The Society (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

How it Happens

The second official exploratory expedition left New Ham on the afternoon of December 4th.
Based on Gordie's aerial reconnaissance, the party headed due west for two miles, and then turned north and east, arcing a slow, circular path around the perimeter of the town.
By the night of the third day, they were north-northeast of New Ham and had found nothing but trees.
There are forests the size of whole states, I bet.
Then we'll clear enough for a field.
In the middle of winter? Cut down enough trees to make a farm big enough to feed all of us? What does it feel like to starve? It's really slow, isn't it? And painful? Maybe not.
Maybe that's just at the beginning, and then you get numb.
Or die from a disease.
Do you think we would turn on each other first? What, like eat each other, you mean? There is precedent.
You would eat me? I'm a vegetarian.
There's not enough of us to eat.
We'd buy ourselves maybe a month or two.
The lost colony of New Ham disappeared in the winter of 2020.
I don't think we'd get that far.
If we come back without an answer people aren't just gonna wait around to starve.
We'll kill each other first for the food that's there.
We'll never make it to January.
And how long has this been going on? How many days have you been doing the jobs that were assigned to you? A hundred and seventy-two days now.
Okay, you actually counted.
Um But no, I bet, like, a lot of us have because that is 172 days of cleaning, and picking up garbage, and chopping vegetables, and locking ourselves in our houses at midnight, and having to explain if we're sick so they don't dock our food.
And has anyone asked, ever, "Are you okay with any of that?" No.
No, because this is a police state.
That's what it is.
Right? Essentially.
Unless we can find 125 votes that say no.
No! Right? Do you think we can do that? Can we say no, you guys? - Yes, come on! - [APPLAUSE.]
Yeah, let's do this! No, that's Cassandra's, isn't it? I think it would look nice on you.
I couldn't.
I'm not opening up a Cassandra museum, Elle.
What good is it gonna do just hanging in a closet? Did Campbell give you that? Yeah.
- You should keep it covered up.
- No, it needs to be seen.
Cassandra loved that shirt.
This would make her really happy.
I'm so sorry.
I messed everything up for you.
It is what it is.
Do you remember the first time that we talked? In the supermarket after what happened and you told me about that movie.
The Poseidon Adventure.
I don't think I want to watch that one anymore.
You asked me who I was in that story.
All this time, and I still don't know.
Makes two of us.
This is ridiculous.
I'm ridiculous.
You want to try to sleep? No, I'm done with sleep forever.
You're just getting yourself agitated.
You're not taking me seriously! I am telling you, I'm not staying here if Lexie wins.
What are you going to do, move to Canada? That's what I'm talking about! You are making a joke out of it.
It's not funny.
Lexie is not funny! Maybe it won't be as bad as you think.
Maybe she'll learn on the job.
Seriously? Are you hearing yourself right now? We're starting a family.
We have a place to live.
We'll keep our heads down.
If Grizz finds land for us to farm, we'll farm that land and feed our baby.
- That's all I know.
What? What now? I feel like I'm gonna poop again! Okay? I'm gonna poop during delivery.
All over Kelly.
No, you're not.
How do you know that? Because I've been reading.
That's what everyone thinks, but it doesn't happen.
It might! [CRIES.]
I'm gonna poop on her.
You're right.
I might poop everywhere.
I've had it with this pregnancy.
What's the matter with you? - What? - I messaged you all last night and this morning, you completely ignored me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Um I just I didn't see.
I don't know where my phone is.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
Are you on something? No.
And fuck off.
I I don't need a nanny.
Don't we know this guy? - I don't I don't know.
- Look.
Harry, please.
This is important.
Am I crazy or is this the guy from your mother's office? My mother's office? What? The day before it happened, we went to your mother's office.
She was still in a meeting.
It looked like a fight, remember? With this guy? In the picture? Who is he? He's the bus driver who picked us up and dropped us back here.
Why would a bus driver be in a meeting with my mom? That doesn't make any sense.
No kidding.
Thanks for the help.
Do people just come when you snap your fingers? What? You don't get to demand an audience with me.
You're lucky I showed up.
I didn't mean for it to feel that way.
I'm sorry.
I just want to talk.
