The Sinner (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

Part II

1 Amazon delivery.
I told you not to come here.
You don't get to tell me when to go.
Passenger called it in.
He's at St.
Amelia's right now - getting checked out.
- Okay.
Have you ever seen someone die in front of you? Everything looks different now.
You're probably in shock still.
Do you have any idea why those two were heading to your house in the middle of the night? What are you implying? I need the recommendation letter by next week.
I was thinking you should write it yourself.
Just don't tell anyone.
Did Jamie ever tell you about what we used to do in school? You think maybe he was in love with you? No, it was never like that.
- What's that? - A knife wound.
That happened at least three days ago, though.
They dusted the phone for fingerprints.
Didn't find any, which is impossible Unless someone wiped the phone clean.
Come to me now Like you did then Pretty and slow Is that okay? Where do you go - Yeah.
- When you go out at night? When will you come home? What did you find? Ain't got a friend In a world like this There is a fortress You were in the bath awhile.
Actually, I don't think I want any.
You don't want coffee? - Who are you? - Just trying to stay clear.
I'm gonna make the grocery run after I close the store, and you'll pick up the dogwood tree at Arbor's today? - Mm-hmm.
- Yes? 'Cause if we don't get this little one's birth tree planted before D-Day, it's bad luck.
Then I was thinking that we could do Thai tonight.
Maybe watch that prison documentary.
You don't have to schedule me.
I'm doing okay.
I'm not.
I'm just worried.
I'm fine.
All right.
You do need to pick up that tree today, though.
I was up all night.
Kids? No, thinking why that guy would let his friend die.
What's your best guess? They were screwing? I don't know.
So what's your play? I don't know.
Hey, look, you want to keep your process to yourself.
I get it, okay? I was just curious.
No, look, there's no play.
It's just I'd like to find out if Burns had any contact with Nick Haas on the days leading up to the accident 'cause this injury that happened some time in there, and I'd like to know what that context was.
Can I help you with that? Mm Yeah.
Detective, a Sonya Barzel's up front, asking for the detective with a beard.
I figured that was you.
He was back on my property.
Oh, sorry.
Who was? The guy from the crash Jamie Burns.
Anyway, he he was alone in his car.
He drove off as soon as he saw me see him.
Do you want to come in and sit down? Eight minutes on my meter.
Anyway, that's all I saw, but I would like to find out what you're gonna do to stop him.
Stop him from doing what exactly? Do you know why he was on my access road in the first place? Apparently they were lost.
And you buy that? It was an accident.
There's no reason to suspect anything else.
That's all I can say at the moment.
But then he came back.
I'm sorry.
I can't be more helpful right now.
I'm sorry about that, but if you see anything else Come find you so you can do fuck-all about it.
And then what happened? Oh Then they discharged me and gave me these stitches.
The police dealt with the car and everything.
Oh, that's so intense.
And you? How was your weekend? Um my Dostoyevsky paper was due today.
- Mm.
- So And I did a couple practice APs.
And I wrote that recommendation letter, like, 20 times.
- Did you get it? - Oh, shit.
God damn it.
Emma, I'm so sorry.
It's okay, it's okay.
Um, I have a copy right here you can just sign now - if you want.
- So sorry about that.
Mm-hmm, it's okay.
W-what? I mean, do you really want to send this? This reads like it was written by an algorithm.
What do you mean? This could describe any high achiever in the tristate area.
You aren't anywhere in here.
But I mention volunteering at the nursing home and swimming.
Emma, come on.
That's résumé bullshit.
It's a version of yourself that isn't even real.
Is that how you want to enter the world? No.
- I'll do a pass - No, let me try again.
I'll do better, I promise.
And I need it by Tuesday 'cause the deadline's next week.
Strange, isn't it? That some letter should determine your fate? It's gonna get there between 3:00 and 8:00 p.
, but if you want to change that, you can go to www-dot uh I can't read my writing, sorry.
But, uh, you can Google it.
So that's all for now.
Say hi to Eli, uh Uh, talk soon.
Those are too spindly.
You know, you really want a compact potted plant, because, uh, it doesn't have a lot of flowers on it, but you wait, and it explodes.
Whereas these ones, they look good now, but they're all root-bound.
Actually, someone's bringing out a tree for me a dogwood.
Going for a native flowering or Kousa? You really want the Kousa, because it's immune to anthracnose, and that's worst disease for dogwoods, so Kousa, okay.
