The SoulTaker (2001) s01e05 Episode Script

Beyond the Human Realm

What lies beyond these
days of sorrow SoulTaker
A voice cries out, awakening
the soul of this cold world
Shedding the loneliness of
yesterday, you rise up to face a new era
What should you believe in now,
hold in your heart and aim for?
The cry of your soul, destroying evil
with your noble roar SoulTaker
A ray of light guiding the world,
clinging to a dream that never fades..
Take it easy, Henry!
Please, doctor!
Please, please kill him!
I beg you to claim revenge
for our deaths!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them, kill them!
I understand.
I have an idea.
Leave this to me.
I know it's hard to stay still
but your bones have yet to heal.
You mustn't push it.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry, doctor.
Perhaps I'll leave his fate up to
Kyosuke Date, after all?
The land tests for Unit C360
have already been completed.
If we can get your permission
we can even finish it all today.
That was awfully fast.
I believe the scheduled
was set for two summers ago.
All right. I'll give you permission.
Are the reports that say Kirihara
developed a searcher to go after
Runa and the Flickers true?
Um Who are you?
I'm on your side.
You were in danger.
You were about to be
cut into pieces.
I hope they are all right.
Why do I have to hang
around with this
cigarette chomping,
creepy old man?
Oh, come on.
As they say, "In traveling,
companionship; in life, kindness."
Never heard of it!
If something were to happen
to Kyosuke, it'll all be your fault.
You don't have to worry
about him.
Anyway, we have to
destroy Kirihara's searcher.
I need your help.
With this searcher working for them,
they'll get all the Flickers they want.
That may be so.
When it comes to Kirihara
you sure like to help Kyosuke.
Are you coming or not?
If it all goes well,
then I'm sure Kyosuke
would be very grateful to you.
What?! Really?!
I'll help! I'll help!
With my hands! My feet!
And my ears!
That little bitch
It's all been destroyed
But why?
Are you all right, Kasumi?
Kasumi, I'll distract the Kirihara
so you can escape.
There you are!
Who is it?!
I am Richard Vincent.
Perhaps you know me as
the Director of the Hospital.
Director of the Hospital?
Kyosuke Date,
how about we play a game?
That's right.
A game in which you
determine your own fate.
Whether you die here
or whether you live.
I'll leave it to you to decide.
What are you talking about?!
I feel that you ought not
to die for the moment.
However, our anger
toward you and your sister
has reached its peak.
Me and my sister?
Because of you and
your sister Runa
many innocent people
have lost their lives.
And it continues too.
Wait a minute!
My fault?!
Then, what is that power
that lives within you?
The power that killed
your own brethren.
Are you saying that I'm
like the Hospital mutants?!
Not exactly!
They are rejects of the
process that created you!
Then, does that mean the mutants
were created artificially?
That's right.
They are the sacrificial lambs
used in order to create your kind.
The game is about to begin.
The rules are simple.
You don't have to win against me.
If you can escape from the
battlefield, your life will be spared.
that's only if you can escape
from this enormous battlefield.
This is?!
Let's begin the game,
Kyosuke Date.
Where are you looking?
How astute.
I suppose it wouldn't be a game
unless you transform.
There would be no purpose!
That form.
Those Kirihara people refer to me
as the SoulCrusher.
Now that I've mutated,
you can be sure I won't hold back.
I don't have a reason to fight you!
Perhaps you don't,
but we have reason to fight you!
Misguided resentment, huh?
How arbitrary!
Shut up!
I didn't come to talk!
If you're serious, then
Lightning Breaker!
Did I do it?
What an interesting trick.
I am much better at
tricks like those!
That stance he's taking!
It can't be!
Lightning Crusher!
We really got into trouble there.
That old lady sure doesn't
know that enough's enough.
Old lady?
I knew there was something going
on between you and Kirihara.
Then, come on. Tell me.
Who is this old lady?
My grandmother.
She's a part-time security
troop leader for Kirihara.
Energetic for someone
over 80, don't you think?
You can't fool me!
So, who is it?
Come on. Come on.
Come out with it.
Look, we've arrived.
The Flicker searcher that
they developed should be here.
You can't change
the subject like that.
Just say it. An old lover
you left long ago, right?
But a cruel fate separates the two
They meet as enemies
fighting against each other.
"You must have forgotten
about me, Shiro."
"How could I have forgotten
about you, old lady."
