The SoulTaker (2001) s01e12 Episode Script

Madonna in Black

What lies beyond these
days of sorrow SoulTaker
A voice cries out, awakening
the soul of this cold world
Shedding the loneliness of
yesterday, you rise up to face a new era
What should you believe in now,
hold in your heart and aim for?
The cry of your soul, destroying evil
with your noble roar SoulTaker
A ray of light guiding the world,
clinging to a dream that never fades
Mommy Mommy!
Just a little further, Runa!
You can do it!
We finally found you,
Tsubaki Tokisaka!
Prepare to die!
I won't let you die at the
hands of the Hospital.
This is the end, sweetie.
Mommy! Mommy!
Please don't, Mommy!
I didn't do anything bad!
Forgive me, Runa.
I love you, Mommy!
Forgive me!
Kyosuke's mother Mio Date
No way! I don't believe it!
But she's already
That's impossible!
Who are you?!
I'm a puppet.
A doll that your foolish mother
manipulated using the
strings of life.
That's what I am.
Mio! Bow before me
in gratitude!
Gratitude! You betrayed me!
You broke your promise!
You promised that you'd save
Kyosuke and the Flickers!
You have interfered
for the last time!
It won't be that easy to destroy me!
Give up while you can.
I will not lose! I refuse to die!
That's Kyosuke?
Nice moves, Kyosuke.
I'm impressed, Alien.
But don't you think I've
made preparations
to ensure our defeat
over Runa, the alien?
Wh-What's that?!
Meet The SoulKiller.
Like Yui Kirihara, I too created an
entity from fragments of Runa's soul.
After all, the only one capable of
defeating Runa is Runa herself.
That's right.
It was created by putting together
the cultured cells of Flickers.
Think of it as a mechanical doll.
Or more precisely, a mechanical
doll to which I am able
to bestow life with the
aid of Runa's Flickers.
Oh, you beloved souls that
share my long-cherished desire.
Act on my behalf, and destroy
all those who oppose my will!
"Souls", you say?
I have gained a new power
from the Beta Applicon.
A power so vast that I can control
the souls of the Tokisaka clan!
How ironic.
To think that I,
a manipulator of souls
have a grandson
who hunts them down.
That's right.
I have taken possession
of Mio's soul.
Since I have no body,
Mio now acts on my behalf.
You used my mother
as a tool?!
Does that mean Mio
is like a ghost?
As the possessor of Mio's soul,
if I should die
then so will Mio.
Kyosuke, can you fight
me knowing that?!
Then again, an alien can't possibly
feel love for its mother.
So come at me, and face death!
I have returned,
after so many years.
I never thought an alien
would be so sentimental.
Where's Kyosuke?
You promised to take me to him.
Kyosuke Tokisaka
My brother
Sure, I'll take you to him.
I always keep my promises.
I know where he is right now.
I know exactly where he is.
I can feel it.
My brother has finally become
just like me!
No way!
Don't tell me you've
turned Kyosuke into
an alien!
Die! Die! Die!
I must eliminate all aliens!
Why'd you create us in the first
place if you wanted us dead?
Why did you create us?
My sister and I?
Why did you give the Beta
Applicon to innocent people?!
You don't understand anything!
I am a doctor.
A doctor who saves people
from illness and injury.
The Beta Applicon was
a medicine from the gods.
No matter how incurable
the illness
the regenerative capability of
the alien meant total recovery.
I saved thousands of people!
Using the Beta Applicon virus
I saved the multitudes that were
forsaken by modern medicine!
I did all of this I
You didn't give the Beta Applicon
only to patients suffering
from severe illnesses.
You gave it to all the patients.
And to all of your colleagues.
You even gave it
to father and mother.
That's why everyone is dead!
You could never understand.
Only a doctor can understand
how precious life is.
A doctor cannot sit by
and allow his patient to die!
You couldn't possibly
understand my sorrow!
My powerlessness
My utter despair over the
failures of modern medicine!
You don't know my suffering!
You know nothing!
Beta Applicon was
100% effective.
It was possible to free mankind
from illness for all eternity!
Who can criticize me from
wanting to believe in it?!
You have no right to lecture
me on life
when you have plotted
to kill Runa!
Does it matter if one or two lives
are sacrificed to save mankind?
The dead cannot be brought back!
That's why the soul is so precious!
And how many of these
precious souls have you taken?!
You shall die!
Please stop! Let him go, Director!
Kyosuke isn't your enemy!
You fool!
People will do anything
for the ones they love.
I had no choice!
It was the only thing I could do!
I had no other means!
No other way to save my girl,
Is that the truth?!
Both you and my father
It seems like the Tokisaka clan
can only come to an understanding
by fighting each other soul to soul.
Tsubaki Tokisaka
Your only daughter
and my dear friend.
She was Kyosuke's real mother.
My real mother
Tsubaki had collapsed that day.
Tsubaki was completely
infected with disease
and she was far beyond
any kind of treatment.
To think that after saving
so many people in my career
I was not able to save
the life of my only daughter.
I cursed God.
It was then
that I heard the Alien's voice
in my heart.
I had no other choices.
I took the Beta Applicon
from the alien
on condition that I administer it
to all of the patients.
I first gave it to Tsubaki.
The next day, a miracle occurred.
So, if it wasn't for
the Beta Applicon
Runa and I would not
have been born.
I cannot let Runa go free!
That child will destroy
all of mankind!
Not only physically
she is also psychologically
an alien as well.
Why would my sister
destroy mankind?
I know the alien.
That life form!
Runa has no intention
of coexisting!
I have no choice but to kill her.
And if you insist on interfering,
I will kill you
using the virus that I developed
to kill Runa.
The Applicon Buster!
