The SoulTaker (2001) s01e08 Episode Script

Mask of Hell

What lies beyond these
days of sorrow SoulTaker
A voice cries out, awakening
the soul of this cold world
Shedding the loneliness of
yesterday, you rise up to face a new era
What should you believe in now,
hold in your heart and aim for?
The cry of your soul, destroying evil
with your noble roar SoulTaker
A ray of light guiding the world,
clinging to a dream that never fades
Hey, Kyosuke.
Are you really going to go?
My two mothers
Runa, Flickers, Beta Applicon
I may have been fighting without
knowing the truth about them.
I've got to confront the
truth head on.
That's why I'm going
to the Hospital.
To go and see my father.
All right.
If it's that important to you,
I won't stop you.
Don't look so sad.
Come on! Cheer up! All right?
It's useless.
There you go again,
with your negative mumbling.
I know it's my father
we're talking about.
But I still want to know the truth.
I'm saying that it's useless
going to the Hospital.
There's no point in going.
No point at all.
I don't care!
Whether you come along or not.
It'll just be Kyosuke and me, then.
You want me to take a
leave of absence”?
The reasons are
psychological stress
excess consumption
of stimulants
and a reckless lifestyle
that's making it all worse.
I don't have time to rest.
But I suppose I should consider
what the chief doctor says.
I'll think about it.
What about the medical results?
Tomorrow, huh?
I guess I won't be hearing
the results from you.
Good-bye, Richard.
It's burning! I'm on fire!
No! I don't want to die! No!
Avenge us! Director!
Wh-Who are you?!
Who could've
done this to my brethren?!
How dare
Director! Please don't do it!
You mustn't mutate
in your condition!
Director! Director!
Let go! Let go of me!
Have you forgotten?!
Why we continue to live,
after losing our homes
our future, and all those we
loved and even ourselves?
Isn't it to claim revenge against the
Tokisaka clan by destroying them?
You can't die now!
Not until we realize our
long-cherished ambition!
I have an ominous foreboding.
With this last one that
Kirihara recovered
I feel as though some horrible
force is about to be unleashed.
This is horrible
This is too horrible.
What is she?
What kind of monster
is your sister?!
Why are you just staring like that?!
Answer me!
Sorry little lady.
This incident was the work
of my sister, Yui Kirihara
the one who controls
the Kirihara Group.
She's got everything she
needs all lined up.
And she's got rid of the things
she doesn't need any more.
Yui's got it all figured out.
What's that supposed to mean?
Standing mute again?
All right. Do what you want.
But I'm going to go.
Where to?
Now that it's come to this,
there's only one thing left to do.
I have to destroy Kirihara,
the source of all evil.
- I'll go too!
- No don't!
Why shouldn't we?
Think back.
You said you couldn't
get into Kirihara Headquarters.
I don't feel that way anymore.
Since I lost my resonance abilities,
maybe I can't sense danger anymore.
No, that has nothing to do with it.
I'm not letting you go.
Get out of my way.
Don't go!
I am!
I'm not telling you to stop trying.
I'm saying you should wait
till the time's right.
Hitting them head on
isn't the best thing to do.
Let's think of another way.
Believe in me.
You couldn't understand how I feel.
It was my mother that was killed!
And now they're trying
to kill my sister!
You expect me to watch them
suffer and die
as their futures are taken away?!
I don't care what you might think.
I'm going to go anyway!
You shit-for-brains kid!
You saying I don't understand?!
You saying that I don't
understand how you feel?!
According to the data I got
it was still a long way off!
It wasn't supposed to be
completed yet!
But you know
she somehow completed
it already!
A beast that was able to destroy
the Hospital in one night!
I'll tell you!
I didn't abandon your mother
because I wanted to
see you die in vain!
How much do you know?
Could it be just that you want
revenge against your sister,
Yui Kirihara?
You can't die here, can you?
Mibu is my mother's maiden name.
My real name is Shiro Kirihara.
I'm the true younger brother
of Yui Kirihara.
Why would you betray that
great family of yours?
You said she broke your toy.
Well, that's pretty much about it.
What's this place?
A Kirihara facility that was
closed down.