Well, you weren't so interested in talking when your Guard humiliated me.
I made a mistake, I know.
What do you want to talk about? I need you to stop what you're doing.
I need you to stop campaigning.
I need you to stop running for mayor like it's a personal vendetta.
You've got to be kidding me.
What're you gonna do if you're elected? You don't need to worry about that.
You gonna do things differently than me? Yes.
Like what? I don't have to answer you, Allie.
It's really hard, you know.
And it's gonna get harder.
Keeping order, making sure people eat every day, figuring out how we get home.
You can win by making people angry at me.
But once you win, that stops working.
Well, thanks for the advice.
Are you gonna make peace with the Guard? No.
They have too much power.
You're half right about everything, you know that? And that's worse than being wrong.
That makes you dangerous.
You probably want to take that back.
Look, Allie, I get it.
You don't like to lose.
You like power.
I don't.
Believe me.
I need power to get things done.
But I hate it.
And you will too once this is over.
I promise you.
Is that a threat or something? No.
I'll apologize for what happened, I'll explain everything.
Even arresting Elle.
You can run for council.
You'll be a part of making every decision, okay? We'll do this together.
Please, Lexie.
Go to hell.
I don't know what I was thinking.
She's immovable.
Hey, uh Didn't mean to interrupt your little brain trust.
I just wanted to let you know that I replaced Jason, so it's my shift now.
I can go if you want.
It's okay.
It's not a secret.
She said she doesn't want to work with the Guard.
We all have too much power, she said.
Maybe we postpone the election.
What? - Not forever, till summer maybe.
- Will.
I'm serious.
We have to figure out how to feed ourselves or we're dead.
- You think she can do that? - We can't say that out loud.
What we need to do is find an explanation for postponing.
We don't.
I'm not doing it.
I'm not proving her point about me.
- Fuck that, Allie.
Who cares? - I do.
Because you're worried how people will think of you? Because I can't be certain.
I can decide what I think, but I can't decide that I'm right.
Tell me you understand.
I'm going to lose the election, and I'm okay with that, but I need to know that you're okay with it, too.
I'm okay.
Just give me some, man.
Come on.
Why are you doing this to me? We're not having a conversation about your drug habit.
You're about to lose this election.
To Lexie of all people.
I don't give a shit.
Well, I do.
I want Elle back.
I'm tired of grunt work, tired of groveling to people, particularly to Lexie.
She's an idiot.
I assumed you felt the same way.
I don't feel anything.
Just give me one.
Just one.
There's not going to be an election.
Yeah, right.
I'm serious.
We're not gonna ask for power.
We're gonna take it.
You are.
What, you mean, like, by force? Fuck.
Fuck that.
I'm I'm out, man.
You play that game, not me.
No, I can't do it by myself.
Well, tough shit, I'm not that guy.
What kind of a guy are you, Harry? Are you a fucking hero? I don't think so.
You want more pills? Fuck you.
We're a team.
You signed on months ago.
The day you took the first one of these.
Trust me, I'll make you come out smelling like roses.
Okay, just give me the fucking pill.
How far are we from home? [GRIZZ.]
We covered a lot of ground.
But in a big loop.
I'd say we're only about an hour in a direct line from here.
If the land is good, if we find a pond nearby with some fish in it we might actually be able to survive in this place.
What are those? Are those turkeys? I think they're called food.
PhD, I guess.
Math or physics.
Or computer science.
And then research and teaching.
Yeah, I would've loved that.
Law school for me.
I have no idea.
I never had any idea what I wanted to do.
Is everything okay? I need to show you something.
Where are Becca and Sam? That's a nice picture of my sister.
And the bus driver.
And the bus driver.
I know him.
What does that mean? The day before it happened, Harry and I went to his mother's office, and she was in a meeting with your dad Sam, Rodgers Eliot, and this man.
They were fighting.
She was fighting with the bus driver? I found some texts and emails that mention the meeting, and the guy's name is Pfeiffer.
And he had something to do with the smell.
But that's the only thing I could figure out.
"I know something about this.
I found a contract and some letters.
The day you went home sick.
" Me.
He's talking about me.
"Campbell made me destroy them.
He said they were dangerous for our family.
" I never told you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
"I took some photos of them before I destroyed them.
