The Sixth Commandment (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a retch like me
I once was lost
But now I'm found
Was blind but now I see. ♪
At the departure of Peter Farquhar,
we must ask,
did Peter doubt?
He would answer, "Peace and pardon,
receive me now,
"I've petered out."
From being in classes,
even classmates,
we have passed and he has passed on.
Let us be the legacy
he meant to leave.
His, a memory
I simply do not understand why
he would drink
an entire bottle of whisky.
I mean, I-I never saw Peter drunk.
Never smelt it on him.
And I've got a nose of a bloodhound.
Shush, Liz, I want to listen to Ben.
Remember therefore, Peter,
father to the needy,
reader, author, teacher
He was our friend.
He's with our Lord.
He's in our hearts.
Peter Farquhar.
Thank you, Mum.
Thank you.
Here you go.
Thank you.
I hope you and Ian weren't upset
that Peter gave me such
a large share of the house.
Well, he'd told us some time back.
He valued your friendship very much.
What do you think you'll do with it?
Well, I don't have the money to buy
yours and Ian's share from you.
I suppose the best thing to
do would be to sell it
and I can buy a little flat.
If you think Ian would be
happy with that?
Shall I wash and you dry?
I didn't know Peter had
left me money.
£10,000 is a lot.
I-I didn't know he'd done that.
Yeah, he was generous.
Yes. Very.
I feel terrible.
Like Like I'm to blame.
You know? Like, if I hadn't have
been with my friends,
if he hadn't been alone
It's not your fault, Martyn.
Er, c-can I help? I can carry
this down for you.
I'll use it for good.
The money. I will honour Peter.
All his diaries.
His whole life in boxes.
Sue, do you think he meant to do it?
He knew what would happen
if he drank like that,
so the only reason for drinking
like that is Don't.
Don't, Ian.
I can't help it.
The thought of him being
so entirely alone.
All right, you can watch TV.
You've got to do your art homework,
OK? Yes, Mum.
I'll make dinner.
Today, we only have one
Hi, Auntie Ann.
Oh, you're rushing, I can tell.
I'm on speaker. I'm all echoey.
Yeah, I am rushing. Sorry.
I, er I've got to feed the girls
and then I've got to get back to
school for a parents' evening.
What are you up to? I can hear cups.
I'm laying a tray.
I've got a visitor.
Your social life puts me to shame.
I know, I'm a giddy butterfly.
Nonstop partying.
I'm having tea with Ben.
You know, poor Peter's lodger.
Lovely lad.
He's training to be a vicar.
Yeah, you've told me about him.
Oh, I'd better go, darlings.
Ben's coming in.
Oh, he thinks I can't carry a tray
on my own.
Well, why should you have to
when I'm here to do it?
Very chivalrous.
I'll see you Sunday, Ann-Marie!
Oh, that's hot.
Hey, go, go, go, go!
I'll do the girls. You get
yourself sorted.
That's hotter.
All right?
Bye. See ya. Bye, Mum.
Bye, Mum.
Hey, ladies.
Oh, that is amazing.
Thank you.
I mean, I knew they'd want
to sell the house,
but still, it was my home.
They're very keen for me
to leave, too.
Oh, Ben, I'm sorry.
Where do you think you'll go?
I'll just sofa-surf with friends
while I look.
I can't be too far away from
the University or St Mary's.
I love being churchwarden.
Don't want to give it up.
You do so much.
Very impressive for your age.
Don't worry, great things
are in store.
Storage is the issue.
I need somewhere to put
all my stuff.
Well, you could use my garage.
I don't have a car any more so
there's nothing in there.
Why don't you have a car?
I gave it to my niece.
That's very kind.
It's in the Gospel, Ben.
Jesus bids us. If you have more
than you need, give it away.
Can I ask you a personal question?
You can ask it.
Why did you never marry?
I had some lovely boyfriends,
of course,
but there was no-one that I thought
I wanted to be with forever.
And I had my career teaching,
and I loved that so much.
And then I was caring for my mother.
And after that, I was too old.
I don't see age.
You love who you love.
I like it here so much.
It's peaceful.
Well, you're always very welcome.
Hello. Hello
You look good.
The body of Christ.
The body of Christ.
You know I'm only here
to keep you company.
You're a terrible heathen.
Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, strengthen me.
Water from the side of Christ,
wash me.
Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
Good Jesus, hear me.
I need the loo.
I'm busting for a pee.
I'll put the kettle on.
What do you want?
Er, coffee, please.
You can leave that there
if you like.
I'll go grab some others.
Can you, er, put this in the post
for me?
Cheers, mate.
St Abigail's Theological College.
I'd like to book a place on the
Ordinand's Open Day, please.
