The Sopranos s04e12 Episode Script


Ladies and gentlemen.
Corrado Soprano is not some harmless old man being persecuted by the government but a ruthless and calculating mob boss who controls a vast criminal enterprise.
Over the past few months, you've heard from FBI agents who have documented clandestine meetings at his doctor's offices.
Tales of bid rigging, sweetheart deals secret payoffs, and even murder.
No, Corrado Soprano is not some harmless old man but a killer who orders up murder like you and I order up coffee.
All right.
So, I rewrote it.
"The entire point of Melville's Bily Budd "it seems to me, is to show how mean humans can be to each other.
"Especially when living in cramped conditions.
" Hold that thought.
Come on in.
So, how is your mother's apartment coming? Artie's Uncle Zio finished the framing but now the Sheetrock, it's wet on the bottom.
There's a leak, maybe in the foundation.
My father is a contractor.
If you want, I can have him take a look at it.
He is free, I think, tomorrow afternoon.
That would be a huge relief.
What smells in this house? Marone, it's like the smell of heaven.
Homemade scones.
My son loves them.
Here, try one.
They are just out of the oven.
Thank you, no.
That's all there is for breakfast, is fat and carbs? Excuse me, we have a guest.
You want to say hello? Anyway.
"When Mr.
Claggart gets mad at Billy, it is a surprise "because he is always saying how handsome Billy is.
"This does not seem realistic "because why would an officer care if a sailor was handsome or not?" A.
, your father's leaving.
I'll come up in a minute.
Go over it.
What is this? "Ocean Club at Paradise Island.
" We leave tomorrow for three beautiful days.
Tomorrow? I know it's short notice, but the deal came through.
We got a view suite, first-class plane tickets.
Guy owes me a favor.
- What? - I don't know - A.
? School? - He's old enough to spoil himself now.
You were jealous when I left for Florida My mother with the skin condition.
Just the time it's gonna take to pack.
To pack.
I'll wait outside.
With all the shit that's been going on, the horse and all Now, I know you need a break.
Deep down that's probably the reason you got your hair cut.
You believe that in there? The tickets? For two years, she's complained that we never get away.
So I make it happen.
Top shelf across the board.
All of a sudden, her mother's psoriasis is like the bubonic fucking plague.
You know what, va fungule.
I don't know why I bother.
- She's probably worried for her mother.
- Fuck that.
They got her on the cortisone.
I know she's my wife and the mother of my children and all but let me tell you something, she can be a moody bitch.
There he is.
Live from Miami Beach.
- Where's your pop? - Clubhouse.
Forgot to put his Desenex.
- This shit with Tony? - Total debacle.
And Pop with his testa dura, he's not doing anybody any good.
Anything you could do to change your father's mind? I'm gonna try, John.
I came all the way up here for that.
You put your sun block on? As you know, Dad, Tony Soprano came to visit me recently.
I bought him dinner, we talked.
I'm not sure I like that he did that end run.
He's an old-fashioned guy, Pop.
Very allegorical.
I don't think it was his intention to insult anybody.
You're distracting me.
I'm taking a mulligan.
The problem is, I'm afraid that you backed yourself into a corner, this HUD thing.
Your insistence on the 40 percent.
Remember, even from the beginning I felt 40 was a tad steep.
A real hardhead, this Soprano kid.
And the ego.
I tell you, though, when I first met him, decisive as he is I would've been proud to call him my own son.
Maybe there's a compromise here, then.
There's always a compromise.
He's a bit of a poseur, if you ask me.
He likes to talk the talk, I don't know.
- What did he say? - His turf, his appraiser.
Son of a bitch.
- What, did they resod that green? - No, you got to give him some slack.
He hasn't really been boss of a family very long.
Family? I told you, they're a glorified crew.
Whatever they are, Carmine, the Sopranos bring in a lot of cash.
I've been close with Tony for a lot of years.
On reflection, John, maybe that's the sticking post.
Tony feels like you're friends and not business associates.
See, what am I always saying? I hate this fucking shit.
It's a small space, but I guess that makes it a decorating challenge.
The man in the store says to put mirrors but Mama thinks it's nose-in-the-air when people look at themselves.
How about, let's see, something like this? That's beautiful.
She'll fall in love with that place.
It's so cozy with the pillows Romantic.
Not that your mother I never thanked you for helping me.
That's okay.
You're a very special woman.