It's a contact for $1.
5 million to get rid of the smell.
And a letter from my father and Uncle Rodgers refusing to pay.
Dated two days before what happened.
" That's the day that the smell came back.
You're saying this is all the same guy? He promises to get rid of the smell.
Maybe he even does.
And then our parents cancel the contract, they get in a huge argument over it, this guy, this Pfeiffer guy, he gets back in the bus, and then he drives us.
It's not possible.
You can't just drive a bus in between two universes on purpose.
It's the same guy.
- Pfeiffer.
And we have to find him.
- How? - It's not physically possible.
- Stop saying that! It happened! People break contracts all the time.
You take it to court.
I'm telling you, we're getting it wrong.
I don't know, Will.
Maybe we're being punished for what our parents did.
And maybe it's not all they did.
But they got punished, too.
They lost us.
Or maybe only they got punished.
And we were saved.
And we're here.
And there's no "there" anymore.
It's okay.
No, I I think it's time.
You're two to three centimeters dilated.
I think.
That's still early labor, and according to the books, that could take up to 12 hours.
Okay, I'm going to get a chair.
Actually, you should walk around.
You don't want to lie flat that whole time.
Yeah, I don't feel like walking around.
- Sam, walk her around.
- Okay.
It's going well, though.
The baby's heart rate is good.
Okay, that's good.
We'll text you.
We'll come back later.
You okay? [SOFTLY.]
This is amazing.
It's fucking terrifying.
We're just not saying the stuff out loud that we're afraid of.
I know.
But thank you.
You're gonna do it.
We all know you guys are the reason this place works.
Yeah, no shit.
Do you get any credit for that? - No.
- No, but, I mean [CAMPBELL.]
Jesus, Clark.
You live in the same rooms, and you eat the same food as the people who mop the floors.
You know the real reason that she won't let you run for office? 'Cause she knows you'd win.
Okay, look.
We're all saying the same thing here.
Clark, you were saying this the other day, right? Yeah, but this is different.
This is heavy shit, man.
Like a coop.
She's your cousin.
People don't care.
They don't give a shit about democracy.
They just want to be safe.
So who's gonna make them safe? Allie? All alone? Or the Guard? I don't know.
I don't know.
Can we pull this off? Yes.
That was the best fish I've ever eaten.
I've never seen so many in the same place.
- Let's have turkey for lunch tomorrow.
- You can kill a turkey.
I'm not doing that.
Man, just look at those stars.
We are explorers on the edge of a great continent! And everything we see is ours! [GWEN.]
Oh, my God! More pot, man? No, no.
I'm gonna read from the book.
Out loud.
- Shut up.
- Actually, I want to hear.
It's All right.
It's Thoreau.
It's Walden.
Okay? All right.
"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.
" Do you think we might actually be lucky? No fucking way! You guys have lost your fucking minds! [CLARK.]
Lukey, relax.
Just listen.
You wanted to be mayor, right? You probably could've won, too, I bet.
But the women around here have us all wrapped around their pussies.
That's not a phrase.
You know what he means.
You were with us on this.
Yeah, but this is not the way.
You guys, the only thing that protects us around here is that we all agree on how we're gonna behave.
There are no actual laws.
Okay? So the first time that you say, "Screw it.
I'm gonna take whatever I want," then everything goes out the window.
Because what we have is built on trust.
Nothing else.
All right? And then when you stand up, and you lie to people, and you say, "We're gonna take over because we had to, because up is down and down is up," well, then words stop having meaning, too.
Except for whatever you want them to mean.
Yeah, exactly.
Because from now on, we decide what everything means.
Okay, so what happens when the next guy comes up and he says, "Fuck you, I want what you have"? What are you gonna do? What argument are you gonna make? What rules of acceptable fucking behavior, Jason? You've made them all meaningless.
Okay, so yeah, I'm willing to lose out every once in awhile, okay? It's better than chaos.
Well, then you're gonna lose on your own.
'Cause we're done.
The Guard is over.
We're not taking orders anymore.
You guys can't What about Grizz? Grizz might never come back.
He hasn't really been a part of us for a while, anyway.
So you're just gonna fucking blow everything up? This about him? No, this is about all of you.
