The Sixth Commandment (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Hiya! You made it!
Cut anywhere you like, and it will
be your card.
It will be the nine of clubs.
Two of diamonds.
Erm If you could just, um
..cut the deck again.
Piss off, wanker!
Mate, mate, mate you are a loser!
You're shit!
You're shit! You're shit!
You're shit! You're shit!
You're shit!
You're shit! You're shit!
You're shit! You're shit!
You're shit!
They're oafs.
Gibbering, entitled, bullying oafs.
Don't give them
another second of your time.
I've seen you in the library.
I've seen you, too.
It's Martyn, right? I'm Ben.
Ben Field.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Day's barely started, it's already
a giant pain in my arse.
What's this?
Will fraud.
Suspected homicide.
I've got that feeling
about it, though.
Which is why I'm giving it to you.
Uh, thanks!
Requires delicate handling
is what I mean.
Ah! He is another potential victim.
A retired teacher from Stowe.
And those two are suspects.
That's a trainee vicar.
And the other is a wannabe magician.
Headlines just write themselves
nowadays, don't they?
How long till you retire?
Is it a year?
Just under.
If I wasn't retiring,
I'd be asking for a desk job.
Ah. The bodies do pile up.
Well, that'll keep you ticking
over till then.
I've got to crack on, Mark.
I am sorry.
Chris Ward.
Why have I got to hold?
You called me.
Morning, boss. Morning.
Sir. Hi.
WOMAN, ON LAPTOP: I need to talk
to someone
about what's been going on with
my aunt.
She's, er, in hospital right now
but she's been spending
a lot of time with this young man.
He's sort of moved into her house.
His name is Ben Field
and I think, um
I think he's been doing
something to her.
Good morning.
I'm, er My name's Ben Field.
I'm calling because in, er,
in brief, a friend of mine
was admitted to hospital. Right.
When I've called the hospital
or I tried to visit,
the security have said that
I can't see her.
Her name is Ann Moore-Martin.
Hello, can you hear me?
Yeah, I can hear you.
Is he responding to you at all?
No, he's very cold.
He's very cold?
Yeah, he's very cold.
Peter? Peter?
You have reached
your destination.
I hate this bit.
Never gets any better, sir.
Mr Farquhar, we spoke on the phone.
I'm Natalie Golding.
This is Detective Chief
Inspector Mark Glover.
Please, come in.
Thank you.
Recently, a neighbour of your
brother passed away.
Ann Moore-Martin.
Oh, the lady with the little dog?
The, um, headmistress?
Oh, dear, I'm sorry.
That's very sad, but
I don't understand
what that has to do with us.
In the months leading up to
Miss Moore-Martin's passing,
she'd become involved with
a young man called Ben Field.
Miss Moore-Martin's family
have raised concerns
about the relationship
and the fact that Miss Moore-Martin
changed her will in favour of Ben.
We're also extremely
concerned about the sudden
deterioration of her health.
What - did he do something to her?
That's what we're looking into.
Peter got ill.
He'd he'd always been healthy.
A bit of wear and tear
like the rest of us, but healthy.
But he he got so ill.
Ben was
Ben was so helpful.
He'd take him to his
hospital appointments,
and he looked after him.
I could never square it in my mind
that Peter was an alcoholic,
that drink had killed him.
He kept bottles of spirits
and wine for years - years -
without touching them.
And did Peter ever
talk to you about Ben Field?
Did he say anything
about their friendship?
Well, only to tell us
how marvellous he was.
How clever and charming and kind.
Peter changed his will
in favour of Ben.
They were very close.
Peter loved him.
Was in love with him.
If something's been done,
then they need to know.
They do.
There were probably things that, er,
Peter didn't tell us about Ben,
about, um, their lives together.
But he might have
written about them.
He wrote about everything.
He - Ben - said he wanted to write
something for Peter.
He wanted the last diaries.
The final ten
months of Peter's life.
When he was so ill.
He never gave them back?
No, he didn't.
Smash That by Doc Brown
Good morning. Morning.
Good morning.
I'm here to bring you
the joyful word of Christ.
How are you feeling today?
You might feel confused
because you've got dementia.
You always used to feel sad,
didn't you?
Is that because you were
always lonely?
Oh Sit back down.
And why did you feel lonely?
Because I
..haven't got anybody.
Because you haven't got anybody,
And and you don't have
any friends.
No family.
Why is that?
The diaries are here, Rich.
Is that Peter's living room?
Attending officer did
a body cam sweep.
What did you find?
Bottle of whisky.
A glass.
Seized as evidence.
Never got called.
Probably thrown away by now.
Maybe it just got forgotten about.
Worth a look? Mm-hm.
The coroner ruled that
Peter Farquhar died
from alcohol asphyxiation.
He drank himself to death.
Ben Field told the attending officer
that Peter had a long history
of alcoholism, something
that Peter's family refute.