Have you thought about flooring yet? Not really, no.
Speak English, for Christ's sake.
If she doesn't go for mirrors we should pick a light-colored ceramic tile maybe.
All the houses back home have tile floors.
Then we should go to Colortile.
They have everything.
- I would love to go with you there.
- Great, then it's a date.
It's a date.
The handicaps are all taken.
What beautiful affairs they were, those Knights of Columbus dinners.
Julius La Rosa would sing with that voice of his.
Top dollar, they paid.
Now, that's a nice-looking man.
There's a handicap by the door.
Quick, Minn.
I remember him from Arthur Godfrey's program.
He was so mean to him, that man.
- Oh, my God.
- Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
I'm bleeding.
Oh, my god.
Jesus Christ, lady, didn't you see me? Guy checks into one of the guest rooms calls down and says, "I got a leak in the sink.
" I said, "Go ahead, the customer's always right.
" Any results from Little Carmine yet? Johnny Sack wants a sit-down tomorrow night.
Sweetheart, another drink.
What do you say, Ton'? Maybe we should take off soon? What's your hurry? Hang out awhile.
- Stay, I'll get you home.
- No, we should go.
All right, you two want to go? I'll see you tomorrow.
Come on, I'll walk you out.
Got my drink, a little dancing You want to go upstairs? That's okay.
Paulie, Marone.
For Pete's sake, Nucci, you were fine for the last two hours.
All right, let me see.
She's just a little shaken up.
We gave her some Tylenol.
It was such a crash, though.
Cookie's in the x-ray with three stitches.
When was the last time you had your eyes examined? - My eyesight is fine.
- Listen to the doc.
You shouldn't be behind the wheel at your age.
- I've been driving since I was a young girl.
- Horse and buggies don't count.
- Paulie, be nice.
- Relax, Ma.
She ain't driving you no more.
Maybe if your mother wasn't talking in my ear.
We were all chatting.
Everyone in the neighborhood says you're moving into the home.
- What do you need a car for? - I like my independence.
- And it's none of your goddamn business.
- This is my Ma we're talking about.
But we have tickets to The Producers.
Don't worry about it.
I'll drive you girls.
Hello? Colin, hi.
Hey, Mrs.
Meadow's on campus, she'll be right back.
- I'm Ellen McDermott, Colin's mother.
- Hi.
I'm gonna get my shoes.
You've seen the apartment before? I teach school out in Akron and I couldn't get here till now.
We figured she's only a sophomore, why does she need an apartment? But with those seniors moving out midterm, we said a Hail Mary.
No, I have to tell you.
Your daughter is really something.
- His old roommate - Thank you.
Colin is very sweet also.
Thank you.
But she's going places, that girl.
Poised, mature.
Cooks for these other two.
Plus she volunteers at that law center.
I think that's extraordinary.
Speak of the devil.
- Mom, remember Alex? - Of course, hi.
Excuse me.
- The place is really shaping up.
- I guess.
What's the matter? Finn? I thought things were going well with you two.
They are.
I don't know.
I keep waiting for him to say he loves me and he hasn't.
Some men have to move at their own pace, Mead'.
It's amazing, isn't it? Whoa, Nelly.
He'll be all right.
So, what do you say? You boys hungry? - No, we got to go.
- The limo's on its way up from Norwalk.
Marty, why don't you chopper them out? Chopper? That's fucking awesome.
I'll call Doug.
See if it's available.
I got Tony Soprano here.
He was asking if the chopper's available.
I know.
This new fucking girl told him.
I know.
About $15,000 between the five of them.
I know.
Good news, gentlemen.
Sorry about the mess.
Soprano? Greg Erwitt.
You got any luggage? - Just him.
- He's drunk.
He was just with the girls.
- So, Caldwell Airport, right? - Fuck that, how about Maui? Just climb on in and buckle up.
Oh, Jesus! Old Faithful.
Better here than at 2,000 feet.
I got to take a piss.
Oh, yeah! Hasta la vista! What the fuck you doing? You're standing too close.
- Furio come by? - He's already 40 minutes late.
He's probably worse off than me.
What, did you two go out? Can I get a cup of coffee? - Where the fuck is he? - Was he out with somebody last night? He's a single guy.
How should I know? Anyway, my memory's a little hazy.
I'm going back to bed.
When he gets here, don't wake me.
l'm not home now, leave a message.
- Hello? - Hey, it's me.