I'm just offering advice.
You know what? I'll think about it.
All right? How about that? We can't let you leave, Luke.
You know things that are sensitive now, and we're not just gonna let you go.
Are you threatening me? We're just saying you need to make a decision here.
We spent the last five years defending your ass, making you look like the hero.
On the field and off the field.
And I'm okay to keep on doing that.
Yeah, me too.
But let's be honest.
You were never such a great quarterback.
I mean, you didn't even call the plays.
So what are you when you're on your own if you really think about it? It's not so likely to go well for you.
Or anyone.
What the fuck does that mean, Clark? Anyone? We should stick together.
It's, like, not even a choice.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Lots of contractions, but she's hanging in there.
I don't think I'd be that brave.
Or that careless.
With Sam? It really doesn't make a lot of sense.
It happened.
What if Kelly is right? I don't know.
What if there is no Earth, and this is it? People couldn't handle that.
That'll be Lexie's problem.
I have to tell them.
Next week.
My next meeting.
It'll be my last bit of bad news.
What? What are you thinking about? When I was little, I used to think that God had a plan for me.
Serious? Maybe not God, but the universe or something.
I was invisible.
Everyone was staring at Cassandra all the time, and I just Anyway, my mom sat me down one day, and she said, "Just wait.
Be patient.
You'll see.
Your time will come.
" I thought about that every single day.
My time will come.
And then this happened.
This responsibility.
And I didn't want it.
And I didn't want it, and then I did.
And then I really wanted it.
And I wanted to do it well.
As well as it could be done.
Like my mother had been right about me or something.
Isn't that stupid? All she was trying to do was make a little kid feel better.
Maybe this wasn't the time.
What? Maybe you still have to wait.
I got your text.
- You wanted to see me? - Yeah.
I've just I've been waiting for you to say something to me.
About what? About anything.
I haven't seen you in, like, five days.
That's the longest we've gone without talking in forever.
I hate it.
I know, I know I said things that upset you, and I don't want to do that.
Ever, if I can help it.
I'm sorry if I made you feel like I thought less of you, or that that I don't believe in you, because I do.
I do believe in you.
I think you're the most amazing person in the entire world.
And the crazy thing is none of this even matters anymore, does it? Allie and the whole question of who's gonna be in charge.
What do you mean? I mean, it's gonna be Lexie.
After all that, it's just gonna be Lexie.
Everything is so fucked up.
I just want to be with you.
Is that okay? Can we do that, please? Promise that no matter what happens to us, to this place, that we will never get mad at each other and never walk away from each other again.
Please, Luke.
- [KELLY.]
Push! You're doing so good, Becca.
Come on, keep pushing! I see the head! I see the head! Come on, keep pushing! Shoulders! Come on, one big last push! [SCREAMS.]
Is it a boy or a girl? [WHISPERS.]
Kelly, I don't think it's breathing.
Kelly, is it a boy or [SHOUTS.]
Is it a boy or a girl? [BECCA.]
Kelly, what are you What the fuck are you doing? Kelly [BABY CRIES.]
It's a girl.
You wanted a girl.
As long as it was healthy, I didn't care.
But yeah, I wanted a girl.
Say hello to your little girl.
She has your eyes.
She has her eyes.
Hey, you.
I didn't count on you, but You okay? No words.
What? It's a girl.
Uh, do you mind? I was having a little trouble sleeping and I'm a bit cold.
Okay, yeah.
I guess.
What about, um, Clark? Uh, that's not a thing anymore.
I'm gay.
Really? Yeah.
I mean, I was gonna come out in college, but you know So are you gay through-and-through or mostly gay? Um I don't really know how to answer that question.
Yeah, I guess I'm pretty much gay.
- I'm sorry.
I mean, no offense.
- No.
It's fine.
It's, uh - It was a stupid idea.
- No.
So, you're still warm.
I'm little bit lonely.
Do you mind? No.
Part of me wishes we could just stay out here in the woods.
I totally get that.
I don't want so much noise.
We'll come back again.
This is ours now, right? I know you and I haven't exactly seen eye-to-eye on everything.
Yeah, no kidding.
But I don't like what's happening.
With Lexie and the election.
It scares me.
There's not much I can do.