Field also told the attending
officer that Peter took
sleeping pills regularly,
and that's true. So perhaps Peter
did have a problem with alcohol and
hid his addiction from his family.
Perhaps Field was being truthful.
Perhaps. However
Let's have another
look at the crime scene.
The lights are off.
The TV is off.
The curtains on the window
to the road are drawn.
So Peter, who had recently
recovered from a mystery illness -
an illness that strongly
resembles Ann Moore-Martin's
symptoms of seizures
and hallucinations -
Peter who is so happy,
so relieved to be feeling better,
he sits facing a curtained window,
downs a bottle of single malt.
He drinks it alone darkness.
The whisky's just whisky.
No noxious substances, no poisons.
There's partials on the outside
of the bottle and the glass,
and then there's this.
I don't think that is
Peter Farquhar's fingerprint.
I think that fingerprint
belongs to Ben Field,
and I think he was there
when Peter Farquhar died.
That's the working hypothesis.
We've just got to prove it.
And right now, the best evidence
we've got
are Peter's diaries, and they're
being transcribed as we speak.
And Ben Field took the last
two diaries.
We have to assume they've
been destroyed.
But the ones we've got are
still going to give us
the best picture of what was
going on in that house.
Now, obviously, we don't have
Peter's body, and unfortunately the
forensic examinations of Ann and her
house haven't given us any results.
So read absolutely everything,
because the devil is in the details.
OK, thank you.
Thanks. Thank you, boss.
I'll arrange a meeting
with Ann-Marie.
But he was drugging her.
Auntie Ann said
he was giving her white powder.
Her house has been searched.
There's no trace.
Perhaps he was cleaning up
after himself.
It would be in her hair,
in her body.
We haven't been able to find
evidence of any drugs or poisons.
Your aunt was in hospital
for a long time,
and then the nursing home.
She'd had a lot
of other medications.
I should never have left her.
She shouldn't have died alone.
Should've been by her side,
holding her hand.
Can we have a funeral?
Lay her to rest?
Yeah. That's something, Ann-Marie.
He could be doing anything
right now. Anything at all.
And what if he leaves the country?
He can do that. He can just leave.
Field and Smith don't know that
we're looking at them.
But we know where they are.
We know what they're doing.
This isn't the end, Ann-Marie.
We're not forgetting
about your aunt. Far from it -
we're barely getting started.
You didn't look him in the eyes.
We did, me and Simon,
and he doesn't care about anything.
Not one single thing.
He does not care.
He's just walking around,
doing what he wants.
I feel like I'm going mad from it.
I'll text you later.
There you go.
Now you can fix my guttering.
I don't know anything
about guttering.
I'll do it.
Oh! Oh, you made me jump.
Back door was open.
You should be more careful, Martyn.
Anyone could walk in.
I'll, er, I'll see you later, Liz.
Curry club tonight?
Oh, curry club any night.
We're going to be watching
Formula 1. Do you want to join us?
Sounds perfect.
Right, see you later.
Yep. Come on.
What's wrong, Martyn?
I know there's something.
It's Ann-Marie, isn't it?
You haven't been the same
since she vented her bile.
Don't worry about her.
I've got plans if she carries on.
About Liz
It's your anxiety.
It's derealisation.
That's all.
Breathe, Martyn.
Simon, wake up. Wake up now.
He's outside.
What? He's outside.
He he's looking up!
There's no-one there.
Hey, Ann-Marie, hey.
There's no-one there.
I'm going to go make
a cup of tea.
O still, small voice of calm
O still, small voice of calm. ♪
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Can you all hear me?
Because if I'm going to speak,
then I want you to listen.
Who here lives by a moral code?
I'm glad I'm not alone.
I want us all to think today
about the moral codes
and Christian principles we practise
as devout believers in God's
holy word.
I want us to consider
the commandments.
Now, I'm thinking
of one specifically.
Can anyone guess which one?
It rhymes with
Thou shalt not thrill.
Thou shalt not kill.
Yes. Fantastic.
Thou shalt not kill.
That is the benchmark
of our entry into heaven.
Thou shalt not kill
because it's illegal.
It's a monstrous, heinous act
to take the life of another.
But what about as an end to people's
miserable conditions?
Or the greater good?
What, then?
I'm not going to tell you
what to think.
But if you know what's right,
you must act accordingly
and live as your
conscience dictates.
I am bound by scripture.
My conscience
is captive to the word of God.
Here I stand.
I used to follow her everywhere
when I was little.
Toddling along like a little
duckling, holding her finger.
She taught me to read.
How to tell the time.
I always knew I mattered with her.
Please don't.
You know, you haven't even cried.
It's not good to bottle
everything up.
You need to let it out.
I can't. I'm too angry.
I don't want to stop being angry
and I will if I break.
