The Smoke (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

She had a kid.
Had it adopted, never told me.
Hi, Grace.
I think you're really lovely.
I wondered if you'd come out for a drink with me.
All right.
I want you to put a transfer request in for me.
You've been there, what, ten years? Twelve.
I need a change.
There's a vacancy opened up near Ongar.
Ongar! Just wanted to come in for a few minutes.
Get an idea of what life was like in the service.
Get off! Get off! Help! HELP! You left me.
You left me there.
You betrayed him.
I'm sorry, guv.
You're coming with me.
I want you where I can see you.
So, Ongar? Proper countryside? Trees.
So, yeah, proper.
For God's sake! How many years you known each other? 15? 20? Just grow up and work it out! For God's sake! Stupid bloody transfer, it's a joke.
Had your eyeful? No, sorry.
I was just Wondered if you fancied a game of chess? I should finish my book.
I've got a lecture tonight.
I do evening classes.
English Lit.
Oh, yeah, well.
That's that's very important.
Oh, sod it! I'll tell them that a fireman ate my homework.
I just felt so, like, powerless.
Just put it behind you, eh? No, I know it's funny, but there were six of them, Snip, all holding us down.
He can't have come this far off the road.
He skidded there.
50 metres, I'd say.
Probably got a bit of spin on him as well.
Looks like we're getting warm.
Sorry, did you want the strawberry? I think I just had the last one.
My mum likes the orange ones best.
Darling, ask Trish what her favourites are.
It's OK.
No, come on Gracie, ask Trish.
Go on.
How are you getting on at school? I hate maths.
This is tunnel control.
Stay in your vehicles and await instructions.
Bloody pollen, man.
Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth.
Stop you sneezing.
See? Oh, bloody hell! Coffin must have smashed.
Great! We're looking for Humpty Dumpty.
Oh, my God! It smells! Mate, smell that! It smells! I love this game.
You're one move in and you already know how it's going to end.
It's your move.
Looking for Dennis Severs.
What have we got? He dropped a scratch card.
Said it had ten quid on it.
Yeah, I'll get the spreaders.
Kev, it's Billy.
You got a minute? Yeah, Billy.
What is it? The police are here asking for Asbo.
Yeah, he's with me.
Cavalry's here, don't worry.
What's your name? James.
Let me talk to them.
Apologise for wasting their time.
I was going to confess.
You don't get to decide how this ends.
This is tunnel control.
Stay in your vehicles and await instruction.
You all right, Gracie? What's happening? Don't worry, darling.
It'll just be someone that's broken down.
Nothing to get worked up about.
Maybe I should get counselling.
Six pissed women tried to pull your trousers down.
Get over it.
They touched my balls! They should get the fucking counselling, then.
What's up with you? Karen texted me on the way over.
She wants to go for a Chinese tonight.
Oh, shit, mate.
Are you sure she just doesn't want to go for a Chinese? No.
I'm not being funny.
But five kids, mate.
Don't, mate.
You're the most sorted person I know.
You're 29, you've got a pension.
You can do your own tax returns, you like olives.
How do you not I know.
I know! Do you think I don't I'm an idiot! Argh! Jesus Christ! Well done, Snip.
You found him.
You think we should say a few words or something? Nah, just get him in the bag.
What about his hand? I dunno.
Just stick it up his sleeve.
Oh, shit! Trish, are you Kev? Trish? .
a bad accident Trish? I don't I don't really know what to do.
Should we try and get out? Trish? Kev? I'm here with Rachel Blackwall Tunnel.
Trish? Kev? Come on, Snip.
Keep meaning to get that fixed.
It's temperamental.
Say that was a priority in your line of work, a lock that works.
Thing is, it's all right till you go round corners.
Oh, cheers, boys.
I've been looking everywhere for that! Little Al! Snip! We've got a shout! That's us.
See you soon! RTA.
Blackwall Tunnel, multiple vehicles.
Mile End! Incident at the Blackwall tunnel! Car versus tanker.
Please proceed, over.
Quick as you can, come on.
Come on, let's move.
Trish is in there.
HQ, access severely restricted from the north side, we're going to proceed on foot to assess the situation, over.
Mal, come with me.
Ziggy, Verb Let's go.
Dennis, stay with the pump.
I want you to access the south side.
We'll meet you there.
South side! Heading south side.
This is tunnel control.
Stay in your vehicles and await instruction.
Turn your engines off, please.
Could you turn your engines off please! Ziggy, can you get hold of tunnel control and tell them to shut the fans down? Yes, guv.
game where you had to make a sentence out of the letters on a registration plate.
And it had to make sense, you see.
And then we had to find that registration plate.
And his vision was excellent.
I mean, really exceptional.