Hey, I just wanted to I-I've been feeling terrible about damaging that artist woman's property, and I-I drove over to apologize and saw your guys doing a search or something.
It's called a grid.
Why a grid? It's regular protocol.
Oh, all right.
Well, I just wanted to offer, you know, if I can be of help with anything, if there's something you're looking for.
I appreciate that, but it's pretty much all wrapped up.
How you doing? You know with the loss of your friend? It's tough.
But he hadn't really been in my life for a while, so So he just came into town for a visit, huh? Partly, I guess.
It wasn't planned, right? No.
I think I told you he just showed up at my house out of the blue.
Has anybody ever told you about a post-hole digger and how good they are for planting a tree? No.
Well, because if you don't have one, I could bring mine by.
- Oh, um - No, I'm serious.
This is not it's not any trouble at all.
So how's the week look? How about Sunday morning? - Right? - Sure.
- All right.
- Thanks.
Oh, come on, man.
We're not doing that.
Kilwhinnie Glen on the rocks.
I remembered.
Yeah, I don't drink anymore.
Doesn't mean you can't.
So how you been? Good.
All right, well, what do you want me to say? I didn't expect you to come all this way.
I-I just wanted to talk.
Phones, emails that's no way to communicate.
But when someone reaches out after 18 years? After totally cutting you out you want to look them in the eye while they try to explain themselves.
Looks like he drank a distillery.
He made the last train from Grand Central, 1:50 a.
Getting him in at 2:40 three days before the accident.
It's not his usual routine, but maybe it was a last hurrah before the 3:00 a.
feedings start.
Nah, I considered that.
But then I checked Nick's credit card statement like you wanted.
I couldn't place Jamie with him locally, but before he got into town Manhattan.
This new bougie hotel/restaurant, Sabbiato.
Wife and I were gonna go for the weekend, but we bought a car instead.
Check out his tab.
Let me guess this is the same day as he came back on the train.
That means I have to go into Manhattan.
Is there any chance that you were working here on the night of October 8th, two Tuesdays ago? Yes, I was.
Remember seeing either of these men? Um, I should get my manager.
So you, uh you recognize them? Yes, but we have a public relations person who can help you with anything that you like.
The thing is, seeing as you're an eyewitness, uh I just hate to bring you all the way back up to the precinct station.
Well, what do you mean? In Dorchester? It's about an hour on Metro-North.
It's a little longer on the local, or you could just answer a few questions.
Honestly, all I know is the shorter one attacked another diner.
We had to call security.
Who was the other diner? I didn't actually see it.
I-I don't think they knew each other.
So that's all? After he left, I saw there was blood all over the table.
I think I'll need to see the security footage.
That raw wood? That's that's beautiful.
You see? This is why I love you.
The client thought it didn't look expensive enough.
I was like, "Go back to Palm Beach.
" Brian, you got to go in there.
Grace already built the base.
- Honey.
- It's perfect.
Exactly like in the instructions.
Mitch is a little obsessed.
He's been on Grace and her Legos like that's gonna help get her into preschool.
She's building the Eiffel Tower.
She's not building the Eiffel Tower.
Heard about the car accident and your friend.
- Glad you're okay, man.
- Thanks.
How you doing with it all? I'm doing okay, you know, considering I lost my brother last year.
Very sudden.
Oh, that's right.
I remember.
Word of advice you know, people will say you should try talk therapy or meditation - Mitch.
- No, let me say this.
The thing about grief is it lives in your body.
You have to sweat it out.
Have you heard of the Peloton? Every morning from 6:00 to 7:30.
One day I'm biking through Paris, then I'm on a beach.
And there's an instructor, so you're never alone.
There's one named Jade that Mitch is having an emotional affair with.
She inspires me to do my best.
Just like you, hon.
Seething with jealousy over here.
No, but seriously.
She did help me move on after Keith died.
She really did.
Move on? Why does everyone say that? I'm sorry, it's just, um it's like the only thing that matters is getting over things as fast as you can.
I mean, death isn't going away.
If anything, it's getting closer.
And everyone I know is terrified, but no one wants to talk about it.
We just hide it away in hospitals and old-age homes.
I mean, we don't even kill our own food.
We just get our our meat shrink-wrapped into these patties.
It just feels like a lie.
I have to say, I never thought I'd see you eating in a place like this.
Places like this help me Keep my head clear.
Well, you've done well for yourself, haven't you? I mean, you'd be a star at reunion, not that you give a shit.
It wasn't my plan to make money, but after you disappeared, it was tough.
I started having doubts.
