The Smoke (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 I heard Dennis Severs worked here.
He helped.
I won't forget.
Dennis was there? On Churchill Estate, the fire.
You? I can't run away from this! I have to live in this! Argh! Argh! Kev, I've lost Grace.
She's somewhere in the tunnel.
Trish! Stay in the car! Trish! Back up! Trish! Trish! Leave me, find Trish.
We need someone to formally identify the body Julia.
Her sister.
I'll give her a call.
Why didn't you just leave me? What do you want? I don't know what else I can do for you.
"It's bad news for anyone crossing the river this morning.
" "The Blackwall Tunnel is still closed after the fire yesterday.
" "And there's no word yet on when it will re-open.
" "Obviously that's having a knock-on effect elsewhere.
" "Tower Bridge is at a standstill.
" "Thanks to White Van Man for his call about that.
" "As soon as we have more information, we'll keep you posted.
" Mal, mate, it's Bill.
Just, er, you know, I was wondering if there was any news.
Ugh! You stupid bloody morons! Jesus Christ.
I mean, Jesus Christ.
It's not Trish.
Didn't even look like her.
Look at me, I'm shaking.
Have you ever seen a dead body? I'm gonna have nightmares now, I tell you.
It were all waxy, Mal.
And it had eyes like a fish.
Excuse me, are you Julia Tooley? Yes? What do you want? Are you gonna show me a distressing operation now? What? OK, first, your sister's fine.
She inhaled a lot of smoke but was taken to Greenwoods Hospital so you can see her there.
If I can just get you to sign that.
Hang on a minute.
What is this? It's nothing, it's administrative, to say you won't sue us! I'm not signing that.
You've scarred me for life.
I've never even Just bloody sign it! Have you heard anything? They don't tell me nothing.
Is she OK? She's fine.
She's in Greenwood.
They got her out.
She's got some smoke inhalation but it could've been a lot worse.
I wanna see her.
They're gonna keep her in overnight, OK? No, get me my shoes.
Julia's over there.
I need to see her.
You need to rest up, mate.
There's nothing you can do.
Come on.
Oh, my God! Deja vu, innit? Amount of time I've sat next to you in a hospital bed.
I could've finished my novel.
I didn't mean to piss you off with the transfer.
I was just trying We're OK.
We just come a bit unstuck, didn't we? Have we got a pipette? What? Dunno why I'm bothering, they're not gonna wanna come in, are they? Not after yesterday.
You remember where you spent the 48 hours after King's Cross? There.
That chair.
Eating fish-finger sandwiches like they were going out of fashion.
They'll be here.
If they want to talk, they'll talk.
If you want to keep busy, keep busy.
All right? Any news from Kev and Asbo? Nah, nothing.
Just thought I'd come in and see if you needed a hand.
Oh, great, yeah, yeah.
Look, them peppers want chopping.
How was your audition? God He didn't go.
He was a bit I didn't really feel like singing, you know.
So me and Snip, right, we get to the fans, and they're yeh big.
They're going round, must be 3-400 miles an hour.
You seen Raiders Of The Lost Ark? Yeah.
Yeah, it were like that, so You all right? Yeah, I just came in to see if Mince needed any help with anything.
Me too.
I were just telling them about yesterday.
Zig, hang on.
Is there any news on Guv and Asbo? Trish? You all right? Yeah.
Um Yeah, I did a 12-mile run this morning.
Did my best time.
You're a masochist, you.
Um We're all set for later.
Potato salad, coleslaw, dips.
Here, I did a baba ghanoush, I thought, you know, aubergines, it's a party, why not? Mince, can you not touch me? We'll have a few beers.
Some good food.
Cheer ourselves up a bit, eh? You all right? Me? Yeah, seeing if you needed a hand.
Oh, great.
Them peppers want chopping.
Go on then.
Tell us all about it.
Oh, could've been so much worse.
I was watching this one on YouTube last night.
Same thing in France but that was alight 56 hours.
We had ours out in three.
Three hours.
Can you believe that? White Watch, on the money! Explosions.
Kev had his focused face, "Oi, Little Al, get us on top of that fire engine, this market's on fire!" He's got to learn, Kaz, it's not on.
I don't care if you're telling me he's the eldest.
I was the eldest, I never spoke to my dad like that.
All right, well, call us after your classes, yeah? Don't forget to remind him about your narrow hips.
Love you.
Are you going camping or something? Hey, Zig, what's up? Hey, come here.
