The SoulTaker (2001) s01e06 Episode Script

The Malevolent Stratosphere Castle

What lies beyond these
days of sorrow SoulTaker
A voice cries out, awakening
the soul of this cold world
Shedding the loneliness of
yesterday, you rise up to face a new era
What should you believe in now,
hold in your heart and aim for?
The cry of your soul, destroying evil
with your noble roar SoulTaker
A ray of light guiding the world,
clinging to a dream that never fades
Humanity had found its
way into space
the realm of myths and legends.
However, the realm of the gods
did not easily accept humanity.
You win this game.
The fate that you have
grasped with your hands
shall let you live a little longer!
That is, if you can return
to the surface alive.
Farewell, Kyosuke Date!
My dear son!
What the?!
Our surveillance satellite found
something very interesting.
What's this about?
Why would Kyosuke go
to the stratosphere?
He's got only one wing!
Think of how lucky you are, Shiro.
To have found another
companion for your journey.
You were always a lonely child,
after all.
Good-bye, my dear Shiro.
The realm of space had
begun to demand
human sacrifice as compensation.
And so new myths and
legends were created.
Those who return to the earth
as meteorite in the sky
see the malevolent castle
of the stratosphere
before meeting with death.
Mio Date, my mother
Tsubaki Tokisaka,
the mother who gave birth to me.
The father, Richard Vincent.
The SoulCrusher.
Kasumi, I hope you were
able to escape safely.
It's like I'm seeing a bad dream.
Things I did not know are
revealed to me one by one.
Does that bother you?
It's not that it bothers me.
It's just that I can't believe it.
Even now.
Then, don't believe it.
Or rather, I should ask,
how can you believe
what the Hospital tells you
when one can't trust
another human?
I suppose that's another way
of looking at it.
Seems like you were
brought up well, my brother.
It's unfortunate, but what
father said was all true.
And I learned all about
the Hospital from Zabo.
Actually, I retain a lot of
Runa's memories.
Maybe I'm the Flicker
that's closest to her in spirit.
Who knows.
Maybe I even look just like her.
He's sleeping again.
He's always like that.
Zabo's in suspended animation.
He's just trying to save energy.
But, why?
Beats me. Perhaps to live longer?
I can't believe it.
That a Hospital mutant would be
living together with a Flicker.
You did this to me?
If you don't believe it,
then just don't believe it.
What's that pendant
you have on you.
Oh, a reminder of someone
important to me.
I don't like crucifixes.
It reminds me of god.
God is unfair.
He says "everyone's equal"
but the fact is there are people
who are loved
and people who aren't.
That's not true.
There's no one in this world
who's not loved by another.
That's a lie.
That's not a lie.
It's a lie.
It's not a lie.
Then, what about me?
Well, there's me.
How kind of you, my dear brother.
Do you want to join me?
You don't want to be with me?
Uh, well
Nah. Just kidding.
Did I worry you?
Uh, no
You're such an honest kind of guy.
You're so up-front.
You think?
But, if you're that honest,
you might
have the rug pulled
from under you.
Nah, never mind.
Aren't you going to eat?
Worried about being poisoned?
That's not it
I just don't have an appetite.
You think you should be
trusting people so easily?
I was infected by the
Beta Applicon
and so I don't have much longer
to live.
I won't attack you like the
other Hospital mutants have.
As one who was once known as
the "Warrior of the Morgue"
I have dealt out
death to others
and so I am not afraid
of my own death.
However, before I die
there is one wish and
desire that I must fulfill.
Kyosuke Date
I want you to grant me my wish.
I have no interest in Runa
or the Flickers.
My only interest is that
my wish be granted.
If there's something
I can do for you
I'd like to repay you for saving me.
Will you promise me?
Uh, yes
I appreciate that.
We Flickers were born
twelve years ago.
Runa was five-years-old.
I haven't seen Runa
or mother since then.
I didn't know until yesterday
that I had another mother.
Runa must've been with
mother the whole time.
You said you had
Runa's memories.
What was mother like?
Was she a kind person?
Miss Megumi?
Just call me Megumi.
I'm your sister, after all.
Don't get the wrong impression.
This is just an exception.
I've been alone for so long.
I just want to hold you like this.
You don't believe
anything I'm saying, do you?
Do you think I'm about
to try something?
People can't live without
trusting others.
But if you trust others,
you won't live long.
That's a really sad way
to look at it.
No one's coming after us.
Of course.
The bomb gets activated when
surrounding features are
altered in some way.
They can't move.
That's right. A model!
For what?
For a sketch. For art!
Come on, why not?
There. That's it.
Don't move an inch.
That's great. You're looking
very serious, my dear brother.
You think?
I said don't move!
You know
Do you have any
good memories of mother?
Let's see what I can think of
You don't remember?
Not really
Nothing clear.
Just some vague feelings.
I see.
Are you concerned about mother?
I suppose
I mean, I don't know
Because she's your mother?
What does it matter to you?
You want to make them
your memories?
That's not it
They're not even yours.
Oh, no. I broke my pencil.
We'll have to continue it
another time, my dear brother.