I just have too much baggage.
I think I asked them to do too many difficult things.
I should have stepped down and let someone else run.
Like you.
Or Kelly.
I'm not willing to give up just yet.
Last night I decided that I hate this idea on principle, but I'm going to give a political speech in church today.
I'll do it every day if I have to until the election.
Let's see what I can do.
Maybe you and I can turn this around.
Yeah, I don't give a shit what dirt you have on Allie.
Allie is not gonna win this election.
Neither is Harry.
I am.
There's not gonna be an election.
Well, you won't get away with that.
What, like Like by force? Yeah.
Like a coup maybe.
Okay, well, what are you gonna do? Lock me up? That's one option.
Kill me? No, fuck you.
Fuck you.
I'm not afraid of you anymore.
And if that really was the idea, then we wouldn't be here talking.
You have half a plan, don't you? You need me.
But I don't need you.
You understand a lot less than you think you do.
I mean You might be able to win this thing without our help, but you can't run the place without the Guard on your side.
And if the Guard are working against you, I'd give you a month before the mob strings you up as an incompetent buffoon.
And we're living in the Dark Ages.
Brute force wins.
You know I'm right.
Do you want to hear the deal or not? Are you hungry? Want me to make us something? You sure about this? Yeah, I'm sure.
It'll looked planned if Will and I are there.
Just go and let me know how it goes.
Hi, guys.
What? You're under arrest.
Both of you.
Is that a joke? I'm under arrest? For what? For trying to steal the election.
You know that's not true.
You don't have the authority.
Seems like we do, though.
Since we're doing it.
Fuck this! Don't look at me like that.
You locked me up once.
I let you go.
I'm not responsible for your mistakes.
Where's Elle? Seriously? It's not that big of a house.
Fine, I'll find her myself.
Hey, babe.
What are you doing here? You're free.
I'm setting you free.
Allie What did you do to her? Nothing yet.
She's under arrest.
They hurt you? No.
Okay, Shoe, you stay here with them.
Gordie, you can go.
What? Well, we're not going to punish our political opponents, only people who've committed specific crimes.
You're full of shit.
- You should go before you piss me off.
- Fuck you! - I'm not - [SOFTLY.]
Gordie, you should go.
What? You do us no good being imprisoned in this house.
What do you want, Campbell? [CHUCKLES.]
Not so uppity now, are you? I want to pull the strings a bit, that's all.
We've got some business in the church.
You want to go home and I'll meet you there? Yeah.
- Wait.
- [ELLE.]
Hmm? Say goodbye to her first.
What? Spit in her face.
- What? - Spit in her face.
She humiliated you.
Now it's her turn.
I'll make sure you get what's coming to you.
I promise.
What'd they promise you, Luke? Nothing.
What your loyalty's worth.
We have to be smart.
And not like children, not angry, not impetuous, not gullible.
We have to mistrust easy sales pitches that life will be magically better.
We can't allow ourselves to be moved by voices that speak only to our anger and frustration.
Allie's not a perfect leader.
No one is.
But for the past five months, we've survived because she kept us together.
- What's going on? - It's all right.
Luke, what's happening? - Trust me.
I'm in the middle of - It's all right.
What are you doing with Lexie? - Luke, why are they here? - [WHISPERS.]
It's all right.
Trust me.
I'm sorry to do this this way.
But - there isn't going to be an election.
Allie and Will have been arrested by the Guard.
They're under house arrest right now for trying to steal the election.
- I don't believe that.
- Luke.
I heard them talking about it when they didn't realize I was in the room.
But they control the ballots.
They weren't gonna lose.
It's true.
No matter what happened with the vote, they were gonna win.
I know.
I know.
I didn't want to believe it either.
I think it's pretty clear that I was actually going to win, but because of how things have happened, I think it's best if Harry Harry and I serve as mayors of New Ham together.
And then as soon as we can, we'll hold an election for the council.
Look, I know that it's not great, but it's the best that we can do right now.
I don't believe you.
You're lying, all of you.
I don't know what happened, but you're lying.
Look, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but I have no reason to lie.
I was about to be mayor, just me, and now I'm sharing that with Harry, so Look, I promised that I would make New Ham a better place, and it will be.