Look, um I'm sorry.
No, don't.
You helped me.
You helped me.
You know, we spend our entire lives wondering what's at the top of the mountain.
We imagine this beautiful view up there money, safety.
Some kind of answer.
And after what happened with you I needed to know.
So I got to the top just to see for myself.
And? And there's nothing to do up there but jump off.
Why did you call me? Why now? Your marriage? No, Leela's everything.
Her optimism, she It's a good life.
I've got no right to complain.
Oh, Jamie, don't give me your fucking gratitude list.
Be honest.
I don't feel anything anymore.
Mitch asked a question.
Do you listen to podcasts? Um, no.
Because there's a lot of amazing content out there.
I have this whole brain-training series some are for the right brain, some are for the left.
And it's apparently really Develop both sides of the brain - Exercises - Excuse me.
- What's going on? - I don't I don't feel well.
Jamie? Let's sit you down, get you some water.
Jesus! Jamie! Brian! Anxiety? He could barely breathe.
And I told all of you that he was just in a major accident.
His EKG checked out normal.
Anxiety can be a powerful thing, but there's nothing physically wrong with him.
So any life changes? Recent or imminent? - Having a baby.
- Congratulations.
- Uh, never assume.
- Yeah.
It's an emotional time and I don't want to overstep, but many people find therapy useful, if that's feasible.
I'll meet you out front, okay? I need to use the bathroom.
Here you go.
Hey, I got it.
But I said whiskey.
Can you have that? Billy, it's about time.
What? I-I'm ready to go.
Go where? Do I have to do everything? Okay.
We can go in a minute, okay? - Hey, Sam.
- Hey, Harry.
I just uh, I've been meaning to call you.
I wanted you to know that, uh, we're still following up on that incident that happened on your property.
What'd you learn? Well, nothing very definitive yet, but we're gaining on it.
You know, the other day at the station, I had to minimize things, but the truth is you have every reason to be concerned, and I get that.
I realize I came on full-throttle.
Ah, no need to apologize.
I'm not apologizing.
- Right.
- It's just, uh Can you sit down? Oh, yeah.
I had a stalker-type a-about a decade ago.
I was doing a residency in Santa Fe, and he was a model for one of my pieces, and he he just mistook our sessions for something deeper, got carried away.
It was handled, and he went to jail.
He reached out to apologize but it left some scars, and when I get scared, I get angry.
So I do have a direct line, if you want it.
Sure, okay.
Oh, is that your move to give people your number? No.
I'm kidding.
I'm just gonna give you a tip.
Don't do it on the heels of a stalker conversation.
Uh Oh, hey.
Uh Good night.
Looks good.
Remember how out of it I was? Yeah, but this is for anxiety, not depression.
Remember, he said it could take the edge off.
I mean, at least it's an option.
Well, you know the main side effect of those drugs, right? This was a one-time thing, okay? - Just - Hey.
I just needed to get it out of my system.
But what triggered you? - I don't want that right now.
- Mm.
- No? - Ja no.
- I don't.
- Why not? Because it's manipulative.
- Yeah? - I invented this move.
We're talking.
There's nothing to talk about.
I know what you're trying to do, and it's not gonna work.
Mm? - No, Ja - Okay.
Why shouldn't we try it again? You want to wake yourself up.
You said so yourself.
That stuff is crazy.
It's too intense.
Then why the fuck am I here? You called me.
You knew what I'd say.
Well, maybe I made a mistake.
Fuck you.
Want to go back to the fucking dollhouse with them? - Hey! - What are you - What the hell are you doing? - This is what you need to do.
Okay? You got to cut the cord.
- Hey! - Jump.
Hello? Hello? Is anyone gonna do something about this? - He just fucking ruined my phone! - This is real.
Oh, shit.
Where'd that come from? Jamie? Hey.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Hi, how you doing? Okay.
As promised.
Oh, right.
Yeah, the tree.
Probably need to show you the technique to get you started.
What's this for? That's mulch to keep the moisture around the roots.
Whoa whoa, watch your hands.
Sorry, I didn't sleep well last night.
I'm a bit slow.
I cannot seem to get my shit together.
Sometimes those shocks to the system can reverberate.
You might need to take some time.
I got a baby coming in a week.
I don't have time.
You two were probably pretty close, and it's hard to lose a friend like that.
But, you know, most people don't get that.
I mean, Leela, too.
I can see her thinking, "What's the big deal? How close could you be if you haven't seen him in years?" I don't know.
