? Once.
What was it like for you? Not what I expected.
Yeah, that's the thing.
You think it'd be horrible, but I've known Nick since college, and it was like I finally saw him for the first time.
The way he looked at me.
And that was how? I don't know.
I don't know.
- So, uh, thanks for coming in.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Sonya Barzel? Yeah? Can I help you? Yeah, I'm Detective Lieutenant Harry Ambrose.
Sorry to bother you.
I'm following up on that accident last night.
I've been wondering all day what's going on.
Nobody told me anything.
Our guys just started removing the car.
It'll be out of your way in a couple hours.
What about the passenger? They said he was taken to the hospital.
Oh, no, he's fine.
It's He's back at home now.
Lucky guy.
Were you expecting anybody last night? No, I was asleep.
Was anybody here with you? Nope.
I live alone.
So you're single, then, huh? I'm a painter.
That's my studio Ah.
Pretty secluded out here, huh? Yeah, well, that's the way I like it.
Do you have any idea why those two were heading to your house in the middle of the night? I don't even know their names.
Oh, well, it's Nick Haas and James Burns, known as Jamie.
You recognize them? No.
So you own all that land all the way down to Route 9, huh? Yeah, it's about 60 acres.
Any other places nearby? Nope, mine is the only house on the road.
Well, then it does seem like Mr.
Haas and Mr.
Burns must have been traveling to your house in particular.
Why do you think that is? I'm sorry, what are you implying? I'm only trying to understand the situation.
I think you should be the one explaining to me why two men were speeding toward my house in the middle of the night.
That's your job, isn't it? All right.
If we find out anything, we'll let you know.
I appreciate your time.
Were they armed? The men? No.
You're my favorite helper, but Stosh better not call in sick after the baby comes.
I just keep having visions of breastfeeding at the register.
Could be good for business.
It's not really the clientele I'm going for.
All right.
This one is done.
Thank you.
Babe? Oh, thanks.
Card in there.
Jamie? Yeah.
Hey, you okay? Yeah.
You mind if I meet you at home later? I think I need some fresh air.
Maybe a jog or something.
He sustained a couple blows to the head as well, but the internal hemorrhaging is what killed him.
You see the puncture wounds here and here.
How long would it have taken him to bleed out? Hard to say.
The pressure would've slowed the bleeding.
How much? He would have made it if the medics arrived sooner.
What's that? A knife wound, or some other puncture.
That happened at least three days ago, though, and no stitches, which is strange for a cut that big.
Nicholas Burton Haas.
38 years old, resident of Monterey, California.
Nothing on his record.
No social media profile at all.
Ooh, and judging from his tax records, the guy did well.
Got a whole slew of LLC companies.
Where's his cell phone? I'm not seeing it.
That's everything we got.
I just wanna say, I appreciate you letting me tag along on this.
I don't know why you are.
You already made Detective Sergeant.
Well, yeah, you know, in AA, we always say the learning never ends, and I figure I can learn a few things from a veteran like you.
Yeah? - Okay, here we are.
- Damn.
The car flipped, so that cell phone could be anywhere inside.
I gotta say, man, I really don't get what you see in this.
There's no crime here, is there? No.
Not quite.
Well, no cell phone.
But the parking brake is pulled up.
That wouldn't have happened after the crash.
Maybe that's what caused it? Maybe.
This blood and fingerprints had to be Nick Haas's.
Jamie Burns said the other guy didn't move, but it looks like he was struggling.
There's another fingerprint.
The blood down there.
Haas was pinned in there.
He couldn't have reached there.
That had to be Jamie Burns.
Why would he be worried about music after a crash like that? Okay.
Hey, Mike, it's Harry Ambrose.
Yeah, you know that car accident, happened off Route 9 last night, I need a forensics team here ASAP.
We gotta grid the site.
Possible crime scene.
His book.
"The Dragonspore.
" What store, Dad? - "Dragonspore.
" - I can't hear you.
- Eli left it here.
- It's breaking up Melanie? All right.
Can you hear me now? Yeah.
Well, you know, I was just thinking maybe I could bring the book down to you in the city.
To you, today.
I could drive it down.
What time do you want to drop it off? Well, I was thinking maybe I could stay for dinner and head back up afterwards.
No, I can make sure there's a tracking number.
Just tell Eli that I hope he feels better.
I will.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Bye, Dad.
Burns? Yes.
I'm Detective Lieutenant Harry Ambrose.
I wrote up the report on your husband's accident.
I was just stopping by to see how he was doing.
That's That's kind of you.
Um, he's he's good.
He, um He's running some errands in town.
We're having trouble contacting Mr.
Haas's next of kin, and I was wondering if you had any information about his family or business.
No, Jamie might, but I I wouldn't.
I just met Nick the first time the night of the accident.
Ah, no cell phone number, probably.
Your husband and Mr.
Haas were pretty close friends.
Um, not exactly.
Did your husband spend any time with Mr.
Haas in the days leading up to the accident? Is is there a problem? No, not really.
It's just that Mr.
Haas had been staying in a hotel in Irvington for several days.
Well, he he just he told us he was up for the night for work.
So you probably don't know whether or not your husband saw Mr.
Haas before that night, huh? I don't understand.
What does this have to do with the accident? Nothing, probably.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Appreciate it.
- Good luck with the baby.
- Thank you.
So I was wondering after all these years, did did Jamie ever tell you about what we used to do in school? - Nick.
- Did he ever mention me? You didn't, did you? The history teacher wrote me out of history.
