The SoulTaker (2001) s01e09 Episode Script

Phantom of a Beautiful Dead Woman

What lies beyond these
days of sorrow SoulTaker
A voice cries out, awakening
the soul of this cold world
Shedding the loneliness of
yesterday, you rise up to face a new era
What should you believe in now,
hold in your heart and aim for?
The cry of your soul, destroying evil
with your noble roar SoulTaker
A ray of light guiding the world,
clinging to a dream that never fades
P-Please stop, Maya.
So, is that how it is?
The identity of the
SoulAnubis is Maya Misaki?
She wants to mess up
Kyosuke's spirit
and crush his will to fight.
Very clever deduction as usual,
my dear Shiro.
I even left the position
of president open to you.
How unfortunate.
The SoulAnubis is an
artificial mutant created
from multitudes of Flickers.
I could've put any face
I wanted on it
but, why not go with this one?
Yui! How detestable of you!
That's right.
Kyosuke cannot and will not
fight the SoulAnubis.
As for you, Shiro
Within the SoulAnubis is your
Shut up!
Yui Kirihara!
What color is your blood?!
How could I have known?
That the girl was your
girlfriend, Shiro.
But, it's just as well,
don't you think?
She's not even real.
A mere toy taking
the form of a human.
Don't worry.
You're popular with the girls.
You'll find another soon enough.
A normal human girlfriend,
and not some toy.
Ms. Kirihara, preparations
are complete for Mode S.
Awaiting your order to attack.
Cancel the scramble command.
I'll leave the rest to the SoulAnubis.
Are you sure?
Where will you be, Ms. Kirihara?
I'm a bit tired.
Will I shed a tear
when everything's over?
P-Please stop, Maya!
Don't you know
Don't you know that it's me?
Does it hurt?
It was a lot more painful for me.
Are you really going to fight me?
You didn't try to save me.
You just left me for dead.
And now you plan on killing me.
going to kill me again
You're going to kill me again!
Kyosuke! Get out of there!
You idiot!
Why didn't you escape?!
Nurse Nakahara?
I found her in a
narrow gorge nearby.
Judging from her injuries
this was the work of a mutant,
most likely the SoulTaker.
Damn him!
Not only has he attacked the
Hospital, but even his own!
What do you think we should do,
Director Vincent?
I'll give you my ice cream
We're going to perform surgery.
You're going to save this traitor?!
That's reckless,
given your condition!
I am still a doctor.
It must be tough on you, Kyosuke.
To see me resurrected like this
after being killed.
I can understand you not
wanting to fight Maya Misaki.
But why don't you defend
yourself?! Or escape?!
Why don't you get outta here and
deal with her another time?!
Don't tell me Kyosuke
plans to do himself in
out of guilt for not saving Maya!
I have a favor to ask, Yui.
What is it?
Could you bring me
a teddy bear next time?
I've been feeling lonely
at night lately.
You sound like a little girl, or
should I say, like a human?
Even I see the irony.
I've been alone for all
this time, after all.
Right now, my kind are
trying to escape death.
Maybe that's the reason.
Is that tough on you?
I'm of the same mind as you.
You, who would even Kill
your own little brother in order
to fulfill the contract.
Quite the shame,
when you think about it.
If you set aside gender
that Kyosuke Date is exactly
the same as his twin sister Runa.
If he were a girl,
he himself would've sufficed.
That's true.
As pretty as fireworks
No. That's not Maya.
Beautiful Beautiful
She's supposed to be dead!
I won't let you kill Kyosuke!
Kyosuke, open your eyes!
Get out of here!
Now, go!
Geez, Doc!
Ya really impressed me!
It's so like Kyosuke's father
to save a traitor!
You're my new super hero!
The surgery was successful.
You won't have any scars.
Oh! Director!
I am not able to
bring back the dead.
It's fortunate that I found you
while you were still alive.
Director Vincent, you're not
going to kill Kyosuke, are you?
You're going to save him, right?
Wasn't Kyosuke the one
who attacked the Hospital?
How could Kyosuke do
something like that?
The SoulAnubis is the
one to blame.
I see. So, it wasn't Kyosuke.
Director Vincent!
Don't worry.
My time's up.
Your time's up?
Let's stop this, Maya.
Thank you for awakening me.
I can handle her from here.
I don't know who you are
but I don't want you to see
what I am about to become.
I understand.
I wanted to feel the pain
that Maya suffered
even just for a moment.
