The SoulTaker (2001) s01e03 Episode Script

The Skull and the Maiden

What lies beyond these
days of sorrow SoulTaker
A voice cries out, awakening
the soul of this cold world
Shedding the loneliness of yesterday,
you rise up to face a new era
What should you believe in now,
hold in your heart and aim for?
The cry of your soul, destroying evil
with your noble roar SoulTaker
A ray of light guiding the world,
clinging to a dream that never fades
Like I said, Kyosuke
let's go and wipe out
the Kirihara Group.
You know as well as I do
that they killed your mother.
Don't you want revenge for that?
Just leave me alone.
Unless you stop them, another
Flicker will get hunted down.
Thank you
Who are you anyway, Shiro?!
And what does any of this
have to do with you?!
Well, I've got my reasons
for going after the Kiriharas.
At this point, I'll do anything
I can to stop them.
Even if it means using you
as a stepping stone.
What are you talking about?
I don't get it.
Why don't you want to
wipe out the Kiriharas?
Hey, what are you looking
for anyway?
My mom probably
Because I'm a monster,
Mom probably tried to
Could she have tried to
kill me because I'm a mutant?
What's your point?
Her diary.
Mom always wrote in it.
There might be something in there
about why she tried to kill me.
Yeah, and maybe you can figure
out where your little sister is, too.
Guess not.
What's the matter?!
Isn't that the sign?!
Help me, Kyosuke!
It's me, Kyosuke!
I'm your sister Runa!
This is very disappointing.
We were only able to capture
two Flickers this quarter.
Perhaps I'll have to
reassess my plan
to find Runa Tokisaka
within three years.
I hope you're clear.
Capturing as many
Flickers as possible
is the quickest way
to find Runa.
If I may say so,
Vice President
the Flicker searchers available
to us are quite incompetent.
And a mysterious mutant
has destroyed our facility
Any more excuses?
You have yourself
a nice, long rest.
After all, you'll never find
employment anywhere else, ever.
It did come as quite
a surprise though.
To think a young boy could
transform into a mutant like that.
Ms. Kirihara. There's a call
from Dr. Richard Vincent
the Director of Kirihara
General Hospital.
Put him through, would you?
Oh, and get me a coffee.
Make sure it's hot and
as strong as you can make it.
Right away, Ma'am.
You're looking well,
Doctor Vincent.
Vice President, you're
looking a little pale.
One day, this coffee's going
to burn a hole in my stomach.
I'll expect you to
take care of me then.
You should check yourself into
the hospital and get a physical.
I'd hate for something to
happen to you.
Stop groveling.
I'm nothing more
than a Vice President.
So, what are you calling about?
I wanted to thank you
for the generous funding
you've given to our hospital.
You deserve it.
You managed to quadruple
the performance
of the treatment center
over the last year.
We wanted to show
our appreciation.
But keep in mind
that we're building two
additional hospitals next year.
I'll be counting on
your cooperation.
I'm looking forward to it.
That's quite a plan.
Our Hospital organization
is actually hiding behind
the Kirihara Group's
medical treatment center.
Director, it's time for your rounds.
Thanks. I'm coming.
There you are.
Kyosuke, help me!
The Kiriharas won't stop
chasing after me.
You're the only one I can rely on!
If you don't help me
I'll have to keep running
for the rest of my life!
Please, I'm begging you!
You've got to help me!
Come on Kyosuke, how about
showing a little appreciation?
You managed to meet up with
your long lost sister, after all.
I don't get it
Why did you come here?
Why do you think?
I came to see Mom.
Why are the Kiriharas
and the Hospitals after you?
And why was Mom killed?
I don't know.
What are you asking me for?
Then, explain to me why
everyone's going after
all Flickers
instead of just you?
I don't know.
I swear, Kyosuke! I don't
know any more than you do!
The Flicker I met didn't
look anything like you.
Yet she's supposed to be
a fragment of your soul.
It's true. The Flickers
are fragments of my soul.
But Flickers come in all sorts
of shapes and forms
some childish,
some more mature.
But I don't know why Flickers
came to exist in the first place.
The one thing I do know
is that Kirihara killed Mom!
I saw them!
I saw the robots that stormed
out of the church that night!
Don't you want to take revenge
for what they did to Mom?!
She was the only family
that we had left!
You have to go after
the Kiriharas!
What have you got there?
I found it.
Haven't we met
somewhere before?
The night my mom was killed?
Near the church?
Beats me, how should I know?
But more importantly
you're a Flicker, aren't you?
Clever of you to disguise
yourself as his sister.
You appeal to his
sense of family duty
and talk him into
destroying the Kiriharas.
Then, you Flickers won't
have to live in fear anymore.
You don't understand
No worries. You're actually
doing me a favor.
What is it?!
A security program
on the computer.
It's useless to us now.
Get down!
What's the world coming to?
Can't trust a nun like
in the old days.
You're back!
Who's there?!
Those creeps brought
an Assault Doll!
Get out of here!
Why did you save me?!
You know I'm
with the Hospital!
But a mutant can feel pain
just like everybody else.
Besides, you seemed like
just a regular girl.
You really think so?!
It's useless!