We'll get through this.
I'm an idiot.
No, babe, but Hey, we all wanted to believe her.
Okay? Look, I love you because you trust people.
I don't trust Harry and Lexie.
Even after all this, I I don't trust Harry and Lexie.
You'll be there with them, right? - The whole time, making decisions.
- Yeah.
Of course.
Okay, good.
I was wrong.
You're not just a good person, you're the best person.
Yeah, right.
I've been texting people with the news.
And it's nothing, just tumbleweeds.
Oh, yeah? I'm sure you'll hear from everyone soon.
How was Helena's speech? It was good.
Maybe there's a chance? For Allie? Who knows? Maybe.
Um We decided on a name.
Oh, yeah? We told Kelly before she left.
She loved it.
You ready? Eden.
Isn't that appropriate? And And hopeful? Eden Gelb.
Yeah, it's a beautiful name.
Hey, it's good to go home, isn't it? I don't know.
I kinda like it here.
How's Becca and the baby? What the fuck, Harry? What? We got everything that we wanted, right? It's just not in the way that we expected.
You're lying.
All of you.
And Campbell's behind this, isn't he? - Leading you two idiots, you and Lexie.
- Shut the fuck up.
No way.
I'm not gonna be a part of this and I'm not gonna let you get away with it.
Look, for your own safety, shut the fuck up.
What, are you threatening me? No, I'm protecting you.
I mean, who cares who's in charge? It's just a game.
The thing is, we need to stay safe.
Has anything happened to Allie and Will? No.
No, I don't think so.
You don't think so? Oh, my God, Harry.
What have you done? What the fuck have you done? Kelly! [WILL SIGHS DEEPLY.]
They won't get away with it.
They won't believe 'em.
There's some reasonable people on their side.
Maybe that's all it takes.
What do you think they're going to do to us? Fuck.
I don't want to die yet.
Listen, look, it's bad.
- But it's not gonna get that bad.
- No? On the day it happened, there was this this writing on the church wall.
Grizz saw it.
It was a line from the Bible.
"You've been weighed in the balance and found wanting.
"You've been weighed in the balance and found wanting.
" What, you believe in signs now? If that was about anything, it was about our parents.
Don't we remind you of them? I told you I'd always protect you, didn't I? No more running away, okay? No.
No, I'm done with that.
I get it now.
There's a meeting on the green in a few minutes.
Do you want to go? I think I just want to enjoy being home.
What are you gonna do to her? To them? I don't know yet.
We'll see.
You want to be a part of it when we decide? Yes, please.
That's my girl.
We're a team, aren't we? Mm-hmm.
[BOY 1.]
Traitors! [BOY 2.]
Got you now! [GIRL 1.]
We trusted you! [BOY 3.]
You suck! [GIRL 2.]
We don't need you! [BOY 4.]
Get out of here! [GIRL 3.]
These are people who we trusted.
Who betrayed us.
We wanted you to see them for who they really are.
Hey! None of what they're saying is true! None of it! No, no! No, stop! Stop, okay? Listen to me.
You cannot do it this way.
We'll figure it all out, but not like that, because we are not a mob.
All right? We still have rules here.
We'll figure out what their punishment should be, eventually.
What the fuck's going on, Luke? Stay quiet, Grizz.
What are you doing, Clark? Did you find land, Grizz? Yeah, Allie, we found land to farm.
And animals and fish.
Why is she bleeding? A lot happened while you were gone.
You'll find out later.
Listen to me! Everything stays the same.
Okay? When things change, they'll change slowly.
We'll learn how to farm.
We'll be okay.
Just for now, go back to your houses.
Dinner at 6:00 in the cafeteria, as usual.
Just go home.
Go home.
I know what you're thinking.
"What am I doing? This isn't me.
" But it is you.
That's how fast it happens.
Hey, guys, come on.
Let's go.
What are you doing out here alone, huh? Go on home.
" but Wendy had a better plan.
'Let's all slip into our beds and be there when she comes in, just as if we had never been away.
' And so when Mrs.
Darling went back to the night nursery, all the beds were occupied.
She saw them.
But she did not believe they were there.
You see, she saw them in their beds so often in her dreams that she thought this was just the dream hanging around her still.