"Really? I'm so happy."
"Old lady!"
Oh, the love!
If you came here to play,
then go home now.
So, there you are, old lady.
It's not very nice of you,
my dear Shiro
to refer to your older sister
like that after so long.
O-Older sister?!
Yui Kirihara!
Did you survive it?
It wouldn't be interesting otherwise!
What's the matter?
Come and get me.
Do you understand my power?
That you will be killed
if you move? However!
If you don't do anything, you'll
only be waiting for your death!
Why are you doing this?
Don't tell me you
don't know anything!
Then, I will tell you.
Actually, you have a duty to know.
I won't let you die without
first feeling the pain we've suffered!
We, the Hospital were once
peaceful folk who lived
in this region.
And then the tragedy began
at the only medical facility
in this town
the Tokisaka General Hospital!
Why is my mother there?!
You're wrong.
She is indeed Mio Date
but she didn't give birth to you.
Isn't that so?
Yes. That's right.
She's your adoptive mother.
The one who brought you up.
That's nonsense!
I am the son of Mio Date!
Do you think I have reason to lie
to one who is about to die?
What are you doing, Richard?!
Hurry up!
A mutant!
Thirty-five so far this month
What on earth is going on?
That woman
That's Tsubaki Tokisaka.
Your real mother.
The one who gave birth to you.
A strange illness was
turning people into mutants.
I gave everything to discover
the cause of that illness.
Finally, I was able to
track down the cause.
For 15 years at the
Tokisaka General Hospital
a drug containing a special virus
called Beta Applicon
had been administered
to patients.
Beta Applicon?
It alters your genetic make-up
and transforms humanity
into mutants.
That hospital used
thousands of patients
over a long period
to carry out tests on the virus.
I didn't know! I never realized!
Even though I was on staff
at that hospital, I didn't know.
And this is the result of that.
Those who turned into mutants
were luckier.
Most of the others
suffered degradation
of their physical capacity, and
even today, many are dying off.
The Beta Applicon
has even resulted in victims
among the descendents
of those who received it.
We haven't found a treatment
for those infected by the virus.
There's nothing we can do.
Burn that image into your eyes,
so you don't forget even in death!
The true sight of the Hospital!
Then, you mean, the Hospital
Is an organization meant
to save these people?!
That's right! And
to claim revenge against the
Tokisakas responsible for this!
But, why would they do that?!
In order to create a perfect mutant.
Mutants created with
the Beta Applicon
become even more superior
mutants through crossbreeding.
And it was finally born!
A perfect being out of
the sacrifice of thousands!
And, that's us
Runa, to be exact.
But, as her twin,
you're just as guilty!
We killed the Tokisaka family.
But Tsubaki Tokisaka,
who managed to flee
disappeared with
the infant Runa
and left you with Mio!
Isn't Tsubaki Tokisaka also
a victim of the Beta Applicon?!
She chose to be a subject
of her own experiments
all for the ambitions
of her family!
Considering she was my wife
how could she have
duped her own husband?!
I am Richard Vincent.
I am your father!
Don't you play games with me!
It's not working! It's not working!
Lightning Breaker!
How can he at this distance?!
Lightning Crusher!
You really can be crude, as usual.
Now, my dear Shiro.
I have a favor to ask.
Will you stop interfering with me?
What'd you say?
I've given you a lot of
latitude up to now.
If I wanted to kill you, I could've
done it anytime I wanted.
If you want to kill me, then kill me.
But when that time comes
.. I'll be taking you with me!
A holograph?!
You think I'd meet with you
without taking precautions?
Is that right?
You don't mind my killing you?
Then, maybe I just will.
I can't let myself die like this!
Are you finished with your
game of tag, Kyosuke Date!
Then, it's time to die!
Who're you saying's going to die?!
You're the one that's going to die!
What a fool!
Giving up your life to me like that!
Good-bye, Kyosuke Date!
My son!
Lightning Crusher!
Double Lightning Breaker!
What is he aiming for?!
You win this game!
The fate that you have
grasped with your hands
shall let you live a little longer!
That is, if you can return
to the surface alive.
Zabo, while being a Hospital
mutant, lives with a Flicker.
Warrior of the morgue,
Secret Traitors.
The disappearing land.
And the secret of the
creation of the Flickers.
Megumi, I will
carry out my promise.
Humans are worth trusting.
The SoulTaker.
The Malevolent Stratosphere Castle.
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