The SoulTaker (2001) s01e02 Episode Script

The World Is an Illusion

What am !?
Why did I transform
into that creature?
Into that monster?
What lies beyond these
days of sorrow SoulTaker
A voice cries out, awakening
the soul of this cold world
Shedding the loneliness of yesterday,
you rise up to face a new era
What should you believe in now,
hold in your heart and aim for?
The cry of your soul, destroying evil
with your noble roar SoulTaker
A ray of light guiding the world,
clinging to a dream that never fades
Here comes the Coast Guard.
The Coast Guard?
I'm not surprised, after the
commotion you caused.
Haven't you figured out where
they've taken Maya to yet?
My gut feeling is that she's
already been killed.
She's alive!
I'm sure she's still alive!
I'm hungry. What about you?
Please hurry up!
You've heard of
The Harai Café, right?
The one where there's
always a line up?
Those Kirihara guys don't give
a damn about people's lives
let alone a Flicker's.
You think the Kirihara Group
people killed my mother?
It was probably either them,
or those Hospital guys.
But why my mom?
Who knows.
Be straight with me, Shiro!
Am I Am I some kind of monster
like those Hospital freaks?!
Am I even a human being?
Is that why
Is that why mom?!
Go and buy us a little time.
This is the Coast Guard!
Drop your weapons at once!
What's this?!
You've got to be kidding!
How much longer, Shiro?!
That little bitch!
Your orders have been carried out.
Well done.
Anything else for you,
Vice President?
Get me a coffee.
Right away, Ma'am.
Tell me something, Director.
Why would you want to
save this boy?
From what I understand
Kyosuke Date can
resonate telepathically with
his younger sister Runa Tokisaka.
We'll keep him alive
for a little longer.
But the whale's stomach juices
might've already digested him.
Hey! Where you going, Director?!
Wait for me!
How are you doing, precious?
Now, be a good girl and
let me finish my experiments.
How is it going?
She's a pathetic excuse
for a Flicker.
She's too close to being human.
I don't know if we can use her.
My dream's come true.
I've always wanted to spend time
with you like this.
Me, too.
Thank you, Kyosuke.
There you go.
You reek!
Keep your hands off!
Guess I should be glad
to see you alive.
Want some of this?
What was I supposed to do.
A killer satellite locked onto us.
I was barely able to save myself.
I don't care about that.
I just want to know where Maya is!
How could I figure that out
in such short time?
Take it easy.
I don't have your answer
but I did get some information
on Kirihara headquarters.
Now leave me alone before
my noodles get cold.
Fantasy World?
Yeah. It's a theme park that's
going to open next month.
I hear they're totally recreating
an Edo Period town.
That's it!
That's where they've got her!
Hang on a minute.
I've told you this before
but she's not your sister.
She's just a partial soul.
A Flicker.
I don't care what she is!
She's still Maya to me!
But is it worth putting your
life on the line to save her?
Well, I guess I can't blame him.
Who is this boy?
He's the mutant that showed up
at the sea base.
Considering he managed
to survive the killer satellite
I’d say he's an extraordinary one.
Seeing as he's the first visitor
to my Fantasy World
we ought to celebrate it and
give him a warm welcome.
Shiro! Is that you?!
Halt! Halt! Halt!
Wow! Look at him go!
Halt! Halt! Halt!
Halt! Halt! Halt!
Nothing can stop that boy!
You'll be all right.
It's not a deep wound.
Who are you?
Pretty bold of you to go after the
Kirihara Group head on like that.
Did you throw me this sword?
Who are you, anyway?
Who are you, anyway
Nobody special, just a doctor
who happened to be passing by.
You should be affected by it.
It's liquid helium after all.
Even though you may be a mutant.
Who are you? You don't seem to
be with the Hospital organization.
Where's Maya?!
You mean that Flicker?
It doesn't exist anymore.
It wasn't a very good Flicker
but we still dissected it anyway.
As a scientist, I had no choice.
For my research, you know.
Besides, Flickers aren't
human beings.
It makes no difference
how many of them are sacrificed.
You'll let me do some experiments
on you too, right?
You can reunite with her
in formaldehyde.
You'll Pay!
And now for Fantasy World's
main feature!
Onka Kabizan Maii Soaka
Onka Kabizan Maii Soaka
Destroy the intruder!
What a hassle this is.
Eat this!
Lightening Breaker!
Kyosuke Date!
Next time, we'll meet as enemies!
Bye—bye! See you later!
Thanks for everything, Kyosuke.
Feel better now?
She wasn't the only
partial soul of your sister.
There are other Flickers, with
different faces, different forms
and of many different ages.
They're out there somewhere.
What are you going to do about it,
Kyosuke Date?
I have an unexpected reunion
with my sister Runa.
An assassin comes after me
as I lose my bearings.
A hearse, a shotgun, Kirihara
and my mother's diary.
I don't mean to abandon you,
But I don't want to transform
into that monster anymore!
The SoulTaker
The Skull and the Maiden.
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