Was there a reason why you two hadn't been in touch? Sorry, uh, you don't have to explain.
No, that's fine.
Have you ever had a person in your life who is totally exciting, but you knew they were bad for you? When you're around them, you feel more yourself or the opposite of yourself.
I mean, Nick scared me.
It was a relief to get away from him.
And without him, things just feel I don't know how to explain it.
My mother was bipolar.
It It's kind of like that.
"Emma struggled with depression "and even had to miss some school over it, "but her recovery has given her a deeper understanding of big ideas.
" This is how you get into Brown? James, can you explain how this happened? Okay, I was encouraging Emma to be more honest so she'd stand out of the pack.
Well, that's very virtuous of you.
She's definitely standing out.
Well done.
We will get you a new letter, Mrs.
It will say exactly what you want it to say.
I don't understand why she's the one writing her own recommendation letter.
It was an exercise And then you make her write that she's depressed? Emma's not depressed.
Well, she was, Mark.
I think Emma did an amazing job.
That letter demonstrates humility and maturity and if some college admissions officer is so small-minded I don't really care what you have to say, all right? We didn't pony up for private school for some beat poet to tell my daughter to aim lower.
Do you know how much I spent at your fucking auction? I want a new letter now, and I want it singing my daughter's fucking praises as the best goddamn student you ever had the pleasure of teaching.
Is that clear? James? Of course.
Okay, this is from the security guy at Sabbiato's.
He found something.
They're still together.
11:00 p.
This was after the stabbing.
What the hell? I-Is he coaxing him to jump? Hello? So this is all you saw? All I saw? It's a grave.
I just meant did you see anybody around here? No, I went for a walk, and I and I saw the jacket, and I thought it was a person.
Whoa, you don't want to touch that.
- That's evidence.
- I touched it before.
Well, don't touch it again.
And the pipe and the wood that come from your place? No.
Yeah, I-I need a forensics team out at 20 Blue Point Road.
I-it's a different site.
I'll meet 'em at the residence.
- I don't want you to do that.
- Why not? 'Cause it's the principle of it's just Oh, you know what? He's here, yeah.
Let me know what he says.
Okay, bye.
Where were you? I'm sorry.
I left my phone here.
Yeah, I know.
You left it in the bathroom.
I heard it the 12th time I tried you.
I-I guess I lost track of time.
What if I had gone into labor and I couldn't get a hold of you? You wouldn't have had the baby in three hours.
Lee, come on.
All I did was take a walk after work.
That's not it.
You know that's not it.
We are entering a phase that's going to be so intense, and the only way that we are gonna get through it is as a team, and you're completely checked out.
You're scaring me.
I know that you went through something terrible Yeah, but what? Just snap out of it? Fit back into my mold? Your mold? Hey, what Uh this really isn't a good time.
You want to tell me why you dug a grave on Sonya Barzel's property? Three by eight, six feet deep.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Don't bullshit me, all right? I know that you met up with Nick before the accident.
Dinner for two, Sabbiato's.
Are you gonna tell me the whole story? - You already know it.
- No, all's I got was, "He's toxic.
He's a bad influence.
" I was trying to help him.
Nick he's unstable, all right? He acts out.
And I lied because the whole thing is embarrassing.
He keeps roping me into these impossible situations.
What did he want you to do? Well, I didn't dig a grave.
Maybe Nick dug it for me.
Maybe he wanted to kill me.
And Nick wanted to kill you because ? I don't know, okay? He he is capable of anything.
And you aren't? I'm a high-school teacher living in the goddamn suburbs about to have a baby.
I'm not driving around in the middle of the night digging graves for painters I don't know.
What is it with you? You keep showing up at my house pretending we're friends.
Now now you're harassing me? If you have evidence that incriminates me, haul me in.
Otherwise I'm going back inside to my wife.
Here we go round the prickly pear.
The prickly pear, the prickly pear.
Here we go round the prickly pear at five o'clock in the morning.
You miss this.
Admit it.
You couldn't take it last time.
How do I know you won't bail on me this time? Billy.
Here you go.
Careful, careful.
You know I can see through the ceiling.
What do you see up there? Barnhill, get your feet off that.
I'm sorry.
You can go now.
I thought I was here till morning.
I got this one.
All right, cool.
Good night.
You know what we need? Come to me now Like you did then Pretty and slow Pretty and thin Where do you go When you go out at night? When will you come home? What did you find? Ain't got a friend In a world like this There is a fortress Around my heart Till death do we part I can't wait for the sun to go down Down Shh.
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