What's up? I'm sorry.
It's embarrassing.
Not at all, you're just having a leaky day, aren't you? I don't feel great myself.
What are you doing? I'm sorry.
I'm really I'm really sorry.
I'm sorry, Snip.
It won't happen again.
Ziggy! Pack it in, please! Fuck.
Muffins and milkshake.
I know grapes are more traditional but after my hernia op, all I wanted was I've been discharged.
Rosa Paknadel come to see me yesterday.
She told me it didn't matter what people said about me, she was grateful.
Well, that's What other people were saying about me.
Clearly there's been a miscommunication No just, you see, to her, she wanted me to know, it doesn't matter what people say about me.
I don't think anyone is What did you tell her? That I was freelancing? Disobeying orders? It was my fault she lost her kid? Maybe I should be grateful it's only my ears burning this time.
What do you want? I, er I've got good news.
Your compensation's cleared.
Should be in your account by now.
That's it? It's 150 grand, Kev.
That it? Trish.
Did you get my Rescue Remedy? No, love, that stuff's just herbs and piss.
There you go, that'll perk you up.
Oops! You wanna biscuit? No.
Have you spoken to Kev? He just rang me.
I told him to come in an hour.
The doctors said What? Don't be daft.
Tell him to come now.
How much? It's 65,999.
It does nought to 60 in three seconds.
Walnut dashboard.
Intelligent parking.
And there are some great finance options.
Makes it look like you're compensating for something, though, doesn't it? People always say that but, really, when you're driving one of these, why would you care? Want to take it for a test drive? Why are you driving a campervan? I thought it'd be good for, like, you know, taking Grace out and that.
My nan had one when I was a kid, I loved it.
Go on trips.
Kev, what are you? No, listen.
The thing about being in hospital is it's bloody boring but it does give you time to think.
The last few weeks, there's not been a lot of that.
But I was lying there and all I gave a toss about was if you were OK.
What's that? Compensation went into my account.
No, I mean, what is this? Giving me that? Have I ever been with you for your bloody money? Well, I haven't had any until now.
Do you not Do you not want me? It's just, in the fire, you said I know but Cos I love you.
It's not the I just I love you.
And I want to take you and Grace to Southend and have fish and chips and go on the helter-skelter.
And I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry for everything.
I The way I treated you.
You never did nothing but try to love me and I wouldn't I couldn't believe in it but now I do now and it's the only thing I It's the only thing.
What? You all right? I've thought about this so much.
I didn't want to be in my scuzzy old jim-jams for it.
I love your scuzzy old jim-jams.
You wanna take a look inside? Come on then.
That's just That's cosmetic.
I can fix that.
Ahhh! I could make some curtains.
Keep going, love, you'll get to Australia! Planting a tree for Scarlett.
Kev! Blimey! Nice wheels.
You going on holiday? No, man.
London, when it's hot, who'd want to be anywhere else? Me.
Barbados, Hawaii, the Maldives, Mauritius.
Somewhere actually nice.
I'm just dropping Trish back and the van, then I'll be back.
Yeah, all right.
You wanna come? Yeah.
All right.
First time.
Oh! Oh, God! I'm scared.
Have you got permission from the council? Stuff like this, residents should have a say.
I'm a resident.
No-one asked me.
Did you hear me, Rosa, love? I don't want it there.
It's in my eye-line.
What happens when it grows? Block the light, that's what it'll do.
Rosa, I don't want it there.
All right? Fuck off! Don't forget to wash your hands.
I could call Julia about looking at flats Romford way.
Get more for your money further out.
Be nice, wouldn't it, to have our own place? We could go further, if you like.
Like where we talked about.
You mean SOS? What are you talking about? Southend-on-Sea! Oh! I told you, no-one calls it that.
It's just Southend.
I call it that.
You never been? Uh-uh.
Oh, let's take him! Can we go tonight? After your thing? Yeah.
We can take him to Peter Pan's Playground.
He'll be right at home.
I told you, it's not called that any more, it's Adventure Island now.
- Since when? - Since, like, ages.
I wouldn't live by the sea if you paid me.
There's too many old people.
Come on.
Wake up.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What do you want? I thought you should know, I'm having your son adopted! Al.
Come on.
Tine, you can't say stuff like that.
You'll give him a complex.
The little bastard boiled the kettle, poured it on the sofa, I sat down on it, now I've got bloody burns on my arse.
Al, I can't sit down! He said it was a joke.