Is that my little sister?
That's right, Kyosuke.
It's me. Runa.
I thought they were twins.
Why is she only a child?
You finally show yourself, Runa!
I have to thank you.
For gathering up
those Flickers for me.
I was getting tired of this body.
And now my brother has
finally become the same as me.
I guess it's about time I go
back into my real form.
Don't fool yourself!
I will not allow you to become
the bride of that alien.
Not again!
Now I understand
That's why the Director
wasn't able to kill me.
You don't have to worry.
That alien isn't around anymore.
I couldn't stand him.
He was mean, even though
I never did anything wrong.
Don't tell me that you
actually killed the alien?!
Right after he moved
from the moon to Kirihara.
Since then, I pretended to be
him and hid out at Kirihara.
Oh, and I also killed that Yui girl,
because she was mean to me, too.
Now I won't have to become the
bride to the old alien anymore.
Wh-What on earth have you
been plotting?!
It's simple
instead of marrying the alien,
I'm going to marry my brother.
Don't be ridiculous!
Not a chance!
That's one thing I won't allow
you to get away with!
You asked for it!
No, Mother!
Out of the way, Mio!
Once either the male
or female alien is killed
the other cannot reproduce!
I must kill one of them,
to protect the human species!
We cannot allow the earth
to fall into their hands!
I'm not moving!
If you're going to shoot,
you'll have to shoot me first.
That is, if you can shoot me.
Mio! How dare you betray me!
I won't let you kill Kyosuke!
Don't interfere!
I won't let go!
I'm not going to let go!
Oh, Shiro!
Thanks for nothing, stupid old man!
Shut up. You pissant girl.
Hey, Shiro.
You came here to save Kyosuke!
Well, didn't you?! Didn't you?!
Didn't you?! Didn't you?!
You're wrong.
I just came to check something.
It's nice to be back.
That's what the real Runa Tokisaka
looks like?!
I know you've got
the Applicon Buster in there.
Too bad.
Weapons don't mean a thing
if they can't hit the target.
H-How could this be?!
Now, do you know what it feels
like to have your life threatened?
You are the devil!
The devil?
I am not the devil.
You are the devil.
How terrible of you, wanting
to annihilate all of mankind.
The Applicon Buster
is powerful enough to kill an alien.
What would happen if this were
to spread around the world?
Stop it!
Now what's she trying to do?!
That is exactly what you did
to the people of this colony.
I will never forgive you! Never!
I switched on the SoulKiller's
self-detonation device.
Within me is an enormous amount
of Applicon Buster.
Once it explodes here,
you will be killed!
I'm surprised you don't surrender.
This is nothing.
Forget it.
I designed that force field
specifically to contain you.
You shall die with me here!
Go ahead and attack me, Kyosuke!
If you destroy me now, the
Applicon Buster would spread
and all life on the moon will die.
the result will be the same.
Save me, Kyosuke!
You're my brother! Please, help!
What's the matter, Kyosuke?
Don't you want to save Runa?
Because if you do,
you'll have to take my soul!
If you kill me, the self-detonation
device will turn off.
Hurry! Kyosuke!
Even the great SoulTaker
is unable to stop me!
Do you want to save Runa
knowing that she may be
the devil?
If she is the devil
you will regret having
saved her.
Kyosuke, kill me right now!
This will be our final parting,
Remember what the Director said.
That if I die, he would die as well.
That's because my dead soul
has been possessed
by the Director's soul
and our souls have become one.
So, if you kill me instead of him,
he should die as well.
I couldn't do that!
The Director was
not able to shoot me.
He would have hurt himself
had he shot me.
We're connected, you see.
My soul and the Director's soul
are linked.
We're running out of time.
We have to act fast, Kyosuke.
Otherwise you and Runa will die.
And everyone on the moon
will fall victim
to the Applicon Buster.
Why are you hesitating?
You have the power to take souls.
The dead cannot be brought back.
That's why the soul is so precious.
You're the one who said that.
Don't let that man manipulate my
soul any more than he has!
That shouldn't mean
That shouldn't mean I have to
kill my own mother!
How could I possibly do that?!
You're such a kind boy.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Kyosuke.
I can't go on any longer.
Even if it's just an illusion
I want to die as your mother.
As the proud mother
of a kind-hearted son.
I want to die as your mother,
as Mio Date.
Thank you
What a foolish thing to do!
You'll regret that, Kyosuke!
Mark my words, you'll regret that!
Thank you! I've missed you!
I've missed you so much!
I've been waiting so long.
I knew that one day
you'd become like me.
But I was also worried
about seeing you.
I thought you might
want to avenge father
and that maybe you'd
even want to kill me.
I was worried for nothing.
Instead you came to my rescue!
I'm so glad. I'm so glad.
Why would you do such a thing?
The humans
Kirihara and the Hospital
tried to kill me, you know.
Once everyone learned about me
all of mankind would
try to eliminate me.
It's not my fault I was born
as an alien.
Why should I have to be killed
for something that isn't my fault?
I'm not the devil,
like everyone's claiming.
The real devil is mankind.
I'm sure you understand
how I feel.
Unless we do something, we'll
both be killed by the humans.
That's why we have to
kill mankind
and then you and I can
create a new world.
Wouldn't that be wonderful?
You are not the devil.
You are my sister.
My dear brother
Will you destroy mankind
in order to protect your sister?
Or will you kill your innocent
sister in order to protect mankind?
Whichever souls you take
you will suffer the burden of guilt.
for an unforgivable crime.
Who's in the wrong?
Who should be saved?
Runa is not guilty for being born.
Runa is mankind's enemy.
Whose soul will you take,
Show me the answer.
The SoulTaker.
The Last Inferno.
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