Didn't you like me? How do you mean? I mean, how could I not like you? You gave me away.
Erm Grace, I Maybe Rachel, do you think this is the best time for this? If she's asked you the question it's because she wants to know.
It's hard to It's hard to explain.
I'm I'm not When it happened, I wasn't My life was a bit different.
And I wasn't sure I could be a good mummy to you.
Not as good as anybody else.
You're not as good as my mum.
Gracie! No, no.
It's fine.
Grace, you're right, darling.
I'm not.
Shall we play a game? Do you know any games, Trish? Gracie, you know some good ones, don't you? Command unit of radio relay at both south side and north side Where are they? Blackwall tunnel.
It's funny how it's got all those bends in it, that tunnel.
Only goes under the river, you'd think they could just make it straight.
Nah, well, it was built when people still rode horse-drawn carriages.
See, a horse is a creature of the land.
Likes to see a bit of sky.
Being underground is not ideal for an equine.
He sees daylight, he's going to bolt for it, fast as he can.
And what have you got then? Chaos.
Pub quiz.
Sorry about your husband.
Yeah, well I loved him.
But he wasn't that clever.
And he wasn't that kind.
You haven't changed a bit, you know.
Windows closed, please.
Kev! You OK? It's all under control.
Just sit tight, yeah? This is Grace.
Hello, Grace.
I like your hoodie.
It's red.
It's my third favourite colour.
You must be the famous Kev? I'm Rachel Travers, Grace's mum.
Nice to meet you.
Listen, this is important.
Just stay in the car, keep your windows closed, yeah? OK.
Kev, listen He said shut the windows! That's Yep, thanks Grace.
You'll be OK.
Don't panic, just stay in the car.
Put your window up, please.
Close your window please, love.
Windows please.
How are we doing? All right, love? Sir, are you OK? Yes? I'll be right with you.
We're here to help you, OK? Don't worry, I'm just going to lean across you.
Mile End, we've got an RTC involving a tanker of flammable food stuffs.
It appears to be contained at the moment.
There's nothing to worry about, OK.
Cut to the leg.
No arterial bleeding.
No real cabin intrusion.
Tunnel's blocked, approach south side.
Approaching the other side of the tanker now, guv.
We've got a female casualty in her 30s, breathing but only semi conscious.
Injuries do not appear to be severe.
Go and check that car for me, yeah? All right.
All right, mate? All right.
Hello? Hello? Can you hear me! Quick! How many? One.
Asbo? Asbo? Are you my knight in shining armour? Yeah, I'll try my best.
Guv, there are two.
We're going to cut them both out.
All right Ziggy, keep me posted.
I can't feel my feet.
Back in two seconds, all right? Oi, oi! Where's he run off to? I only asked him for his number, didn't ask him to have babies.
Not straightaway anyway.
Give him space, he'll come around.
Oh, I've already moved on now.
What's your name, slugger? Dom.
Dom, yeah? Are you clear? Yeah.
Clear! How does it look? We're going to get you out.
Not not me, love.
I meant out there? Is anybody hurt? Oi, Snip! First aid, now.
Just keep looking forward for me, all right? Just keep looking forward.
Grace doesn't like tunnels.
Neither of us do, actually.
Do you think maybe I should try to see what's happening about getting us moving? Kev said to stay in the car.
I think it's the best thing to do, Rachel.
I spy with my little eye, something beginning with F.
Erm Floor? No.
This is tunnel control.
Stay in your vehicles and await instruction.
Fingers? Come on, Trish, join in! I can't think of anything.
Erm fluorescent jackets? No.
Give up.
Get the putty.
Try and seal it up.
Yes, guv.
Right, set up the water curtains.
Get the cab and car damped down.
I want foam under the tanker.
Yes, guv.
OK, we've got potentially hazardous materials in real danger of igniting.
We need to get everyone evacuated, quickly and calmly, I don't want panic.
Yeah, all right.
Tanker's punctured, we could have minutes.
Get him out.
Yep! You're going be all right.
We're going to get you out.
All right, sir? We'll have you out in a minute.
No problem at all.
Tanker's leaking margarine.
Is he safe to move? Legs are a mess, guv.
Right, do what you need to.
But you have half the time you thought you did.
Yes, guv.
Tunnel control.
Please remain with your vehicles.
Emergency services have been informed.
Get that bloody tannoy shut down! Tunnel control, tunnel control, do you read me? Male tanker driver is trapped in the cab of the vehicle.
Extrication is now in progress.
No obvious life threatening injuries, but we'll get paramedics to assess as soon as we gain access to him.
Roger that.
We have flammable liquid leaking from the tanker Shh! Risk of flammable material.
They're firefighters, Bill.