You may be a mutant,
but unless you transform
you're no stronger
than a boy!
Move! Quick!
You saved my life.
Hey, are you all right?
Why didn't you do it?
Why didn't you transform,
I'm disappointed in you.
What was the deal with the
creepy hearse back there?
That's Kirihara's
hunting troops.
They've been after me
for three days now.
They come around
about every three hours.
If you don't want to fight
the Kiriharas, then leave now.
I'll avenge Mom's death even
if I have to do it on my own.
I never said I wasn't
going to fight.
Then why didn't you
transform before?
I have no use for you if
you're not going to transform.
You'll get in the way instead,
so just get out of here.
Well, there you have it.
Let's get out of here, Kyosuke.
Besides, she isn't even
your real sister.
She disguised herself
as your sister
so she could bully you
into avenging your mother.
All because she needs you
to fight the Kiriharas.
Unless someone destroys
the Kiriharas
Flickers like her will be
hunted down forever.
I knew that.
Back then
I got the same feeling from
you as I did from Maya.
If you were my real sister,
I would've felt it stronger.
You're right!
I'm Asuka Sakurai, a Flicker!
Got a problem with that?!
Even Flickers have
a right to live, you know!
And I'll use anyone I have to,
in order to survive!
But, I wasn't lying
about wanting revenge.
I've been all alone
ever since I was born.
Then one day I met a nun
who was very kind to me.
She explained who and
what I was
and told me what to
do with my life.
That nun was the closest thing
I've ever had to a real mother!
Then what about this
"Runa" girl?
She's real.
The nun told me about her.
She said you had
a sister named Runa.
Now I get it!
You didn't transform because
you knew I was a Flicker!
Why would you?
You couldn't care less about
us Flickers being hunted down!
You're wrong about that.
Kyosuke's just
Then why don't you transform
and wipe out the Kiriharas?!
Don't tell me you did it
all for me?!
Are you going to protect me
for the rest of my life?!
I've had it with your excuses!
Guns just don't do it for me
I had it under control
They're way more bulletproof
than the old T-dolls.
Over here!
They've surrounded us!
Shit! We wouldn't be
in this mess if you'd
dealt with the Kiriharas before!
I did go to the
Kirihara's headquarters.
On my own.
You did what?!
But I couldn't get in.
I just couldn't get inside.
I kept trying to break in
but every time I tried,
I kept stopping myself !
It was frustrating.
I couldn't ignore the voice inside
me that kept saying not to go.
It must be a mutant's
defense mechanism.
You're totally useless!
It's all over now.
Not bad, if I may say so.
And you just sat there.
What the hell?
No one's driving the car!
I get it!
That car is the central nerve
of these hunting troops!
Come on! Get up!
Why'd you
Why'd you do it?
You know I'm just a Flicker.
You know I'm not Runa.
Why'd you risk your life?
Makes no difference to me.
It doesn't matter to me whether
you're a Flicker or my sister.
Either way, you're
my irreplaceable family.
Now I understand, Mom.
You didn't kill me
because I'm a mutant.
You did it to grant me
this power
so I could protect myself,
my sister, and the Flickers.
I'm a Flicker, a fragment
of someone called Runa.
But I'm also my own being.
And all the thoughts within me
are my very own
no matter what anyone says.
My joys. My sorrows.
Those feelings I feel
all belong to me.
I will survive!
My soul and my life are mine!
I won't let the Kiriharas, or the
Hospital mutants take that away!
I'm not going to force you
to kill again.
I'll protect you all!
Lightning Breaker!
It's burning.
My mom’s church.
All right! Now I know!
Wait a minute, Asuka!!
I mean
Would you like to join us?
I promise I'll protect you!
Thanks. I really appreciate it.
But I can't.
I lied to you.
I don't deserve your friendship.
Don't worry.
I'm strong enough to
make it on my own.
But lots of Flickers aren't.
They need your help
more than I do.
Bye! Kyosuke!
She made a smart choice.
You're the number one enemy
of the Kirihara Group now.
If she stayed with you,
she'd be in even more danger.
I suppose.
Now, are you really planning
to find Runa and the Flickers
and protect them all?
I've decided that's how I
want to use this power I have.
But even the Kiriharas and
the Hospitals can't find them.
I can resonate telepathically
with Flickers.
Not over a long distance
but I'm still better off
than the enemy.
It wouldn't be too hard
if we could find them with
some hi-tech instruments.
I've got to find them fast.
At least Mom and I
were together.
Runa's on her own.
She must be so lonely.
Hey. Wait a minute.
You don't expect me
to fight the Kiriharas alone?
We're in this together,
aren't we?
You were the one that said
I wasn't a partner
but just a stepping stone.
Those are all the images
we were able to recreate.
So, it was that boy.
I would've liked to examine
his telepathic abilities.
Attention, all staff !
Find out everything you can
about this new mutant!
His code name is
The SoulTaker.
When the guitar plays
a melody of madness
another Flicker falls
into the death trap.
A dream. A burning man.
A girls' high school dorm.
And a bent guard rail.
Komugi Nakahara,
I need your help!
I know you're
with the Hospital
but I need your help!
The SoulTaker
The Slithering Darkness.
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