Meadow, hi.
You all right? You don't sound happy to hear from me.
- Of course I am.
What's up? - Nothing.
I was calling to invite you over for dinner Sunday so Dad can see the place and meet the crew.
- How nice, what brought that on? - I figure before break.
Finn invited me to go ski in Canada next week.
- You want me to make anything? - Nothing, I'm doing everything myself.
Maybe wine.
We only drink good wine when parents come.
- Anyway, l got to go.
- Okay, bye.
- Nice place.
- Yeah, we open in a few weeks.
Carmine got the chef from Fontanella.
Killer wine list.
Look at this, it used to hang in Fiorello LaGuardia's office.
Who's that, Carmine in that boat? Gin and I are going over next month.
Listen, Tony.
It's very important to Carmine that we work something out.
If it's so important, where is he? His son's leaving tomorrow.
He had family obligations.
So what is it, what's the offer? Forty percent of the HUD take across the board, starting now.
Forty? I thought Little Carmine said he was gonna take care of this.
He did, that's why the concession.
We were at 40 a week ago.
Whatever is done already is done.
You keep that for yourself.
The 40 percent only applies to future deals.
Let's go.
- Darlene, hi, how are you? - Great.
You know, I wanted to thank you.
Your husband's friend came by the office.
We got the listing.
- Which friend, who? - Furio Gunther, is that how you say it? His house just went on the market.
Hi, Penny.
How are you? All right, I'll talk to you later.
Who was that? Silvio.
Listen to this Furio called, the stupid fucking zip moved back to Italy.
Asshole left a message on the answering machine at the Bing at 4:30 a.
Here, carry this.
- Flower delivery.
- Come on in, I'll be right there.
- Hi, Mrs.
- Hi, Finn.
Soprano, Finn Detrolio.
Finn the dentist, right? Someday.
I'm still waiting to hear from dental school.
Remind me to talk to you about this loose filling later.
These are beautiful.
Thank you.
- So, what smells so good in there? - Mom's recipe for chicken cacciatore.
You see, I should've known.
- You always leave your door open like that? - I'm cooking, it's hot.
I'll protect her, don't worry.
You hear that? Anybody bothers her, he'll knock their teeth out.
Then he can put them back in, too.
These are my roommates, Colin and Alex.
So, you're her roommate, too? Colin McDermott.
I've heard so much about you.
- So he lives here and you don't? - Dad.
- I have a place on 118th Street.
- Good.
I'll show you around later.
So, Finn.
Where you from? My dad was in the Navy.
I was born in Japan, spent my first 10 years on a base near the Azores.
- So, your dad was a sailor? - Surgeon, actually.
- So, you've been all over the world.
- Yeah, pretty much.
- Would you like a mushroom? - No, I don't think so.
- Have one, they're good.
- Maybe later.
I got to tell you, Mrs.
Soprano your daughter absolutely keeps us alive with her cooking.
Didn't you make macaroni and cheese once? Well, I didn't want to brag.
Yo, guys, come here, look at this.
So, Finn, Meadow tells me that you're going skiing.
For four days next week, a whole bunch of us.
A friend of my dad has a house in the Laurentians, near Montreal.
You can ski right onto the trails.
I saw pictures.
There's this humongous stone fireplace.
Just be careful, with all those accidents you read about.
Sonny Bono.
- How about you, Alex? You ski? - I used to.
- My family had a retreat near the Pyrenees.
- Pyrenees? Alex is descended from Spanish royalty.
- Seriously? - She's our little princess.
My great-great-grandmother was a countess.
- Which makes you - Technically I'm an lnfanta de gracia.
But that wouldn't fit on her driver's license.
You might have told me you were living with royalty.
My daughter's an Italian princess.
Does that count? My wife, too, for that matter.
- There's more chicken if anyone wants.
- Yeah, I'll take a little more.
- So, A.
, what are you, a junior? - Next year.
- Did you look at any schools yet? - Not really.
I'll go to Rutgers, I guess.
Are you passing everything? - I got a "C" on a paper I did on Bily Budd.
- A "C"? He usually gets "D's" and "F's.
" What's with you today, you okay? - He worked so hard on it, why only a "C"? - I don't know.
- Did you like Bily Budd? - It was okay.
- My teacher says it's a gay book.
- Mr.
Weggler? That is ridiculous.
I've heard that before.
- That was written when, in the 19th century? - I didn't even know they had fags back then.