I felt I should know that pain.
But, right now
no matter how many times
I'm hit, I can't feel that pain.
So nowI give up.
No way
He's not going to fight
the SoulAnubis, is he?
Of course.
The more his spirit is hurt
the more he awakens
to his true form.
If you ignore the fact
that he was artificially created
he is one of my kind.
Good-bye, Maya.
Please, Kyosuke!
Don't kill her!
She isn't only Maya Misaki
but my girl Saki is in there too!!
I didn't know.
How was I supposed to know
that creatures like
Flickers existed?
That I was in love with a Flicker.
But, whatever she was,
Saki meant everything to me.
But Yui took Saki, and
She's a toy taking
the form of a human.
Don't worry.
You'll find another soon enough.
A normal human girlfriend,
and not some toy.
This scar on my face
represents who I am.
As the scar fades
I continue my resolve
to claim revenge against Yui.
For killing Saki in order to
further her evil ambitions
and for treating her like a toy!
But that's a separate issue!
In whatever form she may be
If Saki is resurrected from death,
then, I'll Then, I'll
You bastard!
How could you?!
I thought you of all people
would know how I felt!
No matter what form she took,
however deformed
I wanted her alive!
I thought you felt the same way!
Let go of her.
She wasn't human.
Nothing but a half-rotten corpse,
wandering out of her grave.
Just think of it that way.
Dead humans can
never be resurrected.
They're not supposed to
be resurrected.
Not Maya, not your girlfriend.
How could you be so cruel?!
Reality is no fairy tale.
How can you say that a body
in pieces, put back together
and manipulated like
a puppet, is life resurrected?
That's desecrating
the human body.
All of these events
the causes and the results, are
the plans of some entity.
Right now, our purpose should be
to determine the objectives
that have resulted in their deaths
and to destroy the ambitions of
the one manipulating these events.
Don't take that line with me,
you snot-nosed kid!
Do you have the right to decide
who lives and who doesn't?!
Do you think you're some kind
of a god or something?!
Even Christ
had holes left from the nails in
his hands after he was resurrected.
Not me
am not a god.
I am the devil.
I-I don't care what you say!
You had no right to kill Saki!
Considering you were resurrected
after your mother killed you!
If only I'd really died then,
how easy it would've been.
But I wasn't able to die.
Because my body became immortal.
I am the devil.
One who hunts down
wandering souls. The SoulTaker.
I want to return
those tormented souls
to where they should be,
to rest in peace.
In order to achieve that, I'll
happily play the part of the devil.
No way
No. That's not Kyosuke.
It's an alien
What could have
happened to Kyosuke?
To think he'd sacrifice himself
in order to stop the SoulAnubis.
It's no surprise we are
the same type of life form.
Awaken to your true form.
And then you must come to me.
Come Kyosukedie with me
Scramble, now!
Commence attack!
Quickly separate them
and retrieve the SoulAnubis.
She plans to blow herself up
and take the SoulTaker with her.
To think a shortcoming in our
manipulations could result in this.
Talk about pithy human sentiment.
It's no good!
It won't reach the target!
How can that be?
They're going to
destroy themselves?
The SoulAnubis and the
SoulTaker leaving this world?
I won't let them kill you, brother!
Vice President!
The SoulAnubis has found Runa!
Are you certain?!
Based on the signal strength
It's not a Flicker, but
the real one! There's no mistake!
Where?! Where is she?!
R-Right here!
At the Kirihara Headquarters!
The target has stopped
emitting energy pulses!
Re-commencing attack!
Retrieving the SoulAnubis!
Oh, no! He's so heavy!
Why is it that we have
to take separate routes?
I've finally found Runa.
Runa spoke to me.
Our journey is almost over!
you seem kind of different.
It's darkest under the lighthouse.
To think she'd been hiding out
at Kirihara Headquarters.
Shrewd child.
But you cannot escape now,
Runa Tokisaka.
It's all like a dream.
I want to awaken from
this dream quickly.
Dead humans can
never be resurrected.
They're not supposed
to be resurrected.
Oh yeah? Who says so?!
If talking it out can resolve things,
then there's no need to fight.
I hear my father's words
drifting in the wind.
The devil's argument
a house with an ocean view
a peaceful haven
and the sleeping man.
My father is trying to
tell me something.
The ever-dimming flame of life
sheds light on something.
The SoulTaker
Sacrifice for Nothingness
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