Of course. What's your name?
Benjamin Luke Field,
from St Mary the Virgin, Stowe.
Please hold.
The Four Seasons by Vivaldi
How did you know the ministry
was what you wanted?
It was a calling.
I knew God was speaking
directly to me.
I knew I had to serve Him.
When I was a little girl
at convent school,
I used to long for that.
To hear the voice of angels.
I love talking to you, Ann.
Well, I love talking to you, too.
Sleep well.
Sweet dreams.
And this is where it's kept.
Where what's kept?
All my instructions.
The important details.
For when something happens to me.
I-I don't want to do this.
I don't want to hear it.
Oh, darling, this is important.
You're just upset because of your
but they were elderly.
I'm elderly, darling!
I'm very elderly!
You're fit and healthy and strong,
and you've got no reason to
I'm trusting you with this.
Because one day you'll need to know
what I want to happen.
You'll need the important details.
I might not be able to say.
I don't want to read it yet.
My best girl.
Oh, nothing exciting. Just laundry.
Oh, the joy.
Listen, I'm really sorry
but I'm not going to make it over
this weekend
to take you to Mass and
to do your shop.
I'm swamped with marking.
Oh, don't worry, darling.
I'm sure Ben can take me.
I'll ask him.
What, er?
What? Is he there now?
Could you take me to church
on Sunday?
Of course I can.
He says of course he can.
Well, that's great.
Um, he's with you quite
a lot these days.
It's nice to have a young
person around.
Cheers me up.
Well, I'd love to meet him.
Maybe I could say hello now?
Oh, all right.
Er, Ben?
Ann-Marie wants to say hello.
I can't.
Not on the phone. I'm
I'm too shy.
Silly boy!
He's gone all bashful.
Another time, then.
We could all have lunch together.
Oh, that would be fun.
Yes, listen, I'd better go,
We'll talk soon.
Love you.
Love you.
Do you know, I think she's a
bit jealous.
Me, having a new friend.
Oh, you've done a wonderful job.
Thank you so much.
Perhaps you shouldn't say too
much about me to Ann-Marie.
She won't understand
how it is for us.
How it is for us?
What do you mean?
How we understand each other.
How we know each other so deeply,
as if we'd met before.
Unjudged by anyone but God.
Goodnight, Ann.
God bless you.
Sleep well, Ben.
I'll bring you a cup of tea
in the morning.
Thank you.
Look on your bedside table.
Am I being a suspicious,
horrible bitch?
If I say yes, are you going to kick
me in the balls?
No, then.
What's he really doing?
You know, odd-jobs? Taking her
to church?
That's just being a decent
human being, isn't it?
I suppose.
Twice or thrice
had I loved thee.
Before I knew thy face or name.
So in a voice,
so in a shapeless flame,
angels affect us oft,
and worshipped be.
Still when, to where thou wert,
I came.
Some lovely, glorious nothing
I did see.
But since my soul,
whose child love is
..and brow.
Whilst thus to ballast love
I thought,
such disparity.
As is 'twixt air and angels' purity.
'Twixt women's love, and men's,
will ever be.
Oh, I just felt a bit dizzy.
I'll get you a glass of water.
Sorry, it's just a bit weird.
..just felt a bit dizzy.
Don't worry about a thing. I'm here.
Stay right there!
The body of Christ will keep you
in eternal life. Amen.
The body of Christ.
The blood of Christ will keep
you in eternal life. Amen.
The body of Christ.
The blood of Christ
will keep you in eternal life.
The body of Christ will keep you
in eternal life.
The body of Christ will keep you in
eternal life. Blood of Christ.
How's Liz?
Do we know any other Liz's?
Yeah, she's
She's OK. She's good.
What is she now, is she nearly 100?
You wouldn't think it.
100! Christ.
She must dream of just pulling
the plug on it.
She seems to just really
enjoy herself.
I need you to do me a favour.
I'm going away for a bit.
I've told Ann I'm lecturing
in France but
Deliver these to her.
The envelopes are numbered.
Don't deliver them out of order or
the poems won't make sense.
We're in a relationship.
You and?
Me and Ann.
A loving, committed, sensual
But, um Are you going to
disappoint me, Martyn?
Are you going to say something banal
and ordinary?
Are you getting any sex?
We've really got to do something
about that.
I just wrote another tribute
to Peter.
Do you want to hear it?
As we remark on Peter Farquhar,
be reminded, Peter died.
Repeated disorder, hoist his petard,
went unpardoned and petrified.
Dearest Ann.
How I desire you.
How I desire to woo you.
My poor offerings to your grace.
How do I dare to capture,
in rhyme, the light upon your hair,
the poetry of your face?