I don't get it, how is that funny? Do you want me to come and get him? I can't do this on my own any more.
"I got that raise.
" It's a promotion, we won't have to worry about money.
Just come home, Ally.
Here they are.
Where is everyone? Mal rang, he and Kev, they're just taking Trish home, so Right.
What can I get you to drink? I've made a very special cocktail.
Yeah, I'm I think I'm just gonna have a beer.
Beer, fine.
Snip? Can I tempt you? No, I'll just have a beer, please, mate.
Beer? OK! Tina wants us back! Get in! How about a cocktail to celebrate? Vodka? Yeah, there's vodka in the cocktail.
I'll have a beer, thanks.
Looks disgusting.
Green Watch say you lot have been hanging about like a bad smell all day.
Yeh! Nah, they been here helping me.
Back from the dead! All right, Gaffer.
Hello! How's Trish? Yeah, bit wheezy.
Just dropped her off.
So, um Last shift was a bit rough on you.
What? No.
No, no.
I'm fine.
That bloke.
First time, it knocks the stuffing out of you.
But you get used to it.
Bit scary how much you get used to it.
Hey, come on.
Listen, Mal.
I'm just gonna nip out for half an hour, go down Churchill Estate.
Nah, nothing like that.
Rosa Paknadel, she's planting a tree for the baby and I'd like to be there.
Where's he going? It's all right.
He'll be back.
Right, Mince, time to find out if this cocktail tastes as disgusting as it looks.
Oh, you are not gonna be disappointed.
Yeah, I'll be the judge of that.
Why is it that colour? You shouldn't have done that, Gog.
You should go down there apologise.
I ain't going nowhere, you fucking nark.
What did you tell him? I told him everything.
Only thing you can do now is go down and give Rosa what she came for.
I don't know what she came for, she's as mad as a box of frogs, that one.
I think she wants to know you give a toss that you killed her baby.
You leave me out of it, all right? I got Emily to think about.
OK? Den? OK? OK.
As long as you go down and show that woman you're a human being.
Have you got fucking wax in your ears? I ain't going down there to watch her plant a tree outside my fucking window.
Accusing me of This is my home.
This is my home! You came.
Yeah, of course.
Your husband not here? Oh, no.
We separated.
The kids, they're living with him.
He didn't want to bring them back to the estate, so.
Listen, Rosa, I think I think what you're doing here today, it's amazing.
I've been thinking a lot about what you said on Friday and I just You've been Well, you've been very inspirational to me.
So We should start.
Um Thank you all for coming.
I really appreciate it.
I was hoping you'd be here.
I made a decision.
I thought, "If he comes, if he's got the guts to face this, then" If she can start to put it behind her, so can I.
I want this to be a celebration.
None of us knew Scarlett for very long.
She didn't spend much time on this earth.
And she could be a cheeky monkey.
But she lit up my life.
And I feel very lucky to have known her.
So, that's it.
I don't really know what else to say, except Except we all know who did it.
Why I lost my baby.
Why that man nearly died.
And none of you would say anything.
And now you're all here, looking at me, well, I appreciate your support but you can all rot in hell for all I care.
Cos the people that stand by and let something happen like this, they're just as bad.
They're just as bad.
So piss off! Oh, Rosa Go on! Don't watch me! Go away! Come on.
I said piss off, Liz! You deaf or something? Here, let me.
I can do it.
I want to do it.
Ugh! Ugh! My baby! No! Rosa, let's er Is there somewhere I can? I can take you? Is there someone? Let's have a drink.
You know the pub round the corner? Meet you there, just want a moment on my own.
I can wait.
Go on, you get them in.
You all right? Gog! Wake up! Help! Help! Please! Shit! Shit! Come on.
It's Kevin.
I got you.
Come on.
Quick! She needs CPR! Em! Emily, can you hear me? Em! Oi! Over here! To me! I can't! Come on! This way! I can't! It's too hot! Take it! Take it! Help me! Come on, what are you waiting for? Take it! It's too hot! Kev! Careful of what you're doing! Argh! You prick! It's a fucking baby! You idiot! Don't just stand there! You fucking prick! It's too late! Watch out.
You're safe now.
You're gonna be fine.
Come on.
You're all right, darling.
She's OK.
You're OK.
It's over.
You're different to him.
You're a good man.
We are good men.
Do you think Rosa? I think we walked Rosa home.
I think Rosa was a long way away from here when this happened, don't you? Come.
Dennis? Where are you going? You watch them bring him out of there.
