The SoulTaker (2001) s01e04 Episode Script

The Slithering Darkness

What lies beyond these
days of sorrow SoulTaker
A voice cries out, awakening
the soul of this cold world
Shedding the loneliness of
yesterday, you rise up to face a new era
What should you believe in now,
hold in your heart and aim for?
The cry of your soul, destroying evil
with your noble roar SoulTaker
A ray of light guiding the world,
clinging to a dream that never fades..
I heard.
That Sayaka Tachibana
from my school, was here.
You heard? From a man?
I don't know.
By the time I got here,
it was just you alone.
Do you know anything about it?
Whatever it's about
don't be thinking weird thoughts.
It was hard getting ahold
of those tickets.
I don't
I don't have the right.
I don't have the right to
enjoy anything like that.
Hey, Sayaka!
There's no way that's allowed.
Enough with that.
It wasn't your fault. All right?
Oh, come on
Well? Was it your sister?
So it was another Flicker, huh?
Why is it that
my sister is targeted?
How would I know.
She isn't a normal person, right?
After all, she is your sister.
Dr. Kyoya, Skeleton Man,
Mr. Underlike, Chief Nurse Barami
To think we'd lose so many of our
top Hospital staff in one month.
SoulTaker, Kyosuke Date.
As one who protects the Flickers
he is an enemy of ours.
Don't rush it.
The time will come soon enough.
Our operation has already
begun to unfold.
A missionary-run boarding school
the Seiho Girls High School.
Sayaka Tachibana,
Grade 10, Class C.
I'll check that again, but
your goal is to protect your sister
from the evil clutches
of the Hospital
and Kirihara, right?
She's not your sister, you know.
I know that.
But I'll do whatever I can
to protect her.
That's all there is to it.
Well said! Way to go!
Putting your one and only life on
the line to protect an innocent girl.
It's not something
you see too often.
It's commendable! Yes!
Come on. Just call me Komugi.
You're exposing yourself.
Your panties.
There are lots of ways I can help.
Like sneaking into the school
or guarding the young
student around the clock
or like being a loving nurse
tending to a wounded soldier.
I'm sure I'll come in handy.
The Hospital?
I quit the Hospital.
I decided to live for love
rather than for work.
The kind of love that burns away all
sense of justice and righteousness.
That's right. It's like a happy
retirement from the company.
Got a problem with that?
Don't be a fool.
Who are you to make a
judgement like that?
Why are you hanging around
Kyosuke, anyway?
Oh? Maybe you're feeling
a bit jealous? Well?
You don't want your idea of
male bonding to be ruined?
Yeah! I bet that's it!
Bull's eye!
Say something!
Shut that mouth of yours.
You pissant little girl.
Excuse me, you dirty old bastard.
Thank you.
Can I ask for your help?
See? I won!
A good man sure is made
of good character.
You're wonderful, Kyosuke!
Hey, Kyosuke.
As a practical matter, I think it's the
best way to deal with the problem.
I believe her.
A red splash of blood
Charts and stomach cameras
CT Scans.
Beautiful evening.
A perfect night for a recital.
Don't you agree? My wonderful
Did you hear?
That a girl from Second High
went missing?
Yeah, I sure did.
That makes it 15 already,
and all girls.
I doubt we'll get permission to leave
school property for a long while.
What a drag!
A question!
Do you know a girl
called Tachibana?
I think Sayaka's in the infirmary.
Who was that?
Let's see
Are you all right?
Who are you?
I'm your friend Yuko.
Oh, right. Yuko
What could I have thought
You're just tired.
I saw
a dream about my boyfriend.
A dream about your boyfriend?
It's always the same.
A dream about him calling me
through the growing flames.
You're just exhausted, all right?
He's trying to haunt me
You're a winner! Have another one!
You're a winner! Have another one!
This is a lucky omen.
Heaven must be congratulating me
for this new fan
of the psycho-doctor Narugami.
Are you sure that's okay with you?
She's one of the Hospital mutants
our enemy that's targeting
the lives of the Flickers.
You think it's safe to
have her protect the girl?
What do you believe about her?
Never mind.
I'll let it go this time.
I'm sorry, Yuko.
Bear with it just a little longer.
Now, what shall I do next?
I can hear it clearly.
The screams of your soul.
The voice of your spirit
suffering the burdens of guilt.
I'll go and get you, my dear fan.
Saving lives
Forceps, an intravenous drip
a urine test.
Is someone there?
I can hear it clearly.
The screams of your soul.
The voice of your spirit
suffering the burdens of guilt.
I'm sorry I'm sorry
It's your fault!
It's your fault!
Komugi kick!
Are you all right, Sayaka?
Let's go!
So far so good.
I'll stall him as best as I can
so you escape, all right?
Escape? Me?
Are you listening to me?
There's no way I can escape.
What are you talking about?
He cried for help, but I wasn't
able to do anything for him.
It's no surprise he haunts me.
I just watched him burn.
He's always saying
and "You're the
worst kind of human."
Hey, listen to me.
Die, die, die, die
I said listen to me!
A man that's very important
to me is protecting you!
If a stranger like you dies on him
his kind soul will deeply,
deeply be hurt!
regardless of who died
or who's haunting you
you have a duty to keep on
living even after you die!
Do you understand?!
I hope so?!
It's decided then!
I'm counting on you.
If you die on me, I won't be
able to face Kyosuke anymore.
Yuko! Yuko! Yuko! Yuko!
Run away
This isn't right.
No, this isn't right
Is that the end of it, Hospital?!
Let's see.
Am I to think that this little girl
was able to resist my
hypnotic sound waves?
I wanted one fan
who was a Flicker
But it seems you're not qualified.
How could that be?!
The little girl is one thing
but to think that even you
resisted my hypnotic treatment!
I certainly accept that it is
all my fault.
That is why I have no right to rest.
As long as I continue to
have a mission
I will continue to bear the guilt,
punishment and pain upon my body!
I will fight. I will fight until
I have no life left within me!
No matter how strong
your body may be
you will not be able to
block these ultrasonic waves.
You shall become dust
floating around the world
Come to pieces and
disperse with the wind!
That's your curtain call.
Lightning breaker!
He's done it again. No surprise.
They said it was going to rain.
I hope it stays like this.
What's the matter?
I was just thinking about
how cute you look sometimes.
What do you mean by that?
You sure you want to
leave that girl alone?
She'll be fine.
That Dr. Narugami
likes to grandstand.
I'm sure he hasn't reported
her higher up.
So, the Hospital won't
come after her again.
I hope that's so.
One who's done nothing
shouldn't be complaining.
Thank you.
You really helped me out.
It was nothing.
I guess we're just partners
bound by love.
Kyosuke, open wide!
A game in which I stake my life
against Richard Vincent
the Director of the Hospital,
is about to begin.
The SoulCrusher.
Two mothers. Beta Applicon.
And the past of myself and Runa.
If everything you say is the truth
what am I supposed to
fight against?
The SoulTaker
Beyond the Human Realm.
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