Soak all my wakeful aches'
in marooned residue of you.
Mary mend our divided soul and
make our bodies one again.
In repose, eke out each
cherished moment,
powder on your cheeks,
like a butterfly.
With love, Ben.
Well, he's made a lovely
job of the garden.
Hasn't he?
Especially round Rosie's
little grave.
He said he wanted to pay me back
for letting him use the garage.
I was really hoping to meet him,
put a face to the name.
He's in France. A series of lectures
on the metaphysical poets.
So what about these dizzy spells?
It's fine.
I went to the doctors, and he
checked my blood pressure,
and he said it's excellent
for a woman of my age.
So it's nothing to do
with your heart?
He checked that, too.
Stop worrying about me. I'm fine.
So, what made you dizzy?
Well, Ben says I need to eat
a better breakfast.
He's not wrong.
Most important meal of the day.
He says I need to have a little
snack mid-morning, too.
He made me a smoothie.
Banana, yoghurt and blueberries.
It was delicious.
Auntie Ann?
Coming, my loves!
Who doesn't love a smoothie?
I just want to check the house.
If she asks, I'm in the toilet.
Oh, very good.
Best foot forward.
Give it a whack!
OK, here we go. Ready?
Coming round. It's coming round.
That's the one!
OK, here we go.
It's nice to have you back.
I missed you.
Did you get the poems every day?
I did.
I meant every word.
I you a present.
"I am always with you."
Are you going somewhere?
Sometimes I feel such
..such crushing blackness
and despair.
You are my light, Ann.
In here.
Light and warmth and love.
It's only when I'm here that I
think life's worth the pain.
And if I don't have that, then
..I have nothing at all.
Just desolation.
Oh, Ben!
Miss Moore-Martin.
Lovely to see you. Come in.
What's that?
Just vitamins.
From the health food shop.
I take it myself, so I know
it's good.
You weren't very well.
I came in and found you.
That's why I made you this drink -
to help.
Ben Mm?
I think God spoke to me.
Of course he did.
You are holy.
Washed in the blood of the Lamb.
God loves you.
And so do I.
Stand up.
I need to show you something.
You see?
You see how astonishing you are?
I wanted to treat you.
I've been so busy with work and I
I've really missed you.
Oh, I've missed you, too.
How've you been?
No more giddy spells?
Oh, I've been all right.
Some days, I feel like I could
climb a mountain.
Others, well, I had to have a lie
down in the middle of the day.
That's not like you.
I know.
I suddenly felt so tired.
Just tired to my bones.
You should've rung me, Auntie Ann.
Oh, I'm back to my usual self now.
Thanks to Ben, looking after me.
Right. Is he still around?
He's a wonderful man.
Well, so you say, but I don't
know him.
My word isn't good enough for you?
He's my friend.
Well, he's more than a friend.
What do you mean, more than
a friend?
He loves me!
He really loves me so much.
He makes me feel special.
He's asked me to marry him.
And I'm going to say yes.
I'm sorry.
What? He's asked you to what?
What do you mean, more than
a friend? What does that mean?
It means I'm happy.
And I don't know why you won't be
happy for me.
It's not that I won't,
it's that I don't know him.
I'd have to be off my head to be
happy that this young man
who I don't know is always with you.
Always saying he loves you,
he wants to marry you.
You're a vulnerable lady.
You think I'm just a silly
old woman, don't you?
No, of course I don't!
A stupid, silly old woman
with nothing left to look
forward to in life.
I should just be waiting to die!
That is the very last thing I think.
But I need to meet this man.
And every time I try, there's
some excuse.
So I can't be happy about any of it
because I don't know him.
He said you wouldn't understand.
I want you to take me home.
Auntie Ann, please. Sit down,
let's just talk No.
You have really upset me,
You have really hurt me.
I'm sorry, I'm
Home. Now!
Or I'll walk on my own.
Can I hear a phone?
I need to write a letter
to Ann-Marie
to explain about the house.
I can't seem to make my words.
Well, why don't I write what
you want to say,
and then you can copy it?
You can say how sad and tired
you've been feeling as well.
Don't worry. I'll write
everything down.
Did the priest bless them?
I told him you couldn't come to Mass
and he blessed them.
Body of Christ.
Auntie Ann, it's me.
I feel so awful for hurting
your feelings about Ben.
I'm just worried that
Message deleted.
It's me again.
I know you're angry with me but
please just call me back.
Message deleted.
Auntie Ann, we've never
Message deleted.
Message deleted.
Auntie Ann
Message deleted.
SIMON: What the fuck?
There's something wrong.
She didn't call me back.
She would always call me back.