Can you talk to them for me, please?
Hello, welcome. Welcome.
How are you? Yeah.
Yeah she's, um
She's being very strong.
"I love him so much.
"Except for one very
disconcerting aspect.
"Some days ago, I noticed
a black notebook.
"I know I should not have read it.
"Ben fictitiously records how
much alcohol I drink.
"Ludicrous quantities are invented.
"When I confronted him,
Ben was furious.
"He said it was for a play
that he was writing.
"I genuinely feared that
I would lose him."
I've got it.
Really early doors,
Ben's laying the groundwork.
Peter and his drinking problem.
The addiction that only Ben sees.
Well, Ben AND Martyn,
because he's in the house too.
And then, when Peter dies,
Ben makes his statement
to the police about Peter's
cause of death being alcoholism.
This was a long-term plan.
All right.
How many addresses we got for Field?
Two. His own and his
current girlfriend.
We'll pull Martyn, too.
Phones. Laptops.
Everything they've got.
Nice. Good.
Outside location one.
Right, let's do it.
Location one. Go!
Police! Go! Go! Go!
Police! We're coming in!
Living room, clear! Bedroom, clear!
Male, not present.
Repeat, male not present.
Location two. Go!
Ben Field! This is police!
We're coming in!
What the fuck is going on? Police!
We're coming in!
Go! Go! Go! He's gone out the back!
Go! Go! Go!
Get out of my fucking house!
Quick, round the back!
Ben Field! Stop!
Stay there!
There he is! Go! Go! Stop there!
We got him.
Suspect's been tapped. Secure.
OK. Finally, what's your occupation,
Mr Field?
I've just finished
a book on the Romantic poets.
So I should put author?
Author's fine. Author's fine.
OK, thanks, guys.
I suspect I'm in for
a a rather dull time.
I don't suppose you'd have such
a thing as a book I could read?
Sure, I'll see what I can do.
That'd be great.
Thanks so much.
Thank you.
Shoes off. Right.
That everything? Yeah.
Thank you.
Sir. All right?
So I'll punch you,
not even punk you.
Straight up, this is my class
and imma flunk you.
What's this?
Thank you.
Bag that, please. Yes, sir.
Nat, we've got
Peter's missing diaries.
Great, I'm heading back now.
That's brilliant, thank you.
"Before we start"
"I, Benjamin Luke Field,
wish to make a statement
"and I want my legal representative
to read it out on my behalf.
"I did not murder Ann Moore-Martin,
nor did I have any involvement in
"her death. I did not murder
Peter Farquhar, nor did
"I have any involvement
in his death.
"I do not wish to answer any
questions at this stage.
"I have made this statement of my
own free will and the contents are
"true. It bears my signature."
Doesn't stop us asking questions,
though, does it, Ben?
When did you decide to target
Peter Farquhar?
No comment.
Where were you the night
Peter Farquhar died?
No comment.
You were with him, though,
weren't you?
No comment.
We found Peter's missing
diaries in your flat.
Must've been something really
important in there
for you to want to hide them.
What was Peter writing about you?
No comment.
Got your notebooks too.
What are we going to read in them?
No comment.
Why would Ann-Marie Blake think
that you were trying to do
something to Ann Moore-Martin?
No comment.
What can you tell us about
the events leading up to her death?
No comment.
And what about Martyn Smith?
What was his role in all of this?
No comment.
He moved in with
Peter Farquhar first,
and now he lives with
Elizabeth Zettl.
What is he? Your scout?
No comment.
And what do you think Martyn's
going to tell us about you
when we interview him?
No comment.
That's it, watch your head.
OK. Watch your head.
Where are we going?
So they can keep us longer.
You doing no comment?
Yeah, me too.
They haven't got anything, really.
"Ben's a weird man."
That's what they've got.
That's all they've got.
Right, there are thousands
of files and photos.
But some results from the bottle
and glass.
Field's fingerprint is on the inside
of the glass and around the bottle,
and Smith's DNA is around
the neck of the bottle.
And there's some text messages.
They're pretty nasty.
Follow me, then.
Did you know Ben and Peter
were in a relationship?
A romantic relationship?
No comment.
What about Ben and Ann Moore-Martin?
Did you know he'd proposed to her?
No comment.
You must have thought that was a bit
unusual? Ben being so young,
involved with people that
much older than him.
No comment.
Do you remember when you came in
and we swabbed your mouth for DNA?
Your DNA is around the neck
of that whisky bottle,
which means that you drank from it,
Martyn. When did you do that?
No comment.
Was Ben there, Martyn?
Were you there that night?
No comment.
We've got texts between you and Ben,
and we've seen the sort of things
that you say about Peter.
You call him Lord Fuckwad.
You call him retard
and cunt.
Peter had been kind to you.
Left you a lot of money in his will.
Why would you say such nasty
things about him?
No comment.
