The SoulTaker (2001) s01e10 Episode Script

Sacrifice for Nothingness

What lies beyond these
days of sorrow SoulTaker
A voice cries out, awakening
the soul of this cold world
Shedding the loneliness of
yesterday, you rise up to face a new era
What should you believe in now,
hold in your heart and aim for?
The cry of your soul, destroying evil
with your noble roar SoulTaker
A ray of light guiding the world,
clinging to a dream that never fades
It must be destroyed.
It can bring the world to an end.
It is a shadow stained with evil.
For the sake of all living things
the devil must be destroyed.
Daigo Tokisaka
my grandfather.
This is Kirihara Security.
Status report?
Three of the four intruders
have been identified as Flickers.
However, the remaining one
the one we believe
is the real Runa
has not yet been discovered.
Continue with the investigation
and expand its scope.
And send the captured Flickers
to the SoulAnubis
Development Department.
Yes, understood.
The project's been put on hold?!
You're kidding!
We finally located the real Runa.
We're just getting started!
You must terminate
the contract with the alien.
Besides, what does
the alien intend
to do with this girl called Runa?
I don't owe you an explanation.
Who do you think I am?
You represent the absent president
of the Kirihara.
You have absolute authority
as chosen by the Kirihara family.
Because of your position
we have gone along with you,
despite your extreme measures.
We believed that it would be
profitable for the company.
But the results are catastrophic.
Half of headquarters is destroyed.
All operations are at a standstill.
There are human casualties.
And information is still coming in.
We don't know the
extent of the damage yet.
Kirihara needs someone
who can produce results.
Isn't that correct, Vice President?
I haven't lost this yet.
They seem to have
escaped your grasp
both Runa and Kyosuke.
All because you chose to
use the SoulAnubis
to eliminate your brother.
Well, I can't blame you.
At the time, he was
the embodiment of evil.
Don't feel too bad.
I'm used to being patient.
We'll just wait for the
next opportunity.
Why don't you just search
them out yourself
instead of relying on humans?
I apologize if I offended you.
Understand that I can't even let
myself leave this sterile facility.
We grow old and infirm
like any species.
Even with our abilities, there is
only so much that we can do.
I envy your youth.
You are young. So green.
You don't even stop to consider
what it is that I'm really after.
Kyosuke Date
You're going to fight
Director Vincent?
I thought you just wanted
to hear the truth from him?
There's no doubt that it'll end as
a battle between my father and I.
Then, what about your
plans to rescue Runa?
And destroy the Kirihara Group?
Runa doesn't need me to
rescue her now.
That's the feeling I get.
with the power I have now,
I can destroy Kirihara at anytime.
There's got to be a way
to avoid fighting.
The Director was
throwing up blood, you know.
I think he's not very healthy.
We have to fight.
It's inevitable.
Please smile.
Because you're scaring me now.
The Los Alamos Branch, Nimpo
Branch, and Taipei Branch
The top-secret facilities
under construction
In each of these locations
are under attack.
What's security doing out there?
I issued orders to be on high alert.
It all happened so fast.
And our T-Dolls and weapons
were no match against the intruder.
One more thing, we've come
across something at the sites.
Does that mean he was alive?
According to computer evaluations
the most likely location to be
hit next is in the Sea of Japan.
The 10th Science Factory
on Fukube island.
Tactical nuclear weapons are
stored underground at that factory.
In the event of an attack
I can't fathom the level
of destruction it will cause.
Why does this have to happen now?
They say the serpent that escapes
death will only become stronger.
What is your next course of action?
I'll use the SoulAnubis.
But we've only just finished
the modifications.
We haven't even done the tests.
This is an order.
This time I'm going to settle it.
For good.
I saw a robin fly away.
Where has it gone?
And who would know its
I figured this would bring
you out of the woodwork.
Kyosuke Date.
Director Vincent wants to
speak to you.
Hey, Kyosuke.
The Director of the Hospital
is your dad, right?
Do you really have to fight him?
Yeah, if that's what he wants.
What if you lose?
I won't.
I don't remember too much
about my family.
Either I forgot or I never had
those memories in the first place.
I'm sure it was the Beta Applicon
that messed up my head.
There is one thing I do remember.
The hands I felt when I was
being treated as I was dying
from the Beta Applicon.
They were so big
So warm
That's one thing that sticks
in my mind.
The Director has big hands, too.
Very big hands
Regrets, huh?
So you came, at last.
- Beautiful night.
- Yeah.
Your mom and I used to
go to the seashore often.
You did?
We used to go there to talk.
Like, if we were to buy a house,
should we get one by the sea.
Or if we had a son, that I'd like to
have a drink with him one day.
But that was before
I lost everything.
The day my wife betrayed me.
No, not just me
but each and everyone
at the hospital.
Our important pasts
The present in which we lived.
our bright futures
we lost it all.
Thanks to the evil virus
Beta Applicon
we can no longer call
ourselves human beings!
We're nothing but hideous beasts!
More than just the body
the Beta Applicon
ravages one's soul.
You forget the past,
you forget those you love
you lose your own
sense of self
and your body and soul
transform into that of a beast
only to die a pathetic,
miserable death!
How How can something
this unfair happen?!
I made a promise to myself.
That I would find a way
to claim revenge.
And that's why you couldn't
take my life.