- No offense.
- I'm not gay.
- You're not? - No.
I read where they found gay cave drawings in Africa.
Really? Shut up.
This stuff is pervading our educational system not to mention movies, TV shows.
- What stuff? - This gay nonsense they're teaching.
I am sorry, but Bily Budd is not a homosexual book.
Actually, it is, Mother.
I saw the movie, Meadow, with Terence Stamp.
Terence Stamp was in Priscila, Queen Of The Desert.
I don't know about that.
But Bily Budd is a story of an innocent sailor being picked on by an evil boss.
Who is picking on him out of self-loathing caused by homosexual feelings in a military context.
- Oh, please.
- Okay.
Actually, Mrs.
Soprano there is a passage in the book where Melville compares Billy to a nude statue of Adam before the Fall.
- Really? - I thought you read it.
So, it's a biblical reference, does that make it gay? - What's the difference? - I'm just saying it's ridiculous how everything is being sold as homosexual nowadays.
Must be a gay book.
Billy Budd's the ship's florist, right? Leslie Fiedler has written extensively on gay themes in literature since the early '60s, Bily Budd in particular.
She doesn't know what she's talking about.
She's a "he," Mother, and he's lectured at Columbia, as a matter of fact.
Well, maybe he's gay, you ever thought of that? They broke the urn.
He sent Little Paulie to trash Carmine's restaurant? He works for me.
What do I know? A lot more than me, that's for sure.
Everybody does.
We've been friends a long time, Paulie.
I'm gonna go off the record here.
You know, I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but since you ask I think certain people are starting to wonder where your heart is.
People who? Tony? What the fuck's that supposed to mean? Right there.
Your attitude lately.
Four months inside, I'm supposed to skip down the street? You're only as good as your last envelope.
You know that.
You have any idea what Albert kicked up last week? Fuck that fucking parakeet.
I got a relationship with Tony Albert'll never have.
No matter how far he sticks his tongue up Tony's ass.
All right, fuck this.
Every friendship has its peaks and valleys.
Right now, me and Tony are in the valley.
The cycle comes around, it'll be different.
I'm past worrying I gotta be the top earner every fucking second.
So there you go then.
Don't give me that smart-alecky shit.
Don't forget, I go back in this family to Johnny.
Before you even.
It's your fault anyway.
All this shit started with that Russian prick when I had to go pick up your $5,000.
You know, things might be a little different, Paulie if you'd accept some responsibility for a change.
You're a wormy cocksucker, you know that? I'm just telling you how you're being fucking perceived! Just worry about how you're fucking perceived! Nobody knows what the future holds, my friend.
You heard what he did to the fucking restaurant? So how do you want to respond? We got to break this guy's back.
I haven't wanted to do this.
But it's gotta be.
Call the union.
His mother was coming.
He was so excited, Ro.
We had a date to go to Colortile.
- A date? - To look at tile for his mother's apartment.
No phone call, no note.
- I know I sound foolish.
- No, you don't, honey.
When I ran into Darlene at church I felt like somebody punched me in the stomach.
I almost threw up the sacrament.
- What am I gonna do, Ro? - What's there to do? A couple of months, you'll forget all about him.
I don't know if I can.
You don't think Tony said something to him, do you? I didn't see what all the fuss was, particularly for what it cost.
Remember we saw Man of La Mancha that time? Richard Kiley stared at Ma the whole time he was singing The lmpossible Dream.
- How I cried.
- Give me Sondheim any day.
When Salvatore was alive, Minn went to the theater every week.
He did well, Salvatore.
- Barber scissors, right? - Precision cutlery, 46 years.
There you are, sir.
Finally, the doggy bags.
I give these to my son.
Here's for Ma and me.
Parking and gas, I'll take care of.
I have $100 I need to break.
Come on, Ma.
Shoot, I forgot to cash my check.
- Don't you have direct deposit? - She doesn't even have a savings account.
- I like to have the money right in my hands.
- Still keep it under the mattress? Never you mind where I keep it.
I need change.
Where's my rolls? - I don't know, Ma.
- Waiter? These Parker House rolls, they belong to my ma.
They do not.
They were for the table.
Wrap these up, will you? Cellophane.
Come on, Ma.
What the fuck is this now? Can l have your attention, please? l repeat, can l have your attention, please? Whoa.
What's going on? You the foreman? Dave Fusco.