I'm going over there.
It's the middle of the night!
You're going to scare the shit
out of her!
Auntie Ann? It's just me!
Auntie Ann? It's just me.
Please don't be scared.
It's just me.
Auntie Ann?
It's OK, I'm here.
Can you hear me?
Oh! Well done!
It was just the fuse!
Ann-Marie, can you come here,
Is she dead?
What's happening with her?
I'm not discussing my aunt with you.
What the fuck are you doing? Hey!
I'm removing my shoes.
It's not appropriate for you
to be here. You have to go now.
Can you leave your key to the house,
My mobile number.
If anything significant happens,
call me.
Did he trip the fuse so the house
was dark?
I don't know.
I think I need to talk
to the police.
Mrs Blake?
DS Natalie Golding, Thames Valley
You know he's been trying
to get in to see her,
saying he's her nephew? I know.
He won't get in.
Security's been briefed.
And he's taken things.
Her papers. Her folder with
everything important to her.
It's gone.
And we'll talk to you about making
sure you get that back.
And getting his property
out of her house.
Well, he thinks it's his.
The solicitor talked to me.
I don't care about
the fucking house. He can have it.
Just let me have my aunt.
All her life, she's been good.
She just is good.
And now she's hallucinating
in a hospital bed
..having hair and blood
samples taken
to see if she's been poisoned.
What he's done to her
Who does that?
How unusually helpful of them.
How is Ann?
I do hope you can tell me
how she is.
You've got a folder of documents
to return.
Why did you take it?
I thought I'd need it.
I've brought some presents for Ann.
I won't give her those.
Guess we'd better start packing up,
then, Martyn.
Ben, I'd like to ask you
some questions
and I'd like you to be
honest with me.
Did you get my aunt to
change her will?
Do you think you're in love
with my aunt?
Do you think you're having
a relationship with her?
Ben, do you think you
might need help?
That'll do it.
May I just stand here for a moment
and remember my time with Ann?
You know what?
Simon! No!
You get your fucking things and
you fuck off out of here!
Would you like to hit me, Mr Blake?
Let's go.
Your clothes are all made
by Balmain
And there's diamonds and pearls
in your hair
Yes, there are
You live in a fancy apartment
Off the Boulevard St Michel
Where you keep your Rolling Stones
records ♪
Do you remember what's
happening today?
Yes, the police are coming back.
They're here a lot.
Well, there's a lot for them
to find out, isn't there?
Did she tell you about
the white powder?
Yeah. It'll go to the crime
scene officer
and they'll start a search
for traces in the house.
And how far did you get
with everything else?
Not very. She's so tired.
This is a process.
She's still trying to work out
what happened to her.
We'll try again tomorrow.
Get some sleep, Ann-Marie.
I will later.
I just want to stay with her
a bit longer.
Er, thank you.
I miss my garden.
I did get my will changed back,
didn't I?
You did.
The solicitor came to see you here,
didn't she?
Oh, yes, I remember.
She was wearing a lovely
pair of shoes.
She was very glad to see you better.
She'd been very worried.
You see
..the thing is
he didn't ask me for anything.
I just seemed to want to
give it to him.
All of it.
But, you see, me and the police
think that's down
to whatever he was giving you.
It's how he was manipulating you.
I just feel so ashamed.
I've always prided myself on being
intelligent but think that some
..young man in love with me.
I feel so stupid.
I'm just ashamed.
I don't know what happened to me.
It's all right.
It's all right. We'll make
sense of it.
We'll make sense of it together.
I'll see you in the morning, OK?
I'll be here bright and early.
I do love you.
So very much.
And I love you.
She's Er, she's asleep.
Er, j-just a moment.
It's the matron at the care home.
She needs to talk to you.
I don't want to.
Mrs Blake?
This is, er
This is Simon Blake.
I think it's best if you just let me
know what we need to do now.
I keep thinking about Rosie.
My aunt's little dog.
How she suddenly went from being
such a happy little dog
to collapsing.
Like she was seeing things,
not knowing where she was.
And she had a fit and she died.
And I keep thinking
..was he practising on her?
On Rosie?
And then there's Peter.
He lived a couple of doors up
from Auntie Ann.
He'd been a teacher, like her.
Ben lived with him,
and Peter got ill
and he died.
And then Ben lived with my aunt
and she got ill and she died.
What if Auntie Ann wasn't
the only one?
Veg bhuna for you.
Lamb pasanda for me and Liz.
Currying favour.
Who is it?
Oh, Ben.
Mm, that smells good!
I thought we could drink
to the memory of Ann.
May flights of angels sing
her to her rest.
That's very thoughtful of you, Ben.
Come in.
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