Flammable material is the territory, you know? Listen, I think I might just go.
Don't go.
I mean You're a good distraction.
Bloody hell, Mince.
Is that the best you can do? It's hardly up there with "you complete me" is it, love? Eh? It's Big Al.
Isn't it? That's what you call him? I'm sure when I used to work here he was Little Al.
Yeah, well, he used to be able to fit through a cat-flap.
This is now a level three emergency, level three emergency.
Requesting four more pumps at the north entrance to stand by.
Contact City Airport I need to make bolognese.
Oh, I like bolognese.
Sir? Sir? Dom? Dom? There you are.
We missed you.
If you have to, you can leave my legs behind.
Not much of a mover? No, I've got two left feet.
We'll do everything we can so it doesn't come to that.
So, what d'you do for a living, then? I'm a PE teacher.
Last bit now, John.
Don't worry, mate.
C'mon, Snip.
We're going to get you out now John, all right, mate? What I need you to do is to give this oxygen tank a big cuddle, yeah? Just hold it in your arms and don't let go.
There's no pain anywhere else.
Bunch his knees up, bunch his knees up.
Well done.
You all right, John? Good man.
Lift on three.
One, two, three Al, why are them fans still running? I told them, gaffer.
They said they were doing it.
Get on to them again.
There's lots of little leaks.
Control, this is Firefighter Allison in the Blackwall Tunnel.
We're going to need an empty tanker down here to off-load the margarine.
What's happening?! It's OK.
Don't worry.
It's OK.
It's all right.
This is tunnel control I spy with my little eye Please, remain with your vehicles and await further instructions.
something beginning with, L.
Shit, Mal! Get out quick.
Go! Let's go.
Let's get out.
Let's get out! It's safer in here.
We need to close the vents.
There's too much smoke! It's all right.
It's all right.
Help me! What are you doing? Trish! Get back in the car! Shut Come on! It's me! I'm back.
Don't go leaving me now.
Just focus on me! Look at me, OK? Take my legs, take my legs.
Put this on.
Put this on.
Keep breathing for me, don't stop.
Control, has Trish Tooley been evacuated? She was with an Asian woman and a ten-year-old child.
Still nothing, guv.
Get onto Superintendent Collins to give us an ETA on the evacuation, over.
Guv, something's wrong.
They can't turn the fans off.
Well, get up and do it manually.
Get up there, Snip.
Come on! Tunnel control, please open all air vents immediately.
However, close smoke exit six.
We don't want it to fuel the fire.
Come on.
Get in, get in.
Stay in your vehicles and await further instructions.
Come on.
Come on! You need to get in the car.
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! Sorry.
Get in! Get in! Thank you.
You're lovely.
Carol, where did you find this one? Give over, Gerald.
He's having a funny turn.
He's diabetic.
She's really scared.
Well, it's worse outside.
We need to You don't drop in after years and decide what's best for my daughter! Mum.
It's all right, love.
Do something! I'm going.
There's too much smoke.
I not going to let anything happen to her.
Do you really think I will? We're going.
Look, we just need to stay in the car, Rachel.
Kev said to stay.
Everyone is leaving.
Rachel! Grace! Grace! Grace! Get away from the car! It's going to blow! He's almost free.
We've nearly got him, guv! Grace! We've got to go! I can see her.
I've got her.
I've got her! That was Trish! Trish! GRACE! I lost her! I had her and I lost her! Grace! Grace! I can see her! I've got her! I've got her! Grace! Grace! Grace! Grace! I'm sorry.
I've lost my little girl.
Grace! Grace! What have you done? It looks worse than it is.
Right, come on, back to the car.
No, no, no, let me go! Let me go! Rachel! Rachel! Come on.
Rachel, Rachel! No! Grace! Grace! Trish Tooley, she's in a silver people carrier.
Nothing yet, guv.
And where are the evacuation teams? What the fuck is happening over there? Dom! We made it! Dom! Dom? Dom? Dom? Come on.
Come on! Dom! Help me! Zig.
"And o, there are days in this life "Worth life and worth death "And o, what a bright old song it is "That o, 'tis love, 'tis love, 'tis love "That makes the world go round.
" That's lovely, that is.
Bit cheesy, but 124 to Control, the male driver didn't make it.
We have burns victims, notify all burns specialist units.
We have 15 casualties.
Oi, come on.
These onions want browning.
Two firefighters down, being evacuated We need to find Grace! Grace! Please! Is somebody coming to help us? Stay still! Stay still! I need to find her! She needs me! You're no good to her dead.
You know what I said before? It was all true.
And I'm going to make up for it, OK? Please.
Find her.
Please! Please! Find her! Please, Gerald, come on.
You'll be all right.
You're going to be fine.