I'm the business agent for Local 87, Laborers.
It's come to our attention this site is employing a substantial number of non-union laborers in violation of our master contract.
Come on, what the fuck? - Frankly, sir, I'm shocked and appalled.
- Yeah, right.
What are you, fucking kidding? This site is shut down until further notice.
Hey, how you doing? We just want you to know how glad we are a guy like you is on the jury.
That mob thing, that Junior Soprano trial.
- I got that.
- $14.
Hey, what are you doing? It's a privilege.
Hard-working guy.
Wife and two kids.
Performing a civic duty we should all take part in.
We know you'll do the right thing.
- Hello? - Hey, it's me, what are you doing? Nothing, just reading.
You all right? Yeah, l just wanted to talk to you.
Did I do something to piss you off? What are you talking about? I know you were kinda mad at me the other night.
- Why would I be mad? - l don't know.
Anyway, the reason I called.
It's kind of near my birthday and I was thinking we'd do our tradition.
Go to the Plaza for tea under Eloise's picture.
Really? That's so wonderful.
Are you crying? I'm just happy, that's so thoughtful.
I was thinking tomorrow.
It's the only day I have before we go to Canada.
Well, I have my nails in the morning, but I could drive in and meet you after that.
Actually, I'll be on the West Side, maybe you can pick me up? Sure.
I'll take the George Washington Bridge.
Why take the bridge if you're going to midtown? - I know how to get to the city, Meadow.
- All right.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- How's 1:00? - That's fine.
On second thought, l'l just meet you there.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Well, it happened.
Stubborn old fuck shut down the Esplanade.
This business agent he owns was there from the union.
Put on an Emmy-caliber performance.
Let him run this 40 percent bullshit by the other bosses, see if they put up with it! If you want, we could torch a few of his cement trucks.
No retaliation, counter-retaliation.
- We just sit tight.
- It's gonna cost us, T.
- That's why Carmine did it.
- It's gonna cost him, too.
- I brought these! - Sorry.
I am not wearing the gloves.
Soprano family tradition, notwithstanding.
I didn't think so.
But I'm wearing mine.
Where'd you park? There's a lot over on 57th Street.
Is that okay or would you like to lecture me on parking, too? What are you talking about? I figure since you're also an authority on driving directions.
- Very funny.
- Not to mention literature.
So it's the Bily Budd thing.
I was merely pointing out to you what serious literary critics have to say about the book.
These look delicious.
So, how is Finn? When are you leaving for Montreal? Wednesday morning.
He'll pick me up at home, I have my ski clothes there so I'm gonna stay over the night before and do some laundry.
- Is that a problem? - No, of course not.
As long as he stays in the guest room.
He's not staying, Mother.
Well, the way you two hang on each other Well, excuse me, Mrs.
What do you have against love? - Nothing.
- Why are you not happy for me? What, are you jealous? Just 'cause you and Dad are middle-aged? Watch it, young lady.
- What, am I a child? - Actually, yes.
Your apartment in Manhattan, notwithstanding.
What? I'm sure your friend the princess found us quite amusing.
You're the one who wanted me to go to an Ivy League school.
These are the type who go there.
There are also people who grew up without indoor plumbing but you would know even less about them.
Would you rather I transfer to Montclair State? Then maybe I can drop out like you did.
I'm sorry.
I invited you here to have a nice time, not to belittle me.
Maybe you'll be happier if I didn't come around.
Except that won't happen.
'Cause you'll need money in about a week.
You know what? To hell with not coming around I'll just transfer to Northwestern so I can be near Finn when he goes.
Yeah, sure.
Carmine, hey, what are you doing here? - I'm a guest.
My housekeeper's daughter.
- Small world.
The groom's dad is my third cousin.
Beautiful ceremony.
So, listen, about all this stuff that's going on.
- Tony and all.
- What's your name again? Paulie Gualtieri.
Jersey? Your father was run over by a trolley, right? Johnny talked to you about me, right? Johnny who? Sack? Talk to me about what? - Anything good? - Just bills.
- So, you never told me about your lunch.
- It was horrible, since you ask.
She's threatening to transfer to Northwestern.
- What brought that on? - Boyfriend probably, Finn.
Maybe she wants to put some space between us, I don't know.
- Why would she wanna do that? - You know, frankly, I don't care.
The way I feel now, if I never see her again, that would be just fine.
- How could you say that? - Look, Tony, I don't feel well.
