The SoulTaker (2001) s01e01 Episode Script

The Crest of the Devil

Wake up, Mom!
What's going on?!
I'll get help!
How could you?!
Forgive me.
Please forgive me, Kyosuke!
Mom! No, don't!
A dream?!
Did my mother actually
stab me?
You're finally awake, huh?
That was a close call.
You were buried alive
back there.
Where am I?
You're in my apartment.
So? How do you feel?
I'm sorry.
Could you leave me alone
for a while?
I still can't believe it.
He had a dagger plunged
deep into his heart
Go heavy on the mustard.
Uh, Miss?
How did you know I was?
I'm Maya Misaki.
Nice to meet you.
Why did you come and save me?
How did you know I was alive?
Let's just say it was
a gut feeling I had.
A gut feeling, huh?
Is that weird?
Of course it is.
It's too strange.
I felt that you were
definitely alive.
Call it a sixth sense
or a premonition.
Once I was convinced,
I couldn't just walk away.
Make sense?
I know it sounds confusing.
Never mind that! You should
call your family or someone!
And tell them that
you're actually alive.
No. Mom was the only one left.
I see.
Don't worry. I'm a nurse.
Damned tooth
It's amazing how quickly
he was able to recover.
To think a stab wound like that
would completely heal
in just a week.
Why am I so giddy?
Why'd you do it?
I've finally found you!
I've got you now, Kyosuke Date!
Now, where did you hide
that precious patient of mine?
What patient?
Who do you think?
I'm talking about your cute,
little sister.
What little sister?
I don't have a little sister!
Little lies today will lead
to a life of crime!
I get it.
You've got a case of amnesia.
You'll need the help
of the good doctor!
Say hello to my scalpels!
My operations are real painful!
Pain like you've never felt before!
The intense pain will make
you regress to a past life!
Here we go again.
Making a flashy entrance like that
isn't my cup of tea.
Who are you?
Are you really that
Kyosuke Date guy?
A kid like you?
Sorry to disappoint
Hey, I know you.
It's coming back to me.
You're Shiro Mibu, aren't you?
So, what if I am?
You Hospital quack.
What do you mean, "Hospital"?
What are you wasting
your time here for, Doctor?
Kirihara's already beaten
you to the girl!
They what?!
How did Kirihara sniff out the girl
and snatch her up so fast?
Trust them to pull off
a move like that.
Shiro, was it?
What's going on here anyway?
What happened to Maya?
Isn't it obvious already?
So, those Hospital people
kidnapped her?
That's a stretch.
You heard what the nurse said.
Kirihara beat them to the girl.
Who is this Kirihara person?
Kirihara, as in the Kirihara Group.
You mean the
international conglomerate?
But why would they want to
kidnap Maya?
Your little sister makes
a pretty good sandwich.
My little sister?
Kirihara kidnapped her
because she's your sister.
What you're talking about?!
Maya isn't my little sister.
Besides, I'm sure she's
older than I am!
You really don't know
what's going on, do you?
But you should be able to
remember at least a few things.
What's this?
I knew it all along.
I knew it all along.
Must be a diary.
That I'm not the real me.
I'm just a fragment of
someone else
a flicker of a soul.
What does she mean by that?
Sounds like Maya knew
she was just a Flicker.
But I always thought someone
would come and save me.
And take me away from
this dreary, tedious life
and turn me into the whole
person I ought to be.
And now I've found him.
My knight in shining armor.
I just know that he'll fulfill me.
That he'll make me whole again.
After all, I can feel
our souls pulling together.
She's as messed up as me
Look. Here's the knight
I've been waiting for.
I'll never let him get away.
That's me she's talking about!
What's going on here?!
Did you capture a new Flicker?!
She's awfully cute.
Send her to the dissection lab.
My twin?
My mom never told me
I had a twin.
I don't blame her, considering
what's up with your sister.
What're you talking about?
She has another entity.
Her other self.
Her other self?
Kirihara's after your sister
That's why they're
hunting down Flickers.
You mean Maya's a Flicker?
Looks like it.
What could've happened
to my sister?
There it is.
That's Kirihara's sea base.
This place is creepy.
Reminds me of a cemetery.
And this is the
Kirihara Group's base?
You really think they've
got Maya here?
I'm positive.
I stole the information from
their mainframe computer.
Are you sure you want to
go in there to rescue her?
She's a Flicker.
Not your sister.
I don't care what she is!
I owe her my life.
I'm not going to abandon her!
You haven't explained why
you're helping me like this.
My tooth is killing me.
Damned molar
Maya's in there somewhere.
You can resonate telepathically
with a Flicker, huh?
Fear not, my little Flicker.
I'm just going to run some
tests on you. That's all.
It'll be over soon.
That's not the landing approach,
you idiot.
What the?!
Come on, slow poke.
How much longer are you gonna be
in the bathroom, Doctor?
Shiro. Let's go down there!
Look out!
Wow. He's good
Give me a break.
Like those are going to stop me.
That's very unfortunate.
This electromagnetic blade
is still in its trial stage.
It's long enough so you stand a
good chance of hitting the target.
Shiro! They've spotted us!
Gee, when is that doctor
going to get his act together?
Come on out, little patient
of mine. I'm waiting!
What's going on?!
How did that Hospital
intruder get in here?!
They could only be
after one thing.
Transfer the Flicker
to headquarters!
He must have some
Kendo training.
Who the hell are you?!
Don't let them get the Flicker!
The girl's in there!
Let the girl go!
Don't Kyosuke!
What's the deal with you, kid?
We'll deal with him later.
Now, transfer the Flicker
to headquarters at once!
Just where do you think you're
going with my precious patient?!
That Hospital intruder!
Where the hell's security?!
Unfortunately for you
they're all dead now!
How about handing her
over to me?
My little patient.
You mutant!
He can teleport himself!
Over here! Over here!
Whoa, that must've hurt!
That was a bad one!
Now, let's start the operation!
A delightful operation!
Don't do it!
That girl's a Flicker!
She's of no use to you people!
You're excited about this,
aren't you?!
I'm so happy even the blood's
draining from my head!
Hey, you're a doctor, aren't you?
You think you can fix my tooth?
It's been killing me
since this morning.
I'd love to
but unfortunately,
I practice external medicine.
Don't worry, little girl.
It only hurts at the beginning.
It's so cold. I'm freezing.
No! No!
I don't want to die!
I don't want to die like this!
Why?! Why, Mom?!
How could you do that to me?!
I'm regaining strength
He's finally awoken!
The most powerful of mutants!
What's that new mutant?!
How dare you rain on my parade!
I'll just have to slice you up
into tiny pieces!
Oh, the agony! That hurt!
I told you it'd hurt!
I'm sure with that kind of pain,
you'll find death a blessing!
He doesn't have any
teleporting abilities!
He's moving through matter
at ultra-high-speed!
Here's the missile
that'll finish you off!
Now he's in trouble!
What've you done to me?!
Lightening Breaker!
That mutant's powerful!
I'll save you no matter what!
Who killed my mom?
And why would she have
stabbed me?!
I get swallowed up by
a wave of endless questions.
A killer satellite, a row of cherry
trees, red tears, Fantasy World
and the cold bubbles
of formaldehyde.
I'll save Maya.
Even if she isn't my sister!
It's the only thing
I can do right now.
The SoulTaker
The World is an illusion.
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