Guv! Please, Guv! You're getting too close.
We need to get over there, Trish is in there.
Guv! Please! Guv! Back up! Asbo, fucking stop him! What are you doing? Guv! You're too close.
Listen to me.
Listen to me - Kev! She'll have been evacuated by now! Come on! I'll find her.
I'll find her.
Asbo, Asbo! Get back here! Asbo! Dennis! Dennis! Dennis?! Pick up! Dennis! Dennis! Kev? Kev? I've got him.
I've got Dennis.
He's OK.
He's OK.
Take it! Come on! Come on! Come on! Trish? Trish! Thank God, you're here.
Gerald! Gerald? My husband's struggling to breathe.
Can you help? Hold it to your face, breathe deep.
Did you find her? No.
Trish! Trish - answer me! Kev! Thank God.
Are you OK? How's Dennis? Guv! He's hurt I'm fine.
How many are you? Five including Dennis.
Share his BA.
OK? It will give us time to find you.
And stay in the car.
I can't.
What do you mean? I've lost Grace.
She's somewhere in the tunnel.
OK, OK, we'll find her.
Kev! Stay in the car! I need to find her.
Listen, just stay in the car! I'm sorry.
I love you.
Trish, stay in the car! Trish! Dennis? Trish! Dennis, are you there? Guv, she's gone.
OK, wait there.
Wait there with the others, all right? I'm going to find her, Guv.
You can't leave us! I've got to go out there, sorry! Trish! Dennis! Dennis, answer me! Trish! HQ, ask the police if they have found a 10-year-old girl, wearing a red hoodie.
Her name is Grace, over.
Come on, Guv, if the rookie can get through, so can we.
Let's do it.
What are you doing? What are you doing? No way No, Gaffer!.
Cover them.
Cover them! Dennis, Dennis, come in.
Guv, I'll find her.
I'll find her.
Dennis, where are you? Mal, you take that side.
I'll go down the middle.
OK, Guv.
Trish? Trish? Dennis? Grace? Is her name Grace? Yeah, Grace Travers.
Kev, Grace is with the Paramedics, she's absolutely fine, mate.
Mal! Mal! Mal, they've found Grace! Copy that.
Here! Here! Help! Kev, I think I've found the car Trish? Where's Trish? She's looking for my daughter, Grace.
Have you seen her? Have you seen her? Don't worry.
She's outside, OK, she's safe.
She's safe.
Grab this for me.
You need the air, OK? Her husband You're too late.
All of you.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Oi, Mal, is Trish there, have you found her? Kev, Kev, she's not here.
And she hasn't got any air.
I've got a spare canister.
I'll find her.
Trish! Trish! Drink your tea.
Calm you down.
Another fatality and no sign of Trish or Asbo.
Aargh! Trish! Trish! Trish! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Trish! Leave me.
Trish! Shit.
Shit! Leave me.
Find Trish.
No, save it for Trish! Listen to me.
Take it! Let me up, I'll help you look for her.
Asbo, you fucking idiot! You're holding me up.
Now just take it! Trish! Nina, Nina, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, it's just, I didn't want to be out there and You know I was married to a man who threw things.
And I've been there, done that, and I'm not interested, thank you.
And I hate wasting food.
You should know that about me, there's starving children in Africa.
Yeah, I know.
S'quite a get up.
Yeah, well the majority of cycling fatalities in London are women, that's just statistics, so You're a quiet pond, aren't you? That will stop the bleeding.
Over here! Here! Kev, any sign? Kev, how's your air? Trish! Trish! I know your air is low.
You're going to have to change your cylinder.
Kev, where are you, mate? Trish? Trish? Trish! Kev! Kev! Kev, where are you?! Where is she? Mal? Where's Trish? Mal? I'm sorry, I don't know.
I don't know.
At least they got out safe.
Hello? We'll never speak of this again.
We're going to need someone to formally identify the body I can do that.
It has to be next of kin.
They need to be informed.
Julia - her sister, I'll give her a call.
G'day - I'm Janine.
I'll be your attendant on this flight.
Your emergency exits are here, here and No, actually those windows don't open at all.
Stop you chucking yourself out, after you taste the shepherds pie.
Made with real shepherds! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, worked a double shift, I'm kind of loop the loop right now.
Get those down you.
So you're a firefighter, huh? Lucky Janine.
The girls will be clawing my eyes out when they hear.
Anything in your history I need to know about? Medications, allergies Jeez, you've had a suck on the shitty end of the stick, haven't you, mate? I tell you what .
why don't you get a feel of that? 25 years old, nork cancer.
Was only in the one but I said to them, whip the other one off while you're there, guys.
I had quite a handful before, I tell you.
Good man.
A good cry, that'll sort you out.