Come to think of it
why doesn't Zabo
Why would he betray the Hospital
by not killing you?
And why are you hanging around?
I mean, if you wanted to get away,
you could easily do that.
Maybe we're just two of a kind.
Even I have a wish that
I want to fulfill before I die.
I have a question!
Are humans trustworthy?
Well, of course.
Well, you sure are earnest.
You believe in people
and you love them.
The first condition
to becoming a hero.
You're really amazing, brother!
Yeah, right.
I'll go and change.
Brother, huh?
That was a lot of fun, brother.
Playing around like
brother and sister.
Like I said, you won't live long
if you trust people.
Why, Megumi?
Why would a Flicker like you?!
It's because I'm a Flicker that
I'll never be able to forgive you
Runa, and mother.
It's easy for you to say,
because you know nothing.
About why Flickers
were born 12 years ago
and why they were scattered
throughout the world.
Flickers were created to be
sacrificed in place of Runa!
Created by your mother!
As the Hospital and Kirihara
go about killing us
Runa is able to
escape their clutches.
We're just decoys,
in order to protect Runa.
That's a lie!
Mother wouldn't do such a thing!
We Flickers were made
from Runa's cells.
Then doesn't that
make me a daughter, too?!
That's what I believed!
But to mother, I was no more
than a shield to protect Runa.
That's why I want revenge.
Against mother, against Runa
and against you
for protecting Runa.
Then, I'll take the three corpses
and make an offering to the
souls of the dead Flickers.
That's my wish.
Mother must have had a reason.
How could you think
mother would
create Flickers to
take Runa's place?
Are you stupid?!
Until yesterday, you didn't
even know mother existed.
How could you know anything?
But I still
But I still believe in my mother!
I feel sorry for you.
Don't you know you were
betrayed by mother?
Weren't you abandoned as a baby?
Considering that we were
both betrayed by our mother
suppose we could've got along.
But it's too late now
since you foolishly still
believe in your mother.
I didn't need Zabo to do this,
after all.
Good-bye, my dear brother.
What on earth?!
Even still
Even still, I believe in her!
Why did you save Kyosuke,
We had an arrangement!
That I was going to find Kyosuke,
and you were going to kill him!
Don't tell me you betrayed me.
Now I know why I hesitated
about killing you.
You smelled the same as I did.
The smell of a traitor.
As one who abandoned
your beliefs, you are the traitor.
If you're concerned about Flickers,
you'll be constrained.
Humans exist because they believe.
I'll have you prove that,
Kyosuke Date.
Mission accomplished.
The Flicker searcher
has now been pulverized.
But I'm sure my sister's still alive.
Didn't you say you won't let it
explode unless we escaped?
I don't remember saying that.
Uh, well
You know
maybe it's really not my place to
say, since I betrayed the Hospital
but does this mean you
betrayed the Kirihara, Shiro?
Having trouble trusting me now?
A bit.
That lady was the cause, right?
What did she do to you?
She broke an important
toy of mine.
Here we go.
I hope I'm right about
believing in you, mister.
Flickers, Kirihara, and those
suffering from pain and disease.
I've killed many of them.
Not a bad life.
But basically, it was
nothing more than slaughter.
The blood of this warrior boils at
the sight of death before my eyes!
Clearly the final battle
shall be a fair one between
the strongest of warriors!
We are equally matched!
Now is the time that
my wish shall be granted!
SoulTaker! I challenge you!
You'll both die whether
you win or lose.
He kept his promise.
Kyosuke did promise him that
he would grant him his wish.
Zabo believed Kyosuke
would come after him.
Kyosuke responded to his wish
and wanted to show you
that humans exist
because they believe.
This is it!
This is the joy that I've
been seeking all this time!
Tearing of flesh,
splintering of bone
bathing in the blood of
the strongest of warriors
I want to die in this ecstasy!
That's right!
I could not be satisfied
with the blood of Flickers!
You are the greatest opponent!
A tribute to my own death
The malevolent castle
of the stratosphere
that Zabo built will collapse.
However, you must
continue to live.
For the sake of Kyosuke.
Come with me.
This is wonderful.
To think a great warrior like
yourself was born in this world.
Glory to the Beta Applicon!
His heart isn't beating
I want you to remember this
for as long as you live.
Remember me
I've got him!
He's unconscious!
Open the window! I'll save him!
Forget it! There isn't enough time!
What do you think you're doing?!
You stupid, old man!
What was that supposed to do?!
I guess you were a Kirihara spy,
after all.
You traitor!
Just shut up! You!
Kyosuke's dead now!
Thank you, Shiro.
For firing at me.
I knew that if I woke you up, you'd
deal with the rest on your own.
You're one that always keeps
promises, after all.
My real mother, Tsubaki Tokisaka,
suddenly comes to visit.
Led by her, I travel to a
world of illusion.
Sending off the souls of the dead,
a bandaged monster
zombie nurses, and a
child's instinct to defend itself.
My father's laughter
and my mother's smile.
If that were all true, then I'm
The SoulTaker.
The Last of a Woman.
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