The SoulTaker (2001) s01e11 Episode Script

Demon on a Deserted Island

What lies beyond these
days of sorrow SoulTaker
A voice cries out, awakening
the soul of this cold world
Shedding the loneliness of
yesterday, you rise up to face a new era
What should you believe in now,
hold in your heart and aim for?
The cry of your soul, destroying evil
with your noble roar SoulTaker
A ray of light guiding the world,
clinging to a dream that never fades
Do you plan on following
your lover to the grave?
Six years ago
the disaster on Moon Colony 8
was caused by a virus
called Beta Applicon.
Your lover was one of its victims.
It was all part of an experiment
to create mutants by manipulating
human genetic codes.
In your lover's case, he died six
years after he was infected.
I was responsible for all of it.
Who are you?
I believe you humans refer
to me as an extra-terrestrial.
An alien.
What if it were possible
to resurrect him?
Would you sell your soul
to see your lover resurrected?
It's no fairy tale.
Our technology is thousands of
years more advanced than Earth's.
We can even bring humans
back to life.
It is you that I need.
The heiress of the Kirihara Group.
Yui Kirihara.
It's freezing in here.
You'd think a Kirihara space ship
would have better heating.
I can't even feel coldness, now.
I killed my own father.
My soul has felt frozen ever since.
But it wasn't you
that killed your dad.
We should be able to find
answers on the moon.
Considering that's where it began.
I hope you find them.
What's that?!
I thought the Hospital
was completely destroyed!
Then is it Kirihara?
What's going on?!
Don't let go!
I am very scared!
Can you pilot this?
The moon base will guide us in.
That was frightening.
What was that?
It seems like it's me they're after.
This is where you came from?
This colony where no one lives
I'm still not entirely sure.
But I do know that Colony 8
was sealed off 17 years ago.
17 years ago
The same year I was born.
The same time the Beta Applicon
experiment took place.
It's him!
The bandaged freak on the moon!
What's going on?!
There's another bandaged man!
There're bandaged men
It's you!
It's been a while, Kyosuke Date.
Asuka Sakurai!
Sayaka Tachibana!
Kasumi Shiina!
Megumi Akiba!
What's going on?!
You're all Flickers
that Kyosuke saved!
We will eliminate everything
created by the Beta Applicon!
That includes you, Kyosuke Date!
The moon will be your grave!
Don't cry.
You still have me, Sis.
I'll protect you.
Thank you, Shiro.
Makes you wonder how things
could have gotten so bad.
Time to go.
Talk about ungrateful!
You rescued them,
but they try to kill you!
And why are they here
on the moon?!
Another bandaged man.
Who is it this time?
Did those Flickers do this to you?
Those girls are puppets.
What are you talking about?
I'm the one who brought them
here to the moon.
I brought the Flickers you saved
from Kirihara to shelter them.
But I was deceived.
To that being, the girls were
no more than mere tools.
To what being?
The being that's trying to eliminate
everything in the cursed past.
Everything about Runa,
the Flickers
and even you, Kyosuke.
It's the only one that
can save you all.
Who will save you.
It was my belief in this
being's abilities
that allowed me
to be resurrected.
But, now, even I
You mean you were dead?
Hey, tell us who you are.
Who is this "being"
you talk about?
I've got to meet it.
Now that you're on the moon
can't stop you from
doing what you want.
But Kyosuke
when you learn the truth
about everything
you may have to kill
your own sister, Runa.
My father told me the same thing.
But I came to the moon
to learn the truth!
You've got to tell me!
17 years ago
someone created the Beta
Applicon catastrophe on Moon Colony 8.
Was it Tsubaki Tokisaka?
The woman who gave birth to me?
No. You're wrong, Kyosuke.
Then, who was it?
The Director of
Tokisaka General Hospital.
Tsubaki Tokisaka's father.
Kyosuke, it was your grandfather,
Daigo Tokisaka.
Daigo Tokisaka?!
Is my grandfather still alive?!
Just try laying a finger on me!
I'll blow this entire building up!
Master Shiro!
At the Director's meeting
this morning
a unanimous decision was made
to remove the Vice President.
Now, no one at Kirihara
will interfere with you.
That card key will allow you to
pass through internal security.
Use it freely.
Daigo Tokisaka.
I've seen him a long
time ago in a dream.
In a dream?
Someone's inviting us in.
How good of you to come,
Over here!
I am the Director of
Tokisaka General Hospital
Daigo Tokisaka.
Your grandfather.
Freak me out?!
That brain is talking to us!
Well, you're not even flustered
by the sight of my appearance.
You're one step closer to becoming
the devil, having killed your father.
I had the parts of
my body removed
as they became affected
by the Beta Applicon.
Are you the reason Father
told me to come here?
Because he learned that
you were still alive?
I cannot let myself die.
Not until I have repented for
the heinous crimes I committed.
How can you be so selfish?
I'll see to it that Runa's safe.