My joints ache, my stomach is all queasy.
You asked, I told.
Just making conversation.
If you don't care what the answer is, don't ask! All right, calm down! I don't have enough on my plate? One of my key guys disappeared to Naples for Christ's sakes! Have you seen my Nordica goggles? Yeah, they're in the basement.
I had to solder something in my computer.
- What're you reading? - Death in Venice.
Weggler assigned it.
Where's Mom? Bed, I guess.
- She seem weird to you lately? - How? - Angry, sad? - I guess she's been crying a lot.
- Since when? - Last week.
- I think she's upset about Furio's dad.
- Why, what do you mean? Well, he died.
And I think Furio went back to Italy or something.
- She was going over there a lot.
- To Furio's? She was helping him decorate.
And she made me go, too.
It was really a pain in the ass.
She took you there? More than once? I don't know, a couple, three times.
Oh, dude.
- Meeting's over.
- Jesus! Who's there? What're you doing? Minn! Your door was open.
I brought you something from my ma.
What are you doing in my house? Take it easy.
I didn't know you were home.
- Your car was gone.
- It's being repaired.
- What are you doing? - Calling your mother.
I know you.
You got any coffee? My kitchen's all wiped off for the night.
Well, this week then, I'll bring my ma the three of us, we'll go have lunch over at Pal's Cabin.
You're here to rob me.
No, what are you crazy? Just calm down, okay? You're a disgrace to your mother! Don't set that thing off! You think I'm here to hurt you? - You've known me since I'm a kid.
- Help! What are you doing? Fuck! Minn, wait! You were always a little bastard! Shut up with that fucking mouth! Help! Oh, no.
- There's the skip.
- Hey.
For you.
I know things have been slow lately.
That ought to bring us up to date.
- What'd you do, rob a bank? - Back in business, T.
- What, are you going to track? - Thinking about it.
Ton'! Johnny Sack for you.
- What's that prick want? - I don't know.
Let me take this.
Hello? Thought we did.
All right, I'll meet you.
Did you say goodbye to your mother? She went to the market while I was in the shower.
She loves you, Meadow.
You know that, don't you? - I know.
- Come here.
Cut her some slack, will you? You gotta understand, she's going through a rough time right now.
- How come? - Change of life, maybe.
Her kids are growing up.
We talked about this in counseling, me and her.
You guys went to counseling? Yeah, it's part of the therapy for the panic attacks and all.
- You were in therapy? - You knew that, didn't you? Oh, my God.
On some level she may feel unfulfilled.
Switch on Rosie O'Donnel, that's all these women bitch about.
A little of that's probably my fault anyway.
It's an epidemic, right? - You really think that's it? - Yeah.
It's probably the beginning of menopause, like you said.
All right, you go have a good time.
Well, here I am, what is it? We go back a long way, Tony.
We've come way too far to let it all go to shit.
With all due respect, you wanna go down memory lane, put it in second gear.
The Esplanade now.
I wish for Carmine's own sake he'd ease off.
Why don't you tell him that? He's so easily upset these days.
His teeth.
I'll tell you, that restaurant thing didn't help.
He hurt my appraiser.
What was I supposed to do? It's on page four of the boss manual, John.
Jesus! You're preaching to the choir, Tony.
You don't even wanna hear how many of his decisions end up lightening my pockets.
Why you telling me all this, John? Because at heart, I know you're a pragmatist.
As I am.
I'm telling you now Carmine won't bend.
And I just told you, I won't.
If Carmine's health were bad if something were to happen to him, God forbid all of this unpleasantness would just John, Carmine's fine.
He's very healthy.
Thank God.
Call me.
Holy shit.
As soon as we get off this barge, l never wanna see you again.
- Yes? - Tonight? No.
You're home early.
What are you watching? How to Marry a Milionaire.
Do I have a fever? Maybe.
A little.
- You want some Advil? - I took some.
I talked to Meadow this morning.
She left for her ski trip.
She's a good kid, Carm.
She hates my guts, Tony.
She doesn't hate you.
She's gonna call you.
Come on, you know how that works.
Finn will go.
She'll forget all about him in a couple of weeks.
In a few years she'll find somebody else, settle down.
Maybe she won't, who knows.
She can do whatever she wants.
She's becoming a wonderful woman, Carm.
Smart, beautiful independent woman that you created.
Isn't that what you dreamed about? Yes.