I'm the only one
who can find Runa.
If only you hadn't awakened,
none of this would have happened.
I will never forgive them.
The Kirihara Group
destroyed the Hospital.
I won't forgive the Tokisaka clan
who masterminded it.
And Runa, the product
of their evil ambitions!
And me
That's right.
But Runa's done nothing wrong.
What you and I have to do
Is to find out what lies
behind this evil.
What's the point of
knowing the truth?
Will it bring the victims
back to life?
What you say is correct.
But your idea is not based
on human logic.
You are as cool and calm
as the devil himself.
Dead humans can never
be resurrected.
Not Maya, and not your girlfriend.
I know that.
What you are saying is correct.
it's the kind of logic
that the devil would claim.
We've said everything
we wanted to say.
I suppose so.
If talking could solve this,
we wouldn't have to suffer.
Don't do this!
Stop it!
Please stop!
Both of you!
I won't let anyone interfere
with the Director.
Let me go!
Why can't you understand
how the Director feels?
No, I can't!
I don't want Kyosuke to get hurt!
I don't want the Director
to get hurt, either!
I like both of them!
Why does this have to happen?!
How come they have to fight?!
Why don't you guys stop them?!
This isn't right!
The Kirihara dolls!
I won't let them interfere!
What's going on with
the SoulAnubis?
I have no idea.
It's ignoring our commands,
and is operating on its own.
Retrieve the SoulAnubis
Impossible! It won't even
respond to a retreat order!
I'm getting no response at all!
I don't understand.
Why did you help me?
I'm not even sure, myself
considering you are
Kyosuke Date's ally
and a traitor to us.
We cannot take away the life
of one the Director once saved.
So why would you save me
but still want to kill Kyosuke?
Earlier, you asked us why
we didn't stop the Director.
The Director's body is
infected with Beta Applicon
and won't last another two days.
You've become a superior fighter.
But you're still no match for me.
It's still too early!
I can't be defeated yet!
That's why the Director chose
to fight Kyosuke Date.
Not out of revenge against
the Kirihara
or about crushing
the Tokisaka clan.
This is a fight to the death against
the son who shares his blood.
He is trying to communicate
something to Kyosuke Date.
He's staking the remainder
of his life
to communicate something that
can only be conveyed through battle!
None of this is making any sense!
I don't get it!
Then watch this battle play out
to the very end.
We who are destined to die
cannot watch it.
So, see it in our place. All of it.
How juvenile.
The area around them is swiftly
turning into a hell on earth.
Of course they're going to be
blown to bits.
It all comes down to one instant.
This looks like the end for us
But I am glad we were able to serve
the Director until the very end.
So am I.
We'll always be together, Sanae.
I'm disappointed in you,
How could one with so little
power, dare to challenge me?!
If you can't defeat me
you can't possibly beat
that girl Runa
with her power of the devil!
What? The devil?
I will destroy everything
in my wake!
The Tokisaka clan! Kirihara!
All the Flickers!
And Runa!
I will crush everything to bits
and spew it all over hell!
Don't kid yourself!
You'll never be able to kill Runa!
So why bother even trying
to stand up?!
Go to hell!
Well done, Kyosuke!
Director! Director Vincent!
I think I understand, Father.
So you knew.
To communicate to me
what you had to
this was the only way.
Doctor, you mustn't talk!
What're you crying about?
Because 'cuz
It's just the end of the archangel,
wild for revenge.
who tried to destroy the earth.
Isn't that right, Kyosuke?
Would an archangel shed tears
for another?
You fight for others.
You cry for others.
You are human, Father.
The devil cries out from
being consumed with
hatred and anger.
From the sorrow of his defeat.
Only the angels don't need tears.
I disagree.
Right up to the end,
we still disagree.
Go to the moon, Kyosuke.
That's where everything began.
To the moon?
Find the truth.
Although some truths are painful.
Doctor, you shouldn't
move around!
Once you know the truth,
you will be a changed man.
It will make you into either
an angel, or into the devil.
Even now,
you're changing rapidly.
For you to have struck me down
means you are an angel,
yet also the devil.
Doctor, don't go! Doctor!
I won't let the Beta Applicon
kill me
I will put an end to my own life.
All those who are innocent
shall live in comfort and peace.
That's what I want the world to be.
The world in which
our children will be born.
Yes, I agree.
At last, I was able to communicate
my feelings to you, Kyosuke.
A further report on the mysterious
explosion on Fukube Island.
The Kirihara Group today stated
that the explosion was
caused by terrorists
and has denied allegations that
they possessed nuclear weapons.
Some say that Vice President
Yui Kirihara is responsible
It's all right.
I won't let this defeat me.
I am the devil that will ultimately
destroy the entire world.
That's right.
What would it matter if I was hurt?
Or shed blood?
I won't let this fake world
defeat me.
This world in which
you don't exist.
I will draw you back to me,
someday somehow.
And then I will return.
To the real world.
To the world where you are.
You are becoming more like me.
The time is rapidly approaching.
It all began on the moon.
And that's where the ugly
truth begins to reveal itself.
A reunion a steel claw
and Daigo Tokisaka.
When a woman
reaches her limit and
falls victim to a tragic fate
Runa stirs awake.
The SoulTaker.
Demon on a Deserted Island.
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