Martyn, you know
you're under caution?
There's a really important
bit of that caution that
I want you to have a little
think about.
"If you fail to mention,
when questioned,
"something which you later
rely on in court."
It's quite shocking
when you're arrested.
It's quite frightening,
so maybe you've forgotten.
But if there's anything that you're
going to mention in court,
then you need to say it now.
I've advised my client.
No comment.
Do you always do as
you're told, Martyn?
No comment.
Um, but, um, my family home is
in Cornwall. How will I get there?
The officers will drive you.
And my phone, my laptop?
No. We need to keep those.
You're being released on bail
to your family home.
The bail comes
with strict conditions.
You will need to sign in
with your local police station
and you're not permitted to
be in contact with Martyn Smith,
nor any members of the
Blake or Farquhar families,
anyone associated
with St Mary's Church,
nor are you permitted to enter,
for any reason,
the county of Buckinghamshire.
I'll need to explain to the Church
and the Bishops' Advisory Panel
so they can understand what
a hideous mess this all is
and pause my journey to ordination.
They'll be informed.
Do you understand
the conditions for your bail
and that these conditions
are binding?
I think I've managed to grasp it.
Well, it's not every day
you bail a murderer.
We need a body.
He's been buried for two years.
You don't know what sort of
..sort of condition
No, we don't. And it's delicate
work. So the original gravediggers
who laid Peter to rest would
be lifting him up.
We believe that Peter's body's
done it's work in this world.
His soul is with God.
But if his remains still have
things to tell us,
we have to know the truth.
Let's start in the cavity, please.
We have stomach contents.
You're joking? Nope. The
body's remarkably well-preserved.
There's alcohol in the stomach.
We can smell it.
Be able to let you know exactly how
much alcohol as well.
Whether there was enough
to kill him?
Maybe, yeah.
Well-preserved hair, too.
It's remarkable, really.
We send that off to a specialist
laboratory in France. It takes time.
And you have to let them
know exactly what to look for.
Well, we don't know, Brett.
Well, when you do,
we'll send off the samples.
Can't do anything with it till then.
Sir? Yeah?
He's taken these.
Oh, shit.
W-what do you mean, photos?
Intimate photos.
Intimate? You mean
It doesn't look as though your aunt
is aware that they're being taken.
What is it?
It's Ben's bail officer.
He's got himself a job.
Doing what?
We are here today to celebrate
the life and times
of Thomas Ryan Penwell -
Tommy to friends and family.
Thank you. Thank you.
That's really kind. Thank you.
Come in.
Have you got a minute?
Yeah, come in.
I can't retire, Chris.
You sort of have to. It's the law.
From Ben Field's notebook.
"I could walk from house
to house suffocating,
"otherwise beating
neighbours to death,
"and have around 50 in one night.
"Care homes also."
He's just getting started.
Come on, Chris.
I suppose I could bring you
back as a civilian investigator.
Right. I'll do that, then.
Why don't you think about it?
I have.
Thanks. I appreciate it.
"Late evening, I can hardly
stand up, I feel so tired.
"A bad thing has entered my brain.
"Ben gave me breakfast in bed.
"Hideous packs of black insects.
"Please God, reward
Ben for his goodness to me.
"Sleeping much longer at night.
"Something not right about it.
"I fell over several times.
"Utterly humiliated.
"So many things have gone wrong.
"Please, Dear Lord,
let nothing else go wrong."
Morning, sir.
You don't have to call
me sir any more.
Just don't make a big song and dance
about it, or I won't make the tea.
God, you're a terrier.
Ben's workbooks are a nightmare.
Nothing's chronological.
November's at the front of one book,
and May of the same year
is at the back of a different book.
Now, the one thing that Ben does
keep an ordered record of,
where he does date things, is all
the drugs that he gives to Peter.
Now, it's all on different pages,
but it's dated.
Peter never mentions that Ben is
giving him anything unfamiliar.
No white powder, like Ann
mentioned she was given.
Peter gets ill, so Ben brings him
cups of tea, makes him dinner.
Tea in bed.
Now, the only medication that Peter
thinks he's taking is the one
prescribed to him by his GP,
the one that he's been on for years.
Peter drinks his tea,
eats his toast, grateful to Ben
for taking such good care of him.
Fucking hell.
I've made a table of all the drugs
that Ben gives to Peter
and how it affects him.
It's benzodiazepines
and psychoactives.
That's what we're
looking for in Peter.
That's what will be in his hair.
Dies Irae
by Apashe feat. Black Prez
It's that daily routine,
but y'all knew that
Step up in the building asking
who dat? ♪
Hello, Ben.
Sorry about all this.
Not exactly the 2017 we had planned,
is it?
Reckon I'm going to get
a trial, though.
Yeah, I'm going to get a trial.
I think I'll get away
with most of it.
Morning. Morning.
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