But the equipment here
is well maintained.
This place is connected to
Kirihara's host computer.
I can tell where my sister is
from here.
The Kirihara Group belongs
to my sister.
Even though her title is
only Vice President.
As to why my sister is hell-bent
on finding and capturing Flickers
it was to complete a system to
help her to search for Runa.
I see.
So the SoulAnubis
has been completed.
I heard you were having difficulty
with the final adjustments.
I admit I got into this without
getting anyone's consent.
But the operations have
been going well.
There's no problem.
Is that why you destroyed
the Hospital?
What about it?
I just kept them in case they
produced some kind of miracle.
But I didn't need them any longer.
How cold and frightening.
The SoulAnubis
A system designed to
search out Runa
An ultimate weapon
which incorporates
the central nervous systems
of the Flickers.
I guess it'll happen soon
when my long journey
after having lost my home
finally comes to an end.
Providing the Beta Applicon
and establishing a
contract with you
was for the purpose
of capturing
the ultimate mutant, Runa.
I gain a future and you gain life.
You will possess the
technology of resuscitation
that will allow you to
bring back the dead.
I can't think of a happier ending.
Don't you agree?
Why do they want Runa?
Even I don't know that.
My sister isn't fussy
about her methods
or who may suffer
because of them.
She's a persistent woman
who'll fulfill her contract
stepping on people as though
they were insects.
I'm just one of those insects
that got mixed up in her business.
I could not forgive her.
I won't let her take anything.
The things she wants,
the ambitions she has
I vowed I would thwart
all her plans.
And then I learned about you.
The twin brother of Runa.
I learned of the existence
of Kyosuke Date.
Since you were able
to resonate with Runa
my sister tried to use you
to search for Runa.
I decided then
that I would do whatever I could
to keep their hands off of you.
Hey, come on! Get up!
I'll get a doctor! Hang on!
Just leave me right here.
What are you saying?!
I must awaken that boy.
Kyosuke needs the power.
A strong power in order to
protect himself.
In order to realize the
abilities of a mutant
serious trauma is necessary.
After suffering fatal injuries from
a desperate fight against T Dolls
your mother
tried to awaken you to
your powers by stabbing you.
I beg you Please
I let her die without offering help.
For my revenge against Yui
to turn you into
the ultimate weapon..
Is that supposed to be an excuse?!
You intentionally let Kyosuke's
mother die?!
She could've been saved!
That's right.
You're the lowest! You're evil!
You're a murderer!
That's right. I am the lowest.
I will destroy Kirihara.
Hey, Shiro.
Why are you following us?
Answer me! Come on!
Kyosuke, I don't care if you
tear me apart.
But now that we've come this far,
let me stick it through with you.
And if possible
let me see the face of my sister
in agony as she dies!
What's going on?
Welcome to the last supper.
What's this all about, Yui?
Like I said
it's the last supper.
No yours.
Don't make me laugh.
How ungrateful.
I let you hack into the computer
and I even destroyed the Hospital.
That took a lot of effort, you know.
Do you hate me that much?
Are you still all angry about me
taking your toy away?
Shut up!
But I'm also angry myself.
I don't have the time to deal with
you screwing around with my plans.
This is the end of our relationship.
I'm going to send you and the
SoulTaker into the next world.
Let me introduce you.
This is the most powerful,
ultimate weapon
that we the Kirihara Group
have ever created.
A beautiful guard dog of darkness
the SoulAnubis.
This must've destroyed
the Hospital.
Good-bye, my dear Shiro.
I hope you suffer before you die.
You were never supposed
to be reborn!
Lightning Breaker!
The sky is gray
The wind whispers softly
The song of a whistle
As time goes by
Once thought forgotten
The broken pieces of memories
Now come to life
Shed tears
So, why never die
And I love you more
Embracing past mistakes
Say good-bye through
Into dark sea
Maya Misaki,
the first Flicker I met.
The one I felt closest to.
Smelting furnace. ..
wandering souls. ..
and a sad toy.
I wasn't able to save Maya
from the clutches of Kirihara.
And now, she's after me
The SoulTaker.
Phantom of a Beautiful Dead Woman
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