You don't know Runa's
true identity?
Both Runa and I have
a right to live!
I don't acknowledge that.
Runa has no right to live!
Why not?!
Because Runa is an alien, whose
purpose is to kill the human race.
She's an alien?!
I'll tell you everything.
I was involved in the 3rd phase
of the Moon Settlement Plan
and found success after opening
the Tokisaka General Hospital
here on Colony 8.
It was then that
that beast first appeared.
A devil possessing
the Beta Applicon.
An alien.
I want you to resurrect him.
Do it now!
I will do everything I have to
to find Runa.
I promise you.
But I need you to resurrect Bud.
You were supposed
to deliver Runa first.
I'll honor the contract.
I know that you were
removed as Vice President.
I doubt you have any authority
to carry out your end of the deal.
Nice try.
So what?!
You would've been dead long ago
if it weren't for my protection!
Oh, poor thing.
Does this hurt for aliens, too?
I want you to resurrect the
only person I ever loved!
Do it!
I suppose you plan on killing me
after I resurrect him?
Don't act surprised.
It's gotta be me or you.
Foolish woman.
Do you still not understand?
Our technology may
very well be advanced
but we're not able to
bring your lover back to life.
We're not gods, you know.
It's impossible.
It was all a lie.
I tricked you to get you to
find Runa for me.
He used the Beta Applicon,
which was capable
of altering human genes,
to turn us all into mutants.
And by creating both
male and female mutants
the aim was to breed them
and produce a pure mutant.
The alien's ultimate intention
was to produce a female alien.
A female alien?
But why would he do that?
The alien's species had
evolved such that
there were no longer any females.
The species died out.
That male alien is the only one of
his species left in this universe.
The male wanted a female,
to revive his species.
You're the one that killed Bud!
With the Beta Applicon!
But I wanted him resurrected!
That was the only reason
I made a deal with you!
With a hideous monster like you!
I've grown older since he died
so I doubt he'd love me now.
But I didn't care
I still wanted Bud to live again!
But, you!
You stole my hopes!
Did you cooperate with the alien
and administer the Beta Applicon
to the innocent people of Colony 8?
Being a doctor,
no one suspected me.
Why would you do such a thing?
You even used my mother,
Tsubaki Tokisaka
She was your own daughter!
Answer me!
The experiments resulted
in many casualties.
But there was one success.
Between my daughter Tsubaki,
and Richard.
It's true.
Through genetic engineering,
a female alien was created.
Runa Tokisaka was born.
I'm tired of this hide-and-seek.
Who's that?!
You know. It's me.
Who are you?!
Come on, you must have an idea.
No this isn't possible!
I figured this was the safest place,
so I hid here all this time.
That's right. Runa Tokisaka.
The alien, Runa
is plotting to conquer the Earth,
to make it its new habitat.
Allowing Runa to live means
the annihilation of the human race.
That's a lie!
Runa is the devil.
A female alien who has no
understanding of emotions.
The SoulAnubis
is my personal servant.
It's made of Flickers
which are fragments of me.
You created it.
Too bad, so sad.
The last few years
have been so much fun.
It gave me a chance to see just
how ugly human beings can be.
Especially you,
just a few minutes ago.
I could barely keep myself
from laughing.
What do you mean, love?
Human beings are
such silly creatures.
Runa is not the devil!
Oh, Kyosuke
I used the alien's technology
to complete a new virus
to destroy Runa's genes.
The Applicon Buster!
This will enable me to kill Runa.
I can banish the devil
from the world
and also make amends
for the crimes I've committed.
Runa's not the devil.
Runa's my sister!
With that hideous body
How could she be anything
other than the devil itself!
In fact, you are the same as Runa!
You are an alien!
Sorry, Yui!
I've got to head out to Colony 8
on business.
I'll be back in six months!
No! Six months?!
I'll be back before your birthday.
Your sister's dead.
Come on out.
I know you're hiding in there.
So this is the last of a woman
who sold her soul to the devil
They say,
"An ill life makes an ill end."”
Foolish and pathetic
What a sad woman.
Same as me.
Mind you,
Kyosuke was a fool as well.
He put his life on the line
for a sister
who turned out to be the devil.
Aren't you afraid of me?
Not really.
I was ready to end it all and
take out my sister along with me.
one regret would be to miss
the look on Kyosuke's face
when he realizes what you are.
I'll miss that.
Then let's go and see him.
Let's go!
How appropriate.
You were born on the moon
and you'll die on the moon.
Actually, you weren't supposed
to be born in the first place!
We're the fragments of Runa's
soul and we'll terminate you!
Cry your tears of blood!
And go to hell, Kyosuke Date!
Runa is coming for me.
Soon, everything will be clear.
No one can stop me now.
My mother's life
the one who manipulates souls
and the medicine of god.
Souls are precious precisely
because the dead do not come back.
I love you, Mother.
The SoulTaker.
Madonna in Black.
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