That's not true.
I talked about Nick.
You just don't remember.
Well, I'm assuming you've got some stories, then.
Should I tell her? This is so stupid.
How would she react? - About what? - Nothing.
Just the usual college bullshit.
Take your plate? You know, I think we've got some ice cream.
I'm gonna check.
Thank you.
Don't play this fucking game with me.
It's too easy.
Come right in.
- Those are his.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Just wanted to let you know the rental car's computer system got fried from the accident, so no navigation info there, but forensics did find a cell phone at the accident site in some bushes near the car.
An old BlackBerry.
- BlackBerry? - Yeah.
I remember this tech guy in Afghanistan telling me they're easier to encrypt.
Well, looks like Nick Haas took his privacy seriously.
Well, give it to our guys.
There ought to be a record of cell phone tower pings.
All right, sure thing.
No, I get it, it's fine.
Fine, I'll come when you feel better.
Mom, Mom, it's fine.
The baby's not going anywhere.
I love you.
Love you too.
Feel better.
Back got worse.
She's not coming.
You know, honestly, it's better this way.
You'd just end up taking care of her too.
You're right.
You're right.
I'm sorry, hon.
Um I forgot to tell you.
The detective you spoke to yesterday, he stopped by while you were out.
Why? He was looking for Nick's cell phone number.
He didn't get in touch with you? - No.
- Huh.
That's strange.
Um I wonder why he didn't just call you.
Anyway, you know how I've been looking into natural alternatives to Pitocin? So Brian was telling me that there's this spicy vinaigrette they have at a restaurant in Queens that's supposed to induce labor.
People swear it works.
I'm not sure I totally buy it.
Maybe I should go get some.
I guess it can't hurt.
If it's not too far out of your way, just get it.
Maybe, I don't know.
Why not, right? It could be worth a try.
You okay? I'm so I'm so sorry, I I'm so - Jamie.
- I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Well, that's a really interesting question.
Comes down to male vulnerability.
That's what I look for.
The intimacy that comes when a man is truly exposed.
Culturally, we're just not used to seeing that, ever.
In my exp Wow.
Impressive work.
Impressive cheeks.
Well, hey, we got the cell tower pings off that BlackBerry.
- Thanks.
- Yep.
Jamie Burns's 911 call, that was logged at 4:33 a.
The medical examiner's report confirms time of death right about the same time, but the last few pings from Nick Haas's cell phone place him in the same area beginning at 3:17 a.
So that's over an hour between the time of the accident and when the 911 call was made, so why did Jamie Burns wait so long to make an emergency call? It's intriguing.
I'll give you that.
But, I mean, what does it prove? Maybe the guy was unconscious.
He didn't have any major head trauma.
Okay, so he He was in shock, he passed out.
I mean, there is no proof of ill intent here, right? The guy just suffered a major tragic event in his young life.
Failure to save somebody's life, that's not a crime.
But impeding a rescue, that's That's second-degree murder.
How do you know that, Harry? Come on.
This guy, he's a schoolteacher.
He's a local family man.
That's what he wants everybody to believe, but he's lying, or at least omitting key information, and we still don't have a good explanation of why they were on that woman's property.
I just don't know why we're using resources nitpicking over this guy, hmm? I'm gonna go put a dent in some other cases for a bit.
Where did they say they found that phone, exactly? Right there, about five feet away from the car.
Five feet away? Yeah, but the techs said the phone could easily have been thrown through a windshield.
Did the techs say there was anything unusual - about the phone? - No.
I was with them.
We turned it on, did the download here.
Turned it on.
So it still had battery life? Yeah.
About 30% I think.
If the phone didn't run out of juice, it must have been turned off.
Yeah, I guess so.
We need to dust that phone.
You're right, you're right.
I'm on it.
Oh, my God, that's so good.
Please tell me you'll keep doing this after I can touch my toes again.
- I promise.
- Thank you.
You and Nick were you were close back in school, weren't you? Yeah.
Yeah, we were pretty inseparable for about a year.
Why didn't you ever mention him? Because I had to cut him off.
He's a troubled guy.
He's self-destructive.
Yeah, I I felt that at dinner.
There was there was an energy between you.
Well, he was actually in town this week.
He wanted to see me, and I kept putting him off.
That's why he showed up out of the blue.
Once you let him in, he just keeps wanting more.
It's always been like that.
Do you think maybe he was in love with you? No, it was never like that.
Why not? - Because it wasn't.
- Really? No college moment? No experimenting between friends? Nothing? Okay, if you really wanna know - Yes, I wanna know.
- Yeah? Yeah, we tried once, and it didn't work.
For either of us.
It was Jamie Burns.
- What? - Hm.
You think that's hot.
Well kind of.
Really? Really.
Like, really hot? Like, really hot.
- Yeah.
- So I gotta hand it to you.
This is why you're the man.
Uh, what'd you find out? Hello? What? Uh, hang on.
Hang on.
They dusted the phone for fingerprints, and get this: they didn't find any.
No prints anywhere on the phone, which is impossible Unless someone wiped the phone clean.
You're right.
He's hiding something.
Once we get there, the less you speak, the better.
- I'm not doing this.
- Yes, you are.
You just watch me and follow.
You're fucking crazy.
No such thing.
Right? Your words, remember? Stop the car.
Stop the car, or I will fucking jump.
Nick! Stop this car right now! God Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Call 911, Jamie.
Jamie! What are you doing? Okay.

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