I fucking ain't.
Dennis! Yeah, cos that's it! You didn't stick around for me either, did you, Asbo? Hey? Asbo?! It's all right, Em.
It's gonna be all right.
I'm sorry about before.
It was a tough day yesterday.
Think we're all feeling a bit You know? Yeah.
I got home last night and the minute I got in, Jamie wants me to help him choose a new washing machine.
I just wanna crawl into bed but it's a fight cos it's an important decision, apparently.
So we're sat there with this fucking catalogue.
And I says to him, "A man died in my arms today.
" And he looks at me for a moment and then he says, .
"I was thinking a Hotpoint, it's more energy efficient.
" It's tough, innit? I mean, I'm lucky, cos Kaz loves being at home with the kids but No, no, no, no.
You don't get it.
He hates me.
I mean, he'd never say it, but that's what it is.
He hates me cos I'm the one that earns the money.
He hates me because I'm the one that gets to leave the house every morning.
So that's the deal.
I don't get to talk about it.
None of it.
I do love him I think.
The kids Sometimes, I get to the front door and I can't put the keys in the lock.
Come here.
Zig, it's all gonna be OK, you know? Yeah.
Yeah, of course it is.
What's the alternative? All right, Bill, get out the way.
Let me be mother! Go on.
All right.
Mince, that was your finest dish.
Hello? "Daddy" Lil? "Daddy, you have to come home.
" Lily! Lily, what's happened? "It's so bad, it's so bad!" "It's Harry Styles! He's dead!" Oh, darling, I'm so sorry to hear that.
Ah! You OK?" Listen, sometimes animals just die, OK? "Yeah.
" I tell you what, we'll get you a new rabbit.
Yeah? "OK.
" OK, can you put your mum on, please? "You're my hero.
She's been grizzling for hours.
" "You having fun?" Yeah.
It's all right.
Kaz, listen, .
give the girls a kiss for me.
"Yeah, all right.
" Bye.
"Mile End and Stepney, Green Watch on scene at Churchill Estate.
" "Fire on third floor.
Well alight but under control.
" "Search and rescue procedure in place and one body recovered.
" "ALP on route as a precaution.
" "Multiple cause of smoke issuing from surrounding areas, over.
" I killed him.
Who? The bird.
I killed the bird.
Where's Kev? Yeah, I don't think he's coming.
Oh, well.
Never mind.
I wrote a little poem in honour of Spike's last day.
I was gonna wait but, you know What's up with them glasses? OK.
There once was a man called Mal Milligan.
A firefighter brave.
And we'll miss him when Shut up.
Tonight, to Ongar he drives.
Boo! Where they've locked up their wives.
Or at least put them back on the pill again.
Yeah, yeah, very funny, very funny.
You got a copy of that? I tell you what Mal, Mal, we've got you a little something.
Like, you know, the old tradition.
Speech, speech, speech, speech! Speech! I'm not giving a speech.
No, come on.
Look, give us a song, Big Al.
Come on, don't leave me hanging.
You've got your violin out already.
I haven't Hold on.
I tell you what, you know this one, here we go.
Here you go, right.
Well, um # I'm forever blowing bubbles # Pretty bubbles in the air # They fly so high, nearly reach the sky # Then like my dreams they fade and die # Fortune's always hiding # I've searched everywhere # I'm forever blowing bubbles # Pretty bubbles in the air # I'm scheming schemes # I'm dreaming dreams # I'm building castles high # They're born anew # Their days are few # Just like a sweet butterfly # Pretty bubbles in the air # They fly so high, nearly reach the sky # Then like my dreams they fade and die # Fortune's always hiding # I've searched everywhere # I've searched everywhere # And I'm forever blowing bubbles Pretty bubbles in the air Wooh! Nice one.
Asbo! How's it going? You all right? Good to see you, mate.
All right, son? Good to see you.
Long time.
Oi, Asbo.
Good to see you, mate.
Big Al! We have a problem, one of the engines is missing! "Kev, I got your text.
When are we going? I got your swims out and the beach blanket, moths have got at it but it should be OK.
" No, I'm I'm here now.
Can you come? I've done something.
" What, have you bought us a bungalow?" No, please, babe.
I need to see you.
"All right.
OK, I'm coming.
" What are you doing? Kev, you Kev, you're freaking us out.
What are you? Please, babe, please.
Just a minute.
Come and have a swim with me.
Good girl! Come on! Oh! Ah-ha-ha! Oh! What is this?